[Updated] State Agents Investigate Yoga Instructor Because She Was Accused of Giving Bird Feathers to Kids

Cultural appropriation: a crime against nature.


Renee Bierbaum
Renee Bierbaum / Facebook

The trouble isn't quite over for Renee Bierbaum—the widow, mother, and martial artist whose home-based yoga studio was threatened by her county government and a Native-American activist accusing her of cultural appropriation. Two officers from Florida's Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) recently visited Bierbaum at her house to investigate whether she was illegally selling migratory bird feathers.

The FWC received an anonymous tip—it's not clear who sent it—that Bierbaum was "dealing in illegal bird feathers" by giving them to children during her yoga and art workshops for kids. She was also accused of possessing headdresses with wrongfully-acquired feathers in them.

"I don't own those hats," Bierbaum says. "I just model them."

State and federal laws prohibit people from, possessing, trading, or selling migratory bird feathers. Native Americans, however, can apply for special permits to sell feathers from hawks and eagles.

Bierbaum told Reason—and the officers who questioned her—that she wasn't peddling feathers.

"I said, 'You're welcome to search my house,'" Bierbaum says. "[The officer] goes, 'No, that's not necessary. It is illegal to deal, sell, or give away migratory bird feathers.' I already knew that, but thank you so much. They were nice gentleman."

The anonymous nature of the accusation makes it impossible to know for sure who sicced the authorities on Bierbaum. But a thread at newagefraud.org—a website for Native Americans to call out people who sell Native American ceremonies and memorabilia, in violation of their spiritual beliefs—provides a clue. One of the posts speculates that Bierbaum is "providing kids with illegal feathers." Other posts in the same thread were written by user "White Horse," whose real name is Sal Serbin.

Serbin is in fact the very same Native American activist who alerted county officials to the fact that Bierbaum's at-home yoga studio was in violation of a zoning ordinance. He did so because he resented the fact that she planned to host a sweat lodge retreat. Sweat lodges are a part of Native American culture, and Serbin objects to anyone using them to turn a profit.

"I'm over this guy," says Bierbaum. "This is war."

Serbin did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

As for Bierbaum's yoga studio, she has already raised the money necessary to apply for a permit—thanks to a wealth of donations from sympathetic people all over the world. She also obtained legal assistance to help her finally get it up and running.

In the meantime, Bierbaum is allowed to teach yoga—on her own property—but only if she doesn't try to make any money from it.

Updated on January 28 at 12:30 p.m.: In a statement to Reason, Serbin confirmed that he contacted the authorities about Bierbaum. He said he sent the FWC the following message: "Renee Bierbaum is in possession of and has distributed feathers in violation of the Migratory Bird Act. The distribution occurred within a classroom setting where fees were paid in part for the feathers."

He also told me, "if Renee still wants to push this issue I do still have more information that could impact Renee Bierbaum's reputation and business."

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  1. We have to have our priorities. Sounds like she’s a terrorist to me. Lock her up!

  2. I commented about this in another thread earlier, but has anyone seen the film ‘Still Mine’? Just referring to it in the context of creeping bureaucracy overreach.

    1. I read a synopsis. Let me guess — the guy’s plans are fucked up by permits and building regulations?

      1. Pretty much. But it does do a good portrayal of just how overly zealous and petty the bureaucrats can get. It’s sort of nut punch sad and infuriating in case someone’s not getting enough nut punches around here.

        1. That’s why I’m skeptical about checking it out. Watching an old man trying to build his dying wife a house get buttfucked into failure and submission by some cocksucking bureaucrat is just about the worst thing I could do for my blood pressure.

          1. Actual buttfucking might be less stressful.

    2. Seen it – our go-to whenever discussing how building codes screw everyone.

      Good movie.

      1. Your lumber is good, but it’s not officially stamped! I hate those people, I mean they’re so easy to hate.

    3. creeping stampeding bureaucracy overreach.


  3. State and federal laws prohibit people from, possessing, trading, or selling migratory bird feathers.

    So what if one ends up in my yard?

    1. Then you’re part of the problem.

      1. An owl died (of natural causes) on our property back in the 80’s. My father tried to get it mounted, but no taxidermist would touch it with a ten foot pole. One threatened to call the cops.

        Just mildly aggravating.

        1. “One threatened to call the cops.”

          Was he then rightly informed that he was a craven piece of rotten shit?

          1. He also represents at least 50% of the US population in being a craven piece of rotten shit.

            1. That’s a great many useful idiots.

            2. Trump seems to collect them.

              1. He actually divided them up equally with Hillary and Bernie. See he’s a deal maker.

        2. You should have taxidermied it yourself. How hard can it be? There are books on amazon. I’ve been thinking of trying it myself. I am tired of paying a fortune to get a new bird mounted and waiting a fucking year to get it back.

          1. I mounted a bird once…

            1. Do ***NOT*** be doin’ that!

              Even my mama told me,

              “A bird in the hand, is better than two birds in the bush, AND is better than mounting THREE birds in the bush!”

              (Mounting birds in the bush, or anywhere else, is a reproductively TOTALLY futile, if’n ye be ANY kind of mammalian, unless modern GMO Franken-cooties are involved).

        3. Same here; found a great horned owl dying in my yard; it soon expired and was an incredible specimen; about 18″ tall and talons like knives. Taxidermists won’t touch them because of the protected status and fines and penalties. DNR told me to leave it laying in my yard [now that is one overly empowered agency]!

    2. I hope you like cages.

      1. It doesn’t matter whether he likes them Epi. He’ll spend his whole life in one, just like the rest of us.

    3. Then you can expect a 3 am SWAT raid, you MONSTER!

      1. For the children.

    4. “So what if one ends up in my yard?”

      You got a shovel?

    5. If an illegal feather falls into your yard, you forfeit your yard to federal ownership! If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime!

    6. I am also confused. I have a hunting permit and a migratory bird stamp.

      I can shoot them but not keep the feathers?

      Hmm. Google tells me I can possess migratory duck feathers but not sell them. This is probably where she got tripped up. Note the reference to it being part of a paid class.


  4. So all Florida duck hunters are in violation of the law?

    1. They all have to get Federal migratory waterfowl hunting permits, if I’m not mistaken. You have to do this in all 50 states, I believe.

      1. You are required to buy a Federal waterfowl stamp in addition to your state waterfowl stamp and small game license. The revenues from the stamps are supposed to fund the biologists who monitor populations and set quotas for the number of birds that can be harvested in each state on the several flyways. Game birds and animals are legally a public resource managed by the states, but migratory birds are a little different because you have entire populations crossing multiple state lines every year.

        As far as feathers, I’ve been hunting ducks and geese since I was a little tad in Iowa in the late Sixties. If possessing feathers from migratory waterfowl is illegal, there probably isn’t a time since about 1976 that the Feds couldn’t have found incriminating evidence in the back of my truck.

        1. there probably isn’t a time since about 1976 that the Feds couldn’t have found incriminating evidence in the back of my truck

          And all it takes is just getting on the radar of the wrong fuckstick and they’ll be coming to find it.

          1. “Those aren’t my feathers! I’m just holding them for a friend!”

            1. Don’t look at me, that duck just died there.

    2. “Ma’am, we’ve received reports that you are harboring an illegal pillow.”

  5. They can have my war bonnet when they pry it off my cold, dead noggin.

    1. “Your proposal is acceptable.”

  6. “I said, ‘You’re welcome to search my house,'” Bierbaum says.

    She’s lucky to be walking around free.

    1. Yeah, someone should donate her some brains instead of money.

    2. Also, she apparently doesn’t have dogs.

      1. Not any that she likes, anyway.

      2. It’s a good thing she wasn’t in downward dog when the cops came in.

  7. “I don’t own those hats,” Bierbaum says. “I just model them.”

    “Does your hat bite?”

    1. “I thought you said your hat does not bite!”

      1. “That’s not my hat!”

  8. I predict she’s going to train intensively for about 6 months on her martial arts, then go over and give this Sal Serbin guy the The Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique. Right as he’s about to die, she’s going to ask him why he did all this, and I’m sure he’ll reply, “I… overreacted.”

    1. And then he’ll tell her that she’s his favorite person, but sometimes she can be a real cunt.

    2. Deatfbirsecia – I really like the way you think! 🙂

    3. This Sal Serbin guy sounds like he is the last surviving member of the Douchpache tribe. The other members were killed off long ago for some reason.

      1. Oh, I think there are some other surviving members.

  9. Does it all go back to the Migratory Bird Treaty Act the Supreme Court upheld in 1920 as a exercise of the Congressional power to enforce treaties (in this case the Migratory Bird treaty, IIRC).

    1. Yes.

      The Supreme Court upheld the Migratory Bird Treaty Act in 1920, saying Congress could enforce treaties by statute even if the statute would, in the absence of a treaty, override the constitutionally reserved powers of the states.

      Reason doesn’t like this doctrine: “The [U.S.] Justice Department concedes that “the Treaty Power would not permit Congress to breach prohibitory words applicable to all exercises of federal power.” That means a treaty cannot authorize the federal government to violate the First Amendment by banning hate speech, the Second Amendment by confiscating handguns, or the Fifth Amendment by allowing punishment without due process. But somehow a treaty can authorize the federal government to violate the 10th Amendment by usurping powers “reserved to the states.””

      1. The Cato Institute, along with others including Edwin Meese, have tried to get the Missouri v. Holland case overruled. Cato said in its blog: “the most influential argument supporting Holland is based on a clear misreading of constitutional history that has been repeated without question. Although Holland is nearly 100 years old, there is thus no reason to adhere to a precedent that is not only blatantly incorrect, but could severely threaten our system of government. We’re in a constitutional quagmire with respect to the treaty power, one that can only be escaped by limiting or overturning Missouri v. Holland.”

        There’s a good Yogic chant!

        1. Wow, did you know that this year, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is observing the centennial of the first Migratory Bird Treaty – the one with Great Britain. Canada later succeeded to Great Britain’s rights under the treaty, and additional treaties were made with Mexico, Russia and Japan.

          [Stripper pops out of cake]

          Happy Birthday to you
          Happy Birthday to you
          Happy Birthday, dear Convention Between the United States and Great Britain for the Protection of Migratory Birds
          Happy Birthday to you

  10. Basically, the cops didn’t care.

    I’ve had something similar happen to me; my ex called the cops and told them I wouldn’t account for our daughter’s whereabouts. The cops showed up and rang the doorbell. They asked to come in and were invited in. They talked to my mom and son who explained that my daughter was in fact finishing a shopping trip with my girlfriend and they were expected momentarily (naturally, my ex already knew this; my ex hates my girlfriend for agreeing to marry me and earning her way into my kids affections and my ex wanted to ‘discourage’ her.

    The cops thanked my mom and left, and presumably called my ex and explained they had investigated and found no problem.

    It is fucking harassment, yes. But in the end, it isn’t the end of the world. The cops know it’s likely to be bullshit. All they want to do is to show up, and ask a few questions, and go back to the station and file a report that they investigated and saw nothing wrong.

    1. If that happens to you often, it wouldn’t hurt to make friends with your local cops.

      I know 3 dads in that situation in my town. It has happened enough that the cops automatically know that the woman is lying now.

    2. (naturally, my ex already knew this; my ex hates my girlfriend for agreeing to marry me

      Stop right there… I see a second mistake coming down the pike.

  11. “I said, ‘You’re welcome to search my house,'” Bierbaum says.

    I’m with you on everything except for this statement, Ms. Bierbaum.

    1. She bluffed, and she won. Personally, I wouldn’t make that gamble.

      1. She expected them to be lazy. The right call 90% of the time. But like the lottery the payoff isn’t worth the odds.

      2. Yep, the whole thing will be quite a feather in her cap.

        1. Jeez… another fowl joke

    2. I have absolutely nothing to hide. They could go through every nook and cranny and not find one damn thing so why wouldn’t I welcome a search? Do they have a right to search? No. Did they have a search warrant? No, but if I have nothing to hide then there is nothing to be found in a search and my name is clear.

      1. If they want you they will bring what they need.

      2. Letting them search isn’t going to clear your name and odds are you have things “to hide” you don’t even realize can be used to get you in trouble.

      3. Right up until they stop a bag of drugs in your dresser.

  12. …a Native-American activist accusing her of cultural appropriation.

    Yoga is Indian as in from India. “Dots”, not “feathers.” Dumbass. Someone should point out that they’re engaging in … I don’t know … outrage appropriation I guess.

    1. She’s even more of a monster than we thought. She’s culturally appropriating 2 entirely different cultures! We need a Dot Indian to get outraged too!

      1. Quick! Someone call Barry Badrinath!

      2. LOL! Now that’s funny 🙂

      3. Just as long as they are not using any illegal dots from a migratory species.

    2. After reading the rest of the article, it sounds like some douchenozzle “Native American”* is actually pissed off about her hosting a “sweat lodge,” not the yoga studio. Still though, he’s clearly a dipshit.

      *Sal Serbin. Doesn’t sound very Native American to me, and his screen name was “White Horse”. Could this be our long lost “White Indian”?

      1. Lizzy Warren is looking into it.

      2. After reading the rest of the article, it sounds like some douchenozzle “Native American”* is actually pissed off about her hosting a “sweat lodge,” not the yoga studio. Still though, he’s clearly a dipshit.

        He doesn’t seem to realize that the only significant difference between “Native American culture” and “European culture” is about 2500 years of progress.

    3. It’s easy to get confused. Columbus did.

      1. Yeah, but you’d think someone who actually IS one or the other would be able to keep it straight. Although somehow I wouldn’t be surprised if this asshole is about as “Native American” as fauxcahontas. And he’s got the stones to accuse others of “cultural appropriation.”

        1. From the article linked below:

          Mr Serbin, who is a fully fledged member of the Assiniboine Tribe was born on a reservation in Montana. He is married with three children and has lived in Florida for the past 13 years.

          Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/new…..z3yUC1u2lx
          Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

          So I guess he is a real Native American, but also a real asshole.

          1. So I guess he is a real Native American, but also a real asshole.

            Well, he is a member of the *Ass*iniboine tribe…

          2. “Real” is subjective, depending on what the tribe demands for membership. Some are less stringent than others.

    4. As a white man, I can tell you that we have a long cultural tradition of cultural appropriation so who the hell are you to denigrate my culture? We also have a long cultural tradition of genocide and racism and sexism and intolerance and just general slaughter and mayhem – I suppose you’re going to mock and culture-shame me on that next? You know what you are? You’re a culturist! You’re a dirty filthy disgusting culturist is what you are.

      1. Hell the Brits even renamed places to suit themselves.

    5. OOOooooh, I kept reading this as cultural “approbation”.

      Ok, then. Now it all makes sense.

    6. Ten bucks says the “outraged Native American” is whiter than snow.

      1. And all his children are dwarfs.

  13. “The FWC received an anonymous tip?it’s not clear who sent it?that Bierbaum was “dealing in illegal bird feathers” “

    Somewhere out there, there’s an asshole.

    1. “”White Horse,” whose real name is Sal Serbin.”

      Which reminds me….

      1. “Sal Serbin travels up and down Florida outing those who he believes to be fake Native Americans

        Its a living.

        1. Iron Eyes Cody hardest hit.

          1. +1 tear

        2. “Sal Serbin”

          Has he outed himself yet?

          1. It’s “Big Sal Serbin” to you.

          2. Salvatore Bartolemeo Vittorio “The Lone Ranger” Serbin.

        3. He should be tied to a chair with eyes taped open and forced to watch The Lone Ranger starring Johnny Depp as Tonto for being such a worthless fuckwaffle.

      2. Song always takes me back to sophomore year of high school. Cafeteria had a juke box which had popular songs of the day as supplied by the high school radio station. This song got a lot of play (even with the questionable content – several songs of risque content were on hand).

        Unfortunately, as there was three separate dining periods, and I was in the last, a jackass from the previous period would dump a couple bucks in quarters and play this over and over


        Not nice…

        1. I twice went to a “breakdancing clinic” where that song was often played.

          i don’t know whether to be proud or ashamed. i was 9. I had those baggy polyester pants. it wasn’t a good look.

  14. Where does this guy fellow get off calling himself Sal, anyway? Last I heard, Sal wasn’t a Native American name. Maybe Tony and Vito ought to go over and have…a little chat with him about cultural appropriation.

    1. Maybe demand big wampum or else.

      Interestingly enough, I guess these dimwits can be found everywhere, the pc victimhood disease has spread universally. I remember back when the thing about the Redskins needing to change their name was hot. I was on a different forum and there was some supposedly native American guy on there talking all sorts of stupid shit. I replied to one of his posts and told him ‘calm down there, talking bull’. He went batshit and got all his posts deleted by the mods. He was on the warpath, lol. Or maybe it was Tulpa, I don’t know.

      1. I replied to one of his posts and told him ‘calm down there, talking bull’

        Nice one. It was probably this same guy.

      2. *’Calm down there, Rancid Retard.’

  15. So because of “freedom of religion”, indigenous Americans can do things like smoke peyote and possess feathers that everyone else can’t.

    Ok, so the next time my neighbor wakes me up too early on the weekend, I declare my right to perform a blood eagle on his ass. It is part of my sincerely held religious beliefs. (Please no arguments about the historicity of the blood eagle.)

    1. Be nice now, we got all their land, at least let them have some lice infested bird feathers. Maybe some restitution in the way of some cheap glass beads or something.

      1. +60 guilders for Manhattan island. What more do they want?

        1. More firewater, and heap fat white woman for make squaw..

    2. Actually, much of what you might be moaning about is pre-empted by the Indian Civil Rights Acts 1968

      if what they do is ‘customary’ and is in indian-controlled jurisdictions, federal law generally leaves them to themselves. the use of peyote, etc. doesn’t require 1st Amendment ‘freedom of religion’ protections at all. It pre-dated any federal laws on the matter and isn’t subject to federal jurisdiction.

      The case you might be thinking of was…. uh, the Church of the holy vegetable, or whatever it was called….

      this = where the SC ruled that a church (which had only tenuous relations to actual native americans) use of psychedelic-tea was OK, but really only because the govt hadn’t done the required homework to make their case…

      “Disagreeing with the District Court, the Supreme Court found that Hoasca is covered under the 1971 United Nations Convention on Psychotropic Substances, which is implemented by the Controlled Substance Act. However, because the government had failed to submit any evidence on the international consequences of granting an exemption to CSA enforcement by allowing UDV to practice its religion, the Court ruled that it had failed to meet its burden on this point. The Supreme Court ruled that the government failed to demonstrate a compelling interest in applying the Controlled Substances Act to the UDV’s sacramental use of the tea.”

  16. Wait,why can’t she just self identify as Indian? problem solved.

    1. Yeah, she might be 1/24th Cherokee (this seems to be the fav) or something like that.

    2. Self identify as Indian. I guess in her case, it would be dots AND feathers!

    3. If Rachel Dolezal can self identify as black, then why not?

    4. My grandfather told me that we have Native American blood, but because I can’t prove it and my name is not listed in the Dawes Records,officially known as The Final Rolls of the Citizens and Freedmen of the Five Civilized Tribes in Indian Territory, the Dawes Rolls list individuals who chose to enroll and were approved for membership in the Five Civilized Tribes (Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, and Seminole.) Enrollment for the Dawes Rolls began in 1898 and ended in 1906, Sal says I have no right to N.A. ceremonies and religious rituals. Serbin says if your family is not recognized by Dawes then you are not a “real” Indian.

      1. You have to understand that Sal is a self-entitled prepubescent boy in the body of a grown man who earnestly believes he has the right to subjugate the people around him by government force to his subjective opinions and judgments. Don’t take him seriously as a human being.

        1. Sal is scum, plain and simple and he is hurting “his people” far more than he is helping them.

      2. You’re not a Native American until you are duly recorded in the White Man’s records?


    5. I’m an indian outlaw, half Cherokee and Choctaw, my baby she’s a Chippewa, she’s a one of a kind…

  17. Every cat owner whose pet has killed a bird is a felon.

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    1. Is… is this about pot?

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    1. This has to be parody. I can’t imagine anybody seriously devising this as a scam.

    2. This has to be parody. I can’t imagine anybody seriously devising this as a scam.

      1. There was that guy that got rich selling books in an informerical about cures “they” don’t want you to know about.

        This isn’t any dumber.

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    1. Hi Tracy, do you want to get back at him for cheating on you?

      1. Yeah, I bet he did it more than once…

  21. My wife was native American. There were definitely people in her family and tribe that are like this, but that can be said of any group of people, except of course, for real libertarians.

    1. She “was” native american? What is she now?

      1. Well, she’s got a little white in her now…

    2. Don’t you mean ‘true libertarians’?

  22. Funny how the injuns whine out of one side of their mouth about preserving traditions against the white man, and out of the other side of their mouth, they are asking the white man if he needs change at the slot machines in their casinos…

  23. I don’t know this woman personally. I do remember a zillion hippy dippy dipshits that she would fit right in with from college who were big cheerleaders for the state and today are no doubt slobbering over the chance to vote for either Hillary or Sanders.

    I am gonna hold off on the empathy for now. As for the apparatchiks giving her hell, may they rot in hell.

    1. Suthenboy – Obviously your days spent in college did not teach you how to spell “Southern Boy”?? Of maybe you just thought that it would be cute to misspell the word. I guess it sticks in my craw because I am about as “Suthen” as you can get. I was born and raised in the very rural south, Louisiana and Mississippi. I was taught to shoot a gun and run a trot line by the time I could walk. I’ve skinned my share of deer and cleaned and gutted more fish than you can shake a stick at. So…I am NOT some fucking hippy dippy dipshit who cheers for the state and if that bitch, Hilary, or that pussy, Barry Sanders, were the only two choices I had of who to vote for President of these great United States….I think I would just move to Australia or kill myself. Now, I don’t give a rat’s ass if you have empathy for me or not. I am NOT a victim. I am a VICTOR and a WARRIOR and it’s going to take a whole hell of a lot more than some piece of shit, grudge bearing, lazy ass Indian to stop me!


      1. #rekt

  24. Also, this Sal Serbin, fake indian buster, has he outed the Miccosukee yet? For that matter, the Seminole nation?

    1. He’s far too preoccupied with inflicting state-sponsored emotional and financial ruin upon his neighbors.

    2. Sal told me himself in a phone conversation that he does not consider the Seminoles “Real” Indians. I would guess he feels the same about the Miccosukee.

  25. To the user Raven B / Ms. Bierbaum,

    I want to wish you good luck with your current troubles, and I appreciate that you would take the time to come her and give us your personal perspective. I’d also like to kindly warn you that the commenters around here by our nature tend to operate…without filters, so try to avoid taking our less tactful contributors too seriously.

    1. Thank you, paranoid android. I appreciate your kindness and your warning. I am no shrinking violet though and I can handle my own with the asswipes and idiots. See….I too, can operate without filters when I feel that in order to get my point across I must stoop to their levels of intelligence and ignorance. Thank you for your good wishes. I appreciate them!!

  26. What happened to the melting pot?

    1. Since the non-Indians are the immigrants in this situation, I’d say they didn’t blend in very well with the host culture.

  27. Looking at her GoFundMe page, the donors are mostly chicks (no surprise) but also $500 from a Baptist church.

    1. I would speculate that this is connected to the Baptists’ traditional sensitivity toward religious-liberty issues.

    2. Yes, the Baptist Church is the one I was born and raised in before I moved away and became a yoga “hippy dippy dipshit” as Suthenboy so affectionately called me:)

  28. Isn’t it strange that white people are the only ones who WANT the rest of the world to appropriate our culture? I mean we literally try to force it on them.

    1. Islam is a viable alternative.

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  29. This comment is for Sal Serbin. Sal, you are a sniveling coward who makes anonymous, false reports to authorities. I have no idea why on earth you are hell bent on trying to destroy my life. I have never done one single thing to you EXCEPT refuse to bow to your will and wishes. Know this. YOU WILL NOT SUCCEED IN DESTROYING ME. I have faced death and had my very heart ripped from the core of my being and I AM STILL STANDING!!! You are nothing to me and are nothing to the world but a huge pimple on the ass of society and you are doing your people far more harm than good. I now have Native Americans working against you! They want to see you removed and not allowed to represent them after this latest fiasco you have created. They are ASHAMED of you, Sal. They say you do NOT represent their people and are an embarrassment to them and all they stand for. My best advice to you is to leave me the hell alone and go get yourself a real job.

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  31. Oh, and one more thing, Sal. What you did, calling law enforcement officers on me under false pretenses is against the law. I am so HAPPY that you openly admitted that it was you who did it.

  32. I would like to take a moment to point out a few things about Mr. Sal Serbin..

    Point A.) Sal Serbin is NOT a full blood Native American. In fact, Sal Serbin is only Half Native American.. The other half of his “bloodline”? Puerto Rican.

    Point B.) Sal Serbin is a hypocrite. His wife is white. His children are half white, a quarter Puerto Rican and only a QUARTER Native American. By his own decree, his own children should NOT taught or even shown any Traditional Rituals and/or Rites. So, while he’s running around up and down the Florida Coast making an ass of himself, and embarrassing not only the Sioux Nation, but other Nations as well.. By protesting against anyone who claims anything in relation to being Native American, I bet he makes excuses as to why he teaches his own children Native American Rituals and Rites.

    Point C.) Calling any governmental agency and making false claims is against the law and punishable by either a fine or time in jail.

    Point D.) Everything that Mr. Serbin has done, and said, towards Mrs. Bierbaum can be considered.. a.) Harassment. b.) Stalking. c.) Defamation of Character. d.) Slander… Just to name a few, are all things that Mrs. Bierbaum can file suit against Mr. Serbin in Civil Court.


    1. Point E.) I have visted the forum for Mr. Serbin, and all of his loud mouthed cronies and fakes, and there is one thing that he and his partners in crime have done that is: a.) sickening. & b.) Could be criminal.. They have taken pictures off of Mrs. Bierbaum’s Facebook page of minors (children) and reposted them on another forum that he is a member of.. WITHOUT permission from the childrens parents. Should the parents decide to raise a ruckus, they could indeed press charges against Mr. Serbin and anyone associated with the “Nuage Frauds” forum. And you can bet your ass Mr. Serbin should be thanking his lucky stars that one of those children are not any of mine. I would’ve had Mr. Serbin either in jail or in court by now.

      And, Mr. Serbin, since I know that you read this.. You really should keep in mind that while you’re trying to ruin Mrs. Bierbaum’s life and reputation.. Almost everything you’ve done towards her comes with some hardcore consequences. Especially of the legal sort.

      1. And truth be told, Mr. Serbin, I feel sorry for you. I pity you that you are such a nasty individual. It’s sickening that you believe that trying to ruin someone’s life is justifiable. You are everything the Great Spirit abhors. You claim to be doing these nasty and negative acts in honor of the Great Spirit.. When truthfully, you are spitting in the face of The Great Spirit. You are demonizing The Great Spirit and you aren’t living the life The Great Spirit wished for each of His Children.

        In short, Mr. Serbin.. You are a disgrace.

        1. Thank you, Sister Salem! I just LOVE it when someone who has Native blood calls out this clown!

  33. Serbin is a narricist couch potato, wanna be lawyer but has no degree, and an Internet blogger. guys been doing this crap for many years, against his own families wishes is my understanding but not certain. ( a friend of a friend of a friends friend

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  35. Looking at the entire picture here from this article and the prior article, This is more about a perverted crush with Ms Beerbaum than anything having to do with Native American laws. This is not Serbins first horse and pony show and he has never accomplished any of his endeavors relating to this one according to other articles mentioning serbin. My understanding is he has pretty short pockets and empty threats. You have to feel for his family as it would appear he spends more time spinning his wheels and little or none with them. Of course, could be a blessing, Who knows.

    1. I do feel for his family. I can not even imagine being married to this clown. I pity his wife and children. Can you even imagine?? As for him having a perverted crush on me?? I would prefer to call it an obscene obsession, almost psychopathic in nature if you think about it. I’ve never seen anything like it. It is the craziest experience I have ever encountered and I used to work for attorneys, so believe me I have seen some whacked out crap.

  36. Every time an Indian gets drunk, he’s appropriating the culture of the Irish.

  37. Fine! The ‘Native American,’ who is the approbation nazi can leave behind all the western cultural garb and gadgets, including the use of our courts of law. What a maroon !!

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