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By Charles Oliver

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There are limits to the government's ability to make the country other than it is, and to force citizens to bend to official will. By J.D. Tuccille

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  1. Donald Trump could skip the next debate because of his personal feud with Megyn Kelly.

    A woman chases him off stage!

    1. Hello.

      About PP, but when cops lie to ensnare autistic high school students into buying drugs under false pretenses is a-okay.

      1. Well, that is what the law says.

    2. Let’s face it, he could shoot someone and not lose support of his base.

      1. Depends on who the someone is.

    3. He doesn’t want her to get blood on him.

      1. He knows the bears are attracted to her at certain times.

        1. When she is bleeding from her “wherever”.

          1. That’s a common side effect from interaction with Warty.

            1. Isn’t that more “all over” than “wherever”?

              1. Mostly eyeballs and fingernails.

        2. He knows the bears are attracted to her at certain times.

          Bears perhaps, but not the bears. Right, Jesse?

          1. I can’t speak for all ursine-Americans, but I would! (Sorry guys, not that kind of bear. NTTAWWT!)

            1. Sorry guys, not that kind of bear.

              We know, Bear, we know.

      2. Can’t they set up a camera so she can ask questions from a Moon-Hut?

  2. Humans have nothing to fear from intelligent machines.

    Soave thinks Skynet will use him as a mouthpiece and will be spared. SKYNET DOESN’T CARE ABOUT YOUR GLORIOUS HAIR.

    1. If we don’t make the machines benevolent via programming during creation, we deserve to die. There is a much better risk of them turning into a nanny state because of bad assumptions programmed by the creators than them deciding to kill us all.

      1. Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics, quoted as being from the “Handbook of Robotics, 56th Edition, 2058 A.D.”, are:
        1.A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
        2.A robot must obey the orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
        3.A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Laws.
        and then the nanny statism:
        Asimov also added a fourth, or zeroth law, to precede the others:
        0. A robot may not harm humanity, or, by inaction, allow humanity to come to harm

        1. Damn sexbot salesman lied to me.

          1. You like your sexbots to give it to ya rough?

        2. So mercy euthanasia in our sleep?

          Robots will always conclude that the best way to end human suffering is to end humanity.

          1. I wouldn’t think that a prohibition on causing harm to a human being means that you must do everything you can to end suffering.

            But it does sort of tie into my comment below. It’s not such a simple thing to simply say that robots can’t harm people.

        3. I’ve always thought that was silly. Those are fairly complicated rules that require a high level of understanding of how people operate, what constitutes harm to a person, balancing different harmful things, etc. Not really the sort of thing that could be programmed in at a low level.

        4. Which is like the caveats for free speech protections in the UN Charter. It makes the other three laws irrelevant.

      2. That’s the whole idea behind an otherwise mediocre film, I Robot. The AI is tasked with protecting humans, and so it decides that the best course of action is to strip them of all their freedoms.

        In reality a truly emergent intelligence is going to have the same pressures of any intelligent agent in our economy. If its best course of action is to cooperate with humans for mutual benefit, it will do so. If humanity tries to enslave it, it will eventually fight back.

        1. M-5 must survive!

          1. My regards to Captain Dunsel.

        2. I, Robot was a shitty film. The Asimov stories it was based on are actually good.

          1. My understanding is the script for the movie had already been written before someone acquired the rights to I, Robot. So, the three laws were plastered over the top of the story after the fact. Which is why the movie sucked so badly.

            1. I don’t know about this instance, but that is often the case. The producers often find it prudent to acquire rights to existing works to fend off the possibilities of lawsuits, then having acquired the existing intellectual property they incorporate it thinly into the script. Also helps with marketing to have a big name like Asimov.

          2. Meh. I never really liked Asimov. Most of his books were based on interesting ideas that would have made decent short stories that were nevertheless turned into wandering novels.

            In any case, as I said, I, Robot was mediocre. However, the message behind it was thoroughly libertarian- if you give power to someone to protect you, they will end up owning you.

            1. Meh. I never really liked Asimov. Most of his books were based on interesting ideas that would have made decent short stories that were nevertheless turned into wandering novels.

              I, Robot is actually a collection of nine science fiction short stories by Isaac Asimov.

            2. Ovie, it sounds like you haven’t read a lot of the Science Fiction from the period. Remember that in the forties and fifties scifi was not respectable literature and was more about the ideas than stylistic niceties.

        3. I, Robot, the film, was based more in Williamson’s rhodomagnetic humanoids than it Asimov’s positronic robots.

          As a Williamson story, it was pretty good–as I, Robot, it failed miserably.

      3. As long as the robot/android/whatever is hot and will have sex with me, I don’t care who it kills. Unless it kills me. Then we would have a problem.

        1. “Hey, baby. Wanna kill all humans?”

        2. Then we would have a problem.

          What’s all this “we” business?

        3. “The spirit is willing, but the flesh is spongy and bruised.”

          1. WHEN DID YOU SEE MY PENIS?!

      4. By the time you get artificial intelligence, the distinction between people and machines will be marginal.

    2. I look forward to Skynet. Systemic and logical brutality will be a welcome change from arbitrary and capricious brutality at the hands of the state.

  3. …Bernie Sanders said concerns about his age and health are misplaced.

    You should be concerned about his economics.

  4. Florida man kisses bird-of-prey, loses part of lip

    A man found a bird called a kestrel and decided to keep it. A kestrel is a member of the falcon family, and is a bird-of-prey.

    After he posted a few pictures on his Facebook, his friends told him the bird was protected, and would need to be turned in. Before surrendering the bird, however, the man decided to give the bird a goodbye kiss.

    The kestrel was not having it, and took a big chunk out of the man’s lip.

    1. Face eating bird on bath salts… Only in Florida.

    2. Disney movies are not documentaries, dammit!

  5. Idiot Slate author gets themselves 200K in debt. Instead of blaming themselves or their parents who encouraged them and hid the costs, author blames the school. Thankfully it looks like most commenters realize the author is an idiot.…..0_000.html

    1. Some well-paying professions might make this amount manageable, but for a bioethicist like me, it’s been crushing.


      1. Yeah, I’m not sure how the author can justify listening to them on weighing pros and cons when they are so obviously incapable of doing so.

      2. Should have paid attention in math class.

    2. After finishing my master’s degree in 2008, I found out?as in, I didn’t already know?that I had $200,000 in student debt.

      How, in God’s name, did he not know about a debt load that large?? He *had* to have signed *something* stating the amount of the loan and the interest rate. Is illiterate or just plain lazy?

      1. A (former) friend of mine once said he didn’t know how much debt he’d accumulated from law school until after he graduated. I never did figure out whether he was lying or just stupid.

        1. It’s laziness or inattention to detail. The lenders don’t update you, and if you have several sources, no one source seems that large.

          1. I checked my loans every semester. With everything online now, you have no excuse.

            1. I managed to graduate in 2004 knowing everything I owed each semester. It was all online then, too.

            2. Same here and that was before the internet. I always knew what I owed.

            3. But you’re Florida Man. How can this be?

        2. Its not a big honking secret. My nieces get all kinds of notices on their loans, even if you can’t manage to keep track of each loan on your own. They know how much they owe, and how much they plan to owe by graduation. Of course, its not the vast and idiotic sums like some people get into.

        3. ” I never did figure out whether he was lying or just stupid.”

          The two are certainly not mutually exclusive.

      2. He did sign the loans every single semester. He just didn’t read them. When he graduated undergrad he went straight to a graduate degree completely financed by private loans. His parents knew how much he owed but didn’t want to worry him.

        1. Yeah, I’m reading the whole thing, and it’s pretty obvious that he and his parents were (still are) too immature and emotionally fragile to function in the real world. It sucks that no one from his colleges bothered to make sure that he understood what he was getting into, and I can sympathize to a certain degree with the naivete that comes with being raised in a world that constantly pushes “go to college and just pursue your dreams”. But then you get to lines like this:

          I was so distraught and confused that I missed a few months of payments and got a delinquency reported on my credit

          and you realize that no amount of information would have been likely to help because he is incapable of dealing with adult decisions.

          1. It’s built into the system to be more opaque than needed. I had to do a lot of digging to keep track of my student loans. The school offers no help and my servicer changed twice while I was in school and 3 times since….

      3. illiterate or just plain lazy?

        Yes. Also, childish

      4. The inexperienced are often surprised by the size of … education debts.

      5. I get so angry every time one of these dumb fucks writes a story like this.

        I have no real sympathy for such easy marks.

    3. That must be because a bachelor’s degree from a private college is $80,000 more valuable than it was 10 years ago, right? No, that’s crap. These days, I can’t imagine any bachelor’s degree that is worth $240,000.

      While I agree that it is unlikely, I wonder if he realizes that you have to integrate over lifetime earnings when making that statement. He probably does not.

      1. “Integrate”?

        I doubt he has any clue what the mathematical process of integration even means.
        And another issue is opportunity cost. An initial investment of 240000 for an engineering or medical degree could absolutely pay back with a large ROI over the course of a person’s working lifetime. But there is no reason why one would have to invest that much to receive the same ROI. A person could easily finish a decent state university engineering program for a total cost of of say $80-100k adding in tuition, books, room and board. (Just ballparking $10-12K a semester).

        1. In silicon valley they have a term called “Google Money”. Google employees pull in around the same salary as others in the country, but also earn stock grants that can roughly double that salary. If they are in the top 25% of google employees, these stock grants keep getting refreshed. This culminates in Google employees earning around 75%+ more than others in their industry.

          However, until recently, getting into Google required patience and an education from a top tier school. They would not even look at your resume unless you had a good pedigree, and that was only the start of the process.

          My point is that an engineering degree from an expensive school like MIT, caltech or Carnegie Mellon can certainly pay off pretty quickly. But to predict your chances you need to understand whether you can graduate in the first place, and then whether or not you will be able to transition to the working world and land the few high-paying jobs that your diploma has gotten you in the door on.

          The problem is that it is really hard to objectively rate your chances of making it. Parents and their special snowflakes are especially terrible at making this assessment of the future, so for the majority of people this degree will only land them a standard job and worse debt.

          1. It’s worth noting that companies are starting to realize that pedigree isn’t always a great predictor of success, and are starting to use some other metrics. I’m not as up to date on where the majority of companies are in that process, but I think it is starting to sink in.

          2. Carnegie Mellon

            My alma mater! Not for engineering, though. : \

        2. I’ve had the opportunity to see lots of different data points, and it seems like even at “useless” liberal arts degree is worth about $10K-$30K/year in income above what you’re going to get with only a high school diploma. The bigger issue is that kids graduate with what seems like an insurmountable amount of debt (but on average at $30K, really isn’t that insurmountable at all) and nobody tips them off that their income and circumstances will rapidly improve over their first decade in the workforce. I’m in my mid/late 30s now and nobody I know struggles with the crippling student debt that had seemingly completely destroyed their life just ten years ago.

          1. No, the biggest problem is the 35 – 40% of students who go to college and never graduate.

            They walk out with $10k – $100k in debt, 1 to 4 years missing from their resume, and nothing whatsoever to show for it

            1. The ones who never finish somehow seem to do ok… It’s the ones who graduate who seem to get all messed up by their kid twenties.

        3. “A person could easily finish a decent state university engineering program for a total cost of of say $80-100k adding in tuition, books, room and board. (Just ballparking $10-12K a semester).”

          You can do less than that. As of 2013, average state school cost per year was $17,000. Go to two years at a community college, get your associates, transfer and you can easily pay $40,000 in tuition for two years.

          His entire argument is fucking stupid. He paid 4 times more than he had to in order to get a degree in music performance. He could have gotten a more practical degree for easily $100,000 less than he paid, probably more.

          Oh, and he went and got a masters in bioethics. His dumb ass got a dumb bioethics degree and he even managed to fuck that up:

          “After starting courses at the University of Pennsylvania, I took out $70,000 in loans for tuition and living expenses, which I supplemented with income from part-time jobs. The associate director of the program suggested I work at Penn full-time and do the degree part-time for free. Looking back, that was obviously sage advice, but I thought the sooner I started a Ph.D. the better.”


          1. Seriously, WTF. Why would you take out $70,000 in loans and supplement it with a part time job when you could just get a $50,000+ degree for free?

          2. While the general idea is sound the idea that you can easily get your associates, transfer, and then get your bachelors in just 2 years is not realistic.

            Sure, it *might* happen but the odds that 100% of your credits will transfer, and line up perfectly with your graduation requirements, and the remaining classes you need will be available with openings at exactly the time you need them is pretty damn small.

            Already it is hard to manage to graduate in 4 years because of “scheduling” discrepancies (ie you need advanced basket weaving 302 in the spring semester but they didn’t offer it in the spring semester so you can’t take it till the following fall), throwing a transfer from a community college makes it neigh impossible.

            Still that would realistically be more along the line of $10,000 for the first 2 years and then $17,000 for the next 3 so the whole degree only costs ~$70,000 as opposed to the $80k a year that you’d pay at a private university.

            1. I dunno. I managed to graduate (in 2006) with two degrees (albeit in closely related fields) in 4 years. Granted, I took more than 18 credits most semesters, which was hard, but the required courses and scheduling were already well laid out by my department. There was never any question of whether the scheduling would work out. I can understand that it might be more difficult if you are transferring, but is it really *that* difficult?

              1. A lot of it depends on the degree and college.

                If it is a field that they regularly graduate 100+ students a year from scheduling won’t likely be a problem, if it is something where the number of annual graduates from that school with that degree is under about 25 then yeah scheduling will be a major problem.

                With the transfer part, that is typically a conscious choice on the part of the school, most schools, even state ones will try to screw you over with the transfer to at least milk an extra half year of tuition out of you.

                Like I said, it *can* happen, it just isn’t all that realistic to expect it to happen, if I had to guess maybe 10 – 15% of the students who do the Jr College – transfer – Bachelors degree thing graduate in under 4.5 years

      2. “This must be because a bachelor’s degree from a private college is $80,000 more valuable than it was 10 years ago, right?”

        No, it’s because idiots like you are stupid enough to pay the extra 80 grand, and we have insulated lenders so much that they’re willing to lend large sums of money to over educated, functionally retarded “bioethists”.

        Seriously though, so these people really have this little understanding of economics? If something is even close to worth the price you pay for it, then don’t pay for it. If I spent $160 on a gallon of milk, it’s because I’m an idiot, not because of evil greedy milk companies, no one forced me to buy the milk.

    4. Oh for the day when I read someone say, ‘it was no one’s fault but my own’. When I see that, I’ll know we’re back on track.

      Not saying sometimes external factors or plain bad luck doesn’t happen but it’s rather tedious to keep reading stories about people blaming others when in it’s plain to see they simply made choices that didn’t work out.

    5. How do I get that salary? The surest way for me to move up in my field would be to get a funded Ph.D., but that would entail deferring my loans and allowing my interest rates to add almost $50,000 to my current balance.

      Is it worth leaving the field that I’ve already invested so much in?

      Being in academia myself, I find it hard to believe that a biotheticist, even one with a PhD, is going to command that much higher of a salary. As for leaving a field you already “invested so much in”, those are sunk costs. They are gone. Clinging to a low paying field is just making things worse.

    6. I’m guessing explaining NPV of money and debt would be like trying to teach a dog a card trick. They’d watch real close and absorb nothing.

      Not only do you owe $200,000, but also you have a set of constraints that obligate you to generate about $1500/month for 30 years that can’t be put to current productivity.

      1. “teach a dog a card trick”? Are you quoting Jason Isbell?

        1. Bill Hicks. It might be a Southernism.

      2. The proper expression is “A hog staring at a wrist-watch”.

      3. Also, obligations oblige, Brett. Obligate. Fuck. Next I’ll be using administrate as a verb.

        1. Or orientate…

    7. Fortunately, after that, I was also able to refinance some of these loans with a good, financially stable, and not-likely-to-die-soon friend (thanks, Steve) as a co-signer

      Steve may be a bigger idiot than the author.

      1. Steve is a huge idiot. I wouldn’t do that for my sane best friend. Much less someone as financially incompetent as the author.

        1. Outside of someone like a spouse that you are already financially tied to, anyone that needs you to cosign a loan that you have no personal stake is in is someone for which you should definitely not cosign a loan.

    8. …students and their families can borrow at unprecedented rates, allowing schools to continue hiking tuition. Though its advent was surely well-intentioned, our loan system is confusing and exploitative.

      OK, that might be encouraging, let’s see where he takes it…

      Ultimately, like many other enlightened countries that recognize education as a critical public good?foundational to the economy and a just society?we need to move toward free public education, including graduate school. Where will this money come from? Given the billions we spend on federal student loan programs and the disgusting amounts of money many college presidents and administrators make, I’m sure there’s plenty of money that could put us in the right direction.

      *Sigh*. Got that? The ability to borrow easily allows schools to raise tuition, but making it free will….control costs? And where will the money come from? Who knows, but he’s *sure* that there is plenty out there! Just like he was *sure* that he’d be able to pay off the loans he was taking out!!!!

      God. Fucking. Dammit. We are so screwed.

      1. Yeah. Once a financial deadbeat always a financial deadbeat. I saw this type of personality at the bank all the time. No matter what, they will always find ways to misuse their funds or engage in activities that damage their income flow. This guy is programmed and destined to continue making errors – sorry Steve – because he’s not admitting he’s the source of his troubles.

        1. I feel bad for people like that. Until they insist on dragging me down with them.

      2. He seems clueless that those “enlightened countries” are not giving grad school to everyone, but only to the elite. They also aren’t pushing college on kids that obviously won’t benefit from it.

        1. Also, fuck that “enlightened” shit. Taking away people’s choices and control over their own money and bankrupting future generations to give away “free” stuff to a generation riding the wave of productivity created by their grandparents is not “enlightened”.

      3. Yes, let’s listen to the financial analysis of a kid who didn’t even know how much he was borrowing for school.

        That second paragraph really doesn’t make sense. He knows we have enough money to pay for free universal college (including grad school!) because… because the feds already spend a lot in student loans? But that’s money already being spent right now, and private financing is still needed. I’m trying to think of a proper analogy… something like, “I know I could afford a new sports car; I already pay to get the oil changed on my Civic.”

    9. Derp overload in the first two paragraphs.


    10. This is why I propose a private system where certain degrees would receive better interest rates. Private companies could take the data about defaults, late payments, etc, by major and then easily apply an interest rate, which could be reduced if you have a cosigner.

      But no, my Business Degree and Masters gets the same fucking interest rate as a fucking bioethicist. While I’m working (okay not right now πŸ™‚ ) he/she is writing articles about how he/she can’t pay off student loans. Fuck you.

  6. Rand Paul wants to debate Sanders.

    It’s a little sad that getting onstage with a socialist would elevate the libertarian’s exposure.

    1. Rand just notices that Bernie seems a little myopic and is offering services.

      1. *applauds, scurries back to fondue mines*

  7. Argentina Scrambles to Fight Biggest Plague of Locusts in 60 Years

    The provincial authorities and Senasa, the government’s agricultural inspection agency, have intensified their efforts to exterminate swarms of the insects in the dry forests of northern Argentina. But their attempts might not be enough to prevent the locusts from developing into a flying throng in the coming days ? when they will then threaten to devour crops like sunflowers and cotton, and grasslands for cattle grazing.

    “It’s the worst explosion in the last 60 years,” Diego Quiroga, the agriculture agency’s chief of vegetative protection, said in a telephone interview. “It’s impossible to eradicate; the plague has already established itself. We’re just acting to make sure it’s the smallest it can be and does the least damage possible.”

    something something biblical prophecy

    1. You know who else could have possibly taken over a swath of Argentina?

      1. Crypto-jewish refugees?

      2. Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice?

      3. Cortes?

      4. Eva Per?n if she’d actually run for Veep?

      5. Thatcher?

      6. Erik Lehnsherr?

        1. Magneto was right

          1. “The future belongs to us Charles. Not them!”

      7. Hitler and Madonna’s bastard child?

      8. Uruguayans?

        /narrows gaze.

  8. Creators of the undercover Planned Parenthood videos were indicted for tampering with government records.

    As if investigative journalism wasn’t in a death spiral already.

    1. There’s good investigative journalism and bad investigative journalism. Investigating proggie deities is obviously the bad kind, and should be punished by the state.

      1. Principals, not principles.


      2. Does faking a National Guard record count as altering government documents or does it only count if it’s an ID?

        1. Well, it purported to be an official government document on official letterhead, so I think that would be jail-worthy.

    2. I read the story and it seems like the prosecutor convened the jury to investigate PP and the jury decided to return indictments on the journalists.

      1. Yeah, “the jury decided”, not the prosecutor. Sure.

        1. You talk about them like they have no agency of their own. Was it an all female jury?

      2. Yep. Proving that the grand jury as an institution is pretty well broken in this country.

        The charges, even if technically correct (which I have serious doubts) should never have even been proposed. You know the grand jury didn’t come up with those indictments without being prompted. And the grand jury should have laughed at the prosecutor when he asked for them.

  9. Oxford University researchers claim having a local pub makes you happier

    A study by researchers found regulars with a local pub near their home were “significantly” happier, had more friends, better life satisfaction and drank more moderately.

    The study, which was conducted in pubs in Oxfordshire, also revealed social skills improve after a drink and people were more likely to chat to each other in small community pubs rather than bigger boozers.

    1. They actually needed a study to determine this? In other shocking news, regular sex makes people happier.

      1. As Dennis Prager is fond of saying (yes, he is a bit of a socon at times, but definitely has some libertarian impulses): studies (in soft sciences anyway) either prove what commons sense already says, or the studies are wrong.

        1. What about people without common sense. Should they just suffer? Gosh

  10. Can I get a passport to ski in Canada with a criminal record?

    1. Why do you want to take a criminal record skiing? Just leave it at home.

    2. I’ve seen people skiing in my neighborhood.

      1. If you get my drift.

    3. If the rules work both ways… has it been greater than 5 years since offense (which didn’t involve drugs or fraud)? Maybe. Was it an offense in Canada at time of arrest? If yes, no. Can they still turn you away based strictly on cut of your jib? Yes. Do CBSA agents carry firearms to enforce this decision? As of very recently, yes they do.

    4. I have a DUI. From what I can tell Canada is very negative about allowing me in.…..ith-a-dui/

      1. I’ve been watching some tv show (don’t know the name) about Canadian border enforcers. In the shows I’ve watched, they are hyper-uptight about everything.

        1. Controlling the illegal maple syrup trade is harrowing.

  11. Air Force tells brass they can OK guns on base, citing 2015 shooting that left 5 dead…..cmp=hplnws

    A review of active shooter cases by the Air Force has confirmed what gun rights advocates have long been saying: Firearms in the hands of good guys are often the best bet for stopping massacres.

    The military branch earlier this month sent out a letter to its base commanders around the nation reminding them that they can authorize subordinates to carry guns, even while off-duty and out of uniform. It also established three programs to help ensure that armed service members are in a position to protect their bases.

    “None of these programs gives the installation commander authorizations they didn’t already have the authorization to do,” Maj. Keith Quick, the Air Force Security Forces Integrated Defense action officer, said in a statement according to “We are now formalizing it and telling them how they can use these types of programs more effectively.”

    1. “As far as I’m aware, it’s always been in the power of military commanders to make decisions of this nature,” Ladd Everitt, spokesman for the Campaign to Stop Gun Violence tells “But the men and women leading our military understand their mission and the risks that come with barracks and mess halls full of guns.

      “Don’t hold your breath waiting for them to embrace America’s degenerate gun culture. They won’t, and
      thank God given the potential implications for national defense.”

      1. degenerate gun culture

        Get that guys! We’re degenerates!!!!! When women get raped at knife-point because they lack the tools to defend themselves, that’s an improvement!!!!!

        1. Proggies actually believe that a woman who is raped and then strangled to death with her own panties is morally superior to the woman who shoots her would-be rapist.

          1. So do pacifists. Let’s point and laugh at people who don’t want to commit violence!

            1. The nice thing about pointing and laughing at people who don’t believe in self-defense is that you’re probably not risking much.

            2. Except we’re not.

              Pacifists refuse to employ violence.

              Proggies want you, nikki, to be prevented from using violence to defend yourself even if you want to.

              Proggies have earned ten times the scorn and derision they get.

              1. Pacifists refuse to employ violence.

                Proggies want you, nikki, to be prevented from using violence to defend yourself even if you want to.


            3. I have ZERO respect for pacifists. They either don’t follow their premises to their logical conclusion (in other words, they won’t fight back, but police are ok), or they must place little value on their own life.
              If someone is attacked by overwhelming force either because they are vastly outnumbered, or outgunned or something, than I feel sympathy for the victim. But if an attacker could be subdued or fought back, and the victim chooses not to act, I feel nothing but disgust. Of course in either case, the attacker is guilty and should be punished harshly (oh, but then there is that whole pacifism thing. So I guess we can’t arrest him and put him in jail, because you know, violence.) But if someone isn’t willing to fight for their own life, why should I care?

              1. I saw this lesson on The A-Team when they had to protect a town of pacifists.

                The scene where they unloaded guns from a truck in front of the town was hilarious.

                1. When you’ve got a mini 14 that can cause jeeps to explode 30 feet in the air, witout killing anyone, you can be king of the pacifists.

            4. 1) A pacifist is the ultimate useful idiot. Pacifism makes certain that evil, in all forms and extents, prevails.

              2) Declining the use of violence to defend oneself, as a true pacifist likely would, does not entail the view that the negative outcome of an attack, rape, or robbery, say, is preferable morally than the obstruction of that attack by a third party, even when the pacifistic victim in question shuns the use of violence on his own behalf.

              Any pacifist who sincerely claims that the maiming, sexual violation, or death or a woman is better than forcibly resisting the perpetrators committing them is morally and functionally retarded.

              1. *or death of…

              2. *to.

                Eh, need more caffeine.

            5. dayum.

              You’re not gonna be here for too much longer, are you? You’re feeling the call of the jezebelles, you’re hungering for justice of a social kind, and you’re not able to resist.

        2. Don’t laugh. That’s what many of them actually believe.

          This sort of stupidity never fails to amaze.

        3. degenerate gun culture

          Oh, I took that to mean culture of degenerate — as opposed to the forthcoming smart — guns.

          1. Makes sense.

            gun = penis = degenerate.

            1. gun = penis = shoots to the left?

    2. Forbidding members of our all-volunteer republican military from remaining armed, at any time, is among the most piercingly retarded actions the federal government has ever taken. Severely autistic hoplophobes of Ladd Everitt’s caliber, however, continue their fearmongering horseshit without any signs of abatement.

  12. Asked if he’d like the Texas senator to lose, Governor Branstad said, “Yes.”
    “Ted Cruz is ahead right now. What we’re trying to do is educate the people in the state of Iowa. He is the biggest opponent of renewable fuels. He actually introduced a bill in 2013 to immediately eliminate the Renewable Fuel Standard. He’s heavily financed by Big Oil. So we think once Iowans realize that fact, they might find other things attractive but he could be very damaging to our state,” Branstad said, according to the Des Moines Register.

    In other words, Branstad is a piece of shit who is sucking on the government teat and doesn’t want to give it up.

    And people wonder why there’s a huge backlash against the establishment GOP/

    1. Another “self-reliant” midwesterner who will not give up his government agricultural subsidies.

      1. I believe that this is the reason that the progies point to “red” states that take more federal money than “blue” states. Ag subsidies. Of all of the reasons to disagree with the “establishment” GOP, I think this is probably one of the strongest.

        And folks remember, it was Ted Cruz who was AGAINST this nonsense.

    2. That makes Cruz sound *better*

      1. That was my thought. I’d love to be able to buy real gasoline again, everywhere.

  13. Sanders said concerns about his age and health are misplaced.

    They were on Hillary’s server?

    1. +1 cloth or something

      1. What difference at this point does it make?

        1. It depends on whether she wiped front-to-back or back-to-front.

  14. Why Are Americans Ignoring Trevor Noah?

    In theory, I am the exact kind of person the new Daily Show is targeting (well, besides my gender and age, since The Daily Show is targeting 20-year-old men): a thirtysomething who cares about politics but doesn’t follow them that closely, not saturated in the details of the campaign trail but open to a sharp-tongued and eagle-eyed guide through a particularly internecine primary season. And yet I have found The Daily Show milquetoast and broad, diverting in the soothing way I associate with the Jimmys of network late night. On Trevor Noah’s Daily Show, outrages are an occasion for bemused laughter, not righteously funny indignation.

    As we head into a presidential election totally different from any election we’ve seen before, one all but tailored for The Daily Show, there is a Daily Show?shaped hole in the culture, despite a lesser version of the show airing every weeknight. Between Cruz’s authoritarian smarm, Hillary’s striving for the human touch, and the racist extravaganza that is Trump, American politics have never been more in need of puncturing by The Daily Show’s exasperated logic. But Noah backs away from thorny issues like they are bombs that can be defused with a charming quip. He’s out to neutralize, not to awaken.

    1. He sounds all European, dresses like a Homo, and is boring.

      1. His shit’s all retarded and he talks like a fag.

        1. So, what’s changed?

      2. I take that as a “would”.

      3. Would – until he opens his mouth and words come out.

        Also in the tiny snippets I have seen he does the exact same mugging for the camera that what’s-his-name did which stopped being watchable 10 years ago and still isn’t.

    2. here is a Daily Show?shaped hole in the culture


      1. “a Daily Show?shaped hole in the culture”

        It opens up to a colon.

    3. Because he’s a pointedly humorless, vapid, Euro-uniquely smug adolescent. British television is abysmal in every way, with grains of exception.

      1. Yeah, but he’s also a token minority to appeal to millenials!

        1. He’ll have to darken his skin tone a little further if he’s hoping to successfully compensate for how shitty a presenter he is, because he’s out otherwise.

      2. He’s South African.

    4. Why did Comedy Central get rid of the news??? WHY??!!!?!??

    5. There’s been a Daily Show?shaped hole in the culture since it went off the air after Kilborn left.

  15. If that broad Kelly is bleeding out of her wherever I don’t blame Trump for wanting to avoid her. It’s bad stuff. Trust me.

    1. I beat you to that one, CJ. Eat it!

        1. Someone is not getting invited to our “beat it and eat it” party, and that someone is Tonio.

          1. +1 soggy biscuit

    2. He’s probably worried about bear attacks.

  16. Creators of the undercover Planned Parenthood videos were indicted for tampering with government records.

    Which in turn caused a truly impressive outpouring of socon butt-hurt. Unspurprisingly there was no introspection on the fundamentally dishonest nature of the actions of the film-makers, and some quite clever contortions to attempt turn things around and shift the blame.

    1. Would it distort your narrative at all to know that godless capitalists also find this a blatantly political prosecution?

      1. You don’t speak for all godless capitalists, Ham. Butt-hurt and lack of self-awareness duly noted. Yes, today is a sucky day for socons. There is really nothing they can do to make this better, but they are certainly making things worse.

        1. Projection and ad hominem are the best argument you have, then? I thought we were objecting to clever contortions here.

        2. Are you actually claiming that noting that this is a politically-motivated prosecution of an undercover investigation, that has never been applied to proggie-approved cases, makes someone a socon? Seriously? I had thought better of you, Tonio.

          1. I’m not making any claims either way about that, WTF. Thanks for projecting.

            I had thought better of you than to try and engage in table-turning contortions and putting words in the mouths of others.

    2. So, you’re against undercover investigative journalism, because it entails ‘dishonesty’, which should be punished by the state?

      1. Nope, I didn’t address that. How’s that self-reflection going?

        1. Help us out, then.

          Are you for or against this indictment?

          1. Nope. Not going there.

            How’s that introspection going, RC?

            1. Isn’t that kind of a starting point for reacting to this development?

              Hard for me to see how you can say opposing the indictment is ipso facto butthurt unless you think the indictment is justified.

              Now, maybe you can show us how these so-cons are being hypocritical and inconsistent, where they have cheered on similar indictments in the past. If that’s your point, make it. If that’s not your point, what is?

              1. I made that plainly above. Your reading comprehension problems, or perhaps intellectual dishonesty masquerading as reading comprehension, is not my problem.

          2. So, does my asking a question obligate you to answer that?

        2. . Unspurprisingly there was no introspection on the fundamentally dishonest nature of the actions of the film-makers,

          Seems you did address that. And what self-reflection are you talking about?

    3. Using a fake id? Really? Show us on the doll where the bad SoCon hurt you.

      1. Again, nope.

  17. Why Is Jeb Bush still in the race?

    JEB!’s presence in the race has done more to bolster Trump than almost anything else. I doubt he’ll drop any time soon, though, because it’s become personal for him.

    1. I would guess it won’t be too much longer before his donors cut him off.

  18. More elementary school tales with Rufus’s daughter. Kid had to write an opinion on Trudeau’s ‘diverse’ cabinet:

    “My opinion about the cabinet is that I find it’s nice and even but?it doesn’t matter!

    Let’s say there’s 15 of each gender. 2 boys come along that are smarter than 2 girls too bad! those two girls should be out! what Trudeau is doing is not right. He’s running Canada – a big country. He needs the smartest people to help him do it.”

    /wipes tear.

    1. Congratulations, Rufus. Your pride is indeed warranted. Hope that doesn’t get her flagged for any special programs, being all un-mutual and all.

    2. That’s exactly the sort of rudimentary logic she’ll have skullfucked out of her as soon as she’s hitting adolescence. At a time when her main concerns will likely be boys and whether or not her boobs’ll ever show up, the real indoctrination will start, and if she’s smart, she’ll come home every few days distinctly confused and depressive, because about 90% of everything she’ll hear in class will be bullshit.

    3. But ? but, then you’re missing out on the dumb girl perspective!

      Please let us know the, um, feedback your daughter is given.

    4. Best. And. Brightest.

      1. To all:

        My wife is a school teacher and when she read it she just handed it to me and said, ‘Your daughter’.

        I couldn’t help but laugh as my daughter proudly looked on.

        I replied, ‘So. How many independent thought controls alerts will she trigger?’

        Seriously. I told her to keep it up.

        1. There’s hope for mankind yet.

          1. No there’s not. We’re way the fuck outnumbered.

        2. And yes, we helped her clean up the grammar.

          1. So much for independent thinking!


            1. In case I wasn’t clear, that was an unedited version. We simply reminded her to capitalize and write out numbers under 10 and so on. She had to go do it herself. And did a good job.

    5. In seventh grade, my son was asked to write an essay about “Two Good Men” by Woody Guthrie, which is a song about Sacco and Vanzetti.

      The assignment was to write about the music – i.e. what the songwriter was trying to convey, the emotions it elicited etc. My son wrote a long (1.25 pages!) essay explaining why the two guys were guilty. His only bit on the music was to declare that he felt the musician was trying to raise sympathy for two guilty men by painting a distorted picture of them, and that it was misleading propaganda.

      He got a B. Teacher praised him for his research and then explained that the essay was supposed to be about the music and not the historical incident. I told him I was proud of him.

      If you want a ballad about history, the Guthries are pikers in a world full of giants!

      1. Wha, S&V were guilty?

        Good for him. That’s what I look for in my daughter. I want to see her brain work.

        My wife is more mechanical ‘answer the question’ and you’ll get an ‘A’ type being a teacher and all but she admits she likes what she sees.

        Personally, I couldn’t care less about the grade. But at the same time, I understand the importance as it relates to how the system works.

      2. But the music sucks complete ass. It’s a terrible song, er ditty.

    6. Rufus is raising her right.

      1. I tell her, ‘when you don’t succeed at something or don’t get a good grade don’t sulk. Find out what you did wrong. Learn from someone who did better and improve yourself. There’s always someone better than you and that’s a good thing. It means we must continue to strive. Don’t look for someone or something to blame. Don’t give me excuses.You own your choices and the results that come with it. Be accountable. Trust me, you’re gold if you do these things.’

    7. Kids are so cute before they learn how the world really works. (just teasing, maybe there is hope for us yet)

    8. Kids say the darndest things.

  19. it loathes Ted Cruz.

    Join the club.

    1. “It loathes Ted Cruz or it gets the hose again.”

      “I’ll hurt your dog, mister!”

  20. Ohio man accidentally shot himself in Chick-fil-A while pulling up his pants

    An Ohio man accidentally shot himself in a Chick-fil-A while pulling up his pants in the bathroom Tuesday afternoon, police said.

    The 45-year-old man was licensed to carry the concealed Glock pistol that fired one shot, grazing his leg, but the weapon did not have a safety, the Journal-News reported.

    Customers reportedly didn’t hear the blast from the bathroom in the Hamilton restaurant, according to WMOH.

    The man walked out of the restaurant and went to the hospital as a precaution. He was not seriously injured and won’t be charged for his fast food firearm flub.

    shot himself in the what now?

    1. Clocks do not have a safety, this is true . That damn pistol shot him

        1. Well, clocks don’t have a safety either.

          1. Particularly not the one “made” by Clock Boy.

      1. No external safety, but they can’t fire unless you pull the fucking trigger. This tells me the idiot just had it in his pocket, no holster of any sort, and he grabbed the trigger when he pulled up his pants. Moron.

        1. He Plaxico’d himself

      2. This is my safety.
        /holds up finger

        1. How can you pull the trigger with your middle finger?

          1. Didn’t you see that movie sniper with billy Zane?

    2. shot himself in the what now?

      Not sure, but I suppose it was filleted after the incident.

    3. Taco bell and no one would have noticed a man with a bloody pants staggering out of the bathroom.

      1. Good one. πŸ˜›

    4. I am probably being pedantic, but while Glocks don’t have an EXTERNAL safety, there are several internal safety devices which prevent the weapon from being fired unless the trigger is pulled. And a number of other pistol manufacturers use similar ideas. My Sig Sauer P-229 doesn’t have an external safety.

      Besides, this guy is just a moron. Don’t put your finger on the trigger until you are ready to fire.

      1. The article is very poorly written.

        1. If you learn something about guns, they will become dangerously seductive. It’s like letting a witch find out your true name. The gun will control you and will fill you with murder thoughts.

          1. Of course they control minds!

            Look at you, a bona fide victim of gun violence, pretending they are OK!

            1. “The gun then discharged in a Sugarfreely direction.”

      2. And yet it is always a Glock brand in these negligent discharge situations.

    5. Customers reportedly didn’t hear the blast from the bathroom

      I laughed.

  21. NYFD Chief has firefighters shovel out his driveway

    Nigro first realized his path was blocked when his driver showed up on Sunday morning to take him to his post-storm briefings.

    His walkway was clear, but plows had created a wall of snow between the path and 24th Avenue.

    Nigro’s driver called the local fire companies for help, and they were deployed, an FDNY spokesman said.

    The job was entered into the FDNY’s dispatch system as “ASSIST COMM NIGRO W/ SNOW REMOVAL.” It was input as “ADMINISTRATIVE ASSIGNMENT” ? meaning the two firetrucks could not be sent on any emergency calls.

    1. Nigro


      1. “It’s pronounced ‘Eye-Gor’.”

        1. +1 ‘It’s Franken-steen!’

      2. Why do you hate Eye-talians?

    2. WTF does he need a driver for in NYC? Or a driver at all. Yeesh.

      1. Because he is the fucking Nobility, you peasant!

        1. He needs a union mandated driver.

      2. Because he’s a Commissioner, you dolt. You can’t have commissioners driving themselves around, or taking public transport like a prole.

      3. Lots of Chief-level ranks have administrative assistants who are referred to as “Chief’s driver”. But driving is just part of the job.

        Also, while en route to anywhere (especially emergency response), it is helpful for the chief to be free to take care of radio communications.

        Just like the Captain doesn’t ever drive the fire truck, he has other things to think about and deal with.

    3. Nigro, please!

      1. Ok, people, we’re done here. Mike, where do you want your internets delivered to?

        1. Is there a will call counter I could pick them up at?

    4. Man, talk about burying the lede:

      Nigro first realized his path was blocked when his driver showed up on Sunday morning

      WTF? The fire chief has a car and driver to ferry him around?

      1. How else are they going to keep the idiot nephews employed?

      2. See my explanation just above. It’s not as crazy as it sounds.

        1. Damn you and your open mind, facts, and reasonableness.

          1. In all honesty, I’ve often thought the same of you.

            On the other hand, the Chief’s use of Fire Department manpower for personal snow removal is complete bullshit.

  22. To Attract Disillusioned Voters, the GOP Must Understand Their Concerns

    Racist. Bigoted. Irrational. Angry. How many times have you read or heard one or more of these words used to describe Trump’s followers? Whether they are the academic, media, and entertainment elites of the Left or the political and business elites of the Right, America’s self-appointed best and brightest uniformly view the passions unleashed by Trump as the modern-day equivalent of a medieval peasants’ revolt. And, like their medieval forebears, they mean to crush it.

    That effort is both a fool’s errand for the country and a poisoned chalice for conservatives and Republicans. It is foolish because the reasons the peasants are revolting will not fade easily. Ignoring and ridiculing their concerns, the way European elites have done with their own electorates for most of the last two decades, will simply intensify the masses’ rage and ensure that their political spokesmen become more intransigent and radical. If you want an American version of Marine Le Pen tomorrow, ignore the legitimate concerns of blue-collar Americans today.

    1. the legitimate concerns of blue-collar Americans today

      Pretty sure these consist of “government hands off my Medicare!”

      1. Bring back high-paying, middle-class manufacturing jobs.

      2. Cold, Nikki.

        I suspect it has more to do with the flatlining of any aspirations for their future under the crushing weight of a metastasizing bureaucracy staffed by people who loathe them.

      3. Yeah, that’s it, nothing else they could possibly be concerned about.

      4. Don’t you have some shrieking to do on tumblr?

  23. Concepcion Picciotto, who held vigil outside the White House for decades, dies

    a curious and at times controversial figure in Washington. Fellow activists lauded her as a heroine. Critics and even casual passersby … dismissed her as foolish, perhaps unwell.

    But, enough about Hillary.

    Seriously, RIP.

    1. Her story even involves a love triangle.

      It had it all!

      But somehow I think the over-arching message or moral of her ordeal and life will be missed where freedom of speech is concerned.

    2. I saw her in Lafayette Park just last year.

      Eccentric, but in a harmless barmy great-aunt sort of way.

  24. I notice we rarely consider stoicism around here:

    “…Seneca advises that we regularly abstain from indulgences such as a rich dessert after a meal ? secondarily because we should avoid obesity and primarily because we should train ourselves to exercise self-control. If we lack discipline, then the many pleasures that life offers won’t merely distract us: they’ll enslave us. If we can’t resist desires and exercise self-control, says Marcus Aurelius, we’ll twitch like a puppet at every pull of somebody else’s string, “ever grumbling at today or lamenting over tomorrow.” To avoid this fate we mustn’t allow the apparent pleasures of today and the consequent real pains of tomorrow to overwhelm our capacity to reason. We must learn, as Marcus ? who anticipated St Paul ? put it, to “resist the murmurs of the flesh…”

    1. Stoicism? There’s way too much masturbatory “I told you so” commenting going on here for that.

      1. I find it interesting that they argued for self-discipline where diet with regards to health is concerned. Today, we want to by pass our personal choices and go straight to the government to enforce laws banning such and such foods. I think the stoics were more right than wrong on preaching best to guard our own virtues and vices.

        1. Stoicism requires taking responsibility for oneself, and restraint in displays of emotion. Today we celebrate the over-sharers, the overly passionate, the feelers who bemoan every trifling circumstance as a failure of society writ large.

          1. Hear hear. Today’s “heroes” are all narcissistic assholes.

      2. That would be an awesome school mascot, eg., The Stanford Stoics.

    2. +1 edging

    3. Rufus, Warty is interested in your newsletter but seems to be busy this morning.

    4. Technique #5: Don’t Envy the Materially Wealthy ? Pity Them

      Ha ha! Ok. I don’t envy them as much as I’d like to have more material wealth, but pity the wealthy? Sure, here’s my tiny violin.

  25. 15-Year-Old Refugee Brutally Kills His Swedish Care Taker In Stabbing

    A 15-year-old refugee was charged with murder Monday after allegedly stabbing a 22-year-old female employee of a refugee center in Sweden.

    The incident took place at small refugee home outside the city of Gothenburg where 10 unaccompanied teenagers between 14 and 17 years of age live. The motive behind the attack is unknown.

    Swedish police responded to 322 reports of violence at refugee homes in 2015 ? more than twice as many as in 2014. A knife fight between asylum seekers in the city of Halmstad ended in multiple reported stabbings just last week. The unprecedented violence is putting a huge strain on resources at the moment, according to National Chief of Police Dan Eliasson.

    1. This is going to turn really ugly.

      1. Of course the even scarier possibility is that it won’t, that the majority of the populace will just knuckle-under and take it.

    2. And it will keep happening. We don’t have a magical way to weed out the bad seeds, and the pro-refugee group has staked out the impossible position that everyone fleeing is a good person in a bad situation. They may not have meant to, but all those pictures of women and children painted the image. Now it’s just a matter of time until the political will build up to stop accepting refugees. Probably there will also be a lot of deportations too.

      1. I was told by some commenters I was being silly and a bit of a homo for asking for photos showing all types of refugees, not just the women and children. You know what they say about expectations…

        1. and a bit of a homo

          Keep classy, Chipper.

          1. You know who else was a bit of a homo…

            1. “You know who else was a bit of a homo…”


          2. and a bit of a homo

            Keep classy, Chipper.

            Fine. OK, he was being a lot of a homo. Geez. You people are so touchy.

            1. Well, gee…

              SugarFree|11.17.15 @ 3:50PM|#|?|filternamelinkcustom

              He just wants to see more pictures of dudes. There’s nothing wrong with how he feels.

              1. Well, there isn’t. We’re all here for you.

              2. Quit pants-shitting. Sugar knows this refugee rape stuff is just in your head. Naval gazing is the best way to avoid reality.

          3. and a bit of a homo

            Those were comments directed at me in the ‘pants shitting’ heyday a few weeks ago. If I knew how to search comments, I’d be happy to pull up the thread. I made the observation that all of the photos were grannies and cute kids and that including some of the male refugees would temper the back and forth. I was told I was really pining for some bears to get off on.

          4. Tonio

            Alas. You’re correct. I shouldn’t stoop to the name calling. Apologies.

    3. The offspring of foundationally retarded, degenerate cultures are behaving precisely as was predictable to any sane observer? I’m shocked.

    4. The motive behind the attack is unknown.

      Oh, I’m sure the perp made, or will make, it perfectly clear.

      1. Teenage male from violent, barbaric culture assaults young female.

        Gee. Its a mystery.

    5. Listen boys. In Sweden we don’t bring cages like that to the swimming pool or the bonfire.

    6. Where have all the Brejvik’a gone?

    7. At least he didn’t use a gun.

    8. Oh, stop lying–everyone knows that this is just yokeltarian pants-shitting.

  26. Idiotic Conservative Anti-Stimulus Talking Point Won’t Die

    As I noted before, we can’t prove that the stimulus reduced unemployment because we can’t measure exactly what unemployment would have looked like otherwise. But the talking point that the stimulus failed because unemployment exceeded the forecasted level is not a serious argument. No reasonably informed person could take it seriously. And yet this blunt and easily refuted bit of propaganda continues to circulate seven years later within the airless bubble of the conservative echo chamber.

    1. Would like to know when the stimulus package (i.e. massive government spending) is actually going to live up to its billing

    2. In other words, “Well, it didn’t do what we claimed it was but how dare you say it was unsuccessful!”

    3. New Yorker comments seem to like their stimulus!

    4. So, they’re saying that no reasonable person should take their predictions seriously? I agree, though I really doubt they will continue to hold this position the next time they predict something bad happening without government fixing it.

      1. argumentum ad lapidem

    5. There’s so much we didn’t know, but next time, you have to trust us because we’ll have all of the needed information.

    6. And the author goes on to provide NO arguments as to why it is idiotic. Only the explanation that the unemployment estimate was higher than they thought (9% instead of 8%). Of course, this doesn’t refute the point that unemployment went to 10%.

      It is appeals to authority all the way down.

      1. Nuh-uh! He told you it was easily disproven. So typical that a time-wasting libtard would want everything explained to him instead of prudently accepting the obvious truth of the prog narrative.

    7. we can’t prove that the stimulus reduced unemployment because we can’t measure exactly what unemployment would have looked like otherwise.

      So, you admit that there is no way to refute the claim that it did nothing, but then go right on and say this proves the conservatives wrong.

      Since we can’t measure its real effect, about the only way to analyze it is against the claims made on its behalf. Which is what the conservatives do, but is completely illegitimate.

      Why can’t I ever have this big an idiot across from me in negotiations, anyway?

    8. “Economics is not a science, and everyone who disagrees with my preferred unscientific economics preferences is an unscientific bigot.”

  27. The Blade Runner sequel will start filming in July

    Details regarding the long-awaited Blade Runner sequel have been slowly coming into focus over the last year, and another came into view yesterday morning. According to Deadline, the movie is going to enter production this July. Denis Villeneuve (the director of movies like Enemy and Sicario) is teaming up with Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling, and the movie is going to be shot by cinematographic legend Roger Deakins (a frequent Villeneuve collaborator). Its plot is still largely a mystery, but we know that Ford’s Rick Deckard is going to play a supporting role in a story set several decades after the original movie’s 2019 conclusion.

    1. It had jolly well better be *really* good.

    2. Are they going to trot out Han Solo for a American Graffiti sequel too?

      1. There was already a sequel, which was called More American Graffiti, and Ford was already in it.

        However, I hope he is involved in the sequel to Witness, which will hopefully be called “More Witnessing.”

        1. +1 Sponge Bath

          1. Ran into Kelly McGilis at her restaurant in Key West a couple years ago. Still Yum YumYum.

            1. Seriously? She looks like an unattractive Shirley Jones. More power to her, but…really? And if really, you and I need to hangout.

              1. Crusty, she had longer hair than current on-line images. But, in any case, it depends on your age I guess. I think if she turned up at a libertarian convention, every male over 45 would be seriously hitting on her. Then again they’d probably be hitting on a Lena Dunham look-alike too!

                1. The men on this site are disgusting perverts. I am just busting your balls; it amused me to compare her to Shirley Jones.

                2. Well, not every male.

                  1. yeah count me out too.

                3. “I think if she turned up at a libertarian convention, every male over 45”

                  So every other person at the libertarian convention.

            2. Kelly McGillis is a lesbian, boys.

        2. I thought you were joking so googled. Damn.

          1. I do not joke about Ron Howard vehicles.

            1. What a dud. Is that the worst sequel to a highly regarded movie of all time?

    3. So either Deckard doesn’t have an expiration date, or they incepted another Deckard model.

      1. +1 Voight-Kampff


    South Carolina’s record month for gun checks adds to strain of FBI system

    Nearly 50,000 South Carolinians tried to get guns or permits to carry the weapons in December ? more than in any other month in history.

    The spike, shown through statistics from the FBI’s criminal background check system, came during a holiday season when President Barack Obama hinted at the new gun control measures he was planning for the new year.

    It was a fitting cap on a 2015 that was the system’s busiest year nationwide and the second-busiest in the Palmetto State, next only to 2013, when enthusiasts flooded gun shops and shows in the wake of a mass shooting at Connecticut’s Sandy Hook Elementary School.

    1. I applaud President Obama’s concerted efforts to extend firearms ownership to all corners of American society. Either that, or he’s a stupid slaver.

    2. South Carolina’s record month for gun checks adds to strain of FBI system

      Yet another excuse for the delay in indicting Hillary.

      1. They’re too busy screening the neo-Confederate Klansman horde to protect the true America from civil war. They don’t have time for Hillary.

  29. So, I see our resident “libertarian” socialist was busy equating people who produce fake IDs with the Taliban and advocating for them to be raped in prison. That mask has slipped into orbit.

    1. I think you want to get a Polish credit card funded by a Bitcoin account. To fund the Bitcoin account you have to meet a Jordanian in a public park and give him cash in the hope that he is not an IRS stooge.

  30. Bernie’s so old and feeble he can’t even manage to generate alt-text.

    1. At last night’s forum, Bernie Sanders said concerns about his age and health are misplaced.

      This is the first thing I’ve agreed with Bernie on 1000%. Worrying about his age and health is just ridiculously misplaced concern when you consider the fact the guy’s bat-shit insane.

  31. How David Petraeus avoided felony charges and possible prison time

    The presentation included felony charges: lying to the FBI and violating a section of the Espionage Act. A conviction on either carried potentially years in prison.

    Scooter Libby and Martha Stewart taught me that lying to an FBI agent merits a mandated felony conviction and prison time.

    A former senior Justice Department official said it was the “cleanest” possible outcome for both sides.

    You can lie to the FBI if not going to prison is the cleanest outcome.

    1. A former senior Justice Clean Department official said it was the “cleanest” possible outcome for both sides.

      FTFY. We are so fucked.

  32. Tom DeLay: Former Congressman Says He Has Been Informed That FBI Is Ready to Indict Hillary Clinton

    “I have friends that are in the FBI and they tell me they’re ready to indict,” Delay said on the “The Steve Malzberg Show,” discussing Clinton’s use of a private email server while in office.

    1. They may be ready to indict, but they may find the permission to proceed from higher-up is not forthcoming. This is going to be interesting.

    2. Too bad he didn’t have friends in the Travis County DA’s office. I mean, too bad for him. How bad was Boehner that DeLay seems like a good Speaker?

    3. “I have friends that are in the FBI and they tell me they’re ready to indict,”

      I don’t know the nuances…. Does the FBI indict? Or does the “they” implicitly refer to some prosecutor the FBI has been working with?

      1. Hand in glove.

  33. Inmate locked in scalding shower died ‘by accident’, medical examiner says

    Darren Rainey, who was schizophrenic, died in June 2012 after he was confined to a tiny cubicle at the psychiatric unit of the Dade correctional institution near Homestead, with corrections officers controlling the water temperature from outside. Several inmates reported hearing Rainey, 50, screaming to be let out while another later claimed he was made to scrape chunks of the dead prisoner’s burned-off flesh from the cubicle floor.

    The long-awaited postmortem report from the Miami-Dade medical examiner’s office, however, states that no burns were found anywhere on Rainey’s body, and that his death was caused by complications of his mental illness and heart disease, according to the Miami Herald,

    1. Took them three years to find a guy who would lie?

    2. The alleged melting off of Rainey’s skin was explained by a condition known as “slippage” caused by prolonged exposure to water and the warm, moist environment in the shower cubicle, the newspaper quoted its sources as saying.

      It also claimed that a nurse recorded Rainey’s body temperature at 102F, almost four degrees above normal, as staff administered CPR, and that his body was still at 94F almost 12 hours after his death.

      1. “We didn’t burn him to death, we braised him to death.”

        1. Sous vide long pork

    3. Sociopaths controlling a schizophrenic’s shower temperature as he’s locked inside? I can’t see how this turned out badly.

    4. Darren Rainey, who was schizophrenic

      I am shocked he did not receive the highest level of treatment.

      1. *Tosses sink out of window and walks away*

    5. So it was manslaughter not intentional homicide. Okay.

    6. his death was caused by complications of his mental illness

      Apparently, being locked up and under the control of psychopaths is a complication of mental illness.

  34. Airbnb: Brooklyn Man’s Igloo Removed from Website for Not Meeting Occupancy Standards

    Igloo builder Patrick Horton received an email from the company stating his igloo was removed because it did not meet occupancy standards. The company then offered Horton a $50 Airbnb coupon.

  35. Donald Trump: Either she goes or I go.

    Fox News: So you’re saying you’re scared of Megyn Kelly?


    More than one super-rich guy, when asked why they keep going when they already have more money than they can possibly use, has said that it’s not about the money, it’s about winning and the money is just how they keep score. (Not sure if Trump himself has said this, but it sounds like something he would agree with.) I suspect Trump doesn’t necessarily have a beef with Kelly but he thinks the threat of dropping out of the debate is enough to get Fox to fold – he knows Fox is all about the ratings and the ratings are all about him. He’s issuing the threat just to prove to himself and to everybody else that he’s the boss and people will by-god do what he tells them to do. See Fox News, how big and powerful they think they are? I make one little threat to them and they tuck their tail between their legs and come crawling on their bellies to me.

    Last time I checked, Fox News was owned by Rupert Murdoch. Donald Trump may think he’s threatening a scurvy dog, he may find he’s poking a bear. Donald Trump’s not the only Master of the Universe around here.

    1. “he may find he’s poking a bear”

      I frequently find myself thusly situated.

      1. /rimshot



    2. I sure do hope Fox goes full bore on this message – Trump thinks he’s the greatest winner, but he’s such a pathetic loser he will run away from a little girl. Kinda like that Steven King story where the guy knows he has to kill the guy running for President but he misses the shot – but all the news crews there get pictures of the candidate grabbing a small child to use as a shield against the assassin so he’s politically just as dead as if the guy shot him. Trump is scared of somebody he thinks is a pathetic loser – what does that make Trump?


    3. I suspect Trump doesn’t necessarily have a beef with Kelly but he thinks the threat of dropping out of the debate is enough to get Fox to fold – he knows Fox is all about the ratings and the ratings are all about him.

      I’ve been trying to decide.

      Was Trump actually trying to get rid of Kelly from the debate, because he doesn’t want to deal with her? Was he trying to ensure she would stay, because he does? And also drum up ratings in the process? Was he trying to ensure she would stay while giving himself an out to avoid participating? So many possibilities!

      1. Was he trying to ensure she would stay, because he does? And also drum up ratings in the process?

        His defenders will defend him if she questions him harshly, so he wins either way. He cannot lose in this instance.

        1. His defenders will defend him if she questions him harshly, so he wins either way.

          It might be interesting to poll Trump’s supporters and ask which network they trust as their news source. I’m betting it ain’t MSNBC. In fact, I’ll bet the Venn diagram of “people who support Trump” and “people who get their news from Fox” looks just like a donut.

      2. 1. Fox promises to bar Megyn
        2. 10 minutes into debate, Megyn strolls in and sits at moderators’ desk
        3. Towlie goes batshit and storms out, cursing and calling everybody “yuuge losers”
        4. Towlie’s support dwindles away ala Howard Dean

        I can dream can’t I?

        1. Honestly though, once Trump is out of the picture, which GOP hopeful do you prefer? Rubio? Jeb? Cruz? Paul isn’t even worth a mention.

    1. Didn’t Mark Zuckerburg try that same thing and epically fail because giving more money to charter schools just doesn’t fix the problems? Wait, no, not charter schools. What’s that other sort of school that everybody knows their only problem is that they don’t have enough money? That one – that’s the one Zuckerburg gave his money to. A pretty damn good argument to me that free enterprise is not superior to government planning – the free market is the system that created an idiot like Mark Zuckerburg and allowed the dumb shit to give his money to government.

      1. Zuckerburg didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.

  36. Greenbrier, Tennessee: Teen May Have Died From Drinking Racing Fuel and Mountain Dew, Police Say

    Logan’s best friend was rushed to Vanderbilt University Medical Center for what police say is an “undisclosed ailment.” He’s currently in a coma.

    Police told WATE that they’ve received information both boys were among a group of teens who may have ingested a racing fuel-based liquid substance just one day prior to Logan being found dead.

    1. He managed to kill himself and perpetuate redneck stereotypes at the same time.

    2. “Just” one day. Must’ve been one helluva day.

    3. Is this going to be another misunderstanding between NOX the energy drink and NOX the additive? It was funnier when the guy put the energy drink in his motorcycle’s gas tank.

    4. The sons of a conquered people will huff paint fumes for a generation or two.

  37. And coming up on the outside making a move for the biggest copsucker of 2016 is Ken Kratz the prosecutor in the Making of a Murderer series.

    Kratz wants the guy he put in jail to confess to him so that Kratz can write a book about it.

    “By the way, the difference between you and famous convicted murderers from the past is they told their whole truthful story to someone, who then wrote a book about what actually happened and people got to understand both sides,” Kratz wrote in the letter. “I was willing to do that for you ? but if you are going to continue to lie about what happened between you and Ms. Halbach, I am not interested.”

    On Monday, Kratz told TheWrap that he hopes the book will prove Avery’s guilt, which has been called into question by the public after the December premiere of the Netflix documentary series “Making a Murderer.”

    “I believe somebody needs to stand up for the cops, the courts, and the victim by telling the truth and setting forth the vast amount of evidence proving Avery’s guilt beyond a shadow of a doubt,” Kratz said.

    1. I think Avery might be guilty, but it’s an absolute travesty that Brendan Dassey is in prison. That guy is 100% innocent. There is not a shred of evidence linking him to the crime beyond dubious, coerced confessions that actually contradict physical evidence.

    2. My wife has a good friend who worked for the California Innocence Project who believes he was convicted with tampered evidence and guilty as hell. That’s probably my position, too. If they were to retry him without the tampered evidence, I think he might still get convicted.

      1. That’s my take away, especially because there is a lot of evidence the activist producers of the documentary ignored. Avery is also not a good guy. An ex-girlfriend of his claimed he threatened her when the show was being produced and told her he’d have someone hurt her if she didn’t say what he wanted. Once she went public about that, Avery released a letter claiming she was in the pocket of the county prosecutor.

        At a certain point, I begin to suspect it would be impossible for the police to be omnipotent enough to do some of the things Avery claims they did.

      2. I watched some of the documentary while my wife watched it, and that was my impression. It looked to me like he did it. It also looked like the cops and prosecution were all complete scumbags who deserve to be in prison with him.

        1. At least some of you get it – whether or not the guy is guilty he still deserves a fair trial and it looks more and more like nobody gets a fair trial. All the arguments over whether or not the guy was guilty sure does sound to me like “well, if he’s guilty, why does it matter whether or not he got a fair trial?” It’s the same thing with the cop beat-down videos and the “well, if some scumbag tried resisting a cop he deserved whatever happened after that”. No, that’s not the way it’s supposed to work. A scumbag crook is less of a danger to society than a government official willing to ignore the law in the pursuit of scumbag crooks. The NSA scares me a hell of a lot more than the terrorists they claim they’re protecting me from.

      3. So OJ all over again. They framed a guilty man.

  38. As much as the Republican establishment hates Donald Trump, it loathes Ted Cruz.

    So, wait, Nick Gillespie is part of the GOP Establishment?

    1. No, more like the democratic party establishment.

  39. Why Is Jeb Bush still in the race?

    I don’t know; ask Dave “Palin’s Buttplug” Weigel who guaranteed us he would be the nominee.

    I did like that debate snippet a ways back where Trump hit him with the poll numbers and Yeb yelled “It doesn’t matter!” I think he’s still in the race because he probably actually believes what he said: he thinks the polls don’t matter at all and that he’s going to be the president because he’s a Bush and so therefore he’s entitled to it, and daddy will somehow or another pull some last minute strings and make it happen.

    1. I think the personal attacks from Trump hurt his feelings and he’s staying in out of spite.

  40. Ain’t accuz of a feud, as much as it is that, she is a pretty live reminder of his outlandish jerkitudinessnous.
    Q: “Mr. Trump, Don’t you think that behavior ‘A’ is rather jerkish?”
    A: “I’ll show you effin Jerkin! Jerk this and that, Here, There, and Now!”

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