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How Do You Like Them Frankenapples?


Conventional apple vs. Arctic apple
Courtesy Okanagan Specialty Fruits

In 2015, the Food and Drug Administration and Department of Agriculture allowed Okanagan Specialty Fruit to begin selling their brand of non-browning Arctic Apples. The company has genetically enhanced their varieties of Golden Delicious and Granny Smith apples so that they produce lower levels of the natural chemical that causes cut and bruised apples to brown.

Naturally, bioluddites denounced this. "There is no place in the U.S. or global market for genetically engineered apples," said Lisa Archer of Friends of the Earth. In fact, the market for non-browning pre-sliced apples is rather large—think: fruit salad, salad bars, and kids' lunchboxes.

At my request, the company sent me some of their Golden Delicious apples from orchards in the Pacific Northwest. Over brunch in November, I hosted a taste test to compare them with organic Golden Delicious apples (also from the Pacific Northwest) and conventionally grown ones from the Dupont Circle farmers market in Washington, D.C.

The Arctic Apples did not noticeably brown, while both the organic and conventional ones did. What about the taste? None of us preferred the organic apples—a bit mealy. Instead, three out of the four tasters preferred the slightly more tart flavor of the Arctic Apples.


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  1. Ronald, you’re doing something wrong. Your recent GMO articles haven’t attracted a single luddite troll, unlike a year or so ago when you’d routinely get 2, 3 or more.
    Anyhow, I like apples and spinach with blue cheese crumbles, so I’ll keep an eye out for these.

    1. I’ll bite. They finally figured out how to make the most disgusting apple variety even worse. Seriously, who eats Golden Delicious? The texture itself is reminiscent of cardboard underwear worn by a bum that got diarrhea from eating too much sheetrock.

      1. CMW: They do offer non-browning Granny Smith apples, but they ran out them for this year.

    2. just hold them in some kind of acid (lemon juice is best, I think) after you cut them. Stops them from browning. strangely, acid also turns chlorophyll brown. it’s almost like they have chemicals in them or something!

  2. unless they take dead, rotten apples and turn them into live trees. They aren’t frankenstein-isa

    1. but that’s exactly how they do it…little tables hoisted into electrical storms and voila, and instead of seeds you have to eat around the little steel electrodes…

  3. “the company sent me some of their Golden Delicious apples”
    Bought and paid for you corporate shill!!!!!!!! When you start growing a fourth nipple then tell me how you like FRANKENFOODS!!!!!!!! Oh, also how dare you besmirch organic. Someone needs to be brainwa- uh, I mean convinced of the truth.

  4. I remember eating Delicious apples as a kid – nasty damned things. They taste like mush – Granny Smith’s are much better, but Honeycrisp apples are much better.

    The anti-GMO crowed is a bunch of idiots that failed 6th grade science and watched/read too much bad sci-fi.

  5. Frankenapples? Do they come with a bolt sticking out of each side of the apple? If so, I’m all in. However, the browning thing has never bothered me; I’ll take my Pink Lady apples over all the others: whole, cut, sliced, brown or not ?. thank you much.

    1. The browning thing has never bothered me, either. . . but then, irregularly ripened heirloom tomatoes are pretty damn good, too – much more flavor than the not-quite-edible, perfectly evenly ripened corporate tomatoes. . .

  6. Since central Washington has been burning up recently it’s pretty good news. Aside, the friends of the earth peaked in the 70’s. So fuck off FoE trolls.

  7. Fuck off, Lisa.

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  9. I like your Frankenapples labeled.

    You can eat all you want.

    I can eat apples from trees planted before your parents were born, apples from varieties that went out of fashion before your great great great grand parents were born.

    I too can eat all I want.

    Is that too much to ask?

    1. yes, so shut the f up…apple elitiest

    2. yes, so shut the f up…apple elitiest

    3. Instead of spending tax money and government labor hours forcing GMO companies to spend compliance dollars on labels designed according to regulations that will cost more funding for enforcement, wouldn’t it be much easier and even more effective to simply let “natural” companies voluntarily label their non-GMO products?

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