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Did Ron Paul Really Say Donald Trump Will Win GOP Presidential Nod?

Not really, but the folks at Breitbart and Independent Journal are hyping it that way.


Former congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul tells Newsmax that he thinks Donald Trump is going to win the Republican nomination for president. As the Independent Journal tweeted: "Ron Paul: I think Trump will win the GOP nomination."

That account is based on the Breitbart clip headlined "Ron Paul: Realistically, Trump Will Be Nominee."

Er, not exactly

Newsmax: Realistically, is Trump going to be the nominee at this point?

Ron Paul: At this point, it certainly is realistic. If I had a limited amount of money to bet, I probably wouldn't invest a whole lot….All this talk for this last year and a half—there hasn't even been a vote cast. It's all been done by polling which, for the most part, is generally rigged.

That comes after some chat about whether it's realistic to think Trump could be the nominee, especially after leading polls for so long. Not quite the same thing as "Trump will be nominee," is it?

When asked about son Rand Paul's chances, Paul pere says, "I think he may well surprise everybody because he has a good organization and caucus states are different, it's where we always did well." He also notes that Rand Paul has a "different position" on foreign policy and the war on drugs and suggests (without evidence) that Fox News thus kept Rand from appearing in the most recent GOP debate. While there's a strong case to be made that the Kentucky senator should have appeared, it was well within Fox Business's previously stated criteria to exclude him (even if it did make for a lousier debate).

Watch the clip here:

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  1. Thank you for straightening things out for the dozen or so people who care what Ron Paul thinks about Donald Trump’s political situation.

    1. It’s technically a baker’s dozen that gives a fuck.

    2. Even the great Rand Paul can hear the music. I’m sure it will take the vast majority of Reason readers a year or two before they’re able to face reality.

  2. I saw Rand earlier saying his current poll numbers in Iowa look just like his father’s poll numbers in Iowa did – and his dad wound up doing way, way better than anybody expected in Iowa. He suggested however they conduct these polls, they’re missing the sorts of people that will vote for him.

    Are they reporting that little tidbit from Rand?

    1. Rand is campaigning hard here. I have donated to his campaign in the past (and offered to fund a town hall versus Bernie (the candidate-of-choice for government-central Ames), but the outrageous Ted Cruz cartoon piece last week turned my stomach.

      1. Have you ever been polled? Rand was telling Tapper the polls don’t mean much – any loser behind in the polls is going to say as much, right? – because it’s still early and suggesting because the pollsters don’t do a good job of getting a good sample. (As others have pointed out, good sampling costs big bucks and you aren’t going to be doing many polls like that. If you’re doing polls every week and doing them on the cheap, they’re going to be pretty statistically iffy. But nobody cares about margin-of-error errors.)

        1. We’ve recently taken to answering the polling calls. I will say this – they are extremely leading and biased, so I have no faith in the numbers. ~30% ask directly how likely you are to vote in the primary, and then list candidates (“in-order” of most recent polling data).

          1. Recently taken to answering the polling calls. Man, I can’t imagine getting called multiple times by people pestering me about how I’m going to vote. Of course, I live in Georgia so it’s not like anybody cares how I’m going to vote and it’s not like how I plan to vote makes any difference in who’s going to win.

        2. I never been called for a poll about for whom I might vote for. I can’t think of anyone I personally know ever mentioning being called neither.

    2. I think I heard him say that on his most recent appearance on Hannity’s radio show.

    3. Are they reporting that little tidbit from Rand?

      I’ve seen Rand saying that on CNN several times over the past few weeks. And I believe it?though I don’t think he’ll do as well as his father did last time around.

  3. Ron is crazy. Polling is rigged for Trump? Ha Ha Ha. Trump is the establishments worst nightmare.

    1. Depends on who’s doing the polling.

    2. Of course Ron’s crazy. He is a libertarian, after all.

      1. Batman vs Superman

        Lois Lane: You’re psychotic.
        Lex Luthor: That is a three syllable word too big for little minds.

    3. Trump should be one everyone’s top 6 or 7 nightmares. Right up there with

      Teddy Boy
      Chris Christina
      Any person named Bush running for public office, anywhere.

      1. You forgot Kasich. And pretty much everyone else.

        1. Pretty much everyone else has forgotten Kasich, too.

    4. Trump is not the establishment’s worst nightmare. That would be Rand or Gary Johnson if either of them were ever to get near the GOP nomination.

      Trump is also not the devil that he’s mostly portrayed as around here. He’s certainly not anyone I want as president either. He’d probably be more or less like Bill Clinton, a populist who would occasionally do stupid stuff that libertarians including me, would hate. He’d also occasionally do things that progs would hate. All in all that’s better than Obama.

      1. That would be Rand or Gary Johnson if either of them were ever to get near the GOP nomination.

        If Pataki’s name is still on the GOP ballot it’s a safe bet he’ll outperform GayJay’s NH numbers back in 2012.
        Johnson was bested my Michelle Bachman, Buddy Roemer, Fred Karger, Kevin Rubash and write-ins for Barack Obama in the 2012 NH GOP race.

      2. “Trump is also not the devil that he’s mostly portrayed as around here.”

        You keep saying this based on no evidence whatsoever.


      1. Crazy old Ron, he wants the terrorists to win.

    6. I think that would be Cruz.

      For instance, which one is going to stop ethanol subsidies?


      Which one would shrink government?


      Trump is basically a populist, but most of his politics are business as usual.

      1. “Which one would shrink government?


        We’ll see about that. Doubtful.

        “Trump is basically a populist, but most of his politics are business as usual.”

        Except for Muslim-frei immigration, Smoot-Hawley 2.0, the police state required for his retarded deportation ideas, etc

    7. Well, Trump is the only candidate for the republican nomination that everyone knows of. Among those with whom I’ve talked, Trump is clearly the best known name, by far. Paul is probably a distant second. The rest of them, only a minority of hard core republicans even recognise their names. In fact, I think I’ve rarely mentioned one of them without having to pause and explain who the fuck I’m talking about. Trump and Paul, however, seem to get more currency amongst regular folk, despite the fact that the other candidates get more coverage in the news.

      1. Name Rocognition: for the winner! Ding Ding Ding Ding! [and since when does anything a candidate says translate into future policy with the exception of lib heroes such as Amash or Massie?]

    8. No, Trump is not the establishment’s worst nightmare. He’s a libtard blowhard with no self-awareness who will get buried then eaten by the system.

      Exhibit A: Just yesterday both Bob Dole and Trent Lott stated that he’d be easier to “work with” than someone like Cruz.

  4. Is the polling generally rigged? I’m not old or educated enough to actually know the answer, and I’d genuinely like to know. And I’m also not sure why this is a story anyone cares about.

    1. I liked this recent Reason piece on the subject.

      TL;DR old polling techniques are outdated and thus less accurate as in the past.

      1. Outdated and inaccurate is not the same as “rigged.”

        1. The polls are probably just shitty and prone to herding and not actually rigged.

          1. Sure, but why would multiple professional polling firms rig things for Trump (or anyone?). They have their biases, but their reps are built on accuracy. And there’s zero corporate/institutional bias toward Trump that I can see. Quite the opposite.

            There is a lot of denial going on about Trump: joke candidate, Democratic plant, will make the Final Fatal Gaffe, can never win. I’ve considered all those options for months, and now think he’s going to be President. At least he’ll save us from Hillary or Bernie.

            1. ” I’ve considered all those options for months, and now think he’s going to be President. ”

              Well if you say so, then it’s probably wrong.

              1. Funny, I always think the same thing about you.

    2. This classic explains how polls are rigged.

      1. That’s a good one. Relies on one of the many techniques discussed in “How to Win Friends, and Influence People”.

    3. I doubt that most polling is rigged. Polls do depend on who is being polled though and it’s always possible that people doing the polling are cherry picking the audience. I’m not even saying that’s happening just that it could.

    4. I’m not sure what that means. Who is rigging them? And for whom? Obviously not the GOP leadership. If they were, Jeb or Rubio would be way ahead. Instead we see strong showings from Trump, Cruz, and Carson.

      1. I’m sure that Bernie wouldn’t be up by 20 points on Hillary in NH right now either.

        And what happened to Hillary being up by 40 points on all Republicans? Tony and Shreektard were spinning that one hard here just a few months ago.

    5. Polling is always biassed. It’s inevitable. The question is how much they manage to minimise the bias, which is determined by how much consciousness the poll designers have of how people who think differently to them might think.

  5. Whaaaaaaaaat? Trump is measuring the Oval Office for new carpet, and no one has even cast a vote yet?

    1. I agree. Let’s wait until the 27% of eligible voters in 3 of the least populous states have weighed in.

  6. Breitbart spins something in Donald Trump’s favor? I don’t believe it.

  7. So old Ron’s crazy, right? I Mean saying someone is going to win the nomination because they’ve been up 20 – 30 points since the get go and haven’t declined at any point is just plain wacko conspiracy theory stuff.

  8. If you want to get the most accurate picture of polling, just look at the RCP average. I’ve followed that for years and it’s typically about as close as you can get within the margin of error.

  9. Newsmax? Really? Who cares?

  10. Potentially Cruz could get a bump from the Iowa primary but as of right now it does not look like that is going to be enough. Trump does indeed appear to be headed to the general election. Unless shady things go down at the National Convention which is possibly but would probably spell the end of the GOP party. I’ve been saying for months that a Trump nomination is a Hillary victory but I am not quite so sure about that now. This thing is going to get uglier no doubt.

    1. I’m going to say this now and be done with it, because it’s getting tiresome.


      I refuse to get into specifics until the contest ends. Deal with it.

      1. Not with my vote he won’t, he done fucked that up.

        1. I think Michael’s suggesting your vote doesn’t matter – President Cruz has already been selected the same way all our previous leaders got selected, and “elections” ain’t how they get the job. (I have no idea if Michael’s saying it’s lizard people throwing monkeys at dartboards or the Masons consulting their Ouija board or the Koch brothers reading an orphans entrails that determines who our next President is, but it ain’t voting.)

          1. reading an orphans entrails

            The number one reason for some cultures preferring flat bottomed frying pans to woks.

      2. Good chance we’ll know by Paddy’s day.

        1. Who the nominee will be

    2. I’m still holding on to Trump being a Clinton plant. Otherwise he’s a serious contender, which is even worse.

      1. Sanders could just as well be a Clinton plant.

      2. I’ve had a suspicion that the GOP simply is not going to allow Trump to get the nod. And I have a suspicion that Bill knew that all along. When the GOP screws the Donald out of the nomination, (and it doesn’t matter if it’s an actual screwing, anything that prevents Trump from winning – like another candidate getting more votes, for example – is a screwing in Trump’s mind) the Donald is simply going to say to his supporters, “Look, the GOP screwed me and they screwed you. Let’s screw them – go vote for Hillary.”

        All the concern over an independent run by Trump giving Hillary an edge ought to be focused on Trump flat-out supporting Hillary. Trump is running on the GOP ticket because he’s running on the GOP dime, he has no campaign structure to run an independent campaign without coming off his own wallet, and for all his talk of how much money he has and how much of it he intends to spend, Trump ain’t stupid enough to throw his own money away on a vanity run. No, if Donald doesn’t get the nod, he will not be urging his supporters to throw their support behind whichever loser wound up getting the nod.

        1. That’s one of the best posts I’ve read here.

          The GOP should absolutely screw Donald out of a run. It’s the responsible thing to do. Not only would candidate Trump lose, he’d skunk the GOP brand for eternity and possibly cost them one of the branches of Congress.

            1. Good point!

              1. What do you see happening to this country under one-party rule? The Dems can finally nationalize healthcare, for one. Instant amnesty, which may or may not be your bag but certainly locks their voter supremacy. Probably the same schizophrenic incompetence/appeasement strategy on the international stage. Ramping up works investments, so expect a bunch more Soylendras but hanging off the federal teat much longer. New and novel social welfare programs. An even more ambitious tax plan to pay for all of it. In a generation we’ll look very much like southern Europe.

                1. I doubt the Dems are going to take total no-fillibuster control of Congress like in 2008.

                  I think if they try what you’re describing we could see Texas start to seriously talk about leaving. Civil disobedience stuff.

                  1. The GOP has bitched out on essentially everything since the last shutdown fracas. I imagine a good number would cut and run in a rout. Fuck ’em.

                    I guess, really, when it comes down to it, I wanted to see the Dems get pummeled. 2014 was a satisfying clinch, like hitting a smug face in the gob.

                    1. ” I imagine a good number would cut and run in a rout. Fuck ’em.”

                      I don’t understand what you mean. Do you mean after losing badly they would resign?

                      I have to say Canada’s parliamentary structure is looking much better than America’s bicameral + elected exec design.

                    2. No, but they almost certainly would avoid rocking the boat and many would collaborate. I’m convinced the only reason that no Republican voted for the ACA is because they knew it would pass without them, so their partisan lockout was symbolic rather than strategic. It’s the only time I can think of that the party has stood for something, and they did it from the safety of their minority status, knowing that if the thing flopped they’d run on it for many election cycles to come. They’re amoral cowards.

                2. “What do you see happening to this country under one-party rule?”

                  Fascism. For one thing, the progressive is always willing to sell out to the highest bidder. For the ultimate good of humanity, of course. For another, they have an unflinchingly totalitarian orientation. Conservatives may be corrupt, but corruption is essentially meaningless amongst progressive, who are able to rationalise any deception, trickery, brutality, or theft. The false ends and means dichotomy has infected everyone, but with progressives it’s not even worthy of comment as they admit no possible alternate for viewing their actions.

                  1. Of course, with conservatives, we’d probably have fascism as well, but reactionary fascism and so probably not as vicious. With progressives we get motivated fascism, which could be much worse. Not to belittle the reactionary fascism of Nazi Germany. If conditions are just right, everything goes to hell.

        2. I really don’t see Trump supporters voting for the hildabeast just because he’s PO’ed and tells them to. She won’t do anything like what Trump is talking about and that is the only reason they support him.

    3. “I’ve been saying for months that a Trump nomination is a Hillary victory but I am not quite so sure about that now.”

      I am. His numbers with independents are underwater. A large number of GOPers/conservatives hate him.

      1. The fact that you would prefer Hitlary to Trump says everything.

  11. The idea that numerous polls have been rigged in Trump’s favor is ludicrous. Suggesting that just makes Rand look silly and a bit conspiracy-nutty. I had hopes for him, but he keeps blowing it. His refusal to take part in the undercard debate was another dumb move. Better a big fish in a small pond than a fish with no pond at all. Be the biggest fish in that pond and talk about how you’ll “keep fighting for American values no matter what!” I’m no political expert, but come on. What a missed opportunity.

    Trump is running rings around everyone. He’s proven all the doomsaying about him wrong for six months. This isn’t some sort of bizarre accident: he knows what he is doing. He is persuading people. Look at size of his rallies. This is Obama-level enthusiasm. And I’m convinced the polls understate it. Trump gets so much crap thrown at him that people are embarrassed to be associated with him. But voting booths are private. I predict a “shy Trumpette” effect: Trump will do “surprisingly well” when voting starts. And in the general, he will do “surprisingly well among traditional Democratic constituencies” and take states that hadn’t gone Republican in many years.

    I was around for 1980 and 1994, and there is a similar mood in the air.

    1. He pretty consistently getting a third of the votes in the polls. I don’t think that number is going to go down. The longer you have the other two thirds being split up by so many candidates the more states he’s going to win. If there are still 4 or 5 candidates in this thing by mid-March that favors him. If it’s down to 2 or 3 by the end of February, you might have an actual race at that point.

    2. “And in the general, he will do “surprisingly well among traditional Democratic constituencies” and take states that hadn’t gone Republican in many years.”

      No he won’t you’re out of your mind. Normal people are not interested in an inarticulate asshole who rags on minorities. Get over it.

      I predict many salty tears from the area yokeltard when Trump goes down in flames either against Hillary or earlier.

      1. Sure they are. Its also funny that you think American minorities are all a singular voting block. These American sub cultures, a lot of times, have absolutely no love for each other.

      2. Trump is polling surprisingly well with minorities.

        1. There’s only so much milk in the government teat. I mean, there’s no way at all you could ever produce more dairy cows. Zero sum. That’s the only shit most people ever grasp. Go Berns! Go Trump!

    3. He sure ought to know what he’s doing. He’s got no excuse for not doing. Fuck, man, Trump’s the only reason I registered Republican!

  12. Newsmax started showing up here as a sponsored link (I think, since it occupied one of the squares that usually pitches T-shirts).
    Took a day or so of perusal before it became obvious that there was no reason to link any of the stories; check-out counter fare.

  13. This is why Bernie Sanders wants the government to control the media, so it will report things in the true non bias light.

    1. I get where he’s coming from. I go into Safeway and there’s a harf an aisle of different kinds of microwave popecorn. Dozens, at least. Who needs that many different kinds of microwave popcorn? Especially since they don’t sell regular fucking popcorn anymore. Their recent purchasing decisions make no sense to me. Get fifteen brands of weirdo designer cheese with peppercorns and wine bastings and that, sold for outrageous prices, especially considering somebody’s basicly taken almost decent cheese and then fucked it to hell with crap that never belongs on a cheese in the first place; and at the same time, they cease carrying half the standard varieties they used to, old standards that people will buy and which can’t be substituted for by anything else.

      1. Popecorn: when the Pontiff introduces a super silly joke during a homily.

    2. I’ve had to shift harf my groceries purchasing to Amazon and a Centroamerican grocery two hundred miles away. I hain’t bothered with Safeway now for at least a year, since they refused to sell me a bottle of sake because I responded to the qu?stion, “How are you?” from the checker with, “Regular,” apparently proof of intoxicatedness–which wouldn’t be that bad f it weren’t for that there are people stumbling down drunk in there buying gallons of wine all hours of the day. If I need to go to a local (more or less) grocery, I go to Erickson’s, which will actually cocksucking whoreson goatfuckers order anything they can get on request, doesn’t treat the customers like a plague, acts like they actually want to sell something to someone, stocks normal things before weird crap, and still employs an old-timey USA store layout where customers got room to man?uvre and face threats. And you can get things by the case or in the huge fucking cans like people did before they thought it was sensible to have to go shopping for food every two days.

      1. Limpee, I travel enough to understand your pain. But on the bright side, diversity in the supermarket is much more robust now. At least you have the Internet to remedy things. I live in a large city where I can see huge foodstuff diversity shifts vary from one supermarket chain to another and within the same chain within a zip code.
        When I visit relatives, I find easily found foodstuffs (because I know my territory) become unfindable.

    3. However, I say, it’s really commie pinko pigs like Sanders that’s led to the diminution of useful groceries and their replacement with obstructionist crap like the new Safeway or the physical Walmarts (online is actually decent), bless their hearts. On a side note, Target often carries some real quality kitsch, something that is far too unappreciated. Go to a university or a hospital some time and look at the original shit art they splatter all over the walls (hopefully not one of them expounded with socialism realism, holy fuck!). Then go look round the kitsch section at Target. Those guys doing art for Target are ten times more talented, PLUS they got it routinised and mechanised so’s it can be mass produced and any jerkoff mic sti?paid can afford to bedreck his walls better than some ard r?s used to do.

      Then, I spent some time working for an artist who had totally mastered and routinised the doing of this one painting so he could whip off copy after copy all day and make a fucking living at it, applying a number of small variations. There’s probably folks all over the West got his painting hanging up in their parlours and whatnot. He actually worked for a living. So this idea of kitsch is bad, original art is good, no matter how fucking terrible, is not intuitive to me. And not everybody’s like me, willing to spatter his walls with whatever slogans and po?try and random symbols and imagery come flying through the air with interest and refert.

  14. Cooke’s moratorium for conservatism up on NR today is worth a read, if for nothing else than schadenfreude plus regret. And there’s Cytoxic trolling barely-literate Trumpolos in the comments.

    1. It’s not very hard.

      Honestly, if Trump murders conservatism, it will all be worth it.

      1. But they’re so PI$$ED OFF, why don’t you understand how that trumps any reasoned opposition to this single-issue nutjob?

        1. Wait…are you John? If you’re John who am I?!?! I’m so confused!

      2. With your deep insight into American politics I sometimes forget you’re Canadian. It’s amazing.

        1. I know. I’m pretty awesome.

          1. It’s your fantasy, I’ll stay out of it.

    2. “moratorium”


      1. Oops. I meant in memoriam. I’m gradually succumbing to benadryl, my favorite drug besides caffeine and ethanol.

        1. You could take all of those at the same time and still be smarter than the people dumb enough to think Trump has a chance against Clinton.

          Really, what fucking universe do these people live in? Yeah, normal Americans-ESPECIALLY millenials-are totally looking for an incoherent rude nutcase who rags on minorities to be their president. He may be hated by his party and down by over 20% amongst indies but MASTER PERSUADOR! ADAM SCOTT!!!11

          It’s not just yokel peons saying this but ‘libertarians’ too. I’ve heard some seriously suggest that Hillary will fall apart during the debate. Against Donald. A guy who didn’t even know who the Kurds or General Soleimini was until a few months ago and probably still doesn’t.

          1. You could take all of those at the same time

            I often have, with a few hits a and one time half a percocet my roommate offered.

            Still didn’t make Trump seem any less improbable.

            1. Ah Percocet…the one good thing about Canadian healthcare (not sure if they do this elsewhere) is that after you are discharged after surgery, you are sent home with a small pharmacy of drugs such as T3 and Percocet. Oh I think I saved some! God I hope so this election cycle will require ALL OF THE DRUGS.

  15. But you know who says Trump will win? Election Betting Odds, Stossels site, who Reason said is a better indicator than polls because bettors always know best, particularly when Trump was behind.

    Right now, Trump leads there by 10 points…and the lead is growing, not shrinking.

    1. Jack the asshole checks in with more stupidity!
      Hey, Jack, how did you get so stupid? Were you born that way, or did it take long years of practice?

      1. Ooops; Jacks post includes information that is no totally brain-dead, so we’ll presume someone is using Jack as a sock, or Jack got someone to post for him.

    2. So Trump wins. Fuck! We’ve never had a jackass for president before. [disclosure: this is not an endorsement of Trump]. Like you and me can stop him or any other stupid fucking cunt from attaining the office [hasn’t worked for me yet]

  16. OT, ’cause I’m tired of posting about the blowhard:

    “Bruce Rauner, GOP leaders want state takeover of Chicago schools”
    “”Notably, Republicans are the ones who put the control of Chicago’s public schools in the hands of the mayor back in 1995″, Harmon said. The previous rating was BB-plus.”

    D committee meeting:
    ‘How can we spin this? Got it: The Rs turned over control of it to us, therefore it’s the R’s fault!’

      1. ‘Cause the Rs turned the water system over to them! Darn those Rs!

      2. BTW, we got some fresh Dungeness from Seattle; flown in live, boiled an hour or so before we had ’em. I’m gonna say that crab is pretty tolerant of different location; it was SWEET!
        $8/#, but hey….

        1. Is that outside of the no-no zone? I thought there was a domoic acid outbreak on the west coast this year.

          8 bucks a pound for Dungeness is VERY cheap.

          1. WA state crabs are ‘legal’ (and I’m still typing!). We weren’t griping about $8; Whole Foods sold them for that, Cal Mart was a $8.50 (? – several days ago; it was more, but if we hadn’t seen the WF price, we woulda snagged them)
            Most years, ~$5/# is going rate here after the first week or so.

            1. I got a case of crabs last year. Not so good.

        2. I bet their wings were tired.

      3. The devil let me do it.

  17. Reasons the term “science” is mis-understood, example #(large prime number):

    “They found a new prime number, and it’s massive”

    Isn’t this a post-doc math assignment along with pushing Pi two more digits to the right?

    1. I think new prime numbers have become increasingly difficult to find.

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