Free-Range Kids

Why America Puts 9-Year-Old Kids on the Sex Offender Registry for Life

Living in fear of exaggerated dangers.



Southwestern Law School Professor Catherine Carpenter puts it bluntly in her new research paper, Throwaway Children: The Tragic Consequences of a False Narrative. "Truth be told," she writes, "we are afraid for our children and we are afraid of our children."

Carpenter's paper explains why it's wrong to automatically place under-age perpetrators of sex crimes on the sex offender registry. This policy is guided by the mistaken presumption that these kids will become sexually predatory adults, writes Carpenter.

This fear, "is premised on a false narrative that includes flawed studies on recidivism rates and misguided case decisions that embraced these findings," according to the paper.

Yes, flawed. Recidivism rates—the rates at which juvenile sex offenders re-offend—are so low as to be indistinguishable from the rate that non-offenders offend. But that's not what the public believes. Instead, it believes that juvenile sex "criminals" (including a slew of teens who had consensual sex) can never stop pouncing. From Carpenter's paper:

The utility of an overly-simplified registration scheme comes with a hefty price tag: the acknowledgement that mandatory lifetime registration captures and shatters the lives of many non-dangerous children. It is a price tag we should no longer be willing to bear. 

How bad does it get for kids found guilty of a sex crime?

…fear of our children has prompted legislation that requires children as young as nine years old to register on adult sex offender registries.  No matter whether the child's sexual transgression is voluntary or coerced – and here the mandatory reach of the regime is underscored – many children face lifetime registration. In some jurisdictions, the offense is deemed the equivalent of a comparable adult offense under controlling federal or state law…. And in jurisdictions like California, the child is required to register for life because the state has moved to a system that subjects all sex offenders – whether adult or child – to lifetime monitoring….

Sadly, the public's hunger to punish child sex offenders has not been diminished by reality. Registration and notification for life continue despite significant and compelling research that these laws are not effective deterrents, [and] that children who commit sexual crimes pose little danger of recidivism, [and] that children have the capacity for rehabilitation….

Their lives are effectively ruined before they have begun.

Carpenter's piece is clear and gripping. Imagine a nine-year-old branded a sex offender for life. 

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  1. Well, the kids aren’t gonna put themselves on that list.

    1. Sorry, but this isn’t the PM Links.

      1. Would it change your mind if I set you adrift on memory bliss?

        1. Why do I find it hard to write the next line?

          1. Check your sexual impulses at the door.

          2. We know this much is true…

  2. Serious question: Can you commit a sex crime without being pubescent? It might be a violent act or acts involving your or another’s genitals, but can it really be a sex crime?

    1. Serious answer: You seem like a rape apologist. You can recant now but I’m still going to savage you on social media.

      1. Indeed: the dogma is that rape isn’t about sex, but power. Heretics to be burned on Twitter.

        1. Robbery isn’t about money, either.

  3. One more reason to hate the government and its loathsome employees.

    1. Monopolistic positions always attract sadists. Because it gives them power over others. Government is basically a clarion call for sadists.

      1. but if its about power (see above comment) then they are rapists?

    2. As if the government imposed sex crime hysteria on the people. Governments tend to react. Yell at the busybody soccer mom keeping little Timmy in a plastic bubble who votes in every local election.


        Do you think soccer moms were clamoring to have 9 year olds put on the sex offender registry? No – the law was written that way without their knowledge. I love that you’re so in love with the concept of an all powerful state, that even in the instance that you’re confronted with outright state abuse you try and divest the government of any responsibility.

        1. Yeah it’s called overreach. It comes with hysteria. But Dateline NBC as much to blame for these laws as a disembodied malicious government twirling its mustache looking to impose things on people they didn’t ask for.

          1. There is some merit to this argument. But any moral person who found it his job to participate in this travesty would fight against it, not continue the abuse.

          2. There is some merit to this argument. But any moral person who found it his job to participate in this travesty would fight against it, not continue the abuse.

            1. Denver, NBC is covered by A1; sorry, I’m not going for the ‘they said bad things’ theory.

          3. Tony|1.18.16 @ 5:59PM|#
            “Yeah it’s called overreach. It comes with hysteria. But Dateline NBC as much to blame for these laws as a disembodied malicious government twirling its mustache looking to impose things on people they didn’t ask for.”

            Douchebag, I have a hint. NOTHING NBC broadcast *caused* the government to pass those laws. NOTHING! And nothing NBC broadcast has one bit of coercive effect on those kids.
            I realize that you’re not the sharpest pencil on the desk, but you really oughtn’t embarrass yourself like this.

            1. It’s always the corporations Sevo. Always.

              1. And it’s always what they say! Darn words!

                1. Dateline was born in the Clinton era. coincidence?

                  1. I though the exploding trucks were in the original Bush administration.

        2. Then who was it written to please?

        3. Soccer Mom was buying into the same Do Something mentality that undergirds all of these hysterias, and they didn’t care to think out the consequences.

  4. “Why America Puts 9-Year-Old Kids on the Sex Offender Registry for Life”

    Because Americans are pussies and dicks and assholes aka the Trifecta of FYTW.

  5. Man, I played doctor with a few girls when I was a kid.

    I didn’t even realize I was a mean, hateful Oppressor on the path to being a sexual predator, I hate myself now 🙁

    1. It’s not too late to turn yourself in.

    2. I was just beginning to delve into that fun world with a childhood friend right about that age when my parents moved away. Fuckers.

      1. I would think it would be easier with your parents gone from the house?

  6. The Sparten’s knew how to handle would be rapist (i.e. all boys)

    “When a male Spartan was at the age of seven, he was taken from his mother and sent to live in special military barracks for twenty three years.”

    “They were allowed to marry, but couldn’t live with their wives.”

    1. The Sparten’s what?

      1. Kidnapped boy’s and molest them, which isn’t rape because they’re not girls.

    2. Man Izzo r

      1. runs a tough program.


    1. See ! This is why I tried to refer you that girl !

  8. Their lives are effectively ruined before they have begun.

    “If it might help save just one life, aren’t we obligated to try?”

    1. we’re definitely obligated to steal other people’s money to fund our attempts

  9. The Constitution’s due process protections don’t apply to (present and future) sexual predators, automobile drivers, people who sell marijuana and bitcoin services. Everybody knows this so what’s the problem?

  10. Every story I hear about the sex offender registry makes it seem like an even worse idea than I already thought.

    Especially because it’s based on the already disproven idea that sex offenders are more likely to reoffend than people who commit other crimes. It is completely nonsensical that someone who flashes his dick in front of a kid gets on a sex offender registry for life, but if a murderer is released from jail there’s no similar registry for him. The sex offender registry actually punishes people who commit relatively minor crimes more than people who commit much more important crimes.

    If you’re going to have this registry, the only people on it should be rapists and actual child molesters (i.e. not some 19 year old who had sex with a 16 year old girlfriend). I personally have a problem with any sexual offender registry since if someone is that much of a threat they never should have been released from prison. If someone is released from jail, barring basic parole issues, they should be treated by the law like anyone else in society.

    1. I would agree with all of this.

      1. I think I do as well, which is worrisome.

        1. If anyone should be on a government registry, it’s you.

          1. Considering what he did with your mom, he definitely should be. Oh wait, that was me. Never mind.

            1. Not for that. For linking to pictures of fat guys in thongs. That should put him on some sort of registry.

              1. Crate & Barrel or Williams-Sonoma?

          2. If anyone should be on a government registry, it’s you.

            Yeah, the registry for super-awesome cool people, who are the coolest and most awesomest people around.

            1. That’s what he was talking about.

          3. They have a special registry with only his name on it.

  11. “The Tragic Consequences of a False Narrative”. Thats a great line and allies to so many freaking things.

  12. Anyone want to watch Gavin Newsom wet his panties over open carry? I know you do.

    1. Goddammit, I can’t link to twitter for some reason. WTF.


          1. Look at the link, eliminate any characters I decided didn’t need to be there.

            It’s kind of how I live my life.

              1. -57 important plot points

        2. Yeah, someone already made the 2nd Amendment was written be slave owners argument.

          1. Which is funny, ’cause those slave owners didn’t consider slaves “people” and so the idea that slaves had ANY rights whatsoever was a non-starter. Once it was decided that yes, slaves were in fact people and had rights– then we got an anti-second amendment movement. Funny that.

            1. Actually, they did consider slaves people, otherwise slaves wouldn’t have been subject to the criminal law. They tried Nat Turner and convicted him before executing him. If they’d thought of him as non-human, they would have simply killed him like a rabid dog.

          2. No one ever had any good ideas before slavery was abolished

        3. So, couple of things here:

          1. That was legal BEFORE Texas legalized open carry for pistols, as open carry for rifles was not prohibited.

          2. That is not the proper way to carry a fucking rifle around people. Muzzle needs to be pointed straight up or straight down in a crowd that tight. Letting it cover people like that is fucking stupid.

  13. Why, what, lol I had stuff to say for once damn !? Where are those PM links !???

    1. The A.M. links were the P.M. links before they became the A.M. links.

    2. The A.M. links were the P.M. links before they became the A.M. links.

  14. 9? Really?

    Holy fuck, our society is unhinged

  15. These all look familiar. Not news to anyone here. I have to say that since owning a phone that will actually change correctly spelled words to nonsense words with it’s supposed spell check, I am a lot more forgiving of spelling and grammer.


    1. grammar

      1. Thank you, Doesn’t Get The Bit Guy.

    2. …And we won’t believe number four?

  16. Why America Puts 9-Year-Old Kids on the Sex Offender Registry for Life

    Because ZERO TOLERANCE, and also because WHY DO LOVE SEX OFFENDERS SO MUCH!!!1!!!1!!!11!!!!!

    And you wonder why Libertarians never get anywhere in politics… /sarc

  17. OT: Glenn Frey has passed away. The heat is…off*

    *I am embarrassed for myself.

    1. I saw Dan Haggerty died as well.

    2. First Lemmy, then David Bowie, now . . .

      But Joe Walsh is still alive–and that’s what’s important.

      He’s like The Death Metal of The Eagles.

      1. I want Walsh, Petty and Dylan to do one song together while they can. See if they could out-twang each other.

    3. I heard Lou Reed died.

    4. You Belong to the Cemetery.

    5. So hell froze over?

    6. He’s taking it *very* easy

  18. “Sadly, the public’s hunger to punish child sex offenders has not been diminished by reality. Registration and notification for life continue despite significant and compelling research that these laws are not effective deterrents, [and] that children who commit sexual crimes pose little danger of recidivism, [and] that children have the capacity for rehabilitation….”

    I see a mistake here – the public doesn’t have hunger to punish these children. What happened is that the laws got put in place, the public never bothered looking at what laws were actually passed, and now you have a ridiculously abusive system running under its own power without the public’s knowledge. Voters are apathetic and ignorant, so they heard ‘we’re going to keep you safe with a sex offender registry!’ said ‘that sounds good!’ and never bothered asking for specifics.

    1. Do-somethingism model of government,

    2. It’s merely more evidence that the system is populated by sociopaths. Otherwise they would raise objections to these draconian measures.

      1. Bingo. If normal people worked within this system, they would start doing things to alleviate the injustice of it all. But they don’t. Instead, they feed off of it. They’re disgusting parasites.

        1. I’m convinced most judges are complete fucking lunatics. How else could this go on without them just refusing to obey?

          1. The law is the law. This person broke the law, and it is their job to enforce the law, therefore they must be punished.

            1. The law, sir, is an ass.

          2. Pretty much anyone who becomes a lawyer or a judge is inherently buying into the system, no matter how vicious and sadistic it is. Also, you have be something of a power-hungry megalomaniac to become a judge in the first place. You rule a tiny kingdom (your courtroom) with almost total power. You can have people thrown in a cage for talking back to you. You can sentence people to life in prison, or sometimes even death. It’s a very, very fucked up position. I would expect fucked up people to gravitate to it.

            1. My aunt ran for judge one time, this provides anecdotal confirmation of your theory.

            2. You know damn well that if a judge or prosecutor showed any leniency, he’d be castigated on Bill O’Reilly’s show and figuratively run out of town by the witch hunters.

              1. He would be castigated locally, too. There are two crimes that almost never receive leniency, and those are DUI’s and sex offenders. The judge will receive if there is recidivism. “Judge Hardcase let a sex offender off easy, and look what happened.”

                Local judges cannot be seen as liberal pussies.

                1. Not sure about the DUI’s, round here you give the right attorney shyster enough escarole and the worst you get is a few days of AA type counseling.

                  1. Or be a friend of the judge.

                    1. Around here, the guy who runs the AA type counseling takes care of being a friend of the judge so you don’t have to. Drive drunk, smoke dope, smack your wife or your kid or your boss, commit any number of petty crimes – you’re going to get some sort of court-ordered rehabilitative therapy and it’s going to cost you a small (large) fee. And there’s only one place around to get the help you’ve been told, by law, you need.

              2. Sorry, “Bill O’Reilly will castigate me” is not an excuse for an inhuman indifference to a vicious, sadistic system.

                1. Bill O’Reilly castigating me would be a point of pride.

          3. Occasionally one does, they’re pretty quickly removed.

        2. “Bingo. If normal people worked within this system, they would start doing things to alleviate the injustice of it all.”

          Some people do. But the trouble is, they don’t make it past the next election because their opponent slams them with the usual “ZOMG SOFT ON CRIMEZ!!!!” retorts.

          “But they don’t. Instead, they feed off of it. They’re disgusting parasites.”

          And the ones who AREN’T run out of office just give in and join the “tough on crime” chorus. It’s almost like those body-snatcher pods are planted firmly by their office desks.

    3. Voters are apathetic and ignorant

      To be fair, there are SO MANY such abuses that remaining informed and writing letters of outrage would be a full time job. I think we are past the point where all the abuses can be fixed through the system. Maybe take my FIL’s advice. Pass an amendment, good for the next 50 years, saying for every law congress passes they must repeal 5 (feds and states).

  19. Millions of Americans have simply abdicated the responsibility for raising (and educating) their own children and have handed that responsibility over to the state–just like they did on taking care of their elderly parents, saving for their own retirements, etc., etc.

    We can’t do that and be surprised when law enforcement gets involved in raising our children, etc.

  20. Rule of three: Fox News reporting Glenn Frey has died.

    1. *smacks self on head. ALWAYS look up thread before posting*

    2. uhh what about Lemmy, Bowie, and Rickman?

      Rule of 3 is the epitome of selection bias.

  21. America is stupid, the kangaroo court system is a joke and they have a bought and paid for congress. Best politics money can buy!

    1. Preach it, Anonbot.

    2. Approaching sentience.

  22. ja, my lawyer wife is working on a case trying to remove a late 20-something off of the sex registry list. He was put on there when he was 14. Scarlet letter indeed.

    1. He was probably a serial rapist though so ?\_(?)_/?

      1. At 14? Probably a serial self rapist.

        1. Well, he was below the age of consent….

  23. Now NPR does a report about a family initially charged almost $60,000 for an airplane ambulance to take their child to a hospital.

    It was out of network for their insurance company. They got an attorney and the company waived the cost.

    More regulation needed, was the bottom line of the report.


    1. The system should allow for a competitive bidding system and pre published rates.

      1. And competitive bidding on airline tickets.

    2. (I was wondering why they couldn’t have gotten catastrophic insurance)


      1. A cheapy insurance plan that would have covered this plane trip? Or are you just feebly coughing up some anti-Obama talking points you heard?

        1. I had it. It was moderately priced, before ACA that is.

          Emergency transport is an actual real reason to buy insurance as it is an unpredictable cost/need, unlike birth control and maternity.

          But hey, I’ve got a vasectomy and maternity coverage now at astronomical rates. So what am I complaining about?

          1. “So what am I complaining about?”

            The ignoramus known as Tony?

          2. I had it as well. It was pretty cheap. I thought it was extraneous (I will never need that!) until the day I had to stop for an awful wreck.

            I ended up having to clear traffic for the helicopter ambulance to land. The poor bastard that got whisked away on it probably thought he didn’t need it either.

    3. In a free market the child would properly have died. No two ways about it.

      1. Feeble, lazy, and stupid is no way to go through life, Tony.

      2. In a free market the child would properly have died cost would have been at least one order of magnitude cheaper. No two ways about it.

        1. In a free market the child would properly have died cost would have been at least one order of magnitude cheaper. No two ways about it.

          Strikeout fail?

          1. The “I promise there’ll be unicorns” argument is always so convincing.

            1. Then stop making it.

      3. Boring. Try again.

    4. I wonder if there will ever be an Uber for ambulances?

  24. The fact that Connecticut had open carry before Texas makes me giggle.

    Especially because of all the leftists claiming those Texans are a bunch of hicks because they just legalized open carry.

  25. Just a quick disclaimer. I’m having a bad reaction to the Tussin. I have got the mother of all migraines, so if I say something incredibly stupid blame it on my easy access to drugs.

    1. When I type something stupid or strange it is because I am robo-tripping, too, so I get it.

  26. Is Agile Cyborg still around? He’s not dead, is he?

    1. I sure hope he’s still with us, but he *does* seem to take more drugs than is healthy.

      1. Here’s the part that will bake your noodle: Are the coherent posts of his while he is ON durgs, or OFF them.

        1. That’s deep, man.

          Be safe, AC.

        2. This feels like a trick question..

        3. Trick question; AC is never off drugs.

        4. Durgs are bad, mmmkay.

          1. Someone should clobber him with a frying pan. That would convince him.

    2. He posted over the weekend.

    3. I’m sure he’s fine. He disappears on occasion.

      1. Seemed fine* a few days ago, maybe even yesterday.

        *For AC values of “fine”, anyway.

  27. Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.

    Martin Luther King, Jr.

  28. Where in the hell is everyone putting their money? Seriously.

    1. Your mother’s night stand?

      1. I wish:)

      2. 9% of the the value of the stock markets is a lot of Lincolns

    2. I’ve been in UVXY and SCO since Wednesday. A couple more days and I’m out.

      1. Err…. Ask Palin’s Buttplug. I hear he had some great ideas.

      2. Touche’ on Apple, btw. However, you could say ‘touche’ on practically the entire U.S. economy, so that makes me feel better.

      3. Nice. Seens like you would do pretty well getting out now but you obviously know what your doing.

        1. The idea is to ride it up, and then ride it back down, but there’s a lot of risk involved.

          I know things are going to get bad, it’s just a question of how bad. I’ll probably stay short on oil through the earnings season.

    1. Seems like mostly men

  29. Don McLean arrested…..ce-charge/

    1. Why couldn’t he just die like any self-respecting musician?

    2. Andy Breckman still at large.

  30. Celine Dion’s husband died too.

    In the spirit of this article, he waited until Celine turned 18 to swoop in.

    1. That explains Celine’s long face.

          1. She would need to stfu but sure, why not.

    2. Her husband and brother died within a few days of each other, that’s shitty

      1. That does suck.

      2. She’s from a family of 14 kids.

        Plenty more where that came from.

      3. And of the same cancer, apparently.

  31. I’ve been sort of away from the internet for the week.

    So the governor of Michigan is supposed to be a plumber or something? What am I missing?

    1. Can we just give those hicks in the flyover place some water so they can take care of my heirloom vegetables and we can go back to talking about the stuff that matters, like the diversity of award shows?

    2. One more example of government failure lost on the progs.

    3. “Nearly two years ago, the state decided to save money by switching Flint’s water supply from Lake Huron (which they were paying the city of Detroit for), to the Flint River, a notorious tributary that runs through town known to locals for its filth.

      The switch was made during a financial state of emergency for the ever-struggling industrial town. It was supposed to be temporary while a new state-run supply line to Lake Huron was ready for connection. The project was estimated to take about two years”

      According to a class-action lawsuit, the state Department of Environmental Quality wasn’t treating the Flint River water with an anti-corrosive agent, in violation of federal law. Therefore, the water was eroding the iron water mains, turning water brown.”‘

      I blame the Koch brothers. Government never makes mistakes. We have agencies to monitor the agencies to ensure these muck-ups never happen. This is just a sign that we need better Top Men. If water services were privatized, it would be like this only worse – they’d be poisoning it with hormones and charging you extra for the breast-reductions everyone would need. This incident is just proof that we need FEMA and other Government help to save us from the… uh, things that sometimes happen which Government is not to blame for.

      1. Reminds me of Thomas Sowell’s great thought experiment about budget cuts

        Imagine a government agency with only two tasks: (1) building statues of Benedict Arnold and (2) providing life-saving medications to children. If this agency’s budget were cut, what would it do?
        The answer, of course, is that it would cut back on the medications for children. Why? Because that would be what was most likely to get the budget cuts restored. If they cut back on building statues of Benedict Arnold, people might ask why they were building statues of Benedict Arnold in the first place.

      2. noted =

        If this kind of mistake, and widespread lead-poisoning of children HAD been caused by a private entity….why, the head-rolling would be Nanking-esque. Multi-million-dollar settlements, etc.

        Instead, the department that covered up their own misconduct? Someone resigned.

        The narrative everyone in the media is pumping (pun!) is that this is all due to “Austerity”. Corporate budget-cutting. etc.

        “In 2011, Flint was declared to be in a financial state of emergency, and the state took budgetary control. Therefore, all the decisions made during the water crisis were at the state level, which state officials confirmed, not by the City Council or the mayor.

        “When the governor appointed an emergency financial manager (in 2011), that person came here … to simply do one thing and one thing only, and that’s cut the budget, at any cost,” said Michigan Congressman Dan Kildee.”

        Never mind that their mismanagement is going to end up costing 10X more. The apparent ‘solution’ to incompetent government is always to spend more on the same incompetent structures.

        1. “When the governor appointed an emergency financial manager (in 2011), that person came here … to simply do one thing and one thing only, and that’s cut the budget, at any cost,” said Michigan Congressman Dan Kildee.”

          And I’m sure, that as a competent manager, he examined ALL possible cuts and decided the best choice was to poison the kids.
          BTW, I’m assured this is the fault of the union-busting, rethuglican governor.

          1. this “never let a crisis go to waste” thing is really an effective tactic when you have a bone-stupid public.

            they can routinely take massive screwups by government…. and use them as justifications for MORE GOVERNMENT. “This never would have happened if we’d only had more money”, etc.

            NYC really blew me away when they used the Eric Garner protests as an excuse to give the NYPD *an extra half-billion dollars* and 1300 more personnel.

            “”The police act with impunity and abuse the citizenry?? Well, lets give the cops more money and more people. That’ll solve the problem!””

            Its the one-size-fits all answer to every problem. Go Big or Go Home. Use every ‘disaster’ as a lemonade-making exercise to shove through budget increases.

            1. If you check up-thread a long ways, you’ll find Tony attempting to deflect the blame for the ‘sexual predator’ laws onto NBC as a result of their attempts at yellow journalism.
              I yield to no one in my contempt for TV “news”, so I’m not about to defend NBC, but they are covered by A1, and in fact, nothing NBC could do would be the proximate cause of those laws.
              And while Tony never bothered to pursue his ‘thoughts’ further than that, they must end in a cry for government action to stop NBC from broadcasting such crap.
              So those, like Tony, who see the government as ‘the solution’, engage in promoting exactly that circular reasoning; it’s not working; let’s do MORE of it!

    4. I didn’t notice you were absent.

      1. He doesn’t *feel* tardy

      2. Yes you did. You’re not very good at playing it cool.

        1. OK, I admit it: I was celebrating your absence.

      1. OK, old-fartism, but I have no use for twitter. I just clicked on that, and the page looks like one of those pasted-together ransom notes, and the only bit of info I could identify was ‘Fed Investigation (link to NBC). What did I miss?

      2. “Young people know BS instantly. They have the best truth sniffer. Bernie just lays it all out, and that is refreshing to youth.”

        I don’t need to add anything. This does the talking for me.

        1. I missed that steaming pile of shit.

    5. Is water necessarily a thing that government provides?

      I mean, where I live, everyone either has a well (which is what i have) or their neighborhood has formed together to get water

  32. Traffic stoppage for about 1 and a half hours on San Francisco’s Bay Bridge.

    “Some of the protesters chained cars together in a row to stop traffic. They jumped out and started marching and chanting. Others sat down in the lanes. The protesters, about two dozen of them, were eventually taken away by CHP officers to be arrested.

    “Members of protest groups Black Seed and the Black Queer Liberation Collective took responsibility for the protest in a statement, citing recent police shootings. “We are here to move towards an increase in the health and wellbeing of all Black people in Oakland & San Francisco,” the groups wrote in a statement.

    “They are demanding divestment of city funds in policing, investment in affordable housing, the resignation of Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf, the termination of San Francisco police Chief Greg Suhr and Oakland police Chief Sean Whent and the termination of police officers involved in several recent shootings.”

    1. You know who else protested black seed?

      1. Cody Chesnutt’s lover?

    2. I want to put this gofundme link from something having to do with black.seed into context, but I am not able to provide an accurate translation.

      1. “you might recognize us from actions like:
        – The 4.5-hour shutdown of the Oakland Police Department at its main headquarters
        – Black Brunches in Oakland and around the country, and the “Black Brunch” toolkit
        -The people’s takeover of the City Council meeting to fight for affordable housing”

        Ah, this may be the black brunch they’re referring to.

    3. The demands for removing various government employees are easy to understand, and my only gripe is that they are entirely too modest; throw out every one of them and don’t bother hiring any new ones!
      “They are demanding […] investment in affordable housing,”
      They do not know what the word “invest” means and they are really just asking for free shit. Toss ’em off the side of the bridge and let ’em swim home.

      1. Didn’t we “invest” in affordable housing in the early part of this century via low-interest loans to subprime borrowers? I recall that working out pretty well.

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  34. What about the poor 15(?) YO the stock photo of whom gets used to illustrate “sex offender” in an article like this? Ever think of him?

    1. Given the panic, you’ve got a good point…

  35. It should be noted that the U.S. puts 11 year olds into prison and gives them a 40 year sentence.…..-at-32.ece

    In a house of sexual abusers, they went after the 11 year old.

    I left the registry. It is insane, in that all it does is causes harm to stability and that is antithetical to a community that is protected. Since I left the registry I have stability.

    UNTIL I get some due process in an independent court of law, this ex-post facto registry law is illegal and I certainly will never follow it.

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    This is wha- I do…… ??????

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