Election 2016

Nick Gillespie Talking Trump, Cruz, Hillary on CNN's Smerconish, 9-10 A.M. ET

Airs again between 6 P.M. and 7 P.M. tonight.


Judd Weiss

I'll be on CNN's Smerconish today, talking about the GOP debate, the increasingly heated exchanges between Republican frontrunners Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, and why Hillary Clinton's lead over Bernie Sanders is fading fast.

Smerconish airs between 9 A.M. and 10 A.M. ET on CNN (it's rebroadcast between 6 P.M. and 7 P.M. too).

Go hear for more details on the show.

After watching Thursday's GOP debate, I asked "Why Aren't GOP Candidates Talking About Debt & Deficits?" (the answer will appall you, but not surprise you).

My most recent thought on Hillary Clinton: "A Vote for Hillary Is a Vote for War."

And as long as you're up, check in on the latest video from my colleagues at Reason TV, where horror has a new name:

NEXT: The Gut Anarchism of John Cage

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    1. True pizza comes in 3 variants: cheese, pepperoni, and supreme. THICKNESS DOES NOT EXCEED 7/16 in...or 9 mm...or 11 micro claws

      1. Sausage and mushroom says WHAAAAAAAAT?

        1. Italian sausage and mild green chiles are my current pizza thang.

          Thin crust, of course. As Allah intended.

              1. What, you've never had anchovies on your pizza?

                1. Anchovies, olives and garlic makes a fine pizza.

          1. I've been adding ham a lot recently.

      2. Oh like you don't eat that DiGiorno crap.

        1. As long as it's not those self-rising ones. Those always taste really weird.

  1. I will donate $100 to Reason if Nick spends the hour talking like Donald Trump rather than about Donald Trump.

    $1000 if he wears a dead weasel on his head while doing it.

    1. It occurs to me that Reason might be missing an opportunity here. Why not set up some sort of system whereby we can vote or pay to have certain points made? Maybe "Here's a list of things I might bring up on the next appearance - which topic or point would you like to have me shoehorn into the discussion?" And then a 900 number you can call to vote or something, $2.95 per vote, nobody knows how anybody voted so you can just talk about whatever the hell you want and say that's the one that got the most votes if you want.

      And it doesn't have to be:

      Press 1 if you want to have me reply to a comment I disagree with by leaning over and hissing menacingly. "You wouldn't be saying that if my good friend Fist of Etiquette were here."

      Press 2 if you want me to reply to a question by leaning back, tenting my fingers and say, "You know, I was just reading a short essay by one of my favorite authors, Sugarfree - are you familiar with Sugarfree? - and in this essay he raised some good points on this issue."

      It can be a straightforward poll question of the sort that asks: "What issues are most important to a libertarianish commentariat that you don't think are getting enough exposure?" Although that would not be nearly as entertaining.

      1. I'd be happy if we could just vote on wardrobe.*

        *Although "hipster fonzie" and "unkempt mortician" being the only two options sucks.

        1. Hipster mortician?

          Unkempt Fonzie?

          1. Those four words can be put into any combination and work for a Gillespie look, now that I think of it.

            Jesus, were fucking geniuses on here, aren't we?

  2. The DNC official position seems to be that Cruz is the one to fear. They are nothing if not consistent. A year ago it looked like Rand Paul might be a threat, and suddenly all of Moveon nation was mobilized to let us know that he was the incarnation of evil. As each new frontrunner moves up through the pack, the minions come out in force to make up a new narrative of evil, one that often starts out incoherent and divorced from reality.

    I noticed that Cruz was starting to get negative attention a couple of days ago, but this morning confirmed it. Following a 15 second Today show featurette on the republican debate, my wife spontaneously announced that she doesn't like Cruz. Why? Because there's something shady about him. He skeeves her out.

    That wasn't true 3 days ago. The narrative of evil took hold pretty quick. The wife is a pretty good barometer for the mass middle. She doesn't follow politics at all. But she's plenty passionate about it. So whatever is washing over the country is what she thinks. And she thinks Trump stands a good chance of getting elected, and Cruz is shady and untrustworthy.

    BTW - of all of the labels to try to push on Cruz, shady and untrustworthy are probably the least apt - appearance aside. I'd put him and Paul and Sanders over toward the "most trustworthy" end of the spectrum. Disagree with their politics or not, at least you can pretty much guess where they stand - modest base-pandering aside.

    1. I think "awkward and dorky" comes rather closer to the mark.

    2. I'm starting to think Cruz will be the GOP nominee. If so, he loses to Hillary if she doesn't get indicted. He will debate like a candidate and will try to argue issues, which is impossible to do when the other party wants to play class warfare.

      Which leads me to believe Trump would win the whole thing if he gets the nomination because he'd go after Hillary's shadiness and hypocrisy every way imaginable and expose her for the despicable human being she truly is...which would depress a lot of lefty voters into staying home.

      What a sad time we live in.

      1. Cruz v Hillary. Tough one to call, IMO. She is dreadful campaigner, he does not seem to connect with the "mass middle". He is an excellent debater, she probably has some health issues that make her slow on the uptake.

        I expect it will come down, as it often seems to, to events. McCain was leading Obama until the Big Dump and his reaction to it, etc.

        Astonishing, really, that Benghazi didn't take Obama down last time. Shows that, no matter how many times we shovel dirt on the Legacy/DemOp Media's grave, they keep shambling around eating voter's brains.

    3. You were saying?

      "Hot Topics
      Ted Cruz's college roommate recalls his creepy habits"
      "In freshman-year recollection to the Daily Beast, Mazin said Cruz "had a habit of hanging out near girls' rooms in a paisley robe."

      Yep, how can a guy who wore paisley ever hold office?

      1. I'm supposed to take the guy that wrote Hangover 2 and Hangover 3 seriously?

        That guy is either:
        1. Mentally unstable
        2. Playing a shrewd game of "bash the GOPer" to earn street cred and enhance his Hollywood profile.

        1. And the rag that featured it?
          At one time, the ownership claimed that was a "NEWSPAPER". It keeps the coffee spills off the table in the morning, and they still run the funnies, so I get to eat my biscuit with a smile, but some of the funnies aren't on that page.

          1. There's so much newsworthy scandal in that city that SFGate should be one of the most read sites on the Internet (not dealing in pornography anyhow). But it's little more than a propaganda rag for deep blue pols and a gossip sheet against anybody to the right of Che Guevara.

    4. Is Cruz onto something with his "New York values" thing? He sure did seem to strike a sore spot with some people, and it's the people you would do well to have as critics.

      Especially Trump - Trump is a bully and when bullies bluster and squawk the loudest that's when you know you hit them where they hurt, and hitting a bully where the hurt is the only way to beat them. Don't attack Trump directly, but attack the things he loves.

      And Jeb!: Jesus. When he made that speech about how we all need to stick together and fight the common enemy cause we sure ain't having Hillary in the White House, the crowd starts cheering, and Trump interrupts to say "Yeah, well, we ain't having a weakling in the White House, neither!" And Jeb!'s Jaw! drops open, his hands come up, he's like "WTF, bro! I'm trying to be nice to you here and you say something like that right to my face?" Yeah, Jeb!, you just said "Can Donald stop saying I'm a pussy?" And Donald said, "I call you a pussy because you're a pussy. Pussy." If you didn't jump over there and punch him in the mouth when he called you a pussy right there on national TV - you're a pussy.

      I can imagine Cruz going off on Donald if Donald said something like that about Cruz.

      1. It seems like a low-risk move: the chances of any R winning NY are pretty remote.

      2. Is Cruz onto something with his "New York values" thing?

        I think it was a smart play. He needs to figure out how to follow up on it, humorously if possible. Because it is a real thing in the minds of a lot of people who don't live in NYC and/or aren't committed Dems. The problem may come down to Cruz's sort of prosecutorial affect - what could be a gentle reminder that Trump comes from a (metaphorical?) place that most Americans don't can come off as kind of nasty.

        I don't know if Trump's channelling of Giuliani (9/11! Woot!) in response is an adequate response or not.

        1. Is Cruz onto something with his "New York values" thing?

          I think it was a smart play. He needs to figure out how to follow up on it, humorously if possible.

          Well, he followed it up with an "apology", during a speech in South Carolina yesterday. Time has the full text, which I'll quote in the next post.

          1. I apologize to the millions of New Yorkers that have been held down by liberal policies in New York City.

            I apologize to the hard-working men and women in the state of New York who have been denied jobs because Gov. Cuomo won't allow fracking. Even though there have been many high-paying jobs just south in Pennsylvania, New Yorkers have been denied the chance to provide for their families.

            I apologize to all the pro-life, pro-marriage, pro-Second Amendment New Yorkers told by Gov. Cuomo that they have no place in New York, because that's not who New Yorkers are.

            I apologize to all the small businesses that have been driven out of New York City by crushing taxes and regulations.

            I apologize to all of the African American children who Mayor De Blasio tried to throw out of their schools that were providing a lifeline to the American dream.

            And I apologize to all of the cops, firefighters, and 9/11 heroes who had no choice but to stand and turn their backs on Mayor De Blasio, because Mayor De Blasio, over and over again, stands with the looters and criminals rather than the brave men and women of law enforcement.

            I do have good news for the good people of New York. I believe 2016 is going to be an election like 1980, and help is on the way.

    5. "at least you can pretty much guess where they stand "

      And isn't that the depressing thing about modern American politics? Dozens of "debates", 24 hour news cycles, etc. and yet potential voters don't even know what each candidate *really* stands for because the potential voters only believe about 5% of what any particular candidate tells them (and with good reason).

  3. So they're still talking Cosby. My favorite Picture Pages episode? "Cos and the Intern in 'What Mortimer Saw'."

  4. Oh, Beckel's in this? [looks at program]

  5. Ha, Gillespie lumps Sanders with Cruz and Trump. Everyone's head explodes.

  6. Beckel declines to speak to Gillespie's description of Hillary.

  7. Gillespie gets sucked into going full horse race.

  8. It's not Hillary's fault that she's unlikable?


  10. What the fuck is a "CNN"?

    -anybody that's not retarded

    1. It's a news network that caters to people who's flights have been delayed.

      1. If you're flying commercial, you deserve what you get.

        1. My god, the Trump attitude is rubbing off on everybody.

      2. *claw clap*

      3. It's the pretend balanced network.

        1. PBN.

  11. This is it? This is Saturday H&R? Where's the banter, the inside jokes?
    You people suck, I'm going to go do some actual work.

    1. Your. Mother.

      There are you happy? Now go find me an OT link before I go work on my car

      1. Here is an OT link for you. I can't say you'll enjoy it.

        1. You might like this one a little more.

          1. H&R comments: Come for the humor, stay for the nut-punches!

        2. I have decided to not allow my daughter to have sleepovers unless I'm either out of town or those who are visiting are family.

          1. I'm not syaing that this is what you mean to say. But given the context, it sounds lik eyou are worried you might molest your daughter's friends.

            1. I realized that after I posted.

              The article hints that the accusation could be false, but that the accused is being denied that chance to defend himself.

    2. Hitler worked on Saturdays, too.

      1. Yeah but Hitler was one of those guys who "worked" by drinking coffee and surfing the www while you actually get the project done, and the he takes all the credit.

        1. In fact, before Nicole, he was the worst.

      2. You know who else worked on Satur-....WAIT

      3. Geebus, Fist. Its like you don't know how the game is played.

        You know who else didn't know how the game is played?

        1. The Rutgers team that spiked the ball on 4th down?


    4. The problem is that we just don't have many headlines that would attract the short-bus crowd.

      PBP is sulking because the market is down and Obama is worthless.

      Tony doesn't have any climate or gun control stuff to ram his head into.

      AmSoc doesn't want to talk about the candidates because none is socialist enough. I mean, where's someone who can support his enthusiasm for mass murder?

      But Tulpa, he's here. Make no mistake people, he is already watching. So keep your head on a swivel.

      1. AmSoc is Tulpa, by the way.

      2. Can someone explain the origin of this Steve Smith meme?

        1. Well, when a sasquatch meets a hiker . . . .



        3. The cop's ex-wife is clearly at fault. She was married to a cop, for Pete's sake, and gave up a life of honor and respect to fiddle around with her boy toy.

          1. And that's how STEVE SMITH became a meme.

            Just kidding. I was trying to respond to an article linked above. The STEVE SMITH thing, as it was explained to me, started with an actual person who posted here using the handle Steve Smith. He was, apparently, a fairly innocuous fellow, bit others began to attribute dark deeds to him for some Reason.


            2. I think that the shaved sasquatch thing started because of this picture: http://bp2.blogger.com/_zoBCYM....._ORIG.jpg. Here's his blog: http://smythesworld.blogspot.com/.

          1. I was at my neighbor's monthly neighborhood beer-drinking get-together, and some guys started asking about an acquaintance of theirs named Steve Smith... "What's Steve Smith up to?" "Anyone seen Steve Smith lately?"

            I had to suppress giggles and rape jokes, and it's all because of you loony bastards on this comment section.

  12. Well, SF was kind enough to pay some $12m for Larry Ellison's rubber-ducky race, and now it seems we're kind enough to pay what is bound to be more than $5m for the NFL to hang out in SF (pay wall warning)

    "S.F. budget analyst says city got poor financial deal on Super Bowl"
    "San Francisco's budget and legislative analyst has slammed the city for not signing an agreement with the National Football League and the Super Bowl 50 Host Committee for full reimbursement of the city's $4.8 million in costs."

    According to the dead-tree version, the NFL was willing to cover the costs, but the low-lifes in city gov't sort of forgot to ask in their excitement over throwing a party.
    I have to point out, there never has been one politico who ever held office in SF who got my vote.

    1. No, I didn't read the article. But how in the HELL does a city spend $4.8M on the Superbowl?

  13. I'm currently on my way to Tijuana, where I'll then catch an evening flight to Mexico City. If anyone wants a postcard, get in touch with my agent. If you don't know my agent, then you're not worthy of a postcard.

    Pro-tip: If you're flying into Mexico and live close to the border, try your best to catch the flight from the Mexico side, as it will be a domestic flight and as such be significantly cheaper than flying from a U.S. airport.

    1. I fly that way all the time, but there's a major trap to avoid.

      When you fly into Mexico from the United States, they pass out your visas on the plane. If you're flying from TJ to Mexico (City) or anywhere else in Mexico, you have to go ask for a visa. Because it isn't an international flight, they don't assume you need a visa.

      I ended up getting into all kinds of trouble for being in Mexico for more than a few days without a visa--because I flew in from TJ. I only got out of it because I went to immigration the day after I landed to ask for a visa.

      1. Ooof, good call. Do I just ask for one from the Mexican customs at the TJ airport?

        1. You can ask them at the check in desk.

        2. Are you flying Volaris?

          You can ask at check in, on the flight, or at the airport where you land--but don't leave the airport where you land without a visa.

      2. The other thing is that your flight won't dock in through the international part of the airport if you fly in from TJ.

        You have to go look for someone to give you a visa as soon as you hit the airport, but you can usually ask a stewardess to give you one. And you want to talk to the stewardess on Mexican flights anyway. They look the girls that read the news on Univision.

        1. http://static.thefrisky.com/up.....0-main.jpg

          I'm just sayin'

      3. You can get in trouble for being in Mexico for a few days without a visa? Don't tell me that Donald Trump is President of Mexico now.

  14. Additional pro-tip: if you are catching a flight in Mexico, you aren't flying into Mexico.


      1. Breakfast:

        Two poached eggs, runny yolks, crumbled sausage, Hatch green chile hot sauce.

        English muffin w/ Irish butter.

        I'm strictly a Hatch guy, since I drive through there at least 2 - 3 times a year and can get it from the source. A "mild" Hatch chile is more of a "medium".

        So that's GREEN CHILE SNOB, to you.

        1. My tolerance is extremely high considering I eat raw serranos with at least one meal a day. Go out and get El Yucateco Xtra hot sauce, throw a few dashes of that on your eggs, then sit back and enjoy the burn. Mmmmm, habanero. (NOT haba?ero)

          1. Wouldn't you do better with the chile sauce over the sausage?

            Not that civilized people crumble their sausage while cooking it, but I digress.

            1. It was leftovers from another dish (a stewp), if that makes you feel better.

              1. It will if you tell us what kind of stew/soup you made.

                1. Mrs. Dean does the heavy lifting in the kitchen. Except for breakfast, I'm the pot walloper.

                  We finished it a couple days ago, so the details are fuzzy. This one had chorizo, regular pork sausage, tortillas, I forget what else (some vegetable; who cares, really). Served with avocados and that Mexican sour cream.

            2. sloopy, it could be a New Mex thing, but there's nothing like egg yolks and chili (or hot sauce) all mixed together to make a kind of combo sauce that is good with frickin' everything else.

              1. I hear you. Egg yolk and anything cooked in its own grease does te same for me.

                I was just ribbing you about the sausage.

                Which makes me wonder...patty sausage or link sausage: which is the legitimate sausage? I say link because it's in a casing. Patty sausage is essentially a mincemeat of sorts. But without the casing I think it should be reclassified out of the sausage realm.

                1. I would disagree that it has to be in a casing to be sausage.

                  1. I guess I ascribe to the traditional definition of what a sausage is (mostly a preservation technique that requires a casing to occur).*

                    *The casing doesn't have to be edible and may be removed before eating. But I think it's integral to the process.

                    1. I think of it mire like country ham vs city ham. They're both ham. I do like that little snap a casing adds.

          2. El Yucatero Xxxtra is amazing stuff. Their regular habanero is awesome as well.

        2. Poached eggs...english muffins...no hollandaise?

          What kind of savage are you?

          1. Tip:

            Put one stick of butter in a glass bowl and microwave for 15 seconds. Examine. Microwave again in 5 second intervals until half of the stick is melted and half is very soft. Feel the bottom of the bowl, it should be just a tiny bit warmer than body temp.

            Add two tablespoons lemon juice, a pinch of cayenne and/or allspice and three raw egg yolks. Whisk. It will get a bit lumpy but keep whisking. Keep whisking. Whisk some more. Suddenly it will turn creamy and thick. If you can't get it to go creamy just by whisking microwave again in 5 second intervals. Whisk a bit more.

            Perfect hollandaise in less than 5 minutes with no double boiler.

            1. You can keep your nancy French sauces. At least, when I have green chile hot sauce. When that runs out . . . .

        3. That sounds pretty good.

          I made everybody in the house eggs over light, bacon and french toast cooked in lard instead of butter.

          It was...quite enjoyable. For all of us.

        4. Those of us who embrace New York values enjoy a nice bagel with a schmear for breakfast.

          1. More like Jew York breakfast, amirite?

            1. You Texans can keep your guns, and but will keep control of the money. And Hollywood.

              1. Just as Mel Gibson foretold...

              2. Crusty you should know that he who has the guns controls the money.

                Thanks you for keeping Hollywood.

          2. The best bagel is one that doesn't need to be toasted. So says a New York Jew I know.

            1. Baked or just boiled?

            2. Scooped out?


            3. I had a pretty decent everything bagel not toasted with cream cheese for breakfast

        5. What the hell is Irish butter? Is it just another euphemism for whiskey?

          1. If you've never had butter made from a drunken Dexter heifer, you haven't lived!

          2. Butter from Ireland.

            Seriously, different from and better than 'Murcan butter.

            1. Is it cultured butter, or just better/different milk?

              1. It has a higher butterfat content, thus less water in it.

                Plugra is probably the best butter you can find, if you're interested in the best piece of buttered bread you've ever had.

                1. My last stick of Kerrygold is almost gone, and I see Mrs. Dean bought Plugra last time she was at the store.

                  GET OUT OF MY FRIDGE, SLOOPY!

                  1. You lucky bastard. Plugra is fucking wonderful.

                    I'm going to the store. Gotta buy a few things now.

            2. ^^Gospel truth ^^

              Kerrygold butter is head and shoulders above any commercially sold butter made in America.

              1. Yup, that's the stuff. Probably mostly different kind of cows, is my guess.

                1. Milk from NJ cows will make your children grow up to be criminals.


                  1. Kerrygold is phenomenal butter. I think it must be due to grass quality. Ireland has some really green grass that they munch on.

                    1. Suell: One of my minions is an Irish native, and she thinks its the grass, too.

                    2. This is what Kerry looks like pretty much all year round. Happy friggin cows there.

                      http://www.equitrekking.com/images/uploads/kerry (2).jpg

                    3. F'd the link. Here are the happy cows of Kerry.


            3. Do you usually refrigerate it?

              1. Butter should be taken out the fridge one stick at a time. If you aren't eating a stick of butter in a week or two there is something wrong with your diet. I always thought it was weird when I went to American friends' houses when I was a kid and they had rock hard butter that they were trying to spread on their toast. It still pisses me off in restaurants where they keep their butter cold (I'm sure because of health code bs).

                1. Yeah, that's how we do it. One at a time. We go through ir pretty quick.

          3. My grandmother used to make it. Cream and yogurt cultured and then churned into butter. Good stuff. It has a bit of a tangy taste.

            One of my childhood memories is watching the movie Tora! Tora! Tora! on a small black and white TV while churning that stuff.

  15. re: The "Trump Jam"...

    ... the significant difference is one of style, i presume?

    1. Oh, we made fun of Obama Kids Sing for Change with this Pyongyang remix back in 2008:


      1. I remember well.

        My point was asking whether this recent iteration of "children singing the (potential) Dear Leader's praises" was supposed to be "worse"....

        ...because it was less-professionally executed? because the lyrics were so godawful, artless... because of the pre-teen hip-shaking ickyness?... is there no benefit from any compare/contrast at all?

        If people find the use of children as political props gross (i do), then i think there would be benefit in highlighting how the tactic is used by everyone, rather than pretend to be especially aghast by one particularly-bad example.

        That said = the same M.O. worked for Obama (or at least didn't hurt especially). Gross as it is, the video-clip achieves exactly what it was intended to = keep you talking about Trump.

  16. Hi nick, I think you should definitely pound on the table tonight about the Iran nuclear deal. How fucking dare Obummer the Warmonger tout a transformative peace deal with Iran when Iran is holding our brave Navy personnel prisoner. He's a regular Jimmy Carter, I say.

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