Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders Is Better on Campus Rape Issues Than Marco Rubio

GOP candidate has a bad record on due process for accused students.


Bernie Sanders

Sen. Bernie Sanders recently indicated he believes that sexual assault is a criminal matter best left to the police rather than university administrators. This distinguishes him from his rival, Hillary Clinton, who has vowed to combat student-on-student sexual assault in ways that would inevitably be less friendly toward accused students' rights.

There's another leading 2016 candidate whose stance on campus rape is worse than Sanders'—and he is a Republican: Sen. Marco Rubio.

Indeed, Rubio is a co-sponsor of the Campus Accountability and Safety Act, which would codify into federal law several of Title IX's most oppressive dictates. As The Washington Post's George Will put it:

By co-sponsoring S.  590, Rubio is helping the administration sacrifice a core constitutional value, due process, in order to advance progressives' cultural aggression. The next Republican president should be someone committed to promptly stopping this disgrace, not someone who would sign S.  590's affirmation of it.

The Washington Examiner's Ashe Schow attempted to get to the bottom of Rubio's support for CASA and discovered that the simplest answer was the right one: he just doesn't care very much about due process on campus. Schow writes:

Rubio is the only GOP candidate that has seemingly taken a stance on this issue – and it is a bad one. He has co-sponsored a bill that codifies into law the overreach of the Education Department and ensures that accused students will not have a fair hearing. After the Campus Accountability and Safety Act was introduced in 2014, I sent questions to the sponsors of the bill asking about due process protections for accused students.

Rubio's office was one of the few that responded. His spokesman told me: "This bill does not address this issue" when asked about due process. …

In a statement from Rubio's press secretary Brooke Sammon, I was told that the Florida senator signed on to the bill in order to make it better. …

There's some words of encouragement there from a potential President Rubio, but the claim that CASA is "a starting point" still leaves me with a pit in my stomach. It is not "a starting point," because it will never be fixed if passed. Politicians will pat themselves on the back for having done something, and won't fix the numerous dangerous problems created by the bill.

Schow is right. Signing CASA into law would likely go a long way toward thwarting any possible reform of the Title IX in the future. It's a shame that on an issue so important to civil libertarians, both Rubio and Clinton—the two most plausible presidential nominees (Donald Trump and Ted Cruz notwithstanding)—largely agree that the federal government has a role to play in requiring college administrators to deny due process rights to students accused of sexual assault.

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  1. “Campus rape” should not even be an issue people should care about in a national election. What’s the president going to do about it?

    1. Agreed. However, because the current occupant of the White House is using the Justice Department to pursue an twisted interpretation of Title IX, I do approve of candidates’ claims that they will cease such activities.

    2. Assuming Hillary gets elected, send her husband on a college tour to bump up those numbers?

  2. Bernie Sanders Is Better on Campus Rape Issues Than Marco Rubio

    Busted, Robby! This is the proof that you’re just a Dem shill! I can safely ignore everything else you write now!

    1. Pretty boy Robby just couldn’t turn down all the $hill bucks.

  3. This is like the 3rd pro-Bernie article in a day and a half. Can we say that reason #feelsTheBern?

    1. Yeah, goddamn Bernie for not being wrong about something.

      1. Grandpa Gulag ensures all citizens they will receive the fullest due process when charged for crimes against the state. You will receive one pot ration upon arrival at the Freedom From Capitalism camp.

    2. Eh, when you publish an article about how Sandiers is “libertarian socialist, more than two-thirds way to free minds and free markets,” it’ll take a lot more than 3 pro-Bernie articles to clear the “feel the Bern” bar.

    3. Ask yourself this.

      Can you honestly say that from a libertarian perspective Rubio is a better candidate than Sanders?

      I can tell you it is a no brainer for me, if the General comes down to Rubio and Sanders and someone held a gun to my head and made me vote for a major party candidate that vote would be going to Sanders and not Rubio

      1. Just close your eyes and point to one. Your vote doesn’t matter anyway.

  4. Is there no issue that Rubio isn’t on the wrong side of?

    1. National Socialism?

    2. Gun control, maybe? Can’t see any GOP candidate at this point uttering a peep of ‘pro’ on it.

      Not being American, I don’t feel the need to google candidates’ position, so he may surprise me yet…

      1. To be fair, there’s no need to utter a peep on it. The Dems are in full-on gun-grabby mode, in opposition a sizeable majority of voters. Anything a Republican says has the potential of backfiring, especially since the MSM is so anti-gun. I appreciate their shutting up and letting the left self-destruct for a change.

      2. Did a little digging. Eh, he’s not bad on gun control.

  5. “Better than Marco Rubio” is sort of saying “More attractive than Rosie O’Donnell”.

  6. Republicans have pushed back on some campus free speech issues, but much less on due process for campus sex accusations. The Religious Right never accepted the liberalized sex mores of the 1960s, and are willing to sign a Red-Brown alliance with feminist SJWs if that would discourage sex on campus.

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