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Navy Secretary Ray Mabus has ordered the Marine Corps to remove the word "man" from all job titles.  Jobs such as reconnaissance man and field artillery man will presumably become reconnaissance person or field artillery individual.

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  1. From the halls of Montezuma
    To the shops of outlet malls
    We will fight our country’s battles
    In between our monthly visits

  2. wait ’till you see the new pink paisley camouflage…it’s to die for

  3. As I understand it, he has merely ordered the Navy and Marines to see which terms can be changed now that there are no more men-only combat roles. The version I read said airman, seaman, fireman and the like would be particularly troublesome, suggesting fireman might become engineer, surely on the same level as garbageman becoming sanitation engineer. Yeoman could become anything, it’s so general purpose, but it has so much tradition.

  4. You know what might help? Changing Nanny to “Nan-person,” Midwife to “Mid-person,” and Surrogate to Surro-Person. That way men who join fields of work that are all female or nearly all female can be confident that their title will accurately abolish the sexist filth that arose from empirical observation of the majority of those under the title.

    Yeoman. Fucking sexists.

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