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North Korea Claims It Just Detonated a Hydrogen Bomb For the First Time

A hydrogen bomb would represent a step up from the less-powerful nuclear technology North Korea had relied on previously.


Kim Jong-un looking at something

Reports of unusual seismic activity near a nuclear test site in North Korea tonight led many to speculate that the country had conducted another nuclear test.

Later in the evening, the country appeared to confirm those suspicions, claiming that it had successfully detonated a hydrogen bomb for the first time, according to the Associated Press. 

This doesn't mean that North Korea has actually detonated a real hydrogen bomb, however, and experts are already suggesting that it's unlikely the country has done what it claims. At least one U.S. official has already told ABC News that the U.S. does not believe North Korea has developed hydrogen bomb tech yet. 

North Korea has been a nuclear power for almost a decade now, exploding its first nuclear weapons in 2006, and it last conducted a nuclear test in 2013. But a hydrogen bomb would represent a step up from the less-powerful nuclear technology it had relied on previously. 

The quake generated by the explosion registered about 5.1 in magnitude, the U.S. Geological Survey said, and the blast appears to have been centered about 20 miles away from a facility where North Korea conducted three previous nuclear tests, according to The Washington Post. 

As the Post reports, the explosion raised concerns amongst the international community, which has pressured North Korea to abandon its nuclear weapons program: 

In Seoul and Tokyo, the governments called emergency national security meetings to discuss the possibility of a nuclear test.

Joel Wit, a former U.S. diplomat who runs the 38 North website that specializes in North Korea's weapons systems, said that while it was too soon be definitive, the location of the earthquake was "highly suspicious."

"If this was the fourth North Korean nuclear test, its exact purpose — whether to develop smaller nuclear warheads for missiles or higher-yield bombs — remains unclear," Wit said. "What is clear is that North Korea is moving forward with its nuclear weapons program and that the United States, China and the international community need to come up with more effective ways to deal with this growing threat."

You can read a complete version of the North Korean government's statement in English (…ish) here.  

Here's a website full of pictures of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un looking at things

(This post has been updated.) 

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71 responses to “North Korea Claims It Just Detonated a Hydrogen Bomb For the First Time

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  1. “North Korea has been a nuclear power for almost a decade now, exploding its first nuclear weapons in 20006”

    Seems legit.

  2. Let’s start another fucking land war on another continent.

    Obama needs another reason to polish his Nobel Peace Prize.


    2. I can’t remember if an h-bomb is crossing the red line or not.

  3. My theory: Sony pictures was behind the entire thing

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  7. My understanding of the oper’n of those things is that you can blow one up only once, so if they’re expecting to put it back together & blow it up for a 2nd time, they’re wasting their effort, like most things in N. Korea.

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  10. The real question is how these knuckleheads are supposed to have the bomb but Iranians haven’t been able to do the same. Its really bad when the Norks can outscience you.

    1. May have to do with the ‘friendship’ with China.

    2. Eh, if not for the Israels, the Iranians would have had one long ago.

  11. If North Korea doesn’t comply, we will be very angry with them. And then, we will write them a letter telling them how very angry we are.

  12. Not to worry. I’m sure South Korea will be along soon to tell us how peaceful their neighbor to the north is. Like an Asian Canada.

    Seriously, South Korea, get your shit together and take the threat to the north seriously. I know Asian Racism tells you that they will never fire on fellow Koreans and will instead short at those dirty, horrible, non-Korean peoples of the world, but that is a majong tile that ain’t turning off (I would have gone with horses, but wanted to stay culturally appropriate) (What was the Han China equivalent of the Circus Maximus anyway?)

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  13. BTW, It’s pretty certain that if it was a thermo-nuke, the chemical signature will be detected quite soon in the atmosphere; the USSR’s early efforts were analyzed from debris in the ’50s.

    1. the Norks go to great lengths to contain their bomb test leakage,to prevent others from learning how successful they were,or gaining isotope signatures.
      also,South Korea is saying the test was only equal to a 6 kiloton yield,so it could not have been thermonuclear,those have much bigger yields,100s of KT to megatons. even a fizzled H-bomb would have a 15 KT yield,from the primary fission stage. (reported via Fox News today.)

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  15. OT, but continued from elsewhere:

    “Obama’s move on guns may have only modest effect on violence”
    “It’s not ever going to be difficult to get a firearm, just like it’s not ever going to be difficult to get illegal drugs,” said James Jacobs, a New York University law school professor. “What makes us think that we can now create a regime that will make guns hard to obtain for someone who wants to obtain them?”…..d=queue-11

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    1. From the article :

      “But the new controls probably wouldn’t have prevented several of the grisly mass shootings around the country ”

      Just how can they say “probably” when it was shown in every case that the shooters did pass background checks and purchase through licensed firearms dealers? The fact has been proven that even the old controls didn’t stop them when they were complying with the rules in effect which the “NEW” rules are not changing but attempting to make compliance more widespread.

      1. Fuck the arguing whether or not gun control would have prevented the attack. Let’s point out the elephant in the room- in almost every case, the victims were prohibited by law or policy or both from being able to defend themselves against evil. How about using your executive super power for that, constitutional scholar? Meanwhile, fuck you for hiding behind your praetorian guard like a child behind his mother’s skirt.

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  26. This story is unpossible.

    Jimmy Carter got a Nobel Peace Prize for brokering a deal that kept the North Koreans from developing a fission bomb, much less an H-bomb. Barack Obama got a Nobel Peace Prize for something, also, and he’s still president.

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  30. Well, it was a bomb and hydrogen was involved. Maybe some oxygen as well.

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