Quick on the Trigger


"The Andy Griffith Show"

Des Moines, Iowa, police officer Brady Pratt unintentionally fired his service weapon inside the city airport. Officials say he was practicing his "quick draw" at the time. No one was hurt. Officials say they are investigating the matter and could discipline him.

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  1. Officials say they are investigating the matter and could discipline him.

    …for not hitting anyone.

  2. Maybe he should practice unloading his weapon before practicing his “quick draw”. Or practice someplace more appropriate, like a pistol range.

    At least he didn’t shoot himself in the foot.

    1. He hit the ceiling. He needs the practice.

  3. And nothing else happened.


  4. Look, he was just practicing his split-second decision procedures. Stop with the 20/20 hindsight already!

  5. violation of most basic of firearm safety rules…fucking dope

  6. What the hell kind of reporting do they have out there in fly-over country?

    A Des Moines police officer‘s weapon accidentally discharged accidentally fired his gun inside an office at the Des Moines International Airport while he was practicing his “quick draw.”

    Officer Brady Pratt, 23, was inside an office at the airport Wednesday around 4 p.m. when he drew his gun was drawn from his holster to practice “his quick draw skills,” according to a police report. Pratt, who joined the force in 2013, “unknowingly” had his finger on the trigger and fired a round was discharged from the gun, the report states.

    1. you know like a nocturnal discharge or an oily discharge…

  7. “Officials say they are investigating the matter and could discipline him.”
    Wait, could?

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