Armed Protesters Occupy Wildlife Refuge Outpost in Oregon, Free State Project Hits 90 Percent of Goal, ISIS Threatens U.K. in Latest Execution Video: A.M. Links


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    Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio says he wants a constitutional convention, for an amendment on Congressional term limits.

  • A group of armed protesters in Oregon occupied a federal outpost in a wildlife refuge after a demonstration against an arson sentence for two ranchers and federal mismanagement of land in the area was held in a town about 50 miles away.
  • The Free State Project in New Hampshire has reached 90 percent of its goal of 20,000 pledges, which will trigger a mass move to the state.
  • ISIS threatened the United Kingdom in a new execution video the terrorist group released.
  • Saudi Arabia officially severed ties with Iran, prompted by an attack on the Saudi embassy in Tehran that followed the execution of an Iranian cleric by the Saudi government.
  • A magnitude-6.7 earthquake in India killed at least four people.

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