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Nicky Morgan, the British Education Minister, is preparing new regulations on homeschoolers. She and other government officials are said to be concerned that parents might be indoctrinating their children into extremist beliefs.

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  1. If parents want to poison their children’s minds with radical Islam, they better not be doing it during school hours!

  2. And as we all know from that recently released British Government report, being skeptical of authority is a sign of radicalism.

  3. “New whistleblowing arragements will be put in place to enable professionals and others who have concerns about children’s welfare to raise issues with inspectors….

    “The plans form part of the Department for Education’s anti-extremism drive, which has already seen proposals for a crackdown on after-school madrassas and unregistered schools.

    “It comes after the so-called Trojan horse plot in which several state schools were targeted by extremist infiltrators in Birmingham.”

    Wait, wait…some Islamists infiltrate the government schools, so the government is going to harass homeschoolers?

    God save the Queen, the fascist regime…

    1. “A senior government source said: “There has always been the freedom in this country for people to educate their children at home. Many people do it very well. But we need to know about where the children are and just to be certain that they are safe.

      “”For every parent doing a brilliant job, there may be someone filling the children’s mind with poison. We just don’t know, we don’t have reliable figures.””

      So, (a) we know there’s been Islamist infiltration of the government schools, (b) we aren’t aware of similar problems in homeschools, but (c) that simply proves the need for more spies and informers being turned loose on homeschoolers.

      “[Mrs. Morgan] and her fellow ministers are committed to protecting the right of parents to decide where and how their children are taught, including keeping them at home.”

      I’d hate to see what they’d do if they *weren’t* so committed.

      1. I’m curious to know how many “extremists” were homeschooled. Without doing any digging, I’d feel fairly confident to guess that of the Western-raised bombers/shooters captured and/or killed in the Paris attacks, all were publicly schooled.

        1. We don’t *know* how many homeschoolers are extremists. They conceal their extremism by not committing terrorist acts, that way we don’t know who they are.


          1. all, they’re all extremists…by definition, they’re home schoolers…the bastards!!!

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