U.S. Preparing New Iran Sanctions, Donald Trump Says It's a Waste of Time If He Doesn't Win, Storm Brings Melting Temperatures to North Pole: P.M. Links


  • via Washington Post

    The United States is preparing new sanctions against individuals and companies in Iran, as well as Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates, for their alleged roles in helping Iran with its missile program.

  • Donald Trump told a crowd in South Carolina that if he loses the election he would consider his efforts a "total and complete waste of time."
  • The storm that cut through the United States over Christmas is bringing temperatures 50 degrees above normal at the North Pole.
  • Officials in Brussels are investigating reports of an orgy at a police station while the city was on a terror-related lockdown.
  • Some state legislators in New York want to change the law after the NYPD decided state law prohibited hoverboards.
  • Bill Cosby turned himself in after being charged with sexual assault and is free on $1 million bail.
  • ESPN wants New Year's Eve to be about college football playoffs.

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  1. ESPN wants New Year’s Eve to be about college football playoffs.

    As opposed to?

    1. Something that isn’t an excuse to get my smoker out?

      1. That’s really what the season is about.

    2. Hello.

      All I know is we were buried with 40cm of snow.

        1. A cm is a California Meathead.

          1. There are 40 Playa Manhattans of snow? I don’t follow.

            1. Itsokay. No worries. 40cm is a lotta snow. Happy?

              /throws Scooby-snack at Playa.

      1. Yeah, we had no snow just a few days ago and now we’re getting our 2nd snowstorm in that amount of time.

      2. Where are you?

      3. That’s too much snow.

    3. Where is Rufus? However, given the small number of comments I see, this may be squirrel-related.

      1. I’ve always suspected that he was at least part squirrel.

        1. All Canadians are either part squirrel or part moose.

          1. Why can’t it be both?

          2. Or sasquatches

          3. It’s Canucks after all.



          /continues carving bark.

          1. You just keep being important. That bark needs carving.

          2. How are you not American?

            1. REAL ID. I’m not American either.

              1. My new job said I had to have a real Social Security Card as part of the onboarding process, not just my social security number like everywhere else I’ve ever been. Since I haven’t seen my social security card since it was the only thing in my first childhood wallet, I went to the local social security office this morning, just so I could ‘show ID’ to confirm my replacement card application.

                Well, I’m here to tell you that the DMV has nothing on the social security office. I ended up waiting an hour and a half among some of America’s more odoriferous individuals, only to finally be called up for a total of 30 seconds to show my passport and told my replacement card would be in the mail soon, then dismissed.

                There is no logic to having everyone go in order of arrival and make the room overcrowded, so that people who can’t speak English and have no documentation and are applying for their first-ever card are in the same line with people only needing 30 seconds in person to verify themselves. It seems SS has adopted the Starbucks model, where if you only want to buy a cup of drip coffee, you still have to wait until every asshole ahead of you who wants a “skinny half-caf mocha soy milk frappucino” gets their drink made from scratch, until they finally spend four seconds pouring you a simple cup of coffee.

                1. There is another reason not to buy drip coffee at Starbucks.

                2. Well, I’m here to tell you that the DMV has nothing on the social security office. I ended up waiting an hour and a half among some of America’s more odoriferous individuals, only to finally be called up for a total of 30 seconds to show my passport and told my replacement card would be in the mail soon, then dismissed.

                  I have been through this exact experience. It is utterly asinine. The clerk even had an attitude.

                3. If you had spent any time in uniform and had spent intimate time with the beast in its lair you would know that expecting logical administrative processes from the US government was your first mistake.

                4. Knowing you in real life (kind of), C. Anacreon, I am astounded that any job you would get would require such a bizarre thing.

            2. God admitted to me he made a mistake on my passport.

          3. Rufus, my mental picture of you is of Zap Rowsdower. Am I close?

    4. As opposed to?

      Cheap champagne and regrettable decisions?

      1. Hey, I’ll drink that cheap champagne if you’re not interested.

        1. If it’s cheap it’s sparkling wine. Champagne is an overpriced trademark.

          (OK, it’s technically not a trademark but a protected origin name or whatever the term is.)

          1. True dat.

            I don’t really draw a distinction between champagne and sparkling wines, myself, but I’m familiar with the overpriced regional origin thing.

            1. Not that I drink the stuff. I’m one of those weirdos who doesn’t like carbonated beverages.

          2. That’s why I usually go with a nice, dry Cava – the Spanish version.

        1. If you have done what I have done you would have regrets. Just sayin.

    5. Anything else?

  2. Some state legislators in New York want to change the law after the NYPD decided state law prohibited hoverboards.

    All those youtubes were too hilarious to stop.

    1. I didn’t know the PD decided what was legal and what wasn’t. Learn something new everyday.

      1. If it’s not specified to be legal then it’s illegal.

  3. Donald Trump told a crowd in South Carolina that if he loses the election he would consider his efforts a “total and complete waste of time.”

    More so than The Apprentice?

    1. Or the time spent picking out that toupee.

      1. Or the time spent picking out that toupee.

        The toupee is originally from Philydiotron, known on earth as HD-85512b. Its mission is securing high-metallicity worlds also endemic with solvents in the right phase for efficient in situ processing.

        The toupee picked Trump.

        1. I noticed that this comment was fucking awesome!

      2. That’s not a toupee, that’s Rufus.

  4. Bill Cosby turned himself in after being charged with sexual assault and is free on $1 million bail.

    And yet he skated free for Leonard: Part 6.

    1. Obviously racked up some well-earned karma points though.

    2. Fun fact: I once worked with someone who did some computer graphics for that movie.

  5. Man charged with setting Houston mosque fire was a devout attendee
    …According to a charging instrument released by the Harris County District Clerk, Moore told investigators at the scene that he has attended the mosque for five years, coming five times per day to pray seven days per week.

    Moore told investigators he had been at the mosque earlier on Dec. 25 to pray, and had left at about 2 p.m. to go home. Moore told investigators he was the last person to leave the mosque and saw no smoke or other signs of fire when he left. He had returned to the scene after hearing about the fire from a friend….

    1. Oh, that’s going to disappoint some progs.

      1. The investigators are just being Islamaphobic and racist

      2. Didn’t Dylan Roof pray at the church in South Carolina before he shot it up? Clearly, this guy was a Islamophobe who was playing the long con!

    2. Oh, and FWIW, the guy is black, apparently African-American (based on his appearance and anglo name).

      1. Story never to be heard about again.

    3. “at Moore’s house, where he lives with his wife and kids, according to Hernandez.”

      So this guy clais he prays at this mosque 5 times a day 7 days a week.

      I would like to know what kind of job he has that allows for that sort of time taking activity.?

      Mosque inspector ? Prayer rug cleaner ?

      Doesn’t it seem like most of the clickbait headline stories of racist crimes are almost always attention getters from insiders ?

      We’ve seen blacks burning black churches, ugly feminists posting rape threats, black nationalist female NYU professor hanging a noose on her office doorknob.

      And the beat goes on.

      1. And here we may have a clue about the low economic productivity of Muslim countries….

  6. A Girl’s Best Friend (It’s Not A Cat)
    …However, what she has done to her body by improving so dramatically its ability to arouse men is something I have seen happen to women who hit the squat rack for a couple of years. Yes, a commitment to the king of exercises ? the squat ? will, without exception and at any age, carve a better ass out of a woman. The squat is truly a girl’s best friend. I have yet to see a girl at the gym who spent any significant time squatting with anything less than a temptingly tap-able turdcutter.

    Oh, and don’t be a fatty, ladies. (sadly, it needs to be said)

    1. OK, her bust is noticeably larger in the latest picture. Looks like a combo of exercise and development.

      1. She also looks anorexic in the first picture.

      2. She looks fake in all 4 pics. And I have a hard time believing that squats will turn your ass into a pair of watermelons.

    2. “Turdcutter” is just about the least sexy euphemism I’ve ever heard for a butt.

      1. I have a friend who uses it frequently; he is a terrible. Men.


        1. I mean, if we’re going to talk about butt stuff, can we at least talk about stuff going into it, instead?

              1. I’ll go for the line in front.

                1. I’m very specifically in line for the back.

              2. No, no, no! You let me set up a “take a number” machine. I’ll sell numbers and give you a cut. Then the guys get in line.

                1. Seems suspiciously like this…

                  1. I am many things, but you’ll get your cut.

            1. You’re adventurous. Whether things are going out or in, it’s still a cutter. Be careful.

              1. A cutter to some is just a “tight butthole” to others.

          1. if we’re going to talk about butt stuff, can we at least talk about stuff going into it, instead?

            You had me at tongue-punching the rusty starfish.

      2. Indeed (shudder).

      3. “Turdcutter” and “tap-able” should never be used in the same sentence.

    3. I’d hit the before and after and in between

      1. 2014: Maybe.

        Everything else, no thanks

        1. I said hit, not marry.

          1. Playa didn’t like country bear jamboree, either.

            1. I’m pretty sure she has a vagina in all 4 of those pictures. And she’s not gross in any of them. I’m not a damn princess.

              1. In the first 2, a girl of that weight isn’t going to naturally lubricate.
                And the only lube I use is my charm. Pass.

                1. Spit works well in an emergency.

    4. Everyone with even a basic understanding of fitness knows that women who regularly do squats and deadlifts will have nice hips and an amazing ass. The problem is that most women are afraid that they’ll turn into one of those hulked-out female bodybuilders on the magazine cover if they do that. I’ve tried explaining to so many women that what those models are doing is 1) injecting male hormones, 2) eating 4000 calories a day, and 3) doing a 2-hour workout six or seven days a week. That’s absolutely not something that happens by accident.

      I’ve even heard some guys say that too: “I don’t want to get TOO bulky!” Like you’re going to do some bench press one day, then wake up the next morning with gigantic pecs and find that your shirts no longer fit. Right.

      1. Someone of us men like to keep our feminine figures!

        “I don’t want to get TOO bulky!”

        Frequently uttered by women who cannot accomplish a single push-up.

      2. Hey, I squatted 160 pounds the other day, and I swear my uterus fell out in the whole.

        Just fell out. True story.

        1. er, … in the hole*

            1. Whole damn thing, fell clean out. I mean, I wish there had been some kind of after-school special or PSA about this so I’d know how to deal.

                1. Man… that would be so super disappointing… I would weep.

      3. If you google “Abby Pollock”, you’ll find that she is one of those muscle women. Not attractive with her clothes off at all.

      4. Some dude at work (Japanese, of course) asked me what exercises to do to make his (normal for a Japanese – thin) thighs less bulky. What the fuck could I say? Eat less and run more?

    5. Shorter version of that site: every girl must be hot for my enjoyment, but don’t go having sex with anyone unless it’s me. There, now you’ll never have to read it again.

    6. Blessed are those who receive the gainz. Amen.

      *goes back to reading the Swoley Bible*

      1. You’re welcome.

        It might not be safe for work viewing.

        1. Hellooooo… I’m thinking you’re right… Have to remember the url for later

  7. Officials in Brussels are investigating reports of an orgy at a police station while the city was on a terror-related lockdown.

    At least their police orgies are of the sex variety instead of the violent ones we get.

    1. “Fuck tha po-lice”

      1. Heh…i see what you did there

    2. No pics of the women? That’s crap.

  8. My new wife was recently sued in small claims court in Alabama.

    Facts of the case: While we were dating, a ‘work buddy’ gave her gifts – stuff he claimed he was not using anyway. It seems pretty obvious to me that he just wanted to spend time with her and maybe pick her up if it didn’t work out between her and me. Some of the gifts are non-returnable but others are. Anyway, she married me and the guy apparently feels like an idiot now, and demanded the items back. She returned what she could find, and has needless to say learned a lesson about this sort of stuff. Don’t accept gifts from coworkers, particularly multiple gifts from the same person who you’re not really otherwise friends with.

    He wasn’t happy because he didn’t get it all back, and sued her in small claims. The law on this sort of thing is apparently clear, though, and he lost. Judge issued her verdict, and a gift is apparently a gift. He’s entitled to nothing.

    Now he’s appealed, and in Alabama apparently that means the case gets tried again (de nolo) in a higher court – he’s apparently entitled to a jury trial. We got a notice in the mail a couple of days ago.

    1. So my questions: Do we need a lawyer? He’s got one. I feel pretty certain that the law is on our side here, but I’m concerned that a lawyer might manipulate a jury into delivering an unjust verdict if we don’t also have expertise in our corner.

      He’s really at this point just harassing my wife. She’s tried not to make a big deal of this at work, but I really don’t think the guy’s going to go away unless the process starts to hurt him. By the time this case gets back to court he will have spent more money on his lawyer and court costs than the amount he’s suing her for. (Unless he can win court and lawyer costs?) Economincally hiring a lawyer doesn’t make sense for us – might as well pay him, except that I don’t particularly like to be bullied.

      Can she counter sue? I can’t find any information about this online for Alabama. Websites for other states indicate that she can counter sue for so many dollars of lawyer costs.

      Is there anything else we can do to make this process less enjoyable for this guy?

      1. You’re supposed to ask an actual lawyer these questions. You can’t afford internet commenters.

        1. Yeah. My advice is free, but could end up being very costly.

          Ask around and see if your friends/relatives know any lawyers or can recommend someone, then go get a consultation with one. It’s probably not as expensive as you think. If it turns out you can countersue, then it might not cost you anything.

          Either way, I’d personally rather pay a lawyer double than pay that asshat a penny. Principles have value, dammit.

          1. Actually, I had a similar nuisance case with an insurance claim once. At first they weren’t going to pay. The moment they got officially filed paperwork from my lawyer they paid immediately. If the case is so cut-and-dry as you claim then there’s a good chance the guy’s lawyer will tell to drop it the moment you lawyer up.

            1. Oh right. This is just juvenile bluster. I’m not a lawyer.

              /bases covered

              1. Juvenile Bluster is in fact a lawyer.

                1. I am indeed. But not licensed in AL, and not a litigator.

                  As Scott Greenfield says on his blog, “This is free. Legal advice you pay for.”

                  1. The Alabama license problem….

                    He might need to retain My Cousin Vinny

        2. Funny…

          Agreed, though.

          Except y’all are more likely to give me creative answers to my final question.

          1. You could offer him $100 chipotle gift certificate. Odds are it will work out in the end.

            1. Doubtful Almighty. He sounds like the creepy stalker type that now wants revenge because that stupid bitch was too dumb to see how perfect he is for her. If she had any sense she wouldn’t have made him, the perfect man for her, feel so rejected, which he totally didn’t deserve. It’s all her fault and now she has to pay.

              If you don’t have a dog, a gun, and outside lights SRVolunteer, get them. You are going to win on appeal but that won’t be the end of it.

              1. *ducks, looks around wildly*

                Goddammit. What the fuck was that whooshing noise?!

      2. Talk to a lawyer. If you need to find one, there should be search available on the Alabama Bar Association website. The lawyer will be able to answer those questions, and most ones will give you a free consult. If you win there may be a case to get lawyer’s fees and costs.

        * I am not a lawyer licensed in the state of Alabama, and this is not legal advice.

        1. * I am not a lawyer licensed in the state of Alabama, and this is not legal advice.

          HA! Fucking lawyers…

      3. Yes, you need a lawyer. The lawyer can advise you on whether counter-suing is a good idea. If you do counter-sue, do that for only your legal fees and any related expenses.

        He’s probably hoping you’ll just settle for what he feels he’s owed, but you’re right about giving in to bullies. OTOH, this is not normal behavior, so be very careful.

        1. Also, in the spirit of JB: IANAL, and this is not legal advice.

            1. Finally, someone gets that this is funny.

        2. Yeah, you should definately be careful. This is how a lot of Forensic Files start. Why do people have to be dicks.

          1. Me. Me, me, me! Everything is about me. All of this is for me and my feelings are all that count so fuck you.

          2. Sounds to me is settle with the asshole. Consider it a price your wife has to pay for taking the items – women tend to know when a guy gives them things it’s for something more.

            You could always, erm, hire certain people to, erm, make him scared.

            1. I’m not sure that paying him would make him go away. His claims increased between the original court filing and the court date. (Not that the judge would consider the new claims since they weren’t included in his original filing.) I’m sure he’ll have thought up more stuff by the time we show up for the appeal.

              And if he wins, even by settlement, he could think of something new and sue her again.

              I really am looking for (legal and honorable) ways of making this process less fun for him.

              1. A proper settlement would forfeit all future claims.

                This one is free.

              2. I really am looking for (legal and honorable) ways of making this process less fun for him.

                Set him up on a blind date with Warty.

      4. I hope the guy hired Bo.

        1. Hired Not a Real Lawyer? That would be interesting.

      5. Yeah, the Internet won’t help you here, ask a lawyer (in person).

        In a strictly non-legal sense, I will offer the opinion that the guy is hugely dickish.

        1. I think it could be proved in a court of law that the guy is a dick.

      6. You don’t know a ‘dirty deeds’ guy? Sounds like you need a ‘dirty deeds’ guy.

        By that of course I mean you need a lawyer. The nut-cuttin’ type.

        1. Maybe a landscaper, if you know what I mean?

          /ha ha, just a little joke

        2. Given the paper trail that’s already in-place, you’d be an immediate suspect should anything happen to this guy.

          1. How long does the internet last for?

            1. There is the wayback machine, aka internet archives. Also if he filed suit against her that’s a public record. You’d have to be a pretty bad homo detective not to do checks of public records, right?

                1. It’s a subset of gaydar. I think it might involve spread spectrum and lasers.

                  1. Well spread something.

      7. May I ask how much is he asking for? This may determine all.

        1. That’s more specific than I want to get, really.

          All he wants is some money we could easily afford and to bully my wife.

          1. You can’t put a price on ruining a spiteful little man. Do it.

      8. I’d get a lawyer. I’d also file a complaint with HR. Fuck him. War.

      9. “Do we need a lawyer? He’s got one”

        Yes you need a lawyer.

        Even if hee didn’t have one you need a lawyer.

        Never ever go into a court without a lawyer because it insults the other lawyers, including the judge,

        How dare you think you can navigate the legal system without years of lawschool like we have !!!

        Don’t ever go to court without a lawyer. Don’t do it.

        I once had someone with money sue me over bullshit over a woman . I gave a lawyer a $100 dollar bill to walk across the street with me. He told the judge he was there pro bono so he wasn’t legally obligated to represent me if this drug on. He told the judge he was doing it pro bono because we were long term friends.

        Once the guy saw he would have to spend money to fuck with me like he wanted to everything just went away.

        This isnt legal obviously but I hope it answers your question better than internet legal advice would.

        1. And she should definately go to HR with paperwork and be the first one there.

          This guy is at least 1/2 of a bubble off plumb.

    2. Sorry to hear that. This is why I am so glad Canada has a ‘loser pays’ law.

      1. Some states here apparently have rules where you can only appeal a small claims case if you owe the other guy something. That is, he could only have appealed if she counter-sued and won.

        I really think he’s going to lose again and appeal again, which is the point where this will probably stop (the next higher court will deny to hear the second appeal). Of course, previously I thought that the first appeal would be denied, but it seems that here first appeals are automatic as long as you’re willing to pay $450 or $550 (depending on whether you want a jury trial).

      2. Yeah we’re spared this sort of stress and nonsense.

  9. One more comment on ENB’s abortion post today.

    After deploring various anti-abortion laws, ENB then contrasts these laws with the good news – “measures designed to roll back abortion restrictions or otherwise bolster reproductive freedom.”

    One of the bills she cites was a New York bill against shackling pregnant prisoners (the governor signed it tho’ ENB think it still hasn’t been signed).

    I showed how Catholic groups in NY supported this bill.

    Let me add that the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) has been opposing the shackling of pregnant prisoners:

    -Human rights lawyer Malika Saada Saar said in 2014 that “I had the privilege of working with doulas, the ACLU, *the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops,* reproductive rights and justice advocates, and so many other good folks across the country to end the practice at first at the federal level, and then across the states.”

    -In 2013, the USCCB supported a proposal to limit the immigration cops’ power to shackle pregnant prisoners.

    I found other links, too.

    Bottom line: How can an anti-shackling bill supported by Catholic groups like the bishops be fitted into a narrative of “roll[ing] back abortion restrictions or otherwise bolster reproductive freedom”?

    1. It’s a lot easier for that baby to “head out” when the woman isn’t wearing leg irons

    2. Bottom line: How can an anti-shackling bill supported by Catholic groups like the bishops be fitted into a narrative of “roll[ing] back abortion restrictions or otherwise bolster reproductive freedom”?

      Your objection is predicated on the unfounded premise that anything that “bolster[s] reproductive freedom” is by definition something that Catholic groups would or should oppose. ENB’s article doesn’t mention any position taken by Catholics on those particular measures. I’m unsure what your point is supposed to be.

      1. It was a “good guys vs. bad guys” piece starting with all sorts of horrible laws passed by anti-choice meanies, then some good news in the form of “roll[ing] back abortion restrictions or otherwise bolster[ing] reproductive freedom.”

        The post forces protection of pregnant prisoners into the Procrustean bed of “reproductive rights,” when in fact such protection vindicates the rights and interests of both mother and child. It puts the shackling of pregnant prisoners into the box of so-called antichoice measures, whereas it’s just a question of the prison complex humiliating people as much as possible in the name of security.

  10. The United States is preparing new sanctions against individuals and companies in Iran, as well as Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates, for their alleged roles in helping Iran with its missile program.

    I thought we had a deal with Iran.

      1. Serious question, in the historic deal with Iran, which one is Darth Vader, and which one is Billy Dee Williams Lando Calrissian?

        1. It’s funny, but no. We’re the giant power here, Iran is Lando.

          1. So is Obama Vader? or Palpatine?
            I think he is more like Boba Fett. An overrated blowhard who ended up in the stomach of the Sarlacc (now that the books aren’t canon anymore as far as I am concerned, that is where he ended up).

            1. Boba Fett is about right. All image, no substance, incompetent.

              1. At least Boba’s father had been somebody. In the realm where he existed that was supposed to count for something.

                Unless you count the Daley machine which produced Obama’s career the lightgiver doesn’t even come from anybody to lend him some legitimacy.

      2. So… You’re saying the deal is history…

    1. If Iranian president Rouhani doesn’t recognize the sanctity of spitting and shaking hands, is anything still sacred?

  11. What if Trump entered the race as a stalking horse for Clinton, but now that his numbers are high has decided to stay in and mount a serious campaign? He wouldn’t be the first to be seduced by the lure of political power.

    1. Why would Trump work for Clinton?

      1. They complement each other well.

      2. Well, for one thing, he’s a democrat…

        1. Which is why Trump saying if he doesn’t win it’ll all be for naught fits right into the GOP take on Trump. Trump claims he represents disaffected GOP voters and bringing to the GOP voters who otherwise would not be voting Repub, the GOP claims Trump is only attracting voters who are going to vote GOP regardless and just-Trump supporters, he’s done nothing to bolster the GOP brand or infrastructure. There’s no Trump boots-on-the-ground campaign to get out the vote, solicit the checks, work the crowds, build the database of reliable donors and precinct workers so the minute Trump leaves all those Trumpaholics are gone, too. Trump fails to realize that if he wants the GOP to help him get elected President, he has to be willing to help the GOP get a Republican elected regardless of whether or not that candidate is Donald J. Trump.

          If Trump were an honest GOP supporter, he would say he could take some solace in the fact that he’s changed the direction of the GOP, brought new voters into the GOP tent, forced the GOP to take on the issues he thinks they should be taking on, made the GOP a better party, etc. – but he obviously only cares about what the GOP has done for Trump and couldn’t care less whether he’s done anything for the GOP.

          (Full disclosure: I fully approve of Trump fucking the GOP as long and as hard as the GOP has fucked everybody else, but let’s not pretend Trump is a Republican. He’s a Trumpist.)

      3. Because they have similar MOs and he’s given her money and other support before.

    2. It depends on his motivations on working for Clinton, doesn’t it? If it was a plot to get some publicity and sell some TV shows, he’s got reason enough to see this thing through. If it was because she has video of him fucking a 15-year old sex slave roleplaying Ivanka at Jeff Epstein’s place, then he isn’t going to try to win for real unless he can take her out of commission without appearing to be responsible, and even then he will be appeasing the Clinton Foundation throughout his term.

  12. Reason has recently wrote about the horrific state of published scientific literature. Here’s some more:

    Depending on the science of the journal (economics, medicine, psychology, or other) and the type of statistical abuse (use of sampling techniques where no samples have been taken, omission of definition of the unit of the metric tested, misinterpretation of the definition of ‘statistically significant’, absent of any information describing the magnitude of the effects, etc.) somewhere between 8 and 9 out of every 10 journal articles in the leading journals of science have serious flaws in their use of statistics.

    Keep reading to the very interesting paragraph about ‘randomism’ vs ‘balance-ism’ (wrt to study design).


    Bonus: many professors/scientists don’t understand P-values


  13. Today in cognitive dissonance: A woman stopped by my house a few minutes ago canvassing for Bernie Sanders. I thought she was cute.

    1. Did she wink at you with both eyes? If so, you missed out; that’s a common woman-sign of wanting the D.

      1. Blinking?

        1. That is the colloquial term, yes.

      2. Fuck. I always find these things out too late.

      3. Wanting the D


      1. No, I didn’t find out how deep her cervix is.

    2. Did you tell her that condoms were lousy at preventing pregnancy?

      1. No, worse. I told her that if I vote, I’ll vote for Rand Paul.

        1. Ah, I misunderstood. So you DIDN’T want to get laid.

          1. So that isn’t how you neg a woman? Fuck.

            1. “How badly do you want my vote?”

    3. In the future, I recommend you do this:

      Take a picture, and then post it here.

    4. Toeing the hot/crazy line, huh?

  14. Has anyone played the Homeworld remake? What do you think of it? How does it hold up to the original?

    1. I’m curious. I was addicted to the original homeworld back in the 90s. Man that game was pimp.

    2. It went in the pile of “Games I Bought and Never Played”

      From my understanding, the game is the same, just with a fresh coat of paint on it. One day I will get to it and will let you know. (:

      1. FWIW, quote from the PC Gamer review (Vast wasteland of games journalism though it may be):

        “A worthy upgrade to one of the best strategy games ever, featuring the best space battles in the business.”


    3. What in the fuck are you talking about?

      1. Oh, Mr. “I have responsibilities”.

  15. The PM links have become a miserable wasteland.

    1. Hey, I linked to Gymbooty up above. What else do you want?

    2. What do you mean “have become”

      1. They used to be a vibrant wasteland.

      1. OK. Here’s Aussie porn star Angela White’s tumblr. If “porn star” isn’t enough of a hint, I wish you the best for your meeting with HR.

        1. Oh my, that woman has sexual intercourse with a lot of people!

  16. Stop posting pics of that creepy Jenner creature. Thanks in advance.

    1. Thanks in advance.

      Would’ve been funnier without this.

  17. Miami Jail Guard Receives Probation [+50 hrs community service] for Throwing Scalding Water on Inmate.

    I comment that the burns could not have been caused by “water up to 140F degrees” unless the inmate was handcuffed or restrained. Anyone disagree?

    1. It’s gotta be hotter than that.

      I have a very precise tankless heater, and the water coming out of my kitchen faucet is 133. I don’t even flinch when I’m doing the dishes.

      1. Get a load of Joshua from Lethal Weapon here.

        1. 133 FARENHEIGHT.

          Jesus. What are we going to do with you?

          1. Canada, where they think 32 degrees is “hot”.

      2. Meat turns from pink to grey at 140, and that’s the magic number for killing most pathogens. I would think that would be a good threshold for the difference between hot and cooked.

        1. I think that we can all agree that this kid was probably tortured, anecdotes aside.

    2. According to the Burn Foundation:

      When tap water reaches 140? F, it can cause a third degree (full thickness) burn in just five seconds.

      Since clothing would hold water next to the skin until it is removed, it could have caused the burns without the inmate being shackled or otherwise restrained, as the burns were only second degree. Looking at the picture, it looks like the worst burns were centered on/around the nipple, which is thinner skin and more easily damaged. So if the water was 140 degrees, then the burns wouldn’t require restraints to explain; but as noted, they used the weasel words “up to”, so the water could have been much colder, and that would have required restraints to accomplish the damage.

      1. Faucet water is very aerated. The farther it falls, the cooler it gets.

        Point being, there’s mens rea here.

  18. Will the Clinton’s refuse Cosby’s money?

    “You mist not touch … certain parts of your body ….”

    1. The only way for the Clinton Foundation to avoid being associated with serial sexual predators would be to dissolve itself.

  19. for their alleged roles in helping Iran with its missile program

    Obama the gun grabber. His home town is proving that the government most in favor of gun control (of others) is also the most reckless with their own weapons. He simply cannot help making a complete ass of himself.

  20. Twenty soldiers and two women? That is not an orgy. It is a gang bang.

  21. The storm that cut through the United States over Christmas is bringing temperatures 50 degrees above normal at the North Pole.

    Trump tweeted he’s over in New Jersey looking at crowds of global warming alarmists dancing in the streets, shouting Algoru Akbar and high-five-point-oh sevening.

  22. “The United States is preparing new sanctions against individuals and companies in Iran, as well as Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates, for their alleged roles in helping Iran with its missile program.”

    Don’t forget the “they keep shooting missiles around like they’re waving their dicks at Obama, daring him to scuttle the nuclear-deal”-part.

    Its like they’re trying to prove that they strongarmed the US into the deal to their own public

  23. So what is the plan for stopping all of this miserable government overreach? I am despondent.

    1. The good news is that under President Trump, the entire left will be mobilized against government overreach. The precise opposite of the last seven years.

      1. And the right mobilized for it.

        1. You are an idiot….

        2. Translation: the christianofascists mobilized for it

      2. Maybe we’ll have the same small-government bliss that was 2001-2007.

        1. The Bush dynasty was not even competent to achieve its primary goal: the death sentence for hemp kingpins. Its cowardly focus on asset forfeiture looting only destroyed the economy just in time for the other looters to get sworn in… as in March of 1893.

  24. Trump is finally right about something other than the DemoGOP kleptocracy being worse than he could in his dreams. The whole point of the presidential campaigns subsidies is, of course, to keep the doddering geezer parties entrenched, rather than going the way of the Federalists, Whigs, Communists and passenger pidgeons. Idiots like Trump, John Anderson and Perot–even pseudoislamic outfits such as the Tea Party–are trotted in front of the teevee cameras from which an illiterate public takes its cues. As long as entrenched bribery and asset-forfeiture looting remain the law of the land, folks like Trump will seem a breath of fresh air by comparison, and make about as much difference in the laws that are written and enforced at gunpoint.

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