No Irishmen Need Apply


The University of Louisville recently posted a job listing for a tenure-track position in the Department of Physics and Astronomy that specified the position would be filled only with an "African-American, Hispanic American or a Native American Indian." The ad was removed after someone complained it didn't include those with disabilities.

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  1. Irish cripples need not apply.

    Actually, any white or Asian person looking to score some relatively easy dough need only to interview for the position. After this ad, they’d likely have grounds for a lawsuit when they’re inevitably turned down.

  2. Colleges and universities broaden their applicant pools by various means, he added, such as tracking the careers of Ph.D. graduates and networking at disciplinary conferences. Others have more formal diversity plans in place, including those that seek to put more minority students in the Ph.D. pipeline and effectively mentor them so that they choose to stay in higher education.

    Soooooooo, the practice is to exclude certain students from an aspect of higher education based on their skin color.

  3. they apparently need someone to look, through their paper towel tube, at the moooon! this is the only conclusion a rational individual could draw as to the seriousness of the Physics & Astronomy Dept at the U of L…

  4. What do you expect? It’s the South. They are all racists down there, aren’t they?

    1. looks like they’re discriminating against smart/qualified people

      1. Well, it is a government school.

    2. Louisville isn’t the South.

  5. Excluding white people is okay, because (fill in the blank).

  6. I’m not sure they understand the meaning of “Equal Opportunity”

    “Position Description
    The University of Louisville is an Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity, Americans with Disabilities Employer, committed to diversity. In that spirit, the Department of Physics and Astronomy announces a tenure-track Assistant Professor position that will be filled by an African American, a Hispanic American, or a Native American Indian.”

    I guess that was meant to save them the trouble of interviewing all those unwanted white and Asian candidates.

  7. So if a light skinned African-American applied, would he be rejected for not being “black” enough?

  8. Can White Hispanics apply ?

    how about White Native Americans like Senator Elizabeth Warren ?

    1. Even these academics don’t seem to understand that many Hispanics, particularly from Cuba, Puerto Rico, and places like Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, and Costa Rica… are white. In fact, in those South American countries, they are the majority.

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