FDA vs. Vaping

Kids and e-cigs


In a September 29 letter to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), 33 state attorneys general urged the federal regulatory agency to require childproof packaging and strongly worded warning labels for liquid nicotine. They also recommended a prohibition on cartoons and bright colors when advertising the product, similar to the restrictions already in place on tobacco.

As vaping increases in popularity—the document refers to this as "the unchecked growth of the e-cigarette industry"—the market for liquid nicotine e-cig refills and other "novel tobacco products" has rapidly expanded. The FDA has consistently looked for ways to regulate the goods, which are typically not marketed as medical devices.

The letter cites the alarming-sounding statistic that from 2012 to 2014, reported "exposures to liquid nicotine" increased 800 percent. But those numbers begin from a low base of fewer than 500 incidents nationwide, as vaping was comparatively rare in 2012. Proponents of swift action to implement new regulations cite a single death, the tragic poisoning of an 18-month-old in upstate New York last year.

That state's attorney general, Eric Schneiderman, declared that "the FDA must step up and regulate the sale and packaging of these dangerous products before any more kids are harmed." But even without hasty rulemaking, many companies already comply with these guidelines, and more are likely to do so as the industry matures.

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  1. I think it's a good step to ensure that vaping isn't marketed towards children, however I do believe the FDA are pushing too hard to tax the vaping industry when it has been shown that vaping is 95% better for you than smoking. In the UK the NHS see the potential benefit and are giving out 10,000 free ecigarette starter kits as part of a new trial.

  2. I have to agree with Vaping Insider...I run the electronic cigarette association and we are pushing really hard to get long term rights for e cigarettes and vaping devices. These are saving lives...but of course since big pharma is losing money because of them it's an uphill battle. We will keep fighting!

  3. Honestly, I think that they are just using the whole "children angle" to slow down the vaping movement, as it's putting a dent in their pockets from the drop in tobacco sales. I can tell you firsthand that vaping is better for you, as I am a previous smoker and vaper, and the difference was very noticeable. Now I do neither...

    Which brings another point...vaping is almost a good stepping stone for quitting. It's easier to go from smoking to vaping to nothing than it is to go from smoking to nothing.

  4. Well, of course, they should make sure every ejuice bottle is childproof and add warnings.
    But they shouldn't overdo it and completely destroy vaping with regulations. I think some part of the risk also has to fall into the responsibility of the parents. Everything in the house can be dangerous (stuff in the kitchen etc.).

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