Election 2016

Half of All Voters Would Be "Embarrassed" if Trump Wins, 35% If Clinton Prevails

The two leading presidential candidates appall the very voters who will elect them.


David Deeble

Hillary Clinton is almost certainly going to be the Democratic nominee for president. Donald Trump is leading the race for the Republican Party's presidential nomination.

Among the other things they have in common: Americans voters will be deeply embarrassed if either one wins the 2016 election.

When it comes to favorability ratings, both Trump and Clinton are under water. Just 33 percent of voters have a favorable sense of Trump, against 59 percent who are unfavorable. For Clinton, the split is 43 percent favorable versus 51 percent unfavorable. Then there's this: 59 percent of all voters agree that Clinton, a former first lady, senator, and secretary of state, "is not honest and trustworthy. For Trump, the figure is 58 percent. I'm confident that he can bring that number up, aren't you, even as Clinton does her best to jack her own dishonesty/untrustworthy measure closer to 100 percent.

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50 percent of American voters say they would be embarrassed to have Trump as president, according to a Quinnipiac University National poll released today….If Clinton is elected, 33 percent of all voters would be proud and 35 percent would be embarrassed.

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  1. And yet, the brain trust of the American electorate will make sure that we get stuck with one of them.

    1. If only half the Republicans and 35% of the Democrats are embarassed, its time to disenfrancise 50% and 65% of them respectively

  2. Have you seen the other people running? If you aren’t embarrassed, you aren’t paying attention.

    1. It’s national humiliation all the way down.

  3. I’m embarrassed that they are even in the running.

  4. Frankly, I’m embarrassed to have any President at all. If we have to have a coercive government (but I repeat myself), let Congress act like a board of directors and hire executives. No golden parachutes, please. Let the hiring contracts be specific, and let the public sue for violating said contracts. While I’m dreaming, let all elected offices be by contracts so all voters can sue for violations.

    1. the trial lawyers agree with you. I get the intent here, but come on, man; a new avenue to even more lawsuits?

      1. I suspect the total legal cases would decline, with the increase in election contract lawsuits balanced by the drop in idiotic laws and regulations.

  5. If (and hopefully when) Trump isn’t the nominee, the Democrats are going to freak the fuck out at how bad Hillary is faring. Her trustworthy ratings are lower than Trump’s not just for Republicans, but from everybody. That is hilarious.

    1. No, Dems have swallowed the KoolAid on Hillary. If Quinnipiac is right, 76% of Dems think she is trustworthy. (Look at #28).

      Jesus, how can people be that stupid? If they were only greedy and grasping, I’d have more respect. They actually trust that lying, worthless POS.

      1. Trust is a relative concept, somewhat literally — we trust a random relative more than a random stranger.

        I suspect trust in Hillary is relative to trust in any random Republican, but especially Republicans as typified by Trump. If Trump were to go independent or otherwise disappear from the Republican field, Hillary would lose some of her supporters because the elephant(!) in the room had disappeared.

      2. I blame it on the way the question is worded:

        Would you say that – Hillary Clinton is honest and trustworthy or not? Yes/No/DK

        I’d have to say “Yes”, since she is not honest and trustworthy.

    2. My future in laws and my fiance are Hillary supporters.

      You guys have no idea how ignorant they are of her actual record.

      They sincerely believe that every bad piece of information was made up by some smear machine. They think she is an outstanding leader. That she is well respected by other statesmen.

      At this point there is no way they will say “holy shit, we’ve been wrong for a decade!” They’ve believed this too long.

      1. You guys have no idea how ignorant they are of her actual record.

        “She was First Lady, U.S. Senator, and Secretary of State. What more do you *want* in a record?!”

      2. My dad’s whole family is ardent, reflexive Democrats, and even they’re hesitant about Hillary.

  6. Giant Douche or Shit Sandwich.

    1. Every choice is embarrassing, every election

  7. Time for the grey old party to raise the green curtain and roll out Bloomberg

  8. I guess Reason is going to torment us with that picture until at least the primaries.


    1. Aye.

      *fights back rising gorge*


  9. If Clinton is elected, 33 percent of all voters would be proud and 35 percent would be embarrassed.

    I’m embarrassed by these poll results.

    1. The remaining 32% will have been purged. BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD! SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE!

  10. Americans voters will be deeply embarrassed if either one wins the 2016 election.

    But not so deeply embarrassed that they require “None of the above” to be a legitimate choice.

  11. I wonder what the percentage of people is that would be embarrassed if either were elected?

  12. So suddenly Americans have found shame again?

  13. You know who doesn’t embarrass me? Mr. Lee, or Mr. Lee’s Greater Hong Kong. We need FOQNES, now more than ever.

    1. +1 burbclave

  14. I’m embarrassed by all of you, ashamed for our country, disgusted by the media, sickened by the political climate, aghast at Trump, and Hillary Clinton produces a combination of sea-sickness, dread, and the shock of realizing you have poop on your shoes but no idea how long its been there. I am also schlonged by Obama

  15. Well, he’s a widely-despised loudmouth narcissistic blowhard that likes nothing better than the sound of his own voice and despite what he says he believes politically the truth is that he doesn’t believe in anything but himself. He flies around in his big jet with his logo prominently on the side hobnobbing with his rich, fatcat New York donors and – let’s just come out and say it- despite his obvious gift for self-promotion he’s just not very bright or intellectually curious. And the thought of that ego-maniac sitting behind the desk of the President of the United States of America just fills people with shame.

    But enough about Barack Obama, let’s talk about Donald Trump!

  16. If it is a Hillary/Trump race I will never vote again. If this is the best our country can do then it isn’t worth the time to even care any longer. I am glad my father didn’t live to see what has happened to our country and wish I hadn’t.

  17. And how about your guy, Nick, in the “libertarian moment.?”

    Rand Paul, 24 favorable, 42 unfavorable, net favor ability -18. Clinton’s net is -8.

    Didn’t tell us what the American people think of your guy, did you? Being selective, eh?

    1. Oh man, i don’t know how to break it to you, but Rand Paul’s not currently the frontrunner of either of the two parties.

    2. Have 7-2 (I know you think your a AJ).

      So with everyone carrying Clinton’s water, with the media protecting her, with democrats in denial that she is trustworthy, with the Dem chair protecting her in debates, your candidate is still -8. How do you explain that?

      I’m ok on Paul. Some of his philosophy doesn’t appeal to everyone. Some low info votes I bet get him confused with his dad. But at least he does stuff he believes in, unlike Clinton.

      Here’s your reset button. Go try again.

      1. Not my candidate, but who ever accused you of being accurate.

        So I have no need to explain it. Oh, my candidate is +9. Oooooops

        Speaking of trying again….

        1. Sanders? Sanders isn’t going to win a dog-catching position.

  18. Is it just me or does that composite photo of Trump/Hillary look a lot like a fat-faced version of the late Harry Browne?

    1. Aha, THERE’S that Libertarian Moment!

  19. Fuck American voters. If they aren’t embarrassed about who they elected in the last 4 elections, why the fuck should I care what they think about this iteration of the election circus?

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