A.M. Links: Hillary vs. Trump, Half of Georgians Killed by Police Were Either Unarmed or Shot in Back, Number of Migrants Entering Europe Exceeds 1 Million


  • Credit: Todd Kranin

    The attacks between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are getting personal.

  • Donald Trump on journalists: "I would never kill them, but I do hate them."
  • Stephen Silva, the man who lent a gun to Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, is expected to be sentenced today.

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  1. The attacks between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are getting personal.

    Save us Obi-Trump Donobi, you’re our only hope.

    1. May the Farce be with you!

      1. From now until the end of the year I think all of my initial comments will be Star Wars based. I can’t believe no one yet thought of stealing some of that box office heat!

    2. Hello.

      ‘Over one million migrants entered Europe in 2015.’

      Migrants or refugees; or both? Either way, that’s a lot.

      I wonder if there was no promise of monthly welfare check how fast that figure would diminish.

      1. We know that government hand outs do not influence behavior. Just ask Elon Musk or a corn farmer.

      2. They stopped being refugees once they left the safety of neighboring and nearer countries and they became welfare shoppers migrants after that.

      3. Whatever – the Times assures us that they’ve “prompted a right-wing backlash”. I wonder how many of the backlash-ers would be surprised to find out they’re “right-wing”.

        1. Everytime you oppose some aspect of the leftoid groupthink, you become a right-wing extremist. That’s why the Euro socialists and various leftoids herd together so well over there.

      4. Migrants or refugees; or both?

        “Migrant” seems to be the new “undocumented worker”. I guess “maybe or maybe not documented non-worker” was too much of a mouthful.

        1. How about the term ‘free shit seeker’?

  2. “I would never kill them, but I do hate them.”

    Someone hasn’t discovered what the disposition matrix is yet.

    1. He admits he is unwilling to KILL FOR AMERICA!!!!
      Not like Obama, who is, and has, killed for america – and quench his unquenchable blood lust.


        1. *revvs chainaxe, decapitates Citizen X*



          1. BURN IT DOWN!

            *turns flamer on JFC*

  3. 128) One thing I never realized when I was younger: public displays of affection are for the benefit of females. More than once I would be with a girl I was dating who was eager to make out at a party but when we went back to my room, or hers, she had lost interest and just wanted to cuddle and go to sleep. Not until I was older did I understand the dynamic: she had already gotten what she wanted, which was proof to her friends we were together. It’s probably best to avoid PDA altogether, as it’s really not very dignified for a relationship. But if a guy must, PDA should be a reward after a girl has proved her love to *you*, not before.

    1. Good sermon, JATNAS!!

    2. Honestly if that’s the kind of attitude your getting you should probably break up with her. A guy is not an accessory to be shown off and then discarded. If a women treats you as part of keeping up appearances, you are in an unhealthy relationship and should get out.

      1. A guy is not an accessory to be shown off and then discarded.

        Indeed. You also want to mulct money from him, a lifetime’s worth if possible. At least this is what my ex-wife tells me. There’s no profit in discarding.

        1. I think we have the same ex-wife.

          1. A ginger? They have no soul.

            1. But they are hot.

      2. Some of us are just too pretty not to be shown off like a Gucci bag.

    3. Amen, brother. How can you let anyone know you like the milk if you haven’t tasted it first?

    4. Not until I was older did I understand the dynamic: she had already gotten what she wanted, which was proof to her friends we were together.

      I’ve totally never been with a guy who wanted to prove to the public that we were together. Nope. Guys never want other guys to know their girl is taken.

      1. Are you suggesting that people shouldn’t be collectivized as one indistinguishable block of preference and choice based on gender?

        1. I think it’s possible to recognize certain behaviors as belonging more generally to one gender than another. Thus dating advice can still be useful, while recognizing that Individuals and particular situations will differ. Might be possible for a woman to take this advice and apply it to her boyfriend just as easily.

          1. Men can enjoy shoes and ponies, too. Trust me.

            1. Just because Farrier is a traditionally male occupation…

            2. Looking at shoes at the Pony is sublime.

            3. Men can enjoy shoes and ponies, too. Trust me.


            4. I love ponies! First I bet on them, then I feed the losers to my dogs…

          2. It is. But in this case, I don’t think it’s a mostly women thing. In my experience, women are more likely to want to avoid PDAs because they feel it is about the man being possessive. Of course, this is jut my limited experience, but I’d guess it’s pretty common in both directions.

        2. Heaven forfend!

      2. ^this. it aint the gender its the person.

        1. it aint the gender its the person.

          Don’t ruin gender collectivizing you overly gassy, beer-swilling, sports-loving, poorly dressed schlub.

          1. 3 out of 5 aint bad. 🙂

          2. All men are pigs. Women are equal to men.

            1. *seethes angrily*

              Did you just call me a cop?

              1. No?

      3. I’ve totally never been with a guy who wanted to prove to the public that we were together.

        What gave it away? The paper bag he made you wear over your face?

        1. BA-ZINGA!!!

      4. Where in the original post did it say males don’t exhibit that behavior?

        1. It doesn’t, but in Nikki’s defense it was worded in a guy-centric way.

        2. public displays of affection are for the benefit of females

          1. It’s referring to his partners, which are all female. The point was clearly meant to be extrapolated toward other relationships where the same behavior was being exhibited.

            1. Sorry, but no. He “learned” from his own personal experience that “public displays of affection are for the benefit of females”; i.e., he learned by dating only women how to generalize about women. That’s exactly the problem. Public displays of affection are for people who have some reason to want public displays of affection. There are multiple reasons for such, and different people might or might not subscribe to one or more of them.

              1. He was generalizing about a pattern of behavior, not a gender. It didn’t say all women exhibit that behavior.

                1. But it did say that it was “for females,” i.e., not for males. Which is silly.

                  1. Which is silly.

                    Agreed. Although I will occasionally put my hand on the small of a date’s back, as a signal to other males to save themselves the effort of chatting her up. Or maybe that’s my insecurity talking…

          2. Females are weak and needy. Stupid, too. And they have cooties.

            1. OK. What’s a more appropriate way to criticize immature and possessive behavior?

              1. “PDA is for people who are immature, weak, and needy.”

                1. I seriously fucking hate PDA though. People are shoving their….feelings into your face. It’s gross.

                  1. That’s rich coming from a creature who makes a habit of shoving other things in people’s faces.

                    1. MY PENIS IS NOT FEELINGS

                    2. Wait, you have a numb penis? This explains much.

                    3. It may uh…inspire certain feelings. Lets see…dread, terror, fear, etc.

                    4. Warty has feelings in his Rape Dungeon. Oh, yes, he does.

                    5. Yeah, woe betide the one who doesn’t put the lotion on his/her skin.

                    6. “MY PENIS IS NOT FEELINGS”

                      IT IS WRATH

                    7. IT IS THE JUDGMENT AT THE END OF DAYS

                      ALL ARE PUNISHED

      5. Yeah, me neither. Never been with a guy who’s gotten all grabassy after another guy was looking in my direction. Nope. Never happens.

        1. Marry the right person and she/he can take care of people hitting on them. No need for “peeing on your tree”. If you aren’t secure enough then A. it is your problem, find a way to get over it. B. You chose poorly, get one that has integrity.

          1. LOLwhut?

            1. basically if you have use a PDA to prove you “posess” your partner you need help. Choose a partner correctly and get over your jealous issues. You will often choose wrong, we all do. That is when you dump them and find a better one. That goes for people that dump you too cause sometimes we all need to grow up.

    5. My experience has largely been different. At least in adulthood.

      I also have about zero tolerance for stupid games and social signalling like that.

    6. I always thought PDA was something immature people do to show off. “Hey, look at us! We’re in a relationship!” I never noticed a gender bias to it. Maybe you only think there’s a gender bias because you don’t value PDA, but tend to date women who do?

    7. The motivation for PDA is probably pretty close to the same for both sexes, it’s a display of possession. Wedding bands are a more subtle extension of the same concept. Our caveman ancestors had to delineate their property.

      1. I saw a band do a really awesome cover of Led Zepplin at a wedding once.

        They weren’t all that subtle, though…

          1. Broken pencils are pointless.

      2. If y’all think pda is bad here, you should see the extent of it in Brazil. It is on a completely different level there.

    8. You should have done her on the couch. Then you both get what you want. Win-win-win

    9. Public displays of affection are for the benefit of females Crusty

      1. Crusty does a LOT of things in public that we wish he wouldn’t.

  4. Stephen Silva, the man who lent a gun to Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, is expected to be sentenced today.

    When will the gun be sentenced?

    1. It will be transferred into an ATF facility, where it will be held until it either goes home with an agent, or is sold for $ for the liquor fund.

      1. Damn your Swiss efficiency, getting in before me!

        1. Like a finely crafted watch!

          1. * Begins narrowing of the eyes, shrugs instead*

      2. Actually, its on a plane to Mexico at the very moment.

        1. You’re too fast for me this morning.

          It’s infuriating.

          1. That’s what she said.

        2. “We deported said weapon at 0800 this morning”?

    2. “The gun was included in a sentence.”


    3. Yes.

    4. The gun gets 5 years, with credit for time served in the Boston PD’s evidence room. Eventually it will be released to a minimum security rehabilitation program on the coffee table of some cop.

      1. I do wonder what the personal arsenals of most cops is like. Hell for their accuracy evidence suggests that they have never seen a firing range. But, it must be cool to not have to worry about getting caught with all manner of neat toy in your home cause your buddies would be in it with you anyway. You could own some serious shit on the DL.

  5. Over one million migrants entered Europe in 2015.

    What does it take to become an immigrant? To loudly declare “I’m migrant!”?

    1. A desire to integrate, assimilate and support oneself.

    2. I think I see something there…

      1. I will apologize to you, then. No one should have to see that.

    3. Essentially, yes. In Sweden if you enter with papers they give you a lot of scrutiny. If you just show up and say you are a refugee they whisk you straight into their refugee program: housing, food etc.

      It is insanity.

      1. I found out part of the reason why, in part, migrants/refugees don’t stay in Italy (the main point of entry along with Greece, Malta and Spain) is because it doesn’t give welfare checks – I’m still trying to confirm this. They apparently already know which countries give those out.

        Here are some comments:


        1. is because it doesn’t give welfare checks – I’m still trying to confirm this.

          Logic alone accounts for 95% of the methodology for arriving at that conclusion. They’re skipping over 10 or so perfectly safe to arrive in Germany and Scandnavia. So it’s either welfare checks, or Muslim migrants are absolutely enamored with the comparatively libertine cultures of Northern European countries, that also just so happen to have “generous” welfare systems.

        2. I vote we locate migrant camps Sicily. Initial orientation will include a screening of Excellent Cadavers.


      2. Then if you rape and murder a local Swede, the newspapers will state that a Swedish man perpetrated the crime so that people don’t get the wrong idea about Middle Easterners who commit crimes far out of proportion to their numbers. That and they’ll put you in a comfortable jail for 5-10 years.

        1. At least it’s reported, apparently rape in Italy is just as bad – and worse than in France – but little is said.

          1. Well it’s sort of dangerous to the public. To teach people that groups X, Y and Z are just like you and me with no greater propensity to commit violent crimes et cetera… when in fact the opposite is true.

    4. What does it take to become an immigrant?

      To come from the land of the ice and snow? From the midnight sun where the hot springs blow?

      1. First, the hammer of the gods must drive your ships to new lands…

        1. And now I’m head bangin at work…

        2. Valhalla I am coming!

          Way too easy, folks…

    5. Here’s a serious answer to your unserious question.

      I think that migrant is used in some cases because it is location neutral and makes sense wherever you use it. An immigrant is someone coming into a particular place and an emigrant is someone leaving a particular place, so you need to change the word used depending on context and location. But “migrant” applies to those same people wherever you are speaking from.

      There’s the real reason for using “migrant”. Maybe there’s some kind of political motivation too, who knows.

    6. What does it take to become an immigrant? To loudly declare “I’m migrant!”?

      It’s like declaring bankruptcy

      1. +1 Threat Level: Midnight

    7. A chpped up Model T and a willingness to drive your whole family across a desert?

      1. Grapes of Wrath or Beverly Hillbillies?

        1. The Clampetts were rich and thus obviously cultural appropriators of a more authentic culture.

    8. Heh, i see what you did there

  6. “Over one million migrants entered Europe in 2015.”

    And what does our lucky millionth migrant win, Bob?

    1. Asset Forfeiture by the Danes.

  7. Radio DJ Locks Himself In Studio To Play ‘Last Christmas’ 24 Times

    A radio DJ in Austria went rogue in a bid to get his listeners into the Christmas spirit, locking himself into his studio so he could play a trusted holiday classic on repeat.

    Joe Kohlhofer played Wham’s 1984 hit “Last Christmas” non-stop for almost two hours, according to the Independent.

    He played the catchy tune — sung by George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley — 24 times during his breakfast show for the Antennae Carinthia station as his co-host Patricia Jordan watched helplessly through the glass partition, reports Joe.ie.

    1. Too bad Hitler has Worst Austrian Ever lovked up.

    2. Is it weird that I expected this to end with him blowing his brains out?

      1. I thought the same thing

      2. No…I was half expecting some sort of OD, myself.

      3. I’d have had to start with that, because after two hours, I’d be like Sam Neill in ‘Event Horizon’

        “Liberate tutemet ex inferis”

      4. That’s how you end a McCartney “Simply Having…” marathon.

        1. If by “marathon” you mean “any single playing”.

        2. That song is definitely a violation of the NAP.

  8. You, don’t, have, to, rape like a refugee..don’t have to rape like a refugee…..

    Norway now offering formal instruction to refugees that rape is wrong
    …A course manual sets out a simple rule that all asylum seekers need to learn and follow: “To force someone into sex is not permitted in Norway, even when you are married to that person.”?

    The first such program to teach immigrants about local norms and how to avoid misreading social signals was initiated in Stavanger, the center of Norway’s oil industry and a magnet for migrants, after a series of rapes from 2009 to 2011.

    Henry Ove Berg, who was Stavanger’s police chief during the spike in rape cases, said he supported providing migrants sex education because “people from some parts of the world have never seen a girl in a miniskirt, only in a burqa.” When they get to Norway, he added, “something happens in their heads.”?

    “Men have weaknesses and when they see someone smiling it is difficult to control,” [Muslim refugee Abdu Osman] Kelifa said, explaining that in his own country, Eritrea, “if someone wants a lady he can just take her and he will not be punished,” at least not by the police….

    1. Who says these guys aren’t civilized and cultured?!?!?

      1. Cytotoxic is offering to sponsor Abdu Osman?

        *sorry, couldn’t resist the cheap shot*

        1. It is well deserved. He is unhinged with regards to this issue. shreek-level bullshit is all you will get out of him.

          1. It’s kind of weird, the way he wants to blow up Middle Easterners, and then have them move in.

            1. You can’t expect but so much intellectual consistency from a 12-year-old who just found out about Ayn Rand. Give him a decade or two to figure things out, he might turn into an ok human being (or the Canadian equivalent thereof).

          2. Tell us about the ‘rape epidemic’. The one in your head.

        2. “All immigrants are always good all of the time, everywhere”



    3. Mmmm, the knowledge of the law about not being able to rape your wife is probably something they didn’t know, but I’m pretty sure these guys know that they aren’t allowed to rape the locals.

      1. Even if it’s not strictly against the law in their home country, what kind of asshole forces himself on his wife?

        1. Yeah, I mean, intimate partner violence is only super-prevalent. Don’t know why any of that violence would be sexual!

          1. “intimate partner violence is only super-prevalent”

            Among lesbian couples I believe this, otherwise

            *citation needed*

            1. Don’t the statistics go Lesbian Couple Heterosexual Couple Gay Couple. It’s so bad in that community even Slate is running an article on it today.

              1. I was head of the Domestic Violence Division of my county’s SAO from 1999-2001. The worst, hate filled attacks were about 70% women vs women in a relationship. One was a running knife fight throughout the whole house the two shared.

                1. I’m just going to run through the house with my knife and if you happen to get in the way…

                2. ’cause bitches be crazy and when you add two together you don’t get craxy x 2 you get crazy squared.

                  /sorry Nikki, IFH, KK…well not Nikki

          2. So the asshole kind of asshole, then.

        2. Remember, in a lot of those countries marriage is still very much a contract not a declaration of love. He supplies her with food, clothes, and a roof over her head. He is required to do so, and he is not allowed to take on multiple wives unless he can provide each with their own home. In exchange she takes care of the home, raises the children, and provides him with sex. She has no more right to deny him sex than he has to refuse her a home.

          It’s a different mindset and approach. In his mind he is not forcing her to have sex but instead forcing her to fulfill her half of the deal.

          1. That’s a good point. Still, if the man didn’t feel like eating, would the wife be able to force a meal on him?

            1. Probably be frowned upon in the same way as if the man forced his wife to eat when she wasn’t hungry. Not really analogue to the sex situation and depends on the couple. I really can’t get to deep into this situation. I’m not from the culture.

            2. In Muslim countries, at least, women are subordinate. So no.

          2. Maybe surprising to some – in Japan a man cannot be charged with rape of his wife. Other physical abuse, yeah, that’s a chargeable offense. But simply forcing her to provide sex is not a crime.

      2. but I’m pretty sure these guys know that they aren’t allowed to rape the locals.

        The statistics seem to imply that some sizable proportion of them do not know this. Moreover, even when they do know the local law, many of them feel only compelled to follow the barbaric law codes of their angry, rapey, murdery god. Not the laws of infidels. On those relatively rare instances when a Muslim immigrant is actually charged with the rape he committed, their defense almost invariably relies upon “Well you see, in my culture, a girl dressed like that….”

        1. “if someone wants a lady he can just take her and he will not be punished,”

          Either they don’t know or they think stupid gringos will buy their excuses.

        2. The statistics seem to imply that some sizable proportion of them do not know this.

          Well, there’s a delightful weasel.

        3. Watch the documentary “India’s Daughter” on youtube…. HOLY SHIT!! You have ATTORNEYS saying that the Mumbai Bus Rape victim essentially DESERVED to be raped for being out past 7 with someone that wasn’t a family member.
          FFS, I had no idea it was that bad in India for women…

          1. I think it’s a facet of “traditionalist” cultures in general, not only a Muslim thing.

          2. Detroit != Debuqe and Mumbai != Rest of India

        4. Remember, committing the crimes is not the same as not know the action is a crime.

        5. Moreover, even when they do know the local law, many of them feel only compelled to follow the barbaric law codes of their angry, rapey, murdery god. Not the laws of infidels.

          That’s not really the problem, is it? The problem is that the code they feel compelled to follow is bad.

          1. That’s not really the problem, is it? The problem is that the code they feel compelled to follow is bad.

            Is this where you pretend to disagree with me just to be disagreeable? Obviously the law code they feel compelled to follow is bad and obviously that’s what I said.

    4. “Men have weaknesses and when they see someone smiling it is difficult to control.”

      IOW: She was asking for it!

      1. That is an interesting argument. Let me try…

        I have a weakness when I see savages invading civilized countries. My finger begins itching badly.

        1. “We’ll let it go *this* time ?.”

    5. even when you are married to that person

      That part, at least, probably is something that people do need to be instructed about. It’s not very long since Western cultures pretty much considered marital rape an impossibility too.

    6. America could take a lesson from Norway in teaching men not to rape

      1. So, you’re a Trump supporter talking about those damn Mexicans?

      2. I’m pretty sure it’s already happening on college campuses.

    7. All immigrants are an asset.

      1. Which no one said ever.

        1. What are Dalmia and Cytotoxic, chopped liver?

          1. Don’t insult chopped liver.

          2. I honestly haven’t read a Dalmia column in ages.

            Even Cytotoxic, I think, would say that immigration is always good, not that all individual immigrants are always good.

            1. That was an actual Dalmia statement from one of her articles.

              1. OK, then one person said it.

                I’m a big supporter of very open immigration and freedom of movement. But some immigrants will inevitably be assholes and criminals.

            2. No I’m afraid not. Cytotoxic literally said that all immigrants are always good everywhere at all times. I offered him a chance to walk that back, maybe restate it without all the absolutist qualifiers and he refused and restated his position that there is no such thing as a bad consequence resulting from any immigration.

              1. I guess I gave him too much credit.

                Two people have said that, I guess.

                I’m about as opposed to restrictive immigration policies as I can be, but that’s just stupid. Of course some immigrants, just like some of any large class of people, will be bad people that do harm.

                1. Two people have said that, I guess.

                  I’d want to see a specific cite. FS is very skilled at rephrasing and wrenching things out of context to prove a retarded point.

                  1. I’d want to see a specific cite. FS is very skilled at rephrasing and wrenching things out of context to prove a retarded point.

                    I’m not scouring through Reason’s archives of the past two years to find this one conversation with one intellectually dishonest armchair warrior. But you are in a much better position to present your own citation of me “rephrasing and wrenching things out of context to prove a retarded point” since apparently I do it so much, the archives should be littered with examples. Go fetch one. Or just make a child rape joke because that’s probably easier.

                    1. Shorter FS: Since I like to make shit up, I’ll shift the burden of proof. Your intellectual honesty is always refreshing. Like the anus of a young girl.

                    2. Shorter FS: Since I like to make shit up, I’ll shift the burden of proof. Your intellectual honesty is always refreshing. Like the anus of a young girl.

                      You made your own allegation with it’s own burden of proof which would be much easier than finding one particular needle in an unindexed haystack. If this is something I do with such skill and regularity then by all means find one, just one. I reckon I post here often enough that you should find no shortage of examples.

                    3. This may or may not be the exact comment in question, but it was the best one I could readily find via Google:

                      Immigration has never ever been bad for a country ever.

                      Given cytotoxic’s rhetoric on the subject, I’m a little surprised you find the possibility of his having said so shocking, your little pissing match you guys have got going on notwithstanding.

                    4. Given cytotoxic’s rhetoric on the subject, I’m a little surprised you find the possibility of his having said so shocking, your little pissing match you guys have got going on notwithstanding.

                      The one I’m thinking of actually had me in the thread, conveying my shock that he wouldn’t retract his absolute qualifiers. But this is a fine example of what I’m talking about. The guy might not be serious and he gets a bit trollish on the subject, but it shouldn’t be so shocking that he would say it. That said, the child rapist’s problem here is that he is closer to Cytotoxics side of the issue than he is to mine coupled with the fact that he is generally a peevish guy whose debate style centers around impugning the intellectual integrity of whomever he wants to argue against.

                      If there is a pissing contest, I’ll let child rapist have the win, I’m not interested. I don’t need to prove anything.

              2. I believe he acknowledges there are some bad apples but the good that comes with immigration will overwhelm the bad.

                1. I believe he acknowledges there are some bad apples but the good that comes with immigration will overwhelm the bad.

                  IOW, nothing at all like what FS is claiming he said. Well, that’s par for the course.

                  1. Since we don’t have searchable post histories it’s difficult to dig up old posts, but I also seem to recall cytotoxic having offered that unqualified endorsement as well. It may or may not have been in the same thread where he said that it was better to give welfare to immigrants than to natives. He really likes to get his troll on when the immigration threads pop up. He doesn’t believes half of the hyperbolic, insane shit he says.

              3. Stop lying. I said that immigration is always good.

            3. Even Cytotoxic, I think, would say that immigration is always good

              India does need more populous cities. There’s not quite enough fecal matter in the streets yet

              1. I think you ought to restrict your analysis to immigration that has any chance of actually happening.

                I wasn’t trying to say he was right, necessarily. It doesn’t really matter to me. People have a right to freely travel (obviously excluding private property whose owners don’t want them there).

    8. After living for many, many…..way too many months with islamites in their nation it is truly insanity to import their culture.

      After years of slamming away I have finally managed to convince even my Smith College educated proggie wife of the issues with important islam. Even she was able to understand importing supporters of a culture which embraces rape, pedophilia, misogyny, and total hate for dissimilar cultures probably isn’t the best idea.

      1. “islamites ”

        “Musselmen”, please.

        1. Mohammadens?

            1. #NotyourSaladin

      2. But if we import them we can change them.


    9. Maybe Norwegians should play the Boondock Saints courtroom speech during their little ‘please don’t rape’ lecture.

      1. Boondock Saints rocked.

        1. you misspelled sucked

    10. I’m representing a dude in a divorce, and he & wife are from Nepal. Crazy aggression knows no gender: she’s thrown a sewing machine at him (apparently at his genitals?) and attempted to beat him with a hammer. So she could use some sensitivity training.

      Side note, it’s like I am becoming the attorney for the immigrant population lately – maybe I should add immigration law to the practice.

    11. “something happens in their heads”

      Or somewhere.

      So here is the feminist paradise where they actually “teach men not to rape.”

    12. “”If someone wants a lady he can just take her and he will not be punished,” at least not by the police.”

      Here, I think, we have your educational problem. The immigrants may think that as long as the woman doesn’t have a father or elder brother looking out for her, she’s fair game and the authorities won’t be bothered.

      So that would suggest that the “education” consist of showing that rapists get arrested, convicted and punished, not holding seminars about “rape is bad, OK?”

      1. So that would suggest that the “education” consist of showing that rapists get arrested, convicted and punished, not holding seminars about “rape is bad, OK?”

        Good luck with that. In some countries where the multicult is strong, it’s actually illegal to mention the race or nationality of the offender in any media publications and even in some court and police documents.

      2. I’m more along the lines of “after conviction, take them to the middle of the neighborhood they came out of, put a bullet in the rapist’s brain and burn the body as a message that the behaviour will not be tolerated.” It won’t take too many such messages to get people to notice.

        But there are those on these boards who take issue with the death penalty.

        1. Wrap it bacon and bury it in a shallow grave.

          1. Hell, feed the corpse to pigs. That would be somewhat unambiguous.

            1. Isn’t that best done with live criminals?

              (Remember when Dirothy fell into the pigsty in the Wiz of Oz – I always wondered why that was so scary. Little did I know)

  9. Police: Santa enters through the drive-through window, robs KFC

    ALFRETON, England, Dec. 21 (UPI) — Santa Claus is known for entering through chimneys, but British police said a not-so-jolly St. Nick climbed in a KFC drive-through window and demanded cash.

    Police said the “Bad Santa” was armed with a large knife instead of a sack of toys Saturday night when he climbed through the drive-through window of the KFC in Alfreton, England, and demanded access to the eatery’s safe.

    Weird Al called it.

    1. He came in thru the drive-in window/and though he tried his best to help me/ he could steal and he’d also rob

    2. We need common sense Santa control.

  10. Since 2010 almost half of the persons shot and killed by Georgia police have been either unarmed or shot in the back.

    The others were all shot in the front, but were not the intended targets.

    1. But 50% +1 were either armed or shoot in the front: Winning!

    2. No remarks about South Ossetian Police?

      Y’all pansies scared of Swiss or something?

  11. Tip jar thief got $6.77 after paying $9.82 for meal he left behind

    CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand, Dec. 21 (UPI) — The owner of a New Zealand restaurant said a man who stole a tip jar containing $6.77 forgot to take his food, which he had already purchased for $9.82.

    Security camera footage posted to Facebook by Nando’s Riccarton restaurant in Christchurch shows the man putting the tip jar which contained about $6.77 — 10 in New Zealand dollars — in his bag.

    The suspect was confronted by owner Yateen Lallu after the man spent a few moments in the bathroom before the empty tip jar was discovered on the restroom floor.[…]

    Lallu said the man’s crime didn’t turn any profit — he had already paid $9.82, 14.50 New Zealand dollars, for a meal that he left behind.

    “So it wasn’t worth it, he had a bad day. It was not good karma for the poor bloke,” Lallu said.

    1. Should have had the whole tight 5 for the All Blacks come over and rake him with their boots.

      1. Uh… racist?

        /Am I doing this right?

      2. +1 scary-ass haaka routine

  12. Donald Trump on journalists: “I would never kill them, but I do hate them.”

    He can only practice one kind of self-restraint at a time.

    1. That’s reassuring in the sense that a panhandler’s “I’m not trying to rob you” is reassuring – dude, you’re the one who brought it up!

      (suggested response to panhandler – “that’s great, so I guess I won’t be trying to beat you within an inch of your life. Merry Christmas!”)

  13. School makes teacher remove pink Hello Kitty Christmas tree

    BANGOR, Maine ? A Maine high school teacher is complaining that she was forced to remove a small pink Christmas tree festooned with the character Hello Kitty from her classroom.

    Catherine Gordon is a math teacher at Bangor High School. She wrote on her Facebook page that “everything offends everyone all the time” and that it “just sucks the joy out of everything.”

    The news of the pink tree’s removal took off on social media Monday. Even Republican congressman Bruce Poliquin weighed in, saying the school went too far in ordering the tree’s removal.

    WLBZ-TV reports the school superintendent issued a statement saying culture, traditions and holidays must have an educational component and must be tied to curriculum.

    1. the school superintendent issued a statement saying culture, traditions and holidays must have an educational component and must be tied to curriculum.

      “Today, children, we’re learning how Chris, uh, *winter holiday* is celebrated in Japan.”

      1. I’m not sure if you’re actually referencing the way that Japan, despite it’s low christian population, actually seems to love christmas.


        2. They’re really into baking “Christmas cake”. Which is bascially a birthday cake for a semi-god they don’t generally believe in. Which goes to prove, Christians don’t own Christmas. They just slapped their name on a preexisting holiday celebrating the winter solstice that pretty much everyone in the northern hemisphere has celebrated for thousands of years. Christmas trees are pagan idols too.

          1. I think it (whatever you want to call the holiday) really sprung out a need to socialize when it’s cold and/or gloomy out. Place some traditions around it, get a lot of people doing the same thing = holiday.

    2. Well, it offends good taste, that’s for sure.

      Did they cancel Christmas vacation too? Not sure what the educational component is there.

      1. A Christmas Story is a better Christmas movie, anyway.

        1. I’m not sure where I come down on that. Each has its merits.

    3. culture, traditions and holidays must have an educational component

      Seems like a low bar to hurdle actually.

  14. Nuisance or nice? Florida family’s holiday lights frazzle neighbors

    When it comes to holiday decorations, Kathy and Mark Hyatt go to extremes.

    In December, they transform their home in Plantation, Florida, into a 200,000-light spectacle, with Santas, reindeer and candy canes blanketing the lawn, snowflakes and angels twinkling in the sky, and a sign over the garage beckoning visitors to “Believe in the Magic of Christmas.”

    The reaction of some neighbors and their city? Bah humbug!

    “This is a war zone, all because of the ego of that guy,” said neighbor Rafael Imbert, 65, who erects a plastic construction fence to keep the thousands of sightseers lured by the lights off his lawn.

    Disputes over holiday displays go hand in hand with the annual tradition. One person’s festive spirit can bring out the Grinch in others, leading to fines, strained relationships and – in rarer cases – lawsuits claiming that decorations have gone too far.

    The Hyatts are the target of such a lawsuit: The city of Plantation, about 30 miles north of Miami, is seeking to shut down their display that it deems a public nuisance. The couple is not backing down.

    What say ye, Reasonoids? Do the neighbors have a legitimate claim, or does it not rise to the level of actionable harm?

    1. If the fence fails to keep the sightseers off his lawn, then the neighbors have an actionable claim that the guy in the holiday spirit needs to take steps to protect other’s property from those who come to see him.

    2. Why does anyone *need* a 200K-light display?

      1. We need common sense light control.

    3. Actionable claim.

      What the Hyatts should do is recompense people for the cost of barriers (really, should set up some traffic control of their own, including security to shoo people off their neighbor’s lawns) and find something they can do for the neighborhood that takes the sting out of having to weave through idiot pedestrians when you’re on your way home (like, say, throwing a party for the neighbors to show your appreciation for their forbearance).

      Its amazing how people’s attitudes to this sort of thing will change if you make an attempt to mitigate the costs to them instead of just assuming they’ll suck it up like the losers they are.

      But all that shit costs money and why shouldn’t you be able to do what you want. Just you though – those other people need the firm hand of government to guide them through their lives.

      1. This ^

        During Halloween my family had two smoke machines going. We live on a curve people tend to take too fast. Just to be safe we asked and got permission from our neighbors to put up some lights on the edge of their lawn highlighting the curb. They appreciated our thoughtfulness, complimented our display, and didn’t mind that we had lights going and music playing until 11 that night (we informed all our neighbors ahead of time about the smoke machines, so they wouldn’t worry).

    4. No.

      If people are trampling the neighbors lawns then the people doing the trampling are responsible, not the guy with christmas lights.

      Also, who gets out of their cars for something like that? You put the kids in the car and drive around looking at lights, you don’t get out and walk around on private property.

      1. There is a small portion of the human population which is part moth, and is drawn instictively to bright lights.

        1. The neighbors should install giant bug-zappers.

    5. I’d have to look at the details and local laws to see if this is a legitimate claim, but if the people have true Christmas spirit they shouldn’t be provoking their neighbors like this.

      Now, here:

      “Rafael Imbert, 65…off his lawn.”

      Give that man a libertarian party card!

      1. Give that man a libertarian party card!

        … or an M-1

    6. There is an area near me that is moderately famous for Christmas lights – tour buses and everything. There don’t seem to be any humbugs because surely we would have heard from them.

  15. The attacks between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are getting personal.

    The personal is the political or the political is the personal. Pick whichever one sounds more poignant.

  16. Since 2010 almost half of the persons shot and killed by Georgia police have been either unarmed or shot in the back.

    Van Leek and Billy Ray Smith approve?

  17. This Day in History

    1772 – Construction of the first schoolhouse west of the Allegheny Mountains was started in Schoenbrunn, Ohio, by Moravian missionaries.

    1807 – The U.S. Congress passed the Embargo Act.

    1864 – During the Civil War, Union general William T. Sherman sent a message to President Lincoln saying, “I beg to present you as a Christmas gift the city of Savannah.”

    1894 – French army officer Capt. Alfred Dreyfus was convicted of treason in a court-martial.

    1989 – Playwright Samuel Beckett died at age 83.

    1989 – Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu was overthrown.

    2001 – Hamid Karzai sworn in as president of Afghanistan.

    2010 – President Obama officially repealed the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” military policy.

      1. Old-timey political cartoons were so awesome.

      2. Needs more labels.

    1. #1 is the not. I’m pretty sure there were schools in French Louisiana

    2. “I beg to present you as a Christmas gift the city of Savannah.”

      If he was giving the city as a Christmas gift, no wonder he took special precautions to make sure it was in a fit state for a Presidential present:

      “Sherman made sure there was no plundering or burning in Savannah. The city had surrendered, and the General wanted to reward the town’s residents. Beyond that, he found Savannah to be a beautiful place.”

    3. Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu was overthrown.

      His, and his wife’s, trial and execution were filmed. Those films used to be up on youtube.

      1. I saw an interview with the General that was in charge of their trial and shooting…he described the firing squad as…impatient. Something to the effect of fire on 3…”1.. BANG BANG, BANG, BANG”. Then he laughed.

  18. A group of Kenyan Muslims shielded a group of Christians on a bus that was under attack by the terrorist group Al-Shabaab.

    Yes but do any of them have long form birth certificates?


      1. SO GLAD WE ELECTED ONE !111!!11!1!!!!111!!

  19. “Since 2010 almost half of the persons shot and killed by Georgia police have been either unarmed or shot in the back.”

    It’s suicide, to live on pride,

    You claim you own, your skin your bone,

    Your own life, cuts you like a knife,

    The rider wearing black,

    He’s gonna Shoot You In The Back

    1. They always shoot you in the back of the neck

    2. ^^^^^^+10000000

  20. Denmark defends plans to strip migrants of their jewellery and valuables after comparisons to Nazi Germany, saying: ‘You must pay for yourself before you get benefits’
    New policies to search newly arrived refugees for valuables criticised
    International outrage saw Denmark compared to Nazi Germany
    Government defends policy, saying it’s same rules for refugees and Danes
    Unemployed Danes must sell valuables above ?976 to get social benefits

    1. Seems reasonable. If you have jewelry you can sell, then you have money to spend on food.

      1. How else can the state be sure of 100% dependency?

      2. Not once the government takes it.

        Then you get to remain on government bennies for life and in a generation you have France.

    2. Yeah, expecting people to pay for things if they can is just like the Nazis. As we all know, the Nazis gave all of those Jews comfortable apartments and money for food after they took their valuables.

      1. Well, they had to shower them up first.

      2. They also gave them jobs.

        1. Because work makes you free!

          1. Will they have to wear armbands with little crescents on them?

    3. “Unemployed Danes must sell valuables above ?976 to get social benefits”

      It’s funny how progs don’t mention these little details when they’re parroting the whole “Denmark is a socialist utopia” schtick.

      1. Is it not? From each according to their ability.

  21. Intelligence genes discovered by scientists

    Researchers have believed for some time that intellect is inherited with studies suggesting that up to 75 per cent of IQ is genetic


    1. why anyone would think intelligence is not heritable to a significant degree is beyond my comprehension.

      1. Because it fucks with the proggie narrative which holds that equality of outcome is possible. See, those poor people who have been on welfare for generations are not stupid and lazy, they simply suffer from bad luck and structural racism. Now, it’s not their fault that they are stupid, but it’s not our fault either.

    2. Common sense, however, can only be learned. Good luck.

    3. Not surprised in the slightest. It honestly wouldn’t make sense for IQ not to be inheritable to a large degree.

      1. Humans, for the most part, are more intelligent than chimps, ergo intelligence has a large genetic component.

        1. Humans, for the most part, are more intelligent than chimps

          I used to believe that, but then the current presidential race started…

        2. “Humans, for the most part, are more intelligent than chimps,…”

          There is no evidence of that.


              1. I approve of those chimps

              2. Hold on – I didn’t see the chimps wearing lampshades on their heads of telling their bosses what they really thought of them.

        3. That shows that the general level of intelligence shared by humans is genetic, but doesn’t necessarily mean that variations among people is. Though I’ve never doubted that it is largely genetic. Of course, it’s also pretty obvious that there are lots of environmental and developmental factors involved too.

          1. “That shows that the general level of intelligence shared by humans is genetic, but doesn’t necessarily mean that variations among people is.”

            If general “human intelligence” is genetic, I would be pretty fucking amazing if intelligence variations within the human race weren’t genetic.

            1. I think I read about IQ tests that showed Jewish immigrant populations with low IQs and then their children with much higher IQs. They suggested IQ is probably heavily influenced by education.

              Obviously genes are a big component but I think there’s more there. If a kid grows up in a home where education is pushed and has to study every day they will likely do better than someone who grows up in a home where the parents are AWOL. If you switched those positions their IQs probably change.

              I realize IQ tests are supposed to be less about education and more about processin but the ones I’ve seen weren’t. Analogies of words for instance can’t be done without definitions.

              1. The key flaw spotted in IQ tests is language comprehension. A lot of the groups which show high one generation IQ jumps also have an initial generation whose grasp of the language the test is administered is which just isn’t as good as that of a native speaker.

                That alone makes the data less useful for drawing conclusions.

              2. People do try to make IQ tests that don’t require knowing specific facts like definitions of uncommon words or having formal mathematical training. Not sure how successfully.

                I think education probably can increase some people’s intelligence. Or at least help to develop skills needed to reason and think effectively.

              3. Childhood nutrition also helps, I would imagine.

            2. Which is why I don’t doubt it. But amazing things do happen sometimes. And things like nutrition and having enough stimulus as a child do have significant effects on intelligence. I was specifically addressing the comment about human vs. chimp intelligence.

              I’m sure pretty much every characteristic has a genetic component.

        4. RACIST!!11!!!111!!

    4. Note that this is essentially one standard deviation. So you could test at 85 as you enter school around age 5 and make it all the way to 100 or test at 115 and make it to 130. Only in cases where actual abuse on the order of starvation and sensory deprivation (spending years locked in a closet) is anyone going to “lose” all 25%.

    5. Researchers have believed for some time that intellect is inherited with studies suggesting that up to 75 per cent of IQ is genetic

      I’ve been saying this for years. How in the world someone could think genetics don’t play a role in intelligence is beyond me. There’s a reason I don’t hire a banana to do my taxes.

      If one’s genetic inheritance determines every aspect of their physical being, but somehow we’re supposed to believe the brain is different. Their argument goes something like this: The brain and associated cognitive functions are not inherited but developed through interaction with the environment, everyone is born with exactly the same brain and mind, then the more welfare benefits you heap onto that developing young child the smart he gets. Science!

      One more nail in the coffin of egalitarianism.

    6. up to 75 per cent of IQ is genetic

      Meaning what, R squared in the minimally adequate model? And what else was in the model?

    1. Who says they hate America?


    2. They must have defected from the Ghost Regiments of the Iraqi army.

    3. You know who else employed ghosts?…

        1. +1 psi beacon

      1. Aragorn, son of Arathorn?

        1. I lol !!!

        2. Good one, Switzy.

        3. Yes, well done LTC.

      2. The guy who was trying to protect his power pellet crop from the marauding Pac-Men?

      3. Mrs. Sarah L. Winchester?

      4. Mr. Chicken?

      5. The guy with the rubber mask, who would have gotten away with it, if it weren’t for those meddling kids?

    4. This is reassuring…maybe they aren’t obsessively focused on military efficiency.

  22. Reasonauts,

    I will be on the north side of Chicago for the next few days, does anyone have any good recommendations for breweries/places to get shithoused? My only current destination is Revolution Brewing.

    1. Goose Island is there as well. I recommend Hopleaf, however. Great beer menu (and great food).

      1. Thought about GI, if they have Bourbon County I may not be able to affirm that you are, in fact, the worst.

      2. Goose Island has gotten so much hate by the Micro Brewers ever since they were acquired by Anheuser-Busch. So far I have been happy with how they have handled the change. I always loved their sours, and as long as they keep making $20 bottles of beer, I’ll be happy. At the least, the purchase has increased the availability of some of their best beers.

        Unfortunately, Shock Top and Blue Moon were both decent breweries until about 2-3 years after their acquisition at which point pressures to turn them into low margin breweries caused their beers to become nothing but thinly disguised, syrupy malt beverages.

        I’m a bit concerned that Goose seems to be modifying their beers to chase the hoppaholic market. I have nothing against hoppy beers, but I really liked Goose where it was. Hopefully it isn’t a permanent change.

        1. Goose makes their money on 312 and such so it makes sense to push that and similar low-cost beers. They keep BCS and their Belgian series (Sofie, Matilda etc…) going pretty strong so it’s hard to fault them. So long as Honker’s is cheaper than Bud Light at the Cardinals game I’m not complaining.

          1. Dammit, DG – now I want to load up on Sofie….and Bourbon County…and Matilda.

            1. I mean, I’m not stopping you….BCS is such a double edged sword, I get some every year and have to decide whether to drink it then or age it and make it more delicious…..

              Get some Pepe Nero while you’re loading up.

              1. I simply cannot keep the BCS long enough to age…MUST DRINK IMMEDIATELY!

  23. almost half of the persons shot and killed by Georgia police have been either unarmed or shot in the back

    Why can’t it be both?

    1. Yes for those who prefer their oppression on the rocks

    2. “Why can’t it be both?”

      Mr. “or” says it can.

      1. Either/or is usually an exclusive or. May only anve one of the two traits being compared.

  24. Venezuela announces new ‘people’s parliament’ as the country’s elite face mounting drug charges
    Venezuela’s government has found an ingenious way to cling on to power in their rapidly-unravelling state: announcing the creation of a new, parallel parliament which will run as a “people’s assembly,” beside the National Assembly they no longer control….

    …Reports in America in the early hours of Wednesday suggested that a New York prosecutor was preparing to charge the head of the country’s border agency with drug trafficking ? a highly significant move, which would be the first time a sitting official has been charged on narcotics offences.
    Nestor Reverol, a high-ranking ally of the late president Hugo Chavez and head of the National Guard, has used his social media account to champion his team’s work in detecting drug shipments from Colombia. But he and his deputy are likely to face charges later this month of collusion with cartels….

    1. You know who else modified existing government institutions when they wouldn’t give him what he wanted?

      1. Elizabeth Warren?

      2. Darth Vader?

      3. Imperator Barack Mendacious Obama?

    2. ” the first time a sitting official has been charged on narcotics offences.”

      Ever heard of Manuel Noriega?

      1. We deposed him – then charged him.

        1. From theNy Times 1988:

          “MIAMI, Feb. 5? Gen. Manuel Antonio Noriega, the military ruler of Panama, in effect sold his government to drug traffickers for millions of dollars in bribes and turned Panama into a capital of international cocaine smuggling, the Justice Department charged in two indictments made public today….

          “”I recognized the implications of indicting a person who controls a country, and General Noriega controls Panama,” [US Attorney Leon B.] Kellner said. But he said he had received ”no hindrance” from any official in the Reagan Administration in pursuing the 14-month investigation.”

          The invasion was at the end of the following year.

          1. Phooey, I got it backwards.

            In my defense, I was six and seven at the times involved.

    3. “the first time a sitting official has been charged on narcotics offences”

      Ever hear of Manuel Noriega?

    4. Like with Noriega, I don’t understand how we can prosecute foreign nationals for breaking or laws on their soil. That’s like some Saudi Arabian prosecutor going after me for drinking alcohol in the US.

  25. Sooo. About the killer driver in Las Vegas.

    White lives matter?

    /shrugs shoulders, turns and walks away with hands in pocket.

    1. ::dives into bunker, cowers under cover in fear::

    2. A Fox News reporter tweeted that the police are “uncomfortable” about revealing her motive.

      *** walks away muttering ***

    3. Hands up don’t accelerate?

    4. Move along. Nothing to see here.

    1. Without wife pics that article is decidedly useless

      1. I have a feeling that evidence will be withheld, as the plaintiff would probably be forced to give more money too Bethesda.

      2. She must be really bad – FO4 is not that great of a game.

    2. “He says that he didn’t know the game would be “so addictive.””

      Right. Personality probably has little to do with it, right?

      Back in the 80s when Atari, Odysse, Intellegent (sp.?), Commodore 64, Sega, Colego Vision and so on were the games, if we’d play ( WE WERE THE ORIGINAL VIDEO GAMES GENERATION) for a couple of hours we’d realize ‘this is retarded’ and head out.

      1. That’s one of several reasons I’m not into video games, particularly the new, huge ones. The old school games were great because you could just play a little game for a while and stop whenever you get tired of it. The newer immersive sorts of games are amazing for sure, but I just cannot imagine where that would fit into my life. I like sleeping and doing productive things too much.

        1. You have to invest immense and immeasurable amounts of time with new games.

          Give me Galaga anyday!

        2. Play the Ultimas and tell me that again. There always have been games that are quick distractions and games that took a lot of time investment. There have always been social gamers and addicts.

          1. Yeh. I dabble in them whenever I’m around my niece and nephews. I ask for the simple games.

          2. I’m sure there are some games that would work for me. I just don’t have any video game shaped hole in my life, nor a desire to have something else to spend money on.

    3. Honestly like everything else in life you need moderation, and self discipline. I only play on my days off. I cannot be showing up to work overtired, or late over a game.

      1. That is why I scheduled my vacation for the week it came out, after the binge, it’s out of my system and had no negative impact on my employment.

  26. Dutch driving instructors can trade lessons for sex

    (CNN)Well it brings a whole new meaning to the saying “going Dutch…”

    Ministers in the Netherlands have confirmed that it is legal for driving instructors to offer lessons in exchange for sex.

    Prostitution is legal and regulated in the country, where workers are considered “self-employed” and can openly advertize in newspapers and online.

    1. I know how to drive. Are the Dutch accepting immigrants?

    2. “Well it brings a whole new meaning to the saying “going Dutch…””

      That’s too close to my “Dutch treat” joke the other day. I’m suing you for copyright infringement.

    3. I bet they do this in Harderwijk, get it?

    4. “No one ever pays me in sex.” *frown*

  27. IRS gains power to revoke tax scofflaws’ passports

    A new enforcement provision passed by Congress and signed into law earlier this month allows the government to revoke the passports of seriously delinquent tax scofflaws ? people who owe more than $50,000 to Uncle Sam


    1. And the IRS is “understaffed” and “overworked.” Good luck getting your passport back!

    2. Terrible.

      To me, these are forms of tyranny.

            1. No. I mean, yes.

  28. The Daily Mail never fails to deliver. Merry Christmas, Steele family.. from the Burlington Police department..

    1. Yep….

      One of the many reasons why I stay as far away from my ex as possible. We have one neighbor who is the sort who would call the cops thinking that the cops will help.

      Most of the cops in our local pd are ok, but there is one corporal who I think is one bad day away from an officer-involved shooting, and I’m not interested in playing russian roulette regarding who gets sent over to deescalate the situation.

      As far as the cops where she lives: well the police reports of all the times she’s called them paint me and the kids in a pretty monstrous light. I keep my nose very clean when I transit through her town or go to her place to pick up the kids…

      1. and the kids”

        Now that’s fucked up. Sorry, dude.

    2. ‘Based upon my review of the case with the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation and a full review of the facts and circumstances provided to me concerning the death of Mrs. Autumn Steele, it is determined

      Drum roll, please…

      …’that no criminal charges against Officer Jesse Hill are supported by the evidence’

      Whoa, I totally didn’t see that coming!

      1. Hmmm…this is interesting…a search of Google News shows several reports of this tragedy in Iowa papers, a report in a New York paper, a report in an Irish paper…and a report in three UK papers.

        So the story (apart from local news) got more coverage in the UK than in this country.

        1. PS – look at the respective races of the cop (black) and the victim (white).

          I guess the white community leaders won’t be issuing appeals for calm and urging whites not to riot.

    3. I’m sure that if I slipped in the snow and killed my neighbor while trying to kill their dog, that nothing else would have happened. There’s no double standard. That’s a myth.

      1. Dog was so much of a terrorizing menace that he just trotted around happily not displaying any aggression as the woman lay dying….I can see why the cop was so preoccupied with shooting it!

      2. Well you were trying to protect yourself from injury. Everyone knows that you can do anything, kill anyone or anything, as long as it happens while trying to protect yourself from injury. You getting home safe is all that matters, costumes notwithstanding of course.

      3. An animal hearing board voted unanimously that the dog wasn’t dangerous and he was returned to his owners.

        Turns out, when you run up to a dog’s owner in its presence, armed, in the dog’s mind you aren’t there to deescalate the situation.

    4. There’s going to be a time when people stop accepting “it’s an accident”, right? There’s going to be a time where cops and DAs are held accountable, right?

      1. Has there ever been a time when that was true?

    5. The cop involved returned to active duty back in March. He got about a 2 month paid vacation.

    6. “You know, in certain older civilised cultures, when men failed as entirely as you have, they would throw themselves on their swords.”

    7. And, then there’s THIS

  29. The attacks between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are getting personal.

    From the link:

    GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. ? Donald Trump is taking his criticism of Hillary Clinton into new territory.
    The Republican front-runner mocked his Democratic counterpart for a “disgusting” bathroom trip she made during Saturday night’s debate, and said Barack Obama “schlonged” her in the 2008 primaries at a raucous rally here on Monday night.
    Story Continued Below
    For Trump ? who comments often on Clinton’s penchant for pantsuits, has insinuated she is in a lesbian relationship with close aide Huma Abedin and insists she doesn’t have “the strength or the stamina” to be president ? Monday’s remarks take his focus on her personal life to a new level of intimacy.
    Remarking on Clinton’s late return to the podium after using the bathroom during a commercial break at this weekend’s Democratic debate, Trump said, “I know where she went. It’s disgusting. I don’t want to talk about it. It’s disgusting.”
    Trump also took a shot at Clinton for losing the Democratic nomination to Obama in 2008. “She was favored to win and she got schlonged,” he said. “She lost. I mean, she lost.”

    I can honestly say I never even considered voting for the Trump/Ivanka ticket until just now.

    1. If you were writing a satirical novel about America, and you had your boorish idiot who was running for president lose, it would be a massive artistic cop-out. We have to vote for Trump. Think of the comedy we’d miss out on if he’s not president. Sithrak demands it.

      1. It’s about time this country put a practicing Discordian in the White House.

        1. VOTE FOR TRUMP
          VOTE FOR ART

          1. YUKS FOR THE YUK GOD

            1. Yuk it up, X…

      2. I vote for the jokes!

      3. If we can’t have Biden, I guess Trump will do.

        1. Biden is a comedy mastermind, with a long, rich, well documented history of gaffe and faux pas.. pedigree, if you will. Trump is merely a drunken heckler in the crowd. You would do well to remember that, as you so casually dismiss him…

          “One does not applaud the tenor for clearing his throat”

    2. I also feel the urge at times. I live in the Northeast, so I have lots of neighbors who are hyperventilating about the possibility of a Trumpocracy.

    3. He really is going for the lowest common denominator with the poop jokes.

      All kidding aside, I’m normally not one for conspiracy theories but that he’s a foil to ensure Hillary’s election is looking more reasonable every day.

    4. I try to vote for the candidate who will bankrupt the country faster. Trump vs. Hitlery is a tough decision. In addition to their moral bankruptcy, they both have been personally bankrupt. I may have to sit this one out.

      1. Trump is so incompetent he bankrupted several casinos, but that probably still puts him leagues ahead of Clinton in the competency department.

  30. It was recently pried out of our govt in Minnesoda that they had to pay $534K to the IRS because they violated the rules for issuing bonds.

    The story has also been buried in the local rags. Probably so us plebes don’t get our panties in a bunch over how this could happen and why the agency that screwed up was so secretive about it.

    I’m pretty sure they won’t dock the retirement pension of the guy who fucked this all up.

    1. “I’m pretty sure they won’t dock the retirement pension of the guy who fucked this all up.”

      What are we? Nazis? Hey, he tried his best.. and that’s what counts. Keeping his pension is his orange participation ribbon…

      1. Well fuck you Path, your Reason Commenter pension is going to be docked for failing to close your italic tag.

        1. I suffer from a vitamin ?/i? deficiency, asshole! You wouldn’t make fun of a guy with Diabetes, would you? You’re just like the IRS.. and worse than Hitler…

          *runs away sulking*

          1. You wouldn’t make fun of a guy with Diabetes, would you?

            I’m pretty sure we make fun of SugarFree all the time.

            1. *Narrows gaze*

              1. You’ll feel better after you take your insulin.

                1. You’ll feel better after you take your insulin.

                  or eat a snickers bar

                  1. What are you trying to do, get his other foot cut off?

                  2. “Chefs”
                    Great Googly Moogly …

  31. Commonwealth of Virginia to stop honoring out-of-state concealed carry permits.

    Fortunately, governors may not serve more than one consecutive term.

    1. Virginia law lists 20 conditions that would disqualify a person from being issued a concealed carry handgun permit. They include anyone in the United States illegally, subject to a protection from abuse order, or convicted of various criminal charges from drunken driving to assault and battery.

      DUI? Really?

      1. Yes, really. They know they can’t make them illegal outright, but they’re trying their best to make them effectively illegal with numerous overlapping laws.

      2. Carpetbaggers are ruining our proud traditions.

        1. Carpetbaggers are ruining our proud traditions.

          Welcome to my world.

          /Native Floridians

      3. UT is like that too.

    2. “All 25 states stated that they would no longer honor VA concealed carry permits, or driver’s licenses.”

  32. A bit of heart-warming history I stumbled on this morning:

    There were few, if any, victorious moments to share from Master Sgt. Roddie Edmonds’ combat time in World War II. So he kept quiet.

    He told his son little of how his platoon, part of the 422nd Regiment, landed in Nazi Germany in 1944, a group of untested soldiers entering the final stages of the war.

    He kept quiet about December 19, the day Edmonds and his men were captured in the Battle of the Bulge, the last major Nazi offensive of the war, which caught Allied forces off guard. And he never told anyone what happened a month later in a prisoner-of-war camp in the heart of Germany.

    He took that secret to his grave when he died in 1985, two weeks shy of his 66th birthday: the story about the day he challenged the commander of the POW camp and saved all the Jews under his command.

    1. And it’s a shame he took that with him to the grave, but I’m glad other survivors told the story.

    2. Nice. Glossed over it but will read later.

      What a true hero and human being.

    3. Just read the link, it got awful dusty here all of a sudden.

    4. Wow! A really great story, and an antidote to the nutpunches that we get here so often!

  33. A group of Kenyan Muslims shielded a group of Christians on a bus that was under attack by the terrorist group Al-Shabaab.

    I think this is noteworthy. This doesn’t erase the beheading, mutilation, stoning and persecution, but it’s something.

    1. Every journey begins with a first step, so yes.

    2. Good to read.

      Now, get these Muslims some guns of their own, so they can start killing Al-Shabaab.

    1. 9:48, KK. Pwned!

    2. And to think we were less than a thousand votes away from a republican AG.

    3. Damn youuuuuuuu!!!!

  34. Obo to sue for copyright infringement!

    “Obama says Trump is ‘exploiting’ anger and fear over economic insecurities”
    “Those workers are “no longer getting the same bargain of going to a factory and being able to support a family on a single paycheck,” Obama told Steve Inskeep,”

    But the lightbringer has fixed the economy in the 6 years he’s been in office, hasn’t he?

    1. Do you know who else was schlonged by Obama?

        1. I think you got that backwards…

      1. Cory Booker?

      2. The American people?

  35. If you didn’t hear, SpaceX landed their first stage back on the launch pad after putting some satellites in orbit yesterday.

    1. The video is super cool, too. Though I feel compelled to hate them since I sent them a resume a year ago and never heard anything. Dicks.

      1. Maybe they aren’t ready for your Space Seed?

      2. I wonder if Blue Origin would spite-hire you if you told them that.

        1. My former manager does work there…

      3. They still haven’t finished testing their Doomcock containment facility yet. Think of the liability if they rushed that, and it didn’t work.

      4. Maybe it would have gone better if your resume hadn’t been drawn on a brown lunch bag with crayon and accompanied by a picture of you squatting a payload into low earth orbit? Or at least have drawn yourself in normal gym clothes and not a singlet?


      5. I never heard back from them either. Oddly, they were insanely interested in the guys from the car-based project teams rather than in the satellite based ones.

    2. Pretty sure this is one of 9 (?) tries; more power to them if they fixed what failed the other times.

      1. New kinds of rockets tend to do a lot of exploding before people figure out all the details. I’m sure they will get it sorted out.

        1. So it IS rocket surgery?

    3. Niiice. That’s huge, btw. Reusable first stage is a huge savings. Self-landing VTO is also really big.

    4. Yeah, after I waste a weekend trying to save Valentina Kerman from orbit, they go and do amazing stuff in real life.

      (I will eventually get that Kerbal back down safely…)

      1. Now to reference a post made above, if there’s any game manufacturer I’d like to sue for addiction, it’s the makers of Kerbal (well, them and Football Manager)

        1. Years ago, I ‘flew’ the shuttle on a simulator. I couldn’t get the thing on the ground visually; it was all over the place.
          Either fly the instruments or crash!

          1. Either fly the instruments or crash!

            They simulated that very well in Kerbal Space Program. I was unable to finish the ‘Get to Orbit’ tutorial because they disabled key features you’d normally need to elanly execute the move. It was easier to do it in the game proper than in the tutorial.

        2. My main problem is that I haven’t unlocked the fine maneuvering motors needed for a proper intercept and retrieval. So all of my attempts have been clumsily done with basic liquid fueled motors.

  36. What would Trump do to journalists who skip the alt-text?

  37. Damon, I appreciate your commitment to accuracy in referring to the migrants to Europe as “migrants”, and not “refugees”.

    I also appreciate that you didn’t run any crude agitprop photos of cute li’l tykes to illustrate the “refugee” problem.

  38. The only way I’ll pay any more attention to either Hillary OR Trump is if they mud-wrestle on live TV.

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