J. Neil Schulman's Alongside Night Now Streaming at Amazon Prime

Film of 1979 dystopian classic novel tells tale of revolt and "Agorism."


Over the years, I've met lots of libertarians who have told me how big a deal for them was J. Neil Schulman's 1979 novel Alongside Night. It's a dystopian tale that explores the philosophy of Agorism (read more about that here).

Schulman is more into making movies these days than penning novels and he directed a version of the film that was released in 2014 and is now streaming on Amazon Prime and elsewhere. It stars Kevin Sorbo, best known as TV's Hercules. A trailer is above.

Go here for the film's Facebook page and here for its official website.

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  1. Schulman’s website is a whole lotta awesome. Here’s a nice quote from a piece on global warming,

    “The excuse that we can’t produce the fossil-fuel energy we need to power economic growth ? that the so-called “carbon footprint” is in fact an Orwellian jackboot on the throat of every working man and woman in the world ? is over. All that’s left is to awaken people to how they’ve been manipulated, lied to, robbed, and kicked in the teeth, to bring the criminals to justice, and immediately to ramp up the production of cheaply available coal, oil, shale oil, and natural gas needed to heat our homes, light our schools, and power our transportation.”

  2. This looks terrible.

    1. Yeah… I found the TRAILER low-grade… can’t imagine watching the fucking thing…

      1. Fuck that, this movie has great hair.

  3. Posting here because my namesake was in the splash art.

  4. For such a low budget movie it has an incredible cast.

    1. If you find a bunch of washed up TV stars incredible. And Kevin Sorbo’s wife.

      This cast is probably like 35% of the conservatives in Hollywood.

      1. Untrue. Most of the cast are liberals and leftists.

  5. Looks like Neal has a cameo at 0:21.

  6. I saw a screening in Vegas. It was painful.

  7. Thanks to Nick Gillespie.

    Curious that half the comments are classic trolling. Of course Reason’s blog would be a prime target for paid government, intelligence agency, and opposition political operatives to convince cultural libertarians that an indie film promoting libertarian ideas must be incompetent crap.

    Yeah. Go with that meme if you enjoy statism.

  8. Why should you believe the guy who wrote the novel and wrote/produced/directed the movie when there are anonymous commenters telling you the truth about how lousy a libertarian-themes movie is?

    Decide for yourself:

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