Rapist Cop Daniel Holtzclaw Convicted, Fine for Speeding in D.C. Raised to $1,000, How to Hack ISIS: A.M. Links


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Brickbat: Big Fat Target —By Charles Oliver

Donald Trump May Be a Dangerous Buffoon, But He's No HitlerAmericans worried about a future Hitler should oppose abusive executive power no matter who is president. —By David Harsanyi

California Climate Policies Chilling Housing GrowthState Supreme Court ruling will make California housing even pricier. —By Steven Greenhut

Movie Review: In the Heart of the SeaChris Hemsworth in an old-school whaling tale. —By Kurt Loder

Star Wars, RemixedGeorge Lucas' universe is a mashup masterwork. —By Amy Sturgis

Darth Lenin Comes to OdessaUkraine recently passed a law banning Communist monuments. But instead of destroying a statue of Vladimir Lenin, an artist was allowed to transform it. Lenin is now Darth Vader. —By Jesse Walker

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