Star Wars, by the Numbers


  • $1.75 Price of a poster for the then-upcoming Star Wars at one of the first Comic-Cons in 1976
  • $3 Cost of a ticket at San Francisco's Coronet Theatre on opening weekend in 1977
  • $7,500 A single day of voice work by James Earl Jones
  • $15,000 Amount Fox docked from George Lucas' pay due to overruns during filming
  • $255,000 Box office revenue on the first day of A New Hope's release in 32 theaters
  • $2.2 billion Total box office revenue for all the Star Wars movies released so far
  • 42 million Star Wars items sold in 1977
  • 26 million Star Wars action figures sold in 1977
  • $10 "Donation" cost of a 3-hour training session on how to wield a lightsaber from San Francisco's Golden Gate Knights
  • 29 million Views on YouTube garnered by the viral hit video of chubby "Star Wars kid" showing off his sweet lightsaber skills
  • 53,917 The number of New Zealanders who listed Jedi as their religion in the last census
  • $4 billion Expected earnings from the yet-to-be-released The Force Awakens, according to Disney CEO Bob Iger