A.M. Links: Trump Calls for Banning Muslims from Entering U.S., Air France Flight Diverted After Anonymous Threat, F.B.I. Says San Bernardino Killers Radicalized 'For Quite Some Time'


  • Credit: Todd Kranin

    Donald Trump is doubling down on his disgraceful call for banning Muslims from entering the United States.

  • An Air France flight from San Francisco to Paris has been diverted due to an anonymous threat.
  • "Chicago officials released video late Monday that showed a city police officer dragging a detainee through a hallway hours before the man died in a local hospital."

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  1. Donald Trump is doubling down on his disgraceful call for banning Muslims from entering the United States.

    Luckily for Trump wall screeners, all he needs to block have similar shades.

    1. Hello.

      “According to the F.B.I, San Bernardino killers Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik “were radicalized and have been for quite some time.”

      I opened with this in yesterday’s AM links with the question that if this is so, how did they end up under the radar of law enforcement?

      Also. Did I read right? Their co-workers gave the cunt a shower before she murdered them? It never ceases to amaze me how depraved they really are. It’s like a genetic malfunction or some shit.

      1. Also. Did I read right? Their co-workers gave the cunt a shower before she murdered them?

        Yes. She was furious that they were implying that her hygiene was lacking.

        1. Credit given. Your account is still in the red, though.

          1. Hey, I did not use the word “douche-nozzle.” That ought to be worth something.

            1. Whatever Asshat. Or is it Butt Pirate? *Goes to scroll Youtube comments*

            2. Douche nozzle is so 2012.

          2. pfft, whatevs, just let him know when crusty finally unblocks him.

        2. Her breath musta stank bad too.

      2. Religion of peice.

      3. Maybe inbreeding over generations is a bad thing.

        1. Nonsense. How else are you supposed to get that Hapsburg jaw?

          The thing about inbreeding is that it is something that happens a lot wherever you have small, somewhat isolated populations. So I don’t know how much you can put down to that.

      4. how did they end up under the radar of law enforcement?

        Well, it could be that they kept a low enough profile not to be noticed until they did something terrible. Or the law enforcement people have too much information to deal with. Or they fucked up. Or lied. I’m still waiting for it to come out that they were working for the FBI.

        Here’s a followup question: Do we want the FBI monitoring social media closely and closely monitoring anyone who appears might be “radicalized”? I know some pretty radical woodchipper wielding maniacs who I wouldn’t count on the Feds leaving alone.

      5. “Did I read right? Their co-workers gave the cunt a shower before she murdered them?”

        When the magical bullshit fantasy world in your head is more important to you than the real world that we actually live in this kind of behavior is easy to explain.

    2. Good Morning. I wish somebody would make the Redskins great again.

      1. “Look at that little monkey run!”

        1. excuse you:

          “Joe Gibbs wanted to get this kid and that little monkey gets loose doesn’t he?”

      2. Desean Jackson. Tsk, tsk, tsk. You live and die by the punk.

      3. 0-5 on the road with 3 road games left…

      4. Whadda ya mean, ‘again’?

    3. on his disgraceful call

      I agree….and will also point out that this is not journalism.

      1. THIS. IS. LINKS!

        [kicks gaijin into open, rail-free pit]

        1. aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh


      2. Journalism is supposed to be objective.

        Trump is objectively disgraceful.

    4. Maybe his new slogan will be “fuck ’em all to death”.

  2. Tyson Fury responds as petition grows for removal from Sports Personality list

    Boxer Tyson Fury has spoken out on his views about women and gay people, as a petition calling for his removal from the BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year shortlist reaches 80,000 names.

    Fury has been quoted as saying a woman’s “best place is on her back” and criticised homosexuality and abortion.

    The new world heavyweight champion said: “Tyson Fury loves his fellow humans. He doesn’t hate anybody.”

    The BBC said Fury’s inclusion did not mean SPOTY endorsed his personal views.

    1. Britain has 65 million people so it looks like the 80,000 lost the election

    2. And here I thought he was BFF material 🙁

    3. wake me up when he boxes a kangaroo.

    4. Fury has been quoted as saying a woman’s “best place is on her back”

      Well, he clearly lacks imagination.

  3. Rush’s Neil Peart says he’s retired from music

    Over the the summer, Rush embarked on their “R40 Tour” celebrating the 40th anniversary of drummer Neil Peart’s membership in the band. At the time, bandmate Alex Lifeson said it would likely be the band’s final full-scale tour together due to his psoriatic arthritis and Peart’s chronic tendonitis. While Lifeson left the door open for future projects, including smaller tours and soundtrack work, he said the band’s ultimate fate lays in the hands of music’s greatest drummer.

    If that’s the case, it appears Rush is no more. In a new interview with Drumhead Magazine (via Jambase), Peart spoke frankly about his coming to terms with retirement. “? Lately Olivia has been introducing me to new friends at school as ‘My dad? He’s a retired drummer.’ True to say?funny to hear. And it does not pain me to realize that, like all athletes, there comes a time to? take yourself out of the game. I would rather set it aside then face the predicament described in our song ‘Losing It’ (‘Sadder still to watch it die, than never to have known it’).”

    1. Aw fuck. Here we go with the Rush thread.

      1. Rush, a band who’s over-appreciation is rivaled only by U2?

        1. Is Nirvana chopped liver?

          1. Nirvana isn’t even close to,the top of the “best three man band of all time” list.

            Plus, Cobain was a shitty songwriter and singer.

            1. Plus, Cobain was a shitty songwriter and singer.

              I hate you. Well done.

            2. I was talking about undeserved appreciation.

            3. did you misread “over-appreciated”?

              1. Well obviously I did. Why do you think my reply was completely unrelated to what he wrote, huh?

                1. To be fair, this is H&R, so…

        2. When Rush goes to sleep and dreams, it dreams of being as good as BeBop Deluxe.

      2. Aren’t you Canadian? Pretty sure you just committed an act of treason there, friendo.

        1. In a big country I do what I want.


      3. Rush is great, but if you don’t like them, I can quite understand. That’s all I’m gonna say.

        1. I tried to get into them because it seems to be a libertarian article of faith, but Geddy Lee’s voice sounds like a clowder of cats fucking.

          1. Yeah, that’s the main reason why I understand if people don’t like them.

    2. ‘Rush is no more.’

      Few and far between are the times I’ve been more pleased with a collection of words in the English language.

    3. I only hope he doesn’t try to pursue a second career as a political celebrity…a la Maher

    4. Maybe he Thinks He’s Going Bald, and after all those years of the Big Money, Making His Way as a Working Man, he feels like he’s Losing It. He spent a lot of time in the Limelight playing on a lot of Different Stages, and it’s been a real Marathon for him. So maybe now he can hop in his Red Barchetta, Roll the Bones, and book A Passage to Bangkok or something. I guess this really is The End.

      1. Jesus. Give the rest of us a fucking chance.

      2. +1 anthology. Well played.

      3. shift key malfunction.

      4. Working Man was pre-Peart.

        1. true…but arguably he played that song with Rush a thousand times more than Rutsey.

        2. Rush pedant!

  4. 120) When I think of leftist thinking and philosophy, the one mistake that seems to come up again and again is a blindness to human potential, for good or ill. Leftist thinking is all about dialectic movements and class struggle, with no room or explanation for Napoleons, Alexanders, or Hitlers. These men were not products of movements, they were masters of history.

    Lately, I see it in the fixation on controlling guns, as if guns aren’t merely tools of individuals making their own way. I think leftists fail to understand that the perpetrators of the recent mass shootings are highly-empowered actors, as powerful as inventors or artists. Rules and regulations will no more bind them than the Gordian knot bound Alexander.

    Seen in that way, the only way to win against mass shooters is not to try to stop them. It’s not possible. The only solution is to empower other individuals around them.

    1. Re-read your last sentence for it answers everything else. The left has NEVER sought to empower anyone.

      1. Yes, and class or caste – and the denial of movement between them – is one of their signature beliefs.

  5. Top Navy admiral fired after wandering Florida hotel drunk and naked

    A top Navy admiral was fired after he was found wandering drunk and naked at a Florida hotel.

    Rear Adm. David Baucom, who manages global air, land and sea transportation for the Department of Defense was found on April 7 with no clothes on after having too much to drink and wetting his pants, an investigative report from the Naval Inspector General said, according to the Navy Times.

    The officer had downed at least eight drinks, including a gin and tonic, two glasses of wine and four orders of scotch after a dinner at a trade conference near the Ponte Vedra Inn eight months ago.

    1. Lightweight.

    2. And here I thought massive drunkenness was an ancient and honorable naval tradition…

      1. it was the pants wetting that did him in. Dishonoring the traditions of seamen

        1. After a surge, his charges were ejected from the boat and washed up on a brief.

          1. Ok, I lol’d.

      2. It was a fine tradition when I was in the Marines. I can’t believe they canned this guy for that.

      3. He was drunkenly searching for his dose of sodomy and the lash.

        1. And late night hard tack.

      4. an ancient and honorable naval tradition…

        Like buggery and long pork?

    3. Sounds like a bilge drinker to me.

      1. Paging Swiss ….

    4. Rear Adm is a junior Admiral not a top Navy admiral

      1. Who are you so wise in the ways of navy tradition? *warily eyes DJF*

        1. I am someone who has stood Mail Buoy Watch, gotten a BT Punch and searched the ship for Relative Bearing Grease

          1. But you never had to man the poop deck?

            1. They have been replaced with a Flying Saucer Landing Platform. FSLP.

            2. I thought that only happened on the Warty ship.

    5. A top Navy admiral you say? Shit, that only leaves us with about 800 or so admirals, doesn’t it? Whatever shall we do?

    6. I locked myself out of my hotel room, drunk and naked, at the Sheraton Four Points in Sacramento a couple years ago. The security guy came to find me banging on my door so I could get back in. He asked me why I was banging on the door, and I told him because I didn’t want to stand in the hallway all night with my dick out. He asked me who was in my room, to which I replied “nobody. Why do you think I’m knocking so hard.”

      He gave me a hand towel and I covered up as best as I could and stood there until they verified who I was by waking a coworker and having them come identify me. The next day at the auction was no picnic, i can assure you.

      1. I locked myself out of my hotel room, drunk and naked,

        I’m thinking I want to hear the first part of this story.

        1. Well, I went gambling and proceeded to drink about 20 beers. I got back to the hotel room and got into bed. A couple hours later, completely discombobulated, I went out the wrong door while trying to get to the bathroom. The saddest part is that I locked every bolt and latch I could to keep myself from wandering since I’m known to do it around the house while drunk and asleep.

          The shit I caught for it only lasted a month though. The night before the next auction up there, my boss got drunk and called a pit boss a cunt, resulting in him being locked up for the night since he refused to leave the casino “until the fucking pigs make me”.

          1. Whoa. Is your boss . . . me?

    7. I can think of no way to more quickly
      ::pulls off sunglasses::
      torpedo ones career.

    8. “Rear Admiral”. Heh-heh.

      1. At least it wasn’t lower half.

    9. How do you wet your pants if you’re naked?

      1. He was obviously sans pants because he pissed his pants and took them off.

        I have a friend who used to piss the bed (while sleeping next to his poor wife), wake up, change into a bathing suit (because the mattress is wet) and then get back into bed.

        1. …bruh. I thought night sweats are bad.

          1. I had a college roommate who also had a propensity to piss the bed after drinking (he had rubber sheets over the mattress, bless his ginger soul). One weekend at a party a girl who had spent the previous night with him asked me if my roommate really sweats that much while he is sleeping. I said…uhhh…of course. She bought it.


            1. Ew, indeed. I had a co-worker who used to get up, pee into his golf bag, then go back to sleep without missing a beat (as told by his girlfriend, another co-worker).

              1. I took a shit in a potted plant once. We had just moved and my (drunken) muscle memory took me to the precise location of where my toilet had been previously located. My ex wife went ballistic on me and I didn’t even get a chance to wipe.

                1. Someone’s a sloppy drunk.

    10. Florida Admiral?

  6. …San Bernardino killers Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik “were radicalized and have been for quite some time.”

    All their friends and family had no idea? Where is Jack Bauer when we need him???

    1. At Gitmo, slapping the shit out of some goat-herder that’s been in custody for 10 years and that he is convinced holds the key to finding the ever-elusive number one Al Queda leader.

    2. I’m guessing that’s probably why the family hired a lawyer…the dead certainly don’t need one.

      1. I think any family would be well advised to do the same in such a situation. Even if they didn’t know anything, even an unintentional omission or untruth can get you in deep shit when you are talking to the Feds.

        1. Exactly, which is why it’s better to not talk at all unless you get full immunity for any “Accessory” type crimes you could have committed whether on purpose or not. Shoot, let’s say the family gave them free child care (which obviously they did, since that’s where the baby went during the shooting). Doesn’t that make the babysitter a material supporter of terrorism? That person provided a valuable service in their home to help make the terror attack happen.

          1. good points both…when gov is at the door, lawyer up.

        2. I read some pretty damning quotes from the guys father.

          He needs a lawyer.

          Multiple links on google

    3. Now people are saying they had worries/suspicions, but didn’t want to say anything because bigotry.

      1. “They” who? Family and friends or the police/FBI?

        1. Neighbors, co-workers, maybe friends. Can’t recall family.

  7. Once again, in awe of Fist’s agile fingers.

    1. You and my special ladies. Or me, when I’m metaphorically between special ladies.

      1. *slides breakfast plate to the side*

        You just couldn’t let me enjoy my eggs over easy, now could you?

        1. The best way to eat eggs, finish them.

    2. Yeah, he must type pretty quickly at 8:58 when he’s given access to the AM links URL by an as of yet unnamed reason editor.

      1. Throw a little more in the Reason Collection Plate and maybe they will give you access at 8:57

      2. Throw a little more in the Reason Collection Plate and maybe they will give you access at 8:57

        1. Perhaps we’ll also get a site without squirrels.

          1. To dream, the impossible dream…

    3. he really should be deported.

      1. You don’t want that. The whole world has faster internet service than the United States.

        1. I blame republicans…

          For Fist and the slow internet.

        2. Or an even better comment: “How’s the internet service a Gitmo, Smart-Guy!?!”

  8. 121) Landlords Have an Edge in Eviction Cases Because They Can Afford Lawyers and Low-Income Renters Can’t.

    Dumbasses! Landlords have an advantage because they OWN the property!

    1. Yeah, that’s BS. The laws in many states make eviction really hard and time-consuming. Which is absurd and evil–why should a landlord have to provide free housing? And plenty of those landlords are people with single rental properties.

      1. I just finished an eviction that lasted over a year. It was a clusterfuck of appeals, deputies refusing to follow procedures and clerks happily collecting motion fees.

        1. Why? In what way is that fair? In fact, how is that not a taking?

          1. It was truly awful, and this in a jurisdiction that is know for being “landlord friendly.” The thing is, even when you get the Writ, you still have to get the people out which usually requires law enforcement. That is part of what happened here. Every time the deputy went to serve the writ the tenants would say they were going to file something and the deputy would leave.

            1. Any excuse that the sheriffs can get for not doing their job they will generally take.

              1. Oh, these people would probably still be there is another agency hadn’t arrested them for some unrelated crime.

            2. Was this a single woman with a child, perhaps? My realtor says it’s impossible to get rid of those in this jurisdiction, even for total non-payment.

              1. I have a home in MO that I couldn’t sell, so began renting. When I had to evict my last tenent, it took only 2 weeks and ~$250 in lawyer gelt.

                My brother had a condo he rented out in CA. When his tenents would have ttaken a year to get them out if it weren’t for him convincing them directly.

          2. somethingsomething because fuck you, that’s why somethingsomething

        2. I had one last three months plus. Which was essentially the tenants getting free rent for 3 months (which ended up in a money judgment against them). The landlord called them “rent-busters” because they had already done this before to another landlord. Here’s the key: find a landlord who doesn’t do a background check . . . rent from that guy for a few months (until he begins eviction process), go to court everytime, (so he doesn’t default you, which would be quicker), set things for trial, (and get more time) . . . essentially make his life hell.

    2. Man, is that *selfish*!

    3. Judge: Did you pay your rent?
      Pro se Tenant: No.
      Judge: I find for the Plaintiff.

      Judge: Did your client pay the rent when demanded or due?
      Defendant’s Counsel: No.
      Judge: I find for the Plaintiff.

      Even if the tenant counterclaims for violations of the housing code the appropriate remedy is damages plus costs etc. not possession.

      1. I love it when SJW rail against “the system”…. yes, lawyers are necessary for everything, determine the rules we play by and take a piece of your wealth no matter HOW the case turns out for you. Who has empowered this legal class? Oh, just check the largest donor group the fucking dems and it will all be clear…

    4. I have participated in hundreds of evictions in SF. The least amount of time passed I have ever seen for a non payment of rent eviction is six months. Often it goes up to one year or more of non payment. I was on one a month back in which a garbage hoarder was evicted after a year. This is after the apartments on either side and below had to have weekly pest control to deal with the rodent and cockroach infestation. Garbage was piled waist high inside. The cockroaches had a cockroach problem.

      1. So the laws are stacked against the landlord like they are here in Quebec?

        1. The deadbeats also get a free lawyer.

          1. I don’t know about American deadbeats, but our deadbeats are quite informed about the law learning all the loopholes along the way. I bet it’s the same everywhere. If only they took all their energy scamming the government into something productive we’d/they’d be better off.

            1. In SF there is the Tenant’s Union and the SF Rent Board. Any landlord/tenant disputes go first to the Rent Board which is heavily stacked in the tenants favor. We bought a house a few years back that had tenants and when my wife called the Rent Board (they were refusing to leave without a payout) she first called as a landlord and was given little info and rude treatment. When she called back pretending to be a tenant it was a completely different story.

            2. Same deal in Mexico. Though general education sucks, students are taught how to game the employment and housing system with vigor and self righteousness. A common practice is to get a job, hold it for a couple weeks and collect free wages for 6 months after getting fired – repeat. My family owns several properties in Baja and only rents to non Mexican nationals as a result.

              Unrelated gripe- after the seemingly endless hoop jumping required for an American to acquire the Mex equivalent of a green card, the quickest way to have it revoked is to get involved with local politics in any capacity. Even attending a protest or sitting in on a local council meeting will suffice. If an American is there illegally they are arrested, fined and deported –and Nieto still bitches about US treatment of undocumented immigrants…

          2. Free to them. You and all the other productive members of society are paying for it.

            1. Yes, I caught that as soon as I posted it. Was about to retype it with parethesis but figured someone would do it for me!

    5. Well, pretty much all of the relevant laws favor the tenant, so it’s a good thing that landlords get something.

      I don’t really know for sure, but I’d assume that most evictions are for non-payment of rent. In which case, the tenants aren’t exactly getting a raw deal when they get evicted (usually after several months of rent-free living).

    6. Why do landlords rent to people with past judgments? Do those not pop up in a background check?

      1. I’m using an agency manage my property, and they do a pretty thorough vetting.

      2. Not all landlords do background checks. Seriously.

      3. Well, someone’s going to serve that market.

  9. Ohio man fined $500 for zombie nativity scene

    CINCINNATI, Dec. 7 (UPI) — An Ohio man got a $500 fine for a zombie-themed nativity scene he set up in his front yard.

    Jasen Dixon of Sycamore Township in Cincinnati first displayed his horror-themed twist on the traditional nativity scene in 2014, replacing the biblical characters with zombies. The zombies are inside a structure resembling a barn that the township says is in violation of local zoning laws.

    “It’s an accessory structure. He doesn’t have a permit for it. It has nothing to do with what he’s got underneath the accessory structure,” Trustee Tom Weidman told Cincinnati.com. “He can put a hundred zombies in his front yard if he wants. It’s none of my business. The fact of the matter is the guy’s got an accessory structure in his front yard. Which is illegal.”

    1. “It’s an accessory structure. He doesn’t have a permit for it. It has nothing to do with what he’s got underneath the accessory structure,” Trustee Tom Weidman told Cincinnati.com. “He can put a hundred zombies in his front yard if he wants. It’s none of my business. The fact of the matter is the guy’s got an accessory structure in his front yard. Which is illegal.”


      1. The zombies have more brains in their stomachs than the code enforcement officers have in their heads.

    2. Would be interesting for some enterprising reporter to visit the homes off all the councilcritters, mayor, chief of police and see if any of them have temporary, holiday “accessory structures.”

      1. Look at you, thinking modern day reporters would put that much effort into a story.

    3. I wonder if they go around fining kids who build snow forts too.

  10. “Chicago officials released video late Monday that showed a city police officer dragging a detainee through a hallway hours before the man died in a local hospital.”

    I guess that counts as passive voice.

    1. These things are coming out one per week now…Mayor Tiny Dancer looked like someone farted up his nostrils yesterday, when he was getting slapped around by the press.

      A chance now to break the FOP in Chicago….hope it happens.

      1. That’s probably the worst part for them, having to answer a lot of questions. (As opposed to the millions of taxpayer dollars being shelled out yearly.)

      2. A chance now to break the FOP in Chicago

        Let’s hope so…Rahm is also lucky he knows people in Washington. You wonder how deep his involvement is with the FOP cartel.

  11. Kuwait pilot loses license after allowing porn star into cockpit

    KUWAIT CITY, Dec. 7 (UPI) — A pilot for Kuwait Airways had his license revoked in response to an incident in 2013 where he allowed an adult film actress into the plane’s cockpit.

    The pilot, who was not named, allegedly allowed ex-porn star Chloe Khan into the cockpit alongside her “glamorous friend” during a flight from London to JFK airport in New York, representing a violation of stricter regulations implemented after 9/11.

    1. Did she touch the joystick?

  12. Newquay gran ‘disgusted’ after seeing man perform sex act using campervan towbar

    When we got to the upstairs window he was totally naked, trying to sit on the towbar of a campervan. It was disgusting. She’s 15.”

    Retired Mrs Walker said the man had engaged in the brazen behaviour on a well-lit, normally busy road, in full view of passing traffic.

    “There’s a street lamp right above the campervan where he was doing what he’s doing and cars were going by. It’s not normal behaviour at all. I don’t know what’s up with the bloke.”

    Police were said to have caught up with the man further down the road.

    1. It looks like this guy…

      [dons sunglasses]

      …needed to get hitched.

    2. brazen behaviour

      Probably chrome behavior, actually.

    3. When I was in middle school, a buddy of mine told me the night before he’d had a dream he was the Hulk, and had engaged in sexual relations with a school bus. Now I know what happened to that guy….

      1. “Hulk not want to talk about it. Hulk was drunk off ass.”

      2. That’s how STEVE SMITH feels too, except the bus is full of campers.

    4. I wonder if he knows This guy


      1. That guy’s clearly a top. Dummy.

  13. “Chicago officials released video late Monday that showed a city police officer dragging a detainee through a hallway hours before the man died in a local hospital.”


  14. Just ask my wife…

    Women with bigger breasts DO attract more attention, according to online Manchester Tinder experiment

    Model Carla volunteered for the dating test sponsored by a cosmetic surgery group – which saw hundreds of users of the online dating app click on her profile.

    According to the company, the 24-year-old from Manchester city centre received 34 per cent more matches when her photo was digitally enhanced to DD breast cup, compared to her natural A-cup size.

    And the enhanced photos were far more likely to receive a comment about her appearance than the original version.

    1. Talk about going all-in.

      1. From the Institute of Well, Duh!

  15. Donald Trump is doubling down on his disgraceful call for banning Muslims from entering the United States.

    He did this without grace, too? WHAT A MONSTER.

    1. clearly, a graceful call would have been better received.

  16. A Missed Warning?
    Scanner traffic indicates law enforcement may have investigated San Bernardino shooter Syed Farook a week before the attack.

    In a subsequent exchange at approximately 12:08pm the dispatcher addresses an officer nicknamed “Trav” upon hearing “Syed Farook.” She says: “Reference that name, I believe one of the [garbled] was working that name up for something last week. I’ll have to check.”

    In a second exchange shortly after 12:20, another officer says of Farook: “I just got some info from that LAPD that they have information on one of your suspects. I heard that somebody was trying to INV that guy. Can you find out who I can give this information to?”

    A third exchange, two minutes later, follows:

    Officer 2: [garbled] I had received a call [garbled] that had some information that they had ran the guy or something last week and I was going to give it to your intel guys.

    1. Failed to connect the dots. Maybe we need 2 or 3 more intel agencies.

      1. Investigate?





      2. Interview.

        1. Cop talk is so weird.

        2. If you phonetically pronounce INV it has just as many syllables as the word it’s replacing. What’s the point?

          1. “Lates!”

            “‘Later’ was already short enough as is!”

  17. Members of the band Eagles of Death Metal returned to the Bataclan Theater in Paris yesterday for the first time since the band’s concert at that venue was attacked by terrorists.

    I heard them on Comedy Bang Bang. They are naturally funny guys.

    1. The name of that show is triggering.

  18. “I am just saying what everyone is thinking,” Donald moaned. “Why are people so mean to me?”

    “I don’t know, Donald,” Donald’s hat said. “They are probably just jealous of your genius and your money and you gorgeousness.”

    “And your hair,” Donald’s hair said. The hat snorted in disgust.

    “Everyone hates Mexicans, right? I mean, they are filthy and rapey and smell like old corn. Everyone knows this. I just want to keep them out of the country. I just want to keep the country pure.”

    “Of course, Donald,” his hat said.

    “And Muslim. Everybody hates Muslims, right? Everyone knows they all want to kill us. Every single one of them. Why can’t I keep them out? Why can’t I be the big brave dog that barks at them to keep them out of our yard?”

    “You will be, Donald,” the hat said. “Only you are smart enough to know that they all want to kill us. Letting them walk around is just like putting a gun to your head and pulling the trigger.”

    “Jesus,” the hair mumbled.

    “Shut the fuck up, twat. I’m running the show now. Listening to you let that mumbling retard doctor rise in the polls,” the hat hissed.

    “Nobody knows how hard it’s been on me,” Donald whispered. “What a struggle it has been.”

    1. “Wouldn’t it be nice to just burn all your troubles away?” the hat asked.

      “Burn?” Donald asked.

      “Fire is clean,” the hat said. “Fire is pure. Fire tempers out the weakness in even steel. We have to make America strong again. Make it great again.”

      “Do you even know what you are starting?” asked the hair.

      “I said shut up. I have the morons on my side now, those too weak to see that they will be next. They will do what I say,” the hat said, its brim gleaming in the far off light of the sunrise.

      “Burn,” Donald whispered. “Burn. Burn. Burn. They’ll all burn.”

      1. Instead of laughing as usual, this episode has filled me with despair.

        1. Yeah. I wrote it after reading through the Trump thread shitshow last night. The Brownshirts were out in force.

          1. I love that this motherfucker [Trump] was like the last public birther and a laughing stock in recent memory. Fast forward a few years and you get colosseums packed with whooping troglodytes. Idiocracy is truly upon us.

            1. Exactly. People keep laughing at him, but it doesn’t go anywhere. Because too many people aren’t laughing at him.

            2. President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho, FTW.

        2. Despair of dildos?

          1. Nice band name.

            1. Is there a collective noun for an assembilage of dildoes? Because that is perfect.

              “I saw that a despair of dildoes had been stored in her nightstand.”

              1. A Murder of Dildos?

              2. A Gang of Dildi?

              3. A herd of dildos? The dildonic plague?

            2. An exultation of dildos?

              1. An Oh! Sweet Mystery of Life, I’ve Found Thee! of Dildoes?

      2. I am shivering in anticipation…I think its anticipation. Maybe dread?

      3. So Donald can hear and interact with his hat and hair? I thought it was like the baby on Family Guy.

        1. Dude, you need to keep up with canon.

  19. Basketball star LeBron James has signed a lifetime contract with Nike.

    No way you’d get me to do that, creates way too much incentive to be murdered by Nike.

    1. If you go by what James brings in through sales, versus what they’re paying him, Nike is probably losing money, he said.

      What is this I can’t even.

      Good thing I have never nor will I ever purchase anything from Nike.

      1. I was considering trying a pair of their compression tights. Now reconsidering.

    2. creates way too much incentive to be murdered by Nike.

      Tiger’s golf game was murdered, and they still pay him.

  20. Dems seek to force vote on keeping guns from terror suspects

    House Democrats launched a campaign Monday to force a vote on legislation that would ban people on a government terror watch list from buying guns.

    The press comes a day after President Obama, in a prime-time Oval Office address, called for restricting suspected terrorists who aren’t allowed to board airplanes from purchasing firearms in the aftermath of last week’s shooting in San Bernardino, Calif.

    Rep. Mike Thompson (D-Calif.) filed a discharge petition Monday afternoon in the hopes of attracting enough bipartisan support to bypass House GOP leaders who won’t bring the bill to the floor.

    “If you agree that terrorists shouldn’t be able to have guns, then put your name down in writing and let’s have a vote,” said Thompson, who chairs the House Gun Violence Prevention Task Force.

    The discharge petition, a rarely invoked procedure, requires 218 signatures.

    1. I love the rhetorical collapse of “people on the no-fly list” into “terror suspects.”

      If they are terror suspects, go arrest them.

      1. If you are suspicious of someone, investigate.
        If you have probable cause, arrest and interrogate.
        If you have sufficient evidence, try and adjudicate.

        Anything else is a violation of due process and of our constitutional rights. Just because government wastes its ample resources on the WoD, spying on all of us, etc., etc., doesn’t mean we should agree to them getting special, illegal powers because they aren’t doing a good job.

        1. Exactly. And weren’t Democrats the ones criticizing the no-fly list as security theater? Oh, how the worm has turned. My stomach.

          1. Any excuse to disarm people is a good one as far as the Democrats are concerned.

            1. ding ding ding

          2. Democrats like Obama?

        2. Can they, at least, confiscate everything they own under Civil Forfeture?
          Cuz Baby needs a new pair of shoes for Christmas.

          1. No, illegal. The Censor has ruled.

      2. Officially arresting people for actual crimes is nearly as gauche as officially declaring wars for actual casus belli.

        1. All of these are symptoms of the transition from limited government to unlimited government. The facade appears to no longer be needed–left, right, nobody really wants government to be stopped. They just don’t want the opposition to win.

          1. It’s good to see you around again. People were asking where you had got to.

            1. Those bases in the Oort Cloud don’t maintain themselves, ya know!

              1. Yes, time dilation is a bitch.

                1. So, have you made the transition to full-on cloudship or are you still just a Large Personality Array?

                  1. Whadda ya mean, ‘personality’?

    2. Of course, ten years ago the terrorist watch list was a blatantly racist thing, designed to make the lives of poor brown people harder.

  21. U.S. Navy’s Largest Destroyer Ever Heads Out to Sea for First Time

    The largest destroyer ever built for the U.S. Navy headed out to sea for the first time Monday, departing from shipbuilder Bath Iron Works and carefully navigating the winding Kennebec River before reaching the open ocean where the ship will undergo sea trials.

    More than 200 shipbuilders, sailors and residents gathered to watch as the futuristic 600-foot, 15,000-ton USS Zumwalt glided past Fort Popham, accompanied by tugboats.

    Kelley Campana, a Bath Iron Works employee, said she had goose bumps and tears in her eyes.

    “This is pretty exciting. It’s a great day to be a shipbuilder and to be an American,” she said. “It’s the first in its class. There’s never been anything like it. It looks like the future.”

    1. It looks wobbly.

      1. It looks upside down to me.

      2. With that ow design it looks like a very wet ride.

    2. How do they classify navy ships? I mean, if it’s the biggest destroyer, at what point would you just call it a cruiser?

      1. When it cuts weight to fight Hearns.

      2. I was wondering the same thing.

    3. And its Captain is James Kirk. Gotta wonder how many jokes are made at his expense. Heck, if I were a new navigator on the ship, I’d slip into a fake Russian accent the whole time, and if I were the ship’s doctor, I’d begin every report with… “I’m a doctor not a … (random occupation).”

      1. That would explain why the caption under the first picture says it was taken a year from now. We’re looking at the future, people!

    4. 4.4 billion.


  22. Scooby Doo sized mystery:

    EXCLUSIVE – A $28,500 deposit was made to Syed Farook’s bank account from WebBank.com on or about Nov.18, some two weeks before he and his wife Tashfeen Malik carried out the San Bernardino massacre, a source close to the investigation told Fox News Monday.

    Investigators are exploring whether the transaction was a loan taken out by Farook, who with his wife killed 14 and wounded 21 when they opened fire at a holiday lunch. He earned $53,000 a year with the county as an environmental health inspector. Investigators are also exploring the possibility that a subsequent cash withdrawal was used to reimburse Enrique Marquez, the man who bought the two AR-15 semiautomatic rifles used in the San Bernardino shootings. Marquez, who could be charged, especially if it is determined that he illegally modified the weapons, is now reportedly answering investigators’ questions.

    1. Oh, my. So, the feds miss radicalized muslims with mysterious deposits in their accounts, but are all over anyone else who makes a series of small deposits.

      1. Denny Hastert wasn’t going to indict himself! Think of the TEAM man.

  23. at least they are hot…

    Liberals Praise Hillary Clinton’s New Ad With Same Sex Couples Kissing

    The liberal website Slate praises Clinton for including same-sex kissing in her campaign ad, saying, “Given the distressingly puritanical rules that govern gay PDAs, it’s both impressive and heartening that Clinton includes gay kisses in her official campaign spots.”

    “The ad forces viewers to confront images that might make them feel slightly uneasy, then encourages them to view such affection as a normal, healthy manifestation of adult intimacy.”

    The Slate writer complains that, “it is a depressing but incontestable fact that most straight people?including many LGBT allies?are uncomfortable with the sight of same-sex kisses. Some straight people defend their disgust by pretending to be repulsed by all public kissing.”

    1. Some straight people defend their disgust by pretending to be repulsed by all public kissing.”

      Uh huh

    2. I’m kind of shocked noone has leaked the Huma/Hillary sex tape yet.

    3. If the gay community collectively falls for this, they collectively deserve what they collectively get with her.

      1. They blew it last time by proclaiming Obama the first gay president. Hillary is out of luck in that area.

      2. you act like their falling would be a surprise. They have already fallen, despite her previous opposition to SSM. And Obama’s previous opposition that flipped because of political expediency.

      3. You don’t like Hillary? Are you homophobic or something?

      4. Fucking shameless. This bitch had no problem declaring marriage between 1 man and 1 woman a few years ago and now she’s pretending like she’s always been there fighting for gay rights.

      5. If the gay community collectively falls for this

        I know I’m not buying that those two are lesbians.


    4. Somebody just ensured that conservative Christians will now crawl over broken glass to pull the lever for Team Red, even if it’s for Trump or Romney. Some of those folks might have stayed home in 2016 if the Team Red Candidate didn’t have enough Socon Street Cred.

      1. Based on 2012, the Democrats think they can win just be bringing out their base and screw the moderates.

      2. The thought of two adults kissing must be pretty terrifying to those people.

        1. I envisioned SugarFree and Warty kissing in a tree… That’s my dream; that’s my nightmare. Crawling, slithering, along the edge of a straight razor… and surviving.

          The horror… the horror…

        2. Because nobody has ever told two heteros to “get a room!”

  24. According to the F.B.I, San Bernardino killers Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik “were radicalized”

    With all due respect, why is radicalization apparently generally considered a, um, passive activity?

    Do all you libertarians consider yourselves as having been converted by reading AS and H&R like being infected by a virus?

    Or is it rather an active um, reasoned choice?

    1. Moslems are inherently peaceful. If they ever engage in violence it is only because of something forced on them against their will.

      In fact, they are the real victims here.

      1. I like most sandwiches

        1. I don’t eat raw tomatoes. Its a weird hang-up to have, I’ll grant you, and ruins caprese salad for me, but there you are.

          1. Not even with a healthy pinch of salt and a mayonnaise bath?

            1. No. *shudders*

              Its the texture. Gustatory equivalent of nails on a chalkboard.

              1. Huh, I knew someone once who couldn’t eat mushrooms b/c of the texture.

              2. You need a mayo clinic.

          2. I don’t eat raw tomatoes.


            1. I scoff at your empty threat. *scoffs*

          3. Raw Tomato Haters, Unite!

            I love tomato products – ketchup, tomato soup, pasta sauce… but raw tomatoes actually make me gag.

    2. “Radicalized” is the new “brainwashed”

    3. With all due respect, why is radicalization apparently generally considered a, um, passive activity?

      To say otherwise is to put some personal responsibility onto the people who commit these acts of terrorism. That is not allowed. It can’t be their fault. It has to be the fault of some group or organization that we can drop bombs on. But blaming the actual terrorist for their own actions? Not a chance. It wasn’t their fault. They were radicalized.

      1. Just be careful you don’t misdirect that fault onto the religion itself – only a couple hundred times does the Koran and Hadith tell them to do violence.

        The real fault must be pinned on white Christian men who oppressed somebody in the distant past.

    4. With all due respect, why is radicalization apparently generally considered a, um, passive activity?

      Well, there are two ways you could read “were radicalized”. One is the passive voice, which is clearly how you read it. But “radicalized” could also be used adjectivally, which doesn’t imply that they were passive recipients of radicalization, but simply that they had become radical at some point. I think the latter is the better way to read it.

      I think you might be reading too much into this one.

      1. But “radicalized” could also be used adjectivally,

        Well, I guess, but no reason to use “radicalized” when “radical” will do.

        Unless you are going for the implication that they are passive victims. Which I think is the intended implication of the more passive word.

        1. But “radical” might confuse surfers from the 80s.

          Maybe skip the whole radical thing and use a few more words to be more descriptive of what they actually did or believed.

          1. Well, we can’t use radical Muslim or Islamist, or jihadi, because bigotry.

            I’m baffled.

  25. U.S. Strategy Seeks to Avoid ISIS Prophecy

    In fact, when the United States first invaded Iraq, one of the most enthusiastic proponents of the move was the man who founded the terrorist cell that would one day become the Islamic State, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. He excitedly called the Americans’ 2003 intervention “the Blessed Invasion.”

    His reaction ? ignored by some, and dismissed as rhetoric by others ? points to one of the core beliefs motivating the terrorist group now holding large stretches of Iraq and Syria: The group bases its ideology on prophetic texts stating that Islam will be victorious after an apocalyptic battle to be set off once Western armies come to the region.

    Should that invasion happen, the Islamic State not only would be able to declare its prophecy fulfilled, but could also turn the occurrence into a new recruiting drive at the very moment the terrorist group appears to be losing volunteers.

    1. The ‘prophecy’ also says the Islamists will win, so getting crushed I’m guessing wouldn’t really boost their status much.

      1. I think their PR strategy is portraying themselves as winners. Complete with videos of them chopping off their enemies’ heads.

        1. A strategy of avoiding ISIS’s prophecy coming true is EXACTLY what ISIS wants us to do!! IT plays RIGHT into their hands and actually MAKES THE PROPHECY COME TRUE!!!

      2. Is there a religion that doesn’t have an end of times prophesy? Buddhism maybe?

        1. Judaism actually doesn’t – Christianity grafted it on.

          1. The last couple books of the OT get kind of promisey without being specific.

            1. Even the prophecies of the Messianic Age do not represent the end of time though – Jews believe it will be a literal period of temporal, human time during which the Messiah brings peace and prosperity to the entire world. The whole destruction of the earth thing is an invention of Revelation.

              1. The whole destruction of the earth thing is an invention of Revelation.

                More specifically, the dispensational pre-millennial interpretation.

                1. More specifically, the dispensational pre-millennial interpretation.

                  Well, even post-millennialists believe Christ’s second coming will usher in resurrection, final judgment and the end of time/eternal age, they just place it on the other end of the millennium. The Jewish prophecies don’t posit the destruction of the natural world during or after the Messianic Age.

                  1. A-millennialism sees Revelation as a symbolic representation of the Church Age i.e. from the resurrection to the second coming.

        2. The ISIS nutters at least have an end times prophecy that we can help them with. Hell, the chosen village is actually inside an area that we once thought about making a safe zone.

          These people are begging to be lured into a stand-up battle where they will be slaughtered. Shame no one wants to take them up on it.

          1. Yeah, and if “we” ever give them that stand-up battle, I suspect that the top echelons of leadership will be nowhere near the battleground. They will let the lower echelons get slaughtered and captured, then just set up shop elsewhere. There will always be a national or tribal government that will shelter them.

            But having said that, we do have to engage them militarily whenever there’s a chance to do so.

            1. I’m cool with slaughtering their foot soldiers even if we don’t get any higher-ups.

            2. There will always be a national or tribal government that will shelter them.

              And that government could always be made to serve as an abject lesson on the dangers of sheltering the barbarians, if the west really wanted to get serious.

      3. I thought the prophecy was that they will beat back to some core of a thousand or so at which point rapture or something.

  26. Republican Ted Cruz vaults into first place in new Iowa poll

    Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz has taken the lead in the early-voting state of Iowa, surpassing both Donald Trump, who holds the lead in most national surveys, and Ben Carson, who has scored strongly in the state in recent months, according to a Monmouth University poll released on Monday.

    The poll of likely caucus-goers in Iowa, which in February 2016 will hold the first contest in the Republican presidential nomination process, Cruz had the support of 24 percent.

    That marked a jump from the 10 percent of caucus-goers who supported Cruz in October and 9 percent in August. Trump was in second place with 19 percent, followed by Marco Rubio with 17 percent and Ben Carson at 13 percent.

  27. Penis-shaped Christmas tree leaves shocked Russians fearing they’ll get ‘shafted’

    This penis-shaped Christmas tree may not have any decorations on it, but it’s very well-hung.

    The phallic tree was erected in the city of Noyabrsk in Northern Russia’s Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Region.

    Residents of the town are appalled by the topiary, with one saying: ‘Let’s be honest, it looks more like a penis than a Christmas tree.’

    But others have interpreted the tree, nicknamed ‘Penis-Fir’, as an ‘omen’ of hard times ahead.

    1. an ‘omen’ of hard times

      *narrows gaze*

    2. Winter is cumming?

      1. The words of the Starks, in their ancestral stronghold, Winterfellatio.

  28. Colbert: ‘Why’s it so easy to buy bullets when I have to show three forms of ID to buy Sudafed?’

    He acknowledged the magnitude of the events and how difficult it is to discuss them on a comedy show. And he even suggested it was counterproductive to “prayer shame” those offering thoughts and prayers, as the New York Daily News most notably did.

    But then Colbert went a step further, saying those thoughts and prayers indeed weren’t sufficient. And rather than echoing calls for bans on assault weapons or not selling guns to people on the no-fly list, he suggested we should look at something else: bullets.

    “There has to be some way to make it harder to build up an arsenal; the San Bernardino shooters had 6,000 rounds of ammunition,” Colbert said. “Why’s it so easy to buy bullets when I have to show three forms of ID to buy Sudafed?”

    1. It’s like they all receive the same talking points. It is so boring.

    2. “Close the bullet loophole!”

    3. I agree with him. You should be able to buy cold medicine unmolested.

      1. Exactly.

    4. Yes, I agree. Get rid of all stupid and unconstitutional laws. That’s what he meant, right?

    5. Chris Rock did this bit 20 years ago and it was actually funny.

    6. Here’s a compromise, how about we make the ease of buying guns contingent on whether you value self defense. So progs and mass shooters all have to show three forms of ID. People who aren’t crazy or evil don’t.

    7. You can buy bullets since they are pretty harmless without a gun

    8. Dear me Phil Ken Sebben.

      Tres derpy.

    9. He then went on to explain how having to show three forms of ID to buy bullets would have prevented the San Bernadino massarcre…oh, wait….

    10. Wait, who has to show more than ONE form of ID to buy sudafed?

    11. Has Colbert actually bought ammunition in New York? I think he’s full of shit.

      I have to show a special permission card from the Sate to buy ammo.

    12. “Why’s it so easy to buy bullets when I have to show three forms of ID to buy Sudafed?”

      And, of course, staying true to his controlling, statist form, he wants to ban the sale of bullets rather than freeing up the sale of Sudafed. Asshole.

  29. Mark Hemingway ?@Heminator 8m8 minutes ago
    Kind of astonished to see so many liberals who couldn’t bother to find another bakery suddenly caring about religious liberty.

  30. Good guy with a gun…

    Suspect killed in Towson attempted liquor store robbery

    downtown Towson just before 7 p.m., police said. They announced they were robbing the store, and one brandished a handgun, police said.

    A 68-year-old clerk at the store pulled a gun from behind the counter and shot one of the suspects multiple times, police said.

    The two suspects ran, and one collapsed a short distance away. He was pronounced dead at the scene, and the other ran off and has not been found, police said.

    1. inb4 the clerk gets charged with murder 1

    2. There’s no such thing as a good guy with a gun, unless it’s an agent of the state.

  31. The Democrats’ Ugly Authoritarian Turn
    Freedom isn’t more powerful than fear. That’s the problem.

    “Freedom is more powerful than fear,” announced President Obama from the Oval Office this weekend.

    Well, fear is powerful enough to induce Democrats to try and deny hundreds of thousands of Americans their constitutional rights and due process. Fear is also powerful enough to provoke this administration to threaten (and lecture) Americans about free expression rather than reaffirm its importance.

    So fear can sometimes be more powerful than freedom. That’s why we have constitutions in liberal democracies. Just in case.

    Because while Democrats claim to believe the Second Amendment protects the rights of Americans to own guns, almost every major liberal politician ? and leading advocates like The New York Times ? has backed a proposal that would arbitrarily, without any transparency, take this right away from them.

    1. The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself. Unless you’re of Japanese ancestry, in which case, you should also fear being locked up in a prison camp and having your possessions seized.

      1. Or an able-bodied male between 18 and 45, in which cae, you should also fear being kidnapped to join a slave army and forced to kill people.

    2. that “turn” began a long time ago.

      1. Somewhere between the Cleveland and Wilson administrations.

    3. “The Democrats’ Ugly Authoritarian Turn”

      Not that I disagree, but when Donald Trump is the leading candidate in Harsanyi’s preferred party, I don’t think the problem is unique to Democrats.

      1. Pretty hard to find that blessed middle ground, and it’s going to get harder and harder as the world slips deeper into chaos.

  32. Glorious Leader Calls for Complete Ban on All Moslems

    Get all of these monkeys the hell out of our country ? now!

    Heil Donald Trump ? THE ULTIMATE SAVIOR.

    1. Neocon Smasher Francisco Franco ? 7 hours ago

      Jewpoleon was no Hero. Only an instrument to destroy the HRE and later attack the Czar of Russia. He openly sheltered Jews, going as far as to call for the reconstruction of the Great Sanhedrin.

      Nice site you found there, SF.

      1. Right? I like that they don’t beat around the bush.

        1. The first comment has to be fucking with them, yet not one caught it.
          ZioFascist ? 16 hours ago

          im at the point where if you dont support trump you’re a fucking faggot and a traitor and deserve to be pushed off a building and stoned!

          1. Oh man, that’s good stuff. Obviously comparing them to ISIS and it has 87 upvotes with no one recognizing the mockery.

  33. TV


    fans: did you catch last night’s episode, and did you think it was the bomb diggity, like I did, or are you SugarFreeTrumpHitler?

    1. Fargo is amazing but I missed last night’s episode. I mostly watch it On Demand. The black hit man is one of my all time favorite T.V. characters.

  34. If they are terror suspects, go arrest disappearthem.

  35. I botched that! I AM SUGARFREETRUMPHILTER!

    Fans of TV’s Fargo was how I intended to start that post.

  36. The structural rigidity of government is not only supremely inefficient but exists as a type of shadow reverse prison casting humbled citizens into the role of jostled and dehumanized Submissives dutifully existing as managed fodder under an arrogant cult of rules casters and society rapists.

    Government becomes a fucking violent rapist when it forces demands on those who resist submitting to that which interrupts personal convictions or lifestyles that affect no one.

    Oddly, very few people seem to have a problem with the distinctly brutal natures that underpin the establishment structure because these eye-glazed Wawas live distracted by goddamn ideology spurting the hot cum of suicidal simplicities into the piehole of their brains.

    1. spurting the hot cum of suicidal simplicities into the piehole of their brains

      I am awestruck

  37. The obvious mistake people are making is assuming Donald Trump actually means anything he says. This is a man who was criticizing Pamela Geller for having the audacity to get shot at when she had a Draw Mohammad contest. So six months ago he thinks Geller was a ‘provocateur’ who kind of had it coming for hurting Muslims’ feelings and now he wants to ban all Muslims from moving here?

    He’s trying to guarantee himself the nativist vote by claiming to be so far to the right on the issue that no other Republicans can follow him without advocating death camps. He means none of it and he wouldn’t even be able to implement any of this anyway because there’d be bipartisan impeachment proceedings if he were to try.

    1. The problem, as always, is not Trump: It’s the people who cheer for him. They are clapping and woo-hooing a Nazi-drenched tardclown without any irony.

      1. Yeah. Trump is a demagogue with no actual principle.

        I saw stats the other day about who Republicans with and without college degrees were supporting. Trump was fifth among Republicans w/ degrees and was 1st with a 30 point cushion among Republicans without degrees.

        I’m normally not a credentialist, but this kind of implies Republicans without college degrees are blithering idiots.

        1. I haven’t really met anybody who says they’ll vote for trump that thinks he’s going to follow through with any of his proposals.

        2. I’ve always wanted a politician with no principle. So unlike the rest.

    2. Trump taps into the emotional fervor of the right wing the way that basically every left wing demagogue does with the left wing. The only difference is that left wing histrionics are socially acceptable.

  38. 200+ comments in 40 minutes… you fuckers don’t mess around!!

    1. You’d have seen it coming if you’d checked out the Trump thread.

  39. It’s the people who cheer for him. They are clapping and woo-hooing a Nazi-drenched tardclown without any irony.

    Holy Warriors.

    We should annihilate a the Mohammedans. For peace.

    Praise JEEZISS! or else.

  40. My favorite part of last night was when Donald Trump called for internet censorship of “extremists” and was roundly applauded by every neo-Nazi in the country.

    Yeah, I’m sure if internet censorship were institutionalized, the bureaucrats in charge would let your online Hitler Fanzine stand untouched, you fucking retards.

    1. Banning orders. Deny banned persons the right to travel, bear arms, or communicate with the public.

    2. There is literally no chance that the power you are clamoring to hand over to the guy you like will ever be wielded by a different guy who you don’t like.

      1. (the generic ‘you’, not ‘you’ in particular)

      2. What’s that called? The Tungsten Law? No. The Aluminum Law, that’s it.

        “You today, me tomorrow.”

    3. How much more proof do we need that unlimited government is an evil to be fought, regardless of the people involved or even the results? Ye gods, Obama alone has been a Khan Academy course on why we need limited government with enumerated powers.

  41. I think I have an explanation for what keeps happening on the late night threads:

    Sundowning, or sundown syndrome is a psychological phenomenon associated with increased confusion and restlessness in patients with some form of dementia. Most commonly associated with Alzheimer’s disease, but also found in those with mixed dementia, the term “sundowning” was coined due to the timing of the patient’s confusion. For patients with sundowning syndrome, a multitude of behavioral problems begin to occur in the evening or while the sun is setting.

    Symptoms are not limited to but may include:

    Increased general confusion as natural light begins to fade and increased shadows appear.

    Agitation and mood swings. Individuals may become fairly frustrated with their own confusion as well as aggravated by noise. Individuals found yelling and becoming increasingly upset with their caregiver is not uncommon.

    Mental and physical fatigue increase with the setting of the sun. This fatigue can play a role in the individual’s irritability.

    1. I’m going through that Trump thread and it’s a fucking trainwreck. I think Islam is a terrible ideology that causes a lot of people to behave badly, but the idea we should ban Pakistani med students from coming here to study because of a very low probability of them committing a terrorist act is insane. It’s a seen vs. unseen issue – Pakistanis are 25% of all foreign born doctors in this country. Marklastname pointed out last night that you can’t know how many lives are saved by allowing those qualified doctors in, but it seemed to him, and seems to me, that the number has to be in excess of the…what? 7 terrorist deaths annually since 9/11?

      I can’t believe libertarians are so scared of Muslims that they’re acting that irrationally.

      1. I can’t believe libertarians are so scared of Muslims that they’re acting that irrationally.

        I don’t see any libertarians in that thread acting irrationally.

        1. Boils down to a “we shouldn’t ingest poison” argument.

          vs. “Open borders for anyone” belief.

          What actually happens in Europe over the next couple of years will probably settle the actual policy.

          1. Pretty much.

            I thought it was interesting yesterday when I asked the open borders folks if there was any principled basis for any restrictions at all on immigration.

            I don’t think anyone came up with one. Basically, the open borders position seems to be no borders, as far as I can tell. I’m not on board with that.

            It comes down to your starting point. If you believe everyone has the right to move to the US whenever they want, then blocking immigration from known exporters of terrorism is a violation of human rights.

            If you believe that moving to the US is something that the state can and should control, then blocking that immigration is at least arguably the least bad way to keep the risk of terrorism (and the worse risk of backlash) minimized.

            What’s funny is, in a thread about backlash, the people who hate it the most don’t want to do the obvious thing to keep it from getting worse.

            1. I’m not in favor of open borders. I’m against religious tests for immigration.

              There’s a difference.

              1. I think a religious test is stupid.

                I don’t think shutting down immigration from known exporters of terrorism (defined by nation) is self-evidently stupid.

      2. Marklastname pointed out last night that you can’t know how many lives are saved by allowing those qualified doctors in, but it seemed to him, and seems to me, that the number has to be in excess of the…what? 7 terrorist deaths annually since 9/11?

        It’s wrong to count and use math and numbers and stuff because it’s embarrassing to draw moral equivalences involving lives ended by Allah-worshippers.

        Did I get that right?

        1. Just going to go out on a limb and say that the average Pakistani physician in this country helps more people than the average Trump supporter…

          1. I assumed he was going to filter by country of origin?

          2. Just going to go out on a limb and say that the average Pakistani physician in this country helps more people than the average Trump supporter…

            Due to an unfortunate incident in San Berdoo we missed out on a Paki druggist.

    2. And at this time of year is must be particularly bad.

    3. are you suggesting H&R enact some kind of law that prevents certain people from entering the “town” after it starts to get dark?

      1. No, I suggesting that letting Grandpa get his rage on might be more productive than trying to argue him out of his delusions.

        1. Yeah, that never works on the senile. Sometimes you just have to sit with them and talk about the choir of singing horses outside the window.

    4. But does downing half a bottle of scotch help or further hinder?

    5. I think I have an explanation for what keeps happening on the late night threads:

      Um … maybe booze?

  42. Act for climate?

    Could some one impersonate Global Warming?

  43. Bernie Sanders thinks we’re all paying too little for stuff:

    “Bernie Sanders’s plan to tackle global warming, explained”
    “Steps include: a carbon tax, major investments in renewable energy and electric vehicles, and aid for dislocated workers and vulnerable communities.
    repealing tax breaks for oil firms, and blocking new drilling and fossil fuel exports where possible”

    Plus, that darn 1st amendment!
    ” It also includes getting the Justice Department to investigate companies, like ExxonMobil, suspected of funding climate denial. And it includes restricting corporate funding of electoral campaigns.”

    A guy after Joe Stalin’s heart, right there!

    1. A full-blown Commie is running for President, but we all need to shit out pants because Trump says offensive stuff.

      1. Well, Bernie is boring as shit. How many times can you say “he’s wrong about almost everything”. I don’t think all the Trump coverage is adding any useful information either. I don’t read it at this point. But “Bernie Sanders: Still wrong and still boring” isn’t a very attention-grabbing headline.

        1. And if Hillary screws up or gets indicted, he’s the Dem nominee. That scares me more than any of Trump’s bluster.

          1. As well it should, Drake. Because Sanders getting the nomination might lead to President Trump.

          2. You know, I would actually be OK with Sanders getting the nomination. For one, he’s kooky enough that he’s going to turn off a lot of potential D voters. For another, there is a long history of the younger, more dynamic-seeming candidate winning, and Sanders is the exact opposite of that. I think if he got the nomination, it would be a landslide for the Republicans. Not that that would be ideal either, but just about anybody is likely to be preferable to Sanders. The only upside to a Sanders win is that it would guarantee a Republican lock on the legislature, which would mean none of his nutty garbage would get passed.

        2. How many times can you say “he’s wrong about almost everything”.

          Apparently, if “he” = “Trump”, an infinite number of times.

          But, if “he” = “Sanders”, only a relative handful.

          I chalk it up mostly to Sanders being boring, and Trump being newish and exciting.

  44. Kind of sort of marginally related to the Bernie Sanders Voter:

    This morning one of Bloomberg’s stable of blathering twats declared Venezuela”s only real problem is low oil prices.

    1. +70 years of bad harvests.

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