RIP Scott Weiland, Senate Republicans Block Gun Bills, Donald Trump Is Unstoppable: A.M. Links


  • Scott Weiland/Flickr

    Donald Trump now holds a 20-point polling lead over the rest of the GOP presidential field.

  • Former Stone Temple Pilots singer Scott Weiland is dead. The musician "passed away in his sleep on a tour stop in Bloomington, Minnesota," according to a post from Weiland's Instagram account.
  • The unemployment rate held steady at 5 percent last month.
  • Senate Republicans blocked a series of gun-control measures pushed to a vote by their Democrat counterparts Thursday.
  • German legislators have voted to send planes and equipment—but not German troops—to help fight ISIS in Syria.
  • "A Maoist cult leader has been found guilty of sexually assaulting his female followers and imprisoning his own daughter in a London commune for 30 years."
  • An appeals court panel will consider today whether Federal Communication Commission rules on net neutrality are legal.

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  1. Former Stone Temple Pilots singer Scott Weiland is dead.

    Took his final interstate love song trip… something.

    1. “A Maoist cult leader has been found guilty of sexually assaulting his female followers and imprisoning his own daughter in a London commune for 30 years.”

      See what global change does? Stupid right-winged teabaggers. I told you we need more gun control.

      1. Damn. I was hoping this took place in Beijing.

    2. The musician “passed away in his sleep on a tour stop in Bloomington, Minnesota…”

      That’s code for OD’d and choked on his on vomit, right?

      1. You can’t really dust for vomit.

      2. I’m amazed he lived through the 90’s.

      3. I heard he choke on Epi’s mom’s vomit.

    3. Former Stone Temple Pilots singer Scott Weiland is dead.

      Dead and bloated?

      1. Creep.

        1. I can see you little reprobates out there, working up a vasoline and Sam Kinnison joke, and imma stop y’all right there.

          1. You had me at vasoline you Dirty Little Thing

      2. Too soon, brah.

        1. For reals. Come on people…

      3. Too soon. I doubt he’s had a chance to bloat yet.

        1. I posted in the most recent fundraiser-shilling piece:
          It’s a pretty big bummer that almost all the way through the week we’ve only reached ~$50,000 for the fundraiser. I could swear that last year we were much higher at this point. I know times are tough, but a lot of people use this site for daily enjoyment. I would all hope they give accordingly.

          How about this- I’ve already donated, but if we can reach $100,000 on the meter by the end of the weekend, I will make three more $50 donations with banner names, Tony, AmSoc and Shreek just so they can rest assured that they are doing their part. Who is with me?

          1. I farted.

      4. At this point just smellin’ like a rose. Rip Scott.

  2. Due process rights face off against the “right” to feel safe on college campuses.

    The Safe Campus Act was proposed in Congress in late July following lobbying by NPC and several national fraternity groups. The legislation would block colleges from investigating sexual assault cases unless the alleged victim also reports to law enforcement, and in those cases, the school couldn’t fully adjudicate until a criminal investigation concludes. No other form of misconduct would face this sort of requirement.
    “We believe our sisters who are survivors should have choices in how, when and to whom they go to for support or to report the crime,” Alpha Phi said in the statement. “They should have their own voice and the support and encouragement they need to move forward including reporting as they choose to.”

    1. “Misconduct”, they say. Let’s have a national discussion about universities redefining crime as “misconduct” to secure their power base.

    2. The comments on this article… oh my.

      1. Cassie Burton ? City Government Reporter at The Midland Reporter-Telegram

        That’s nice, except you’re leaving out the millions of examples where nothing is done, not because it is a false accusation, but because there is not enough evidence. If a man doesn’t want to be accused of rape, don’t rape or have sexual intercourse with someone who does not give a 100% yes. It’s not hard.

        1. “It’s not hard.”

          It *is* hard. That’s the problem.

      2. Brian Amberg
        They already get that. What this bill proposes is a get-out-of-jail-free card for rapists.
        Like ? Reply ? 17 ? Nov 12, 2015 1:09pm

        Tom John
        Get out of jail free card? Isn’t requiring the police to investigate the exact opposite of that?
        Like ? Reply ? 16 ? Nov 13, 2015 4:55am

        Derek Ogle
        I don’t see how opening a legal investigation counts as a get out of jail free card.
        Like ? Reply ? 5 ? Nov 13, 2015 7:39am

        Ann Spencer
        The problem with requiring this to go to law enforcement is that many women/men are uncomfortable with going to the police, all this group is saying is that the victims should have a right to report to whoever they feel most comfortable. No one is saying that the law cannot investigate or that they will never be involved. But if it is required to go to law enforcement and the victim is uncomfortable reporting, then the attacker gets to just go on attacking and there are no consequences at all.

        Emphasis mine. Stupidity hers.

        1. If we get rid of due process in rape cases, can we at least have it go both ways? Will men be afforded the same accusatory rights as women? That way we can all have the equal potential to destroy each other’s lives?

    3. No other form of misconduct would face this sort of requirement.

      How many forms of misconduct other than rape entail serious criminal accusations, expulsion, and public ostracizm? Sexual assault is sui generis for a number of reasons, not least being the atmosphere of hysteria surrounding it, so it’s not unrealistic that police should step in and pick up where administrations have failed abysmally.

      1. This is what happens when I get sick of swyping the same wrong word six times in a row and try spelling it out myself.

    4. No other form of misconduct would face this sort of requirement.

      Murder? Larceny? Extortion? Kidnapping? Does the school have it’s administrative staff investigate and mete out punishments for these crimes as well?

    5. “They should have their own voice and the support and encouragement they need to move forward including reporting as they choose to.”

      They do have a choice to who they report or whether to not report. They just wouldn’t have a choice to ruin someone’s life without a proper investigation and due process.

  3. Donald Trump now holds a 20-point polling lead over the rest of the GOP presidential field.

    Then it is decided. He will be the one to lose to Hillary.

    1. Where is your Foundation for this?

      1. Nice. “Chelsea” how this turns out.

    2. The evil of two lessers, or the lesser of two evils?

    3. If the Jihadis keep up with the attacks, and do an attack in the US close to the election, Trump could win. And then he’ll give the Jihadis what they want. Ugh.

      1. What do you think the jihadis want?

        1. A new season of The Apprentice. That, or war with the West.

          1. Trump seems like the sort that would nuke Mecca to make a point, so that might be counterproductive for them.

            1. It might. But even under Trump, I think that would be unlikely.

              I don’t know what else they could be after, though, with attacks on the West. Maybe they think that people will eventually leave them alone, or that they can get a foothold in Europe or something. But I think they are more likely just going to push more and more people in Europe in the US in anti-Muslim ant-foreigner directions if they keep it up. Multiculturalist technocrats have managed to rule Europe for a long time, but I don’t really think they are representative of the majority there. Whatever it is, it will be pretty ugly.

              1. I think they want an Armageddon type war with the west. If I’m not mistaken, part of the eschatological ideology, similar to some Christian sects, calls for or expects a big war with the infidels to usher in the return of the secret or hidden imam and the new caliphate. I may be mixing Shia with Sunni, though.

              2. “But I think they are more likely just going to push more and more people in Europe in the US in anti-Muslim ant-foreigner directions if they keep it up.”

                But…but…I was assured that blowback is bullshit. WTF??!!

            2. While the US nuking Mecca is surely a wet-dream for the jihadis, I agree that even President Trump wouldn’t be that stupid/extreme. Interesting how that’s also a wet-dream for the hardcore anti-muslim crowd.

        2. Immediately they want the west to turn against muslims – mass deportations or internment. They’d also be happy if the US went to war against another muslim country. Basically, anything which makes us betray our own values and which they can use to inflame the islamic masses.

          1. So that’s why the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor! I hardly think provoking annihilation at the hands of the west is a winning strategy for them. Because eventually it will come to that.

            1. Because one powerful nation’s military attacking another powerful nation’s military is just like some tin-pot Islamic death cult committing acts of terrorism.

        3. They want everyone in the world to submit to Allah. That would be a win. Barring that they want everyone who will not submit to Allah to submit to Muslims and take their place in the Dar al-Islam.

          That’s what they’ve wanted ever since Islam started.

  4. Russia: Sculptors make life-sized statue of President Vladimir Putin out of chocolate

    Sculptors in Russia have made a life-sized statue of Vladimir Putin out of chocolate. The pair have created the 77kg (170lb) sculpture of the president for the annual Festival of Chocolate in St Petersberg.

    Sculptor Nikita Gusev said: “On one hand the chocolate is soft and malleable, on the other side it can be very hard. It is very plastic, it can take any form. I think this material really suits him because he is like that, in different situations he can be different, sometimes soft, sometimes hard”.

    1. Yeah but is it at least 72% pure cocoa?

      1. I can’t imagine Putin would tolerate anything less.

    2. You know what else in different situations can be different, sometimes soft, sometimes hard?

      1. Reason’s fundraising pitches?

      2. Hitler’s penis?

      3. Targets?

      4. the core of my porn?

      5. Thanks to you, Rich, I cannot post my “melts in your mouth” comment

        1. Yes, you can, Charles.

      6. Is it something dark brown?

  5. The Second Amendment must go: We ban lawn darts. It’s time to ban guns

    A few accidental deaths are often enough to ban certain items, or at the very least recall them, and often without much fanfare. It’s strange that we don’t have the same reaction to guns. Guns have killed many more infants and toddlers than drop-side cribs, not to mention older children, adolescents, and adults. Guns have killed many more than a host of other objects not originally designed to kill. Remember lawn darts? The CPSC banned the sale of the metal-tipped ones after three deaths and numerous serious injuries.

    Yet when it comes to guns, we collectively do nothing, except spout off some strained political rhetoric every now and then, that is, after the most recent mass shooting. [Add in prayer here.] Or we dig in and cite our constitutional right to bear arms, which apparently trumps death, even the death of children. There’s a lot of room for debate regarding the meaning of the second amendment. I doubt very much that our “founding fathers” envisioned that right in its current form, but even if they did, it really shouldn’t matter. The framers of the constitution weren’t gods, meaning that their words aren’t?and shouldn’t be?sacrosanct.

    1. Let’s start by banning swimming pools.

      Why does anyone *need* a swimming pool?

      1. Haven’t they already done this in S. California?

      2. Swimming pools are the greatest argument against gun control. They serve no purpose but entertainment, and they kill a ridiculous amount of people each year.

        1. Don’t get me started on those assault diving boards.

          1. Who really needs a board more than 2 feet off the water?


        3. Now, let’s not go off the deep end here.

      3. People still have lawn darts

        1. Weren’t they called “Jarts”?

      4. You laugh but I’ve heard people on the radio say this after some kid drowned in one.

        Public hysteria is ruthlessly dangerous to common sense.

        1. I’m not laughing.

          Fucking ban swimming pools .

          1. Ban buildings more than one story tall, too.

            More people die from falling than do drowning.

            Hell, let’s ban mountains and any hills over some arbitrary height defined by the Feds.

            1. Ban bathtubs – where most accidents occur at home.

    2. My answer:
      The founders weren’t gods. Absolutely true. But the Constitution is the supreme law of the land. So you want to ban guns? Pass an amendment to it.

      1. I don’t think they want to see the aftermath of that.

        1. No, we don’t want to see the aftermath of that. They will be oh so happy until that last moment of realization before they are executed.

          1. The aftermath of a serious, concerted attempt to repeat 2A would be the unseating of numerous progressive politicians and chaos within the progressive movement.

            There is no way that the elites of progressive movement would launch such an initiative. It’s much easier just to ignore the plain language of the Constitution than to amend it.

            1. They will do what they’ve been doing. Chip away at the edges – registries, background checks, fees, taxes, licenses, onerous requirements, etc.

            2. “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state” sounds much closer to being a responsibility rather than a right to keep and bear arms. Look at those people in California, legally required by Obamacare to carry insurance against threats to their health and well-being, and yet not a damn one of them had insurance when the gunmen strolled in. Allstate’s good hands ain’t gonna cut it in a situation where you need Smith and Wesson’s good arms. You don’t just have a right to take care of yourself, you have an obligation to take care of yourself. If we’re talking about amending the Second, that’s the way to go.

      2. I mean, if you just want to selectively start ignoring parts of the constitution, it doesn’t actually offer any protection at all. I mean, I’m ignoring that we basically already do it in a number of areas, but its even more blatant in the gun argument.

      3. Yeah, I’m not sure who claims the Founders *were* gods.

        Lots of people attribute great wisdom to the Founders – sometimes they lay on the praise a bit thick.

        But if you think you have a better idea than the 2nd Amendment, go ahead and use the constitutional amendment process.

    3. Fun fact: Salon is anointed a “reliable source” by the WP:RSN soviet, while, for example, Breitbart News is not. Thus, any editor can insert any claim made by a Salon writer into any controversial Wikipedia article and present it as fact, and if you try to delete the claim because it’s absurd or impossible for the Salon writer to have known was true, then you’re the one violating policy (WP:VNT, Verifiability Not Truth) and risking being banned, not them.

      1. Thanks for passing that on. Hope that gets more publicity.

        1. i cant find this on wiki…can i get some help?

      2. That’s derpressing

        1. It’s extremely dangerous. Wikipedia is considered the font of all truth by most younger people and they DON’T check sources by and large.

          How ironic that what began as a marvelous example of decentralized spontaneous order has now become yet another trusted institution hijacked by the Left and deployed for their sinister purposes.

          1. I think it’s about the level of corrupt to be time for an expose that could get some leverage in the mainstream.

            1. While the mainstream media is no better about this themselves, I suspect they will jump on this as payback against the crowd-sourced internet media they hate so much.

          2. My kids mostly sane charter school forbids using Wiki as a source for papers, research, etc. Thankfully.

            1. It’s quite useful for scientific/engineering references, assuming you’re avoiding the politically charged crap.

              1. It’s quite useful for scientific/engineering references

                ^This – and for other “just facts” areas too. But if the above is true about Salon they won’t be getting any more donations from me.

              2. You mean like the Leibnitz-haters?

            2. Yup. I tell my kids wiki is a great place to start, not the place to stop. Use it to maybe get some background and context, and find some real sources, whether primary or secondary.

          3. I’m a millennial (right in the middle of the generation), and we were NEVER allowed to use wiki as a source in school. Ben Bradley is correct that most of my peers do not check sources. All we need is large bold print on a picture of MLK, Jr. and we eat it up. I use my facebook to debunk incorrect memes with statistical evidence. Needless to say my posts get ignored. I’m thinking about starting to make counter-memes to the bullshit memes.

            1. I suggest you do it. I’ve seen a couple of those type things floating around, and they do a pretty good job of pointing out the bullshit in an appealing way.

              1. First I need to finish Fallout 4. Did I mention I’m a millennial? LOL

            2. “Don’t just believe everything you see on the Internet” – Abraham Lincoln

              1. I’ve seen this one, love it!

      3. That’s horrendous.

        Fuck Wiki.

        1. It is. Which is why I never use it for current events or politically controversial topics. It’s great for science and math stuff and TV shows and movies.

          1. I always wiki my favorite shows after I watch episodes to see if I missed something.

      4. All institutions that are not explicitly on the right end up subverted by the Left. It was a nice runAikipedia but now you have explicitly politicized yourself as a matter of internal policy trust levels are nomexistant.

      5. Sometimes the mask slips, doesn’t it? Sometimes the subtext is made text. The morning after a husband and wife allegedly murdered 14 people in San Bernardino, the New York Post decided to plainly and unabashedly articulate the racist framework through which we view crime in America. It turned out that the husband and wife were named Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik, so the Post said what so many bigots were surely thinking: The most important thing about these two was not that they had just massacred more than a dozen innocent people, but that they were Muslim. To lift from Martin Luther King, the color of their skin was more significant than the content of their character. It would be difficult to find a more blatant example of racism.

        Guess the source of the criticism of the Post calling Muslim killers Muslim killers when the Musliminity of Muslim killers seems to be central to the reason for the killing. We don’t call Lee Harvey Oswald a Christian killer because his religion had nothing to do with the killing. We do call Hitler’s troops Nazi killers because Nazism had everything to do with the killing.

        And I’m not even going to waste my time searching Salon for the article on the Post’s outrageous headline calling for more sensible, reasonable gun control because I’m sure Salon hasn’t gotten around to writing that article just yet.

        1. “Muslim” isn’t a race. Bet they feel so silly right now, hahaha!

          Humans. Sheesh.

          1. There are no white Muslims, right?

            1. Since Arabs are semites–a type of caucasian, then it stands to reason that there are tons of white muslims because ‘white’ is the generic name for ‘caucasians’

      6. I hate to be a dick, but, do you have a source for this?

        1. A quick search gives these two noticeable contradictions:

          Breitbart is generally considered a questionable or unreliable source, ….

          Breitbart is about as unreliable a source as it is possible to be.

          WP:RSN/Is Breitbart reliable for its own opinion.

          [Salon is] Definitely a RS.

          Salon and Spectator are obvious reliable sources.


          Note that the second link is volatile as it refers to the live noticeboard. The next archive sequence number is 201 and so you may have to look under Archive 201 if you don’t find it on the link I gave.

          1. Side note: I can’t believe that Wikipedia still uses wiki pages for discussion. What an utter clusterfuck.

    4. The Second Amendment must go:

      There is a process for that. Let me guess, they don’t like that part of the constitution either?

      1. The good news is, on one side you have the idiots who think guns are only meant for militias. The other side thinks they can easily pass enough laws/amend the constitution. Since they are split, nothing should happen.

      2. It’s more effective as a Hey-Ho routine.

    5. these people are illiterate cowards.

    6. Damn, they went and busted out the they banned lawn darts so let’s ban guns argument. There’s just no arguing with that kind of flawless logic.

      1. From one side of their mouths, they say “we already ban X, so it makes sense to ban Y.”

        From the other side, they say, “don’t be paranoid, we don’t want to ban your Z.”

        1. There’s also another side that says, we shouldn’t bane X, Y or Z. (us)

          1. ban*

    7. First they came for the lawn darts, and I did not speak out?Because I had no lawn…

      1. They can pry my croquet mallet from my cold, dead fingers!

        1. I used to think barbecue parties were fun. Then I took a bocce ball to the knee.

    8. Or maybe banning sales of lawn darts was a stupid thing to do.

    9. I have an idea. How about we ban Salon. And any of the writers it employs.

      Sure, it would be a violation of their constitutional rights. But, hey, it might help bring down gun violence. We have about as much evidence that it would as we have that violating gun owners’ rights would do so (i.e. exactly none).

      So, really, muzzling the assholes at Salon is a moral imperative. FOR THE CHILLLLLDRENNNNN!!!ELEVENTY!!

    10. The first paragraph of that article is a riot. I’d love to have seen the look on the writer’s face when they made the discovery.

  6. An appeals court panel will consider today whether Federal Communication Commission rules on net neutrality are legal.

    Hopefully some of the panel aren’t Skyping in.

    1. Predicted ruling: Not really legal, but close enough for government work.

  7. Florida woman’s mystery illness traced to moldy breast implants

    SHALIMAR, Fla., Dec. 3 (UPI) — A Florida woman misdiagnosed with lupus, arthritis and thyroid problems said a doctor found the true cause of her illness: moldy breast implants.

    Anne Ziegenhorn of Shalimar said she started experiencing symptoms including weight gain, vision loss and burning pain in 2011 and doctors offered a series of diagnoses including lupus, arthritis and thyroid problems — all of which were later proven false.[…]

    Dr. Susan Kolb, author of “The Naked Truth About Breast Implants,” gave Ziegenhorn a different diagnosis that was later proven true: Her saline breast implants, which she obtained in 1998 and are in silicone shells, were covered in mold.

    1. Gross. Between that and the fact that they tend to explode after so many years, I don’t know why anyone would think they’re worth it

      1. Not only that, but so much of the time they look like crap. I am a leg man so maybe I am biased. But small breasts on a cute girl can be just as sexy.

        1. But small breasts on a cute girl can be just as sexy.

          Fact, Especially on a petite lass. Proportionality is the name of the game. Nothing looks worse than gigantic implants that defy physics.

          1. Proportionality is the name of the game


        2. Yeah, I’m not especially a leg man, but implants are still awful.

          natural large bosom GT natural small bosom GT anything silicone

          1. At my bachelor party 15 years ago, we went to a strip club in vegas. One of the stage dancers had clearly just received implants and her entire stage routine was as follows: Walk to where there is money sitting on the stage, sweep it to the stage, lean forward over the person sitting there, beat his head between the silicone filled balloons on her chest. She didn’t even follow the music. She just moved from station to station bludgeoning men with those stretched sacks of saline.

            We called her Titty Storm Tyson.

            True story.

      2. boobs.

      3. Implants look horrible. And I don’t just say that because I prefer children.

    2. Husband (fondling wife): ‘Honey, I think you smell like…’
      Wife: I just showered.
      Husband: Mold?!
      Wife (grabs breast and smells): Call Dr. Titty now!
      Husband: Yes…Wait? What? Your doctor’s name is Dr. Titty?
      Wife: Yeah. Tim Titty.
      Husband: Riiiight.

    3. Systemic fungal infections love to latch onto foreign materials in the human body. My wife’s port catheter (sub-dermal implant below her left clavicle, threaded thru clavicular artery to her superior vena cava) had to be removed when her blood culture grew fungus. I’m surprised we don’t see this story more often with boob augs.

  8. German legislators have voted to send planes and equipment?but not German troops?to help fight ISIS in Syria.

    They’ve learned their lesson about troop movements as winter approaches.

    1. LOLZ
      However, I don’t think Syria is quite as bad as the steppe.

    2. So….Condor Legion, Part Deux?

  9. 118) I keep pretty regular tabs on my weight and body fat, and I’ve noticed that imbibing alcohol seems to result in more weight increase than simply overeating or indulging in sweets, even if the calories are otherwise equivalent. (I’ve especially noticed it lately, as my local Total Wine has started carrying the Ballast Point beers a lot more regularly than they used to!)

    One reason might be that liquid calories are more readily absorbed by the body than solid calories. But I wonder if it’s more than that?maybe the alcohol itself slows the body’s metabolism, either reducing calorie expenditure, and/or lengthening the digestion process and allowing the body to uptake more calories from a given amount of food.

    1. I know that your body often doesn’t register liquid calories. If you’re hungry and drink a soda, it won’t reduce your hunger the same way an equivalent amount of potato chips would.

      1. Possibly true but not germane to the post.

        He said that the caloric intake is basically constant so there is no issue with “hunger” response.

        What he is wondering is if a calorie is a calorie is a calorie.

        1. We metabolize different foods differently. Ever see corn kernels in your shit? You didn’t get those calories. A calorie is measured as the energy released by complete oxidation of the material, but many things are not completely oxidized during digestion.

    2. This seems a partial explanation:…..ight-loss/


      After your first drink, your body starts to get rid of the alcohol quickly using the alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) pathway.1 In this pathway, ADH converts the alcohol into acetaldehyde, which gets further broken down to acetate. These by-products (acetaldehyde and acetate) are considered to be highly reactive and can increase oxidation throughout the body, but especially in the liver.

      Because your body sees these by-products as dangerous, it wants to use them as fuel. This means your body will significantly blunt fat-burning close to 75% after just one and a half drinks.2 And it will stop using carbs for energy. Therefore, although very little alcohol will be stored as fat (less than 5%), the fat and carbs you are eating have an increased risk of being stored as fat.

      1. Interesting. Thank you for that, I hadn’t heard it before.

      2. That really doesn’t explain it at all.

        Calorie counts account for the energy availability of food and alcohol.

        He’s almost certainly underestimating calories consumed.

    3. doesn’t it depend on the type of alcohol beverage? If i drink diet soda with vodka I seem to do okay keeping the weight down. I also hit the gym the day after and keep myself a Gatorade on hand when falling asleep after boozing.

      1. If you drink diet soad with vodka I think you have bigger problems than a few extra pounds.

        /just joking

      2. He mentioned beer, which has a much higher calorie content than vodka.

    4. “118) I keep pretty regular tabs”

      Maybe the alcohol is more effective at turning you into a lazy turd that the extra food or sweets.

      For your analysis to make sense, you need to be certain that your calorie burning is constant as you cycle through the different calorie consumption scenarios.

      1. *Sorry, “that the extra” should be “than the extra”

    5. A lot of beers have unfermentable sugars in them. Dry wine and cider have very little (although higher alcohol contents, typically).

    6. Switch from beer to Scotch whisky. With the latter you can get the alcohol you want without beer’s unfermented carbs. Drink it with soda water if you want some fizz.

      1. +15 to Glenfiddich

        1. Fuck my phone. Y.O.

        2. If you’re going with a quality single malt, forget about the soda water. Neat, or a splash of water and a single ice cube at most.

        3. Glenlivet or leave it.

      2. I can’t get behind Scotch. It’s like drinking whiskey from an ash tray.

        I’ve been pretty hooked on Cognac lately.

  10. Massachusetts police create safe zone for online transactions

    BELLINGHAM, Mass., Dec. 3 (UPI) — A police department in Massachusetts has set out to create a safe place for people to meet up and complete sales transactions made online.

    The Bellingham Police Department announced that it would offer their parking lot as an “Internet Purchase Exchange Location” via a post on Facebook.

    I can think of at least a few things people buy on Craigslist for which a police station parking lot not might not make the best venue.

    1. They are hoping the buyer and seller will do so anyway…

    2. How will anyone be able to use their hands wrapped in a giant condom?

    3. I wonder how many of the people who show up at that lot will receive letters in the mail after filing their taxes, asking why they didn’t pay sales tax for online purchases.

      1. Ding ding ding

  11. Donald Trump now holds a 20-point polling lead over the rest of the GOP presidential field.


    1. Yes, that is poorly written.

      “over his nearest GOP competitor” explains it properly.

      1. Either way, it’s a yuuuuge lead. Just a spectacular lead. And class just shooting out of its eyes, shooting out of its whatever. It’s gonna be great.

  12. German legislators have voted to send planes and equipment?but not German troops?to help fight ISIS in Syria.

    So…no pilots or maintenance crew?

      1. Just call them consultants and trainers.

  13. Weiland lasted a lot longer than I thought I would. I think I had him in a dead pool for 2002.

    1. I absolutely loved STP back in the day, but the man had some demons. Definitely didn’t think he could last this long. Human body can’t take that much heroin.


      1. I remember first hearing them watching the Crow. They had some great tunes.

      2. The human body can actually handle about as much heroin as you can give it (provided appropriate tolerance is developed). It’s the other stuff that goes with being a junky that wrecks your body. And all the crack.

      3. Keith Richards and William S. Burroughs beg to differ.

    2. Yeah, I was surprised to hear he died only yesterday. I thought I remembered him ODing years ago.

    3. Now he’s 0% of the man he used to be.

      1. ^nice (with all due respect to the deceased)

      2. He is standing like a rose somebody gave him on his birthday deathbed.

        1. His conscience fading?

    4. There are not many 90’s era grunge singers left.

      1. Chris Cornell and his 700 bands.

          1. Yeah, I’ve got no one else.

          2. Keith Richards still lives. He must be part shark, and his DNA should be studied.

          3. I respect Cornell because he really has tried some interesting different music beyond Soundgarden (even though they are now back together). But I have always hated Eddie. Fucking whiny bs. Thank the gods for metalcore!

            1. Audioslave Soundgarden

              1. GREATER THAN SIGN damn you

                1. What the hell is wrong with you people? Soundgarden was awesome, and so was Rage Against the Machine if you ignored the lyrics, yet somehow Audioslave fucking sucked and was boring as hell to listen to.

              2. THIS^^
                And keep in mind I fucking hate RATM. Not just their politics, but their whole schtick. But Audioslave showed me that I can appreciate Tom Morellos talent, while still thinking he is personally a douche.

                1. I like RATM (their first album anyway). But I think of them as a comedy act.

                  1. Apparently the fact that their music was ‘appropriated’ by upper middle-class meathead frat boys infuriated them to no end, which I always found hilarious.

                    1. His ridiculous earnestness is a key part of the comedy.

                2. But Audioslave showed me that I can appreciate Tom Morellos talent, while still thinking he is personally a douche.

                  Tom Morello’s talent:
                  1. Point guitar pickups toward amplifier.
                  2. Play whatever the fuck you want.

                  Just kidding. I think some of his solos are goofy as fuck, but he is a proficient guitarist nonetheless.

                  And yay metalcore.

            2. Cornell has a great voice. Love listening to him sing.

              1. I guess I can acknowledge his talent, but he always just sounds like he’s moaning to me. Audioslave is pretty good, I guess. Never much liked Soundgarden.

                1. “Say Hello to Heaven” – Temple of the Dog
                  Might make you change your mind. That dude has some of the best pipes around.

              2. Cornell has a great voice.

                Yep. Can’t forgive them for the awful “Spoonman” tho.

                1. Hey now.

                2. Oh c’mon! “Spoonman” is a fun tune! It’s like their “Panama”!

                  1. lol

                    if by that, you mean ‘a guitar hook that the band just strapped some stupid lyrics onto and called it a day’, yes.

                    Panama, fwiw, is awesome, while spoonman is admittedly disappointing for Sndgdn

  14. Was she a refugee or an immigrant?

    Report: San Bernardino Shooter Passed DHS Counterterrorism Vetting

    Their request comes as CBS reports that one of the shooting suspects passed the Department of Homeland Security’s “counterterrorism screening as part of her vetting” for a visa. Federal officials maintain that they have a rigorous and effective screening process in place for people from countries such as Syria that have significant jihadist movements, making the immigration records of the San Bernardino shooters a potentially significant piece of the debate over refugee policy.

    “We are dealing with an enemy that has shown it is not only capable of bypassing U.S. screening, but of recruiting and radicalizing Muslim migrants after their entry to the United States,” Cruz and Sessions wrote to Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, Secretary of State John Kerry, and Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

    1. I think we need a new word… Refugrant? No, that’s awkward. Immigee? Immifugee?

      1. Immifugee

        You randy bastard!

      2. I rather like “Immifugee”!

        1. *peculiar gaze

    2. Thought she was on a K-1 visa? Which requires a full face picture, like a passport, FWIW. Not to steal Gilmore’s thunder, but I haven’t seen a picture of her yet in the news, have any of you?

      Well, I mean, besides the video from the helicopter of her face down dead on the sidewalk. I hope it was painful.

  15. Almost no one is happy for the man who paid off his mortgage in 3 years

    When Sean Cooper paid off his mortgage in three years, he was so proud, he called in a TV crew to film him burning his mortgage papers.

    But not everyone celebrated with him. In fact, the 30-year-old’s achievement actually annoyed a lot of people.[…]

    “Upstanding citizen works his life away, lives in miserable squalor and forgoes human relationships for years. How is this an inspirational story?” one man said on the CBC Facebook page.

    Others didn’t want to applaud another example of white privilege: “Yet another privileged white man bragging about how he ‘did it on his own.’ But did anyone notice how big his down payment was? Or the fact that he has a $75k+ full-time job?”

    Even his work ethic had some fired up: “So he took three jobs when people are struggling to get one, so that he can pay his debt off faster, while others trying to find a job struggled,” one woman wrote.

    Economically illiterate AND envious is a much healthier way to go through life.

    1. And they vote.


    2. I thought these kinds of people hated the banks?

    3. Damn, that’s impressive. I wish I had the willpower to pull that kind of thing off.

    4. “So he took three jobs when people are struggling to get one, so that he can pay his debt off faster, while others trying to find a job struggled,” one woman wrote.

      Maybe it’s just my white male privilege, but back when I was working shitty service jobs, I was always able to find work within a few days–delivering pizzas, cleaning pools, construction laborer. On the other hand, when my step-father was otu of work, it took him a year to find another managerial-level job in his field. An early lesson for me in employment. If you really need a job, the work is there.

      1. Hey shitlord! Who are you to tell people that they should start at the bottom and work their way up?

        During school I would always go down to the temp agency to pick up extra shifts to make more money. It was amazing to me how many of those temp jobs ended up with someone making an offer to stay on permanently. I didn’t think that I worked that hard at any of those jobs. I just showed up on time, listened and worked my shift.

        My favorite period of time was right after the dot com crash in the early ’00s. A lot of acquaintances who had job jumped from one stupid startup to another had gotten their salaries and titles so inflated during the boom, that when the bubble popped it was impossible for them to find similar work. A lot of them went from CIO for 6 figures to team lead (not even a manager) for 75K.

        1. I didn’t think that I worked that hard at any of those jobs. I just showed up on time, listened and worked my shift.

          This. I worked in a warehouse during college for a large men’s clothing company that rhymes with tanks. I didn’t really do anything special, but all the supervisors loved and fought over me because I showed up every day on time and worked. I am a genius.

          1. I had one temp job that involved pulling screen printing. My job -in August, in a garage with no air conditioning- was to man the heater that cured the puffy screen print. At lunch time I ran across the street and drank a 40 just to keep sane.

            When I went back, the manager came right over and I was sure he was going to throw me off the job because he had seen me drink the beer. Instead he shook my hand and said no other temp had ever come back from lunch before.

          2. a large men’s clothing company that rhymes with tanks.



          3. More this…

            I ran a receiving dock where if you showed up Monday morning after the Friday payday, you were a “keeper”.

      2. On the other hand, many service jobs will not hire out-of-work professionals for fear that they’ll up and quit as soon as they get the job that they want. At least that’s what out-of-work professionals have told me as to the reason why they never bothered to apply for service jobs. As a veteran of that industry, I can tell you that it’s just an excuse.

        1. Of course it’s an excuse. Service jobs already have ridiculously high turnover.

        2. I’ve heard that’s a reason why you shouldn’t put the professional jobs and degrees on your resume, but not that if you don’t mention it you can’t get a job.

        3. Conversely, I’ve seen such people get hired in service/retail jobs only to be surly, late, and lazy all the time. “I’m better than this!” Well, I guess not, snowflake.

    5. Sounds like a Dave Ramsey fan. And, to just a thought’s point, that’s the kind of thing Ramsey advises. You have your primary job but you can always make extra cash working at Wal-mart or delivering pizzas etc.

      The reaction is sad. Not too many years ago, the guy would be an inspiration. But society has convinced several generations they are all victims and can’t help themselves. So this guy is an anomaly and must be destroyed.

    6. This sounds exactly like The Onion.

    7. Where’s american socialist to comment?

      1. Don’t pay teh mortgage!1!

    8. A couple of my buddies made paying the mortgage down a priority. Rather than, say, travel, they just double down because they wanted to be mortgage free before they were 50. Not even 45 years old they achieved that and their houses are worth 500 and 600k respectively. It’s a choice and doable at that. In my case, I don’t plan to stay here so I don’t. Plus, my parents are begging me to buy their house – which I just might do.

      1. Plus, it’s a short move to go from the basement to the upstairs.

      2. My wife and I have bought three houses since we were married. The first two we paid off completely within 4.5 years. That was really important back in the day when we got a mortgage at 9.9%.

        We’re on track to pay off our most recent purchase (June of this year) within 3 years.

        I’m stunned that people are crapping all over this guy ? he’s learned one of the great lessons of his life: long-term debt is the premier non-catastrophic destroyer of lifetime wealth accumulation. ‘Course, when all you can do is point the cannon at your own deck, I s’pose that envy is the only reaction you can have to someone who knows what the actual target’s supposed to be…

    9. I’m not particularly happy for him, I pity him ? he’s a model victim of a deranged cultural ethos that elevates work and money and possessions above all. He’s ‘relieved’ that his house (where he barely lives) is paid off?

      Huh? He bought no possessions other than a house and food you fucking dum dum. Now with basically no expenses, he doesn’t need to be tied to work he doesn’t enjoy.

      1. The writer probably sipped proudly on his $10 latte after typing that on their overpriced mac

        1. And then going home from Starbucks to their 400 square foot apartment.

      2. And now that it’s paid off I suspect he’ll be spending a lot more time there.

        The resentment and jealousy is palpable.

      3. Yeah, that’s dumb. People such as they describe do exist. And they aren’t saving every penny so they can live their life without significant debt like this guy. They are living paycheck to paycheck and mortgaging the shit out of everything, more likely. This guy sounds like the opposite of the consumer culture they are decrying. Which I can relate to. Although I am of course a big fan of free enterprise and capitalism, I’m a terrible consumer and would be quite happy on a lower income if I had no mortgage.

        God, people are assholes.

    10. Right. Only white people work hard and are proud of what they can accomplish on their own.

      That’s not racist or insulting to non-whites at all.

  16. Senate Republicans blocked a series of gun-control measures pushed to a vote by their Democrat counterparts Thursday.

    Now who wants the terrorists to win?

  17. 119) A lot of people are saying Tashfeen Malik’s role in the shooting is hard to understand. Why would she take part in her husband’s murder spree? Theory: Not hard to understand, because the marriage was a sham. She was the ISIL/whatever terrorist group person running the operations, there to make sure it took place.

    1. Saw some TV “journalist” asking — how could a 27yo mother with a 6mo baby *possibly* do this? Incredible stuff.

      1. how could a 27yo mother with a 6mo baby *possibly* do this

        The journalist was probably a mother. This is why I back Her Worstness’ proposal to shun moms.

        1. I think it’s clear who has the commonsense proposals that could have stopped this attack.

        2. Where do the kids go? To a remote island somewhere? If so, I’d like a newsletter.

          1. Presumably, Grandma’s babysitting gig just got extended by two decades or so.

            1. I read somewhere yesterday that the child was already with the CPS.

              1. I wonder what the rationale for that is. Grandma must be psycho too? That’s ridiculous, assuming the grandma didn’t hand the kid over.

  18. Russian Bombers Again Circle Guam

    Russian bombers circled the U.S. military hub on the Pacific island of Guam last week in the latest case of Moscow’s nuclear saber rattling.

    “On Nov. 25th, two Russian bomber aircraft circumvented Guam, transiting international airspace,” said Army Maj. Dave Eastburn, a Pacific Command spokesman.

    The latest bomber flights around the island were the fourth time in the past three years that Russian bombers circumnavigated Guam.

    Earlier incursions took place on Dec. 13 and Nov. 12, 2014, and Feb. 12, 2013. During the 2013 incident, U.S. F-15 jets were scrambled to intercept the bombers.

    1. Did it tip over from the jet wash?

      1. -1 Congressman Hank Johnson

    2. “””During the 2013 incident, U.S. F-15 jets were scrambled to intercept the bombers.”””

      So it was not considered to be important enough in 2014 or 2015 to intercept or they were so far out that they could not be intercepted but it’s important enough to report on it now? Sounds like the Air Force wants some new fighters

      1. Or, the Air Force is taking orders from higher up the chain.

    3. How many milliseconds does it take a jet to circle Guam again?

  19. What I Learned From 4 Years Working at McDonald’s

    McDonald’s is gross and greasy. But my humiliation, and that of my friends and my family wasn’t because I made burgers. It was because I was supposed to be better than that. Supposed to be more intelligent, more hard working and more talented than the people I worked with. I deserved a “good” job. I had an inflated sense of self that comes with being a person of privilege.

    I realized this attitude was way grosser than shoveling fries. Because I am not better than a McDonald’s worker.

    Sure, maybe I have different skills. I have no muscles and I fluster under that kind of pressure. I’m always going to be better at desk jobs than labor jobs. But this is not because I’m more intelligent or more skilled or worth more than a great McDonald’s employee.
    There are different types of labor, and just because we treat the work done by marginalized people as worthless doesn’t mean it’s true.

    1. I don’t think that person understands the meaning of the word “worthless”.


      1. ^This. Plus ” I was supposed to be better than that.”…The ‘participation ribbon generation’ comes of age.

      2. They mean worth as a human, that’s how they think and so they assume it’s how everyone thinks. They have no clue that most people don’t consider workers in less sophisticated jobs to be subhuman

        1. ^THIS.

          That’s how they think, and so they assume it’s how everyone thinks.

    2. From 18-22, I spent four years working at McDonald’s. I worked a mix of part- and full-time over these years, always failing to find a “better” job. I never advanced up the rungs, never was a manager, never achieved anything of significance in my time there.

      The only thing everyone else learned is that you are a worthless employee. I suggest lying on your resume.

      1. If you can’t come a manager of McDonalds in three years, you aren’t very competent or bright.

      2. No, not worthless, or presumably he would have been fired. Seems he found his niche. There is a place for dependable but unambitious employees.

    3. I’ve done plenty of jobs – heck even my current one – that is below my “intellect” (whatever remains after a solid lifetime of drinking).

      Washed dishes, did warehouse work, several summer stints doing screenprinting, and after college I did customer service temp job at an ERP software house – for a blistering $13/hr. That last job, however, gave me the skills to get another job with a big bump in pay and benefits.

      1. You can learn something at any job. People who don’t realize that aren’t remotely as intelligent as they think there are.

        1. I hope somewhere in there this person learned from working at McDonald’s that half the job is showing up ready and willing to do your work, sober, on time, every day. It’s called being dependable. There ain’t no shame in earning a paycheck.

      2. Cooking is far below my intellectual abilities. Who fucking cares? Not I.

        A high-powered lifestyle spending 70 hours a week in mindless drudgery holds neither the appeal or sense of accomplishment I get from 70 hours of sweating it out at the head of the line. I’ll take the trade-offs. I love my chosen career, and I’m damned good at it. What I *might* have been fit for otherwise is speculative twaddle, and irrelevant.

    4. I had a law school friend who worked at Burger King the whole time as a manager. She stayed through law school, bar exam, and waited until something came along.

    5. This loser wants to use his head instead of his body, he can always suck dick.

      1. As an apparent SJW activist, he does plenty of that already for free.

    6. It’s just crazy the shit people are willing to publicly state about work. When I started out in an ‘entry level’ job my brother in law said it best, ‘go get your fucken experience and learn to work. Then make your moves. Build your resume and don’t be a lazy, self-entitled dumbass.’

      For kids to hear that sort of language it’s tough but truer words can’t be said.



    7. 1) Yes, dipshit, there is honor in work. Even work that doesn’t pay well or isn’t as fun as you want it to be.

      2) Who treats McDonald’s employees like shit or thinks less of them? I only do that when they fuck up my order, you know, when they fail to complete simple tasks.

      1. THIS THIS A million times THIS

  20. The European countries that wash their hands least after going to the toilet

    The Dutch are the least likely to wash their hands with soap and water after using the toilet, according to a report by Gallup International.

    Only half of those surveyed in the Netherlands said they automatically washed their hands after visiting the bathroom, compared to 96 per cent of those in Bosnia & Herzegovina, which was found to be the most hygienic nation.

    Other countries that shy away from a good scrub include Italy, were only 57 per cent of those surveyed said they automatically wash their hands, as well as Spain and France, with just over 60 per cent of those surveyed in both countries claiming to give their hands a thorough clean.

    1. Note to self: When visiting Netherlands, avoid shaking hands.

    2. If you ever saw a Bosnian…um…”toilet” you’d scrub down too.

      1. “From what I hear, the Serbs are fanatic about their showers. ”
        “Not from the footage I’ve seen.”

        1. +1 Commando 450

          1. +2 Kramer shot down in the shower.

    3. compared to 96 per cent of those in Bosnia & Herzegovina, which was found to be the most hygienic nation.

      Perhaps not having basic sanitation for years on end while a civil war ravages your country makes you appreciate it more when you have it.

      1. They cleanse their hands of ethnics.

    4. I keep an extremely clean penis.

    5. “My pheromones make bitches moan.”

    6. I’ve found the Dutch to be a bit overzealous about hygiene. Except those dirty Maastrichters.

    7. Having recently been in The Netherlands (family visit), I can certainly understand this. Many public restrooms there are tiny little WCs with a laughable “sink” and only a cold-water tap. Makes the idea of washing your hands most unappealing.

      Oddly enough, a lot of the Dutch are kinda proud of that ? they think all this lack of comfort makes them “tougher” or something. It would seem that their own reluctance to wash after eliminating gives the lie to their being tough. 😉

  21. Circumcision ambulance stolen in violent carjacking in east London

    The brightly-coloured Audi TT, emblazoned with “medical response” markings, was taken in a violent carjacking in Alderman Avenue, Barking, at about 5.15pm.

    The victim said he was walking out of the house when three men “pounced” and stole his keys.

    He was too shaken to speak but a friend told the Standard: “He believes they were waiting for him. They pounced on him, they ripped off his keys off his belt, and also stole his watch, before driving off with his car.”

    1. Circumcision ambulance

      Nice band name.

    2. It’s just a good thing the driver didn’t lose his head.

        1. He escaped by the foreskin of his teeth

          1. He was just a foreskin hair from serious harm.

      1. Yeah, but he was shafted

      2. At least he still has his gig as a calamari supplier.

    3. it’s about time someone put those butchers out of business.

    4. -1 Royal Deluxe II

  22. Assyrian Woman Killed in San Bernardino Shooting Fled Iran to Avoid Islamic Extremism

    Bennetta Betbadal, born in Iran in 1969, fled to America when she was 18 to “escape Islamic extremism and the persecution of Christians that followed the Iranian Revolution,” her family said in a statement.

    On Wednesday, she was among the 14 victims shot to death at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino by a husband and wife under investigation for possible Islamic extremism.

    “There is no reason for evilness,” her husband, Arlen Verdehyou, said in an interview. “You just have to be strong for each other.”

    The family statement said Betbadal settled in New York City after she came to America and eventually moved to California, where she married her husband, a police officer at Riverside Community College, in 1997.

    1. only to fall victim to the type of work place violence that only happens in this country.

      1. She should have moved to Paris. Violence like this NEVER happens there. The President said so

        1. It never happens in California, either:

          “Sensible gun laws work. We have proven it California.”
          — Senator Barbara Boxer, 12/3/2015


    2. This plays into some people’s theories yesterday that the heated argument was between someone the terrorists thought should be following Islamic law and the terrorists. We often hate those who share things with us than those who are completely different. She might be the reason they decided to hit the party. Poor girl.

      1. We often hate those who share things with us than those who are completely different.

        Kinda explains why so many of us here are more critical of Rand than most other Republicans.

      2. She was Roman Catholic.

        1. Wouldn’t much matter in this situation. In fact, it might make things worse. Just being from the middle east could put expectations on her from the radicals, and quite obviously having fled Islamic extremism she’s not going to live up to their standards of how a good woman should behave and dress.

          1. She’s not from the Middle East, she’s from Pakistan.

            1. “Bennetta Betbadal, born in Iran in 1969”

          2. Just being from the middle east could put expectations on her from the radicals,

            Many westernized Muslims living in Europe will confirm that for you. Many of them will avoid contact with other people of their ethnicity, especially westernized Muslim (or formerly Muslim) women because of the vitriol directed towards them. Death for apostasy is widely agreed upon by “non-radical” Muslims in ME countries and by large minorities even in western countries.

      3. That’s a… novel theory.

        1. Eh, I’m just tying random facts together to see if any patterns emerge at this point. This theory has gone from complete speculation to at least possible with the new information, but there is still no reason to actual think it’s happened.

    3. THE FUCK was the husband not carrying if he is a fucking cop?!?!?

      1. He wasn’t at the event.

        1. As much as we like to hate in cops, it could have been a happier ending if he had been there. It’s too bad.

  23. The Jobs Report Probably Won’t Change the Fed’s Mind on Liftoff

    For once, the upcoming jobs report may not be the most critical of all time.

    Federal Reserve officials have signaled that an interest-rate increase is in play for their December meeting, with both markets and economists now anticipating that normalization will begin less than two weeks from now. That means the payrolls data will probably offer more information about the pace of tightening in the months ahead than on the timing of the first hike.

    “It would have to be a very large surprise ? both in November and potentially a downward revision to October ? to really change the outlook enough for the Fed to stop and reconsider the hike in December,” said Laura Rosner, a U.S. economist at BNP Paribas in New York.

  24. An appeals court panel will consider today whether Federal Communication Commission rules on net neutrality are legal.

    lol. Rule of law can suck it, besides tyranny sounds kind of kick ass.

  25. Denmark Rejects Closer EU Ties as Skeptics Dominate Referendum

    Danes voted to keep their distance from the European Union, marking a blow to Brussels before heads of government meet to discuss British demands for a renegotiated relationship with the 28-member bloc.

    Denmark will preserve an opt-out from EU justice and home affairs laws as 53 percent of voters favored the status quo, while 47 percent backed a shift to a flexible opt-in. Both the ruling Liberals and the largest opposition party, the Social Democrats, had campaigned for closer ties.

    The result “is based on a general skepticism toward the EU,” Prime Minister Lars Loekke Rasmussen said.

    1. Eu demands more referendums until the Danish vote the right way.

    2. You know who else delivered a blow to Brussels?

      1. Aya the prostitute?

      2. Tong Po?

        1. +1000 Kickboxer reference

      3. Moltke the Younger?

      4. Sprouts?

    3. Shorter Denmark: We can socialist-derp harder on our own.

  26. Veto This, Mr. President: Senate Passes Bill Repealing Majority Of ObamaCare

    No doubt, President Obama will veto this bill after it clears the House and lands on his desk. But ObamaCare supporters who claim that this Senate vote is therefore meaningless should know better. Putting a majority-repeal bill on the president’s desk moves the ball farther down the field than ever before. Everyone now knows ObamaCare is just one presidential election away from oblivion. Never in their worst nightmares did Democrats think five years ago that they would be in this position, with ObamaCare unpopular and clunky, and Congress eager to repeal it. They can say whatever they want, but that has to make them nervous.

    1. I know most here are against doing anything in Syria. And I understand that.
      However, in this case I think we really could put together a coalition of Western European and Russian forces. Even though it would mean keeping Assad in power (and make no mistake, the man is a butcher), we could leverage some concessions out of him and Putin. We probably could crush ISIS, European leaders could say they were doing something, and develop a better relationship with Russia based on strength.
      But that would take a President other than mom jeans and red lines.

      1. Sorry I don’t know why this appears as a response to the link to voting on Obamacare.

        1. I was confused but then thought you were playing some higher level 4D chess game.

          1. Queen to Queens level 3?

            Anyone?, Anyone?

            Fuck it. King me!

        2. They’re both man made disasters.

  27. At least we still have Lou Reed

    1. I’ve got some bad new, DoM 5000

      1. At least Neil Peart is still alive! Rush is the best!

        *looks at calendar, sees its Friday*

        Never mind, Rush is the most overrated band ever!

        1. I heard Neil Peart prefers deep dish.

          1. What’s his thoughts on circumcision?

            1. They make nice drumskins

              1. self tuning as they are played?

          2. And deep derp.

        2. So we just pretend his Rolling Stone interview never happened? Ok.

  28. San Bernardino suspect’s sister breaks her silence

    A law enforcement source tells CBS News that the bombs found in the couple’s home are near carbon copies of explosives shown in an issue of al Qaeda’s on-line magazine “Inspire,” which printed instructions on “how to build a bomb in the kitchen of your mom.”

    On behalf of their family, Farhan and Saira expressed their condolences.

    “I want to say that we are deeply saddened by what took place and we can’t imagine the loss that everybody has gone through…all the people who are injured or were hurt badly…our thoughts and prayers are going out to them,” Saira said.

    1. Are Sadbeard and Salon chastising her for thoughts and prayers yet?

    2. Can we prayer-shame Saira?

    3. “breaks her silence.”

    4. …which printed instructions on “how to build a bomb in the kitchen of your mom.”

      So then a magazine for H&R commenting terrorists.

      1. How to build a woodchipper in 127 easy steps.

        1. Step 1 – have your orphans 3D print one.

          1. Step 2 – sit back with cognac and cigars

          2. In all seriousness, if our CT people can’t track down someone who actually visits jihadi websites… I mean WTF? I guess checking up on old girlfriends is more important.

    5. shown in an issue of al Qaeda’s on-line magazine “Inspire,”

      Clearly we need to regulate content on teh Internet….common sense Internet regulations.

      1. Also magazines. Common sense magazine control is obviously needed.

        1. Ban Cosmo! Nobody needs to know “The secret to mind blowing sex”

          1. Especially when they publish it in every freaking issue!

            …or so I am told.

          2. If you don’t already know it, reading about it probably won’t help.

      2. Considering none of their bombs worked, I’m glad they went to that source for their inspiration and advice.

    6. …our thoughts and prayers are going out to them,”

      She said while boarding a plane to Saudi Arabia

  29. Donald Trump now holds a 20-point polling lead over the rest of the GOP presidential field.

    If Trump gets the nomination, it will be an absolutely golden opportunity for a third-party candidate to make some noise. Don’t blow it, LP.

    1. Don’t blow it, LP.

      You’re asking gravity not to follow an inverse square law.

    2. Don’t blow it, LP

      Do you happen to be a Lions fan…

      1. Do you happen to be a Lions fan…

        More likely Browns.

    3. hahahahhhaaaa

      1. It would be more realistic if he were referring to Louis Pasteur.

    4. The best we could hope for at this point for an LP presidential candidate is to get enough votes to ensure automatic LP ballot access and maybe debate inclusion.

  30. NPR had the parent of one of the Sandy Hook victims on this morning to provide “background” on the San Bernadino shooting. I turned it off once they announced that.

    I suspect that the authorities are waiting as long as possible to declare a motive for the SB shooting to let the grabbers milk this for maximum effect, among other reasons.

    1. Tonio, I think they’re looking for some of the “multiple Muslim men” who were seen at the killer’s house, working in the garage with them at night.

      They had a metric shit ton of pipe bombs and plenty of supplies to make more at that house. We’re going to be lucky if this shooting was the only attack to come from their group. Hopefully, if there were multiple other people helping them build this shit, that those guys didn’t run off with bombs of their own. Or if they did, that the bombs were as poorly constructed as the ones they tried to use against the cops the other day.

      1. Good points, GG.

        Let’s hope they were dumb enough to have stored everything at the house of the people who died in the attack.

    1. An appointment with Dr. Smith and Dr. Wesson, it appears.

    2. When you lie to one you lie to all.

    3. Probably either didn’t consider her a real Muslim because she’s not jumping the gun to help Jihad or it’s one of those Jihad washes away all sins type deals.

    4. Well, it was a kind of health care facility and there was probably a doctor there; just because the doc was unaware of the appointment doesn’t make it any less of one…

    5. One might wonder whether anyone other than Grannie knew of this “favor asking”.

    6. It was a GOOD LIE, Rich.

    7. Politifact gives it a pants on fire.

    8. They do like to play No True Islamist.

    9. I’ve read it elsewhere, but the Medical Examiner counts as a doctor, doesn’t he?

      Who can know the ways of Allah?

  31. Barbara Boxer: Senator, D-Calif., Says ‘Sensible Gun Laws Work’

    “We’ve proven it in California, and we’re not going to give up,” Boxer said at a news conference Thursday, following the mass shooting in San Bernardino, Calif., that killed 14 people.


    1. She doesn’t think it’s quite fair to condemn a whole program because of a single slip-up.

      1. +1 Gen. Buck Turgidson

        1. The human element has failed us here.

        2. Yes.

    2. Is Boxer going to get rid of her armed bodyguards?

      1. No.

    3. Is Boxer going to get rid of her armed bodyguards?

      1. Maybe.

    4. I know she’s in a safe state, so this won’t do any good against her reelection campaign, but surely some contested states can play this on loop to try and tie their dem opponents to the loony.

    5. Is Boxer going to get rid of her armed bodyguards?

      1. Yes.

      2. See above.

      3. The squirrelz have gone Manchurian candidate tonight.

  32. This morning, one of our clients sent an email regarding workplace violence with the following link courtesy of Homeland Security (Active Shooter Situation: Options for Consideration):

    1. It’s interesting that the video uses the term “active shooter” regardless of the weapon xi is using, if any.

      1. My campus is now using the term “active shooter/active killer.”

        1. “Shooter” obviously a better fit for the anti-gun narrative.

    1. Meant to reply to Heinlein

    2. The Duck and Cover video is actually much clearer/more actionable. I’m generally a “Stop, Drop, and Roll” type of gal, but switching to “Duck and Cover!”

      1. I should start marketing my “cower in a closet” policy.

        1. I always try to find the “least likely hiding spot” in a house. In the last house it was behind the furnace. Same thing with the new house.

    3. Helpful information given that Obama is taunting the Russian bear.

  33. “Donald trump holds a 20 point lead”

    I believe elections should be mandatory– preferably to be enforced by hordes of cattle-prod wielding Black men led by Lois Lerner. So, if I were in such a position and had to be electrocuted my way to the polling booth in order to make a choice between Clinton and trump, I’d probably go with Trump. Mostly for kicks, but also with a realization that all the truly horrible wars of the 20th century were started by establishment Democrats.

    1. Cool story, bro.

      1. I prefer Agile Cyborg, frankly, over amsoc.

        1. You prefer life to death? Wrecker.

          1. “Death, or tea and cake?”
            “Death. Just kidding, i’ll have the tea and cake, please.”

  34. Senators Demand Obama Release Immigration History of San Bernardino Attackers

    It is critical that the Obama administration is more transparent about information pertaining to recent immigrants, according to the senators. “We are dealing with an enemy that has shown it is not only capable of bypassing U.S. screening, but of recruiting and radicalizing Muslim migrants after their entry to the United States,” the two wrote to the secretaries of state and homeland security as well as the attorney general.

    “And release their college transcripts while you’re at it!”

    1. And their birth certificates!

  35. Considering the US has always had a high number of guns and mass shootings of 8 or more has risen 400% during the Obama Presidency I would humbly suggest instead of banning guns that we impeach Obama. With his love affair with Islamic terror groups like Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR and refusal to cut off oil resources to ISIS; his refusal to condemn Saudi Arabia, Turkey or Qatar sponsering of terroism one might think he has an agenda that isn’t in the best interest of this country.

    1. It’s 11 dimensional chess you fool

      1. Funny how, in every respect, 11-dimensional chess looks identical to Whac-A-Mole.

  36. OT: I just noticed the Reason donation status bar and total ‘givers’.. By my calcs, the average contribution is ~$200. That’s pretty good right?

    1. Yes, considering most people only gave a dollar to see their handle scroll in the header.

      1. Shit, I gave a chunk o’money but since I used PayPal it appears that I am not included in the banner. And I haven’t heard a peep from Reason themselves. What gives? Is this some sort of microagression against those of us who are too lazy to waddle over to where our wallet is and use PP instead?

      2. dollah fivty!

    2. Better than Rand Paul, so…

  37. On another forum I’m arguing that Clinton has been a failure in foreign policy. The other party responded “do you think Libya would be better off if we hadn’t intervened? It would still be in a civil war, like Syria!”

    Holy shit, people think Libya isn’t in a civil war?

    1. do you think Libya would be better off if we hadn’t intervened?

      Who the hell cares?

    2. This entire administration from top to bottom is the very definition of inept. And I honestly think they all have such little self-awareness that they honestly think that they are doing a good job. Except for Hillary who I think is an example of good old-fashioned corruption and “who gives a fuck”. Kind of a Huey Long wannabe. Or

    3. How would he/she know? The media isn’t covering the complete meltdown Libyan society at all.

  38. hmm… listening to Spotify “Cold Wave” playlist…

    but yesterday I briefly switched over to the Latin station – and now all my commercials are in Spanish.

  39. Trump is a fetish candidate for fuckers who jack off to transvestites with faint mustaches, fat dicks, and fake tits after the daily submissive worshiping at the establishment altar of amazing grace, prisons, Ford trucks, polished politics, metal outbuildings, and the angst of retired rich white fucks languishing in their bored suburban steeples.

    Trump is the singular human expression of an imploding culture trapped behind the boarded-up windows of its collective zeitgeist. Hillary isn’t remarkable at all and is a black hole of confusion surrounded by desperate fucking stars.

    Reality is becoming faker by the decade.

  40. Last night my wife and I made fresh Margaritas using 100% Tequila, Cointreau, Simple Syrup, and freshly squeeze lime juice. Shaken with ice. Like this:

    It was very good… but part of me said this is only marginally better than the cheap drink at the local taco joint/bar.

    1. Try some good silver tequila with St. Germain and fresh squeezed limes. Those are some fantastic margaritas without the sickly sweet mix flavor. Something like 2 ounce tequila, 1 ounce germain, half a lime.

      1. … syrupy Silver Patron straight from a deep freezer. Brain gets surprised by the whites of your eyes.

    2. I’d use Grand Marnier instead of Cointreau, and skip the simple syrup.

    3. Use agave nectar instead of cane/corn syrup. Also decent tequila is important, assume you meant 100% de Agave tequila (as opposed to Pepe Lopez, etc, where the actual tequila is cut with industrial vodka). I like Hornitos Reposado (rested). Save the A?ejo (aged) for sipping. Pro-tip for sipping tequila – rim the glass with lime (no salt) for just a hint of limey goodness.

      1. I’ll try the Agave nectar – wasn’t keen on the sugar water but it was available at the local liquor store. And yes the Tequila is good stuff (forgot the brand off the top of my head though but it wasn’t cheap)

        1. You actually purchased simple syrup? Seriously?

          All you need to do is mix equal parts sugar and water in a pot on low heat until the sugar dissolves. It’s that simple.

          1. It’s better to bring it to a boil. That will complete breaking down the sucrose so it will not recrystallize.

          2. I’m usually a gin man… don’t venture beyond that very much.

    4. Mix quality tequilla from the freezer with equal parts lime.

      The original panty dropper fight starter. Keep one eye on your date/SO because they won’t be responsible for their actions after a couple of these.

      Supposedly it was the original margarita.

      1. Too much tequilla and I do feel like fighting or doing something really stupid. My wife has a tendency to er, blackout if she drinks too much tequila. And by too much I mean two drinks.

    5. Then you are fortunate that the local taco joint that you frequent uses limeade rather than the concoction of sugar and industrial chemicals called “margarita mix”. It probably also uses generic triple sec as well. Most restaurant margaritas suck.

      For about ten cents more than a sucky margarita made from “margarita mix”, you can make a nearly perfect margarita with frozen limeade, generic tequila, and generic triple sec. The intensity of the lime, sugar, and salt is such that any flavor improvement that expensive tequila and Cointreau offer in other cocktails is wasted. Likewise, the sweetness preferred by most folks is such that it is hard to distinguish between fresh lime juice and frozen limeade.

    6. I love adding wheat beer to margaritas and seconded on agave nectar

      1. Maybe kill two birds and add Breckenridge’s agave wheat. I am going to have to try that

  41. Hammy Nolo:

    You Will Not Die in a Mass Shooting

    What the New York Times is too polite to say is: this fear is delusional. Mass shootings are very scary. And very visible. But in all likelihood they are not going to happen to you. You are more likely to die in a mass shooting than to win the Powerball drawing, but the truth is that you are not going to do either.

    In 2013, auto accidents killed almost 33,000 Americans?about the same number of people killed in all gun deaths, and many more people than died by homicide.

    You are far more likely to die driving to the movie theater than you are to die by being killed by a mass shooter at the movie theater.

    What is this? I can’t find anything stupid that he wrote!

    1. You’re not looking hard enough. There’s *always* something stupid there.

  42. Senate votes to repeal ObamaCare ‘Cadillac tax’

    The Senate voted overwhelmingly on Thursday to repeal ObamaCare’s “Cadillac tax” on high-cost health plans, a rare area of bipartisan agreement around the healthcare law.

    The Senate voted 90-10 to include the amendment repealing the tax in a larger bill gutting ObamaCare. The larger bill, and the tax repeal included therein, will not become law, however; President Obama is expected to veto the attempt to dismantle his signature domestic achievement.

    But the Senate did show support for repealing the tax. Both Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) voted for the amendment. Seven Democrats, including Sen. Dick Durbin (Ill.), the No. 3 Democrat, and three Republicans voted against it.

    There are currently ongoing talks to include a repeal or delay of the Cadillac tax in a separate package of tax breaks, known as tax extenders, that is expected to move before the end of the year.

    Not one dime added to the deficit!

  43. The NY Daily News is at it again with today’s tasteless cover. “NRA’s sick gun jihad against America in the name of profit”.

    1. Of course they are.

    2. My only question — was the pun on prophet intentional? If not, it would break my heart.

      1. Hardly. They aren’t clever like the Post.

    3. Just how does the NRA “profit” from guns? It seems that the threat of gun regulation and confiscation does more to increase the cash flow of the NRA than gun sales could.

  44. Would Cracking Down on Guns in the U.S. Really Reduce Violence?

    In fact, the United States’ overall high rate of homicide is largely explained, perhaps entirely explained, by problems unrelated to gun ownership. There are policies concerning gun ownership that could reduce homicide, but the reductions would most likely be modest.

    There is actually no simple correlation between states’ homicide rates and their gun-ownership rates or gun laws. This has been shown numerous times, by different people, using different data sets. A year ago, I took state gun-ownership levels reported by the Washington Post (based on a Centers for Disease Control survey) and compared them with murder rates from the FBI: no correlation. The legal scholar Eugene Volokh has compared states’ gun laws (as rated by the anti-gun Brady Campaign) with their murder rates: no correlation. David Freddoso of the Washington Examiner, a former National Review reporter, failed to find a correlation even between gun ownership in a state and gun murders specifically, an approach that sets aside the issue of whether gun availability has an effect on non-gun crime. (Guns can deter unarmed criminals, for instance, and criminals without guns may simply switch to other weapons.)

    1. If you differentiate murder stats by ethnicity, the murder rate is lower than Belgium’s for U.S. whites.

  45. Top Men declare:
    “Gene editing designer babies would be ‘irresponsible,’ says international scientific committee”
    “A committee of the world’s leading scientists has called the clinical use of gene editing technology on human reproductive cells ? sperm or eggs ? as “irresponsible” until confirmed to be safe.”…..e-editing/

    I presume scientists put their signature on this statement, which is about as far from science as it is possible to get.
    Water, as we well know, has never been “proven” safe.

    1. Water, as we well know, has never been “proven” safe.

      Quite the opposite, in fact!

  46. 38,151,000 Record Number of Men Not in Labor Force; Participation Rate Dips To Lowest Level Ever Recorded

    While the employment situation improved for most Americans in November, these metrics worsened for men.

    The number of those not in the labor force, which includes individuals who did not have a job or did not search for one in the past four weeks, increased by 178,000 in November.

    The participation rate for men, which measures the percentage of those who either had a job or searched for one in the past month, declined to 68.6 percent?the lowest percentage ever recorded. The BLS began recording the participation rate in 1948, and at that time the participation rate for men was much greater at 86.7 percent.

    The number of employed men declined by 116,000 and the number of unemployed men increased by 41,000. The unemployment rate for men increased from 5.1 percent in October to 5.2 percent in November.

    War on Men!

    1. Smart move. I mean, women only cost 72% what a man would…

    2. I always have to wonder how many are working, but under the table. If I found myself unemployed, there are a bunch of things I could do to make money that don’t require going out and making money.

      I don’t really know how they come up with these numbers, so it’s hard to say.

      1. there are a bunch of things I could do to make money

        go on…

        1. I’ll leave it to your imagination. Probably more exciting.

          there are a bunch of things I could do to make money that don’t require going out and making money

          I’m sure I didn’t type that. “going out and finding another regular job”

          1. Hey, whatever you do under the table to make money is your business.

            1. Well, his and at least one other person’s business.

  47. San Bernardino attacker pledged allegiance to Islamic State leader, officials say

    that didn’t take long. and it wasn’t some NSA-level snoopery = she posted it on facebook.

    they are now liberally using the driver’s license photo of Syeed which they obviously needed days to find. it must have been a eureka moment when someone finally suggested that.

    1. bizarrely, WaPo leaves out details which other sources are reporting =

      “The post was apparently written on Facebook under a different name, according to CNN…

      Times reporter Rukmini Callimachi noted on Twitter that ISIS has “made clear that those wishing to act in its name need to swear allegiance”

      It was also only done ‘earlier this week’; WaPo never mentions ‘when’.

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