Reason Webathon Update: About 12% of the Way There on Day Two

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Yesterday morning we launched our 8th annual Reason Webathon, in which Nick Gillespie and I spend a week giving you around three reasons per day to cough up a tax-deductible donation—yes, even/especially in Bitcoin!—to the 501(c)(3) non-profit that makes our libertarian journalism and commentary possible. Obviously, the nation's eyes right now are turned to the horrible active-shooter massacre situation in San Bernardino, so we'll be focusing on cutting through the hysteria to bring you the latest news on that, rather than clog up the real estate here with extended cup-rattling.

So a brief update for you numbers types: Our crazy/ambitious goal, after last year's record $223,000 haul (made possible by 1,167 donors), is to break the $250,000 barrier. How we doin' so far? As of 4:50 p.m. ET here on Day Two we were at $29,700, thanks to the generosity of 207 donors. For which we say thank you thank you thank you, and also, pssst: remember that story about woodchippers?

As we spend the next 14 hours or so demonstrating why we deserve your continued and even slightly boosted support, keep one eye on that orange-ing rectangle to the upper right, and the other on the rotating banner above showing all your contemporaries who have pitched in a shekel or three. BE THE NEXT NAME. 

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