20 Years Ago


"To combat what he calls 'an epidemic among our children,' President Clinton announced sweeping new regulations on cigarettes and tobacco products. The goal: to reverse an apparent increase in cigarette smoking among teenagers. The new policies include a ban on all cigarette vending machines, limiting tobacco advertisements to black-and-white text in magazines with significant underage readership, and a ban on outdoor ads within 1,000 feet of a school or playground."
—Ed Carson, "Teen Angst "

"There's plenty of good, hard data refuting the notion that American living standards are in decline. We're enjoying more of almost all material goods. We're taking more leisure. We're healthier. We're making gains on other measures of well-being. We're making daily life easier by paying others to do what we once did for ourselves. We've got no reason to be alarmed by the evolution of two-income households, or the faster growth rates of other countries."
—W. Michael Cox and Richard Alm, "The Good Old Days Are Now "

—December 1995