War on Terror

Lending ISIS a Hand

The Islamic State wants to polarize Western society.


The latest poster boy for ISIS recruitment is not Middle Eastern. In fact, he's not even Muslim. He's a burly, bearded, tatted-up white dude.

He showed up at a community meeting last week that was called to discuss a proposed mosque in Spotsylvania. Samer Shalaby, a trustee with the Islamic Center of Fredericksburg, was giving a presentation when the big guy stood up and interrupted.

"Nobody—nobody—NOBODY—wants your evil cult" in the area, he fumed. "And I'll tell you what. I will do everything in my power to make sure that does not happen. Because you are terrorists. Every one of you are terrorists… Every Muslim is a terrorist. Period." When Shalaby tried to respond, the guy told him, "Shut your mouth. I don't want to hear your mouth. I'm done with you."

Some in attendance took offense at the outburst. But others applauded. "We don't want it!" chimed in one of them. "This is evil. Muslims is evil. We all saying it," said another.

More people got torqued up. A deputy tried to restore order, but it was no use. When the big man opened his mouth, he shut the meeting down. The deputy had to tell everyone to disperse.

To paraphrase Jeb Bush, the folks at ISIS headquarters must have been high-fiving. This is precisely what they want.

Harleen Gambheer, a counterterrorism analyst, explained why shortly after the Paris attacks. "The Islamic State's strategy is to polarize Western society," he wrote in the Washington Post. It wants "to 'destroy the gray zone,' as it says in its publications. The group hopes frequent, devastating attacks in its name will provoke overreactions… against innocent Muslims, thereby alienating and radicalizing Muslim communities…

"The strategy is explicit. The Islamic State explained after the January attacks on Charlie Hebdo magazine that such attacks 'compel the Crusaders to actively destroy the gray zone themselves… Muslims in the West will quickly find themselves between one of two choices, they either apostatize' [renounce their faith] 'or they (emigrate) to the Islamic State and thereby escape persecution from the Crusader governments and citizens.'"

ISIS, Gambheer says, "calculates that a small number of attackers can profoundly shift the way that European society views its 44 million Muslim members and, as a result, the way European Muslims view themselves. Through this provocation, it seeks to set conditions for an apocalyptic war with the West. Unfortunately, elements of European society are reacting as the Islamic State desires."

Elements of American society, too. The big man at the Fredericksburg meeting isn't the only one with a small mind. The mayor of Roanoke made national news last week when he cited the internment of Japanese-Americans in WWII as a justification for rejecting refugees from the Syrian conflict. Ben Carson has compared Syrian refugees to rabid dogs. Donald Trump thinks maybe Muslims should be tracked by the government and forced to carry special ID.

House Republicans have passed legislation to tighten the already stringent scrutiny the U.S. applies to refugees, apparently oblivious to the fact that any terrorists wishing to enter the U.S. can do so far more easily as students, tourists, or through the federal visa waiver program, which allows visitors from 38 countries to come for up to 90 days without a visa. As Virginia Sen. Mark Warner (D) pointed out recently, such individuals "come here with virtually no screening."

It's ironic to see conservatives trying to impose blanket restrictions on millions of innocent people out of the fear that a tiny handful of them might commit a violent act at some point in the future. After all, that is precisely the logic behind gun control: Security must come before everything else, including the inalienable rights of law-abiding individuals who have done nothing wrong. Some Democrat proposes gun registration, and conservatives scream bloody murder. Donald Trump proposes Muslim registration, and except for a few mild demurrals from GOP rivals, you can hear crickets chirping.

Here's another irony: Conservatives as a rule disdain identity politics and prefer individualism to the notion that members of a demographic cohort are indistinguishable, interchangeable units of a greater whole. Yet now all of a sudden every Muslim looks alike and the line separating an arthritic widow in a shawl from an athletic man in a suicide vest is too fine to discern.

And some of us are old enough to remember the spring of 2015—when conservatives across the country were tripping over one another to stand up for religious freedom. Religious-freedom legislation has been introduced in 17 states this year; a Kentucky clerk became a cause célèbre for exercising hers, or at least what she thought was hers. Apparently that was all just empty talk.

The Fredericksburg story has a happy ending. The Free Lance-Star reports that since the mosque meeting, Shalaby says he has been receiving "overwhelming support. Local friends, strangers, people I have never met call me and text me. It's very humbling and very nice."

America 1, ISIS 0. For now.

This column originally appeared at the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

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  1. Islam is a religion and a form of governance. Their ultimate goal is everyone to be Muslim or ruled by Muslims. That being said, the moderate ones will take advantage of our freedoms and infiltrate. That’s a price of freedom. I’m willing to let them have that win, until they show their true intentions of taking over. Hopefully there will be enough people to fight back at that point. Until then? Mock them mercilessly and point out every time they try to murder our liberty.

    1. Mock them? That would be a hate crime.
      Barton wouldn’t like that.

    2. OK I like this. I’m not so worried about the US – we have too many people who will fight like hell to defend our freedom of speech and religion. But Europe is a different story, and they are just cracking down further. So it will be illegal to tell the truth about Islam and they will just have to watch helplessly as the invaders subdue them as required by their religion (and provide aid & comfort to IS).

      1. Don’t worry about Europe. If they didn’t invent ethnic cleansing, they perfected it

    3. Are you kidding?

    4. When did the reason comment board become a hangout for neocons and red-neck, trailer-trash bigots? Seriously, do any of you retards even know a single Muslim personally? While you are busy shitting yourself in fear like little bitches, those of us in Detroit are rolling our eyes. We have the biggest Muslim population outside of the Middle-East and you know how many terrorist attacks we have had? Zero. If you get your panties in a twist by seeing women shopping in Walmart wearing the hijab then you probably have no business on a libertarian website in the first place. Muslims are not trying to take over the world. For God’s sake listen how stupid you sound. American Muslims are normal people for the most part. They go shopping, work, their kids go to prom, they live their lives. No one is infiltrating shit. The worst thing they are inflicting upon America is a penchant for skinny jeans, gold chains, faux hawks, and BMWs. A few of my best drinking buddies are Muslim. Do you mean to tell me this whole time they have been plotting to subjugate me?????!!!! Oh my Gerdddd. I honestly can’t stand how big of whiny, cowardly, bitches Americans have become. Please grow a sack and stop pissing yourselves in fear like terrified children.

      1. Actually I know plenty of Muslims I have even been to a mosque or two as an invite for Ramadan. I am not poorly educated nor do i believe in acting out of fear or retribution.

        The Koran is a nice framework but if you want to know how to be a good muslim and not just a pathetic apostate then you need to read the Sunna (the well trodden path) You see Islam had in Mohammad a shining example of the perfect muslim. The Sunna is the recorded acts of Mohammad. It is where I.S. takes it’s marching orders from. It is why slave markets are still open and young girls are read the Koran before they are raped.

        And I assume you also have not kept up on the Islamic traditions that have been imported to the U.S. you left out Honor killings, physical abuse and mutilations, attempted acts of terrorism like those in Oregon or successful ones like Fort Hood. Here in Texas we have had our fair share of Honor killings alone not counting Fort Hood.

        This year more girls world wide including in the United States will suffer genital mutilation, than there are soldiers in all of the worlds standing armies. There is no fear or pissing of pants here, just a quiet informed resolution to not stand silent while useful idiots spew uninformed talking points backed by speculation and anecdotal evidence while launching into ad hominem attacks aimed to shame and silence opposition.

  2. “or they (emigrate) to the Islamic State…”

    At the risk of having my Libertarian card revoked, I’m not so sure that’s such a bad thing as long as it’s their choice….

    1. If they emigrate that’s fine. If people within and formerly outside the Islamic State’s borders radicalize in response to unjustified hatred, and flock to support ISIS because of their anger against the West, that’s bad.

      1. contrarian: agreed; this is why I would want it to be totally voluntary. Man wouldn’t that be golden?….

  3. D-day was giving Adolph what he wanted.

    1. going for the non sequitur of the year? I think you’re in the running.

      1. It’s what I do. And thank you.

  4. Apparently that was all just empty talk.

    No. Shit.

  5. What’should with the pants shitting over the ravings of a few crackers? People like that are only a small minority among a Tolerant and Peaceful.People. Get over it.

    1. What’s with.

      Damn spell corrector.

  6. The most effective recruitment tool (or calls for action) have been the Mohammed caricatures. Charlie Hebdo obviously put a bullesye on France. The Obama admin blamed the youtube video for a reason. The French hijab ban was implemented 4 years ago and I don’t recall major terrorist cells vowing to hit that country for banning Islamic tradition.

    How many non radicalized individuals would vow to join ISIS after seeing this video? Close to zero. Anyone who’s even remotely interested in joining their rank was wired differently to begin with.

    Hate speech and not taking refugees are not violation of civil rights. Even if it were, we shouldn’t give into the “Heckler’s veto”. We don’t censor artists who ridicule Mohammed (guaranteed to get the rise out of the Islamic state). If the Klan killed 129 black BLM activists tomorrow, we won’t reason that the victims’ anti white rhetoric somehow empowered hate groups to act. The left would foam at the mouth at even hearing the suggestion.

    Seriously, half the world won’t take refugees. Most of the middle east doesn’t take its own people. If someone hit Japan tomorrow, are we going to entertain his rationale that “this nation didn’t take in my own people”?

  7. Islam is not a race or ethnicity; it refers to a combination of politics and religion. So just as it’s fair to come to certain conclusions about liberals, conservatives, libertarians, practicing Catholics, Hindus, and Buddhists, it’s fair to come to certain conclusions about Islam. The name itself means Submission, and that’s what they seek as a religion — submission from everyone in the entire world.

    They will allow Christians to exist as dhimmis — basically, people who “know their place” as an inferior. But that still involves a degree of submission. Anyone else is basically a heretic, and the people for that is death. So is the penalty for blasphemy (such as making cartoons about Mohammed) or apostasy. In addition, Muslims culturally tend to mistreat women (such as stoning them for the crime of being raped, which is their fault anyway if they don’t go about adequately covered).

    If you want that in your neighborhood, invite them in. Don’t invite them into ours. And when, in a decade or two, some of their children (taught in radical mosques funding by the Saudis) turn into jihadist terrorists, remember who let them in. Those of us who survive certainly will.

  8. Stop. Just stop with this utter horseshit.

    ISIS doesn’t give two shits whether we let in refugees or not, and if they do it’s only to the degree that it affects their plans to carry out further attacks. We’re not ‘giving in to ISIS’ by being more strict with our border.

    You know what ISIS wants? To build a global Caliphate and kill the nonbelievers. That’s it. That’s where it begins and ends.

    And MAYBE the reason all these raw feelings toward Islam are boiling over now is because for going on FIFTEEN YEARS people have been getting nothing but ‘religion of peace’ bullshit and other moronic platitudes about how terrorists aren’t ‘real Muslims’ shoved down their throats, and have finally had enough. This is the inevitable backlash.

    After 9/11 everyone in this country gave Islam the benefit of the doubt. There was no widespread anti-Islam sentiment, and while people were wary, they mostly bought into the idea of a western-compatible Islam. But fifteen years have past, and it’s become obvious to many that they’ve been lied to. So now we’re seeing the backlash — not only against Islam itself, but it’s politically correct illusion that’s been relentlessly peddled to us every time the subject of terrorism comes up.

    Maybe if our betters in the media/political establishment had allowed a more realistic view of Islam be discussed all along, there wouldn’t be a backlash. But people are fed up, and nobody wants to hear another word about the ‘religion of peace’ anymore.

  9. “… ‘or they (emigrate) to the Islamic State and thereby escape persecution from the Crusader governments and citizens.'” It sounds like a plan to me!!! Let’s make it true!

  10. Muslims didn’t kill 65 million people in World_War_I;
    Muslims didn’t kill 85 million people in World_War_II;
    The Arabic countries led by the Muslims were the most advanced scientists/engineers in the world, until they let the religious CRAZIES take over.

    1. …?

    2. Muslims didn’t kill 85 million people in World_War_II;

      Well the Mufti of Jerusalem raised a few divisions in assistance.

  11. Anatomy of HATE; If you’re not from my caste/religion, you’re non-human to me; I can abuse/exploit/rape/harm you; Brahmin are covertly promoting caste for past 2000 years in your country; http://wh.gov/iyhMK

  12. when your enemy tells you what they want, and you go out of your way to give it to them….well, we use to call that something didn’t we?

  13. even the enemies that want to kill us are literally more enlightened than some of the people who say they’re here to defend us.

    1. If you will hold your hand up I promise not to defend you.

  14. Islam means “surrender”. If you surrender to Islam and pronounce your fealty you are safe. Unless your fealty is to a group another Islamic group considers apostate.

    What to do?

  15. America should definitely favor religious freedom. Muslims need a “kill infidels” exception to the murder laws. How can they properly practice their religion without it?

  16. What have Muslim groups done for the communities the have immigrated into? In my community, those terrible rotten Catholics of Catholic Charities were a major driver in bringing in Somalians. In all seriousness, have Muslims gven back to their new adoptive homes? I cant think of anything.

    And I am so sick and tired of critiques of Islam being overtly or implicitly labeled racist. Islam is an ideology, belief system, set of values, and a way of governance. Why are some people trying to put Islam beyond criticism? By the way, does anyone remember Chechnya, or realize how many white Muslims there are in Russia and its offshoot states??

    1. I favor off shoot states. With proper aiming of course.

  17. Do any of the commenters on this topic know a single person of Muslim faith? The article above even quotes ISIS referring to the “grey area”, which are millions of people who would indeed need a big push to become fanatics; they currently are no more fanatical about religious government than your typical pro-life Christian. Fanatics at the ballot box maybe, but even then who knows or cares when it’s so abundantly clear that most Muslims oppose violence? Do pro-life Christians support terrorism against pro-choicers, and how much alienation would it take to turn your average devout Christian family into terrorists?
    Some stupid fucking comments up there I’ll tell ya.

    1. If you want your liver you can keep your liver.

    2. Most normal, civilized people don’t see any ‘grey area’ regarding ISIS.

      The fact that so many Muslims are in this ‘grey area’ and presumably could be coaxed into supporting a death cult that gleefully saws off the heads of disbelievers tells you that even the so-called moderates aren’t worth reconciling with.

      Any Muslim who’s on the fence about ISIS to the degree that some relatively benign external action would push them into joining, should probably be encouraged to do just that. At least that way we can properly target them for extermination.

      1. take any average person, otherwise non-violent. now, scare the hell out of them, and i mean really shake them to their core. now, give them someone to blame and some direction, and they can wind doing or supporting things they might never have thought possible earlier. this is true of moderate muslims, or anyone else, and it’s not unusual. and fear is only one way that you can manipulate people. history is full of others. and if you think, left unchecked, all the people the oppose muslims out of hate or ignorance in this country are going to stop at some reasonable line in the sand, then you’re naive.

    3. Pew Research (2007): 26% of younger Muslims in America believe suicide bombings are justified.
      35% of young Muslims in Britain believe suicide bombings are justified (24% overall).
      42% of young Muslims in France believe suicide bombings are justified (35% overall).
      22% of young Muslims in Germany believe suicide bombings are justified.(13% overall).
      29% of young Muslims in Spain believe suicide bombings are justified.(25% overall).

      I’ll just leave this here.

      1. The Sun (2015): Following Nov. 2015 attacks in Paris, 1 in 4 young Muslims in Britain (and 1 in 5 overall) said they sympathize with those who fight for ISIS.

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  19. “Nobody?nobody?NOBODY?wants your evil cult” in the area

    Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

  20. “The Islamic State wants to polarize Western society.”

    Radicalism is as radicalism does.

  21. Google pay 97$ per hour my last pay check was $8500 working 1o hours a week online. My younger brother friend has been averaging 12k for months now and he works about 22 hours a week. I cant believe how easy it was once I tried it out.
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  22. We can polarize ourselves without ISIS you know. We have been doing a fine job of that.

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