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Brickbat: Cheering Censorship — By Charles Oliver

Four Dumb Responses to the Paris AttacksPanic-driven reactions to terrorism that make no sense upon reflection. —By Jacob Sullum

Self-DefenselessLeftist politicians work to keep guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens. —By John Stossel

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  1. …Ukraine said it will stop buying Russian natural gas and close its airspace to Russia.

    Ukraine is strong. And soon part of Russia.

    1. Hello.

    2. This, in the words of a senior administration official, is a big F’in deal. Russia is going to get pinched, and I am sure they will react in a calm and reasoned manner, da?

      1. Considering the two nations were already engaged in a low-level war, I don’t understand why they were buying gas from them before this.

        1. Primarily because freezing to death sucks

          1. What Lee said. It is hard to shift your power supplies quickly.

      2. Russia seems hellbent on reviving the centuries old rivalry with Turkey. Who knows at this point?

        Crimea War 2, This Time It’s Ser’yeznyy

        1. Maybe Putin is looking for his own slave girl to free from the Turks and then marry her. I saw a picture of him working the shipyards in Amsterdam…

          1. +1 Duchesse d’Archachon-Qwghlm

        2. They did go through a whole lot of trouble to get themselves a port there in Ukraine. No sense in doing all that and then allow some stupid country like Turkey to ocntrol access to said port through Istanbul.

      3. Considering that the Ukraine was threatening to default on their billions of dollars loan from the Russians last Thursday / Friday, I think that escalation is highly likely.

    3. Always first…..

      One of these days, Alice…

      1. Yeah, the guy who moseys in fifteen minutes past has a shot at top spot.

        1. Never said it would be me. I just try to picture exactly what you’re doing one minute prior to AM links. I’m creepy like that.

          1. Fist hangs out in the Reason server room, it is known.

            1. That’s because he’s an invasive program running on their servers in a cage the squirrels built.

              1. Too bad none of you are Shatneresque enough to talk me into imploding.

            2. He oughta do something about the squirrelz

              1. He can’t, he works for them.

                1. He has become one with the squirrelz.

    4. Speaking of Ukraine, anyone know what’s become of Dr. Groovus?

      1. No. We were corresponding and then he disappeared. He is missed.

        1. FYI, last contact was over a year ago (I think).

      2. Not I. It’s distraughtening that he’s no longer in the commentariat.

      3. What about J sub D? Haven’t seen him post in a while.

        1. J sub D has passed on, i believe.

          1. Unfortunately true. I think Reason might have even had an article on it.

            1. You’re thinking of Lou Dobbs.

              1. Well, at least we still have Lou Reed

          2. Yeah, I think we are pretty certain on that one. RIP.

            1. At least we still have Lou Reed.

            2. I quit reason for a month after his death.

              1. It was very sad. Especially after learning the details of his situation. Had to explain to a few confused people why I was occasionally weeping that day.

                1. Wasn’t it Jennifer (who is also missed, though I’m pretty sure she’s still alive) who tracked down the details of JsubD’s final years and his death?

                  It would be good to hear from Groovus again. I hope he and his squeeze are well.

                  1. Yes, it was. She often pissed me off, but she did great work on that.

                  2. Yeah. I think she had been in touch with him outside of Reason before his death too.

        2. He is at Lou Reed’s house.

    5. Ukraine was always a key state in Risk. You could pile up your armies there while deciding when to invade Europe….

  2. Well whatta ya know, a Nazi-themed New York subway car didn’t go over too well with residents…

    Nothing melts snowflakes quite like free speech.

    1. “Jew check out the new subway car yet?”

      /Woody Allen

          1. I didn’t Jew the burrito well last time and it gave me indijewstion.

            1. JEewww!!

              /Teenage Girl

    2. The New York subways aren’t government owned, operated, and funded?
      It ain’t free speech if the government does it.

      1. What if someone pays to use the space that government owns for advertising or communication? I think that’s free speech.

        1. Yes, but the Transit Authority in NYC has a history of refusing to accept certain ads. For example, Pam Gellar’s pro-Israel/anti-Jihadi ad campaign. There was also another campaign that was refused, but I forget what the kerfuffle was around that one.

      2. The article explains that the transit authority had to take the ad.

    3. It seems so dumb. It’s patently obvious that the cars aren’t in support of the Nazis, but people are still freaking out. Basically everyone alive during the Holocaust is dead! You don’t have a reason to be triggered by advertising for an alternate reality show that portrays the Nazis as bad!

      1. http://www.wsj.com/articles/in…..1432083336

        After the war, Mr. Urbach married, moved to lower Manhattan and carved out a career as an award-winning artist and project manager at a downtown company. He witnessed the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks and began having nightmares. A few months later, he and his wife lost their jobs when their companies downsized in the aftermath. At 62 years old, he couldn’t find a new job.

        Mr. Urbach, now 75, is one of about 30,000 Holocaust survivors in New York City, Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester living at or below the poverty level, according to experts and advocacy groups.

        1. What is the “poverty level” in NYC?

          1. Anything under $100k per year

          2. They are also all old. Old people in general have higher levels of poverty.

      2. Your reasoning triggers me!

        1. Dammit!

          2nd half of comment: Think of how those subway cars make someone feel!

          1. Heh. Crowded train cars with no room to sit would be more triggering, I’d think.

      3. People put way too much into symbolism, forgetting that symbols have no meaning or power on their own.

        1. *puts on confederate flag trucker cap*

          Yeah man, I know what you mean

            1. I read that in Sheila broflovski’s voice.

      4. Amazon got way more free advertising for the show now than they would have if no one objected.

        1. Indeed, I hadn’t even known they were making it.

        2. I kind of want to watch the show now. Anyone seen it? Is it any good?

          1. I have watched a few episodes and I think it is pretty good. If you have Amazon it is worth a look.

      5. As SusanM notes, there are actually a lot of Holocaust survivors in NYC. Regardless, everyone has to deal with shit they don’t like on the subway. It’s the fucking subway. The MTA will take these ads down, but not ban screaming toddlers and fatties? Political bullshit.

    4. a Nazi-themed New York subway car didn’t go over too well with residents

      Bullshit. I heard *one* person lodged a complaint, then the media sensed a PC-culture war bonanza and jumped all over it until His Nibs Cuomo and the rest of the lackeys got all “offended” and “demanded” action.

      1. Well that’s pretty much how it always goes down, right?

  3. Protesting the shooting of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald by a Chicago police officer…

    They’re going to the trouble of pretending to prosecute him. What more do people want?

    1. I mean, it clearly would have taken them over a year to charge any non-cop with murder in a similar situation, right?

  4. Straight from the mouths of babes, the most terrifying website you will visit this week: The Demands. The site rounds up student protester wants from around the country.

    How fun!

    1. The funniest: Beloit College. Almost everyone in the picture is whiter than white.

      The scariest: Dartmouth

      1. Beloit: The sound a marble makes when dropped into a toilet.

          1. Swiss,

            I believe you have been in the neighborhood. I live a little south of there.

            1. Aye – I visit every week, my parents are still there.

      2. You know how Beloit got its name? It seems the original settlers were in a group, trying to decide what to call their new town when a Blackhawk Indian came out of the woods and approached. He stopped by a chamber pot and dropped a pebble in it and it went “Be-loit!”

        /Former Rockford resident

        1. Well, Sir, we’re on the same wavelength!

            1. “Fast and bulbous.”

              1. So that Morrissey novel was about you?

      3. We, the Concerned Asian, Black, Latin@, Native, Undocumented, Queer, and Differently-Abled students at Dartmouth College

        “We, the not white, straight dudes” would have been easier.

        1. Nah. It’s “We, the not straight people”. Looks like the white wymyn are left out too.

          1. I’ve been noticing them trying to excommunicate the white women lately. I don’t think they realize how fucked they will be without those girls. They essentially run the movement and serve as pretty much all of their spokespeople. The get forced out and you lose essentially all your experience and power base.

            1. I don’t think they realize how fucked they will be without those girls.


              1. I’ll let it slide. For now.

                – O.J.

            2. There is a lot of experience and power among the black activist base as well.

              1. They are only 12% of the population, though. There are a lot fewer of them, and they aren’t as good at reaching out to the non-black community.

              2. True, but if I shared their views, the last people I’d want out would be the white girls. I mean, if you think that our society is run by irredeemably racist white people who have no concern whatsoever for the lives of black people, would you really want to disassociate yourself from one of the few groups those in power might actually care about?

                1. We can’t all be Faye Dunaway.

            3. The white women, at least the younger ones, will learn to STFU and keep supporting a movement which works against them. Battered wife syndrome writ large.

              1. Not going to happen. A large part of the appeal of SJWs is a sense of power. Nodding and doing what your told won’t give them that boost. With feminism basically entirely dedicated to their wants they won’t quietly give that up.

          2. Unless they’re disabled.

            1. Check your abled privilege, it’s “differently-abled”

              1. They’re welcome to call it that.

          3. the white wymyn are left out too.

            Ummm… “differently abled”.


        2. Are they using “queer” to cover all non-straights? That’s a little problematic.

          1. Yes, but it’s much easier to say than LGBTGQEOAREAJF;JEL;AF;LADSKFJL;AFJES;LFJKW

            1. Ooops, forgot to include the Twin Spirits and Genderfuck people. No offense intended.

            2. That is why they added a “+” on to their initalism.

            3. It would be quite amusing if they used all the other “we’re taking that word back” words in that list.

      4. The UVA list is actually articulate, if still ridiculous.

        1. So they are the smartest retards? That could be a selling point.

          1. This could be used as a replacement for that USNews yearly ranking of best colleges.

            Find the college not on the website, or one with the lowest derp quotient.

            1. Yeah, I was happy to see Bates and Northwestern not listed…

              Btw, in the picture for Claremont McKenna, one of the signs appears to say “FUCK YOUR WHITE LIBERTY” (the F and TY and the middle of “white” are hidden)

          2. America’s public Ivy!

              1. The same as State Pen?

                  1. LTC wins the interwebz for today!

                1. It is to Jerry Sandusky.
                  P.S. They need to dig up Paterno, shit in his face and throw him in the cell with queer jerr.
                  P.S.S. My My anger has waned over this issue

              2. What is Penn State?

                It is the school that we Penn people constantly have to remind everyone that we’re not.

                1. OMWC, you always struck me as a Penn State kind of guy.

                  1. It’s more of a mentoring thing.

            1. Wa-hoo-wah!!

              1. You know it’s an awesome school ’cause our huge-ass diplomas take up an entire wall.

                1. Yeah they do! What year are you?

                  1. 2003, you?

                    1. ’95. I’m old, but we beat Tech 3 of the 4 years I was there.

                    2. Well VT didn’t post a list of idiotic demands that suggest we whitewash history, make blatantly illegal racial quotas, or demonstrate a complete lack of knowledge of economics by requiring more spending and free tuition. So while you may have briefly had a better football team than us in the ’90s, we are clearly the smarter university.

                      Go Hokies! Win one more for Frank!

                    3. a list of idiotic demands that suggest we whitewash history

                      Oh, but some of them are protesting the erasure of history, too. I don’t know if this was more funny or terrifying.

                    4. Erasure? Well, they just want A Little Respect.

                2. That is like my law degree from Directional Illinois U. My two from U of IL are nice and neat and small, the lesser school’s is a freakin’ movie poster.

        2. “A. Establish a Culture of Truth:

          1. President and Dean of Students should deliver statements promoting acceptance and acknowledging the University’s deeply troubled history. These statements must acknowledge past and present racial and gender discrimination, as well as the need for full participation to repair a broken community. Such remarks should not referenceThomas Jefferson, because of his decidedly mixed racial legacy – one with which thisUniversity has not yet come to terms.”

          Wait, they want to whitewash out Jefferson because he provides evidence that good people sometimes do bad things, a nuance which would ruin most of this rhetoric? And they want to call this a “culture of truth”?

          1. I just want to know what the fuck a “racial legacy” is.

      5. Do any of them realize how funny this is to outsiders? Or how incredibly racist it all is? If they got all of these race-based demands, how are they going to decide who gets them? “Family oral tradition”? DNA?

        1. Do any of them realize how funny this is to outsiders?

          Having recently spent some time on the campus of Dartmouth, I can safely say, no, they don’t.

        2. It’s always best to check the “other” box. I often other myself.

        3. The really sick part, as I pointed out elsewhere, is that some of them are essentially demanding racial segregation. And of course, they want someone else to pay the bills. And they want to dictate how that person spends their money.

        4. One drop of blood.

    2. Wow… Something else I don’t have to pretend to care about

      1. More information you do not need: it is all Twitter’s fault.

        A quick scan of the thedemands.org website has convinced me that conscription needs to be reinstated.

        1. Can we conscript them to go terraform other planets for us?

        2. WTF did the Department of Defense do you?

          1. They could be used to pick up roadside trash in rural Kansas, not become actual soldiers.

        3. I cannot believe there are grown adults who list their profession as “protester”. My god we are doomed. DOOOOMED.

          1. Someone has to pay people to stand out in front of McDonalds and demand higher wages. You didn’t expect actual employees to do that, did you?

            1. Nah, those are union shills. They have actual titles and shit. Granted, they are still meaningless titles.

              1. No, the signholders are temporary employees (sometimes even illegals), the union shills won’t do that work anymore.

                1. Watch out or they will start a signholder union and demand pensions and tenure.

          2. They may have reached the age of majority, but they are not adults.

    3. Proper response to student demands: “Grow up. If you persist in this crap, you will be dematriculated. You can come back when you’re an adult”

      1. “Let me respond to your demand by issuing another.”

        1. Fine we won’t give them a chance to save themselves and go straight to the expulsions for creating a hostile learning environment.

    4. Duke, it still sucks…

      5. A. Federal, state, and university loans will be eliminated from financial aid packages and must be replaced with grants.

      B. Students of families who earn under $75,000 will not have to pay for tuition, room, or board.

      1. Students of families who earn under $75,000

        Is this a major or just illiteracy?

        1. Illiteracy.

    5. Excellent. We should celebrate anything that hastens the bubble bursting.

      1. I just hope this shit peaks before my kid goes to college.

        1. I’m 5 years away from the first one. At this point, massive online courses seem to be a better bet.

          1. HVAC repair is probably an even better bet..

          2. At this point, massive multi-player online games seem to be a better bet. At least you learn teamwork and resource allocation.

          3. 6 years for mine. She’s already into STEM, though, so there’s hope.

    6. UNC Chapel Hill jumps the shark.

      We DEMAND that the University take responsibility in stopping and reversing the ongoing displacement of working class Black people out of Chapel Hill and Carrboro and demonstrate this through investment in collectively-owned housing projects.

      We DEMAND that cameras surveilling students, workers, and white supremacist monuments on campus be deactivated and removed.

      We DEMAND an end to the list of people banned from the University campus, who we are certain are disproportionately poor and homeless people of color.

      We DEMAND a space on campus to highlight the many Black leaders who were and are Greek on this campus. This space will honor their contributions to this campus, the surrounding community, and this country. The importance of plots transcends Greek life and crosses into the territory of Black history and legacies that have been erased from the University, particularly since the University has felt the need to allow the Silent Sam statue to remain intact.

      1. And my favorite…

        We DEMAND the elimination of tuition and fees for all students. In achieving this, we call for an immediate moratorium on tuition and fee increases, decreases until all students are graduating without student debt, and the establishment of financial aid that is loan-free and labor-free (no work study). These demands cut across study abroad programs outside of UNC and need-based initiatives such as the Covenant Scholars Program. We know that merit scholarships reproduce inequality as they primarily benefit wealthier, white students. Hence, we aim to end the mythology of meritocracy that is pervasive in higher education.

        We DEMAND in-state tuition and full financial aid for all residents of North Carolina, regardless of immigration status.

        Uhhhhh, which one is it?

        1. Fine. Choose amongst yourselves the 80% of you who are wasting your time here instead of in a trade or vocation.

        2. we aim to end the mythology of meritocracy

          IOW, we want everything and we don’t want to do anything to get it. Just give us stuff!

          The funniest thing about all of this is that the idiot left wing faculties and admins that have encouraged this type of behavior for decades are going to be the first victims of it.

          1. This shit is great !

      2. “Chapel of the Cross was built on the shoulders of slave labor.”

        Actual quote from an elderly University docent to me, circa 1974.

        They should demand the destruction of that Chapel.

      3. …white supremacist monuments…

    7. I’m feeling a bit relieved as I write out our tuition check for 2nd semester. My son’s second rate/high quality liberal arts school doesn’t seem to be represented on that list yet. He tells me nothings seems to be happening on campus. Good.

      1. I’m somehow feeling that what you just wrote is a thinly disguised attack against people of color, you racist microaggressor!

      2. Woohoo, neither of my Alma Maters are on there yet… Ball State or George Mason. I wouldn’t expect BSU to make the list, though, it’s a pretty “blue collar” school and I never noticed any streak of SJW retardedness while I was there.

        1. I’d rather Ball U than I U.


          1. #funcie #bullshituniversity

      3. UT Austin isn’t there, gives me some faith and hope ! All these other schools, will keep them listed as a reference for any future job seekers.

        1. I guess you haven’t seen the “White Studwnt Union” Facebook stuff. It’s awesome. Someone started a fake FB page and it caused people to lose thier shit. I particularly like that I learned about it from the FB page of a black woman who I know was highly active in both the black student engineers and the female student engineers unions. As well as being an officer in the AIChE student chapter. Not sure how that works in her mind.

          1. I saw that. Some epic trolling going on.

            1. “At UC Berkeley, a protest has already been organized in response to the “UC Berkeley White Student Union” page. The event is scheduled for Nov. 30.”

              1. “This is clearly an outrage and a direct attack against PoC groups. I am in contact with various student groups including the BSU and BAMN, and we will try to get enough people to get this despicable page off of Facebook,” the protest’s event page states.

    8. I gotta take my kid and get the hell outta here.

      *Googles “places left on earth where people are not insane” search results “0”

  5. The site rounds up student protester wants from around the country.

    What do we want? FREE THINGS. When do we want them? STOP SHOUTING I’M IN MY SAFE SPACE.

      1. ..narrows gaze…

        1. *jazz hands*

    1. Scott pointed out that students at his alma mater want “new courses, mandatory training, more administrators, an increase in faculty and … an across-the-board 16 percent cut in tuition.”

      1. Any of those new courses in Economics?

        1. I hear Alchemy is making a big comeback.

          1. It wouldn’t surprise me at all.

            “AND, a minor in Astrology!”

            1. “AND, a minor in Astrology!”

              “Ummm… Really? Astrology? No one I know would believe that crap, taught by those pervert wizards over in Ethereal Hall. Smart kids know the futures in technology so we went the engineering route. All my friends got degrees in Void Energy Systems Design or Advanced Chakra Balancing engineering in the medical field.”

              /future graduate

          2. Alchemy might be an improvement over some of the present courses. There is a tiny chance that it has some real knowledge

            1. Well at least it won’t teach people to obsess over race and victimhood. So yeah alchemy would be an improvement.

              1. It will be transgendered African alchemy. No whitey straight hate mongers allowed in class. Sorry to burst your bubble.

        2. Economics is a microaggression against POC! You RFTB!

      2. Cool, student gyms will be shut down or require a membership to join (which will be open to the public). Student clubs and government will receive zero funding, and need based and merit based scholarships will be cut. That should just barely make up for the shortfall.

        1. What about sports? Especially that foozball, in which only males participate. That’s clearly sexist and must be shut down.

          1. And it was invented by white guys! SHUT IT DOWN!

        2. Cool, student gyms will be shut down or require a membership to join (which will be open to the public)

          Score! Good luck to you, protestors!

    2. I demand more poop swastikas.

      1. But not on NYC subway cars!

        1. Right, they still have the poop though.

  6. How Loretta Lynch lies about sex trafficking.

    Via a high-tech Lynching?

  7. Republican millennials are feeling Carly Fiorina.


    1. Phrasing!

      1. Are we still doing that?

        1. I thought we were done with it?

  8. How Loretta Lynch lies about sex trafficking.

    Comfortably, and with the full blessing of her conscience.

    1. I had been wondering why the body count at one of the attack sites seemed much lower than the others…

    2. Ya I pointed out to someone that down here in Florida Man territory a terrorist would like face as many illegal guns as legal regardless of the security rules at the concert.

  9. U.S. Special Forces said the intended target was actually a Taliban-controlled prison 450 yards away?our bad!

    We were going to bomb people the Taliban was holding captive?

    1. Prisons Without Borders

      1. And without walls if they could hit the right target.

    2. Yes, that needs more explanation

  10. WE DEMAND at the minimum, Black students and Black faculty to be reflected by the national percentage of Black folk in the country.

    Careful what you ask for. 😉

    1. Crips in a class room on one side of the campus. Bloods on the opposite side.

      Gun free zone in the middle.

    2. Yeah. I don’t know how that is going to work. There are alot of college aged black guys hanging out on the periphery of my neighborhood. Frankly, most of them don’t seem like college material.

      1. At my community college, there were crowds of young black guys playing music and hanging out in a few spots every day. They would holler at the girls who walked by, but I never saw a single female respond favorably. I never saw one of the guys go to class either. I don’t think many of them were students. Just losers with nothing better to do.

        As to how it would work…. Medical schools already have different admissions criteria for different races. Yes, your MCAT score doesn’t have to be as high if you’re a minority. Well, non-Asian minority. Asians have to have higher MCAT scores, because they’re already well-represented.

        1. I didn’t know med schools participated in affirmative action programs (although I’m not sure why I didn’t assume that at this point).

        2. At the community college near me, the young black dudes busk on nice days. It’s pretty rad to be walking to the coffee shop and hear a dude just wailing on a saxophone.

        3. Yes, your MCAT score doesn’t have to be as high if you’re a minority.

          Word on the street. — Get a Jewish doctor. And if you are in serious difficulty a Jewish lawyer.

          1. Jewish Doctor

            Armenian Lawyer

            Irish construction crew

            1. Armenian Lawyer

              While Kardashian did yoeman’s work for OJ, let’s not forget the important contributions of Johnnie Cochran.

            2. Mexican construction crews are the new Irish construction crews.

        4. Well, why does it matter. You have a problem with a guy whose test scores show that he should never have made it to medical school, doing brain surgery on you? Racist!

          1. That’s how Ben Carson became a brain surgeon! LOL!!!!!!!!

    3. There is a probably apocryphal story about Jesse Jackson’s shake down group protesting at a Chicago construction site when the general foreman spoke with Jackson, his demand was that the labor force there reflect the population percentages – the foreman asked again if that was what he demanded, and Jackson said yes. The general called a supervisor over and said “fire the first two black guys you see” – as the site had more than the general population percentage working there…

    4. That’s a fine goal to have, but they skip right over how to actually get there and assume that it can just happen if someone in charge decides it should. Of course, they can make it happen, but not without ignoring their actual mission and purpose.

      1. Top Men (people, whatever the term of choice is today) can make anything happen.

      2. Speaking of this, how the holy fuck is Oberlin not on that list?

  11. “That Afghan hospital we bombed? U.S. Special Forces said the intended target was actually a Taliban-controlled prison 450 yards away?our bad! ”

    Why didn’t we just say this from the beginning? From a bombing perspective planned half way across the world 450 yards is an easy mistake. Say we fucked up and move on. It would have been out of the news in a week when Doctors Without Borders didn’t have a reason to investigate.

    1. The prior reason – “We thought it was a Taliban hospital” (which is a war crime – but who is counting?)

    2. Uh, its *still* a huge fuck-up. Why would be be bombing a *Taliban controlled prison* which, by definition, contains more anti-Taliban fighters and non-combatants than Taliban. And even the Taliban guys there are *prison* guards, not necessarily fighters.

  12. Hands off Carly.

    (any one remember the late 50s early 60s?)

    1. No we don’t. #disdoodold

      1. #oldpeopleslivedontmatter

      2. Fair Play for Cuba Committee. “Hands off Cuba”

  13. Republican millennials are feeling Carly Fiorina.

    Why the long face?

  14. http://www.abc12.com/home/head…..phone&c=yy

    Skittles party! The link may be boned. Posting from my phone.

    1. Link worked just fine. Seriously, update your fears, parents.

      Practices similar to the pharm party phenomenon have been described in media as far back as the 1960s

      1. Chicken pharm tastes so good.

        1. What you did there…

          1. ….is done by the evil shitlords at Tyson and Perdue everyday. Yes?

      2. Yeah, hardly something new. Or particularly common.

        1. your just jelly you never get invited anymore.

    2. Link is fine. Guy at the party was boned —

      One teen, Mitchell Maxwell, was on a path to success before he died from overdosing at one of those parties. He was set to go to Mississippi State and play college football.


      Mississippi State? Uh………………….

      1. “and play college football.”

        SEC Rulez!

    3. That article seemed fabricated. The language was not even American vernacular English. Seemed like a Chinese content generator writing for an Australian news site.

      1. ^This. It reads like a hoax email scare that’s been passed around one time too many until some gullible media outlet ran with it.

        1. It is. In my pre-Skittles* early drug education they used to call it a “fruit salad”.


    4. Gotta feel sorry for the parents.

      Another death I will file under “prohibition related”.

      1. I think stupidity was the deadliest factor. It’s not like you can’t Google what will happen to you if you take a handful of pills.

        1. I agree with you in general, but I think that prohibition only makes these sort of incidents more likely.

          1. Yes, if there were more legal/legitimate avenues for getting high, kids might not resort to risky alternatives. But there are always kids who are in it for the risk.

        2. Stupidity is almost always the deadliest factor.

  15. Washington university cancels classes over hate speech

    “I need to be very clear here: we are not talking the merely insulting, rude, offensive commentary that trolls and various other lowlifes seem free to spew, willy nilly, although there has been plenty of that, too. No, this was hate speech,” [President] Shepard wrote

    “Fucking. Asslicking. Hate. Speech.”

    1. Are we doing phrasing anymore?

      1. Apparently not.

    2. Supposedly there was an actual death threat involved which the President of the university called hate speech. Which is actually true I guess.

      1. I kill with kindness and murder for love. My death threats are passionate.

        1. You sound like a fun date.

      2. “We take the feelings of safety of our students very, very saeriously,” he said.

        No true threat required.

    3. The threats came days after some student leaders suggested that the mascot is racist

      Holy shit, I called this. These people are beyond parody.

  16. The Perpetually Aggrieved Brigade is like a digestive enzyme, it only knows how to break down, and can’t distinguish friend from foe. They will do more damage to their cause than to their enemies.

    1. That’s unfair to digestive enzymes, when they break something down, the end product is useful.

      1. The end products of both digestion and Social Justice Warfare are the same, though – a big pile of shit.

        1. Although the process of digestion provides energy and materials to live, and Social Justice Warfare goes straight to shit.

          1. They’re just more efficient that way.

        2. That’s an insult to piles of shit, which can be used as fertilizer.

  17. Kentucky finally gets something right

    1. And who are your state’s senators?

    2. WTF do you mean finally?


      Rand Paul.

      Justin Massie.


      Horse Racing.

      And Bourbon.

      1. You left Sogar Free off your li…oh.

      2. Your list does not inspire confidence. More like an impression that you don’t know what it means to get something right.

        Espcially the listing of the worst product of Kentucky thrice.

        1. worst product of Kentucky thrice.

          You’re dead to me.

        2. Speaking of hate speech….

      3. I’ll agree on Rand Paul, bourbon, and voting rights for felons.

      4. What’s the Frazier Museum in Louisville, chopped liver?

  18. Interesting investment article on Adele who chose to not distribute her music through streamlining channels – and succeeded:


    1. They should move more towards the movie model. Start with individual sales for a couple months, then when those start to taper off release to streaming.

    2. Paywalled but what I saw was dumb as shit.

      Is Adele’s success reason to expect Apple’s music strategy to be the wrong strategy?

      No, it is just evidence that she was already massively popular. Most artists need all the exposure they can get.

      This is like the 4th time I’ve seen this exact story but with the artist switched around each time.

  19. We demand Cullen Murphy ’74, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, to issue a statement of apology to students, alumni and former students, faculty, administration, and staff who have been victims of several injustices including but not limited to our institutional legacy of white supremacy, colonialism, anti-black racism, anti-Latinx racism, anti-Native American racism, anti-Native/ indigenous racism, anti-Asian racism, anti-Middle Eastern racism, heterosexism, cis-sexism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, ableism, mental health stigma, and classism

    Yeah, Cullen — cough it up!

  20. How Loretta Lynch lies about sex trafficking

    Our very own ENB gets a shoutout in that article:

    Elizabeth Nolan Brown of Reason magazine found at least 300 sex workers were arrested as part of the 2015 operation, by doing a spot check of various news releases by local municipalities, but it’s an incomplete list. We also have no data for the 2012 operation. But overall, the numbers suggest that at least 6,000 adult sex workers?and probably far more?have been rounded up as part of an effort that found about 738 children engaged in the sex trade. That’s an 8:1 ratio.

    1. OMG, a member of the Obama administration is misrepresenting its practices!!!!!

      1. Practice make perfect!

        What do you have against perfection?

    2. Children being under the age of majority or under the age of local consent?

  21. “Straight from the mouths of babes”? Gee, Lizzie, you sound like a geezer. Hey, you kids! Stay off Lizzie’s lawn!

    1. Geezer: someone younger and more lucid than Anal Vanman.

      1. Does that ‘more lucid’ thing filter anyone out?

        Seems like a useless criteria.

  22. U.S. Special Forces said the intended target was actually a Taliban-controlled prison 450 yards away …

    After weeks of focus-group testing, that’s the best cover story they could come up with?

    How do they explain the US AWACS-controlled Saudi Air Force’s bombing of another Doctors Without Borders facility just days later?

    1. Saudi Arabia is postponed exclusively with assholes. Everyone knows this.

    2. Medicins Sans Frontiers?

      Sounds like a terrorist group!

  23. You know who else decorated train cars with Nazi symbols?

    1. Prince Harry?

    2. Indians?

      1. Dots and Feathers!

    3. The Soup Tagger?

    4. Nazi Casey Jones?

    5. Set decorators?

  24. A special congressional investigation into how abortion providers handle fetal tissue will start off with a $300,000 budget

    I’ll provide the answer for free: With nitrile gloves.

  25. Ensure that 47% of post-doctoral students are people of color.

    “OK, Adam, we’ll let you be a post-doc here, but you have to self-identify as a POC, OK?”

    1. “Though I’m afraid we’re over-quota on Trans-racial students, so you’ll end up on a waiting list.”

    2. “people of color” is okay to say now?

      1. Sure, I say it all the time. “What the fuck are all those people of color doing hanging around my car with a slim jim?”

      2. “What do you mean, ‘you people of color’?”

      3. It’s required.

        1. Racists can’t come up with a derogatory use of “people of color”?

          1. Wasn’t “colorful” a derogatory elitist and racist adjective long before the verbiage “people of color” was coined?

      4. “People of color” is such an awful term.

        Even from the SJW perspective, it seems like it should be terrible. It’s and identity class entirely based on not being white. How is that not an assertion of “white privilege” by the very people supposedly fighting “privilege”?

      5. I thought it was the only thing that is okay to say now.

        1. It is funny how it is pretty much the same as “colored”, which seems to be considered a bad term to use these days.

            1. Meso-melanined. You’re the outlier, hypo-melanined man.

              1. Fellow whites (including the Irish and Italians – we are going to need all the help we can get), let’s start this race war before it is too late.

            2. Melanistically-Enhanced?

    3. So, is this going to be one of those times where Indians and East Asians don’t count as POC?

      Where did they get 47% from?

      1. Mitt Romney?

        1. That did occur to me. But I couldn’t think of a good way to connect the two.

          1. #winning!

  26. About as Atlanticy as you can get:

    The Lifelong Republicans Who Love Bernie Sanders

    When Tarie MacMillan switched on her television in August to watch the first Republican presidential debate, she expected to decide which candidate to support.

    But MacMillan, a 65-year-old Florida resident, was disappointed. “I looked at the stage and there was nobody out there who I really liked. It just seemed like a showcase for Trump and his ridiculous comments,” she recalled. “It was laughable, and scary, and a real turning point.”

    So she decided to back Bernie Sanders, the self-described “Democratic socialist” challenging Hillary Clinton. MacMillan was a lifelong Republican voter until a few weeks ago when she switched her party affiliation to support the Vermont senator in the primary. It will be the first time she’s ever voted for a Democrat.

    That story may sound improbable, but MacMillan isn’t the only longtime conservative supporting Sanders. There are Facebook groups and Reddit forums devoted entirely to Republicans who adore the Vermont senator.

    1. These Republicans for Sanders defy neat categorization. Some are fed up with the status quo in Washington, and believe that Sanders, with his fiery populist message, is the presidential contender most likely to disrupt it. Others have voted Republican for years, but feel alarmed by what they see as the sharp right turn the party has taken.

      “I have been a conservative Republican my entire life. But the Republican party as a whole has gotten so far out of touch with the American people,” says Bryan Brown, a 47-year-old Oregon resident. “I switched my registration so that I could vote for Sanders in the primary, but the day the primary is over I’m going to register as an Independent.”

      lol. okay sure.

      1. I think I have read a version of this article every election as far back as I can remember.

        Journalism schools must hand out a outline for it to their freshman class.

        1. It’s the election-year version of “I used to be a libertarian but thank god I got over it”.

          1. Also, “I’m a libertarian but ______ [insert something about the state controlling a major segment of the people’s private lives, rendering the first of the sentence completely false].”

      2. Some are fed up with the status quo in Washington, and believe that Sanders, with his fiery populist message, is the presidential contender most likely to disrupt it.

        To disrupt Washington, we’re going to vote for the guy who’s been part of the problem since 1990.


  27. Massive nut punch.

    Florida man, 79, murdered on last shift at liquor store before retirement

    Goddamit. That is awful.

    1. DoomsDayForLibs 11 hours ago
      One of OBAMA’S Pardoned Drug Peddlers in need of a little Start Up DOUGH.

      I hate people.

      1. louigi 7 hours ago

        Black lives don’t matter. They are a plague on the country and a bigger threat to the citizens than ISIS. A militia is needed to go into every ghetto and take them all out, every one of them. They are vermin and need to be destroyed.

        What. The. Fuck?!!


        1. Yes, there are still people like that in our society, but fortunately they are few. Unfortunately, these people get publicity out of all proportion to their numbers; much of that publicity from professional shit-stirrers like SPLC. I suspect that many of those actual racist eliminationist posts are false-flag operations (adjusts tinfoil).

          1. Gimme a little more of that foil, plz. I think the same.

            *pats aluminum pakol*

            1. “Look at all those racists at FOX news.”

              /job done

          2. I suspect that many of those actual racist eliminationist posts are false-flag operations

            I was wondering about that myself when I saw it. It’s just too absurd to be real. Of the small handful of racists I’ve known over the years, as vile as they were they weren’t literally genocidal.

            If not a false flag, maybe just a troll whose posting outrageous shit to get a response and shit all over the comment thread. Hopefully it’s just that. I guess the shithead succeeded in getting my attention. At least I didn’t respond directly to it (I know better than that).

  28. Facebook groups and Reddit forums devoted entirely to Republicans who adore the Vermont senator

    Retards gotta congregate somewhere

  29. Warning: Gawker*Emails Show Politico’s Mike Allen Promised Positive Coverage of Chelsea Clinton

    This would be a way to send a message during inaugural week: No one besides me would ask her a question, and you and I would agree on them precisely in advance. This would be a relaxed conversation, and our innovative format (like a speedy Playbook Breakfast) always gets heavy social-media pickup. The interview would be “no-surprises”: I would work with you on topics, and would start with anything she wants to cover or make news on. Quicker than a network hit, and reaching an audience you care about with no risk.

    *I was not asked by a Reason writer to link to a Gawker story.

    1. Crusty Juggler status a lefty sock plant confirmed. Weigel? Is that you?

      1. Yeah. bu tlinking to a wingnut site like Bratfart is totally cool here!

        1. You are not even trying anymore are you? Sitting alone, staring at a half empty bottle of cognac and a pistol with one bullet it are we?

          1. +gaze of adoration for the Swisser

        2. What sucks is that Breitbart (the man) seemed like a libertarian-friendly happy warrior.

          The site in his name, not so much.

    2. Let Gawker Die – don’t visit any of their sites.

    3. I’m guessing some of the Dem base didn’t realize that these things are choreographed ahead of time. I’m a little surprised that Gawker is publishing the email though. You’d think their own bias would prevent it. Maybe they are trying to establish a serious political reporting reputation before they go back to their completely biased perspective. People won’t believe what you write in favor of the team unless you’ve established at least a little cred. They might just hate Hillary though.

      1. They might just hate Hillary though.

        Probably this, they’re just feeling the Bern.

        1. Wait until they feel the Berm.

  30. Only in FL:

    Cops shut down dangerous mahjong game, for the children

    And people think that the cops aren’t doing the important stuff.

    1. At least they were able to restrain their impulse to tase or beat them.

      They must have complied immediately.

      1. They were from their mid 80s to mid 90s. It probably took them several minutes to even realize what was going on. IOW, they didn’t make any sudden moves and the cops assumed they were obeying and respectin authoritah.

    2. The cops didn’t know what law was being broken, but they broke up the game anyway. Maybe they were hoping one of the old ladies would swing a cane at them, giving them an excuse to shoot her.

      1. They apparently didn’t have any pets. That much we can be sure of.

    3. I thought I was Zelda King. Until my NES broke.

  31. Straight from the mouths of babes, the most terrifying website you will visit this week: The Demands. The site rounds up student protester wants from around the country.

    They should’ve called it “The Whines” instead. It’s blocked for me at work due to “unknown content”. Is it meant to be serious or is it intended to mock and ridicule these precious snowflakes? I’m hoping for the latter, but I highly doubt it. OTOH, these clowns have descended into self parody at this point, so I guess it doesn’t matter.

    1. It looks like they are serious. It appears to be an actual lefty clearinghouse/archive/whatever of whines.

      1. That is a lot of Derp to concentrate at one place. Has the EPA been notified?

      2. Makes sense. A major bitch on the left is not knowing what the protestors actually want. It’s been a problem since Occupy hit.

      3. They are serious. They could just sum up all their demands into this, if they were smart enough to think and summarize things, which they clearly are not, so I’ll do it:

        We want everything and we don’t want to do shit to get it. Now give it to us!

        1. …and we want everything to be free because KKKORPORASHUNZ EVUL PROFITZEZ OMGZ!!11!!111!!!!!

    1. Forgot the warning: National Review’s website is an abortion.

      1. What you did there…

    2. Wow, now I’m tempted to share this on my proggy friend’s facebook pages. Just to see their responses.

      1. “You have been unfriended.”
        “You have been unfriended.”
        “You have been unfriended.”

  32. Worth a re-post:
    Kulaks and wreckers required to make good!

    “Officials call on SF landlords to house Mission fire victims”
    “”What they need most of all is housing,” said Ben Amyes, emergency services coordinator for the Human Services Agency. Amyes said that the agency is in the process of finding landlords who are willing to rent out empty apartments at below-market rate under what is known as the City’s Good Samaritan Occupancy Law.”

    Which law says ‘I won’t cum in your mouth! Really! This time I’m serious! I promise! (he, he, he). And the comments show that few are fooled.
    Given the buildings in that area, I’d bet that nearly 100% already lived in ‘rent-controlled’ apartments, and now all they want is MORE cheap housing.

    1. And we all know that once those people are housed that they will be “unable to find affordable housing” and homestead. That property? You don’t own that.

      1. Yep, only good news is the landlords have seemed to gotten wise to this game and are telling the officials to fuck off. I especially like the comments section suggestions that the city council house these people in their own homes.

        1. And I know for a fact that both Pelosi and Feinstein have rooms in their homes which are not in regular use.

  33. Warning 1: Playboy.com*The Trump Fantasy: Explained

    Warning 2: He mocks us alpha males, those of us who use the term “cuckservative,” and us haters of that trollop Megyn Kelly.

    1. *For those of you that are millennials, Playboy was a periodical that your father used to keep under his mattress.

      1. My dad used to keep a box in the basement. “Married With Children” was no joke.

    2. It is not so much Kelly who is annoying. It is her fanboys who think that she is anything other than a newsreader who got her job because she is unbelievably hot who are annoying.

      1. The case of Megyn Kelly is particularly amusing, as the famously sexy television personality displays the unforgivable temerity to respond to Donald Trump’s lumpy version of alpha masculinity with derision. One gets the feeling that most of the Trumpkins sending enraged online missives in the direction of Kelly were typing with one hand.

        1. What does any of that have to do with her not being very smart or interesting?

          1. It has to do with her being smart or interesting, I just shared the except from the article that references her, because you obviously did not read it.

            You can continue to argue with yourself about how you perceive Megyn Kelly.

            1. I don’t have to read it. I have my own reasons for not liking Kelly. I really don’t care why the Trump bots dislike her. It is not going to change my opinion of her one way or the other.

      2. John, you’re like Kate Bush – always running up that hill.

        1. Since when is like Kelly some kind of purity test? I thought I was supposed to be the big team red faux news shill? Should I be on here talking about how fabulous Kelly is?

          It is almost like I have my own opinions and just generally don’t like or have much respect for newsreaders or something.

          1. I don’t care about Megyn Kelly, but i think it’s funny that you do so very, very much.

            1. I care about a lot of things. It comes with having an opinion. You should try it sometime.

              1. I have opinions. Just not about Megyn Kelly.

                1. I see Megyn Kelly but my mind reads Ob-Gyn Kelly.

        2. I was always surprised that Kate Bush never did better here than that one hit of hers you linked to. Very talented lady.

          1. She is. The duet she did with Peter Gabrielle back in the day was quite good. I think her problem was she was talented but wasn’t quirky or really hot. Americans want their female pop stars to be hot or in some way outrageous in a way the Brits don’t.

    3. Anyone using the term “cuckservative” deserves to be mocked. Repeatedly.

      1. It is a funny term. And it does perfectly describe a certain kind of Washington conservative who worries more about being accepted inside the beltway than anything else.

        1. John, you’ve said here before that you think Ann Coulter is hilarious, so your idea of “funny” is sort of suspect.

          1. That or I don’t let my desire to fit in determine what I think is funny.

            Cuckservative is funny as hell. Admitting the obvious doesn’t mean you are a Trump fan. The only reason why anyone would think it wasn’t funny is because the term hits some kind of a nerve.

            1. *I* don’t find it funny, and it doesn’t hit a nerve. I just don’t think it’s particularly witty…

              1. It is crude and vulgar Tarran. I don’t think it is particularly clever. You are right about that. But it does describe a certain group of people pretty well. And for that reason I find it funny.

            2. Or just because it’s grating and unintelligent, but whatever.

              1. Yeah Citizen, you are certainly the ultimate judge of what is or is not “intelligent”. That or maybe you confuse “unintelligent” with “I don’t understand it”.

                1. Uhm, John, you realize we are all our own ultimate judge of what’s funny and what isn’t, right?

                  And it only takes a few of us who neither give a shit about cuckservatism nor think the term is particularly funny to falsify your claim that “the only reason why anyone would think it wasn’t funny is because the term hits some kind of a nerve.”

                  It’s simply not funny to a lot of people. It’s like a Family Guy penis joke that falls flat.

                  1. Tarran,

                    I never said you had to think it is funny. I said I think it is funny. If you or citizen X disagree, good for you. But I didn’t start the argument, Citizen X did.

                    And yes, it is possible to not find it funny without it hitting a nerve. It is vulgar and some people don’t like vulgar humor. People who don’t, however, generally don’t come to this board. So when someone on here goes out of their way to say how unfunny it was it is doubtful that is because they don’t like vulgar humor and more likely because it either struck a nerve or they are just social signaling about how they are not part of the evil Trump menace.

                    In your case, I think you legitimately don’t like vulgar humor. I have been reading your posts for a long time and that is pretty consistent with your personality. In Citizen X’s case, he hasn’t to my knowledge ever had an issue with vulgarity and he is certainly not a conservative or anyone that the term should strike a nerve with. So he is likely just making sure everyone knows he is not part of the “other”.

                    1. Know what I think is funny? Red Tony. Now that’s some funny shit.

            3. John,
              It’s a stupid term. No it does not hit a nerve.

        2. ie nobody in existence anywhere, much like that phantom libertarian menace, cosmos.

          1. Really? I thought the GOP in Washington was just like the Democrats? I don’t see how you can think that and then also think such people don’t exist.

            1. No, I think people form their opinions honestly and you’re seeing a crop of Republicans who cleave to a ideology differing from yours, and the whole “cuck” and “cosmo” thing makes it difficult to feel much sympathy for their critics.

              1. I increasingly think people don’t. Some people do but most people don’t. Ideology and politics for most people is a positional good. It is a brand. Most Progressives are not Progressives because they have come to some great epiphany about things. They are Progressive because being so is an easy way to feel like they are on the right side of things and to look down at those who are not. Trump supporters are a great example of this. Most Trump supporters have no clue what Trump actually believes. They support him because doing so is for them a positional good. It is their way of saying they hate the media and Washington.

                The people the term “cuckservative” applies to are people who see their politics as a positional good over other conservatives. They take certain positions to distinguish themselves from other conservatives and in the process engraciate themselves to the rest of the people inside the beltway.

                If people came to their opinions rationally and honestly, there would be a lot less disagreement and stupidity in politics.

      2. As opposed to “Tea-Baggers”.

        Both are latent homo signs.

        1. Bigotry is fine so long as it’s lefty bigotry.

  34. “Well whatta ya know, a Nazi-themed New York subway car didn’t go over too well with residents…”

    Che T-shirts, OTOH…

    1. I’d love to see some hippie college snowflake go walk through Little Havana in Miami wearing a Che t-shirt. For the lulz…

  35. I’m trying to get parts to fix this pistol of mine, but they are perpetually out of stock. Last time they were in stock for like three days, but they came in staggered. So I made the mistake of waiting until all three were in stock to place the order, but by then the first two had sold out. So this time I place the order for one part the same day it came in, and I swear the second part became available as soon as I completed the order. I think Midway does this on purpose to fuck people over on shipping and handling. But they’re the ones with the parts, so it’s difficult to avoid shopping with them. Fuckers made me pay a total of eighteen bucks shipping and handling for twenty dollars worth of parts that could fit into a letter envelope. Bastards.

    1. Oh, and they don’t allow you to order these particular parts over the phone. I assume because if they did then the customer could request that the order not be shipped until it was complete, and then Midway wouldn’t be able to screw the customer out of a bunch of money for shipping and handling each part individually.

      1. Order direct from the manufacturer, sarc? Is there a trusty third party purveyor like Glockmeister?

        Even more frustrating is when you order the parts, install them, and the fucking thing still doesn’t run right. Looking at you, Kahr.

    2. Should have just bought a new Hi-Point

      1. Um, no. I like inexpensive, but I don’t like cheap.

        1. OK, maybe that’s not fair. They seem to get decent reviews. But they are butt fugly. Pistols anyway.

          1. I like to make fun of them but wouldn’t mind buying a couple a burying them in the back yard or leaving one in the trunk. If only I could find a loophole that would let me get them “off the books”…

            1. If only I could find a loophole that would let me get them “off the books”…

              There is a local classifieds style magazine thing around here where people sell firearms for cash. Hopefully what you buy isn’t stolen. Because the only way to find out is to give the serial number to the cops, and now you’re back on the books.

          2. I’ve never had a high point pistol (living in a “May [but really never] issue” state), but their carbines are a joke. the plastic casing is both A: really flimsy, and B: integral to the structure and magazine retention system. Funny part is, the 9mm carbine is an “assault weapon” under the ‘SAFE’ act, but my Saiga .308 is not. Of the two, the Saiga is more likely to do more harm to the other person than to the operator. (and its magazine catch is reliable)

            Also, the hi-point is the only firearm I’ve seen where the outside of the spent casing is soot-blackened when it ejects. I have no idea how it manages that.

              1. Blow back is a myth. 😉

              2. Thinking about it, the action is a direct blowback operation, with a large inertial breech block and no fancy mechanism. That would result in a lot of propellant gasses being released into the area around the cartridge as it opens, resulting in the fouling of the brass exterior.

                I should have spent a little more time contemplating it.

                1. After a wrote that, I looked up the specs to make sure I wasn’t wrong about the operation (I wasn’t) and the pictures of the gun reminded me of one last detail that annoyed me.

                  The charging handle is on the wrong side. The way it is shipped, the ejection port is on the right, the charging handle on the left, and if you move it to the right, the handle hits the frame and blocks the action.

                  If you regard the carbine as an oversized pistol where you don’t release the grip while reloading, that would make your off-hand the free one to change magazines and charge the action. But I only own rifles, and when I’m reloading, I take my right hand off the grip. On the Saiga, the charging handle is on the right, and all of my bolt-action rifles are operated by the right hand, so having a right-ejecting weapon with a charging handle on the left just irritates me. (I’d excuse it if it were entirely left-configured because it would at least be consistant)

                  1. Both of my .22s are blow back operated, and neither spits out casings with soot on the outside.

                    1. That could be down to the differences between .22 and 9mm, but I’m also just speculating.

          3. I won’t dispute that Hi-Points are fugly… But I have a 9mm carbine – my first gun ever. I won’t be setting any worldwide sharpshooting records with it, but the accuracy is about as good as any other handgun-caliber carbine. And it has never had a malfunction. That’s more than can be said for some much more expensive rifles.

            I’ve thought about selling the old thing, but I doubt I’d get more than $70 for it. Maybe I’ll vacuum seal it and stash it away in case something happens to my other guns… I mean, that’s what I would do if I hadn’t lost all my guns in a boating accident a few years ago 😉

      1. Browning Buckmark. I got a good deal only to discover the extractor was missing.

        1. That was on my list but I couldn’t find one with a threaded barrel. I went with a Ruger Mark III Lite which is the most difficult gun I own to take down and put back together. I would no recommend for that alone.

          1. I was originally looking for a Ruger until I learned what a pain they are to clean. That and there are so many damn collectors asking ridiculous prices for used ones that you’re better off getting one new. And I don’t want new. I don’t want a paper trail, just as a matter of principle.

            1. I was bit by the NFA bug so there is no way I am not on all of the lists.

              I almost Never take the Ruger down anymore. I just spray it, snake it and throw some lube in there. Every other gun gets completely disassembled, frog lubed and made to look pretty. I clean CLEAN guns for fun and cannot stand what that Ruger has made me into.

            2. Ruger sr22 for the win…easy take down, shoots good, compact.

              1. I do like the way the Buckmark shoots. It’s balanced, and it’s easy to take down and clean. Not that compact, but a target pistol with a five inch barrel isn’t supposed to be compact.

          2. It’s infamous, but not that bad to put back together. (I have a Mk I.) It does take some practice though getting everything to line up just so.

            Try Brownell’s, sarc? Or, shoot, ebay might even have it.

            1. Oh I’ve tried everywhere. Finding just the extractor wasn’t so bad. There are plenty of after-market versions. But the spring and plunger are another matter. Brownell’s never got them in stock, and Midway seems to get them in stock for a couple days every few months. Even Browning doesn’t have them in stock. Doesn’t matter. I made the order. Just bitching for bitching’s sake.

    3. Try Brownell’s? Natchez Shooter’s?

  36. Well whatta ya know, a Nazi-themed New York subway car didn’t go over too well with residents…

    A bunch of people missed it because it was on time, right?

    1. You know who else kept the trains running on time… wait… nevermind.

  37. At least one third of the pro Obama comments to this Washington Post article about Obama’s fall in the polls sound like something right out of Der Stermer. Obama’s poll numbers are only down apparently because the evil Israelis and their Jewish fifth column are deceiving Americans.

    If the Democrats lose the White House in 16, how bad will this stuff get? And of course, the majority of American Jews will continue to vote Democrat. You really can’t make this shit up.

    Sorry but Reason won’t take the link. It is the Jennifer Rubin column today.

  38. Jobless claims at 42 year lows.


    Strong dollar, low/no inflation, a record 67 consecutive months of private sector job creation, deficit cut by 2/3rds, gas prices $1.35 (rbob),


    (John, Mike M, Suthenboy, et al)

    1. At some point your labor force participation rate gets so low, the number of people losing their job starts to drop. And you love black men, just as long as they are not married to white women like Clearance Thomas.

      1. Holy shit, “Clearance Thomas” may be your best one yet.

        1. There’s a sale on Thomases? Well shit, I’ve never wanted a Thomas… still waiting for Black Friday.

    2. Palin’s Buttplug|11.25.15 @ 10:17AM|#
      ‘People dropping out of labor market at 100-year high’

      Got it, turd; just keep picking them cherries


        1. Retirees? Is that what the loony left calls people who give up looking for a job?

          1. I don’t give a fuck about someone too lazy to go get a job.

            1. Palin’s Buttplug|11.25.15 @ 10:55AM|#
              “I don’t give a fuck about someone too lazy to go get a job.”

              So when your fave idiot screws things up, now you just admit to not giving a shit?
              Careful; your honesty is showing. Next you’ll tell us you have daddy issues.

            2. I don’t give a fuck about someone too lazy to go get a job.

              They don’t vote? Or influence friends and family?


              I see you are going for the win in ’16.

    3. Dishonest arguments are dishonest.

    4. Inflation 6.4% last year, eyeballing St Louis Fed M2 chart.

      1. Add to that prices should be falling given this point in the cycle. But idiots like PB wants poor people to pay as much the overlords at the Fed can squeeze out of them.

    5. The numbers are good but the sentiment on the street does not correspond to the numbers. Might have something to do with the labor participation rate.

      1. 40 million people on food stamps. Lowest workforce participation in 50 years, more women out of the workforce than anytime since WW2. Progress!

      2. Record US auto sales, record consumer spending, home sales up again.

        Even Lennar is posting strong earnings.


        1. So borrowing spikes? Sounds healthy. Tell us again how another credit bubble will salvage the economy.

        2. The auto production is due to NINJA loans. Congress sent Obama a bill to do something about it. Obama vetoed it. Because other wise poor people couldn’t have new cars.

          I see a big economic crash in your future. Sometime around summer of ’16. That should work out as well as the crash of ’08 did for those incumbents.

          1. “Because other wise poor people couldn’t have new cars.”

            Well, it’s sort of a pay-back, since the asshole screwed ’em out of low-priced used cars with his ‘cash-for-clunkers’ debacle.

    6. Your mendacity knows no bounds shreek. No bounds.

  39. But she was just there to school ’em about how the ‘common man’ lives, right?

    “Since ’01, Clintons Collected $35M From Financial Businesses”
    ” Hillary Rodham Clinton wants voters to know she is no friend of Wall Street. But Wall Street has frequently been a friend to her.
    In the 18 months prior to announcing her second campaign for president, the front-runner for the Democratic nomination addressed private equity investors in California and New York, delivered remarks to bankers in Hilton Head, South Carolina, and spoke to brokers at the Ritz-Carlton in Naples, Florida.”

    1. Wall Street likes bull markets (Democrat presidents).

      1. Palin’s Buttplug|11.25.15 @ 10:21AM|#
        ‘Cronies love Democrat presidents.’

        Your bullshit is totally obvious.

        1. Wall Street = economy just like unemployment numbers = employment.

  40. That Afghan hospital we bombed? U.S. Special Forces said the intended target was actually a Taliban-controlled prison 450 yards away?our bad!

    Of course the Taliban bear absolutely no responsibility for siting a military post 450 yards from a hospital. And they did so by accident not intentionally in hopes that the proximity would mean the US didn’t bomb it or if it did there would be a chance of us hitting the hospital and the resulting propaganda coup. No. That is just crazy talk.

    1. All of the cameras and nav equipment on an AC-130, and they can’t figure out they’re hitting the wrong site? Repeatedly? “Gee, we’re not taking fire from anyone on the ground, no one’s marking this building with an IZLID or such, we’re not getting any secondaries…? Aw, fuck it, hit it again.”

      That’s the story they’re rolling with? I don’t buy it, and I wonder just how bad the real reason is that they smashed that place for over an hour?

      1. I got such careful training on calling in ANYTHING – arty, air, whatever… This sucks balls.

        1. Fuck ups happen, especially in war. Maybe they saw it was a hospital and just didn’t give a fuck but I seriously doubt that. Something else is going on. Either it wasn’t properly marked or there was something else going on there besides it being a hospital.

        2. Swiss, my impression from reading others’ accounts is that getting an AC-130 for fires just isn’t done unless you’re a snake-eating JSOC special squirrel type. And that those guys are usually better than the average FISTer or JTAC guy at directing that sort of thing. Did this sort of thing—mistaking one qalat for another—happen much in your experience?

          It just seems incomprehensible to me that they’d have fucked up this badly, and much more likely that MSF was full of shit when they claimed they didn’t have any Taliban or ACM on site. I.e., the JSOC guys and/or their ANA partners were taking fire at some point from that hospital.

          I could understand it if someone had called in the wrong reference and got it JDAM’d. That’s regrettable and not at all unprecedented. But to come back and keep blasting the wrong area for over an hour…

          1. Did not see “pick the wrong mud walled compound” stuff – they try to keep their distance from each other…lovely tribal distrust culture and all. Also, you didn’t call in air until you were getting return fire you could not handle on your own. The thing that makes me urpy about this one is the repeated references to ANA involvement. I would hope Almighty God that we did not let some kandak call in the fire on where they think someone shot at them.
            The AC-130’s came in as I was leaving – we had A-10s, God Bless ’em.

            1. The provincial afghan governor was required to sign off on any of our pre-planned target packages at the end of my trip there. Needless to say I only saw 1 ever get approved…probably was a political rivals home. We were limited to non lethal and TICs to fire anything. The ODA guys were on their own agenda though, got so they got to use all the fun stuff and did most of the work.

      2. How does a hospital look any different from the air than a prison? It is supposed to have a big red cross on it. But did it? I don’t know.

        I don’t think there is a bigger story here. I think they fucked up but the Obama White House is just incapable of admitting any sort of fault.

        1. I would hope that if they have very specific targets in mind like that that they have a good way of making sure they know what they are shooting at.

          I think you are probably right, though. It was a big fuckup that the administration handled stupidly.

          1. Okay Zeb, i want you to fly a few hundred miles and take out a building that is likely in a town full of buildings that look pretty similar. It is not as easy as it sounds. Not impossible for sure. And certainly something I can reasonably expect you to do and hold you responsible if you don’t. But you fucking up and hitting the wrong building is while a fuck up is not something that doesn’t happen with some regularity in any war.

            1. Fucking up the target is forgivable, fucking up the narrative isn’t.

              1. The administration is so incompetent they will make you think there is more to any story than it is. Instead of just issuing an apology and doing what could be done to fix the situation, they immediately went on the defensive and managed to make the situation even worse.

                They really do fuck up everything they do. I can’t think of a single instance of competence during the entire administration.

                1. The administration is so incompetent they will make you think there is more to any story than it is. Instead of just issuing an apology and doing what could be done to fix the situation, they immediately went on the defensive and managed to make the situation even worse.

                  In this case, I don’t think the administration is the single parent of the mess. I think the lies started within the upper ranks of the Army, just as in the Tillman case.

            2. I’ll pass, thanks. I’m not saying it’s easy; I don’t know enough to make that judgement. Just that I hope they have procedures and tech that make fuckups like this rare. And it seems like they probably do.

              IOW, I’m agreeing with you, John.

        2. I think it was intentional…imo there was a high value target getting his hemorrhoids treated.

      3. All of the cameras and nav equipment on an AC-130, and they can’t figure out they’re hitting the wrong site?

        All the cameras and nav equipment in world won’t prevent human error. Or to put it another way: you can’t fix stupid.

    2. 450 yards = 1350 ft = 1/5 mile

      Close enough in bombing from half way across the world terms to be an easy mistake, but far enough away that is a stupid plan to avoid getting bombed or hoping they’ll hit the wrong target.

      1. Wasn’t it attacked by men in helicopters? I don’t think you can really call that “bombing from across the world”.

        1. The plans and location were sent out by people from half way across the world. The people executing it just trusted their intel and orders.

  41. It’s nice to see the world as it should be:

    -The Slav has regained hatred of the Turk
    -The descendants of Charles Martel are killing the Mohammedans.
    -Americans hate each other more than any foreign enemy.
    -There’s at least a couple of fascists trying to gain power in democratic countries. Caused by the people’s own lack of faith in said democratic process.

    Oh world, the more you change, the more you stay the same. Good, I was getting tired of this Jon Lennon, love everybody shit.

    1. -Americans hate each other more than any foreign enemy

      The great post-racial one has achieved much.

      Now he’s saying that this next climate summit will really do a number on ISIS.

      Let’s just put a clown in the Whitehouse. I’m serious, in full clown costume, like Bozo. At least then you know what you’re getting.

      1. Obama most certainly hates his American political enemies a lot more than he hates any of the country’s enemies. To me that is the worst aspect of his Presidency.

        1. Obama kills our countries enemies.

          How many GOPers has he killed?

      2. “Let’s just put a clown in the Whitehouse….full clown costume, like Bozo.”

        That ship sailed 7 years ago if you count mom jeans. I wish someone would trick that idiot into getting his photo taken while he makes balloon animals.

  42. Anyone else notice that WaPo is now blocking readers after so many article views (easy to get around for anyone with any comp skills at all).

    No one wants to pay to look at your shitty paper, Bezos, better stick with Amazon for money making.

    1. Yes. They are trying to charge. I wish them luck. I can’t imagine paying a dime for their content. I doubt I am alone in that.

      I think the Post is just a vanity purchase for Bezos. He had to have known it is always going to lose money. I used to think newspapers like the Times and the Post would some day die. Now I don’t think so. They will live on as money losing vanity projects for rich leftists or whatever Bezos is.

      1. They’ll need to remain as an open digital platform. Trying to force people to pay won’t work. They’re just going to lose views. So in effect, lose marketing dollars. Bezos should understand this, but apparently he’ll have to learn it the hard way. Oh well, he can afford to be wrong in this case, unlike most people.

        1. You would have thought Bezos being an internet guy would have known that. I can’t understand why he thinks this is going to work, especially given that it has failed almost everywhere it has been tried. The Wall Street Journal is the only paper I can think of that has gotten away with charging for its content.

          1. Only because some people at least think they are relying on the WSJ for financial advice. WaPo is just another political rag. Although I would say it’s one of the most balanced out there as far as an equal amount of left/right opinion pieces.

            1. It is a political rag and an “if it bleeds it leads” local paper. There is no reason why anyone outside of Washington would be interested in at least half its content. And the rest is as you describe just another political rag.

              I think they could get away with charging if they were willing to do their jobs and tell the truth. But as long as they only report stories and facts that fit the narrative, fewer and fewer people are going to read it. Even the people who agree with them are not going to pay for it. Why pay for hack political pieces at the post when you can get them for free at Politico or Daily Kos?

              1. I post over there sometimes. I find it amusing how someone can, in the same article, be attacked as both a ‘liberal hippy who hates America’ and a ‘right wing RethugliKKKan con.’

                They truly are mind fucked by a libertarian who doesn’t agree 100% with either side at all times.

                You have to pick your team over there and identify as either liberal or conservative or you will be attacked equally by both teams. Try it sometime, it’s hilarious.

                1. I try and avoid reading the comments over there. There are some decent ones from the right and a lot like you describe. All of the ones from the left are shreek and Tony level stupid or in some cases even worse.

                  I posted above about the comments on the Rubin piece about Obama’s poll numbers. A whole bunch of the comments are flat out Jewish fifth column conspiracy theories. My God there are some angry and stupid people out there.

      2. Bezos is not a leftist. The left would call him a libertarian, although he doesn’t identify as such as far as I know.

        1. That is why I said whatever he is. But most of the people buying these papers as they go belly up will be leftists. In fact, I am not sure anyone but a leftist will be able to buy these papers. The Kochs tried to buy the LA Times and the bankruptcy court turned down their offer.

          1. Sam Zeller (wingnut) bought the LA Times.

            Your theory sucks.

            1. Who the fuck is Sam Zeller. And your a moron who thinks anyone is a wingnut.

              1. I’ve never read the LA Times. To Buttface, everyone who is not a sycophant Obama bootlicker hardcore leftist is a wingnut.

      3. Isn’t Bezos supposed to be sort of libertarian-ish? I don’t really know, but that was the rumor.

        I bet they give up printing papers at some point. But I think you are right and the Times and Post will continue.

        Are they actually losing money at this point, or just not profitable enough to make it as publicly traded companies?

        1. They are both losing money on both a cash basis and in shareholder value. The Times is only in business because Carlos Slim keeps them in business. Same with the Post and Bezos.

          And Bezos is not a leftists. That is why I said rich leftists or Bezos.

        2. I’ve heard leftist just outright call him a libertarian. I mean, he’s an evil capitalist who probably has a secret monocle factory staffed with orphan slaves, right?

          I’ve just never read anything where Bezos actually talks about his political beliefs.

          1. I have never met the guy. So I can’t say what his views really are. But, I don’t think you have to be much of a Libertarian or very far right to be considered such in the Tech circles Bezos runs in.

            1. Bezos is kind of his own brand of crazy. For example, in the early days of Amazon, he used to make the desk of every employee he hired. It was kind of a running gag (apparently started when he cut a door in half and put it on a sawhorse set because he didn’t have enough money to buy a desk).

            2. I know someone who worked for him for 12 years. I’ve been told he does not talk about politics. But that’s just what I heard, and I’ve never read anything where he talks about it.

              So you know he’s not a leftist. A leftist cannot keep their mouth shut for 5 minutes without going on about their cult. They must publicly declare their holiness to the cause and they must declare it often.

              1. I have a great deal of respect for Bezos because of what he’s done with Amazon. I’ve heard he’s a real slave driver, but that’s not my concern, I don’t work for him.

                All I know is that I can order lots of things right now and have them delivered to my door, today within a few hours from now, tax and shipping free. If that’s not fucking awesome, I don’t know what is.

              2. He is definitely not a leftist. How far right he is is anyone’s guess. But he is not a full on leftist. That is true.

    2. better stick with Amazon for money making.

      Amazon doesn’t make money, it just raises capital.

  43. “That Afghan hospital we bombed? U.S. Special Forces said the intended target was actually a Taliban-controlled prison 450 yards away?our bad!”

    Good God, the zoning ordinances in Afghanistan suck.


    2. “Oh, come on! 450 yards is like a speck in my 20-inch terrestrial globe! You see? What do you want from me?”

  44. Ya can’t cheat an honest man, example #968,275,075,606,023,492:

    “If someone tries to sell you a gold bar in the parking lot of a department store, maybe think twice before purchasing.”

    Ya THINK?

    1. East Bay means Oakland. Because if you say “Oakland” every one knows you really mean….

    2. Although there is this:

      In one incident the scam artists, who roll in groups of two or three, were reported to have threatened a buyer with violence to force the sale, officials said.


      I agree that the whole thing sounds fishy as hell – seriously, if you have a gold bar, you can just take it to any precious metals dealer or jeweler, you don’t have to stand around in a parking lot trying to hawk it to random people – but I have a little experience with the way these scumbags work, and a large part of it is by not giving the mark time to think about it, but instead flooding him with too much to think about all at once.

  45. Congress will spend at least $300,000 investigating Planned Parenthood.

    That’s $15,000 less than the 2011 funding for a National Science Foundation project purported to investigate the effect of playing FarmVille on making and keeping friends.

    1. It is 3.2 million dollars less than the federal study on why lesbians are fat.


      1. The comparisons between gays and lesbians are always interesting. Gay guys are more likely to be fit and less likely to be in an abusive relationship (as perpetrator or victim) than their straight counterparts. Lesbians on the other hand are more likely to be obese and more likely to be in abusive relationships (as perpetrator and victim) than their straight counterparts.

        I wish more research went into figuring out why things like this happen. I guess it has too much possibility for nasty conclusions to attract many willing researchers, though.

  46. Is anyone else a bit irritated that a significant policy change is being made by a lame duck governor via executive order?

    Can the new gov just undo it?

  47. In the “About” Section of THE DEMANDS was this ‘shared belief’ (which i presume they’re applying to all 63 university groups making Teh Footstamping Gimme) =


    As an organization, we stand against capitalist notions of infinite profit, homogenized markets, and a privatized means of production. Capitalism is the economic system used to justify our oppression as Black people, both our marginalization and our exploitation…. We reject labor exploitation, privatizing natural resources, and neoliberal ideologies that fixate on the pathologies of a population as opposed to the pathologies of institutions.

    With this being said, we resist notions that “supporting Black businesses” will be our ultimate savior in our attempts to gain freedom. We cannot adopt the patriarchal, exploitative tools of our oppressors as we seek liberation. Instead, we propose a cooperative form of economics that works on shared resources and shared means of production to uplift ourselves out of poverty. What if we grow our own food? What if we make our own clothes? What if we provide housing and shelter to those who need it? How can we better use our labor to push our communities forward, and not just ourselves? These are questions we will adopt as we seek to dismantle anti-Black capitalist corporations that benefit from our oppression.”

    1. There was a line in the middle of the first paragraph about how Slavery means they know what capitalism is really about, or something. I cut it out because it was too long and didn’t …. well i was going to say, ‘didn’t make sense’ but that’s setting a bar that the rest doesn’t clear either.

      i sincerely doubt all 63 university groups necessarily believe they are ‘anti-capitalist’… but then again, i suppose most so poorly understand what they’re talking about that its nothing more than a mild fashion statement.

    2. “What if we grow our own food?”
      Never looked at the north end of a south-bound mule, have you?

      “What if we make our own clothes?
      Does the term ‘sweatshop’ ring a bell?

      1. “We’re going to stick it to the cis-shitlord, capitalist oppressor-man and make our OWN stuff!”

        ….two hours later….

        “Uhhh, this is, like, hard work and shit. Fuck that. Can we go back to demanding others labor on our behalf?”

        1. They are probably looking more towards the Zimbabwean example….just take from the evil whites, destroy the entire economy in the process = SUCCESS !!!

    3. “What if we grow our own food? What if we make our own clothes? What if we provide housing and shelter to those who need it?”

      These are people who have clearly never read much about the histories of self-sufficient communes. The answers are: you do a whole lot of scrabbling for a living as a dirt farmer, you spend a whole hell of a lot of time making and patching your own clothes, and you attract a mysteriously high number of people who are looking for housing and shelter but don’t seem to have a lot to offer in return.

      Seriously, everybody should read “Why We Left The Farm”, an interview with eight people who were long-time residents of a hippie commune: http://kk.org/mt-files/writing…..e_farm.pdf
      They went in believing that a commune could change the world, and came out saying, “You know what works? Positive cash flow, private property, and not tolerating a bunch of freeloaders.” But it’s tragic because a group of educated people who started out believing in intellectual exploration, internationalism, and in making a world where no one had too little because some people had too much, ended up raising a generation of kids who didn’t have enough to eat, didn’t have a proper education, and had hardly ever been outside their own village.

      1. That looks really interesting, thanks for the link

      2. I used to know Gaskin back in the day. He was real good at teaching people meditation and centering. Economics was not his strong point. He got by on donations.

        Sunday Morning – Golden Gate Park. Trippers coming down from Saturday night excess.

      3. I thought this was a really interesting read, but painful to read in the scanned-PDF format

        So here it is reformatted in plaintext. Thanks for the link!


        “Why We Left ‘The Farm'” – Whole Earth Review, Winter 1985

    4. Infinite Profit! They never taught me about that theory in the GMU econ school.

    5. “What if we grow our own food? What if we make our own clothes? What if we provide housing and shelter to those who need it? ”

      What if monkeys fly out of my ass, you lazy fucksticks?

    6. These Sixties re-enactors are cute, but these Sixties re-enactors are cuter!

  48. The proclamation by the lame-duck Democratic governor of Kentucky, purporting to restore officeholding and voting rights to felons, has a very interesting exception:

    “The provisions of this order, as mentioned above, only restore the right to vote and hold public office and do not restore any other civil right, including but not limited to, the right to receive, possess, or transport in commerce, a firearm or to serve on a jury.”

    So in short, these people remain ineligible to carry arms, even in self-defense, but the important point is that they recover the right to vote and hold office – and since this is a lame-duck Democratic governor, he presumably wants them to vote for Democrats and get elected to office as democrats. So while unable to bear arms personally, they can hire, or wield command over, other people to bear arms on their behalf and mess with their fellow-citizens.

    1. The relevant clauses of the Kentucky constitution (Sections 145 and 150) provide that a felon’s right to vote and hold office can be restored by a gubernatorial “pardon.”

      At common law, according to Blackstone, “the effect of such pardon by the king [or in this case the governor], is to make the offender a new man; to acquit him of all corporal penalties and forfeitures annexed to that offence for which he obtains his pardon; and not so much to restore his former, as to give him a new, credit and capacity.”

      So I would think the governor can grant a pardon or deny one, but if he’s going to grant one, it should restore *all* the civil rights of the people pardoned.

      So I’m not sure what kind of constitutional animal this proclamation is, but a pardon it ain’t, and I don’t see any other provision in the Kentucky constitution authorizing a decree like this – picking and choosing which civil rights a pardoned person can have.

      1. Wait, maybe I spoke too soon. It may be OK to give partial pardons in Kentucky:

        “[A] pardon can be full (absolute), conditional, or partial. A full pardon restores an offender???s civil rights without disqualification. A conditional pardon [is one that] does not become effective until the wrongdoer satisfies a prerequisite or that will be revoked upon the occurrence or some specified act. Finally, a partial pardon exonerates the offender from some but not all of the punishment or legal consequences of a crime. In Kentucky, the constitutional power to pardon encompasses the power to issue conditional pardons. This is also true of the power to issue partial pardons.”

    2. Correction: The proclamation purports to restore voting and officeholding rights to *some* convicted felons.

    3. If they can be trusted to bear arms, then let them.

      If they can’t be trusted to bear arms personally, how can they be trusted to wield weapons by proxy to arrest and seize the property of other people?

      1. I think I’ve just defined what Democrats think of their voters.

    4. Beat me to it. I was going to snark about not restoring firearm ownership rights too.

      Ban the box obviously doesn’t apply to ATF form 4473 either.

    5. I’ve always thought of serving on a jury as a duty rather than a right.

  49. Straight from the mouths of babes, the most terrifying website you will visit this week: The Demands. The site rounds up student protester wants from around the country.

    New pacifiers for all.

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  51. Charge Loretta Lynch under 18 U.S. Code ? 1001 (a) (2) … now!
    No mens rea requirement for ANYONE!

  52. The student agitators in most of these universities are probably no more 5% of the entire student population, if at that.

    90% of the student population spend their time playing video games, texting, drinking, and enjoying the 4,8 years of tax funded education break. I doubt the overwhelming white majority in these mid tier schools give a damn about the noise being made, and a lot of them probably detest them.

    I checked the student demographics at schools in the flyover-ish states and the Asian segment is something like 5%. Latino enrollment figures aren’t all that better. Yeah, I’ve never heard of Asian overachievers say “I’m taking my 1800 SAT score to Penn State!” Schools like that are guaranteed to be majority white since the cream of the non white crop will avoid them like a plague. And Asians will not go to some black majority colleges to add to the diversity.

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