A.M. Links: Turkey Shoots Down Russian Jet, Putin Warns of 'Significant Consequences,' 5 Shot Near Black Lives Matter Protest in Minneapolis


  • Vladimir Putin has responded to the downing of the Russian jet by calling Turkey the "accomplices of terrorists" and warning of "significant consequences."
  • Five people were shot in Minneapolis near a Black Lives Matters protest. Police are currently searching for three white male suspects.
  • "A federal appeals court ruled in a decision unsealed on Monday that the Justice Department could continue to conceal internal documents related to targeted killings in the fight against Al Qaeda."

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  1. Turkey has shot down a Russian fighter jet near its Syrian border.

    America will have its revenge on Turkey this Thursday.

    1. mmm Turkey

      1. Are they just trying to razz Putin?

    2. Turkey’s gonna get stuffing shoved so far up its ass…

      1. I believe this would work better as “Turkey’s gonna get stuffed so hard in the ass”

      2. explains why Turkey looks so dry in all the photos.

    3. Hello.

      The heck were those turkeys thinking?

        1. That show was the best.

        2. Wild turkeys can fly a bit. It’s pretty impressive to see.

          1. They can also run really fast.

            1. You would too if someone was chasing you around with an axe.

              1. You’d have a hard time catching one with an axe.

                My dad used to help an old lady who had a farm with cattle and poultry. He always said using an axe to kill them was silly. Hedge trimming shears are much more efficient.

          2. Yep. I saw one take off, achieve a 60 degree climb all the way to the upper branches of a tree 30 feet above the ground.

            I was parked under that tree, and I needed to depart for a can’t miss appointment. Fun times!

            1. We have flocks around our house this time of year, and yeah it was unexpected the first time a turkey flew up and landed in a tree. God as my witness i didn’t know turkeys could roost.

          3. I’ve seen the one’s that hang around our place fly 40′ practically straight up to nest in a tree – it is impressive.

      1. Everyone loves Fist of Etiquette!

    4. Just in case you all were wondering what the Turkish call a turkey, they call it a “hindi”:


    5. For Russian Thanksgiving, Turkey shoots you!

      (Stolen elsewhere)

  2. …and warning of “significant consequences.”

    A red line has been drawn?

    1. No more white Russian meat!

      1. mmm White Russians.

        1. +1 “Hey, careful man, there’s a beverage here.”

        2. +1 careful man, there’s a beverage here

        3. +1 “Hey, careful man, there’s a beverage!”


          1. +another Caucasian, Gary

            1. Nothing is fucked!? The God damn plane has crashed into the mountain!

              1. Everything’s a travesty with you, man!

        4. Anti-revolutionary. Or likes chicks drinks. I prefer drinks made from the holy cactus.

  3. Six Ways To Climate-Proof Your Thanksgiving

    Figuring out just how to reduce your personal carbon impact can be a daunting, and at times, confusing task (just ask the King of Sweden, who recently decided to give up baths for the environment).

    Getting through Thanksgiving, when emissions-heavy activities like airline travel and tables full of food are the norm, can be a especially tricky for a die-hard climate activist. Here are have a few tips for a more climate-friend Thanksgiving. (We can’t help with the food coma, though.)
    Choose your turkey wisely

    A lot of outlets suggest you do away with the Thanksgiving turkey altogether, but if the idea of sacrificing the holiday’s classic main course sounds border-line sacrilege, paying attention to the type of turkey you buy can go a long way toward reducing your environmental impact. Of all the traditional Thanksgiving dishes, turkey has the biggest environmental impact, so it is worth a little extra scrutiny. Not only does meat take more resources than vegetables, turkey often has to travel quite a ways to get to your table.


    1. Maybe someone can set me straight but they say the renewable technology is there but whenever I read the details it all comes down to the same basic strategy – coerced action and subsidies which lead to cronyism.


      1. You don’t need to be set straight. You *are* straight.

        1. My wife keeps telling me I’m “off” a little.

      2. Turkies are a renewable resource

        1. Turkeys.

    2. Tip #7: Drink bleach and die.

      1. The most carbon neutral method of suicide is to bathe in and drink formaldehyde so that bacteria can’t feast on your flesh and release evil, evil SEEO-OH-TOOZ.

    3. If the climate activists are really serious, they can always just catch turkey by hand and eat it raw.

    4. lol beyond parody

    5. What’s the carbon footprint for Tofurky?

      1. It probably has GMOs, so that’s out.

        1. God help us, it’s GMO-free. I suspect that it would mostly be converted to methane in my intestines. GMO-free methane.

    6. I’m gonna lower my carbon output this Thanksgiving and every other day the same way Al Gore and all activists who have money do.

      I’m gonna call for a ban on other people burning carbon.

    7. Not buying that turkey will surely retroactively reduce the carbon emissions used to raise it, kill it, store it and transport it to your area.

      1. Seriously. They want (demand!) EVERYONE to sacrifice, but taking away the turkey? That’s just too far.

    8. Maybe if politicians hadn’t erected such a clusterfuck of regulations on small-scale, local food production, people would find it easier to buy a turkey from Farmer Brown down the road rather than buy one at the store that was trucked in from three states away.

  4. The U.S. State Department has issued a worldwide travel alert for Americans.

    Wear the maple leaf on our t-shirts again?

    1. After that election, you can just put the maple leaf pin on your “I’m with stupid” Tee.

  5. Earth might have hairy dark matter

    The solar system might be a lot hairier than we thought. A new study publishing this week in the Astrophysical Journal by Gary Pr?zeau of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California, proposes the existence of long filaments of dark matter, or “hairs.”

    Dark matter is an invisible, mysterious substance that makes up about 27 percent of all matter and energy in the universe. The regular matter, which makes up everything we can see around us, is only 5 percent of the universe. The rest is dark energy, a strange phenomenon associated with the acceleration of our expanding universe.

    Neither dark matter nor dark energy has ever been directly detected, although many experiments are trying to unlock the mysteries of dark matter, whether from deep underground or in space.


    1. Harry Dark Matter Matters

    2. Is this another untestable DM theory?

      1. more to the point, if we detect dark matter, it’s not really dark then, is it?

        1. I’m just trying to figure out how DM can exist in quantity near Earth and not affect the relativistic measurements we did prior to developing a need for some other mater to make relativity work on galaxies.

    3. I don’t know enough about this subject anymore to say with certainty, but this dark matter theory sounds an awful lot like ether to me; something invented to fill holes in our existing theories. My sense of it is that it is magical thinking.

      1. The alternate theory, that the gravitational effect defrades from an inverse square law to a simple inverse law appears ro be a stronger candidate to me.*

        *There is still a lot of infighting about how and where this transition occurs, but it fits rhe big questions like: why don’t galaxies fly apart.

  6. Canada plans to take in and resettle 25,000 Syrian refugees by the end of the year.

    Ouch, sounds like Canada is flushing any chances it has at becoming a US governor down the toilet.

    1. Welcome to northern Nunavut make yourselves comfortable. Spring is in 9 months.

      1. Like, they don’t eat our blubber, eh, and like, you know, it’s like our food ain’t good enough for them, eh? They don’t want to, eh, integrate in Nunavut, eh?

        1. Come for the halibut, stay for the impassable roadways!

        2. Yea but just the ladies, “unaccompanied males” need not apply.

        3. Nanook violently disagrees. You assholes don’t even laugh with our wives.

  7. Sore loser of Zimbabwe’s ‘Ugly’ contest accuses winner of cheating

    Judges on Saturday chose 42-year-old Mison Sere, citing his numerous missing front teeth and a wide range of grotesque facial expressions, over William Masvinu, who had held the title since 2012.
    Mison Sere smiles after winning the “Mister Ugly” beauty pageant on November 21.Photo: AP

    Masvinu and his supporters mobbed the judges upon hearing their decision, claiming that Sere was “too handsome” to win and his ugliness wasn’t natural since it was based on missing teeth.

    “I am naturally ugly. He is not. He is ugly only when he opens his mouth,” maintained Masvinu, gesturing at his rival.

    1. How did Warty not win?

      1. Warty Hugeman is indescribably beautiful. Like a Greek God and a Brazilian Supermodel had a giant, sexy baby.

        1. I’ve always figured that Slaanesh is an avatar of Warty Hugeman.

          1. No, more like Thor if the hammer was a penis. And also a hammer.

    2. I thought Krugman was the sore loser of Zimbabwe.


  8. People need to stop scaring cats with cucumbers, say animal behaviorists

    Countless others followed, to the point where Reddit has an entire Cucumbers Scaring Cats community. The idea behind these videos is that if you put a cucumber behind a cat, it’ll freak out when it sees it.

    But experts say that’s bad for the cats, with some calling the videos “cruel” and “despicable,” National Geographic reports. “If you cause stress to an animal, that’s probably not a good thing,” animal behaviorist Jill Goldman tells National Geographic.

    “If you do it for laughs, it makes me question your humanity.” She says startling cats can cause them to injure themselves or become chronically stressed.

    But why exactly are cats scared of cucumbers? Goldman says it’s simply a natural reaction to seeing an object where they aren’t used to seeing it.

    1. And National Geographic has just jumped the cucumber…

    2. Cats are scared of cucumbers.
      Animal “behaviorists” claim that putting a cucumber near your cat to take a video of it scared out of its wits is cruel and inhumane.
      Hilarity ensues!

    3. almost without fail, whatever subject scares the shit out of a cat, the cat will come back to see what it is.

      1. ^This. My cats love gnarly bugs that freak me out – the bigger the better.

        1. How about a game of Hide the Salami, Rhywun?

    4. But why exactly are cats scared of cucumbers? Goldman says it’s simply a natural reaction to seeing an object where they aren’t used to seeing it.

      This trick doesn’t sound cucumber-specific. Is NatGeo okay if I scare cats with a zucchini?

    5. Cats freak out over apparently nothing at all all the time. I don’t imagine a surprise cucumber is much different of an experience.

      1. “Suprise Cucumber” would be an awesome band name. Or nom du comment.

    6. In Guanxi, cats are just dinner.

    1. Needs a “links to Jezebel” warning

      1. You mean that you don’t hover over every link that SugarFree puts up….just in case?

        1. He is just a sweet and trusting young man. He will learn.

          1. Who, Killer Mike?

    2. Whew. For a moment, I was worried that I had been doxed.

    3. I like the rationalization that Super Pacs are OK if they are union groups.

      1. Unions are free associations that represent the people. Superpacs are criminal gangs that represent the 1%. See? Simple and easy to understand. Just don’t ask even the most rudimentary questions and you’ll be fine.

    4. He had lunch at a restaurant? A place owned by those who seek profit? Do they pay their busboy a living wage to support his 5 children? Why do we need thousands of different restaurants while children are starving in this country?

  9. The U.S. State Department has issued a worldwide travel alert for Americans.

    Ok, world, cut it out, there’s already more than enough topical content to ruin thanksgiving dinners.

    1. When a family member brings up a controversial topic during a holiday dinner, I get up and walk away.

      1. I don’t think I’d watch this sitcom.

      2. One nice thing about the conservative Christian part of my family, with whom we are having Thanksgiving dinner, is that, as long as we can avoid abortion or G-Zus, they are actually willing to hear some of the things I have to say.

        1. better stick to economics…

          1. Yes, that helps too.

        2. You sound like a pleasant fellow to have over.

          As long as your hosts are willing to listen to you and don’t expect you to listen to them it’s a good time for all ?

          Do they provide you with a safe room that’s handy ?

          1. Um, what? Are you saying that you like pointless arguments over contentious issues as family gatherings? Or are you just retarded?

            I said that I like my family and am glad we don’t have to avoid all issues of substance.

            1. What I was saying was that your post says that you consider their opinions are contintious arguments but they are nice enough to listen to your opinions.

              Zeb you might be the nicest guy in the world but you first post doesn’t back that up.

              Your second explanation does sound like that though and explains it in that tone.

              Retarded ? Probably not.

          2. You sound like a pleasant fellow to have over.

            Yeah, he does. You, on the other hand, sound like an arrogant fucking prick. Holding a captive audience hostage because you’re the host sounds like a great way to make everyone hate you.

            Newsflash, asshole: being the host means being hospitable. You aren’t the only person on the face of the earth who can cook a turkey and set a table. Get the fuck over yourself.

            1. Hahahaha. You’re pretty funny. Are you Zeb’s big brother ? Zeb’s a big boy. I’ve read plenty of his posts here. I doubt he needs you to carry his water.

              News flash Big Brother, being a good guest means not dismissing the host’s point of view and only considering them ok to talk to when they are listening to you.

              Zeb rephrase his post in his response to mine and said it a way that doesn’t come across the way the first did.

              Maybe it’s you needs a safe room. Your panties are all up in your Crack and the conversation didn’t even involve you.

              I hope my words to Zeb didn’t hurt you too much. Next time I’ll post a trigger warning just for you.

  10. Former DIA Head: Investigation of Manipulated Intel Should Start at White House

    Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) during President Obama’s tenure, went on the Kelly File last night to talk about the possible manipulation of ISIS intelligence. He said the investigation should “start at the top. Where intelligence starts and stops is at the White House.”

    “[M]any of them have been deployed for many years in Iraq and Afghanistan and elsewhere… so I think that the focus of really this investigation, they’ll find whoever they’re going to find and some of the tactical issues at central command, but the focus of this investigation ought to start at the top. Where intelligence starts and stops is at the White House. The president sets the priorities and he’s the number one customer. So if he’s not getting the intelligence he needs and if he’s not paying attention to what else is going on, then something else is wrong there between them and the advisers he has.”

  11. These kids are probably lucky to be alive.


    1. Someone walking his dog pointed him in the direction of a group of boys who had apparently thrown something at his home.

      Snitches get stitches.

      1. Let’s hope so.

        Seriously, what kind of asshole points out kids throwing eggs at a house on Halloween? Jesus, in my day we would be sure to find out the prick and he’d be stomping flaming bags of shit off on his porch, pulling TP out of trees and washing the eggs off his siding for a fucking year.*

        *His mailbox would be untouched though. That’s reserved for heroes.

        1. Nope sorry, vandalism is not kids being kids. Some little shits try a revenge campaign for refusing to roll over to their entitled asses and they are going to learn the wonders of video evidence on their way to juvie. Teach your kids to respect other people’s private property or the world is going to fuck them up.

          1. There seems to be a bag on fire on your front porch. Better attend to it!

          2. Oh come on. Egging someone’s house in a position of “authority” is hardly vandalism.

            Shit, when I grew up, the cops whose house didn’t get a little TP or a few eggs on Halloween were the ones that were pissed. It meant that they weren’t even acknowledged by the local kids. And to a cop in the late 80’s, the local kids not giving you a little shit meant that you didn’t even register to them. Which I’m sure the other cops at the station wouldn’t let the, forget.

            1. TP no big deal. Tomatoes being thrown at the house would even be fine. Egging the house crosses the line.

        2. Why would his mailbox be untouched? It this an old-person thing?

          1. Postmaster general. Federal offense. /sarc

      2. Why did you think something “might be wrong” yesterday? Just because I had to call out Epi for his Linda Kozlowski adoration?

        Next thing you know, you’ll be siding with him about Meryl Streep being sexy. Or whatever it is he has for her.

        1. She looks like she’s had some odd surgery. But Epi thinks of her as a mother figure, so…

        2. I’m just worried about you. You have so many kids to take care of.

          1. Shit, then watch out in a few weeks when all five are under the same roof for the holidays.

      3. Not often enough.

    2. No knock, knock.
      Who’s there?

        1. Good shoot.

  12. Matty!

    Hillary Clinton’s pledge to avoid middle-class tax hikes is bad news for progressive politics

    Consider a couple of existing programs whose creation would have been blocked by the “no middle-class tax hikes” principle ? Social Security and Medicare.

    These two programs are highly effective at their core goal of bolstering the living standards of retired people. And they’re also extremely popular, not despite being the most expensive government programs around but because they are so expensive. These are not narrowly targeted welfare for the poorest or most deserving of senior citizens. They are broad programs that serve essentially all elderly Americans as a matter of right. That bolsters middle-class support for the programs, but it also enlists the middle class in actually using the programs and helping to ensure that they work well, creating a virtuous circle of public support and reasonably high-quality service delivery.

    Part of what makes that universal structure work is that the burden of paying for the programs is spread across the whole population. Yes, the rich pay the most. But basically everyone pays some ? in part because it’s really hard to pay for a giant expensive program unless everyone pays some.

    1. Well at least these guys seem to understand that their magic goody programs can’t be paid for only by the ‘rich’. They live slightly closer to earth. Unfortunatly, if their knowledge spreads to the rest of the left it will be harder to stop them from implement all their ‘free’ goody plans.

    2. They just redefine “middle class” down to minimum wage.

      1. Everyone who’s not a government worker.

      2. What do you think $15 per hour is.

        The median hourly wage in the US is right around $17 per hour so passing a national $15 per hour minimum wage would basically mandate that everyone earn at worst what would today be 1 standard deviation below the median wage and make everyone at least technically middle class

    3. Consider a couple of existing programs whose creation would have been blocked by the “no middle-class tax hikes” principle

      am I mis-reading this or is it the most horrible justification for either program ever? I guess it never dawns on the folks at Vox that the money taken from those who earned it might have been invested or used in other far more productive ways with the end result of “bolstering the living standards of retired people.”

  13. “Canada plans to take in and resettle 25,000 Syrian refugees by the end of the year.”

    The problem is there is no plan-plan.

    Unless you count ‘compassion’ and ‘not being Harper’ as a plan.

    1. They are going to share the basement with Cytotoxic.

      1. He’s gonna need a bigger basement.

        Because 25 000 by December 31 seems ambitious during the holidays.

        1. 25K lucky recipients of a “Christmas Present”?

          1. I don’t think you can call ’em “lucky” if they have to live with Cytotoxic.

            That’s taking into account where they’re coming from, too.

            1. 35 state governors have already said that they refuse to take any refugees from Cytotoxic’s basement.

              1. They’re too busy trying to find enough psychological resources to deal with all the refugees from Warty’s basement.

    2. 25k in five weeks?

      Sounds like this is a bailout program for Air Canada more than anything. Are they insolvent or something?

  14. Florida man accused of flashing says he was shaking out a bug

    A Florida landscaper accused of exposing himself in a women’s restroom told police he was just searching for a bug in his pants.

    Police arrested the man, 28-year-old Lorenzo Ramirez of Tavares, last week and charged him with two counts of voyeurism, according to dailycommercial.com.

    Ramirez told cops he was trying to shake the bug from his clothing ? and not expose himself in a restroom he said he entered by mistake.

    1. Seems like an honest mistake then.

    2. charged him with two counts of voyeurism

      Wait, they actually call a crime that?

      1. It sure is. I’m posting a story down thread where they even charged a cop with it.

    3. They are charging him? “Bathroom Panic” strikes again!

    4. “Excuse me while I whip this bug out”

  15. Student ‘driven from campus’ after speaking out against rape seminar
    …”The bus to university was the worst. I heard people talking to each other saying, ‘I really want to hit that kid’. It got really nasty.
    “There was one guy messaging me on Facebook for over a week, calling me names like racist, rapist. I’ve stopped going to lectures and seminars because of the perceived threat.”…

    1. Man up and tell them to go fuck themselves. Don’t run away

      1. Given how peoples’ lives can be ruined by idiotic social media campaigns for something as slight as this, I don’t exactly blame him for getting out of there for a while.

        1. What are they going to do?

          1. With that kind of mob mentality going down assault is a very real possibility.

            1. But they’re the pussiest pussies who ever pussed. If they start hitting you just start screaming SJW buzzwords “SAFE SPACE! SAFE SPACE!” or just blow your macroaggression whistle.

        2. I feel like giving a fuck about social media is the first mistake. As soon as you do that, they’ve already won.

          1. How about giving a fuck about being hounded out of real-life locations?

          2. Unfortunately, some employers give a shit about social media. It’s utterly insane, of course, but that is the world we live in. Mr Rapey just needs to shut up and get with the program if he wants a future in it.

    2. Poor guy. Sounds like his friends tried to warn him this would end badly but he had to much faith in the civility of his fellow students.

      If students are shouting rapist as he walks around campus you’d think he’d be able to get them charged with harassment. He’s got plenty of proof that he is under a sustained harassment campaign. A couple of these students going through the legal system would probably cure them of the need to continue silencing their enemies in this manner.

    3. It is the UK. Can’t he sure for libel or slander?

      1. Over there, the judges are more SJW than the students. I reckon he’d need to prove his membership in an accredited victim group and his transgressor’s membership in an accredited oppressor group.

    4. It’s impressive how the SJW hive-mind crosses oceans like this. Next up, some rich “Asian” kid will go on a hunger strike.

      1. But which way did it cross? Almost seems even worse over there. If it came from the US, the UK is doing a great job catching up.

        1. True – the US is definitely playing catch-up when it comes to eroding our right to “free speech”. I was thinking specifically of “RAPE KULTCHUR!” – maybe that was already a thing there and I missed it.

    5. An old Jew who was in Germany between the wars described the Nazis to me. His take was that they were not intellectual at all, or supermen, or especially savvy. He described them as bullies and thugs who engaged in exactly that kind of behavior described here. Identical.

  16. Eagles of Death Metal singer: Fan escaped gunmen by hiding under my leather jacket

    At times, Hughes himself seems deeply conflicted about America, about rock-and-roll and even about himself.

    “I’m sorry, but I’m going to take full f?? credit right now for f?? the destruction of everything good, okay? Because it’s true,” he told Hyden. “Everything that the Bible thumpers said about Elvis is f?? true. It destroyed everything: Intimacy, the ability for people to be married ? society at large is gone. [Pop culture] brought us the Internet, mass pornography, the death porn of Quentin Tarantino. It’s all f?? darkness and evil and has one goal, dude. And it’s not anything good for us. That’s the f?? reality of it, dude.”

    Bizarrely, his language sounds similar to that of the gunmen who attacked Hughes and his fans in Paris earlier this month.

    1. Fan escaped gunmen by hiding under my leather jacket

      +1 Gillespie

      1. You don’t wear the jacket, the jacket wears you.

        1. In Soviet Russia?

    2. It’s probably a reference to this dumbfuck:

      Pastor Who Hosted GOP: Paris Victims Were ‘Devil-Worshippers’

      After standing with Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee, Kevin Swanson says the 89 people gunned down in the Bataclan “loved the devil.”

      A Christian pastor who hosted Republican presidential candidates a week before the Paris terrorist attack says its victims received divine retribution for worshipping Satan.

      Kevin Swanson of Generations Ministries said last Thursday that the 89 people massacred inside the Bataclan theater were “devil-worshippers.” Two weeks earlier, Swanson headlined his own “Freedom 2015: National Religious Liberties Conference” featuring Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, and Bobby Jindal.

      Swanson believes God will annihilate America for tolerating homosexuality and seemed to say God already made an example out of the Bataclan.

      1. Someone linked this in a thread last night. I believe Swanson also said that Frozen is going to make young girls into lesbians. My theory: Subaru and Disney are in cahoots.

      2. He sounds insane or a professional troll

      3. As a Christian, I really wish people like this would shut-up. What an idiot.

        1. As a non-Christian, I just wish “serious Republican presidential candidates” would stop going to speak at his events and pander to his insane followers.

          1. Where’s Goldwater when you need him?

          2. yeah it’s pretty disgusting. There really isn’t a slur that accurately describes my hatred and disgust for politicians.

          3. I’m kind of surprised all of them weren’t there.

          4. Are you a Republican ?

        2. Oh c’mon Chip, take it for what it is. Performance art trolling.

    3. He obviously shouldn’t blame himself, but I think it’s one of the normal stages of grief. He’s just philosophizing it.

      1. Gah, he’s a Trump fan. I hope that’s just another phase too.

  17. Anti-Lego slippers.

    Trust me, those little fuckers hurt.

    1. They’re like caltrops for bunions.

  18. Canada plans to take in and resettle 25,000 Syrian refugees by the end of the year.

    Northern border fence, here we come!

    1. I think Cytotoxic just got wood

      1. Damn you for beating me for this post!

  19. Not to steal JAT,NAS’s thunder, but something I’ve been thinking about.

    My dad voted for Obama in his second term because he killed bin Laden. Now they’re doing this weird thing where they refuse to specifically implicate Islam when everyone knows what’s really going on. The voters are dumb, but not that dumb, and that’s not a good sign for the Democrats.

    Also gun control. Hillary must really want to lose.

    1. The refugee issue is going to be their death. No one other than a few of the dimmer reason staffers thinks refusing to take refugees from Syria is anything other than common sense. The more they call anyone who objects unAmerican the more people realize they can’t be trusted to protect the country.

      1. It doesn’t matter it is completely a lose issue for Obama. If anything happens after they let syrian refugees in, it won’t matter who does it, the democrats are completely cooked.

        1. Disagree. If Syrians are allowed in between now and Jan, 2017 AND one of them commits an act of terrorism (unlikely I think but possible), after Jan 2017, Obama and his lackeys will cry out how they put in place rigorous surveillance and the new R president didn’t follow through.

      2. Correct, but if just one refugee turns out to be an ISIS plant or gets radicalized and pull some shit you are going to be righter than right. Everyone who shoved the refugees down our throats will be out.

        Obumbles doesn’t give a shit because he doesn’t have to run again. I find it hard to believe that anyone is willing to throw themselves on their swords for him anymore.

        1. I live in Tallahassee. Our new mayor, an ambitious young guy, just went on CNN saying we’d take some refugees. Big gamble, but I suppose he’s currying favor with the Obama machine.

        2. “Everyone who shoved the refugees down our throats will be out.”

          So no one? Because no one is getting ‘shoved down your throat’.

          1. Refugees are brought here by the government directly.

            Immigrants (sans refugees) are not.

            That is an important difference which both sides seem to throw out whenever it ceases to be convenient to their argument.

      3. “No one other than a few of the dimmer reason staffers thinks refusing to take refugees from Syria is anything other than common sense.”

        How dare they apply basic logic and an understanding of odds to the situation!

        “The refugee issue is going to be their death.”

        Doubtfull. This will likely blow over.

        1. It requires not being a fanatical nut like you are.

    2. Politicians in the United States are so craven that if we were an Islamic totalitarian state the same people would still be lining up to get positions in power.

      1. Of course they would

    3. Bin Laden died in December 2001.

      1. Sarcastic or stupid?

  20. Islamic State Plans Suicide Aircraft Strikes in Iraq

    The Oct. 22 report in Al Arabi Al Jadid quoted a high-ranking officer in Baghdad assigned to the command of the international military coalition in Iraq as saying the aircraft were obtained during Islamic State military operations in Syria and Iraq.

    “The international coalition’s forces are trying to locate the whereabouts of two Sukhoi planes and three Russian-made helicopters from the 1980s that had been captured by Daish [an alternative name for the Islamic State] to destroy them before the latter can use them to carry out its plans,” the officer said.

    The aircraft currently are not capable of flying, and that has prompted the Islamic State to advertise for jihadist experts who can repair the aircraft.

    1. Kamijihadi.

      1. I was kind of leaning toward Jihadikazi.

        1. Both are good, yours is the better band name.

    2. That’s stupid beyond belief. If IS is going to invest the time and effort to make those airframe airworthy and finds or train pilots to fly them, the dumbest and most wasteful possible thing they could do would be to send them on a suicide mission.

      That plan is Obama-level stupid.

    3. If the Iraqis have any ability in counterinsurgency they will send one of their own mechanics to lead the repair project and have that guy sabotage the repair so that the aircraft only gets a few miles from liftoff before crashing. How difficult would that be?

      1. The Iraqi Governmnet can just put an ad in the paper; “Seeking Mechanic; Applicant must be prepared to serve as a double agent, infiltrating ISIS and sabotaging their assets. Will most assuredly be tortured to death. Minimum wage offered, plus tips. No benefits.”

  21. The U.S. State Department has issued a worldwide travel alert for Americans.

    They should have issued it earlier: I got a ticket today for eating a chocolate bar on a subway platform in Hong Kong.

      1. No eating or drinking in the subway in HK. And apparently they take it seriously. Sort of. I got essentially a written warning, no fine involved.

        1. DC has a similarly draconian rule on the metro, and there are fines involved.

          1. Come to NYC – no rules against eating or drinking here! The results are predictably disgusting. I especially enjoy the feeling of some slob breathing in my face as they snarf their food next to me.

            1. Pizza Rat was hilarious though.

      2. I was refused entry to a bus in Scotland because I was carrying a coffee cup – even though it had a lid.

  22. Hotty Totty! Psycho cop does psycho cop thing at Ole Miss game.


    The comments are oddly reassuring.

    1. The official comments seem like they are taking the situation seriously, and at the very least they are not defending the officer. Lesson: don’t mess around with SEC football.

      1. By “taking it seriously”, my guess is they’re making sure everybody knows he doesn’t work for the school or even the Oxford PD so they don’t hold them accountable. Unfortunately for them, they co reacted work with this individual. They’re gonna pay for his actions unles they’re outside the terms of his contract. And I can’t see them not giving him detain and/or arrest powers. Otherwise, why have him show up in his police costume and let him violate their stadium weapons policy of no guns for non-police officers?

        1. Taking it seriously as in they were not vociferously defensive, which is probably because of the FBI investigation. As for the rest of it, you are correct.

    2. I don’t find them overly reassuring. And why do women seem to be the biggest defenders of misbehaving cops?

      1. This is a generalization, but I find that women tend to favor security over liberty. Perhaps it’s the cultural norm of women being told to depend on a man for their own protection.

        1. Perhaps it’s the cultural norm of women being told to depend on a man for their own protection.

          I think the inverse is true. Liberty means responsibility. Responsibility means that on some level you have only yourself to blame for poor life choices, which makes it harder to argue that everyone else should subsidize your mistakes. This is why women tend to be some of the most ardent statists.

          1. Yet another date won’t return your calls, huh?

            1. Women support and depend on welfare programs in much higher numbers than men. Do you think there is no particular reason for that?

            2. Dude, I agree with him 100%, and I’m married. The overwhelming majority of women I have known behave with a carelessness that can only be maintained through the absolute, moral certainty that someone else will prevent them from suffering the full consequences of poor decisions.

              1. “How do you write women so well?”

      2. Are they? I’d like to see a poll (excluding millenials) seeing how much different groups support cops when their actions might cross the line. Not sure how to properly word the question. Would probably have to include some videos of cops going over the line to varying degrees, with the people being polled to determine when they think the coppers go over the line.

        That might be a good poll now that I think about it.

    3. Ah, but the article opens with the magic words:

      paid administrative leave pending an investigation

      I’m not optimistic.

  23. Iowa poll: Cruz, not Carson, now Trump’s chief rival

    A Quinnipiac University poll released Tuesday shows that Trump is the Republican presidential front-runner in the early voting state, with 25% support among GOP voters likely to participate in Iowa’s February 1 caucuses.

    But Cruz, the Texas senator, has moved into second place with 23% support — double the backing he had just four weeks ago. Carson has fallen to third at 18% support, down 10 percentage points from his first-place perch a month ago when he led Trump, 28% to 20%.

    Florida Sen. Marco Rubio is in fourth place with 13% support — the only other candidate in double digits in Tuesday’s poll.

    1. I am starting to think Cruz might be the guy.

      1. Yep – I can tell because the Big Surveillance statist “conservatives” are starting to take wacks at him.


        1. Give it time. When they realize it is him or Trump they will be crawling back.

          1. I don’t think so.

            The actually hate Cruz more than they hate Trump.

            1. I don’t see it. The Trump thing caused heads in most of the conservative media spectrum to explode. Oddly, not a one recognized that Trump was the result of the GOP’s fecklessness. Cruz is hardly mainstream by current party standards, but no one is too worried about “what will he say” during a debate or news conference.

              1. No, just his smarminess

      2. I really don’t mind his rhetoric, but his appearance and voice are like nails on a chalk board to me. Something irks me about him, maybe it’s his Harvard mouth or his faggoty uniform. Either way he’s def. not the worse choice.

        1. He is a know it all asshole. He is the kid whose head got stuck in the toilet during gym class.

        2. I got an issue of Reason with Cruz’s ugly mug on it. That magazine ended up face down on the coffee table.

          Cruz just looks like Gomer Pyle’s smart cousin.

          1. You mean Goober?

        3. For whatever reason, he looks to me like one of those funeral parlor corpses with make-up.

          1. He is visually disturbing.

            1. Yeah. Could someone who looks like that really be president? In the age of ubiquitous video? Ugh. Could be a gross 4-8 years.

                1. I’m pretty sure I’m going to be deep-frying his cousin on thursday.

                  1. The Pillsbury Doughboy?

              1. Political cartoonists hope so.

        4. He always has that goddamned smirk on his face, just makes me want to punch it

      3. I have been thinking that Cruz is gonna win for over a month now. He is brilliant stratagist, his war chest kept growing, he has more money than anyone not named Bush and he was not taking hits because he was under the radar. I almost hope he doesn’t come in 1st in Iowa because of that. I want him to win it all. He’s clever and more of a libertarian with regards to personal liberty than he first appears.

        I have a friend who has been personal beer drinking buddies with him for over 15 years. He tells me that Cruz is a little L libertarian with regards to social liberty and pot will probably be rescheduled under a cruz Presidency as he has heard the man say that himself while having a few cold ones at the deer camp fire at night . He is aware of the huge social costs of the WODs and is against it.

        Cruz has a distinguished career in Government as a non bureaucrat before he went into politics.

  24. Police are currently searching for three white male suspects.

    Any of those suspects wearing badges?

    1. Or Black guys identifying as white. Make the search a little harder.

    2. Yeah, no description at all? This sounds oddly like the South Park “some Puerto Rican guy” description when Butters went missing.

      I don’t usually go in for conspiracy theories, but this,one is starting to look a little funny.

    3. sounds like the Klan. which is suspicious.

      1. You raise a good point. The Klan is overwhelmingly white

        1. You know who else was overwhelmingly white?

          1. Edgar Winter?

  25. Lanier, others urge civilians to sometimes confront active shooters

    D.C. Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier is urging that civilians confronted by an active shooter in some cases try to stop the gunman before law enforcement authorities arrive, saying quick action could save lives.

    The chief, appearing on the Sunday “60 Minutes” CBS news show, noted that in many multiple shootings, most victims are killed within the first 10 minutes ? at the Navy Yard shootings in 2013, 10 of the 12 victims were dead in fewer than six minutes. Lanier told correspondent Anderson Cooper that police simply can’t get to the scene in time to stop the initial and deadliest onslaught.

    “Your options are run, hide or fight,” Lanier said on the nationally broadcast show. “I always say if you can get out, getting out’s your first option, your best option. If you’re in a position to try and take the gunman down, to take the gunman out, it’s the best option for saving lives before police can get there.”

    people are allowed to carry guns in DC?

    1. No. She wants them to use microaggressions.

      1. They could hashtag them to death.

    2. I always find it funny during gun control debates that proponents of gun control scoff at the idea of a CCW holder being able to stop a gun man on a killing spree, but some how think that it’s possible to run up to a gun man, unarmed and Bruce Lee his ass.

    3. Only in your house. They asked a couple of DC councilmen about that and their responses varied from no answer too “well take out doesn’t necessarily mean with a gun, it could mean a bat” and “the France train heroes took them out and they were unarmed.” All the while surrounded by armed guards.

      1. sometimes just sometimes things like that make me yearn for a chipper of wood.

        1. I think you can concealed-carry a woodchipper in DC

      2. In an interview with the three hero’s from the French train take-down one of the three said that after they had the guy tied up and had administered first aid to the victims he picked up the hadji’s Kalashnikov to un-load it. He said that he found a dud round in the chamber. That would explain why the shooting stopped when it did but that is an extremely lucky coincidence – I have never heard of a dud AK round ever.

        1. Probably some 60 year old surplus ammo. It can be real hit or miss depending on how it was stored.

        2. Was it a dud or some sort of misfire?. Unless it was a direct quote from the guy I assume that a reporter gets firearms terms wrong. And even if it was a direct quote my assumption would be that he mispoke. I’d think that a scared gunman getting rushed by his victims would be far, far, far more likely to have some sort of misfire than to get a round that didn’t fire properly. That the round was a dud would be divine-intervention levels of unlikely.

          1. It may seem that way but the universe works in mysterious ways when it comes to firearms.

            I have always wondered about that. During gun fights there seems to be an inordinate amount of malfunction of gun and ammo that never seems to happen in other conditions.

            It is really odd.

            1. I’d wager it’s heightened stress leading to user errors in handling.

            2. Suthenboy I once had a man point a rife at me from 30 feet while I was trapped in a car seat with T-Tops.

              He pulled the trigger twice and worked the bolt action in between and the gun misfired both times before I could get the car restarted and haul ass.

              True Story

  26. And yet another prog friend of mine shares Bloomberg’s “Talking Turkey About Guns”.

    Why do they want to ruin Thanksgiving?

    1. Why do they want to ruin Thanksgiving?

      All that exists does so to empower them. That which does not empower them must die.

    2. question: do they realize we already have background checks in every state? And why was the first myth was “disproven” with an opinion? Oh wait because they are disingenuous troglodytes.

    3. Why do you have prog friends?

    4. Are you sure that wasn’t supposed to be “Turkey talking about guns”?

    5. Progtards politicize everything.

      They hate everything because they are miserable people whose only joy is their smug feelings of superiority that they get from knowing that they hold all the right political beliefs, so everything has to be about politics.

      1. Yesterday a warmista actually used the term ‘morally invigorating’ to describe environmentalism.

  27. Swiss bank hits customers with negative interest rates:

    Desperation and Hubris

    – Negative interest rates are a sign of central bank desperation.
    – They are a sign central banks are clueless about how the economy really works.
    – And they are a sign of extreme hubris coupled with extreme stubbornness as Japan has proven over the course of three decades that unconventional measures do not work as economists expect.

    It’s crazy to keep trying things that cannot possibly work, over and over again.

    1. Open a savings account.
      See your money grow wither.

      1. Same with banks in Afghanistan – no interest, and you get charged a fee. I think they only get used by those fearing theft and those seeking a method to transfer their poppy proceeds to Western banks.

      2. “We’ll just invest this in a…….Aaaaaaand it’s gone.”

    2. The traffic cop waving cars the wrong way into a tunnel. But in the end, we’re all dead, right?

    3. The fact that they would still have customers is the part I can’t follow.

  28. “Turkey has shot down a Russian fighter jet near its Syrian border.”

    In other news Russia prepares for Crimea war part 2.0

      1. but + 1 The Trooper

        1. +1 you’ll fire your musket, but I’ll run you through

  29. I got a ticket today for eating a chocolate bar on a subway platform in Hong Kong.

    Consider yourself lucky. They would have flogged you for that in Singapore.

  30. http://www.breitbart.com/big-g…..imidation/

    Dartmouth going to investigate the library incident. Fifty fifty they end up punishing the students who were attacked.

    1. “Check yo privilege bro!”

      Seriously at what point do white kids get sick of this shit and start joining neo-nazi groups?

      1. They don’t. The whiteness has been flogged out of them, never to return.

      2. It just reminds me of that Chris Rock standup routine: “None of y’all would change places with me! And I’m rich! That’s how good it is to be white!”

    2. You could probably make a decent gulag in New Hampshire this time of year.

  31. D.C. Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier is urging that civilians confronted by an active shooter in some cases try to stop the gunman before law enforcement authorities arrive, saying quick action could save lives.

    The comments are fun.

    Also, I don’t think she really meant to imply you fight back with a gun. That might be a threat to OFFICER SAFETY.

  32. I see the Russian plane shoot down as a setup for Turkish generals to overthrow Erdogan. To prevent WW3. My guess is that a deal has been made so that sunni and shia gas can flow through the upcoming pipeline.Possibly Egyptian and Israeli gas as well.

    The French are in on it. Israel has made a deal with Russia.

    ISIS and Turkey have outlived their usefulness. Assad will leave after a “descent” interval.

    It has all been publicly announced. Only Erdogan and his “dreams” stand in the way.

    1. I hope you are right.

    2. I thought Erdogan had filtered out the secular Generals who still believed in Atat?rk’s secular state enforced by the Army.

    3. I don’t know. It is only a matter of time before Europe starts trying to kill each other again. It has be 70 years since the last time they tried it, which is probably the longest they have ever been at peace with each other.

      1. Depends whether you mean European-wide of war between one or two states. Between 1815 & 1914, no European-wide wars. But, of course, Crimea, Franco-Prussian, and some smaller Balkan Wars.

      2. It is only a matter of time before Europe starts trying to kill each other again.

        You underestimate how destructive and game changing the previous two major European wars have been.

  33. http://www.breitbart.com/big-j…..m-winning/

    Why can’t Reason be more like Milo?

    1. Reason is not that narcissistic?

      1. No. They are. They just don’t have his balls. A flaming English queer has more testosterone than the entire reason staff.

    2. The glamour shots, they’re…. entrancing.

      1. His is such a queen. But he has guts. He really does not give a fuck. And I like that.

    3. What do you think Robby’s hair is for?

    4. They have some integrity?

  34. Chicago will charge a cop with murder for first time ever today. Shooting happened a year ago, but a judge ordered the video released wed. Looks like the cop is being overcharged so he can walk, and in hopes it stops the impending thanksgiving riots. Should be an interesting weekend here in the windy city….


    1. This just puts the riots off until after he’s acquitted in the bench trial.

      The police and the city fought even harder than normal to keep this one from being released, so you know it has to be horrible.

      1. They also ponied up $5 million without a lawsuit even being filed. I can’t imagine how bad it must be.

        1. I imagine that the video completely contradicts the police report. No knife. No slashing of tires. No grappling for the gun. The kids is handcuffed and Officer Friendly just lights him up.

          1. apparently he stands over the face-down body and makes it shake by emptying 17 rounds into his back. vid comes out wed at 3pm.

            it’s pretty crafty. the wednesday before thanksgiving is pretty much the ultimate bury-the-story-with-late-friday-release move. how do i pick between police rioting and the commercial riot that is black thurs/friday??

    2. WTF is with the reporter (Sneed) referring to himself over and over?

    3. Re: Woodchiprow Wilson,

      Looks like the cop is being overcharged so he can walk[…]

      The dashcam video supposed;y shows the police shooting the suspect sixteen times, most while he was already on the ground. Even the defense lawyer says the video is hard to watch because it shows the body of the 17-year-old man twitching as he is being hit multiple times.

      Yes, this is very bad. Like, civil unrest and riots bad.


  35. Lots of wild turkeys in Rockford, Illinois. They roam my neighborhood. Also Rock Cut State Park.

    1. They taste good

      1. I was never a fan of Wild Turkey, or Jim Beam. Some people swear by it though, but they’re always old-timer alkies.

        1. Jim Beam Devil’s Cut is pretty decent, and Mila Kunis is still indescribably hot.

            1. i don’t understand the appeal of that swill.

          1. I’m a wild turkey guy, however for the money woodford reserve is fantastic.

            1. I took Episiarch on the Woodford Distillery Tour. We got kicked out when he started humping a barrel.

              1. I bet even their barrels go down smooth.

        2. Jim Beam black label has been my standard bourbon for awhile.

          Jim Beam bourbon
          Jameson Irish Whisky
          Kraken rum
          Beefeater gin
          Taliskar single malt scotch (When I can actually afford it)

          1. Glenlivet Scotch
            Bushmill’s Irish Whiskey
            Lismore Scotch(cheapie but good)
            Bulleit Bourbon
            Jack Daniels
            Maker’s Mark

        3. I used to drink bourbon but I can’t stomach it anymore.

          1. Oh and this when I want to treat myself.

        4. Anyone ever tried Russell’s Reserve? It’s apparently made by the same company as Wild Turkey, but it’s somewhat of a higher-end product. Both their rye and bourbon are good.

    2. We had some here in Chain of Lakes. They look like small dinosaurs. My dog thinks they’re delicious as sashimi.

    3. My parents neighborhood in Rockford has been Occupied Territory (by a number of very large, very complacent turkeys) for a couple of years now.

      1. I think you mis-spelled “tasty”.

        Protip: Just take the breasts from a wild turkey. The rest is inedible. I’ve tried.

  36. A fucking coworker complained that I was puffing my e-cig at the desk. She claims the vapor has heavy metals in it or some nonsense. So my boss called me to let me know that it was against company policy (I pleaded ignorance of the policy) and is forwarding the policy to me so that if it happens again I will get in trouble. I fucking hate whiners. Especially whiners who complain based upon bad information. Heavy metals in vape juice? Yeah. Sure. Bitch.

    1. I figure that anyone who claims that e-cigs don’t help people to quit is full of shit, and every source that I saw that made the heavy metal claim also denied that e-cigs help people quit.

    2. Leave a shell casing or two on her desk – just to see how she reacts. You may as well troll her for the lulz.

      1. It’s too small of an office to get away with anything like that.

        1. Give it six months and then hide some raw shrimp in her desk.

          1. Belacan would be better. Easier to stick to the underside of her desk.

          2. Dude, I’m one cube away from her. I don’t want to smell that shit. Speaking of smelly shit, maybe I’ll up my dairy intake a bit. Let lactose intolerance be my revenge.

            1. IT’S MEDICAL CONDITION!

              1. Exactly 😉

    3. Um, if e-cigs contained heavy metals, pretty sure people would be dropping dead left and right. What a stupid bitch.

      1. Well, she’s a total liberal. So stupid bitch goes with the territory.

        1. It would be very entertaining (for me) if you were to refer to her as a “science denier” to her face.

    4. Even money says she has nothing in her life that she can do to give her a shot of relaxation throughout the day. Therefore she doesn’t want anybody else to have the same.

      Why don’t you just go egg and TP her house. Or,pay a few local kids to do it?*

      *This is gonna become my go-to solution for everything.

      1. If he’s put enough points into his Agility skill, he could shit in her mailbox.

        1. Hopefully it’s a mail slot on her front door.

    5. It would be nice if the FDA approved e-cigs as a smoking cessation tool. Then employers would pretty much have to allow people to use them at work. But I don’t think it’s going to happen, only because of the pants-shitting that would occur if people were allowed to do something that looks like smoking at their desk. Science shmience, it’s all about the feelz.

      1. You’d prefer the FDA force employers to allow people to do something rather than let them set their own policies?

        ::rends garment::

        1. As long as companies are going to model their policies based upon what the FDA says, then it would be nice if what the FDA said was accurate.

      2. My company treats vaping exactly like smoking – banned on premises, higher health premiums, the works.

        It is amazing to me that optics trumps both health and financial common sense, but there it is.

    6. I have a few complainers but my boss embraces the fact I’m not walking outside constantly for a cig. Fuck your co-worker.

  37. Cop stalks women for five years+ before he gets charged with myriad crimes (including voyeurism). But don’t worry, he’s still getting paid.


    1. Nice pic on that. You’d think his lawyer would’ve told him to not use his phone near the courthouse.

  38. Mansion Owner Claims Airbnb X-Rated Scheme
    Woman says she was duped into renting home for gay porn films

    The owner of a California mansion alleges that she was duped into renting out the property via Airbnb to a firm that produces hardcore gay porno films and left the 1920s property awash in enema kits, various “sexual devices,” and assorted bodily fluids, according to a lawsuit.

    Kristina Knapic, owner of the Acacia Mansion in Ojai, a city 80 miles northwest of Los Angeles, charges that she agreed to lease the property for five days in mid-August to a woman who claimed that she and a “group of friends” would stay at the $1095-a-night home “for a quick summer vacation.”

    In a November 19 Superior Court complaint, Knapic, 46, alleges that “Anna,” the purported renter, was actually Andrei Treivas, the gay porn actor/director/producer known professionally as Michael Lucas.

    1. We’re going to need a new couch…

    2. the “hot tub water was brownish in color.”

      The complaint alleges that “urine, semen, and fecal matter” were found on “linens, carpets, upholstery, walls, ceilings, and in the hot tub.” Knapic, the lawsuit states, is concerned that “pornographic images and films made at the Property will damage” its “reputation and image.”

      At first I was thinking “what’s the big deal, all hotel guests are going to have sex while they’re there”…

    3. She’s got a case. They damaged the property, and they lied during the rental process about the purpose of their stay. If they had just kept quiet about what they wanted it for they might have been able to get away with it, but they rented the property while explicating stating they were only using it for a vacation.

      1. What they could have done was clean up after themselves, disinfect the surfaces thay they got bio-matter on and not leave the place a mess.

  39. “Turkey has shot down a Russian fighter jet near its Syrian border.”

    Now that Obama has screwed the pooch in Syria, over and over again, yeah, maybe it’s time to go ahead and let Putin take the lead in Syria.

    I’m reminded of that scene in Dr. Strangelove, when the wheel chair bound, Nazi war-criminal genius suddenly realizes that the President has achieved through stupidity and nuclear arms what Hitler failed to do through the holocaust and eugenics.

    History may come to imagine that although Obama seemed to bungle every single one of his moves in Syria, it was actually an ingenious rouse to sucker Putin into taking the lead in Syria.

    It’s all yours, Vlad. The Hezbollah, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, the refugees, the ISIS, the religious conflicts, and Assad, too? Let Putin have it. Tell him to have fun with it. We’ll go pout in our isolationism about being outmaneuvered by Putin instead.

    1. The good thing about Putin is that he doesn’t give a fuck about PC nonsense when it comes to war.

      So yeah, let Putin spend some rubles over there for a while trying to get that situation under control. We need to save our money for clock boy’s and the black lives matter movement’s lawsuits.

      “Micro-aggressions for everyone. You too can be a mindless victim. No previous experience necessary. Sign up NOW! Job pays really well!”

      1. “The good thing about Putin is that he doesn’t give a fuck about PC nonsense when it comes to war.”

        I don’t know if by “PC nonsense” you mean war crimes; regardless, if Putin taking the lead means that Syria’s civil war is no longer our problem to solve, then the good thing about Putin taking the lead will be that Syria’s civil war will no longer be America’s problem to solve.

        1. I always found the concept of war crimes silly. War involves killing people and breaking things, it’s not like there is a nice way to do it.

          1. There is professionalism vs non-professionalism. We’re here to kill you to stop you from doing whatever you did. Raping and torture for kicks is unnecessary for that purpose and should not be allowed.

          2. ^ This. If you are going to fight, you don’t go in to make friends. You go in with a strategy to pummel your opposition to the point that they are no longer a threat.

        2. PC nonsense is more about the political motives. You know, when we accidentally kill some people that “might” have been innocent bystanders in a conflict. Obviously, we try not to. But shit happens. I think Putin is just more immune to that stuff than say…..any U.S. politician that has a real say in the matter.

      2. Yeah, I was pretty terrified when I realized that Russia entering the fight against ISIS gave me more confident in success than anything Obama can or will do.

        1. But are they fighting ISIS?

          Also, the Russians are using “dumb bombs:

          After reviewing videos of helicopter bombing runs in Syria, it appears that they are not even using accuracy-enhancing maneuvering techniques, such as dive or toss bombing, when releasing these munitions. Hind attack helicopters, which are a decently precise weapons platform, are simply dropping dumb bombs over populated areas.

          Who knows what effect they are having?

          Then again, the US just started to take out ISIS oil tanker trucks.

          1. My understanding, and I’ll admit that I’ve been pretty busy at work lately and thus not paying that close attention, has been that Russia was mostly helping fight against non-ISIS rebels in Syria as a means of undermining US efforts against Assad, but that the recent bombing of that plane has caused Putin to change course.

            1. That seems accurate.

    2. “History may come to imagine that although Obama seemed to bungle every single one of his moves in Syria, it was actually an ingenious rouse to sucker Putin into taking the lead in Syria.”

      I think History will one day accept thqt obama was a secret Muslim, or at least a strong Muslim sympathiser. I know I know, tin foilt hat and all. But look at his actions and sometimes even his words,


      The most beautiful sound in the world is the imam’s morning call to prayer

      The future does not belong to those who insult the prophet

      yada yada yada I will side with the Muslims yada yada

      Every event in the Arab Spring where he had influence the jihadists Muslims have come out better off than they were before except Egypt and he had the Muslim Brotherhood in place for a while before the Egyptian Army kicked them out. Yemen is afire, Lybia is afire, ISIS growing out of the vaccumm he left in Iraq,Openly arming borderline rebels in and around Syria that quickly went to ISIS ? The list goes on.

      And from time to time I see him with his skinny index finger sticking out by itself.

      He may not be actual Muslim though his father was and he was immersed in the culture as a child but he for damn sure isn’t a Christian nor does he have any sympathies for them equal to that he demonstrates for Muslims.

  40. Was it a Louis Vuitton?

    Paris attacks: ‘Suicide bomb belt’ dumped on street

    French police are examining what appears to be a suicide bomb belt dumped on a Paris street following attacks that killed 130 people.

    It is said to resemble belts used by the attackers and was found in a suburb which a suspect is thought to have passed through after the attacks.

    The US has issued a worldwide travel alert in response to the attacks.

    The Belgian capital Brussels remains on high alert. Schools and the metro will stay closed on Tuesday.

  41. Bomb blast in central Athens damages Cypriot Embassy

    A bomb exploded outside the offices of a Greek business federation in central Athens on Tuesday, badly damaging the nearby Cypriot Embassy but causing no injuries, police officials said.

    The blast, which police believe was carried out by domestic guerrilla groups, is the first such incident since leftist Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras came to power in January. There was no immediate claim of responsibility.

    Attacks against banks, politicians and business people are not uncommon in Greece, which has a long history of political violence and has been mired in its worst economic crisis in decades.

  42. Why is Turkey still part of NATO? This is a deliberate attempt to divide any coordinated relations with Russia and the west regarding the pummeling of the Daeshbags.

    They have been actively allowing Daeshbags to go through their country and on to Syria, then back through their country to the western countries.

    Just kick them out of NATO now. We dont need frenemies like that.

    1. Or just dissolve NATO completely. It was formed in order to counter the Soviet Union which doesn’t exist anymore, and only succeeded in allowing western Europe to live on a sort of defense welfare from the United States.

      End NATO. Our wealthiest allies should be more then capable of looking to their own defenses. Frankly if France of Germany can’t afford to be a economic, and military counterweight to Russia then they don’t deserve to be nations anymore.

      1. Damn good point! I am tired of paying for every one else’s security.

      2. Don’t forget that it was also formed partly out of the fear (by the US) that well armed western European nations would not be able to keep their warboners in their pants and there’d be another world war

        1. Ah yes what did the first NATO commander say the purpose of NATO was again? “To keep the Americans in, to keep the Russians out, and to keep the Germans down.”

          1. Some one should tell Gilmore.

    2. I agree that Turkey should be out of NATO but Russia violated Turkey’s airspace.

  43. So how will DC memorialize one of the most openly corrupt politicians in history? They’re saying a bust or renaming one of the high schools in the city.

    I love how our society honors heroes sleazebags.

    1. Marion Berry will go down as the most popular mayor in DC history. Nobody will ever touch him as long as DC is primarily black.

      one of the most openly corrupt politicians in history.

      And that is why, he artificially created a black middle class in DC.

      1. DC is now less than 50% black.

  44. Those Canadians are so polite /Midwest drawl

    Canadian Police Apologized After Freaking Out Over ‘Shatter,’ a.k.a. Concentrated Weed

    Perhaps not realizing shatter (a.k.a. wax or dabs), is just a concentrated form of weed, the cops sent out a bunch of tweets over the weekend warning people about the drug.

    “Parents!!!! Please educate your children on the dangers of ‘Shatter’. We cannot lose any more young people to senseless overdoses” read a tweet from the force’s gang unit referring to an absolutely bogus scenario that has never happened. Another tweet containing a photo of shatter claimed the drug “can cause temporary psychosis. Looks like toffee. This was seized in a traffic stop tonight. BEWARE.”

    Aside from the toffee comparison, there’s no truth to any of these claims, which the police themselves admitted on Twitter Monday:

    1. Toffee weed sounds delicious. Maybe the pot shop in CO will have some. MMMMM……marijuana tooooofffeeeee….

      1. Weed candy in caramel flavors. I’ve made it, but a lot of places sell it.

  45. Turkey Shoots Down Russian Jet

    The uprising has begun, humans.

    1. Gobble-Gobble gets her gun.

    2. Wow, I can’t believe I just now got that

      1. The avocados are marching.

  46. The War of the Gods

    H?ne was a fool
    without M?mir at his side
    H?ne could not rule
    In a fit of violent rage
    M?mir’s blood was shed
    and to Odin’s court they sent M?mir’s severed head

    1. I approve this message

  47. I personally think it is time we as Americans demand that our Representatives withdraw from NATO and the United Nations. We need to close all our Embassies in the Middle East and stop all trade with countries that support terroism and yes I am talking about Saudi Arabia and Turkey. I also think we should get over our Russian phobia because as far human rights go they are a hell of a lot better than a lot of our allies. Arab countries do not want Democracy. What they want is to be left alone to sort out their own religion and culture. The Orientals have their own world view that you and I can not fully understand. I think we should have an open military alliance with Canada and Mexico. Give Russia the respect they deserve and trade with anyone that doesn’t support terroism. If we are attacked again we should trace the money back and destroy the source.

    1. Agreed. I would much rather see our industrial and political ties strengthened in the western hemisphere. We have to live with these folks. Why not strive to see our side of the planet prosper? Better than worrying about the middle east. Plus Japan and South Korea have economies of their own. Let them handle the asian situation. We should keep good ties with Japan and South Korea though. If for nothing else, the security of the Pacific region where we have lots of islands..

      1. I don’t think Russia deserves any more respect that Turkey. Both are semi-failed states being taken over by wannabe dictators.

    2. Btw, the source is usually the bankers. War is profitable. Problem is, most big bankers have their own alliances that have no real borders.

      1. War is not profitable. The net change in value during the course of a war is negative. The most a war can do economically is to shift money from one place to another, with some loss in between. Every dollar spent during wartime represents at least a dollar taken from some other, more profitable, activity.

        Bankers are not a “source” of money. What bankers provide is liquidity. If a bank is investing in some aspect of war, then that decision is based upon an expectation of positive return. Which typically means somebody is making promises. That party is the “source”.

    3. I was with you up until “they want to be left alone to sort out their religion and culture”.

      1. If this rubbish was actually true, Saudi Arabia wouldn’t be spending billions funding the spread of Wahabbiism around the world. You don’t fo that when you simply want to be left alone.

    4. “stop all trade with countries that support terroism and yes I am talking about Saudi Arabia and Turkey.”

      Fuck off slaver.

      1. Hey, have you signed up for your Syrian refugees, yet?

        How many will they let you have, anyway?

    5. Sorry simple be

      That’s just too much.

      Too much common sense to e er get enacted. It would cost too many entrenched interests toouch money.

  48. The Aviationist website has a picture of the radar tracking of both the Russian aircraft and the Turkish fighter jets. The incursion into Turkey seemed to be about 2- 3 kilometers in total distance.

    They also have posted the video of Syrian rebels using a TOW missile to blow up a Russian helicopter that was seaching for survivors.


    1. Not sure I believe that last video.

      1. It looks like they hit a helicopter with a wire-guided missile, but it’d be beyond unusual for a CSAR bird to just be sitting there with its engine off and rotors still. I think the beginning of the video is from near the crash site—the ridge, and smoke rising behind it, looks sorta similar to another video I saw of the Fencer crashing to earth, but I think it’s been spliced with another video where they popped a helicopter with an ATGM. Probably one of Assad’s, from some earlier point in the civil war.

        Turkey sure didn’t give the Fencers much leeway did they? Probably the last time they get sent without the Su-30 escorts they had initially. Oh, and the aviationist commenters are indicating that both pilots are dead, one when they found him, and one got shot by FSA Turkmen in the area. Also probably the same people the Fencer was sent to go bomb.

        Great times. Article 5, here we come! Well, no, but it’ll be interesting to see how Russia decides to handle this.

        1. Yep – Turkey isn’t going to roll-over like the Ukraine.

          1. If another NATO state declares war on Turkey for instigating war with Russia, what does the treaty say?

            1. Here’s the full text. IANAL, and IANA lawyer with experience in international law, but to me, it looks like the Treaty requires that ”

              The Parties will consult together whenever, in the opinion of any of them, the territorial integrity, political independence or security of any of the Parties is threatened.

              ” IMHO, again, not a lawyer, not consulting together before one of them declares war on Turkey obviates the requirement to join in. Article One states:

              The Parties undertake, as set forth in the Charter of the United Nations, to settle any international dispute in which they may be involved by peaceful means in such a manner that international peace and security and justice are not endangered, and to refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force in any manner inconsistent with the purposes of the United Nations.

              Going to guns shouldn’t be the first step. As a practical matter, it looks like Russia is officially going to say that ground fire downed the Fencer, which kinda sorta lets Turkey off the hook. Maybe Turkey pays compensation, I dunno. Nobody wants to go to war over this, especially Russia. How do you think all of those supplies are getting from Russia to Tartus/Latakia? Either they go overland via, you guessed it, Turkey, through the Bosporus right by Turkey, or they fly everything in. $$$

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