Americans Continue to Distrust Government, Clock Kid Demands Millions, Trump Lies and Supporters Don't Care: P.M. Links


  • Keep those Congresspeople where we can see them.
    Credit: cliff1066™ / photo on flickr

    Only one in five Americans trusts the government "always or most of the time," but many of them still want to see government taking major roles in a number of issues.

  • A University of Kansas professor was suspended for using the N-word in a graduate-student-level class where she was talking about incidences of racial discrimination on campuses.
  • It doesn't seem to matter to Donald Trump's supporters that he's frequently spewing out stuff that's not true. Here are some theories why. (Maybe see the first link again.)
  • The Texas kid who got arrested for bringing a clock to school, prompting fears it was a bomb, is demanding $15 million or he'll sue.
  • Belgium's prime minister says alert levels in the country will remain at their highest levels out of fear of possible terrorist activity, but schools and the subways will begin reopening Wednesday.
  • Common Core is screwed up, part 3,146: Glitches in systems have screwed up the computer tests students had to take, and now states are wondering whether to release the results.

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