House Defies Obama on Refugee Screenings, Clinton Details Anti-ISIS Strategy, Subway's Jared Sentenced to Prison: P.M. Links


  • Challenge accepted.
    White House

    The House has defied a veto threat from President Barack Obama and passed legislation to toughen screenings for Syrian refugees seeking to come to the U.S. Several Democrats crossed party lines to vote yes.

  • Hillary Clinton called for a worldwide fight against ISIS with America leading the charge, but not with ground troops.
  • Meanwhile, Donald Trump is floating expanded surveillance for Muslim Americans and declined to rule out such possibilities as special religious identification on ID cards.
  • In completely non-ISIS-related news, former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle was sentenced to more than 15 years in prison for child porn and sex charges.
  • A former police officer in Detroit was found guilty of assault and misconduct in the videotaped beating of a driver he stopped for running a stop sign.
  • Five were killed in two separate attacks by Palestinians in Israel. One victim was an American.

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  1. …former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle was sentenced to more than 15 years in prison for child porn and sex charges.

    Let’s see what that does for his waistline.

    1. Hello.

      “Hillary Clinton called for a worldwide fight against ISIS with America leading the charge, but not with ground troops.”

      Was she dressed like Joan of Arc when she made the call?

      1. She’s going to be piloting the lead drone?

        1. Is that like a lead zeppelin?

          1. You people. “Lead” pronounced like the metal. Robert Plant and Jimmy Page. Yes, I know, “led.”

        2. “M’am! M’AM! That’s not Syria.”

          “I know…take that, Laugh Factory!”

          Actually, she needs to go full Mallory Archer. It would be a vast improvement in personality, likability and looks.

          1. Damn. And that’s a spot-on comparison. Hadn’t thought of that before.

            1. She wishes she was as cool and accomplished as Mallory though. At her best, she rises to level of Other Barry.

              1. Not even close. Let’s not forget Barry and Other Barry worked for O.D.I.N – an actually *competent* intelligence organization.

                Hillary worked for the State Department. Who are a hell of a lot more like I.S.I.S. than most people are comfortable thinking about.

    1. I move that Johnny replace Nikki as The Worst for continuously posting this Red Pill crap.

      1. RoK: Idiotic Women Had Unprotected Sex With Charlie Sheen And Now Complain About HIV Risks
        …Unprotected sex is a form of gambling. You can play, but know the rules first. A pregnancy, if the girl doesn’t abort it, may very well result in a ridiculously draining hate-hate relationship between you and the state and girl for decades. An STD could signal the end of your sex life as you know it, plus create very real health consequences. And, like many games, this one can throw you many wildcards, most notably where the pristine girl you thought you were having sex with is actually a nuclear waste dump comprised of some nasty vaginal-dwelling contagions…

        1. where the pristine girl you thought you were having sex with is actually a nuclear waste dump comprised of some nasty vaginal-dwelling contagions…

          Holy shit, Baudelaire is reborn!

        2. Definitely the worst.

          1. Seriously. Linking to that website is worst-worthy.

        3. Those guys bring such an interesting perspective to male/female dynamics.

        4. I like that the story of Sheen’s HIV is turned around to women’s vags being a “nuclear waste dump comprised of some nasty vaginal-dwelling contagions.”

      2. If “the worst” can just be any old sack of collectivist shit, that seems far too easy.

        1. How are your nasty vaginal-dwelling contagions?

          1. They’re just fine, Johnny.

            1. You should name them. How about Ms. Ursala Bottomsweller and The Duchess of Kent?

            2. Tell them, or at least Epi, I said hello.

    2. I clicked.

      I read first four paragraphs.

      I now understand the people (Communist, religious, un-ideological…) who want to see Teh West brought down and smashed.

      1. You should see the Heartsie article I didn’t post to the AM links. Stormfront blushed.

        1. Link, please.

    3. I find it hard to believe that a guy who writes a 1000 word post on ‘beta’ gets laid at all. I’m pretty sure alphas (eye roll) don’t write jargon filled bullshit on the interwebz. Aren’t the too busy getting quickies in the restroom at the Red Lobster or Sizzler?

      1. Look, when Master Alpha has had his fill, and settled down with his regular harem of half-dozen hotties, he thinks of the future. He wants a legacy, and so he puts his thoughts and experiences down, so that other men can learn from them, and The Truth can echo onward, through the ages.

        Medieval kings established monasteries and built cathedrals. Returned kings write on the Internet. Same thing, really.

        1. and settled down with his regular harem of half-dozen hotties

          Good god what a pathetic beta. Real kings don’t settle down, they pick up new hotties each week, and then Go Their Own Way in a blaze of glory.

      2. If you were better looking you would know what us alphas are all about.

        1. So, TGI Friday’s instead of Sizzler?

          1. I am not the kind of guy who kisses and tells, but I have spent plenty of time with my pants down while behind the dumpster outside of a Perkins.

            But yeah, us alphas are lame. Yeah right.

            1. Perkins makes good pancakes. But you already know that.

            2. Wait, Crusty Juggler is Tiger Woods?

            3. Won’tthey let you use the indoor restroom like the rest of us Alphas?

  2. A former police officer in Detroit was found guilty of assault and misconduct in the videotaped beating of a driver he stopped for running a stop sign.

    Subject to approval from a union arbiter?

  3. You filthy American (and us Canadian) racists have been exposed by the BBC!

    Anti-Islam backlash all over North American continent (may not be actual headline).

    1. And not a single death? Damn, we could be so lucky if the Islamic extremist were so kind in their hatred.

    2. In Connecticut, authorities are looking into reports of gunshots fired at a mosque just hours after the Paris attacks.
      “killed Paris” found etched on an Egyptian student’s dormitory door at University of Connecticut
      Eiffel Tower spray-painted on the wall of the Omaha Islamic Center in Nebraska
      one man threatened on social media to “shoot up a mosque” in Texas
      faeces and torn Quran pages found outside another Texas mosque
      two mosques in Florida received threatening phone calls

      So in response to over one hundred people being murdered, out of 300,000,000 Americans, we have half a dozen incidents, one can’t really be confirmed as being related, two are empty threats resulting in nothing, and the rest amount to petty vandalism. Zero casualties.

      Man, these racist backlashes ain’t what they used to be, are they?

      1. We can’t seem to get our mob on any more.

        1. If 100,000 refugees are imported here and act like they have been acting in certain European countries I believe some good ol American mob justice could take place.

          1. I am pretty sure you are right about that.

            1. I do not think the refugees would act like that while they are here, or at least most of them would not. But, if they do, and some vigilante justice is doled out, the police/feds will arrest the vigilantes, and then there will be real outrage.

              1. The most idiotic thing is they seem to be putting them in small towns in some cases. If something does happen, good luck in getting anyone to testify.

                1. They’re doing that because FYTW.

                2. The most idiotic thing is they seem to be putting them in small towns in some cases.

                  Someone posted an ostensible quote from a Swedish leftie, who wanted to put refugees in tents, because they are now moving into suburbs and certain downtown areas (i.e. where guys like him live). Not because he’s racist, no, but because it might rile the plebs and make them vote Swedish Democrat.

                  Same thing, I think.

                  1. Yes. They won’t be moving into Capitol Hill or Bethesda. That I can assure you.

                    1. I’m imagining them being forced to live in a small town like Hopkins, SC. My grandmother’s people live out there. They are great but holy shit do they hate strangers.

      2. Couldn’t the Eiffel Tower spray painted on the Islamic Center in Omaha just be a Muslim trying to show solidarity with the French in a time of struggle, yet not wanting to identify themselves to radicals in their own community?

    3. How many of these actually happened? Nine times out of ten when you hear about some hate crime on colleges it turns out it was actually commited by some SJW trying to draw attention to rampant discrimination they face by making some up.

      1. *cough*Mizzou*cough*

        1. So at Missou some unknown person drew a poop swastika, and allegedly a few drunken rednecks yelled out the n-word. That’s not exactly 1960’s Selma.

    4. Islam is a race?

  4. Five were killed in two separate attacks by Palestinians in Israel. One victim was an American.

    Palestine is at war with America now?

    1. A few years back when a Jewish family was stabbed to death in their home, mom, dad, and children ranging in age from 11 years old to 3 months, some public opinion polling conducted in the West Bank found 32% of Palestinians expressed support for the murders. A minority to be sure. But I’m not sure where else in the world you’ll find so many people on board with stabbing babies.

      1. I still remember the poll many years back in which a majority of Middle Eastern muslims believed BOTH that (a) the jews orchestrated 9/11 (b) 9/11 was a glorious victory for the Muslim world.

        1. There is some bizarre cognitive dissonance among some Muslims when it comes to terrorism.

          1. It’s not just Muslims.

            “No, our soldiers did not mass murder Croats and Muslims, and also, they deserved it for genocide of ’41-’45.”

      2. My favorite part of that attack was that the surviving family members offered pictures of the victims to the assorted media and were told “no thanks, dead children are too disturbing.” I guess, unless posed artfully to illustrate Israeli brutality. Or these days, to make pants-shitting screeching about having to let refugees into Germany.

      3. But I’m not sure where else in the world you’ll find so many people on board with stabbing babies.

        Planned Parenthood? /fetus-fancier

        1. Thread winner.

    2. Sheldon Richman is in his bunk.

  5. “In completely non-ISIS-related news, former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle was sentenced to more than 15 years in prison for child porn and sex charges.”

    He’s gonna get a foot long.

    1. He’s gonna get a foot long.

      What’s about to get stuffed in his bun is not fat free.

  6. Meanwhile, Donald Trump is floating expanded surveillance for Muslim Americans and declined to rule out such possibilities as special religious identification on ID cards.

    He’s going to negotiate the Muslims right back to the Middle East.

    1. How about some sort of armband?

      1. Beat me to that. Well-done.

    2. The Donald is just fucking with us now.

      1. 42% of GOP voters are enjoying that fuck.

    3. Compromise: Trump hosts a reality TV show in which he subjects applicants to a variety of challenges to determine their fitness to become American citizens.

      1. Charge them an entry fee, plus proceeds from broadcasts, and you solve the budget deficit as well! GENIUS!

    4. Having surveillance on the more radical mosques is not a bad idea.

      1. How do you figure which mosques are “radical” without surveillance?

        1. It’s time for America to retool cutting edge 17th Century Japanese technology to this end. All must be tested. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

          1. Ooh, like making every refugee sing Hatikvah before they are allowed in?
            French could make them denounce and apologize for Arab anti-colonial movement, instead.

        2. “How do you figure which mosques are “radical” without surveillance?”

          Listen to a few sermons. If there is pro-violence, or anti-US rhetoric, then monitor the congregation more thoroughly. If not, leave them alone. Good old fashion intel.

          1. Pretty much this. Also, the FBI I’m sure has watchlists (so many…), but have them figure out which mosques the Jihadi wannabes attend and give extra attention to those.

  7. Several Democrats crossed party lines to vote yes.

    What’s Obama done for them anyway.

    1. They hope to be re-elected.

      1. Yep. This anti-muslim stuff is going to snowball. People are getting scared. Obumbles doesnt have to run again, they do.

        1. Depends on if there are any more attacks on places not already war-torn shitholes.

          1. Does the shootout in Paris earlier today count?

            1. He said “not already war-torn shitholes”, so no, banlieus don’t count.

        2. I can’t keep up with your redneck propaganda.

          Is Obama still illegally droning Muslims all over the Middle East? Or is he secretly a Muslim plant bent on destroying America from within?

          1. 900 hundred out of work Democratic legislators disagree. Thank fucking God Democrats all seem to be as stupid as you are. Just hang in there shreek. Obama will lead you to the promise land eventually.

          2. ssssslllllluuuuuuurrrrrrpppppp

    2. Obama’s not on the ballot any longer.

      1. Um, we are in the middle of W’s 4th term…

      2. That was what I meant, Ted. He can’t be re-elected to the office which he now holds; they can.

  8. Hillary Clinton called for a worldwide fight against ISIS with America leading the charge, but not with ground troops.

    Do you know who else aspired to lead from behind?

    1. Jerry Sandusky?

    2. Your mom?

  9. In completely unpredictable news, despite having government-run (by and large, some exceptions, usual disclaimer) health care, Health inequality widens between richer and poorer Canadians.

    Can I have some bets on what the proposed solutions are?

    1. Being poor in the frozen north of this continent would make me want to self-medicate myself to death too. I get some serious seasonal affective disorder malaise right around daylights savings time. If it weren’t for skiing, winter would have killed me a long time ago.

  10. Better late than never; finally got around to reading last months Popular Mechanics, and the article on Koch Industries. Very interesting.

    If I had been quicker, it would have tied in great with Gillespie’s video on Charles and David Koch.

    The kicker for me was the interview they did with Charles Koch.

    1. fta:

      The Koch name today is known more for politics than industry. Does that bother you?

      It goes with the territory. I’ve been interested in the ideas of freedom and prosperity and stuff for over 50 years, but we really started in the political side in ’03 when we began to build this seminar network. It was to oppose all the destructive things we thought the Bush administration was doing. Of course, when you get into politics, people in important positions or with power and special positions feel threatened. They try to stigmatize and demonize you to discredit you.

      1. to oppose all the destructive things we thought the Bush administration was doing

        Same with Soros. He had pretty much stayed out of US politics until the Bushpigs started building up the nation-war-surveillance state.

        1. “nation-war-surveillance state.”

          Fortunately, Obama put an end to that, right? Right?

        2. And yet you think one is better than the other.

          Why does that not surprise me?

    2. The Kochs donate to the ACLU so they’re OK by me.

      1. After reading those two articles, I respect them more than I did before.

    3. Industry creates pollution. What does Koch do to mitigate that?

      That’s one of the biggest misconceptions about us. Our opponents say we’re one of the biggest polluters. And since we’re one of the biggest manufacturers in the country, we are going to have among the highest emissions. When you’re making automobile components and clothing, producing food, creating housing, transportation, communications, you name it?in those manufacturing processes there are byproducts. And the only way to eliminate those is to eliminate all the products and services that people want.

      1. We don’t need 23 deodorants. /#feltbybern

    4. What about your outsized financial influence on American politics? I think a lot of people wonder if you think your views are more important than those of people or companies that have less money.

      If we have so much influence, why do these things we oppose keep happening and getting worse?

  11. Wayne County jurors handed down the verdict in the case against William Melendez, who was charged in the January beating of Floyd Dent. Police stopped Dent, 58, in the Detroit suburb of Inkster for disregarding a stop sign, and dashcam video from a police vehicle shows Melendez punching him 16 times in the head.

    Evans ordered Melendez to jail pending his Dec. 3 sentencing. Beforehand, defense attorney James Thomas argued that Melendez “is not a danger to the community” and posed “no risk of flight.”

    Uh, Thomas, I think that a cop who goes around punching people in the head for no good reason is kind of the definition of “a danger to the community”.

    Melendez’ attorney said the officer was justified in the assault because Dent was aggressive and resisting police. Other officers and a criminal justice professor testified that the beating was reasonable because Dent was resisting arrest.

    Is there anything at all that isn’t called “reasonable” by copologists? I swear that a cop could shoot a toddler in the face during a peaceful traffic stop, and somebody could still be found who would say it was reasonable.

    1. Bou Bou says hi. It’s kinda garbled with that ruined mouth but he’s sincere!

      1. Ayana Stanley Jones would say hi, but…

    2. I saw people defending the cops who killed the 6 year old in Louisiana even after the facts came out.

    3. a cop could shoot a toddler in the face

      Or throw a flashbang grenade in the toddler’s crib.

    4. Resisting arrest over a…stop sign.

      It never ceases to amaze me with these guys.

  12. Sometimes they’re as stupid as they are malicious.…..=hootsuite

    I question the guy’s judgement for the last couple paragraphs. But that doesn’t change the fact that it was all he could do to get justice in his case…while it still doesn’t come close to existing for the piece of shit copper.

    1. A 10 day suspension? That’s like the cop equivalent of the death penalty.

      1. It’s ok. He’ll just work those sweet off duty gigs where they let them wear their uniforms and order people around like they’re more than a security guard. Shit, he’ll likely get the days off paid from the union fund set aside for just these types of “events”. Which means he’s gonna come out better financially than if he hadn’t broken the law.

        1. Are they allowed to wear the uniform while on suspension? Serious question.

          1. allowed


          2. I’m sure,it’s,on a department by department basis. But why wouldn’t he be if he’s only suspended from his,duties? He’s still a cop. And an off-duty job that allows him to wear his uniform has nothing to do with his duties. I’d be surprised if they’re not.

          3. “Allowed”? Who’s going to stop him?

            The cops?

          4. So, they don’t suspend the police powers. Wow.

      2. The article doesn’t say if it is with pay or without pay. If it is with pay, it’s more like the equivalent of a sound beating.

    2. Robitaille said he won’t forgive Detective Spitzer but he has forgiven Penny.

      The couple has since gotten back together. “When you love someone, enough is never enough and I love Penny,” said Robitaille.

      Love is blind and stupid.

    3. Why do you hate our Heroes in Blue (TM)?

      1. Jes’ returnin’ the favor, Ted.

    4. It took Denver’s Civil Service Commission more than two years to suspend Spitzer ten days for having an innocent man arrested.

      Two years for ten fucking days off. A nation of men people, not laws.


    BAGHDAD (AP) — The Islamic State group is aggressively pursuing development of chemical weapons, setting up a branch dedicated to research and experiments with the help of scientists from Iraq, Syria and elsewhere in the region, according to Iraqi and U.S. intelligence officials.

    Nothing to see here I am sure

    1. Good thing we went into Iraq and fixed it back in 2003.

      1. Good thing. It was a pretty stable place in 2011. If he hadn’t had an affirmative action plan to elect the first retarded man President, it might still be.

    2. Good for them for going the STEM route. Everyone knows only evil comes from a humanities degree.

      1. That is right. They could be getting art history degrees. Then where would we be?

        1. Or some secularist propaganda like comparative religions.

          1. Comparative religion is ridding the world of religious belief one student at a time by making religion into the dullest most cliche filled subject known to man.

            1. Don’t be silly. I found learning about An elephant-headed god whose celestial vehicle was a mouse absolutely delightful. Joseph Campbell is a boring-ass writer. I will grant that.

              1. I have a good friend who is a very smart and interesting guy except that he loves Campbell. I guess everyone has a blind spot. Campbell is just such mundane bullshit.

                1. Don’t get me wrong, I think the main strands of Campbell’s thought are important and he clearly laid them out better than anyone before him, but since then plenty of people have done a more interesting job explaining his theories. Really you just need a decent infographic to understand the Hero Cycle, not too books of dry explanation.

                  1. I never understood what Campbell did that about a million Jung scholars hadn’t been doing for the 80 years before Campbell came along. I always considered Campbell just Jung for people whose reading skills were too poor to read Jung.

                    1. I always came away feeling like Jungians skewed too mystical. You can tell Campbell wants to be there too, but he restrains himself enough to make a case for monomyth that isn’t completely in the clouds.

                      That said it’s been a solid 18 years since I’ve read any Campbell or Jung. My interpretation of either of those works could be wildly different if I read them as a 30-something than they were as a sophomore in HS.

        2. We might still have the Bamayan buddhas and Palmyra intact?

    3. This should be an interesting play. They are actively seeking out WMDs.

    4. They’re also trying to acquire Red Mercury. Which is a total n00b fail. Its like volunteering for a snipe hunt.

      1. Their alchemy is keeping up with their religion.

  14. Tired of the grind of day to day police work? Want a nice little vacation but don’t want to burn that PTO? Then you might want to watch this!…..=hootsuite

  15. http://www.washingtonexaminer……le/2576692

    Most Americans want people who behead Americans destroyed considerably sooner than that. They wonder why the world’s greatest military can’t do that.

    Such action, Obama suggested, might be bad public relations. The Islamic State has “a twisted ideology,” and we play into its “narrative” by treating it as a state and using “routine military tactics.” The Islamic State “does not represent Islam” and treating it as a “Muslim problem” will lead to “greater recruitment into terrorist organizations over time.” It’s not clear why the significant minority of Muslims with positive feelings to the Islamic State will accept an American president’s definition of their faith.

    “A political solution is the only way to end the war in Syria,” he said, looking forward to negotiations between Syrian factions and to agreement by “countries on all sides of the Syrian conflict to agree on a process that is needed to end this war.” But he felt obliged to acknowledge continuing disagreements over “the fate of Bashar Assad” ? no small item.

    The dumbest man ever to hold high office anywhere. At some point you stop hating the guy and just stand in awe of how fucking stupid he is.

    1. I remember the Gerald Ford era. I don’t think anyone is close to being as dumb as he was.

      But the problem with Obama isn’t that he’s dumb, he’s not, he simply hates the West. Part of it is him being a lefty, part of it was his upbringing by his father.

    2. Yeah. He should have barged into Syria Cheney-style with 250,000 troops and pallets of $100 bills to bribe the locals over the next seven years whilst accomplishing nothing.

      1. You manage to be even fucking dumber than he is. As stupid as Obama is, it is kind of scary to think of how stupid his followers are.

    3. A political solution to ISIS is, based on their own stated goals and beliefs, is impossible.

    4. The Islamic State has “a twisted ideology,”

      Well, perhaps if they just explained it better ….

      1. I larffed.

    5. He’s going to draw a red line any time now…


    Hillary insists Muslims have nothing to do with terrorism. i guess ISIS is a bunch or disgruntled Unitarians. Who knew?

    1. Hey, all good liberals know that ISIS aren’t real Muslims, while Caitlyn Jenner is totes a real woman.

    2. Hey, we Unitarians are a radical bunch. At least, we were, until the 60s era hippies all died off and left only the new left.

  17. Swedish firm Vattenfall, and Hamburg flip the bird at Greenpeace re: coal.…..a-18862708

    1. Vattenfall AB is a company wholly owned by the Swedish government

      Well, I guess they are reasonably safe from German government just going – “hey, new regulation, shut down your plant.”

    2. That’s what the world needs right now, a good flush. /Tool fan

      1. +1 smiling glad hand

  18. At Claremont-McKenna, are safe spaces ushering in segregation?

    1. At some point in the last couple of years, University-supported segregation of events/spaces by race has quickly changed to become acceptable. The window of acceptability is moving mighty fast — where it stops nobody knows.

      1. “The colored are more comfortable among they own kind.”

  19. Racism strikes at Vanderbilt! Or does it?

    If this were a discrimination poker game, this blind chick just went all in. She’s basically saying. “I see (well, maybe not really) your blackness, PC bros, and I raise you blindness.”

    Game. Over.

    1. There is probably a dissertation or two be written about the campus protesters’ issues with and seeming obsession with poop. Why are they convinced every racist expresses themselves with poop? Is poop racist?

      1. For real, dude. For real.

      2. Poop is the original Dark Other. Smearing poop is signifying your contempt for the Dark Other.

        1. True Story: Bobby Sands (IRA guy who starved himself to death while in prison) smeared shit on the walls of his cell.

          1. I remember that. What a fucking pointless idiot. And man did he under estimate Maggie Thatcher. Sorry you stupid fucking Mick, Maggie doesn’t give a shit if you starve yourself.

          2. That was a real hunger strike! I believe ten people starved themselves to death.

            1. You say that as if the privileged white hunger strikers at these universities are not really going to risk starvation to give a voice to the voiceless

              1. I am pretty sure missing lunch counts as a “hunger strike” to most of these ass clowns.

              2. Did Al Sharpton do a hunger strike a few years ago but decided to eat soup? Chili, bean with bacon, clam chowder. What a sacrifice.

            2. Padraig O’Malley wrote an interesting book on the topic – Biting at the Grave.

      3. It’s because poop is universal. I have it on good authority that Everybody Poops.

        1. Doesn’t that make it inclusive?

          1. Yes, it’s a common language, and progs are fluent in poop. Thus they can easily discern various meanings of poop lying around.

        2. I might still be able to recite parts of that book. My son was into it for a few months when he was one.

      4. Why are they convinced every racist expresses themselves with poop? Is poop racist?

        Personally, I think it’s a pretty shitty way to express oneself.

    2. S-E-C! S-E-C!

      That story was great.

    3. That girl will make them see the light.

    4. You’d have to be as blind as Anne Frank not to see how all poop is racist.

  20. Happy World Toilet Day!…..a-18861971

    1. *** flushes with pride ***


  21. To address something brought up in the YouTube thread:

    Also, aren’t the vast majority of songs on Youtube obvious copyright violations? (Not including of course the few songs that artists put up themselves.) I would think if Google wasn’t swamped these would be first thing to go.

    They are total copyright violations. Yet, they remain on youtube. So either the rights holders are okay with it or there is no way to effectively police it if they are not.

    YouTube has a a system called Content ID — well known both for its false positives and false negatives — that automatically checks uploads for copyrighted material, especially music, present in its database. However, copyright holders can arrange with Google to allow the videos to be uploaded and collect advertising (or now, YouTube Red) royalties on the videos rather than block them.

    It is hard to say what percentage of music present on YouTube uploaded by an unauthorized party is covered by Content ID so I can’t specifically refute that “the vast majority” are copyright violations — though “They are total copyright violations” is a fact-deprived statement. Suffice to say a surprising number of the shitty fan-made lyric videos on YouTube are actually officially licensed.

    1. Some official stats on the program:

      As of October 2014, YouTube has paid out $1 billion to rightsholders who have chosen to monetize claims since Content ID first launched in 2007.

      As of July 2015, there are 8,000+ partners using Content ID ? including many major network broadcasters, movie studios and record labels ? who have claimed over 400 million videos, helping them control their content on YouTube and make money on videos containing copyrighted material.

      1. Thanks. That is very interesting.

      2. Interesting. Especially for those of us who are motivated enough to block all the stupid ads.

    2. That explains it. And in other words the rights holders are okay with it and get paid to some degree.

    3. or now, YouTube Red

      Not to be confused with RedTube I guess.

      1. I know the BBC did an expose on them recently. If you google “Redtube BBC” it should pop up.

        1. Where is Swiss when you need him?

        2. I almost fell for that one, asshole. I am at a public library in fucking Idaho. A god damn swat team would have appeared out of no where if I tried to google that here.

          1. 😛

  22. Feminists who got Gregory Alan Elliot have strong ties to the Toronto PD

    Paisley Rae, one of the women who accused Elliott, has mates at the Toronto PD, say friends of Elliott. Deputy Toronto Police Chief Peter Sloly personally credited Rae for helping him enter the world of social media. In early 2012, she was a panellist at a Canadian police conference on the then-nascent world of social media.

    Furthermore, Twitter archives show that Rae has maintained a friendly relationship with Detective Jeff Bangild, the officer in charge of the Elliott case, since early 2012. In 2013, while she was still a complainant in the Elliott case, she was still giving Bangild public pep talks on his social media presentations. With a question mark hanging over whether Elliott should have been charged at all, it’s little wonder that Rae, with her close connections to Toronto Police, dropped out of the trial.

    1. Nascent world of social media in 2012?


    A leader of New York City’s Syrian community told The Post on Wednesday that ISIS terrorists have “absolutely” sneaked into America by posing as civil-war refugees ? and joined sleeper cells just waiting to be activated.

    “I believe the terrorists from Syria have been coming into the United States, not only in the past few years, but way before that,” said Aarafat “Ralph” Succar of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, home of the city’s largest enclave of Syrian immigrants. “I think they’re already at work.”

    Succar, a member of the Bay Ridge Community Council, said corruption in his homeland is so rampant that anyone could easily pay bribes and obtain official identification papers bearing a fake name to disguise their real identity.

    But hey what does an actual Syrian know about this. Dalmia and Chapman and Special Ed are real top men and gal and they are totally certain only a panst shitting yokal could think Syrian refugees could ever be a problem.

    1. I bet he’s a Damascan, totally racist about Aleppans and guys from the villages. You can’t trust him.

      1. Or is that Damascene? Native English speakers, help!

        1. Damascusian?

      2. Yeah. He is just another yokultarian.

    2. Hey, that’s my neighborhood. I always thought it was Little Egypt around here but I guess there’s a Little Syria too. Anyway from my point of view as a middle-aged white guy these folks are indeed the proverbial “model immigrants” that we like to hold up in contrast to the folks trapped in places like the French banlieues. One difference I suppose is that the neighborhood also features Chinese laundromats, Japanese restaurants, lots of old school Italians who haven’t moved out to Long Island yet, you name it.

      OTOH… I have no idea what goes on behind closed doors.

  24. He was also over heard saying “this is why we can’t have nice things.”

  25. About my pants shitting, I think have a legitimate ADA claim , and I would like a reasonable accommodation here.

    1. Get the man a SSDI check, please.

  26. The saddest and funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Bernie Sanders Georgetown U speech from earlier today. Actual speech starts at 1:08 (as in, 1h 8m, those commies sure are preachy). Highly recommend that you watch the earnestly cringeworthy music video (3m at beginning) for the lulz.

    1. So many white kids…

    2. Bernie claims the mantle of FDR socialism. No ego there, Bernie.

    3. I can hear the clatter of the wheels of the tumbrel carts on the cobblestones as “the 1%” are hauled to the guillotine.

  27. Instead of douche and turd, Trump v Hillary is more like a choice between goatse shitting in your mouth and starring in 2G1C part 2: The Shittening.

  28. Slate reporter says her investigation puts the Hillary Laugh Factory story into question.

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