Federalist Society conference panels now being live-streamed (and archived)

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This year's Federalist Society Lawyer's Division conference is happening today, tomorrow and Saturday, and the panels are now being live-streamed (and archived) at the Federalist Society blog. The first, streaming right now, is the panel on "Ten Years of the Roberts Court," with Jan Crawford of CBS News, Prof. Michael S. Paulsen, Steven Duffield (former chief counsel for Sen. Jon Kyl) and Supreme Court litigator Michael Carvin (Jones Day). There are also panels on "How Congress Can Reclaim Its Legislative Authority" (today at 2 p.m.), "An Examination of the Obama Administration's Protection of Religious Liberty" (today at 3:45 p.m.), "Intellectual Property: The Role of Congress and Executive Agencies in 21st Century IP Regimes" (Saturday at 11 a.m.), "Life on the Bench" (Saturday at 2:30 p.m.) and the Eighth Annual Rosenkranz Debate: "The Constitution is designed for a moral and religious people and it's wholly unsuited for the government of any other" (Saturday at 4 p.m.).

Check out the conference schedule for more details on the panels, and the blog for the video. Some of the other panels might be added to the video roster as well. True to form, the panels generally include liberal and moderate speakers as well as conservative and libertarian ones.