New York Raises Minimum Wage to $15 for Public Employees, EU Offers Aid to African Countres in Exchange for Help with Illegal Immigration, NFL Deciding Which Team(s) Will Move to Los Angeles: P.M. Links


  • Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) has instituted a $15 minimum wage for public workers in New York, to be phased in by 2021.

  • Millions of prisoner phone calls recorded by Securus have been leaked to The Intercept, including those of attorney-client conversations that were not supposed to have been recorded.
  • The European Union is offering new aid to African countries, as well as easier rules on visa access and sending money from Europe overseas in exchange for help curbing illegal immigration.
  • The constitutional court in Spain has suspended the process of secession the regional government of Catalonia had begun, for now.
  • The army and president of Myanmar said they would respect the results of the first democratic elections in 25 years, which saw a rout of the ruling party.
  • The NFL is moving closer to deciding which team(s), if any, it will allow to move to Los Angeles.
  • Construction began today on the Giant Magellan Telescope, which scientists hope will be able to observe the first moments of the universe.

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  1. The NFL is moving closer to deciding which team(s), if any, it will allow to move to Los Angeles.

    Send them all. LAPD, here they come!

      1. You think I used the Magellan Telescope to look back in time and stole that joke? That doesn’t even make sense.

      2. “Plus, the intricate L.A. highway system will cut team travel time by almost 25 percent,” Washington added.


        1. This is so Philly.

          “First McNabb goes down for the season, then I get told today that I’ve got to move my bar halfway across the country or lose my official Eagles designation. Is this true? Can they do this? Do we still get to play the Cowboys twice a year?”

          1. I don’t get the whole “Cowboys” thing with Eagles fans. Lived in and around Dallas my whole life, and I’ve never encountered any Cowboys fan get worked up over the Eagles.

            Redskins, yes. Even Green Bay and SF, but not the Eagles. Admittedly, I’m not a football watcher, but it should have come up somewhere in the last five decades if the Eagles were the rival team.

            When did this start?

            1. From what I can tell the late 70s early 80s.

            2. It got some steam going when Michael Irivn lay on the field unable to move after a neck injury left him temporarily paralyzed and the Philly fans cheered their loudest of the day.

              It has intensified as their win loss record improved and now overshadows all other Cowboy rivalries.

              1. My PA in laws tell me that once you get 30 miles out of Philly the Eagles are despised due to the actions of their fans and the shame it brings decent PAs.

                There is video on the net of a Philly fan purposely puking on a teenage girl seated below him as she had on the other team’s jersey.

                1. Thank you (both) for the insight. I’ve heard PA people talk about it (Mac from IASIP mentioned something in a press junket a couple of years ago), and it’s always been one-sided to me. ‘Round these parts, the Eagles are just another team to play, based on how they’re talked about.

                2. I live in Lancaster about an hr and a half outside Philly and this area is insane for the Eagles. It is annoying as shit. And their is a high concentration of very angry racist people in the area. Artie Lange once said the upper deck at an Eagles game was like a Klan meeting. I always pray the Eagles go undefeated until the Super Bowl, then lose on a play at the end of the game where the refs screw them but can’t get the call overturned. Then I would walk around the sports bars bragging about how the ref got the call right.

            3. I remember from my time in Buffalo that their biggest rival is the Dolphins. I have no idea why.

              1. I would imagine it goes back to the Jim Kelly vs. Dan Marino matchups, when both teams were considered decent.

                1. That sounds about right. It was definitely Jim Kelly era.

                  1. actually goes back to when OJ was playing. The Dolphins were dominant, the Bills were trying to climb back to respectability, and the Fins had this ridiculous winning streak in the series.

    1. Hello.

      “Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) has instituted a $15 minimum wage for public workers in New York, to be phased in by 2021.”

      And the parasite class will hustle, rape and raid the private sector to pay for it.

      1. Aren’t they all unionized? Do any of them make minimum wage now? Throw in the 2021 date, and this is likely complete and utter theater that won’t raise one paycheck by one nickel.

        1. Well, in NYC that’s certain true – there is no way any state worker based in NYC is making minimum wage.

          *Maybe* in the economically-depressed upstate areas.

      2. If it’s so important, why wait?

        1. If it’s so effective, why not $50/hr?

          1. Don’t give ’em ideas!

    2. I’m not sure if team will go to Inglewood or Carson, but Carson is trying to clean house like crazy to make their city more attractive to owners.

      They had a CRAZY mayor for years and years.


  2. Construction began today on the Giant Magellan Telescope, which scientists hope will be able to observe the first moments of the universe.

    Uh, unless it can see back in time, they missed it. Dummies.

    1. It’s only 6000 years ago…

      1. No, 7500 years ago…

    2. Not sure if serious…

      1. No one ever is. Maybe this magic telescope of theirs can give you a clue.

      2. With Fist, not serious is usually the best assumption.

    3. Speed of light, distances, and such…

      1. But by the time that light gets here, it’s ages millions of years. Sure, the photon started as Scarlet Johannson, but it gets to us as Marge Schott.

        1. From the photon’s perspective, it arrived here instantly, and is still Scarlet.

          1. Not from my perspective, and mine is the only one that counts. I don’t care if Marge Schott keeps telling me she’s Scarlet Johannson, she’s still Marge Schott. I will not participate the photon’s personal identity.

            1. Way to deny the photon’s lived experience.

            2. Dissing the proton’s identity – now that is microaggression.

          2. From my point of view the neutrinos are evil!

            1. Look, fellas, if I have to make Fist explain special relativity to you, it’s not going to be pretty.

              1. “And the winner is Number 3, in a quantum finish.”
                “No fair! You changed the outcome by measuring it!”

            2. Then you really are lost.

    4. If we turn the telescope around, looking down big end towards the little eye-piece end, we’ll be able to see the future right?

      1. No, just some what passes for a penis on some people…

    5. This is Ken M level trolling, well done Fist. You even got a couple bites.

    6. Where’s Corning? He’ll explain how it’s all clearly wrong anyway because he doesn’t like the idea of an expanding universe.

    7. Rather than the GMT observing the first moments of the universe, it might be more useful if astronomers could somehow use the GMT in such a way that the astronomers could observe the first moments of the universe.

      1. Either way, the first moments will have been observed, probably in silence.

  3. Governor Charlie Baker expands affirmative action preferences for gay-, lesbian-, bisexual-, and transgender-owned contractors in Massachusetts.

    Under a diversity program launched during the Patrick administration, a percentage of state contracts is already set aside for businesses owned by minorities, women, and service-disabled veterans. Under an executive order just signed by Baker, the program will expand to include businesses owned by all veterans and people with disabilities ? as well as those owned by the LGBT community.

    Btw, Gov. Baker is a Republican. Okay, Massachusetts Republican.

    So, which business should I set up to get my deserved share of set-asides?

    1. Hoorah! No more merit-based awards!

      1. Au contraire–since everyone is, or could plausibly claim to be, a little bi, this means that *everyone* is now included in one of the protected classes, thus completely leveling the playing field. Neat trick, that is.

        1. Seriously though.

          How Bi do you have to be to qualify, and how would they even verify that you were?

          I mean couldn’t everyone just say “I’m bisexual” to qualify

          1. 20 minutes running the glory hole.

            1. Can a hand job get you a contract? Asking for a friend.

              1. Eye contact or it doesn’t count.

            2. “A secret portal created as a passage way for one to safely insert one’s penis.”

          2. How Bi do you have to be to qualify, and how would they even verify that you were?

            I would assume they flip a coin. Head or tail – which way would you prefer the coin land?

        2. That would be totally gay.

    2. A gay-lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered escort service?

      You probably can ask barney Frank for advice how to run that out of your apartment or home…

    3. You know true bareback statism draws near when this kind of “affirmative action” shit starts determining who gets to be cops.

      1. Starts?

        1. There is LGBT affirm-a-cop scheme afoot somewhere?

    4. Now more state money can be allocated to white people than before. Obviously a Republican.

    5. ? as well as those owned by the LGBT community.

      So, is this identity based system going to be verified by any metric?

      1. They’re going to need a photo of a full tuck to verify.

        1. Cue Wild Horses.

          1. I’d fuck me…

            1. If you went back in time, like a month, and met yourself from a month ago, would you fuck yourself?

          2. More like “Goodbye Horses.”

            1. Doh.

      2. I have an idea: how about setting up a verification service?! I’m afraid only young and handsome gay contractors would qualify.

        1. Shoes.

          1. I don’t care about shoes. Face pics first.

            1. Don’t care about shoes? Your not very gay, are you?

    6. A sub-contracting business.

      1. +1 Ball-gag

      2. I have a dom-contracting business. You know I’m just going to force my way to the head of the line – and you’re going to like it, too.

    7. It’s being billed as “equal opportunity.”

      CW: The Washington Blade…..contracts/

      1. Oops, I mean “equal access.” Access, people, access!

  4. …including those of attorney-client conversations that were not supposed to have been recorded.

    Well, obviously The Intercept must be prosecuted for this!

  5. The European Union is offering new aid to African countries…

    In other news, Greece says it’s now part of the Dark Continent.

    1. In return, Africa offered to give the EU new AIDS as well.

  6. New York Raises Minimum Wage to $15 for Public Employees, EU Offers Aid to African Countres in Exchange for Help with Illegal Immigration, NFL Deciding Which Team(s) Will Move to Los Angeles: P.M. Links

    What are “Countres”?

    1. They are similar to fat-checkers.

      1. Chubby casers?

  7. Mizzou professor who told students to still come to exam has resigned

    Under intense pressure, Dr. Brigham has both cancelled the exam and resigned from the university, according to screenshots posted online of an email from Dr. Brigham to his students.

    “The exam is cancelled. Our students will be able to take the exam at an alternate date with no loss of points,” Dr. Brigham told students. “No one will have to come to class today. And, I am resigning my position.”

    1. “Fuck this shit. I’m out of here.”

      1. Yeah, smells more like a ‘fuck this’ than a crying apology type resignation.

        1. Wherever he turns up teaching again picks up an abstract endorsement.

        2. Well one of the students thinks he was forced out. If that is the case, who the hell is running the show at Mizzou? This really feels like a Producers scenario, with the people in charge wanting to run the school into the ground. Maybe then they get rich by selling the land to some developer.

          1. Well one of the students thinks he was forced out. If that is the case, who the hell is running the show at Mizzou?

            The students.

            1. The students inmates

        3. I guess it would probably hurt future job prospects, but I wish he would just say “Fuck you pathetic little shits, I quit and I don’t give a fuck if you can make up the exam or not. Not my problem”

          1. I’d imagine he also received some threats of violence, considering how actually violent these people are.

            1. considering how actually violent these people are.


    2. He’s tired of trying to teach the dummies?

      1. As far as I can tell, that’s the whole bitch. The kiddies are demanding a ‘safe space’ where nobody is allowed to say anything critical or challenging of them or their beliefs – with their primary belief being that they know everything already. So why the fuck are you in college if the very purpose of college is to teach you things you don’t know, if it operates on the asssumption that you don’t know everything and that you are there to be taught these things by people who know more than you do, who are smarter and wiser than you? How fucking hurtful is it to be told – by the very existence of this institution – that you are ignorant and that you would be a better person by remediating your ignorance?

        But what is even worse are the gormless fucks calling themselves ‘professors’ who actually agree with these ignorami. What the hell is it you think you are ‘professing’ if you don’t believe that the knowledge you possess is of any more value than the ignorance the students possess? How the hell can you accept a student demanding that you shut up and listen to them because they need to teach you a few things? Your whole goddamn purpose for being there is to explain to these kiddies that they need to shut the hell up and listen to you. If you can’t do that and if the kiddies can’t accept that that’s what learning is all about then it’s time to just pack it in and go home because ain’t nobody getting a damn thing out of the experience.

    3. The bullies have won! Another scalp for PCU!!!!!!!

      1. Episiarch went on record yesterday as saying that PCU wasn’t very funny.

        If there’s gonna be a witch hunt, he should be the target.

        1. BURN HIM.

        2. If there’s gonna be a witch hunt, he should be the target.

          The real question is, when shouldn’t he be the target?

        3. What? I mean, it was up and down for sure, but the ups were worth watching Chris Farley’s little friend be himself in decent clothes.

        4. Epi’s not PC bro???

          1. He looks, acts, and sounds just like Butters.

            1. “Oh hamburgers”

      2. That movie was so outrageous when it came out. I mean, surely it’s too insane to actually happen, right?

        1. I thought it was a documentary.

          1. It was. Especially the parts about the crazy-punk house and the ultimate Frisbee/bong hits team.

      3. “This pooping party’s got to go, hey-hey, ho-ho.”

    4. Good for him, I think? I would have worded the email much more harshly. You’re resigning, man, you can be a bit nastier about it!

      1. I hope there will be a followup email once he’s safely employed elsewhere.

    5. Wow. Did you read those twits twittering against the good professor? They’re a miserable bunch of miscreants.

      1. Your tax dollars at work.

    6. At least he was spared this kind of treatment:

      “On August 19, I organized a meeting to criticize the leaders of the Beijing education system,” Chen, now 67, recalls. “A rather serious armed struggle broke out. At the end, some students rushed onstage and used leather belts to whip some of the education officials, including the party secretary of my school.”

      “Teachers were made to stand onstage, bow their heads and confess their crimes,” he says. “Looking back on it, I believe their human rights and dignity were trampled upon.”

      1. I’m hoping to send my daughter to college in Asia. Fuck the U.S. University system. Fuck it with something barbed and rusted.

        1. Asia? Why not South America?

          She can bring friends when she comes home to visit, and I assume they will all look like Sofia Vergara.

          1. She can bring friends when she comes back from Asia too…

            *stares at Playa for a really long time*

            1. Oh, you’re one of those guys, huh?

              1. Oh, you’re one of those guys, huh?

                The type who thinks white women are overrated?

                Maybe she can do a post-graduate in South America.


                I’ll have to visit.

                All year.

      2. “Looking back on it”

        It wasn’t obvious in the moment?

      3. I took circuits from a prof from Central Africa. He would say things pike, “If I do that you will get your gun and shoot me.” And he was only kind of joking.

      4. Give it time. This is only Phase 1.

      5. “Looking back on it, I believe their human rights and dignity were trampled upon.”

        You think, Sherlock?

        1. “I’m not going to sugarcoat it–looking back, I believe their human rights and dignity may have been trampled upon.”

          1. There are some who might say it went too far.

      6. Do you think we’re that far off from this?

    7. Mizzou looks like it’s pretty much done as a university; reopening as a drive-thru screech therapy center.

    8. You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.

    9. Good on him for getting out of that mad house. Hope he lands somewhere he can teach sane students.

      The stories of insanity from this school just keep on rolling in. I wonder at what point it can no longer be deemed a state school.

      1. When does the legislature meet?

    10. according to screenshots posted online of an email


    11. His mistake was sending out the email at all.

      He should have just held class, as scheduled, and run the exam, as scheduled. Anyone who chooses to skip class, gets a zero on the exam.

    12. Apparently the university is not accepting his resignation. We’ll see what happens.

      1. What if he still wants to have the exam?

    13. To me, this is like gamergate. I don’t really know what’s going on exactly but lots of people seem really upset about it and I couldn’t care less.

      1. It’s gamer-gate plus poop. Its PooperGate, and you are right, it has replaced GamerGate as The Most Important Issue In The History of The World.

      2. “I don’t really know what’s going on exactly but lots of people seem really upset about it”

        Which is pretty much the definition of a “Culture War”

        its amorphous, constantly changing form, all about identity politics and pointing fingers at other people opportunistically and claiming victimhood to attempt to gain advantage.

        Which is why i am just so *steamed* about those Starbucks cups which mock the blood of Jesus. (smh)

  8. “Construction began today on the Giant Magellan Telescope, which scientists hope will be able to observe the first moments of the universe.”

    When are they gonna build a Giant Monocle?

  9. Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) has instituted a $15 minimum wage for public workers in New York, to be phased in by 2021.

    At which time it will be worth $10.93.

    1. Surely not that much.

  10. “Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) has instituted a $15 minimum wage for public workers in New York, to be phased in by 2021.”

    Is there such thing as the legislative branch of government anymore?

    1. Wait until Team Red is in the executive.

      1. In New York? Not sure even the Magellin Telescope can see that far in time

      2. Just don’t hold your breath. It’s a one party state these days.

      3. We get Team Sort-of Red in the execute a lot. However, the Dems have a permanent lock on the legislature. If Pataki Jr tries to rescind this in a few years, the legislature will just find a way to reinstate it.

    2. If $15/hr immediately increases aggregate demand, resulting in immediate job growth and paying anything less than a living wage is immoral, why does he want5 years to phase it in?

      1. The same reason why we need immediate action on climate change with targets as far out as 2030!

        1. Something something frog something pot of water something something boiling

      2. You have to ease into full retard, otherwise people might notice that something is really wrong.

      3. Need time to build and program the robots.

      4. And why stop at 15? If 15 is good, why not 20? Do I hear 25, now 30?

        Why not $200 and hour?

      5. Basically they’re hoping that enough inflation will occur by 2020 that the new minimum wage will be effectively nullified. Smart politicians use minimum wage as a symbolic thing, in such a way that it doesn’t actually do anything. That’s the only reason it’s still considered a legitimate policy option. If they actually believed it worked and jacked it up to $25 an hour all of a sudden, we would see just how bad an idea it is.

      6. I’m just going throw out this excellent quote any time someone bleats about this:

        When it comes to government, if you aren’t involved in the provision of actual public goods, you are involved in extortion. It may be legal. It may have the blessing of the mayor, the city council, and your union representative, but it’s still extortion. And you should be ashamed of yourself. If your only purpose is getting in the way until somebody hands you money, then you are part of a protection racket. And you might want to think about going into a more honorable line of work.

  11. “Construction began today on the Giant Magellan Telescope, which scientists hope will be able to observe the first moments of the universe.”

    When it was created by the Q Continuum.

  12. “Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) has instituted a $15 minimum wage for public workers in New York, to be phased in by 2021.”

    It is a brave politician indeed who unilaterally insists upon higher wages for Government workers.

    1. Yeh. Easy when you can steal the money.

  13. The constitutional court in Spain has suspended the process of secession the regional government of Catalonia had begun, for now.

    I thought the Civil War settled this issue.

    1. Well, there was actually a Spanish Civil War not long ago, so maybe they’re due for a second?

  14. It is too early for Christmas but she can slide down my chimney any time of year

    1. Oh yeah, I’ll open her package!

      1. Something, something…North Pole… something, something.

        1. I’m totally down for elf-abuse.

          1. I’d slip her my yule log.

            1. I’d shit on her face!

              1. I’d milk her eight maids.

                1. I’d partridge her pear tree.

                  1. She can french my hens. (or turtle my doves – ladies choice.)

                    1. I’d Piper

              1. Ugh! Triplet-Sex-Laborers, please

  15. File Under = Sweet Jumps

    You’re not a bad person if in your mind, you’re adding in a voice going,

    “I’m Okay!!…. uuuhhph…. Okay!!…. oh shit …….uhhpphh…… I’m……. ahhhhhhH!!!!!!….. ……………………… ow……. ow………………….. ow……………. Oh….kayyyyyy………. Ahhhhhhhhhh…… no……. really………… I’m…… Oooooooooookaaaaaaaaaayyy ……. ohhh god….. ………my…….baaallllllsss………”

    1. I saw that on, of all places.

      He’s lucky to have come out of that fall alive, and VERY lucky that it didn’t turn into a slab avalanche.

      You can see a fracture across most of the face of that mountain.

      1. What’s the big deal? He never fell more than six feet. He just did it 267 times in a row.

        1. + 1 fucking love science


    1. . . . Robert Olsen had only seven hours of training in the use of deadly force during his seven years. . .

      You know, I probably had 7 hours of deadly force training over 20 years in the Navy – and I could understand that proving *necessity* after shooting a naked man would be a difficult uphill slog.

      But then again – *I* would have had to prove necessity after the fact.

  16. Very interesting climate change article here today.

    nice that it came out just before Paris.

    It seems that the Church of AGW wasn’t able to convert enough believers fast enough to get a global tax and global control .

    With last week’s proof that Anartic ice is bigger and badder than evah now comes this. The Science version of the religious nut on the street corner with The World Will End Tomorrow sign is slowly but surely losing control of their narrative to fact

    The Ice Age Commeth, and not a day too soon.

    1. About my poorly worded VW comment in yesterday’s PM links. The answer is ‘yes’. Yes you read it right.

    2. So – rethinks narrative – we need to make it Sun Maximum!

      /Begins to amass 97% consensus team.

  17. Construction began today on the Giant Magellan Telescope, which scientists hope will be able to observe the first moments of the universe.

    “But how does it work without a Giant Magellan to go with it…?”

    -Chelsea Clinton

  18. Missouri Protests Vindicated: dumbass white racists actually exist

    Poop-Swastika Quietly Shelved as Casus Belli

    1. Too bad because this idiocy deserves to be called the Bowel Movement.

      1. You’d better copyright that and get it on Wikipedia stat.

      2. It’ll never get a good name.

        Toiletgate. It’ll be toiletgate.

    2. The threats came after the fact. No kidding huh.

    3. Hmmm. A guy 100 miles away said some stuff on the internet.

      Burn everything to the ground!

      1. He’s tweeting from inside the house!

      2. I assume the U of Missouri police will soon be arresting all the politicians who supported the policy of discriminating against cishet white males in the allocation of public contracts? Any day now… I mean it really hurts my feelz.

    4. Hmm…the guy’s name is “Hunter”

      *Makes hash mark under heading “actual racist”*

      …yet I’m bothered by the all-too-conspicuous and gratuitous use of the words “stand my ground” in the cited Yik Yak post…

      *Makes hash mark under heading “false flag”*

      Hmm…a puzzle.

      1. Meanwhile, at another public university, a “Stop White People” convention was held, in a university office hosted by a university employee. White people were not allowed to attend:

        So, why aren’t enraged students rioting at UMASS as we speak? Tony, please explain this to me?

        1. The conservative white kid wussed out and left without being specifically asked to.

          He should have stayed and learned more about what was going on.

    5. You can find plenty of white racists after the overthrow of slavery and Jim Crow, just like there were still Orcs after [SPOILER ALERT] the overthrow of Sauron.

      You can tell someone is nuts when they pretend that Sauron was never overthrown at all.

  19. Conspiracy Deepens = Evil Kochs Refuse to Name Their GOP Agents

    Claim, “not donating to anyone”, despite widespread knowledge by all thinking-people that US Elections are Bought & Prepaid-for by Dark-Pools of KochDollars

    1. by all thinking-people that US Elections are Bought & Prepaid-for by Dark-Pools of KochDollars

      If only.

    2. When they and their bought and paid for politicians and opinion leaders get together to tell us all what the truth is; will they call it the Diet Koch?

      1. It’s excellent if you’re on the Diet of Worms.

        Oh, not this one?

    3. Kocksucker! /SJW

    4. Dammit, now I want chocolate.

      You’re triggering me!

    1. Of course she’s not, the glass ceiling would never allow that. More gender equality in dictatorships!

    2. She’s angry because she would have gone with a different photo.

    3. “That’s a half-truth!!!”

  20. From the video above:

    “Philosophy doesn’t work when you run something.” – John Kasich

    What if my philosophy is you have no business running that?

    God, Kasich is such an insufferable prick.

      1. Yes. Interesting… I don’t have much experience with Triple’s so not a lot I can compare it with. I still have one in the frig that I will enjoy shortly. I also picked up Stone Vertical Epic Ale and wasn’t impressed. I really enjoy most of Stone’s offerings but this one pretty much sucked.

    1. “The theory of gravity is all well and good, but people are stuck on the top floor of that building, and we need to get them to jump off and hover safely down to the ground; we don’t have time for your pessimistic ‘theories’ of what will happen if they try and do that!”

  21. I got nothing here.

    Well, ok….

    (sultry blonde looks askingly at the suave, tuxedoed gentlemen who just saved her from the chinese assassins)

    “….its Rex, darling… Tyrannosaurus Rex

    1. “James Bond is still a sexist dinosaur”


  22. Speaking of threats and racism sent at Missouri, here’s an e-mail the professor who dared not to cancel class was apparently sent. All grammatical errors, misspellings and capital letters are in the original:

    Subject: Urgent message, professor.

    It has been shown, you’re careless of the lives of “minorities”, you should be ashamed of yourself. You filthy equality disputed pig. It’s good that you’ve been unmasked, and you SHOULD in fact feel in danger just as those minorities. You don’t deserve to uphold the privilege of teaching. Quit your fucking job you dimwit white peon. I’m sure you’re being attacked via cyber-communication; THAT’S FUCKING GOOD.

    Disgusting ass cunt, burn in the deep pits of hell. I have no sympathy for racist trash as yourself. Just by the way, I have over 185,000+ followers on the social network Vine, and I WILL be posting your email on my feed and let people vent to you and see how you like it, enjoy.

    If you continue to express oppression, you WILL BE EXTORTED OF YOUR FUCKING CAREER.

    1. Threats are a sure sign of an oppressed victim

      1. Are you sure it was a threat? Sure, some of the words individually sound threatening, but as a whole, it is so incoherent that I have no idea what the f**k the person is saying. Obviously, here is another university system success story.


    2. Huh. You’d think that threatening illegal acts against faculty would be cause for expulsion or something.

      1. They don’t appear to be a student

        1. They don’t appear to be a student

          Ah, that would explain a good many things about that *cough* message.

    3. Nice. Looks like the high cost of college isn’t enough to keep the ignorant, illiterate nut jobs out.

      1. That’s because everyone *except* the ignorant, illiterate nut jobs bears the cost of their ‘education’.

    4. It appears that was penned by this person

      1. The future is in good hands.

        Sell you bonds for real.

      2. Um, wow. Nothing unstable at that.

      3. I can see why it has so many followers

    5. “I have over 185,000+ followers on the social network Vine a pitchfork weilding mob of sheep that do what I say, and I WILL be posting your email on my feed putting you on public dispay in stocks and let people vent to you taunt you for your sins and see how you like it, enjoy”

      We’re never far from Salem. Fuckin’ Puritans.

      1. so del doesn’t work huh?

        1. Community Organizing is a job, right?

    6. Wow… what kind of horrible oppression must the sender of that email be feeling to be driven to write that threatening email! Poor thing, we need to make sure he gets everything he asks for.

  23. More Proof Of Omnipresent Christian Gender-Oppression = Daycare Workers Refuse to Recognize 6yr Old’s Transgender Identity: Justly fired and ostracized.

    1. “A young child should never be put in the center of another’s agenda”

      self-awareness = 0

      1. I would not have expected it to be any higher than that

  24. Of course he raises wages for PUBLIC WORKERS….it doesn’t COST HIM ANYTHING!! These lousy, corrupt, & incompetent Democrats and, frankly, many Repubicans these days (and yes I spelled it REPUBICANS) are just as bad. They are fine with costing OTHER PEOPLE their hard earned money by imposing more taxes on them and that is exactly where this money comes from. They can claim victory all they want but this is a sham….NONE of these politicians have ever produced anything of value, no goods, no services, NOTHING so they have ZERO INTELLIGENCE when it comes to business. How much longer is this country going to put up with this crap!!

    1. You mad, bro?

    2. Anybody have any idea how many people actually working for the state of NY actually make less than $15 right now?

      Imma say, off the top of my head, hardly fucking any.

      1. The funny thing will be how many state *contractor* businesses open up over the next five years. Because when you’ve got to pay the janitors $15 an hour, contracting that shit out to a ‘private’ business starts to look real attractive when the budget gets tight.

        And the budget is always tight – the new Director needs his office remodeled don’cha know.

  25. Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) has instituted a $15 minimum wage for public workers in New York, to be phased in by 2021.

    Why not right now?

    1. And why only $15?

      1. Sounds like a cool number. What you got against 15?

        1. It’s odd.

          1. So is the year it will take effect in, hmm.

      2. It’s the highest the average progressive can count.

    2. “Why not right now?’


  26. Re: the Missouri nonsense…

    … I have no doubt that there will be a raft of “Vindication” articles published insisting upon the great “accomplishments” that have been made due to the student solidarity… and that people will characterize even this latest Nutrition prof’s departure as a ‘good thing’ helping to cleanse the community of any possible bad-feeling…

    …because when it comes to Scalp Hunting…. who really nitpicks whether they were actually Apaches… or just happened to be some Mexicans in the wrong place at the wrong time….? = War is Defined by its Body Count

    And you can’t “Win” unless there’s enough bodies to scare off any other potential enemies.

    “” The only way bullies are defeated is by standing up to them.“”
    ….Said the person who resigned 5 seconds after he became the target of bullies.

    1. ESPN doubles down. Caption on their front page leading to a story:

      How protest started, spread, rocked Missouri

      Grad student Jonathan Butler was prepared to die to bring change to Missouri. With help from the football team, he lived to see his hunger strike succeed. Here’s how it happened.

      1. “News as Meme”

        Every little narrative generated, massed-around, used to demonize or elevate as necessary… and discarded

        Whatever happened to Ahmed Mohammed, his meeting with Obama, his free-trip to NASA Space Camp, MIT etc?

        … what mattered was that the right *signals were sent*

        No one cares about the underlying reality. Least of all the media.

      2. Here’s how it happened.

        Johnathon Butler, whose father made more than $8 million last year as a railroad executive, held a secret meeting the the team. He told them he would buy them each a hooker if they would agree to stand in solidarity with the protest. He also reminded them that the accusations of rape and violence levelled against 3 members of the underperforming 4-5 SEC team would be lost in the chaos. 42 members of the team and there $3million coach saw an opportunity too good to pass up.

        1. I think the criticism of the fact that “hunger striker” happens to be from a super-rich family… or that Payton “I See KKK Everywhere!” Head was also a rich-kid from Chicago who met Obama and possibly interned for Rahm Emmanuel….

          …is wrong.

          Its stupid to go after the individual people and try and discredit them on the details of their personal history.

          The thing that’s “Wrong” is nothing about these individual people. There’s nothing wrong with being hypocritical, or asking that kids all be “oppressed”.

          The thing that’s wrong is that a Mob has demanded scalps over nothing other than their own collective psychosis. And they continue to stew in an environment where they circulate rumors of invisible KKK trying to kill them through windows.

          No doubt, this kind of insanity will attract Real Racists like flies to a bug-zapper. But the point is that its a self-perpetuating viscous cycle, and seems to be dragging more and more people into its vortex of Stupid.

          1. derp = “vicious cycle”

            1. Viscous works as well though. The effluent was viscous and formed a vortex as it drained.

          2. The thing that’s wrong is that a Mob has demanded scalps over nothing other than their own collective psychosis….There’s nothing wrong with being hypocritical

            I respectfully disagree with you…I don;t think your argument is stupid. However, imo collective action is made up of individual choices. Every mob has leader(s). In so far as individuals of great economic priviiledge complain about other’s supposed priviledge, I believe it is appropriate to call out their hypocrisy.

            1. Sure. and they will be able to change the topic to ‘Character Assassination’ and pretend you want to paper-over their Very Real Concerns about Racial Problems…. and they will maintain the moral high ground regardless.

              Instead, the criticism should be on their fundamental *claims*. That there’s anything “unsafe” about their lives @ U. of M. That they’re not already treated with kid-gloves, given privileges, and have disproportionate influence well beyond their minor #s at the school

              (noted in previous thread – that 60%+ or so of the student government appears to be black…while representing less than 10% of the student body)

              Sure, its “Ok” to also point out details of the leadership’s hypocrisy. But… like the way Ahmed Mohammed’s Father became a target for criticism…. it merely distracts from the underlying “lie”, and instead goes after “easy targets”

              1. I see what you are saying… I think the fundamental claim you suggest attacking (that there is anything unsafe, ‘the fundamental lie’) is easily aligned to the ‘lived experience’ argument which is why they can just as easily paper over that route of attack (“my lived experience is truth”). In the end, the purpose of calling out the stupidity of the shitshow’s leaders (via hypocrisy or the fundamental claims of their experience) is not meant for those who already have picked their team. People not interested in getting to the bottom of it all can still recognize bad actors. They may be easy targets, but they are still targets. I also have to admit to myself that I am not entirely detached from the entire incident because someone very close to me is a student at Mizzou…so I recognize I may not be seeing things as clearly as I should.

                1. Yes, their individual issues do undermine the “Lived experiences” claims.

                  Its hard to take their claims of, “Not even being treated like a human being” seriously when they’re among the most technically-privileged people on campus – wealthy, powerful, etc.

                  Sargon here unpacks a lot of the basic kind of argument which I find most compelling-

                  ….which is to point out that their basic claims are false…
                  …that the things they demand (e.g. “Safe Spaces”) are meaningless buzzwords, given their predilection to hysterical over-reaction to mere rumours
                  … and that there’s no reconciliation to be achieved by merely forcing administrators out of office.


                  Shooting their “leadership” down doesn’t really undermine the wider claims. Although i see how its the most convenient target to go after in the media.

              2. I think Gilmore is right. The hypocrisy charge is often and always weak sauce. It’s not a real attack on an argument and conflating is as such is a logical fallacy.

                1. Points taken

                2. The hypocrisy charge is often and always weak sauce

                  Agree. As I point out to my students, if someone says the Holocaust never happened, calling them a Nazi does not refute their argument. Lots of people are hypocrites (myself included) but that doesn’t mean everything I argue for is wrong.

          3. “No doubt, this kind of insanity will attract Real Racists like flies to a bug-zapper.”
            Indeed, and why shouldn’t it? The simple fact that cannot penetrate a progressive’s mind it seems is that racism begets racism (sexism begets sexism, etc.). If the KKK draws protest from the Black Panthers, does that vindicate the KKK?

            The natural response to hatred is more hatred; sure, a few people may respond with zen equanimity or just apathy, but mostly, pushing the pendulum harder in the opposite direction just causes it to swing back even harder. I’m not sure if the Tonies of the world don’t understand that, or if to them that’s the fun of it.

            1. As Eric Hoffer once said re: Religion

              The opposite of the religious fanatic is not the fanatical atheist but the gentle cynic who cares not whether there is a god or not

              Similarly…. the real Enemy of the social-justice warrior types are not the actual “Racists” or “Sexists”… people who hold bigoted views and are willing to press them at every opportunity…

              ….but rather, the real enemy they want to overcome are regular people like you or I, who simply *Don’t Care* and think all of them are morons wasting everyone’s time. Its the *sane people* they hate the most for failing to choose a side.

          4. Given that Payton Head is actually the source for one of the claims, his personal credibility is actually important.

      3. “Grad student Jonathan Butler was prepared to die”

        They left out the word “pretended”.

      4. Exactly, this twit has spent the last decade in college because his old man makes 6 million a year. Oppressed, I doubt it. Put up or shut up and a get a fucking job….oh wait , no one would actually hire this moron.

        Perhaps in the future actions will have consequences , it’s not the case at present.

    2. Here’s a thought: What if Mizzou held a football game and nobody showed up in the stands?

      Just sayin’…

  27. Nice job picking out the cheerleader Ed.

  28. Cuomo’s a piece of shit. Rewarding folks for no increase in skills, productivity, or marketability, and forcing others to pay for them.

    1. Yep, safe-guarding the taxpayer dollar, he is. Making sure it’s spent as effectively as possible.
      Where else could he buy votes so cheaply?

  29. Fucking pulpits have canes on them if the word trebuchets position their hands thereupon.

  30. The Magellan telescope discovers the moment the Universe began was when the U of M students were born.

  31. DFS is effectively dead in NY.

    1. What’s a DFS?

    2. Distributed File System?

      1. Daily Fantasy Sports, I believe.

        I like fantasy sports, but never felt comfortable about fraud protection with any of their setups.

  32. lol, I still dont see how anyone can live off that in New York.

  33. Parents often have a voice in where their kids go to school. Donors also have some say in school matters.

    This year may be saved. But next?

  34. I read on Forbes that apparently Carson’s tax plan involves getting rid of the mortgage interest rate deduction. If true, kudos to him.

    1. You can’t change the rules in the middle of the game.

  35. “Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) has instituted a $15 minimum wage for public workers in New York, to be phased in by 2021.”

    Wait a minute, I thought minimum wage increases would instantly result in a torrent of prosperity as formerly low-wage workers go out and spend their newly mandated wealth! Why phase it in? Why not just do it in one fell swoop? Why does Andrew Cuomo want to delay the egalitarian utopia?

  36. Jesus was there when Cuomo (D) instituted the $15 minimum wage.

    He was also there when the Constitution was created.

    I know I’m not Jewish and all, but I’m kinda pissed off that Jesus wasn’t there for Holocaust.

    1. Martin Luther was there for the Holocaust.

    2. The minimum wage is just political grandstanding because it will eliminate jobs and raise prices enough to offset any gain. Jesus had nothing to do with it.

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