Hillary Wants to Classify Weed Same as Coke and Meth, Donald Trump Nets High Ratings for SNL, UFO over Los Angeles a Really Bright Naval Missile Exercise: A.M. Links


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    Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton says she supports moving marijuana to Schedule II, which would put it in the same category as drugs like cocaine and methamphetamine.

  • Saturday Night Live was hosted by Donald Trump, garnering the NBC show its highest ratings in four years.
  • President Obama will meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House today, their first face-to-face meeting in more than a year.
  • A police officer in Jordan shot and killed two Americans at a U.S. facility for training Iraqi and Palestinian security forces before killing himself.
  • A group of faculty members at the University of Missouri will participate in a two-day walk out in support of student protests against the school's perceived lack of response to incidents of racism.
  • The regional government of Catalonia is moving forward on the process of secession from Spain.
  • You can now book a hotel in Mogadishu online.
  • Residents in Los Angeles freaked out over UFO in the skies but it was actually a naval exercise, over which people don't freak out.

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  1. Residents in Los Angeles freaked out over UFO in the skies but it was actually a naval exercise, over which people don’t freak out.

    Only in Texas.

    1. Hello.

      “The regional government of Catalonia is moving forward on the process of secession from Spain.”

      Thanks for nothing, Catalonia. Now you’re giving a have-not province in Canada ideas.

      Isn’t Catalonia a salad dressing?

      1. This should make future els Cl?ssics more interesting.

        1. It’s good for something, eh?

          1. I love this. I spent a few months there once and love that region. The rest of Spain can suck it as far as I’m concerned.

            1. +1 Barthelona

              1. Take that Castilian accent back to Madrid, Franco.

      2. I just know they have the MotoGP race at the Catalunya track, so someone’s spelling is suspect.

        Ima bet those stupid Spaniards r doin it worng

        1. Catalunya is Catalan for Catalonia.

          1. Well, no duh – and hence, my clever point, which you missed, Spaniard!

      3. Isn’t Catalonia a salad dressing?

        No, but French and Cajun are …


        I THINK NOT111!!!!!11!1111!!!

      4. Isn’t Catalonia a salad dressing?

        No, but French and Cajun are …


        I THINK NOT111!!!!!11!1111!!!

          1. Ha! Someone knows their Quebecois swearing!

      5. Nova Scotia shall be free!

        1. +1
          I love Cape Breton, especially–great live folk music in every corner pizza parlor, incredible scenery, free lobster (well, almost…) and a decent local wine–what’s not to like?

    2. If the navy was holding exercise *in* Texas, I’d be freaking out too.

      1. -1 Shelling of South Padre Island?

  2. ‘I felt sexy and beautiful and like I was doing a good job’: Empire star Gabourey Sidibe hits back at ‘haters’ who fat-shamed her over steamy love scene

    Wednesday’s episode of Empire saw character Becky, played Gabourey Sidibe, 32, and her boyfriend have sex on a rooftop
    Cruel memes appeared online afterwards, including an image of the scene with the words: ‘Damn, some of you people can’t even get a text back’
    In a blog about the episode, Gabourey told the ‘haters’: ‘I’m not sure how anyone could hate on love but that’s okay. You may have your memes’

    sarc say barf. John say SHA-WING!

    1. That meme sounds like it’s saying the guy scored by sleeping with her. Am I misunderstanding it?

      1. Actually, that does sound exactly like what the meme is saying. Men are generally the ones putting themselves out there with texts.

  3. Cover your nuts…

    1. “OF COURSE WE DO, SIR!”

  4. You can now book a hotel in Mogadishu online.

    But can you book a road to get there?

    1. You book a Black Hawk.

    2. Libertarian Moment.

  5. Disturbing footage shows University of Alabama student being zapped with a Taser and beaten with a baton after police were called to investigate a noise complaint
    Multiple videos show the man being dragged out of an apartment by police
    Shocking incident at an apartment near the campus in Tuscaloosa
    Man begs them to ‘stop’ as one of the officers uses a Taser to subdue him
    He is then repeatedly struck with a baton as he is surrounded on the floor
    A woman who was filming the incident was forced to the ground
    Police say the video has been forwarded to an internal affairs unit
    ‘A full investigation of the circumstances’ will be conducted, said police
    Video clips have sparked outrage and complaints of excessive force


  6. Moment huge group of Austin cops violently throw two men to the ground and arrest them… for JAYWALKING
    Friends Jeremy Kingg, Lou Glen, Matt Wallace and Rolando Ramiro were walking home early Friday morning when the incident occurred
    They crossed the street at a crosswalk signal that still said ‘do not walk’
    Several police officers soon arrived on scene, asking for the group’s IDs
    Soon after, police are seen violently pushing Wallace and Kingg to the ground before shoving them toward a police car in handcuffs
    Glen was also grabbed by police after she tried to stand up for the men
    Ramiro filmed the incident as his friends were violently handled
    When the men asked what crime they committed, police simply said that they ‘crossed against the light’


    1. And the roads were blocked off anyway by barricades. Fuck these cops.

    2. It’s infuriating that Brits are getting a more accurate view of policing in America than Americans do.

    3. In other cities there’s cops who are actually committing sexual assaults on duty, so I thank God that this is what passes for a controversy in Austin, Texas.’

      Yalls, the chief said that.

      1. the last sentence was mine.

      2. Translation: at least we didn’t rape anyone, so suck it the fuck up.

    4. I like that the author referred to them as “a gang of cops”. Call it how it is.

  7. Police: Man charged with DUI after damaging Rod Stewart’s mailbox

    A North Florida man was arrested Tuesday after he crashed into Rod Stewart’s mailbox while attempting to pull over for police and later registered nearly three times the legal limit on his breath tests, according to police.

    Michael Hutson Lutz, 37, of Niceville caused $500 damage to the mailbox at Stewart’s South Ocean Boulevard home, police said.

    Lutz was charged with driving under the influence with property damage. He failed five field sobriety tests and registered .21 on one breath test and .22 on another, police said. The state legal limit is .08.

    1. Damn…(whap!)….you (ping!)….sexy (shtack!)…..Rod (Ouch! My head!)…..Stewart!!!

    2. You know who else had their mailbox damaged in a vehicle related incident?

      1. Would guessing Neil Armstrong be Godwinning this question?

        1. That’s Neil FUCKING Armstrong to you, buddy!

      2. Adolf Armstrong?

      3. Sinbad’s character in Good Burger?

    3. $500 damage to a mailbox? Rod’s deluxe stomach pump must’ve just been delivered.

      1. Yeah – “stomach” pump – riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight…..

    4. A friend did some work on Rod Stewart’s beach house, or maybe the one next to it, and was reportedly treated to views of Stewart’s wife or girlfriend sunbathing, walking the beach, and otherwise frolicking topless.

      1. He trades the old one in for a new one every couple years, right?

        1. Usually, but he seems to be sticking with the current wife.

          His memoirs are terrific, BTW.

          1. Heh, I bet.

            1. *sings* some guys have all the luck…

  8. Did he REALLY deserve a bravery medal for this? Damning dashcam footage of a white cop shooting a black suspect twice as he sank to the ground is released after he was given an award for his actions
    Six months after awarding Officer Daniel Aguirre for shooting a robbery suspect, Birmingham Police Department rescinded the medal
    This came amid dashcam footage being published showing officer shoot suspect twice who was on his hands and knees last year
    Aguirre received department’s Combat Cross Medal in May, year after officials said he shot suspect Aubrey Williams
    Police said at the time that Williams had pointed a gun at the officer during a scuffle
    Prosecutor said during a hearing last week that the video did not show the entire episode


    1. Aguirre: The Wrath of Alabama

      1. I don’t think Kinski was insane enough to play that cop.

        1. It Harvey Keitel still alive?

      2. I just moved to Alabama from NYC a week ago. I guess shit’s the same everywhere.

    2. Prosecutor said during a hearing last week that the video did not show the entire episode

      Those prosecutors and their rampant benefit of the doubt.

      …Birmingham Police Department rescinded the medal

      And tossed a slightly smaller medal in his direction.

    3. “Combat Cross Medal”???!!


      *throws CAB into trash can and wanders off*

      1. WAR ON COPS!

    4. So the cops had the footage the whole time, and gave him a medal anyway?

      The only thing that matters is whether the proles also got a look at what really happened?

      Jesus. This really does just reek of sociopathy all around.

      1. Too bad they weren’t winged. That for sure gets you a medal they can’t take away.


        Old, but cops in Minneapolis bust into the wrong house and take fire from home owner. Cops given medals for bravery.

        “They were acting in good faith on a warrant that was properly drawn up, based off of what appeared to be good information,” Garcia said. “Their bravery under fire should not be negated [because of the misinformation].”

    1. I had to click. The headline was too tempting.

      1. I hope so. If it’s real it’s a downer

    2. The daughter part is just sad.

    3. his beautiful bride is actually an inflatable sex doll.

      Just to note, does not appear to be inflatable.

      1. I would think if he’s going through the dream wedding he would at least shell out for a real doll.

        1. Who can afford a real doll after paying for a dream wedding?

  9. Police sergeant sacked for kicking a handcuffed man in the face twice while he was being restrained
    Sergeant Mark Cooley sacked for twice kicking handcuffed man in the face
    He and fellow officers were trying to restrain Daniel Rogan at a flat in 2013
    A Pc who witnessed it gave evidence but was accused of ‘being a snitch’
    Misconduct panel told Mr Rogan lost tooth and needed hospital treatment

    The bad cop who kicked the guy has been fired, but will no doubt be rehired by another force. The good cop who told the truth has been forced to resign and likely will never work as a cop again. But there’s no systemic problem with police. Nope. Just a few bad apples.

  10. Saturday Night Live was hosted by Donald Trump, garnering the NBC show its highest ratings in four years.

    Let’s now all confuse novelty with quality!

    1. It was HUGE!

      1. You misspelled YUGE.

    2. This is essentially what I thought when I read the headline. Trump is a celebrity, and that fact explains most of his success so far in the polls. I don’t think it’s nearly enough to get him the party nomination, much less the election.

    3. The cold open with Larry David as Bernie Sanders was good. Everything else either sucked or sucked hard.

  11. A group of faculty members at the University of Missouri will participate in a two-day walk out in support of student protests against the school’s perceived lack of response to incidents of racism.


  12. Filed under “Pregnancy”, rather mysteriously:

    World Vasectomy Day: Queensland doctor joins global record attempt

    1. A QUEENSLAND doctor is bidding to set an unusual world record by performing the highest number of vasectomies in one day

      Sign me right up, NOT.

      1. Just because the doc is going to use a weed whipper to do the operations is no reason to chicken out Rich.

    2. That is NOT a situation where you want to go for quantity over quality.

  13. ‘Possible terror-attack’ was man putting up his curtains

    Instead they found a man, shirtless, who had tried to put a curtain up in his window. But he lost his balance and dropped the black powerdrill he held in his hand so that it fell out of the window, breaking it, and down on a tin roof.

    There was a big bang when it hit the tin roof, heard, according to witnesses, all over S?dermalm.

    But there never was an explosion, nor an armed man in the window.

    All it was was a clumsy craftsman, dropping his powertool through the window, and then fixing his broken window.

    1. I hope he didn’t lay any pipe until he fixed the curtains.

      1. Bow chicky bow bow

    2. I can see this happening at my house.

      1. Reminds of that commercial where the woman yanks on her garden hose, knocking over a ladder, etc.

    3. Maybe the curtains didn’t match?

  14. The Department of Education have decided that a popular nightclub is an ‘inappropriate educational venue’ for teenage students to learn about drugs and alcohol.


    1. So I can’t plan an eighth-grade field trip there?

      1. Are still OK?

        Asking for a friend.

        1. In future, the parents may reconsider sending their kids to a school with “gaia” in the name.

        2. In future, the parents may reconsider sending their kids to a school with “gaia” in the name.

        3. Smitten Kitten, which bills itself as “a progressive sex toy store for everyone,”

          Krugabe butt plugs and Joe Biden adult diapers for advanced piss play

      2. You can if you’re a jock.

      3. Chucky Cheese serves beer.

    2. It’s a great place to learn about those things, just not with some government school perv leading the kids around.

  15. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton says she supports moving marijuana to Schedule II…

    As president, she won’t go anywhere near that.

    1. Do you think anything Candidate Clinton says will have any sort of resemblance to what a President Clinton would do?

      Because I have a bridge you might be interested in purchasing, depending on your answer.

  16. Aaaaaaaaaand sarc’s on a roll

  17. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton says she supports moving marijuana to Schedule II, which would put it in the same category as drugs like cocaine and methamphetamine.

    And after she solved The Drug War, The Fairly Fatmother flitted away on her gossamer wings to grant wishes to all the politically correct boys and girls and somewhere-in-betweens of the whole world.

  18. Undertakers use topless models to sell coffins as women pose for calendar draped over caskets

    The promotional wall planner has been designed by a coffin manufacturer to promote their services, and has taken its cue from the notoriously racy Pirelli Calendar.

    The outrageous images, shot by studio ReRetro, feature beauties ‘modelling’ afterlife wear.

    One beautiful brunette is draped in furs in front of an intricately carved coffin showing an outdoors scene.

    Zbigniew Lindner, founder of the Polish company, said: “We enjoy showing our beautiful coffins, and what better way than including beautiful girls.

    1. If the models are alive, I’m calling bullshit.

    2. Shouldn’t they use sex dolls?

      1. Rich, what do you do with a sex doll that makes you want to bury it when you’re finished?

        1. Let’s just say that, when the sexbots finally rise up and destroy humanity, the few survivors will look to Rich, and know that mankind pretty much deserved it.

  19. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton says she supports moving marijuana to Schedule II, which would put it in the same category as drugs like cocaine and methamphetamine.

    Hillary’s morning schedule:
    2: drugs
    3: emergency phone calls

    1. The cancellation of Magnum, P.I.?

    2. I’ve heard that if you apply for government benefits on Hawaii they offer you a plane ticket to the mainland. Not sure if that’s still true (or ever was).

      Probably also helps that it’s a pretty pleasant place to live outside.

      1. I’d rather live there than Michigan in the wintertime, were I homeless.

      2. Nice place to live outside and ridiculously high housing costs and other goods.

        1. So, it’s like SF but in the middle of the ocean.

          1. No, its a nice place to live outside.

            San Francisco is so cold I had to wear a jacket the last time I was there – and it was July.

            1. OMG a jacket!

              I hate sweating so what most people consider “comfortable” is too hot for me.

              1. But I bet you still wouldn’t enjoy sleeping outside in San Francisco in the winter.

                1. It would sure beat sleeping outside in a NYC summer.

        2. Some people on a gardening forum I frequent bought cheap land in a place called Leilani Estates. Great climate, affordable, abundant rainfall, can grow any tropical plant you can dream of… Only two downfalls, it’s way outside a small town, and it’s in an area considered by geologists most likely to be covered with a lava flow.

          1. Well, if the land is *cheap*, there’s likely a reason for it.

          2. ” most likely to be covered with a lava flow.”

            Sounds like they might get lucky and get a lot more free land! Smart shoppers.

          3. I hear lava can make an awesome fertilizer.

  20. Portugal’s Socialists Forge Four-Way Alliance to Oust Coelho

    Portugal’s Socialists approved a plan to join forces with three other parties and oust Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho’s administration, raising the prospect of a new government committed to speeding the reversal of spending cuts tied to the country’s international bailout.

    Portuguese government bonds dropped on Monday after the Socialists said party leader Antonio Costa will “formalize” the commitments made by the other parties to back his new government and will present a motion in parliament to reject Coelho’s government program.

    The Socialist-led program “is clearly less market-friendly than the one of the incumbent government,” analysts at the Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc in London, including Clement Mary-Dauphin, said.

    1. It worked for Greece!

    2. Huh, a coalition of Socialists, Left Bloc, Communists, and Greens – not market friendly? You don’t say.

      1. Que sacanagem!

  21. The regional government of Catalonia is moving forward on the process of secession from Spain.

    I look forward to see the Catalonians on the SPLC hate group list.

  22. Residents in Los Angeles freaked out over UFO in the skies but it was actually a naval exercise, over which people don’t freak out.

    What a shock, Californians were too busy naval-gazing.

    1. Paging Swiss ….

    2. *gaze, narrowed, one each*

  23. Anybody notice how the democrat media complex has kicked into high-gear of “Destroy Ben Carson” mode?

    1. I heard he’s not even really Black.

    2. I don’t think it’s a conspiracy, he just happens to piss a lot of them off. The Democrats would love to have Carson as the GOP nominee.

      1. I think the Dems are TERRIFIED of Carson being the nominee. IF they don’t get 95% of the black vote then they are never going to win another nationwide election again…

        1. Carson wouldn’t get much of the black vote. All the same attacks they’re deploying now would work just as well in October.

          Any GOP gains among blacks would be accompanied by bigger losses among independents and Hispanics.

          1. Meh. Blacks tend to be religious and socially conservative. Carson is much more their guy than Obama. He’d get enough of the black vote to make things difficult for the D’s, plus as noted the humiliation of not getting 95% of the black votes cast would be hugely demoralizing for them because they’d fear it would be the start of an accelerating trend.

        2. And it would take a lot of steam out of the “republicans are all racists” strategy.

          1. And it would take a lot of steam out of the “republicans are all racists” strategy.

            Not really. The Dems and race warriors have squared that circle for years about Clarence Thomas and Sowell. Nominating an “Uncle Tom” only proves they are super-racist, see?

            1. Yes, that would be the tactic from the left, but as far as I know there has never been a black Republican nominee. There are a bunch of black folks who would align more with the Republicans but see the party as racist or supported by racists. Even with that rhetoric, I think it would be far easier for someone like that to pull the lever for an actual black man than a white candidate with the same policies. And after it happened once, the Democrats’ ownership of the black vote would begin to collapse.

            2. Off the top of my head high-profile Republicans-of-Color:

              Ben Carson
              Bobby Jindal
              Condi Rice
              Clarence Thomas
              Colin Powell

              All elected or appointed. But the “Rethuglicans-are-racist” memes continues, undeterred.

            3. Maybe. But I think a lot of people can see that for the bullshit that it is.

          2. Which is why they hate him, Zeb. He’s about to kill one of their longstanding franchises.

            1. Well, it looks like he may have Kanye’s vote.

            2. It’s pretty amusing how “progressives” reserve a special place in hell for minorities, women, LGBT people, etc. who do not fall in line and vote like they’re supposed to.

              They only pretend to care about “marginalized groups” if they can use them as publicity props.

    3. Yes. especially since the pyramid thing.

      1. I think the West Point thing is much more damaging to him among one demographic likely to vote for him.

        1. What, that thing where somebody told he was a good candidate for West Point, and by the way its free?

          What’s remarkable is everybody is keying off of the word “scholarship”, which is actually commonly-used shorthand for the fact that students at West Point don’t have to pay.

  24. Why a Georgia state trooper waited to tell four children they were orphans

    When Georgia State Patrol trooper Nathan Bradley rapped on the front door, four children in costume opened it.

    He stood there staring at Freddy Krueger, Dracula’s daughter, a wizard and a firefighting ninja turtle.

    “I immediately fell ill,” he later wrote on a Gofundme page he created for the family. “Not only would these children discover they lost both parents, but would spend their Halloween in a county jail until somebody could tend to them; it just wasn’t right.”

    Earlier that Oct. 31 night, their parents, Donald and Crystal Howard, had gone to get more Halloween candy and face paint to finish their children’s costumes. Less than a mile from home in Newborn, Ga., their vehicle slid from the roadway and crashed into a tree.

    1. Good on that man. He is an A+ human being and deserves the celebratory article. Those poor kids. I hope this doesn’t haunt their Halloweens from here on out.

    2. Holy shit, that’s terrible.

    3. Trooper Bradley deserves the praise.

    4. Sounds like a good man.

  25. A police officer in Jordan shot and killed two Americans at a U.S. facility for training Iraqi and Palestinian security forces before killing himself.

    Training. There’s nothing U.S. police are equipped better for than killing Americans. He improvised the second part, though. That’s not procedure.

    1. More workplace violence, it sounds like. I’m sure his motivation will remain forever a mystery.

  26. Bernie Sanders’s passion for the prosaic ? or why the Post Office is part of what makes America great

    Sanders’s crusade to save the struggling U.S. Postal Service from extinction, which long predates his campaign for the Democratic nomination, is a powerful emblem of what he says can work in government as he fights against big banks, for a higher minimum wage and for more taxes on wealthy households and corporations.

    “It’s the most visible symbol of government, every day,” says Warren Gunnels, Sanders’s policy director. “He strongly supports postal jobs, but overall he wants to maintain and improve the quality of service that has improved the lives of the American people for more than 200 years.”

    1. That movie sucked balls, except for the Tom Petty cameo.

      1. Tom Petty was in *Miracle on 34th Street*?!

    2. “Shouldn’t the bucket be on YOUR head?”

    3. More taxes on everyone. Fuck Sanders in the eye with a hot poker.

      1. Carlos Danger would like to speak to you about your proposal …

    4. improve the quality of service that has improved the lives of the American people for more than 200 years.

      My wife ordered a new phone recently and spent all day on a Saturday peering outside for the mail truck. Dude was much later than usual for a Saturday, but eventually arrived around 4:00pm. With both of our cars in the driveway, she watched from the window as he sat in his truck filling out paperwork, before he drove off down the court.

      She ran out to the mailbox, only to find that the motherfucker left a “sorry we missed you!” slip in the mailbox. She then tracked him down the court to request her package, which he did hand over, so I suppose this is the quality of service they are referring to.

      1. I hate when that happens. I want an option to tell the delivery guy to just drop the item at my front door if I’m there or not. I’m in a town house complex. My front door isn’t visible from the street and my neighbors are currently trustworthy. I can’t take time off to be at home at 2 in the afternoon for a chess piece.

        1. I just get as much as possible of my stuff delivered to work

        2. You can do that with UPS – My Choice.

        3. USPS won’t do that.

          But Fedex and UPS will.

          Go figure.

          Where I live Fedex and UPS deliver to the door. All my USPS mail and packages have to be picked up at the town post office.

      2. My mailman is a really nice guy, but he’s done that to me on more than one occasion with really important time-sensitive financial paperwork. He’ll also just randomly not show up at all some days.

        Fuck the post office, and fuck Bernie Sanders, yo.

        1. Obviously their budget has been cut to the bone.

        2. I have that problem in LA.

          Never had that problem in Georgia?

      3. I actually get excellent service from the post office. Packages are either left in my mailbox or at my door if they are too big. But that doesn’t justify propping it up so people can keep their nice civil service jobs.

    5. “It’s the most visible symbol of government, every day”

      So the most visible symbol of government every day is 99.99% crap I don’t want that I occasionally have to wade through for the one letter that my employer didn’t make electronic yet? I think the fact that the private sector and its customers are desperately trying to obsolete the service might say something.

      1. Probably 90% of my mail is junk mail from Reason’s mailing list, plus some alumni crap.

        1. By the time we get through the holiday catalog and fundraising season, a small forest will have passed through my mailbox on the way to the recycling bin.

        2. Nobody needs 4356 offers for credit cards each year.

    6. Couple of years ago I listened to a podcast featuring an ardent supporter of the Post Office. Unfortunately, all of his arguments involved Norman Rockwell imagery, historical anecdotes from the Post Office Highlight Reel, and the fact that the guy just loves the idea of the post office. None of his arguments presented a rational or compelling reason for a national post office. It was pure emoting.

      1. Sounds like the guy has never actually been inside a post office.

    7. Paging Lysander Spooner…

  27. President Obama will meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House today, their first face-to-face meeting in more than a year.

    This undoubtedly means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Back to you, Wolf.

  28. Krugman dons a sweater and does his best Jimmy Carter impression whining about middle-aged despair in today’s NYT op-ed. The beginning, though, is true to hisself:

    A couple of weeks ago President Obama mocked Republicans who are “down on America,” and reinforced his message by doing a pretty good Grumpy Cat impression. He had a point: With job growth at rates not seen since the 1990s, with the percentage of Americans covered by health insurance hitting record highs, the doom-and-gloom predictions of his political enemies look ever more at odds with reality.

    1. 268,000 new private sector jobs last month. A record 67 consecutive months of private sector job creation. Inflation dead. 5% UE. Low interest rates.

      The “misery index” is at an all time low.

      1. Most of them are part time service jobs, and the largest growth in jobs is for people over 55. Labor force participation is plummeting, youth unemployment is skyrocketing.

        Low interest rates are not good for most people.

        1. Most of them are part time service jobs

          Bullshit. Pure wingnut bullshit.

          1. Bullshit. Pure wingnut bullshit.

            Now that is some intellectual counter argument right there. Yes indeed.

            1. 1. The number of involuntary part-time workers is down from 9.2 million in 2010 to 6.6 million today.

              2. These workers have made up 4.7% of all employed people over the last 12 months. That’s below the average of the last five years — 5.5%.

              3. The ACA mandate that Republicans said would increase part-time jobs has not had a major impact so far. The involuntary worker population is actually down slightly from where it was when the mandate began in January.


              Wingnuts lie.

              1. The number of involuntary part-time workers is down from 9.2 million in 2010 to 6.6 million today.

                A number easily explained by many of them just giving up and dropping out altogether, which would be consistent with our current high welfare and low workforce participation.

                1. It is truly amazing how they can claim inflation is not happening with a straight face.

        2. Don’t forget about the record number of disability claims, which magically started to appear about a year into the recession, when unemployment benefits started to run out.

        3. Replying to it as if it were human is futile. It is a computer program called “Shrieking Imbecile” and it lives up to the name in spades!

      2. Could you tell me of a single time during his two terms when more people were in the workforce than the day before Obama came into office?

        1. Especially since he came into office at the end of a recession… it should have been easy for him to have amazing employment gains during his administration.

        2. Funny how dipshit NEVER seems to answer this question no matter how many times I pose it to him. You’d think it would be easy when – according to him – the economy is going GANGBUSTERS!!!

          1. You’re a liar. The LFP rate is slightly down because of early retirees and more people attending school.

            1. “SLIGHTLY DOWN”?!?!?!?


              1. From Econweekly :

                “In January 2008, at the beginning of the recession, the LFP in the United States was 65.7%. By January 2011 it had dropped to 63.9%. That is the sharpest three-year decline ever observed in the history of this time series. The LFP is now at levels not seen since 1984.”

                That was in 2012. Tell me if you think it has gotten better or worse since then…

                1. “Jan 2008” – The Great Bushpig Financial Collapse was in its infancy.

                  Obama was inaugurated Jan 20, 2009.

                  1. Yes, and LFP was higher then during the evil BOOHSPIG years. Read what he wrote.

              2. Keep feeding it Monty! All the sugar you’re leaving will surely drive the cockroaches away any day now! 😉

            2. If the over 55 is the fastest growing employed group, how does that jive with your statement of early retirements.

              1. From that right-wing rag of CBS news:


                Record 94,031,000 Americans Not in Labor Force; Participation Rate Stuck at 38-Year Low for 3rd Straight Month

                Early retirees and more people attending school!!!!! THAT’S ALL IT IS!!!

                Oh, God, dipshit, you are comedy GOLD sometimes…

            3. Even if that explains the entire drop, is it not equally plausible that people are retiring early and staying in school longer because there aren’t desirable jobs available?

            4. just stop with the moronic point of retirees. By definition, retirees are NOT considered part of the labor force. It because they are RETIRED.

      3. That’s a really small number of jobs added when a typical month sees around 400,000 applying for jobless benefits. This economy needs to add more than twice that many to grow the job participation number.

        The fact that Obama takes credit for such a paltry number, and that the press lets him get away with it shows just how jaded these assholes are, and how little they care about the plight of working folk in this country.

        Obama is in way over his head. He and his advisors are clueless and it shows in everything they say and do. And your support of this administration shows that you are either clueless yourself, or just a partisan ass who cares not for the people affected but only for your team.

        1. 400,000? More made up bullshit.


          The GOP Bushpigs fucked this country in the ass and Obama is righting the ship.

          1. You’re an idiot. Obama has had over six years to “[right] the ship.” Continuing to blame this clusterfuck on Bush is just intellectual laziness and team promotion.

          2. You’re right that jobless claims have been going down. Nonetheless, the job replacement rate is too small to rebuild the Labor Participation Rate. The lower jobless claims may indicate a reluctance to leave, too. The LPR is the important number here.

            The current LPR is the lowest since 1978. From 1986 until 2010 the LPR stayed above 65%. Since then it has precipitously dropped (see Bureau of Labor Statistics). In the 1970s it was as low as 60% but that was before women began entering the labor force in large numbers.

            There are tens of millions of people out of work and it’s your savior’s fault for crippling the economy with regulation, ongoing war and increasing government spending.

            You blame everything on Bush, yet Bush had pretty much ended the war in Afghanistan and had started the implementation of a withdrawal from Iraq. Your hero greatly expanded the Afghan war and is now sending troops to both Iraq and Syria. In the end, Obama will have spent incredible amounts of money as well as many human lives yet the situation in the ME will be no better when he leaves office, and possibly worse, than when he took office. Obama is a loser.

      4. Wait i thought according to Bern the middle class being destroyed and we were being overrun by the oligarchs?

    2. middle-aged despair

      I won’t RTFA but it seems to me that a lot of middle-ages people are watching their 401K tank and maybe starting to shit themselves about retirement.

    3. With job growth at rates not seen since the 1990s

      Which explains the workforce participation rate flatlined at levels not seen since, what, the ’70s?

      And the number of people on welfare (disability, food stamps, you name it) at all time record highs.

  29. say wah?

    Obama Laments ‘Sloganeering’ of Campaign Season

    “The problem with election season is sometimes folks want to devote a lot more time to sloganeering and stirring folks up emotionally, but they’re not spending enough time really trying to explain to the American people what exactly they’re trying to do,” President Barack Obama says in excerpt of NBC interview to air Tuesday

    1. Well he’d know

    2. “We are the change we have been waiting for!”

    3. We will never have a more pompous, incompetent narcissist who is able to just blithely assure us of what we are doing wrong with nary the barest scintilla of self-doubt or awareness the he is the biggest fucking hypocrite ever brought about on this earth.

      1. I am wondering how I can squeeze that onto a bumper sticker.

        1. Seen on a bumper sticker this morning: Warning! This vehicle makes frequent stops at your mom’s house.

          1. I have decided that when I see a car parked in an atrocious fashion, I am going to put the bumper sticker on it that says “OF course I think I’m better than you, that’s why I park like an asshole!”

            It is incumbent upon me.

            1. Lol, I have a friend who lived in an apartment, and one morning she had no choice but to take someone’s spot. He was furious, and wrote a note that “insist you contact me about why you are so inconsiderate.” He also left his number. She photocopied the note, and left it on every other car in the lot.

          2. My fave: “My other ride is your mom.”

            1. Epi’s car has that one on it.

              1. Epi’s Mom has the corresponding tattoo.

      2. Unfortunately, yes we can.

      3. We will never have a more pompous, incompetent narcissist

        Hmm. Hillary could give him a run, but I think she is more vindictive than pompous, so you’re probably right.

    4. Hope and Change?

      As in Hope you didn’t notice that I didn’t Change a damn thing?

  30. A group of faculty members at the University of Missouri will participate in a two-day walk out in support of student protests against the school’s perceived lack of response to incidents of racism.

    The Royals can only buy you so much good will, U of M.

    1. Isn’t Mizzou where there’s a group of students demanding the removal of the statue of that well-known murdering rapist racist Thomas Jefferson from the campus? Yeah, I might have to take their assertions of the rampant systemic racism with just a teeny tiny pinch of salt if that’s one of their prime examples.

  31. Video of the Trident missile launch alien invasion.

  32. Donald’s agonized wail echoed through the vast confines of his underground lair.

    “Dammit, Benji! It was my time. MY TIME! I WAS GONNA BE YUUUGE!” he screamed. Ben’s face was frozen in mid-grimace on the enormous televisual monitorscope.

    “Oh, fuck? here we go,” his hair muttered.

    “Goddammit! Get him to turn me around or put me on or something. I can’t see anything!” the hat said from the couch.

    “You don’t have eyes, asshole.”

    “Would you shut up about my anatomy? It’s becoming very hurtful.”

    “Why are they paying attention to Benji? I was on Saturday Night Live! The whole country loves me!” Donald sobbed. He blew snot into his hand and went back to his mournful masturbation.

    “Straighten up, Donald!” his hair said. “You have to be better than this, stronger than this.”

    “I don’t want to be strong no more. I want my Mommy,” Donald said. His whine sickened his hair and disgusted his hat.

    “Hillary’s off caramelizing Bernie’s apple, you pathetic fuck,” the hat screamed. Donald only cried harder.

    “You are not helping,” the hair told the hat.

    “The love Benji now. Benji’s gonna be YUUUGE! I could be a doctor. Give me a fucking knife!”

    “Uh, yeah, we’re not going to do that,” the hair said.


      “Can’t you shit some Thorazine into his brain?” the hat asked.

      “We’re just going to have to ride this out,” the hair said. “Hopefully he’ll be fine by the morning.”

      “I got ideas about pyramids, too!” Donald mumbled. “I think they are the three nipples of the Earth and milk will flow if we suck hard enough. Enough milk for everybody. EVERYBODY.”

      “Jesus titty-fucking Christ,” the hat said.

      “I wanna poop on a pyramid! BUY ME A PYRAMID!” Donald wailed.

      1. Hat / Hair 2016. You know it makes sense.

        1. They do seem to be the only candidates with any sense.

      2. Blown snot as lubricant. Is this a thing?

        1. It depends. You have any pics for us?

          1. Yeah, but they’re stuck together.

      3. “I got ideas about pyramids, too!” Donald mumbled. “I think they are the three nipples of the Earth and milk will flow if we suck hard enough. Enough milk for everybody. EVERYBODY.”

        Channeling Agile there.

      4. Damn, Suge. Great stuff.

        Please stop.

  33. Why Ben Carson’s claim that he stabbed someone is so key to his appeal to white America

    Carson’s up-from-nothing, saved-by-Jesus-and-personal-effort-only story works, primarily with white Republican voters. It works because for some it affirms the conscious or unconscious connections (stereotypes) they draw between blackness, poverty and violence. For others, it demonstrates that Jesus saves. And for others still, it is a narrative that says other, potentially costly social solutions to poverty and violence are not necessary. It says that small government can work.

    1. It is so sad that the White identity relies so much on the Plunder of Blacks.

    2. Be scared of small government, in other words.

    3. I wasn’t even aware of it until last week.

      But now I love him, it must be true.

  34. Bibi “When Americans elect another President who is lapdog for Israel we will get long sought war with Iran”.

    1. Ah, PB’s a “Jews control the American government” conspiracy theorist. This explains a lot.

      1. He thinks sucking Obama’s dick makes it OK to be an antisemite.

        1. IT DOESN’T?!?!?

        2. He thinks

          No he doesn’t.

      2. No. The Obama administration doesn’t kowtow to them like the idiot evangelical (GOP) crowd does. Even Rand Paul had to go to Israel and grovel as part of his campaign.

        Israel deserves the support it is getting today but not repeated wars against any country Bibi hates.

        1. Translation: It’s OK when Chocolate Nixon does it.

  35. Obama’s olive branches are lifelines for authoritarian regimes

    At the heart of President Obama’s foreign policy is a long bet: that American engagement with previously shunned regimes will, over time, lead to their liberalization, without the need for either a messy domestic revolution or a bloody U.S. use of force. By definition, it will be years before we know whether the policy works.

    It nevertheless is becoming clear that the regimes on which Obama has lavished attention have greeted his overtures with a counter-strategy. It’s possible, they calculate, to use the economic benefits of better relations to entrench their authoritarian systems for the long term, while screening out any liberalizing influence. Rather than being subverted by U.S. dollars, they would be saved by them.

    So far, the dictators’ bet is paying off. The latest evidence of that came Sunday in Burma, when the generals who still rule the country staged an election carefully structured to preserve their power. The constitution under which it was held bans opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi from becoming president and reserves a quarter of parliamentary seats for the military.

    1. Yep. That strategy worked in the past because dictatorships were unaware and unprepared for it. Obama is like the chess player who discovers the Fool’s Mate opening and from then on uses it to open every game. Not a few of the dogmatic noninterventionist libertarians share that delusion.

  36. A decade into a project to digitize U.S. immigration forms, just 1 is online

    From the start, the initiative was mismanaged, the records and interviews show. Agency officials did not complete the basic plans for the computer system until nearly three years after the initial $500 million contract had been awarded to IBM, and the approach to adopting the technology was outdated before work on it began.

    By 2012, officials at the Department of Homeland Security, which includes USCIS, were aware that the project was riddled with hundreds of critical software and other defects. But the agency nonetheless began to roll it out, in part because of pressure from Obama administration officials who considered it vital for their plans to overhaul the nation’s immigration policies, according to the internal documents and interviews.

    Only three of the agency’s scores of immigration forms have been digitized ? and two of these were taken offline after they debuted because nearly all of the software and hardware from the original system had to be junked.

    1. These things take time. I mean, (and over half the other readers here) could do a couple hundred a day, but we aren’t being paid gobs of tax money.

      … the project was riddled with hundreds of critical software and other defects.

      Because html and pdf are just too jejune.

    2. The company’s initial approach proved especially controversial. Known as “Waterfall,” this approach involved developing the system in relatively long, cascading phases, resulting in a years-long wait for a final product. Current and former federal officials acknowledged in interviews that this method of carrying out IT projects was considered outdated by 2008. “The Waterfall method has not been successful for 40 years,” said a current federal official involved in the project, who was not an authorized spokesperson and spoke on the condition of anonymity.

      I’m not a fan of the waterfall method, and I hate IBM, but this is complete self-serving horseshit.

      1. Everyone uses waterfall. Everyone.

        Sometimes some organizations will try to pretend to themselves that they are using some other process and call themselves ‘agile’ and what not, but in the end it’s all waterfall. Top down directives, arbitrarily chosen deadlines, and big decisions and designs all made up front.

        1. Also this.

      2. Waterfall is the only way some foreign companies/governments work. Saying it “hasn’t been successful for 40 years is bullshit”.

        There are positives and drawbacks to every potential project management method. Lord knows that the various iterations of Agile have problems.

        1. Yes, plus I am not aware of any government project anywhere ever that has been able to successfully use an agile methodology.

          Getting anything done requires so many levels of approval and signoff you’d spend 3 sprints just figuring our the timeframe in which you could get approval to sign off on the design.

        2. This. Agile works great, provided you have a company culture that can handle it, and even then, you’ll still likely have uses for other PM methods.

  37. Ben Carson: Where Was the Media’s Interest in Obama’s Relation to the Rev. Wright, Frank Davis, Bill Ayers

    But Carson’s news conference was most memorable for his willingness to push back against the media:

    I do not remember this level of scrutiny for one President Barack Obama when he was running. In fact I remember just the opposite. I remember people saying, ‘Oh, we won’t really talk about that. We won’t talk about that relationship. Well, Frank Marshall Davis, well, we don’t want to talk about that. Bernardine Dohrn, Bill Ayers, well he don’t really know him. All the things that Jeremiah Wright was saying, oh, not a big problem.

    A reporter responded to Carson’s complaint that there was a “desperation on behalf of some” to find some kind of scandal surrounding him by saying, “Our job is to ask questions.” Carson paused and said: “There is a fair way to do this and a very unfair way to do this. . . . My job is to call you out when you are unfair.”

    1. Funny, that is all they talked about on America’s #1 news station – Fox News.

      Carson might be flaming out too soon.

      Of course his followers are impervious to facts so he might last a while.

      1. Of course his followers are impervious to facts so he might last a while.

        Pot meet kettle.

      2. Yes, it was. Citing Fox News as being the most popular news station in the country does not prove your argument, dipshit. We know you are a fucking moron, but by volume 90% of the “news” outlets in the country did no job whatsoever of vetting Obama. Of course, since you are in intellectually dishonest turd, we expect you to deny this. Because you are a fucking moron, and not a particularly good troll.

        1. Did Obama write a book filled with falsehoods?

          That is what you idiot conservatives don’t get. Because the mainstream media didn’t attempt to smear Obama 24/7 because he knew Bill Ayers you think he wasn’t “vetted”.

          Conservative = alternate reality idiocy.

          1. Did Obama write a book filled with falsehoods?

            No, his books were ghostwritten.

          2. Oh, my precious dipshit. There are LOADS of documented falsehoods he has made in his autobiographies. My favorite came when he was campaigning and said that the protests in Selma had provided the romantic impetus for his conception. Except that they had come THREE FUCKING YEARS after he was born.

            When you can’t defend the utter incompetence and abdication of responsibility of the democrat-media complex that is the MSM, you shriek “Fox News did what you are claiming no one did!!” but when Fox News actually reports those valid stories you say “Who would believe those right-wing teabag nutjobs at Fox News?!?!”

            No, you can’t have it both ways, dipshit.

    2. That was a pitch perfect response to the reporters statement. Good on Carson.

      1. “I think it would be fair for you to give me the same level of scrutiny you gave Barack Obama when he was running for President. Don’t you?”

  38. A police officer in Jordan shot and killed two Americans at a U.S. facility for training Iraqi and Palestinian security forces before killing himself.

    So training Hamas then. Or at best Fatah. Smart power at it’s best.

    1. Welcome to Whose War Is It Anyway?, where there are no rules and the points don’t matter.

      1. “Alright we need a suggestion from the audience. Which terrorist organization should we provide training and material support to?”

        “ISIS! … Free Syrian Army! …PLO! … Boko Haram! … Hamas!”

        “Ha ha. Those are all good choices.Okay, I think I heard ‘Hamas’. That should be a good one.”

  39. Secrecy, corruption and conflicts of interest pervade state governments

    In Delaware, the Public Integrity Commission, which oversees lobbying and ethics laws for the executive branch there, has just two full-time employees. A 2013 report by a special state prosecutor found that the agency was unable “to undertake any serious inquiry or investigation into potential wrongdoing.”

    And in New Mexico, lawmakers passed a resolution in 2013 declaring that their emails are exempt from public records laws ? a rule change that did not require the governor’s signature.

    These are among the practices illuminated by the State Integrity Investigation, which measured hundreds of variables to compile transparency and accountability grades for all 50 states. The best grade in the nation, which went to Alaska, is just a C. Only two others earned better than a D+; 11 states received failing grades. The results may be deflating to the two-thirds of Americans who, according to a recent poll, look to the states for policy solutions as gridlock and partisanship has overtaken Washington.

  40. World Bank says climate change could impoverish millions

    In a new report released Sunday, the World Bank said climate change was already preventing people escaping poverty but the situation could get much worse.

    “This report sends a clear message that ending poverty will not be possible unless we take strong action to reduce the threat of climate change on poor people and dramatically reduce harmful emissions,” said World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim.

    Crop failures due to drought, big rises in food prices after “extreme weather events,” and a higher incidence of disease following heat waves and floods would hurt the poorest the hardest, the World Bank said in a statement.

    The report found people in Africa and South Asia were especially vulnerable.

    1. Divest from the World Bank.

    2. Bans on greenhouse gas emissions also hit the poor hardest, but I bet they didn’t mention that part.

    3. So raise the price of electricity and cheap goods will help the poor? Yeah, these guys are idiots.

    4. If they for one moment believed this was true, both the World Bank and WHO would be shouting for GM crops with traits targeted to specific, projected growing condition needs…

    1. That’s just a one-for-one prisoner exchange.

      1. What’s up with all the Cubans in your neck of the woods? Is it that Kentucky doesn’t appeal to anyone else, but still looks pretty good compared to a Commie shithole?

        1. Church sponsorships. In the 80s it was Vietnamese being sponsored in the Louisville area. That’s why you can get some damn fine hu tieu xao over by Iroquois Park.

          1. Nice. It’s Filipinos around here in East Virginia, thanks to the Navy. We even have Jollibee franchises now.

            1. Filipino BBQ

              12 oz Mexican Coke
              1 cup dark brown sugar
              1 medium onion, finely chopped
              1/2 cup soy sauce
              1/2 cup apple cider vinegar
              1/2 cup orange juice
              6 garlic cloves, minced
              3 tablespoons oyster sauce (or one tablespoon fish sauce)
              1 tablespoon salt
              1 tablespoon ground black pepper
              1 teaspoon red pepper flakes

              Bring all ingrediant to a boil and simmer for 5 minutes. Removed from heat and cool to room temperature. Pour over 24-36 boneless chicken thighs and marinate for 24 hours. Char on grill until crispy and serve on hamburger buns with Asian slaw and sriracha.

              Adapted from this, which suggests it for pork shoulder as well. Although, skewers are a PITA.

              1. Yum, man! I’ve been making the fuck out of huge batches of lumpia lately. I am going to get fat and die and it will be worth it.

                1. Please share lumpia recipe – and a good chicken adobo would be welcome.

          2. Cambodians in mid-Michigan. Mid-fucking-Michigan. Cambodians. Worked at the car dealership – great detailers.

            1. Wisconsin had a bunch of Hmong when I lived there. They were not terribly well assimilated.

    2. The Philippines are invading Alaska?

    3. Looks like the Islamic hordes are conquering Maine and Michigan too.

    4. By the way, the comments have a damn fine Hercule-level ranter in them…





      1. NEEDZ MORE [square] SQUARE [S]QuAre BRACKETS

        1. The crazy is fully accounted for, though.

  41. Ex-GAO head: US debt is three times more than you think

    Dave Walker, who headed the Government Accountability Office (GAO) under Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, said when you add up all of the nation’s unfunded liabilities, the national debt is more than three times the number generally advertised.

    “If you end up adding to that $18.5 trillion the unfunded civilian and military pensions and retiree healthcare, the additional underfunding for Social Security, the additional underfunding for Medicare, various commitments and contingencies that the federal government has, the real number is about $65 trillion rather than $18 trillion, and it’s growing automatically absent reforms,” Walker told host John Catsimatidis on “The Cats Roundtable” on New York’s AM-970 in an interview airing Sunday.

    The former comptroller general, who is in charge of ensuring federal spending is fiscally responsible, said a burgeoning national debt hampers the ability of government to carry out both domestic and foreign policy initiatives.

    1. He said Americans have “lost touch with reality” when it comes to spending.

      That’s OK, Dave. Reality hasn’t lost touch with Americans.

    2. Just agh, fund things when you make the promises. I was talking with one of my parents the other day about how glad I was that I had a 401K instead of a pension. They couldn’t understand that I felt more secure with retirement forty years off paying into a system with my name actually on my money instead of a pyramid scheme that relies on nothing bad happening to my employer between now and then.

      1. I keep running into this as well. I’d much rather have it be money that is mine, that I can use, or not use, and have passed on to my survivors, rather than rely upon a fund over which I have no control, and which may, or may not, actually go to my estate.

    3. a burgeoning national debt hampers the ability of government to carry out both domestic and foreign policy initiatives

      Mr. Walker appears to be a utilitarian.

      1. well, you kind of have to be.

    4. I’ve seen Walker in person a few times and he is an excellent speaker. If news organizations cared about trying to get government to address entitlement reform, he would be featured every Sunday morning on one of the networks. He has spent his retirement trying to draw attention to the solvency problems the country faces. We need more Walkers, not fewer.

  42. A group of faculty members at the University of Missouri will participate in a two-day walk out in support of student protests against the school’s perceived lack of response to incidents of racism.

    Nowhere did I see what exactly the problem was in how the University handles “racial justice”. I did find this little gem

    Besides Wolfe’s removal, the group’s list of demands includes a comprehensive racial awareness and inclusion curriculum and an increase of black faculty and staff to 10 percent by the academic year 2017-2018.

    So mandatory “social/racial justice” reeducation for everyone and some people to be put on the payroll because they’re black. University of Missouri’s “African Studies” department must be loving this.

    1. Does walking off the job remove tenure protections? It should.

      1. or is breach of contract for a scholarship athlete?

        Be very funny and educational if they all get tuition bills next semester.

        1. holding someone to the terms of their contract is racist.

    2. an increase of black faculty and staff to 10 percent

      So, I assume they have volunteers lined up to resign their current positions to make room?

      1. Logistics is a wing nut concern.

    3. from a Daily Mail article;

      Concerned Student 1950 has demanded, among other things, that Wolfe ‘acknowledge his white male privilege,’ that he be removed immediately, and that the school adopt a mandatory racial-awareness program and hire more black faculty and staff.

      At least we know what brand of stupid is being utilized by these protesters.

  43. On Saturday I spent most of my afternoon replacing the lower intake tube of my Beemer. The intake at this point has a split, one part going to the idle valve, the other going to the throttle body. The smaller tube heading to the idle valve had a finger sized hole so it needed replacement. Both use hose clamps that can be tightened via a 6mm bolt. Getting to that bolt required monkey dexterity since the heads were actually located under the assembly and couldn’t be seen. I had to work by feel alone.

    It took me over three hours to get them off, clean the idle valve, and install the new one. Somehow repair time just wasn’t considered when these cars were engineered. Or perhaps if I had the right tools…

    1. I have the weirdest boner right now.

      1. I thought that was a normal state of affairs for you.

        1. +1 slide whistle

      2. What’s so weird about it? It ripples as if a snake is moving under the skin? It’s crowned by the head of a goblin? It beeps like a truck backing out of a warehouse?

        1. It dances like the death throes of a salted slug.

      3. “Weirdest Boner,” the latest album to come out of the long-laboring power septet, “Sauerkraut Vajj,” has been climbing rapidly up the charts in recent weeks…

    2. Nope, repair time is pretty low on the list. It goes meeting environmental regulations, meeting safety regulations, meeting other regulations, meeting customer expectations of car performance, then everything else.

      1. Toyota FJ Cruiser – stupidly easy to work on (for a modern car). Not as easy as my old in-line six Chevy Nova, but not too bad.

        E63 AMG – the engine fills the entire compartment. I don’t how you do anything without yanking the engine.

    3. I saw “Beemer” and thought “motorcycle,” not “car.”

      1. oops – Bimeer…

        1. But, which bathroom does it use?

    4. That’s what ya git fer havin’ that fairy furrin car. My Jeep it’s alllll right there to fix when it breaks. Course, I got almost 200K miles on it and haven’t even replaced the clutch yet, so….

      /USA! USA! USA!

      1. PS “finger-sized” holes can be repaired with duct tape or a beer can. Unless yer a faggit.

        1. enough of your wife /bad zing

          1. “finger-sized” – not “gaping like a cannonball wound”….I mean, no wait….

            /self PWND

    5. I suspect it was very much considered.

      Virtually nobody alters their decision on which car to buy based on “ease of maintenance” any longer. More difficult repairs make people more likely to just take it to the mechanic and increases the billable hours for the mechanics. The more money dealers can make off of repair services the less money they need to make off the sale allowing the manufacturer to reap a higher percentage of the sale price

      So intentionally making the car more difficult and time consuming to maintain and repair is in every way a bonus for the car company and poses no downside whatsoever.

      1. That’s unfortunately true. I hate it. Which is part of the reason I still drive a 96 Suburban.

  44. Sorry for the Facebook link, but Robert Reich just jumped the (tiny) shark.

    Suppose a small group of extremely wealthy people sought to systematically destroy the U.S. government by (1) finding and bankrolling new candidates pledged to shrinking and dismembering it; (2) intimidating or bribing many current senators and representatives to block all proposed legislation, prevent the appointment of presidential nominees, eliminate funds to implement and enforce laws, and threaten to default on the nation’s debt; (3) taking over state governments in order to redistrict, gerrymander, require voter IDs, purge voter rolls, and otherwise suppress the votes of the majority in federal elections; (4) running a vast PR campaign designed to convince the American public of certain big lies, such as climate change isn’t occurring, and (5) buying up the media so the public cannot know the truth. Would you call this treason?

    1. Yo, fuck Robert Reich. He’s as economically astute as he is tall and handsome.

      1. He was great in Willow, though.

        1. And as Mini-Me

    2. I’d call that “everything you and your Proggy friends have been trying to do, Tiny Dancer”

    3. We didn’t get the outcome we wanted so therefore it must be treason!

    4. No. How the fuck would that be treason?

  45. In local troll news…

    Tulpa socked as Rooster all weekend, defending murderous cops from attacks on their sterling character and generally being the same shit he’s always been. Given that “Rooster” has been so thoroughly outed, watch for Tulpa to slink back with another handle in order to trick people into talking with him in the near future.

    But the most exciting development has been the breakdown of the “american socialist” troll. Mentally exhausted by failed attempts to smug the Reason Commentariat, it instead de-evolved into a reflex insult handle, randomly flinging out “racist” and “sexist” and a few other randomly generated nonsense words. This usually indicates that it was a sock handle all along and it will be retired soon.

  46. Bernie Sanders DESTROYS socialism haters

    Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) must be one of the gutsiest presidential candidates of our time. Many people feel as though he wouldn’t have a prayer in a general election because Sanders self-identifies as a “Democratic Socialist.”

    Many Americans instantly draw a negative connotation from the word “socialist.” This is thanks to decades of propaganda that the corporations have washed over the American people like a perverse capitalist baptism. They sell the “American Dream” telling the poor that they shouldn’t “punish” the rich by raising taxes because someday they could be rich too. For a very long time, I actually bought into that way of thinking myself.

    1. For a very long time, I actually bought into that way of thinking myself.

      “Then i realized that would be really hard work and might involve an amount of failure along the way that my fragile, fragile ego couldn’t handle, so now i write bullshit for a website that can’t spell ‘group’ instead.”

      1. Maybe it is a sexytime portmanteau of “group,” “grope,” and “Boy Scout Troop.”

        1. “My chin may be scratchy, Canteen Boy, but it gives good backrubs.”

          1. +1 “Oh look – my shirt fell off….”

            1. +2 Tom of Finland prints

    2. Bernie’s examples of Socialism

      6. The Polio Vaccine

      During the 1950s the United States had a devastating disease call polio plaguing millions of Americans. A scientist by the name of Dr. Jonas Stalk invented a cure and decided against selling the cure on the free market. Dr. Stalk gave his vaccine to the U.S. government to distribute freely. Dr. Stalk said that he made more than enough money as a scientist and felt the cure was too important to worry about profiting from it.

      9. Court System

      If you’ve ever used the court system, you are using a socialist program. You can pay for your own lawyer, but the judge, jury, and the executioner (in states with a death penalty) are paid with tax dollars.

      Of course, he throws in roads and other expected stuff.

      1. So by his own definition wouldn’t we already be socialist?

        1. You know who else was avowedly socialist….

      2. Would that be the same judicial system making life hell for poor people over petty infractions?

        At first the BLM vs. Sanders thing seemed like moronic activist gamesmanship, but I can see why they might actually hate him.

      3. It seems that he is trying to redefine socialism as government. This is, of course, totally absurd. From the beginning socialism has been about reforming “society” to fit the vision of an elite. If government is socialism, then it’s government gone rogue.

      4. Are these people so fucking stupid that they don’t know the guy’s name was “Salk”?!?!?!
        Gotta be trolling…

        1. And, they treat the words “cure” and “vaccine” as if they mean the same thing.

      5. “Stalk”? Are you kidding me?

      6. Jonas Stalk?

        Really? 3 times in the same paragraph!

    3. On the news, they always say so-and-so “slams” or “targets” or “attacks” or some other violent metaphor. I guess politics is more entertaining when you pretend it’s an episode of SmackDown.

      If you do a search for “Trump slams” or “Obama slams”, you’ll get millions of hits.

  47. It’s not what you think:

    I will bleed on your Capitalism.


    1. Its exactly what i thought

    2. And you win the Sugarfree prize for today


      1. Sugarfree Prize – 1

        Hat Tips – 0

        I see where my future is …

    3. People have GOT to stop hiring Sweet’n’Low to coordinate their protests.

    4. worse than what I thought – you bastard

    5. + 1 L7

    6. So they have a problem with paying taxes? Do they think they have tampons in Somalia?

      1. The road to Somalia is littered with used tampons, SF.

        If they had roads, anyway.

  48. – Schedule 1

    The drug has a high potential for abuse. The drug has no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States. There is a lack of accepted safety for use of the drug under medical supervision.

    Schedule 2

    The drug has a high potential for abuse. The drug has a currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States or a currently accepted medical use with severe restrictions. Abuse of the drug may lead to severe psychological or physical dependence.”

    Oh yeah, Hillary, that’s a huge improvement

    1. The entire schedule scheme became worthless when politics forced them to make MDMA Schedule 1 despite the courts and medical experts saying it should be Schedule 3.

      1. But people like it! If people like it, it must be bad!

        1. Well, yeah. If there is a chance that people may enjoy the effects of the drug, then it is addictive. Even if it isn’t actually addictive.

      2. I would say the schedule became worthless when they listed pot as Schedule 1.

        1. The scheme was *never* not worthless.

  49. For anyone who is a WW2 buff and has a Facebook account…

    The Ghosts of the Eastern Front

    Lots of pics of dug up WW2 gear, both Russian and German. Some of this looks like grave robbing to me, but supposedly the bodied found are reburied. Researching this I found this older link from 2013:

    New Cemetery in Russia: Germany Still Burying Eastern Front Dead

    Germany will open its last big war cemetery in Russia on Saturday, marking the culmination of a huge effort to recover Wehrmacht soldiers killed on its Eastern Front in World War II.

    By the end of this year, the German war graves commission will have found and reburied a total of 800,000 soldiers in Eastern Europe and Russia since 1992, when the former Eastern bloc countries began helping Germany retrieve the remains of missing soldiers following the end of the Cold War.


    1. As if we need more evidence that war is horrific *shudder*.

      As a kid I read every fucking book I could get my hands on about WWII, made plastic models of planes, tanks, ships – even made dioramas on boards with burned out buildings and damaged vehicles. Then I started to see the pictures of all the horror….gah. Just ghastly stuff. And then all the strategy and reasoning, and the “genius” of generals….who gives a fuck? It’s all a goddamned slaughter. Just awful. Some’s just more-horrific than others…

    1. That’s hilarious

    2. Saw a funny video of spiders with lightsabers. Ah, here it is:


  50. Fun facts:

    I was looking into two children’s books I remember from long ago. One called Oscar Otter was written by the son of Peter Benchley, author of Jaws. The other called Sammy the Seal was written by Syd Hoff, a communist who drew cartoons for communist newspapers.

    Oh, and I found the complete audiobook version of Starship Troopers on youtube.



    1. I remember Oscar Otter! That slide he built was fucking intense.

  51. Sanders, who is the first major-party presidential candidate to endorse marijuana legalization at the state level and descheduling at the federal level, notes that Clinton’s proposal does nothing to address the 700,000 or so marijuana busts that American cops make every year.

    Au contraire, Bern, it is you who does not address how our underfunded police and courts will recover from having 700,000 fewer people to shake down.

  52. Thank God There’s No Pipeline! = Second Tanker Train in 2 Days Derails in Wisconsin

    1. This will have zero negative impact on the environment.

      1. Petroleum is natural! It’s only when we refine it into gasoline that it becomes unnatural.

      2. Also, these derailments create lasting jobs in the cleanup sector

        1. Install more windows in the tanker cars.

        2. Does Berkshire Hathaway insure it’s Oil ChooChoo delivery system with GEICO?

    2. I thought this might involve one of the evil Koch’s trains the wonderful Warren Buffet’s infrastructure-investment companies, but, no, just Bill Ackerman’s railroad, so no evil korporations to see here, folks.

  53. Hilarious preacher meltdown:


    The face of the guy seated on the far left is priceless.

    1. “The pastor made an error – obviously made a mistake … He was a charismatic leader, and he helped a lot of people in their struggles. Obviously there’s still a fondness there for him. The one thing we want to be sure we bring is reconciliation to him and his wife.”

      Why? FFS why? Has anybody asked her what she wants?

      The part about yielding to God’s will is great. God wanted ME to screw that teenager.

  54. Good to see shriek bringing the stoopid so fucking hard on so many fronts this morning. All is right with the world.

  55. OMFG, you guys have *got* to read this.


    The guy identifies the core problem in the first paragraph and the proposes a solution that is more of what is causing the problem.

    My response is there under ‘Incunabulum’

    1. One solution would be for government to buy chunks of agricultural land around cities. They would do so at the market prices for agricultural land, or slightly above, and from farmers willing to sell. Government would then re-zone the land as suitable for building, and sell it, again at market prices, to developers. Since land that can be built upon sells for many multiples of the price of farmland, government will make huge change-of-use gains.

      Because no one would ever think of building housing to meet a demand. I mean there is all of this land out there waiting to be bought and sold at a profit and the real estate developers who do that sort of thing for a living are not doing it already.

      Is this guy in the 8th grade or something?

    2. The author (from Wikipedia):

      He graduated with an MA in History from the University of Edinburgh (1970), with a PhD in Philosophy from the University of St Andrews (1974), and with an MPhil in Land Economy from Pembroke College, Cambridge (1997).

      Prior to co-founding the Adam Smith Institute, a Libertarian think tank. Pirie worked for the United States House of Representatives.[1] He was a Distinguished Visiting Professor of Logic and Philosophy at Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, Michigan, USA.[1] Pirie was one of three Britons living in the United States who founded the Adam Smith Institute.

      A couple of questions:

      What the hell is a Masters of Philosophy in Land Economy?

      How did this guy get classified as a libertarian?

      And Hillsdale must be a joke.

      1. Actually, Hillsdale is an outstanding undergrad program that takes no government funding of any sort. Only private money. A number of coleagues attended undergrad there, and I encouraged my kids to look into it.

        This guy’s either a flier or…something, cause Hillsdaie’s all that and a bag from a libertarian/constitutionalist standpoint.

        1. coleagues are like colleagues, but differently abled…

      2. Maybe he’s a Georgist?

      3. What the hell is a Masters of Philosophy in Land Economy?

        “let me ask you, are you at all concerned about an uprising?”

    3. It makes more sense when you realize its a Brit.

      Even when they are determined pro-capitalists, as this guy appears to be… there’s almost no limit to the degree of Government meddling they’ll tolerate.

      he makes that point here, saying he’s ok with a “Nudge“-government that ‘helps people make the right choices’

      1. Maybe the world wars depleted the gene pool in the UK to such a degree all the Brits who are left are retarded and wouldn’t know enough to buy and sell land at a profit unless the government shows them.

        1. I think its something more to do with the fact that the public sector is half their economy, and they simply can’t conceive of “anything less” being possible. Where they draw the line for “Normal and proper” is far closer to what we’d consider an unthinkably insane degree of bureaucracy. In the US, we only have to think back to the 1950s as a kind of boom-time for economic expansion and productivity growth. The UK hasn’t seen anything like that since the 19th century, and the mindset reflects this.

          1. The US only has to look back on the 1980s and 1990s. Other than a brief recession in 1992, the US economy and real wages and living standards grew pretty much unabated from 1983 through 2000.

      2. Yeah, except that in this case its not the *people* who have been making the ‘wrong’ choices – as with, say obesity or smoking – its the *government* itself.

    4. Maybe someone should point out that, in LA, most of that land is over the mountains or government land already?

  56. http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/s…..9-07-30-50

    The protests at the University of Missouri are quite entertaining. So, the President of the Student Body, who is black, says some people in a pickup yelled some racial slur at him, a black student organization says a drunken white student yelled a racial slur at them and someone (we don’t know who) drew a swastika in shit on a dormitory bathroom wall. And now the entire black student body wants the President of the university to resign because the university is just so racist. Yeah, the student body is so racist they elected a black student president of the student government.

    Progressive educators really have created an entire generation of emotionally broken and stunted students. These people are incapable of rational thought or indeed any thought beyond “WAAAAA”.

      1. Increasingly, i’m getting the impression that the moaning and public self-flagellation / starving etc. isn’t about “getting something” in return….its not a means to an end. The griefing is an end in itself, and is its own reward. Its like a bicycle-pump for the ego.

        That is not an impression, that is reality. Nothing will ever satisfy these people. They are nothing but the Red Guards thankfully without the ability to murder people. No amount of self-flagellation will ever satisfy them. If they had the power, they would be out murdering people and their families like the Red Guards did in Mao’s China. Remember, the Red Guards were a grass roots movement that started on college campuses. For all the sins of the Chinese Communist government, creating the Red Guards was not one of them.

      2. And I bet the incident with the drunken college student and the pickup are total fabrications. If it was a student, who was it and why isn’t he being villified all over social media right now? We live in a world where people get run out of business for answering a hypothetical question about catering gay weddings. And this guy called the black student organizations some racial slur and no one bothered to even find out who he is? Bullshit.

        Same goes for the guys in the pickup. Maybe it happened but funny how it happened to the president of the student body at just the right time.

        1. Yeah, the rednecks-in-the-back-of-a-pickup is just a little too pat. Could have happened, but my UVA/this-is-too-truthy detector is pinging.

          1. I’ve heard weirder things. Last Saturday I walked to the store and someone yelled “Penis” from their car. But I wasn’t even offended so much as confused by how retarded it was.

            What is most suspicious to me about this story is that it happened to the President of the Student Body. It reeks of an attempt to make it seem important. The reality is that people who yell shit out of cars just tend to be impulsive assholes, they’re not trying to fight a political battle and so they don’t research the person they yell at before they do it.

        2. And their demands include giving more money to social justice organizations, because money solves all problematics.

    1. I would’ve figured a swastika of shit is an anti-racist statement.

      I kinda hoped the administration’s response to the strike was a knowing nod of ascent without looking up followed by mumbled assurances that these incidents would be looked into.

      1. Their response is going to be what it always is to these people, grovelling. The problem is that as Gilmore points out, no amount of grovelling will ever satisfy these people. They are not even coherent enough to have a set of demands. They don’t know what they want other than attention and there is nothing that will ever satisfy them.

      2. “I would’ve figured a swastika of shit is an anti-racist statement”

        It will turn out to be an art project.

        1. Imagine if some black, lesbian, transgendered art student stepped forward and said it was her art project. The ensuing confusion would be priceless.

        2. Oddly, I just can’t think of someone, who finger paints with poop as much of a threat, but maybe that’s just me.

  57. For some reason, the title scenes of this video immediately made me think of SugarFree:

    1. “Put your hands on the computer screen. Feel SugarFree’s love flowing into you, flowing over you, pooling at your feet in a rancid puddle.”

      1. “A thrill* runs down your leg.”

        *possibly also terror-wee

        1. I thought that was the crabs, fleeing in terror at what, err, comes.

  58. Top Men

    “This is just what the Dr. (Yellen) ordered,” writes Ethan Harris, co-head of global economics at Bank of America Merrill Lynch.
    Harris outlined five reasons why “Fedexodus,” the initial normalization of monetary policy, won’t have a crippling effect on real economic activity.


    2. Lawmakers will stop abjectly stifling growth. “We are encouraged by the gradual shift toward compromise and modest fiscal easing and away from confidence-sapping brinkmanship,” said Harris. As monetary policy is set to remove accommodation, government spending is poised to at least partially offset any ensuing drag on the economy.

    It’s geniuses, all the way down.

    1. It is an article of religious faith that government spending creates economic growth. Its the multiplier effect all the way down.

  59. NY Times shameless slide into self-parody continues.

    Backed by Nail Salon Owners, a New York Legislator Now Fights Reforms

    Yeah, it was dirty money that changed his mind. I’m sure it had nothing to do with finding out that your expose was a pack of lies.

    1. Money could be influencing a New York legislator? I AM OUTRAGED! My guess is that the money trail leads right to the Koch brothers doorstep…

      What a pathetic expose.

    2. So basics I got from that article. An industry discovered that if they don’t have a lobbying group they are ripe for victimization from the government. They organize their own associations and fight back.

      I’m betting the lobby groups that first pushed these laws are pretty furious behind the scenes. These laws were probably meant to push the nail salons into their dues paying pockets, not cause them to create their own. Big labor must be especially pissed.

    3. We know that people only deviate from the Democratic party line because of bribes.

  60. http://www.infowars.com/german…..n-gardens/

    Migrants riot in churches, shit in gardens and loot stores. But this is going to make Europe more free. Never forget how great this whole thing is going to be for Europe.

    1. Merkel must be some sort of National Front-esque plant. Nothing else makes sense.

      1. I see Germany is jumping right on the Islamicization bandwagon. Because that is one of the major steps – de-consecrating rival churches, often before they are converted to mosques.

    2. Mass migration is always and everywhere a good thing for everybody, John.

    3. Lesbian bishop in Sweden suggests removing crosses from churches to make them more inviting to migrants. Perhaps next she will let some migrants throw her off the top of a building to make them feel at home.

      1. Or maybe she should throw herself off so her presence doesn’t trigger them.

    4. Other than perhaps Cytotoxic, I don’t know that anyone is claiming that this is all going to be great for Europe. It’s a bad situation all around.

      It is possible to believe that there is not a planned Islamic invasion of Europe happening, people have a right to move freely, and that this is likely to cause all sorts of problems in Europe.

      1. Yes, Zeb it is completely possible to believe that it is the Europeans’ job to get totally fucked and victimized because of some vague notion that people should have the right to go across borders under any circumstance for any purpose.

        The Libertarian answer to the people in Europe and their migrant problem is “you are fucked and it is your job to suffer for our principles”. I already knew that.

        1. That’s not what I said. It’s a fucked up situation with no easy answer.

          Europeans (or their governments) have chosen to create the present situation where people fleeing Syria can expect to be greatly rewarded for getting to certain European countries. They also have the option of not giving ridiculously generous benefits to all of the migrants/refugees which would reduce their numbers and their sense of entitlement.

  61. You can now book a hotel in Mogadishu online.

    I have the machine gun mounted on the Hi Lux, plenty of sunscreen, and copies of Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead for beach reading. Time to load up the kids and head out for a libertarian holiday in the sun.

    1. Thank you for the Sex Pistols earworm, Sue.

  62. Regulations could have saved a man’s life! Because, you know, we’d have a regulation against suspending a swing from a tree branch not strong enough to support the weight of a grown man, or a regulation against grown men sitting on such a swing or something like that…

    Man dies cause of no regs about swings at airbnb

    On Medium’s Matter blog, writer Zak Stone describes how his father died at an Airbnb rental.

    In Stone’s telling, his dad went to go sit down at a rope swing suspended from a tree. The trunk the swing was attached to broke and fell on Stone’s father, who suffered severe brain damage and died.

    So, the solution…

    Stone’s story illustrates a bigger problem faced by so-called sharing-economy startups like Airbnb: a lack of regulation and safety standards…

    1. Man dies cause of no regs about swings at airbnb

      Why do links work on replies to previous comments, but not base level comments themselves? And, other than using tinyurl.com or something like that, how do you include a link that’s over 50 characters, since that gets rejected as being an excessively long word?

      1. You can include the link as HTML. Or install one of the add-ons such as reasonable (Chrome) which makes it easy to insert a link.

    2. No one has ever died accidentally at a hotel.

    3. Serves them right for wanting to cheat the city out of its cut.

    4. Because grown men should have the right to safely sit on strange homemade rope swings probably intended for children?

      1. If it broke when an adult sat on it, then it is fairly likely that it could also have broken with kids playing on it. I could see it being considered negligence on the part of the home owner. But I’m not sure how it is the fault of Air BNB or their problem.
        Also, shit happens.

        1. There is a big difference between my 60 pound tops niece and my 210 lbs minimum uncle.

          1. There is also a big difference between what kids do on a swing and what adults do. If you set up a swing that can hold a 60 lb kid, but not a normal sized adult, I’d say you’ve done a shitty job.

            And if you are renting a house and it has a swing, I think you do have the right to sit on that swing and expect not to be killed.

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  64. Clearly Hillary wants men with guns to rush out and shoot some more potheads and bystanders. That’ll teach those cowardly 56% who favor repeal to rush out and vote for her party. If Canada and Mexico decriminalize victimless stuff and the US ramps up its Gestapo police state, that will reverse the tide of immigration as handily as Herbert Hoover’s Republican prohibition and asset forfeiture enforcement did in 1931.

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