Ben Carson Never Applied to West Point, Obama Spikes Keystone: P.M. Links


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TNT's Agent X Gives the Vice President a Secret Pet Assassin: Outrageous concept a bad idea on both civics and entertainment grounds. By Glenn Garvin

Will Climate Change Ruin Your Sex Life?: Global warming will cool sexual passion, says new study. By Ronald Bailey

Don't Be Afraid of Those 6,000 Felons Just Released From Prison: Families Against Mandatory Minimum's Kevin Ring makes the case for even more wide-ranging and far-reaching sentencing reform. By Nick Gillespie & Austin Bragg

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  1. Shame on journalists, says Glenn Greenwald. Again.

    It is, of course, pleasing to view your own tribe as inherently superior. It feels nice to believe that your own side is so intrinsically moral, so Exceptional, that one needs no “evidence” or “investigation” to know immediately that any bad acts are unintended. It is a massive relief to know that things like “war crimes” and intentionally bombing structures protected by the Geneva Conventions can only be done by the countries declared by your government to be adversaries, but never by your own government.

    1. Finally she’s not the worst.

      Fist gets firsted.

      1. That whole thing got all mixed up the first time I read it.

        1. I had to edit it before I posted. Probably shouldn’t have, knowing we degenerates the way I do,

      2. It’s just another symptom of worstness. I mean posting a quality comment first, that’s the best. She’s the best at being the worst. Of course.

      3. I think technically I’m not supposed to get credit, since I didn’t comment on a link.

        Of course, I think Fist is the one who made up that rule, so…

        1. If Rufus responds “Hello”, it counts.

        2. Do I comment on the links first some of the time? I didn’t even realize. I usually just come around, notice that the links have been posted, casually peruse them, find one or two that strike my fancy, think up a comment pertinent to that link, copy and paste the relevant text, tag it for italics for readability, type out my comment, preview it and then post it. I guess sometimes no one else has posted a comment on the thread during that time.

          But copying and pasting a pre-written comment is impressive, too.

          1. Just keep pretending you don’t care. Yeah, be cool.

            1. Fist is basically a honey badger.

    2. Hello.

      Not sure I want to click on that Fiorina/View clip. Anyone can offer a synopsis for this lazy puke?

      1. cat fight

      2. At the end of her segment it was revealed that vaginas actually have teeth, after two of the hosts engaged in genital combat and one had to be taken to the hospital for severe lacerations.

    3. At Vox, Max “surely-the-result-of-some-terrible-human-error” Fisher left it to his colleague Zach Beauchamp…

      Sick burn, Greenwald.

    4. Good article. Greenwald rarely disappoints.

      1. Yeah, I really enjoyed this one. Glad you liked it.

        1. Like all links I save them for later and read them late at night.

    5. Looks like Fist just tore Nicole a new one!

        1. Don’t act like you’re not titillated.

    6. I like Glenn Greenwald and generally enjoy the intercept.

      But then 1 article out of every 10 is just batshit insane super-lefty insanity.

      The sob story of the Kiwi “UN Intern” who slept in a tent on the shore of Lake Geneva to ‘bring attention to intern exploitation’ (despite having a girlfriend w/ an apartment 30 mins away) is one that exemplifies their occasional “self-celebrating advocacy”-shtick.

      1. He’s super-insane lefty of Chomsky variety. Which means, if you want criticism of US, he’s your man. On the enemies of US, nothing can be said except that it’s always US fault. Communism? Fuck yes! But it’s virginal, pure communism, that never ever violates anything, and any bad stuff that might happen will be the fault of US.

        1. i will still give him a pass on his own craziness for the quality of his work

          the other people who write for the intercept… not so much.

          1. I guess to me he’s basically what religious people are to American atheists. I spent my first 20 years exposed to media whose every article, commentary or whatever on the US was as if Greenwald wrote it. So once I start hearing the same tune, I just go “nope” and walk away.

            1. I see your point there.

    7. Any structure harboring active enemy combatants is not protected by the Geneva Conventions.

      1. Any structure harboring active enemy combatants

        Good thing there weren’t any in there, not that it mattered.

        Oh, and you’re wrong, in terms of hospitals.


        Medical Units and Establishments
        Article 19. Fixed establishments and mobile medical units of the Medical Service may in no circumstances be attacked, but shall at all times be respected and protected by the Parties to the conflict. Should they fall into the hands of the adverse Party, their personnel shall be free to pursue their duties, as long as the capturing Power has not itself ensured the necessary care of the wounded and sick found in such establishments and units.
        The responsible authorities shall ensure that the said medical establishments and units are, as far as possible, situated in such a manner that attacks against military objectives cannot imperil their safety.

        1. cont.

          Article 20. Hospital ships entitled to the protection of the Geneva Convention for the Amelioration of the Condition of Wounded, Sick and Shipwrecked Members of Armed Forces at Sea of 12 August 1949, shall not be attacked from the land.
          Article 21. The protection to which fixed establishments and mobile medical units of the Medical Service are entitled shall not cease unless they are used to commit, outside their humanitarian duties, acts harmful to the enemy. Protection may, however, cease only after a due warning has been given, naming, in all appropriate cases, a reasonable time limit, and after such warning has remained unheeded.

          1. Article 22. The following conditions shall not be considered as depriving a medical unit or establishment of the protection guaranteed by Article 19:
            (1) That the personnel of the unit or establishment are armed, and that they use the arms in their own defence, or in that of the wounded and sick in their charge.
            (2) That in the absence of armed orderlies, the unit or establishment is protected by a picket or by sentries or by an escort.
            (3) That small arms and ammunition taken from the wounded and sick and not yet handed to the proper service, are found in the unit or establishment.
            (4) That personnel and material of the veterinary service are found in the unit or establishment, without forming an integral part thereof.
            (5) That the humanitarian activities of medical units and establishments or of their personnel extend to the care of civilian wounded or sick.

            1. When does the Lightbringer go to The Hague docket for this war crime? Does the Nobel award constitute a get out of jail free?

              1. He found out about it on the news, just like the rest of us.

            2. But this assumes the Geneva Convention is legitimate when it’s not.

              1. Why isn’t it?

                *We* are signatories – and the GC doesn’t fail to apply to a signatory just because we’re in conflict with a non-signatory.

                1. Now, you *could* make the case that the Taliban are ‘non-lawful combatants’ and not a legitimate power that *could* be a signatory – but that just makes them *criminals* and subject to due process.

                2. Because it gets in the way of Cytotoxic having a foreign country murder other foreigners that he wants to have killed.

                  1. It’s not murder when it’s justified.

                    The GCs hamstring America’s ability to destroy those who aggress against its citizens and are therefore immoral.

          2. The protection to which fixed establishments and mobile medical units of the Medical Service are entitled shall not cease unless they are used to commit, outside their humanitarian duties, acts harmful to the enemy.

            This is what the hospital has been accused of doing. Allowing Taliban to launch attacks from their building.

            1. That’s nice. You have something other than highly speculative bullshit to back that up?

            2. *Even if they did* launch attacks from the building, which there is exactly *zero* evidence that they did, how in any kind of sense of human decency does that justify an attack on an operational hospital that was well known to both US and Afghan forces?


              1. “how in any kind of sense of human decency does that justify an attack on an operational hospital that was well known to both US and Afghan forces?”

                It is the USG’s job to protect the lives and rights of its citizens with minimum loss on its end. If annihilating a hospital and those in it were reasonably found to be necessary to this end, the the USG is morally required to do so.

                1. Sounds like utilitarian bullshit to me.

              2. If the US and Afghan forces retaking Kunduz were taking fire from that site, the site loses its protection. Of course, that’s a big “If”. Moreover, I’ve read that another hospital in Kunduz at around the time of the strikes was also firing on ISAF forces. It’s barely believable the AC-130 crew got confused as to where they were supposed to hit.

                I definitely am not taking MSF’s word at face value that their hospital wasn’t being used as an insurgent facility. I mean, we don’t take cops’ words here at face value when they investigate themselves; why would we do the same when MSF does it?

                OTOH, the AC-130’s got cameras on top of cameras, (plus guns on top of guns) and it sounds like they loitered awhile. It’s hard for me to believe that the gunship crew kept pounding the shit out of the compound if there wasn’t some indication of hostile activity. From what I’ve read of Afghanistan veterans bitching, it hasn’t been a war of late where they could get permission to call fires on whatever the Army felt like. The rules may be different for JSOC (who’re the only people who get to play with things like AC-130s)

                I really want the US Gov’t to come up with a competing narrative. and some evidence to back it up. I know they have it, and the longer they go without providing it, the more full of shit they look.

    8. Is this immature drawn out diatribe Greenwald’s usual writing MO?

      Fuck Greenwald and his Blame America for Everything demented view of the world. Fuck him and his response to people who showed the Hebdo cartoons.

    9. It is simply impossible for me to believe this was intentional war crime at this point in America’s history. The US government has, especially it’s military, committed war crimes in the past While it is no doubt that this would have been a war crime in times past, say 7 years ago or such, now is not that time.

      Since the Nobel Peace Prize was bestowed upon the LightBringer America’s government has been nothing Smart Power and does not do stupid stuff and is a beacon to the world as the Founding slave owners intended.

      I wish I knew what, or who, was in that hospital that was so important that they bombed it knowing the eventual backlash. It must have been uuuuuuge !

  2. Ben Carson was never awarded a scholarship to West Point. He never even applied.

    West Point’s loss is Politico‘s gain.

    1. Here comes Rubio, here comes Rubio, right down neocon lane…

    2. He meant East Point.

      /red spot light flashes.

    3. I just don’t care. I can’t figure out why anyone else cares about him either.

    4. I’m don’t see the appeal, other than I think he’d be better than Hillary or Trump, but it appears he didn’t say he applied to West Point. Looks like he was encouraged to apply, promised free tuition (duh) and chose to remember that as a scholarship offer, which is a relatively modest embellishment, IMO.

      1. This seems to be the only sane interpretation of events. Naturally, it will be rejected by most soi-disant journalists.

        1. The way that divisive Koch-sucker lies makes me want to vote for Hillary!

      2. Sounds about right. Something else to consider is that he probably didn’t write the book himself since most politician autobiographies are ghost written. So it’s possible that the story Carson told was simplified by the ghost writer or editor.

      3. How could he not know that? Everybody knows that! Not looking so smart now, are you Carson?


      4. I just want to know if he was dodging sniper fire when they were offering the scholarship.

    5. Dave Journolist Weigel is defending Carson! I have no shits to give for anyone involved but this is Politico bullshit.

      1. I read the linked Guy Benson piece on the Politico’s interpretation of Carson’s reference to scholarship and such, and, yes, it sure looks like this is lewinsky press bullshit.

    6. Can someone clear something up for me? Aren’t all West Point, Annapolis, etc students on full boat scholarships, so to speak, followed by something like ten years service? Do they even call it a scholarship — isn’t it just known as being in the military?

      1. Yes, all the service academies are tuition free, with a service obligation. I don’t remember the length any more, but 10 years might be just about it. I know it wasn’t less than 4, but since it’s been 25 years since I went through the process (getting the Congressional nomination, etc., then failing the medical because I didn’t lie – which apparently, honor code notwithstanding, is SOP for asthmatics that can still pass physicals).

        1. Yes, never tell the truth about drug or medical history.

        2. 5 years.

          Of course, I signed up for 8, but I was dumb enlisted guy and didn’t go the Ring Knocker Factory for my commission…

      2. True. It’s a goofy way of saying it. Allahpundit was saying it was more along the lines of he got a verbal offer from Westmoreland that he was a shoe in for WP.

        Either way, Carson, like practically everyone, exaggerates things in his childhood. Difference is he gets rightly called on it, but Hillary and Obama don’t.

      3. I am pretty sure you are correct, nobody pays to go to the service academies. And as far as applying – when I was in school I got a letter from my Congressman asking if I would be interested in being nominated to attend West Point so I’m not sure if the ‘application’ process isn’t that they will let you know if they are interested in you, not that you let them know you are interested in them.

      4. My commitment 21 yrs ago was 5 yrs (USAFA)… Pilot training comes with a ~10 yr payback, but academies not been that long as far as I know.

  3. College Humor tackles the 1 in 5 statistic. I bet it’s really funny, right?

    Yeah, even if the statistic hadn’t been discredited, that wasn’t very funny.

    1. Like “Funny or Die” not funny?

      1. There should be a whole pile of dead bodies by now.

        1. Or bear poop.

    2. The youtube video disable comments for some reason.

  4. 9 year old boy murdered in gang killing:

    The death of Tyshawn Lee, killed Monday afternoon while walking to his grandmother’s home, was part of a war between two street gangs, and he was singled out because his father was connected to one of the gangs, Superintendent Garry McCarthy of the Chicago police said at a news conference in the alley. He did not say whether the shooting was in retaliation for a particular act.

    “We believe that Tyshawn was targeted, lured to this spot and murdered,” Mr. McCarthy said.

    You know who else murdered a boy because his dad belonged to the wrong gang?

    1. Titus Andronicus?

      1. Tight as his sister.

    2. Pharoah?

    3. Please tell me one of those gangs is the police.

    4. I call BS on that story. The father is talking to the press, but not the police? When a gang is angry enough with him that they killed his son?

      1. The father is a gang member too. They tend not to like the police.

        1. Yeah. Not a reason to call BS.

      2. Why would he talk to the police, anyway? They are convinced he is in a gang. Either they are right, in which case he is smart not to talk to the police because duh, gang member, or they are wrong, in which case he is smart not talk to the police, because why would you do that?

        1. Hopefully the new Spike Lee movie will show that side of things. If anything to embarrass CPD and Hizzoner

          1. Hizzoner

            It took me years to figure out what the hell is a “HIZZoner”. It’s not spelled right.

    5. According to scanner traffic, the area of conflict where this kid was killed is expected to see action tonight.

      1. Nikki, the neighborhood’s Auburn-Gresham: it’d be surprising if it didn’t see a whole of crime tonight. Per Hey Jackass, it’s not Englewood or Austin, but it sure looks like a shithole just the same.

        What dumb motherfucker lights up a 9 year kid on purpose anyway? I wouldn’t be surprised to see his fellow gang members killing him, a la the famous case of the 11 year Chicago gang member twenty years ago, whose crimes attracted way too much attention to the rest of his crew.

  5. Damn! I was sure we’d get a movie trailer from Rico (Japanese Star Wars! Warcraft!). I guess a College Humor link is the next best thing.

    1. I thank him for not nerding this place up.

    2. Shit, forgot it’s Blizzcon time.

      Trailer here. Meh, why not go full CG?

      1. You never go full CG.

        1. Christ, it looks like it will be horrible.

          How come CGI guys and directors never understand how ‘gravity’ and ‘momentum’ work?

  6. Obama says no to the Keystone pipeline, just like we always knew he would.

    America’s loss is China’s gain.

    1. America’s loss is Warren Buffett’s gain.


  7. Obama says no to the Keystone pipeline, just like we always knew he would.

    Once Hillary came out and said she’d veto it, he had no choice. Leading from behind only gets you so far.

    1. They should have donated to the Clinton Global Initiative.

    2. He’s not even giving Hillary the courtesy of a reach-around.

    3. It is interesting how this slow as molasses process in the DOS finally broke free just a day or so after Keystone said forget it, we’ll resubmit the permit app in 2016.

      1. If Hilliary doesn”t approve Keystone, given the chance, donations to the Clinton family slush fund could take a serious hit. When politicians take a bribe and then don’t deliver on purpose that tends to happen.

        A good politician is one who once bought, stays bought.

  8. Ah, newsless links. I was completely thrown by yesterday’s hard-hitting PM deluge of ‘important stories’.

    Reuters =

    Few Killed, But Dozens Missing and Likely Dead in Brazil Dam-Collapse = Corporate Misconduct *(Vale, BHP) Likely to Blame; Comparisons to Bhopal Should Come Soon

    China & Taiwan Press Flesh for First Time in 60 Years – Conversation likely one-sided version of “You Will Never Escape our Control”

  9. So, the wife is on a road trip, and I set about feeding the dog last night. I fetched the dog food, both wet and dry, and it’s all…. kangaroo. My wife has the dog on a kangaroo diet. Now, I understand that kangaroos are basically the white-tailed deer of Australia, with their ubiquity, wandering the roadways and getting hit by cars, etc., but they’re pretty cute. What I want is some reassurance from the Aussie (or Aussies) on this forum that kangaroos really are monstrous, deplorable creatures.

    1. They can be, if cartoons have taught me anything.

    2. My cousins from Melbourne used to tell me they were pests worthy of being shot.

      1. I loved waiting for some progressive to tell me how much they admired Greece’s swing to the hard-left…. then informing them that Greeks *routinely massacre thousands of cats* every year

        The look on their face is just priceless.

        1. I just point out the Golden Dawn’s existence.

          1. Aleister Crowley was a visitor to Corfu.

        2. I called the 24-hour vet to ask what I should do. He just said he couldn’t help me, because he didn’t feel well. He didn’t feel well! It wasn’t as if I was asking him to come out me. I just wanted to know if there was anything I could do.

          Just how did they become bankrupt, again?

          1. Banksters. Banksters and wreckers.

            1. Well, apparently they feel well, ’cause at least they did some kind of work.

              Apparently, 24-hour service doesn’t mean the same thing there as it does in more stable economies.

              1. Banksters do zero work, they sit back smoking cigars while orphans and black people toil in your beloved 24-hour economy!

                Seriously, bro, do you even monocle?

                1. orphans and black people

                  This is awesome.

                2. “Seriously, bro, do you even monocle?”

                  *enthusiastic, standing ovation*

      2. They might still have a bounty on certain species.

    3. A kangaroo kicked me, but I was being a jerk.

      1. A moose once bit my sister.

        1. A dingo eight my baby.

    4. They are ubiquitous to the point Australians put bars on the front of their cars so they don’t have to avoid running them down on the highway.

    5. So instead of rats with hooves, they’re rats with pouches?

      1. And boxing gloves. Don’t forget the boxing gloves.

    6. A kango ate my baby?

    7. Well they certainly are delicious so seems find for a dog.

      1. Okay, I’m convinced. Eat up, dog. And why does everyone/thing in a Daily Mail story weight 14 stone?

        1. They ran out of pounds.

          1. Pounds are money, stone are weight.

      2. SIX FOOT red rival weighing 14 stone

        Speak English, damnit!

    8. I know an Australian motorcyclist who will not ride his bike after dark under any circumstances because of kangaroos.

    9. Animals are picturesque and scenic when you visit Yellowstone, and annoying pests when they eat your daylilies. That’s just how it goes.

      Given the chance, I’d totally release a few breeding pairs of kangaroos in the Everglades, just to see what would happen.

      1. Kango-boas

      2. Gator population boom if they can handle the environment.

    10. 1. They’re fauna native to * Australia* – of course they are. I wouldn’t feed it to the dog, the corpse meat is probably stewing in toxins that are deadly to every other living thing, but Australians find ‘tasty’.

      2. Australians themselves can’t provide this reassurance. They live in a place where they have to fend off foot-wide spiders when they need to use the outhouse. Anything remotely mammilian looks cute to them.

  10. Maker of Original Batmobile Dies = 1955 Lincoln Futura Was Originally Purchased for $1, Remodeled

    1. Morgan Freeman died?

      1. *Original*, dude. Biff, Pow, Kthwock

    2. They said he built it in two weeks from a ford Futura.

      Dude that faster than Gas Monkeys.

      He could have had his own show.

    1. I agree.

      Rashad Owens, 23, acted with intent and malice when he sent bodies flying in the air and traveled at high speed for several city blocks, leaving nearly 30 victims and a trail of blood in his wake.

      No doubt influenced by GTA games (he seems too young for Carmageddon).

      1. Pan (and others), what do you think of this thing about Harper being anti-science?…..democracy/

        1. Harper clamps down on political activity by his opponents done on government dime. They freak out, because fuck you, we went into climate science for the rightthink.
          Just another chapter in the story of ten years of Savage Hyper-Religious Evil Conservative government vs Right And Proper Thinking People.

          1. we went into climate science for the gimmee


            1. Nah, I’ve worked enough in academia as a techie troglodyte (though natural sciences, not climate), and my impression is that, if you cut their money by half, they’d just work twice as hard. Granted, work = grant request writing, but no, they’d not go to, say, private sector.

              1. grant request writing, but no, they’d not go to, say, private sector.

                Isn’t that because they expect results?

        2. Why is Canada worried about climate change?

          You’d think they would embrace it.

      1. Can’t be, all gamergaters are men. So I’ve been told.

        1. Probably a sockpuppet of some fat white guy somewhere.

  11. College Humor tackles the 1 in 5 statistic. I bet it’s really funny, right?

    All Comments

    Comments are disabled for this video.

    You don’t say.

    1. If they hadn’t, you could take the number of views and that’s how many comments of “this sucked ass” they would get.

      1. It is funny, just not by intention: comparing the long-debunked 1:5 stat with bear attacks demonstrates what an absurd premise it was and is, so in that sense it’s a pretty effective self-parody.

        1. True. And I’m shocked that there was no trigger warning and an emergency link to a puppy video.

    1. You don’t have to remind me.

  12. Carly Fiorina vs. The View.

    That was difficult to watch. The hosts were trying so very hard play the victim in this while at the same time claiming to have not been catty.

    1. it seems sort of weird to do a ‘stoner rock’ tribute to… the best stoner rock band ever?

      Now, a dancehall reggae tribute to black sabbath…

    2. You had me at Shatner. As the final track, it was a showstopper.

      1. i think that will have to be the victor unless i can find a Polka version of War Pigs

          1. Ouch. I was expecting Ska, but it wasn’t that bad.

            I’m pretty sure Steve Bernstein’s Sex Mob have done some sabbath covers (there’s little they *havent* done). Even when they go super-weird they manage to make it interesting. Here’s them doing “Live and Let Die” from an album of nothing but Bond soundtracks.

            I’ve come across a half dozen other pretty boring covers of sabbath not worth mentioning. “Cake”? ick.

            1. I saw Alice Donut play that at The Pyramid Club back in 1990.

      2. blech! this is pretty awful but good for a laugh = World Beat/Indian Pop version of War Pigs

        1. ^^^ I really like this. I’m gonna check out more of her stuff. Thanx!

          1. …and from the comments, it seems that Tony Iommi dug it, too.

  13. Hillary Clinton: Presidential Candidates’ Emails Did Not Contain Classified Information, Report Says

    “The initial determination was based on a flawed process,” a source told POLITICO. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper reportedly concluded that the emails did not have top secret data.

    1. James Clapper would never lie.

      1. Even if he’s not lying, he’s not addressing the possibility that the emails contained lower level classified data (Secret or Confidential). Which is still a felony to place onto an unclassified system.

        Unlike the IG who flagged the emails as Top Secret, Clapper is a political appointee.

        1. They contained classified material. Full stop.

        2. Even if the emails contained *no* classified data whatsoever – they still have to be treated according to their classification level.

          And Clapper is steering *dangerously* close to saying that the classification level is just a formality and its the contents that matter – in which case he would be gutting the USG’s reasoning for trying to punish people who publish leaked classified material.

          After all, once its leaked, its not Top Secret anymore.

          1. Plus, this is just a ‘motte and bailey’ defense. He’s using two different definitions to obfuscate the issue here.

    2. Eileen Shaeffer
      The jigs up all you Republicans! Benghazi Committee….exposed! Emails…no there there! What else you got? Whatever it is it can’t compare to the revelation that Ben Carson is a lying fraud. He wrote a book on lies! Trump would not know the truth if it slapped him in the face. His day is coming. Hillary is good to go! She’s been vetted throughly for years.
      Like ? Reply ? 40 ? 2 hrs

      1. He wrote a book on lies!

        Do they really want to go down that road?

      2. Eileen needs more Kool-Aid.

      3. What’s crazy is some of the Hillary supporters honestly have convinced themselves she’s the more honest of the two.

    3. “The initial determination was based on a flawed process,” the source said. “There was an intelligence product people thought [one of the emails] was based on, but that actually postdated the email in question.”

      So, Hillary Clinton knew the information before the intelligence product was available? With that kind of premonition, we could have saved a lot of money by just asking Hillary instead of bothering with expensive intelligence programs.

    4. So the Secretary of State had no email address for her job?

      Because that seems to be the only way that could be true.

  14. This latest Carson story is worse than the pyramid crap. At least the pyramid speech actually happened, albeit it was presented in a sensationalized way.

    But Politico fabricated a straw man, attributed it to Carson, indignantly refuted it, and concluded that Carson made shit up.

    Technically, it was Politico that made shit up.

    So let’s not wander off into discussion of “well, the Carson campaign’s response to the false charge is problematic,” or “well, when he was offered a free education at West Point he shouldn’t have said he was offered a full scholarship because all students go for free,” etc.

    No, this is about Politico dropping a big steaming turd of an article into the public discourse.

    1. And Reason is mopping up the remains of the story. Pathetic. I don’t like Carson, think he would be a terrible Prez, but this crap fling is what makes people hate the Media(might as well call them Top Men.) Cocktail party later tonight.

      1. CARSON’S MEMOIR: They offered me a full scholarship to West Point, but I decided not to go.

        POLITICO: Here’s proof that Ben Carson is a liar – he never applied to West Point!

        CARSON: I *told* you I didn’t!

        POLITICO: “Carson admits lying in his memoir.”

        1. (“Anyway, why do you mention a full scholarship when in reality West Point cadets attend for free, courtesy of the taxpayer? Don’t you see a serious contradiction here?” /retardation)

          1. MSM NEWS DIRECTOR: “OK, let’s go with this Carson West Point scandal. Don’t go into the actual facts of the scandal, just focus on how testy and defensive Carson got when Politico raised the issue. I mean, do we really want a President so thin-skinned that he gets annoyed at criticism in the media?”

            REPORTER: “Uh, Boss, are you sure you want to use that particular angle?”

            NEWS DIRECTOR: “You’ll use it and like it! You don’t want the Republicans to win, do you?”

        2. From what I understand, you can’t apply to West Point even if you want to. You have to be nominated.

          1. You apply to your Congress Critter.

    2. Yeah it’s one of those things that disappoints about this place. When something like the UVA rape story comes out the writers look at it with a critical eye because they know something that fits a narrative so well is ripe for bias.

      Then they turn their brain off for other shit. Just reading Politico’s original story it was clear their headline that he “admitted to a fabrication” was a fabrication. And that there was nothing at all to refute his statements. So it was just a run of the mill political hit piece. There’s half a dozen of these every week on FB, I hope they’re not in the habit of falling for all of them.

      1. When something like the UVA rape story comes out the writers look at it with a critical eye because they know something that fits a narrative so well is ripe for bias.


        It’s difficult to imagine a more callous, wholly inadequate response to a culture of seemingly rampant sexual assault at the University of Virginia (UVA) than the one its administrators practiced year after year, according to a horrifying account finally publicized by Rolling Stone last week.

        Little could have been worse than that ordeal. But the quiet indifference of the people in whom Jackie confided came close.

        Only after Rolling Stone publicized Jackie’s story?including the fact that multiple other rape accusations went unreported

        And the thundering conclusion:

        UVA’s cowardly, PR-wary cover-up of its own rape problem should serve as a lesson to anyone who thinks otherwise.

        Robby stayed on story, but critical eye on initial report was not something he cast.

        1. I stand corrected. Actually I retroactively change my example to the NY times Salon story. Unless they fucked that up too before they got it right.

          1. Nah, that one was right up Reason’s alley. The magazine has very, very fine BS detector on economic leftism and immigrants. Combine the two, and you are just begging for what they’ll do to you.

    3. Prediction: Republican voters who already hate left-leaning media and cheered when Rafael Cruz went after the moderators in the last debate circle their wagons around Carson.

      1. The Washington Post is taking a new tack: Westmoreland wasn’t where Carson said he was, and anyway Westmoreland couldn’t recommend young men for West Point.

        I’d like to see if these new claims hold up.

        1. Let me speculate on what happened:

          A young Ben Carson meets Westmoreland. The general says something like, “you are a likely young man. With your record you’d easily be able to get into West Point. And there would be no tuition! I recommend you go there.” Then Westmoreland walks over to the next guy, but by now the incident is seared into Carson’s young mind.

          When he comes to reconstruct these events later, he goes by his youthful memory and doesn’t double-check it for details like what the proper procedures would have been if he’d decided to apply. He maybe doesn’t supplement his memories with research into army regs and so on, given that he never went to West Point anyway.

          Perhaps, at the time he was writing his memoir, he was also doing something else which took a lot of time and didn’t allow him to devote as much attention to book-writing as he might have liked.

        2. That was in the original story. He met Westmoreland a couple months earlier than he remembers. Westmoreland visited in February and not on Memorial Day. Okay

      2. Rafael Cruz

        Some call him… Ted

      3. Seems likely. I love how we’re supposed to care deeply about whether Carson got offered a free college education or a scholarship, but the fact that the sitting president was mentored by a no-shit domestic terrorist is not really worth discussing.

    4. No, this is just a run of the mill lie. The pyramid thing is certifiably batshit insane.

      1. Even that’s not batshit insane. I doubt the population has any idea what the inner square footage of the pyramids is, especially pre Google.

        1. What kind of defense is that? So what if other people don’t know the square footage of pyramids? That’s like saying that because the average person likely doesn’t know the the precise minerals that form the composition of moon rocks, it’s not insane to say it’s made of cheese.

          1. No, it’s nothing alike unless Carson claimed the Pyramids were made of cheese or something equally implausible. It’s more like if he said he thinks the Moon is made of mostly iron and people came out and said “Oh my god!!!!! That’s so crazy, the moon is totally made of many elements with an abundance of silicon!!!! That’s just crazy, did I mention it’s crazy!!!! Let’s go get an astronomer to tell Carson he’s wrong!!!!! And crazy!!!”

            The pyramids could plausibly be said to have many functions, tombs, worship areas, barracks. The only reason most anyone knows they are tombs is because somebody told us. So apparently our non-craziness is that we can parrot what we were told. Though I’m certainly not married to the concept since it’s based on no primary information of my own, and I recognize stating the purpose for a 3000 year old structure isn’t probably an exact science anyway.

            So the only thing that makes Carson’s theory implausible is that he apparently doesn’t know the inner square footage would make it impossible. I had no idea either until yesterday, and I’m sure I’m not alone. It seems likely Carson picked a theory that seems plausible to someone who doesn’t know a lot about the pyramids (which is almost everyone). That’s really not crazy, it’s just wrong.

            Maybe I’m just burn out on the social media attention grabber headlines of “Oh my god, you’ll never believe this” only to find it to be just some stupid mundane bullshit.

            1. Hey, the ancient Egyptians were remarkably bad at planning their grain silos. You know how I know? Well, look at where they are now. Exactly. That’s how terrible they were.

            2. “The only reason most anyone knows they are tombs is because somebody told us.”

              I imagine the coffins and mummies and such were something of a giveaway.

              1. They didn’t find them as far as I know, the theory is they were robbed long before historians explored. Certainly seems plausible to me, but then I don’t particularly give a fuck enough to even look into it.

              2. You might even call it… a dead giveaway.

                Ok, I’ll just go ahead and *narrow gaze* at myself…

                1. just looks like you’re squinting.

          2. It’s not ?

            What does that little man that lives up there and smiles down on us eat then ? Rocks ?

      2. If my options are between someone who believes that socialism works or someone who believes that the pyramids were used as grainaries then I’d choose the pyramid guy as being less insane. After all, the historical record of socialism’s failures are much more recent and well documented.

        1. This. Dude could be an evolution-denying creationist for all I care just so long as he wants to eliminate the Department of Ed.

        2. Exactly. It’s not like he’s proposing building new pyramid-shaped granaries with U.S. taxpayer dollars.

      3. Carson derived his “grain storage” theory from the text of the Bible. It’s not insane. It’s interpreting the biblical text to refer to a real event and then looking for something in the archaeological record to confirm it. Wrong (in this case) but not insane.

  15. Hillsboro, Oregon: Woman Kills Self and Injures Deputy During Traffic Stop, Police Say

    A 57-year-old woman shot herself Thursday during a traffic stop conducted by officers responding to a call from her family, police said. The deputy’s wounds were superficial.

    Investigators claim that the deputies never exchanged shots with the woman though witnesses say otherwise.

  16. Charlie Hebdo: Magazine Criticized for Cartoons About Russian Metrojet Flight Crash in Egypt

    “It is pure blasphemy,” President Vladimir Putin’s Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov said about the cartoons, Russia’s TASS news agency reports. Metrojet Flight 9268 crashed on Oct. 31.

    One cartoon shows debris falling on a member of Islamic State (IS) with a caption reading: “Russia’s air force intensifies its bombing.”

    In the other, a skull and body parts of victims are depicted.

    Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for Vladimir Putin, called the cartoons published by the satirical magazine “sacrilege”.

    1. I’d be constantly worried my cheerios tasted like polonium if I were those guys. Brass balls.

      1. I think Hebdo has more credible threats.

  17. College Humor tackles the 1 in 5 statistic. I bet it’s really funny, right?

    Comments for that particular video are disabled. Surprise surprise.

    1. College humor and sexual assault are equally funny.

  18. Sort of interesting shout-out = Sargon interviews one of the better Music Reviewers on Youtube

    Apparently its “social justice’ related in some way. I never would have guessed there was any overlap there. Its currently a live discussion but i guess it will get archived.

    1. Man, Sargon is my Greenwald. I love listening to his voice, and he’s often funny and on point, but then out of nowhere, crazy leftism. I think I’ll wait for the VoD.

      1. I’ll wait for the paperback.

    2. Weirdly, this entire conversation actually seems to be about US police militarization and asset forfeiture so far

      no whining about SJWs at all.

      What is fucked up? is that there’s all these people on Youtube who seem completely on board with a bunch of libertarian issues but i rarely hear any of them ever mentioned Reason. The millenial outreach program has not worked.

      1. Even young internet libertarians are too paleo for a cosmo website like Reason.

      2. Now its about how the progressive left abandoned Anti-War activism as soon as Obama got elected.

        You’re right a lot of these guys are knee-jerk lefty, but its mostly because they don’t know anything about economics. Its why 90% of their criticism is mostly about cultural politics. they don’t know fuck-all about ‘Capital Gains” taxes and probably think they should be higher because ‘rich people’ or something. Banks are shitty because of the $1 ATM fee they occasionally pay, and ‘credit markets’ sound fishy. So they tend to be pro-regulation, higher taxes, etc… but then go ‘libertarian on weed, ass sex and mexicans’, etc.

        Which is just more to my point of how Reason has done pretty poorly dragging in these Youtube libertarian-leaning characters, despite focusing heavily on the ‘overlap’ issues.

        1. Side note = i finally saw what Sargon looks like. Almost exactly how i imagined. Sort of pasty & roly-poly, but i expected a less-robust-beard.

          FYI the reason for shouting out that link was to give props to Anthony Fantano (“The Needle Drop“), who does lots of detailed record reviews… a format i never would have thought would work on youtube, but he pulls it off quite well

        2. You’re right a lot of these guys are knee-jerk lefty, but its mostly because they don’t know anything about economics. Its why 90% of their criticism is mostly about cultural politics. they don’t know fuck-all about ‘Capital Gains” taxes and probably think they should be higher because ‘rich people’ or something.

          Yep, this is pretty much it. Things like the Fed rate, basis points, weakening dollar, debasement of the currency, even if you didn’t agree with what libertarians think, they don’t seem to think of it at all. It’s a non-subject.

          1. Fuck that. Tell them “state shouldn’t pay for health care”, “state shouldn’t pay for housing”, “state shouldn’t pay for schools” and they’ll think you’re Hitler.

            1. They don’t understand how markets work, and that competition makes things cheaper and more-accessible and eventually available to everyone.

              I managed to once convince a kid that “if the government were in charge of Telecoms, you’d still be using a rotary phone and paying for the privilege of using it, instead of having a smart-phone which is more powerful than most desktop PCs and is basically free with any basic plan”

              He sort of grasped that markets are what stimulate innovation. But then he was like, “oh, but when things get *good enough*, the government should take over and make things free for everyone. No one needs 20 kinds of smartphones!”


              IOW, i got him to see the light for a second, but then he was like, “But rich people….?” and reverted back to ‘Free stuff and ending inequality’

              1. Right, now try that with Englishman and health care. There is no entry point in their mental mindscape for it. They literally cannot comprehend what you are talking about.

                1. Mock and deride them mercilessly for supporting an evil shit healthcare system. If reason can’t get to them then an acid wash might.

              2. At this point, I’ve been asking “what do you plan on doing with all of us who aren’t on board with your grand plans? Are you just going to kill us, or are you going to let us keep ruining all your great plans?”

      3. Sargon, at least, strikes me as more of a Spiked guy. Though his infatuation with Corbyn might be too much…

  19. I drive around a lot, and end up listening to local radio because I have a voluminous capacity for self-punishment.

    Several of the black-themed shoes (Tom Joiner and DL Hughley) are consistently left-leaning and have gone after Carson hard for being a liar. I guess they’re fairly terrified he’ll fracture the Democrats’ lock on the black vote.

    There was also a news interlude the other day from something called “Black America Web” touting the many successes of Obamacare. Lots of people enrolled!

    1. Black-themed, left-leaning shoes… That’s almost John level brilliant!

      1. My phone must be racist. Weird thing is, *it’s* black.

      2. Loose shoes, no doubt.

        1. You forgot tight pussy and a warm place to shit.

  20. I’ve been browsing Yik Yak for a few weeks since reason did their story excoriating the shitheel students who want the app brought under the yoke of censorious feminists. A few takeaways from semiregular use:

    it’s predominated by college students, as you might expect.

    young men on the thing are very lonely and very whiny about it.

    it’s a hub for exchanging snapchat handles, which evidently leads to exchanging nudes. I have yet to explore this avenue.

    also seems popular for arranging drug deals, especially for adderall and pot.

    reading the insipid thoughts of college freshmen and sophomores makes me feel old.

    1. I have dipped a toe in the water too (after seeing a Reason article–I live in a college town), there’s definitely all of that shite, but also some legitimate wit occasionally.

        1. Is that what they told you?

          1. It’s a pretty entertaining service once I cleared all those kids off my lawn.

        2. legitimate wit

    2. reading the insipid thoughts of college freshmen and sophomores makes me feel old.

      Sing it, sister.

  21. Drug Enforcement Administration: Agency Chief Calls Medicinal Use of Marijuana a ‘Joke’

    Chuck Rosenberg told CBS there are “extracts or constituents or component parts ? that have great promise” medically but that smoking the leaf “has never been shown to be safe or effective.”

    1. Drug prohibition enforcement has never been safe or effective.

      BOOM. Your move, Rosenberg.

  22. Well, it’s good that Politico is scouring the leading presidential candidates’ pasts for any evidence of dishonesty.

    1. I can hardly wait for the 1,000 page dissection of Hildebeast.

      Oh, wait…

      1. You don’t have to scour much to find her dishonesty. You practically need a continuous IV of Febreeze into your nostrils to avoid being overpowered by the odor.

  23. Oh, y’all thought they was just gonna let this go…

    Online Gaming Harassment Movie in the Works, Could Star Scarlett Johansson

    A movie about harassment in the video game industry is in the works and could star Scarlett Johansson. Former Sony Pictures executive Amy Pascal’s new Pascal Pictures company has obtained the rights to “Crash Override: How To Save The Internet From Itself,” an upcoming memoir written by Depression Quest developer Zoe Quinn.…..0-6432071/

    1. Christ in heaven. The only way to redeem is to go all out, and outcrazy L&O:SVU.

      1. unintentional hilarity at end of article:

        “Filed under: Depression Quest”

    2. I’m going to guess this has all the cinematic aplomb and intellectual clout of Truth.

    3. tells the story of how Quinn, creator of such hip interactive games as Depression Quest


      1. such hip interactive games

        “They still say ‘hip’, right?”

        1. “Such hip interactive games as [names only game].”

          1. So let’s correct that line:

            tells the story of how Quinn, creator of such hip interactive games as Depression Quest

            1. Or better yet

              tells the story of how Quinn, creator of such hip interactive “game”s as Depression Quest

              1. Hip pounding is one of my favorite games.

        2. Tragically so.

    4. All I know is that there’s feminists on one side and I’m-not-sure-who on the other side. So I guess I’ll support I’m-not-sure-who, since the feminist track record in picking sides is so bad.

    5. They got pasted by GG…and now they want more.

      1. Kind of like xenomorphs against Marines.

    6. Sony, please spend as much money as you can on this. Like, Battlefield Earth money.

      1. Sony involved in a dubious expensive entertainment project? NO.

  24. Obama rather have the US military guard the middle east oil friends rather than have oil come from our Canadian friends.

    1. “Hey ho, we won’t go! We won’t go for Texico!”

      Oh wait, that was four presidents ago.

  25. In her follow-up attempting to explain the temper tantrum she threw in public, one of the principle activists at Yale writes:

    …in his ten weeks as a leader of the college, Master Christakis has not fostered this sense of community. He seems to lack the ability, quite frankly, to put aside his opinions long enough to listen to the very real hurt that the community feels. He doesn’t get it. And I don’t want to debate. I want to talk about my pain.

    My dad is a really stubborn man. We debate all the time, and I understand the value of hearing differing opinions. But there have been times when I have come to my father crying, when I was emotionally upset, and he heard me regardless of whether or not he agreed with me. He taught me that there is a time for debate, and there is a time for just hearing and acknowledging someone’s pain.

    I have had to watch my friends defend their right to this institution. This email and the subsequent reaction to it have interrupted their lives. I have friends who are not going to class, who are not doing their homework, who are losing sleep, who are skipping meals, and who are having breakdowns. I feel drained. And through it all, Christakis has shown that he does not consider us a priority.

    1. Remember, this was over Halloween costumes thought, in theory, to potentially be offensive to someone. Because they couldn’t elicit a self-flagellating apology during the auto-de-f? they arranged for Christakis, their very access to the institution of higher education (hah!) was compromised.

      1. He should have told them to shut the fuck up and leave Yale if being there hurt them so much.

    2. The only thing being marginalized on ivy-league campuses is the implication of a first-rate college education.

    3. So, Here’s what she was like in HS.

      Seems to be a pleasant enough girl at that point. Apparently, she became this disappointment in about 2 years time.

      Someone needs to educate the AP wunderkind that Mr. Christakis is not there to be second daddy.

      1. Amazing, isn’t it? Brilliant young people neutered by ideological pablum. Hopefully she’s keeping up with her studies and graduates into a productive line of work that doesn’t involve waxing hysterical on identity.

        1. “Hopefully she’s keeping up with her studies and graduates into a productive line of work





          (stops laughing)


          no, psychology

        2. Hopefully she’s keeping up with her studies and graduates into a productive line of work that doesn’t involve waxing.


    4. That is some authentic frontier gibberish right there.

      I especially like the personification of “The Community” and its collective feelings.

      SHE isn’t upset. “The Community”, was offended and traumatized. Its this bizarre self-enlargement that One Equals All.

      And somehow “the master” should have psychically been in tune with the amorphous communal emotions and worked some healing magic.

      1. The Master always has the time to talk to the ladies.

        1. “Officially, Masters are charged with setting the “intellectual, social, and ethical tone of the College.” On a practical level, I am here to support you, our wonderful Silliman students. I spend time trying to get to know and advise students; working with our amazing residential staff to foster college life; and hosting social and academic events. I also devote energy to anticipating needs, whether they involve space allocation, resources, or new programs to meet students’ interests. Oh, and I deliver sweets at odd hours.”

          That last creepy part is all that remains of his famous evil.

          It was all downhill after Delgado.

          1. I never watched Dr Who, so the reference is lost on me.

            1. Uh…um…hmmm…well, ah, it takes all sorts to make a world, doesn’t it?

              (slowly backs away)

              1. The title character in the BBC series named after him. He’s space-travelling, time-travelling, human-looking alien who fights uglier and eviller aliens.

                The earlier episodes are the ones which matter.

                Several actors played the title character – whenever they changed actors they had the Doctor “regenerate” – keep his nature and his basic goodness but change his physical form and get a new wardrobe. Rather than memorize all the actors’ names, just bear in mind that the best of them was Tom Baker, who starred in the title role in the series from 1974 to 1981.

                The Doctor is accompanied on his travels by various “companions” – you need not learn their identities except for her.

                OK so far?

                The last point is that the Doctor’s home planet is the planet of the Time Lords, of whom he is one. The Time Lords are like lords of time or something, but they don’t like to involve themselves in the affairs of the universe. The Doctor is a renegade Time Lord because he likes saving the Earth and other planets from ugly aliens. Another renegade time lord is like the Doctor except like he wants to destroy/rule the universe, including the earth, instead of saving it. This second renegade Time Lord is called The Master. Like the Doctor, the Master has regenerated several times, but you don’t need to memorize the names of the actors except for Roger Delgado, the first.

                I hope you were taking notes.

                Another renegade

                1. those last two words were typos but I think I’ll keep them to refer to myself.

                2. Isn’t the good Doctor widely regarded to be among if not the most evil being in the universe?

                3. the best of them was Tom Baker

                  You misspelled Jon Pertwee.

                  1. I bet you think Lazenby was the best Bond, too.

      2. SHE isn’t upset. “The Community”, was offended and traumatized. Its this bizarre self-enlargement that One Equals All.

        It’s a subconscious protection fro the “hurt fee-fees” response. Her fragile, fractured self image would shatter if you laughed off her hurt fee-fees to her face (or worse, made fun of her fragility), so she protects her ego by deflecting the criticism to the community instead of herself.

      3. It’s a remarkable admission that what she really wants from college is to replace her father as a paternal influence.

    5. “And I don’t want to debate. I want to talk about my pain.”


      *wanders off looking for wine bottle*

    6. Interesting that Tony showed up in the comments with basically a verbatim post to what he posted here yesterday.

      So who’s paying him to troll the webz? Media Matters, DU, DNC….whoever it is they aren’t getting a good ROI.

  26. “But the keystone pipeline jobs would have been temporary” – Obama, without a hint of irony.

    1. That didn’t stop *him* for pursuing a job which lasts only eight years.

  27. Regarding Ben Carson, put yourself in this situation. You are the leader of your Reserve Officer Training Corps unit not only at your high school, but for the entire city of Detroit. As such, you are allowed to attend an honorary dinner where several VIPs will be present. During a conversation with a very senior Army officer, he advises you that you have an excellent record, both academic and in ROTC, and you would be an excellent candidate for the United States Military Academy at West Point. He states that if you applied, there is a very good chance that a senior military member would sponsor you for your nomination. Despite this honor, you think about it, and considering that you intend to pursue a medical degree, and that attending West Point obligates you to serve four years as an officer before you’d be able to attend medical school, you instead decide to forego the application process and instead pursue your goals of an MD. If I asked you a year later how you chose Yale, you’d would reasonably and honestly say that you were offered a full scholarship to West Point. What the officer told you was, for all intents and purposes, an honest and bonafide offer of admission to West Point, despite the lack of actually applying.

    1. I would expect Ben Carson – seeking the highest political office of the land – to demonstrate a better grasp of the *nuance* of social occasions.

      18 year old Ben Carson might have been all flustered by the attention and confused a VIP’s off-the-cuff remark. But by the time he got to where he is today, he should have been *fully* aware that the he wasn’t *offered* anything, but was told that if he applied he would *likely* be accepted with his record.

      *Likely* be accepted, not ‘we’re offering you a position right now’, but, your record is great and if you continue to show possibility then you’ll have an easy time making the cut-off for acceptance.

      I would also expect that adult Ben Carson, knowing he was seriously considering a presidential run, scrub through his past for *anything*, no matter how trivial, that the press could embarrass him with and get out in front of it long before they even noticed.

      1. “”””knowing he was seriously considering a presidential run, scrub through his past for *anything*,”””

        Maybe he thought he was Obama.

  28. The NYTimes caves again to sob stories from the oppressed… http://publiceditor.blogs.nyti…..onse/?_r=0

    There’s a reason why Leftists like Chomsky basically dismiss the paper as Wall St. Lite propaganda.

    1. Those immigants gotta pay! Think they can just run a business without the state butting in. Mongrels.

      1. I’m with you guys. If the problem is that people can’t employ people because they are undocumented, maybe we should get rid of the documentation requirements. I’m no Bernie Sanders so I say if a person wants to work a job they should be able to do that without have the Feds come in. And, oh yeah, I think the worker should be able to go to the Wage and Hour board– even as a dreaded illegal– if the employer is fucking them over and violating labor laws. That last bit makes me a fascist, I know.

        1. Wat? You are in no way, shape, or form ‘with us’. You completely support total government domination of the economy. Full and unfettered regulation at the whim of bureaucrats.

          The only difference here is that you don’t like *this* regulation.

        2. Its funny that you suggest that we “get rid of the [alien] documentation requirements” yet you “think the worker should be able to go to the Wage and Hour board– even as a dreaded illegal– if the employer is fucking them over and violating labor laws.” You like Laissez-faire with respect to immigration but not with respect to the employee-employer relationship.

        3. Pay off that mortgage yet, asswipe or do you go to sleep counting to 200 million dead in lieu of counting sheep.

        4. Ahhh, the usual progressive pablum. Put, brain firmly in off position and open mouth. No doubt as a progressive you are firmly against documentation requirements so a protected class can get special benefits.

          Go for it bud. Start a movement to declaw government reporting requirements. As a libertarian I will be with you 100% of the way. You will be for it right up until the point where someone with some brainpower points out that the wrong sorts of folks will use it to be economically free and dodge government oversight at which point you will be forced rewrite the history of your support and claim it is all a plot by the Koch brothers to avoid paying taxes.

  29. If Peter Jennings and Dan Rather deserved to lose their jobs for lying about events in their past, then Ben Carson certainly deserves to lose his shot at the Presidency.

    Besides, Carson is anti-gun and would escalate the War on Drugs. Each of those disqualifies him, too.

    1. The only possible response to that is – if Hillary Clinton isn’t backing out despite *her* record, If Trump isn’t backing out despite *his*, well Carson’s sins of the ego are trivial by comparison.

  30. Two quick points
    1) The department secretaries each have as many as 100 admissions they control (for a variety of students that don’t get Congressional nominations) it would not be surprising that a VERY SMART black student would get one of these appointments, or a very good basketball player, or a smart junior enlisted service-member, or ????

    2) All cadets/midshipmen know that IF they return for their junior year they have incurred an obligation. You can normally leave during your first two years, but by returning your junior year you get an obligation …. paying back the estimated cost at graduation sounds like a way to avoid otherwise required years of military service.

    I agree that a person could honestly describe West Point’s zero cost as a “scholarship.”

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  32. Start working at home with Google! It’s by-far the best job I’ve had. Last Wednesday I got a brand new BMW since getting a check for $6474 this – 4 weeks past. I began this 8-months ago and immediately was bringing home at least $100 per hour. I work through this link


  33. Let’s just be honest: everyone’s giving Ben Carson hell over this whole college nothing burger because they’re racist and they don’t want a black president. Amirite?

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