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  1. HBO decided to add a smugly liberal comedian to its lineup.

    Move over, Oliver.

    1. Doesn’t the word “comedian” imply somebody funny, too?

      1. HBO seems to have a pretty loose definition of that term.

      2. John Stewart can be funny. He mist be choosing not to.

        1. “Mist” is also the German word for “manure”.

          1. Hey! I know some German!

            Fick mich, du miserabler hurensohn
            Streck ihn aus
            Streck aus deinem hei?en gelockten schwanz
            Aber beklecker nicht das Sofa!

            Ok, the only german I know, I learned from Frank Zappa. Probably not the best resource.

            1. Ahh ‘Joe’s Garage’!

              Plookin too hard…

        2. John Stewart can be funny.

          Correction – Jon Stewart’s writers can occaisionally write funny material.

      3. That’s the old regressive meaning.

      4. The word “intellectual” doesn’t imply “intelligent,” so why should “comedian” imply funny?

    2. Hello.

      HB-OH NO!

      1. We don’t take the HBO

    3. Why the fuck is he always the main feature on the YouTube front page?

      1. I have never, not once, seen him on YouTube. Must be your browsing history.

        1. But I never watch him! I go there on Incognito mode and he is so often the main feature.

          1. In incognito mode, I’m sure it’s purely based on overall popularity.

            Maybe popularity in your city, based on IP address.

        2. Well, then why is he always featured first when I go on YouPorn?

          1. You have a weird fetish?

            Do your other links refer or sheisse or goatse?

            1. he comes up under “loves shiksa sheisse”

  2. “Where is John Stewart headed?”
    Is something I didn’t ask myself this morning.

    1. John Stewart is the greatest of all Green Lanterns.

      Jon Stewart is the smug liberal comedian. Who used to just be a smug comedian until he decided to go full in the tank for Obama.

      1. It worries me that some people don’t realize that.

        1. I think most people think that John Stewart is the best Green Lantern.

          1. I think most people think that John Stewart is the best Green Lantern.

            They should have told that to the guys who made the shitty Ryan Reynolds movie.

            1. They should have gone with the one that had the bad haircut. I found him entertaining.

        2. Kinda like some people don’t realize that H. Clinton is a criminal.

      2. Guy Gardner is the bestest Green Lantern

  3. Ben Carson is the GOP frontrunner and a snake oil salesman.

    But is that snake oil FDA approved?

    1. It’s not as if Obama or Hillary are honest peddlers, either.

    2. Yes, but only for oiling snakes.

      1. As it were.

    3. Only if he’s been grandfathered in.

    4. This product is not intended to treat, cure, blah blah blah


  4. Will a dying Star Wars fan get to see The Force Awakens before everybody else?

    Why not? If he’s that big a fan, Abram’s treatment is likely to kill him before he can spoil it on the internet anyway.

    1. Especially if lens flare antagonizes his illness.

    2. He wants Abrams to be his pall bearer so that Abrams can let him down one last time.

    3. The Abrams treatment is only going to kill because it’s so good!

    4. Abrams fixed Star Trek, why couldn’t he do the same for Star Wars?

    5. I think that it will be a disappointment unless Jar Jar is the most evil Sith Lord.

    6. Aren’t we all dying?

      1. Imminent Death Syndrome.

  5. It appears that knife violence is on the rise in East Texas. I’ve read at lwast 3 stabbing stories in the last day. The machete fight in the AML comments, a couple of cubans who had a fatal knife fight over the last drumsticks, and a young man stabbed by an acquaintance. Clearly, some responsible knife legislation is needed!

    1. Who needs steak knives? You shouldn’t be eating meat anyway!

      1. I see an opportunity for the “prison spoon”

        1. Is that an object or an activity?

          Nevermind, I REALLY don’t want to know

        2. I see an opportunity for the “prison spoon”

          That’s how my wife and I snuggle while going to sleep.

          1. Now, with 50 percent more anal fissures!

      2. There’s a reason Richelieu commanded all the steak knives be ground into butter knives.

    2. All food will come pre-cut.

    3. at lwast 3 stabbing stories

      This typo made me wead the west of yoow post in Elmah Fudd’s voice.

      1. Huh, I read it in Madeline Kahn’s voice

    4. I need to know how the chicken was prepared before I can give an opinion as to the legitimacy of the stabbing…

      1. If Texas Cubans are anything like Florida Cubans, it was probably good, but it wouldn’t matter.

      2. Well, we started by telling them none of them would survive…

  6. Mannatech supplements will sustain Carson through this desert of his campaign. Where, I guess, he’s in the lead.

  7. Question to Ms. Reynolds nee Paul, and any other Seatte-ites slumming it in the PM Links, since local politics are on everybody’s mind today:

    What do you see as the end game for our current epidemic of Sawant fever? I’m in Cap hill, where I’m obviously going to see support for her that’s disproportionate to the rest of the Seattle area, but she seems to have, or at least creates the appearance of, a level of enthusiasm among supporters that outclasses other local politicians by a country mile. It’s pretty disconcerting. I’d like to imagine she has to hit some limit of support among hipster idiots and college students that will prevent most of her agenda from every coming to pass, but there’s this uncomfortable feeling in the back of my mind that I’ll be laughing at her right up until the moment her acolytes are leading me to the reeducation camp at rifle-point.

    1. Paul was in the other thread, and he wasn’t happy.

    2. I think your city is going to be Detroit-ed in a few decades. Leave now.

    3. Take a drive down to Fremont, spend a few moments contemplating the giant Lenin statue, and tell me she doesn’t have her finger on the pulse of Seattle.

      1. My goal is to become wealthy enough to buy a big mansion (or at least a big front yard), buy the Lenin statue, and then commission a larger Regan statue to face it down on my front lawn.

    4. I have been guilty many times of wondering what “the end game is” for all kinds of slippery slopes and ultimately, I don’t think there is an end-game.

      If you look at San Francisco as a model for Seattle, we can just slide further towards San Fran levels of derp. Hotel owners finding a letter in the mail telling them that their hotel is now “low income housing”, that kind of thing. Like San Franciso, housing can absolutely get as expensive here as it is there, because the local prog pols have all the exact same solutions to high housing costs: increased restrictions, growth limitations and rent-control.

      I wouldn’t be surprised that if within a year, Seattle doesn’t enact rent control. It’s already gone from a curiosity to a seriously debated topic in just the last six months.

      Our city won’t become Detroit (unfortunately) because it has a kind of natural beauty and climate that Detroit never had- which means it’s got a much higher threshold for people to look around and say, “I’m living here why?”

      Middle income earners (raises hand) will continue to flee, leaving the extremely wealthy (often highly progressive) and the extremely poor to all sit in a circle, nod to eachother and agree that something needs to be done, and then do what they’ve been doing all along but longer, harder and uncut.

      1. At least Detroit has the…

        RED WINGS.


        /looks around for someone to high five.

      2. Our city won’t become Detroit (unfortunately) because it has a kind of natural beauty and climate

        Pffftt. The climate is drear and rain for a large chunk of the year. Horrible.

        Places like this demonstrate the need for fragmented local governance. Separatist suburbs.

        1. Places like this demonstrate the need for fragmented local governance. Separatist suburbs

          Sadly, there is a movement in the other direction. We keep hearing murmurs from city governments that since suburbs benefit from all the arts, culture, etc in the cities, and suburbanites garner the prestige of living near the city, so it’s time for them to cough up tax revenues that go directly into the cities’ coffers.

          1. Or they just annex them.

            Luckily, this never happened. Which was good for North Highline, and good for Seattle.

            North Highline middle-income earners didn’t get stuck with the derp, and Seattle didn’t get stuck with the tax-suck.

          2. Breaking up cities would be a great place for the Kochtopus to strike.

          3. “since suburbs benefit from all the arts, culture, etc in the cities”

            Good god, I’m so fucking sick of this proggie BS. You can’t fault someone for “benefiting” from something when they didn’t ask for that “benefit” and you’re not even sure that they benefit from it in the first place. How much crap is shoved down our throats because we are accused of “benefiting” from something that we never asked for, and in fact, may have actively opposed?

            That’s like if I planted a beautiful garden in my front yard, then tried to extract a monthly fee from all my neighbors because they benefit from seeing it every day.

    5. I mean, you had the mayor in a press conference saying, literally, that he was simply perplexed with all the stuff they’ve done for homelessness, it’s gotten worse, so it means they must need to do it harder.

      1. Sadly I have a feeling you are quite right. It’s a shame. I do like living here, I even like most of the people here when no one is talking politics, but everyone is so reflexively hostile to any sort of solutions that don’t involve more and more control of everything. It’s just like, what can one even do?

    6. I’m just looking to get the hell out of here.

  8. Your daily reminder that the KKK leak is bullshit.

    Anonymous is taking a credibility hit.

    1. And his poetry is of varying quality, too – some of it good, a lot of it mediocre.

  9. Aw, you fixed the typo in the KKK headline before I could make fun of you for it. Jerk.

    1. This^^

      I was gonna inquire if it was a bowling league, because that seemed about right.

  10. Lately there has been a curious thing on my facederp feed; the lefties are sharing an anti-Exxon screed that was so poorly sourced that it seemed to have been written by the same guy who wrote the Protocols of the Elders of Zion Naomi Oreskes.

    That and the weird noises about RICO prosecutions of people who don’t agree with the green cult that their godess is about to fry us for our sin of enjoying the fruits industrialization.

    It turns out it’s not a coincidence.

    In 2012 the CAI held a ‘workshop’ in La Jolla California. It was ‘conceived’ by Naomi Oreskes and others, and called ‘Establishing Accountability for Climate Change Damages: Lessons from Tobacco Control.’

    The workshop was an ‘exploratory, open-ended dialogue’ on the use of ‘lessons from tobacco-related education, laws, and litigation to address climate change.’

    The headline conclusion was essentially conspiracy theory. Here it is, verbatim:

    A key breakthrough in the public and legal case for tobacco control came when internal documents came to light showing the tobacco industry had knowingly misled the public. Similar documents may well exist in the vaults of the fossil fuel industry and their trade associations and front groups?

    1. A key breakthrough in the public and legal case for tobacco control came when internal documents came to light showing the tobacco industry had knowingly misled the public.

      Honest straight question: is this actually true? Everyone ‘knows’ Big Tobaccy lied but is it actually true?

      1. IIRC, Big Tobacco did set out to sow dissent on whether or not smoking was physically addictive and misled on the efficacy of filters.

        But somehow, Budweiser and Jim Beam aren’t paying billions for peddling a physically addictive prosuct that causes poor people to die expensive and drawn out deaths.

        1. They are, it’s just passed on to the consumers, just like any other sin tax.

        2. Not to mention advertisements that strongly suggested consuming their product would cause spontaneous parties full of bikini babes to erupt at my house.

          1. That’s what happens at my house. Maybe you’re doing it wrong.

        3. Yay, animism about alcohol.

          1. It’s true. Alcohol is one of a very few substances you can die withdrawing from. If you want to argue about whether “causes” or “whose excessive consumption of causes”, I guess pedants are only slightly more hated than pedophiles.

      2. It’s complicated.

        First, in the 1930’s, scientists working for the Nazis did groundbreaking research showing that cigarette smoking correlated with a much higher rate of lung cancer.

        Over the following decades this correlation was confirmed by several studies.

        Several tobacco companies also did their own research, and finding that their research also replicated the risk, decided to hush it up. IIRC some even published bogus research claiming there was no risk.

        Namoi Oreskes and her ilk assume that energy companies are Satan incarnate. They assume – with cowlike stupidity – that they must be similarly sabotaging scientific efforts to battle climate change.

        The reality – that actual observations of the Earth’s climate in operation – have utterly falsified their hysterical belief that human CO2 emissions are creating catastrophic global warming – doesn’t impinge on their superstitious belief that they are caught in an epic battle between the forces of good and evil.

        So they conclude that the failure of the rest of humanity to see the same climactic conditions they have experienced all their lives as a crisis requiring that they sacrifice their prosperity and comfort must be the product of some Satanic conspiracy.

        They can’t comprehend the reality of the situation. They are simply wrong.

        1. A) I agree.

          B) “Several tobacco companies also did their own research, and finding that their research also replicated the risk, decided to hush it up.”

          Like the NFL and concussions?

        2. At the same time, it was not uncommon knowledge even slightly prior to the German thing that inhaling smoke was likely to be bad for the health in the long run. And since then it’s gone completely round the bend the other way, with folks widely led to believe that something about tobacco in se is inherently obnoxious and carcinogenic, regardless how it may be employed, when in fact the effects of uninhaled tobacco are greatly diminished and those of smokeless tobacco doubtful altogether. And then there’s dopes that seem to believe that simple nicotine is also dangerous, going so far as to complain about the dangers of second-hand vapours. To top it all, I now quite frequently hear people snivelling about how the dangers of smoking are increased with each removal from actually smoking it, so that second-hand smoke is dangerouser than actually smoking, and third-hand smoke is even worser, some absurd homoidiotopathical vision of toxicity. What most offends me, however, is people using tobacco (often smokeless) in those few situations where it is permitted and then getting pathetic and aposagetic about it to everyone. Oh no! Someone is using tobacco in the room! Quick, shut it off, before we gain anymore IQ points!

        3. First, in the 1930’s, scientists working for the Nazis did groundbreaking research showing that cigarette smoking correlated with a much higher rate of lung cancer.

          So now we’re going with the Jeopardy format? You give the answer, and then we have to provide the question:

          You know who else believed smoking cigarettes caused lung cancer?

          1. People with lung cancer?

        4. It’s complicated.

          No, it’s not.

          The origin of calling the cigarette a “coffin nail” was the Civil War. The Three Stooges’ movies often used a gag where the cigarette pack had a “skull and crossbones” on it. I know that Heinlein in the 1940’s (who often had characters who smoked) had one of them say that “tobacco will likely shorten my life”.

          For God’s sake, Sir Walter Raleigh himself noted the deleterious effects of tobacco.

          If “Big Tobacco” lied, so did “Oxyclean”…

    2. Tobacco was already heavily controlled before the lawsuit. The ban on sales to minors and TV/radio advertising were already in place.

      The main effects of the lawsuit were to drive small cigarette manufacturers out of business, which benefitted the giants like RJR and Phillip Morris. Big Tobacco came out ahead on the lawsuits.

    3. Won’t work. Big Oil is isn’t a single company like Big Tobacco was. Equipment is built buy multiple companies. The well is run by another. The well is owned by a person or government. The delivery system is run by another company. The Big Oil companies (Shell etc.) just negotiates between these guys. Oh yeah, and research on new wells is done by somebody else.

      No reason for any of these companies to do research on climate science, and no single company to have reason to hold a smoking gun.

      1. Moreover, remember the 97% consensus that the religious cultists keep proclaiming?

        If 97% of scientists agree with them, what fucking chance do the fossil fuel companies have to shut them up?

        I think western governments spend something like 400 billion dollars on climate change research and promoting catastrophism. According to Naomi Oreskes all this money is coming to naught because Exxon is spreading doubt amongst the sheeple.

        1. I cannot get over the fact that they are still quoting that piece of shit ‘study’ and the 97% number with it. I also can’t get over the NOAA piece of shit that found global warming didn’t pause because the p value was less than 0.1.

          1. Picking the one data set they liked out of 8 is more egregious to me.

          2. My middle-school son even immediately became outraged when I told him the “97%” number came from 65 out of 67 self-described ‘climate scientists’ that the study author recruited himself. You know, I could probably send a questionnaire to 67 of my old fraternity brothers and find out indeed, 65 of them were fans of Northwestern football — therefore, following the same leaps as the climate-change study, I could say that “97% of college graduates are fans of Northwestern football.”

            What’s even more amazing is how many people everywhere have swallowed the 97% number hook, line and sinker, and even extrapolated it. I saw the YouTube video where the President of the Sierra Club testified in front of the US Congress that “97% of the world’s scientists” endorse AGW. Of the whole world now!!

            I made sure my son’s not going to argue this issue in his school, though, we don’t need the Principal calling for reduced grades for my little ‘climate denier’. And when it comes down to it, that’s likely the reason the numbers of AGW believers are even as high as they are — it’s pretty scary what might happen to some people if they choose to follow the true scientific method and question a hypothesis.

            1. The study wasn’t even replicable.

              We need your son to fight, but head to head with establishment figures is a bad idea. Arm him with information-start with the lies about Love Canal-and have him work on his friends and classmates instead of arguing with the teacher. That latter option can’t end well.

              1. The study wasn’t even replicable.

                Is your xerox broken?

          3. p value less than 0.1 is better than a p value greater than 0.1

            1. 0.1 IS NOT A LEGITIMATE CUT OFF

    4. The tobacco master settlement is one of the things that made me full blown libertarian.

      It ended any illusions I had about there being rule of law.

  11. This is retarded:


    They lost .58 cents per share this quarter. Life is good when you’re sucking at the public teat.

    1. Thsi is why I’d rather “lose” money and not feed the markets.

    2. It is worth noting:

      Open price: 213.85
      High for day: 214.44
      Low for day: 207.75
      Close: 208.35

      I would not call a loss $5.50 loss going “wild.” That is a loss of about 2.6%.

      1. The earnings report came out after hours. It’s trading at about 228 right now.

        1. Good point. I didn’t see that. Thanks for the update.

      2. Check the after the bell numbers

        1. …always late. **kicks pebble and wanders off**

    3. One of my vendor’s CEO is taking over at Tesla. Just announced at 5pm.

      1. So, in your opinion, is that a buy or sell signal?

        1. I bought puts, so don’t listen to me.

          1. And I put some boughts. Probably explains some of the newly-minted penny stocks in my portfolio.

    4. They sold 20 more cars than their previoys estimate. 20!!!!! The green revolution is here! Tesla is a pure emotion stock. Don’t expect any rational behavior in it.

    5. This is ridiculous.

      TSLA was trading @ 260 in September.

      a 10% pop in a stock down 25% over the last couple of months is not a sign of “Happy Days Are Here Again”.

    6. Playa, when do we get to call Tesla “underutilized”?

      1. You’ll never hear me say that. Tesla is the Chipotle of cars.


    Councils and taxman to be given power to view your internet history
    Dozens of public bodies will be able to search people’s internet activity for the purposes of ‘detecting or preventing crime’


    1. “It’s precisely this area of catching paedophiles and dealing with child abuse that is precisely one of the reasons why we want this ability to look at these internet connection records.”


      My God, the UK is lost.

      1. If only Anonymous weren’t so busy building their street credit by taking on the KKK.

    2. Put the politicians’ Internet history online first.

      1. “You watched them do WHAT to a swan?!”

        1. “Well I’m just doing my part to keep us safe from Black Swans…”

          1. racist.

    3. You can usually confuse momentarily them by asking for their twenty-seven B stroke six.

      1. See? It confused me.

        1. One of the greatest movies ever made.

          1. And, also, this rock band.

    4. So is this what will finally get the woodchippers fired up?


    White House Admits US Troops in Syria Will Go on Combat Raids
    Insists Combat Will Not Be ‘The Norm’

    Isn’t this how Vietnam started?

    1. Gonna need a more reliable cite than

      1. Fair. Here you go.…..s-in-syria

        1. I might be okay with this if it were part of a defined well thought out LEGALLY DECLARED thing instead of incredibly vague thing for the sole purpose of making Obama look better than Putin.

      2. How the fuck can you be pro open borders and pro war at the same time?

        1. How can you not? If we are all born with rights and those rights exist beyond borders then it is in fact our responsibility to defend those whose rights are violated. It’s no different then if it were someone in your own town. If, however you think other governments have the authority to defend their own borders regardless whether outsiders agree with how they’re run that you must think our country does as well.

    2. It’s going to need a Gulf of Tonkin sort of incident, but in the ME that’s pretty much assured.

  14. So my father sent me this Paul Krugman article and, while noting his own “liberal bias” (that’s an understatement), asked me what I thought. I read it, thought it was ridiculous. He still thinks Krugman should be Treasury Secretary.

    So, about the article. Is it just me, or does he spend the first half of the article admitting there’s no policy connection to economic growth, and then the second half stating there’s a clear pro-Democrat connection?

    1. It was almost as good as the Larry Summers article that admitted that the evidence indicates that monetary polciy doesn’t work in the real world, but he’s going to keep trying because who wants to discover you’ve wasted your career.

    2. I think it’s time you stop talking to your dad, Juvenile.


    3. Krugman, regardless of his political views, is unqualified to be Treasury Secretary. He’s a partisan pundit and a shitty academic.

      1. In which case he’s already overqualified.

  15. Free facetube meme, just add GOP pic:

    “Can’t organize a debate, wants to run the government.”

    You’re welcome.

  16. Just went and voted for Ohio pot. Busier than I thought at the polls.

    1. Good choice good job. To hell with the purists.

      1. Thanks. Yeah, not gonna let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

    2. Good on you. I am a non-voter, as I believe voting is violence, but this vote, at least, may actually reduce violence in Ohio. Not that Ohio has anything GOOD going for it, but at least this will make it less bad.

      1. Paw paws.

    3. Heh. I voted for pot and against rent-seeking, so I guess the fucking courts can sort it out.

  17. So Bombardier is getting another billion from the Quebec government, and they plainly want Trudeau to step up with more money.

    “Has anyone noticed how the word “spend” vanished at some point from the political vocabulary?

    Governments simply don’t spend anymore, they “invest” on behalf of grateful taxpayers who put up the capital.”

    Incredibly, this is from a CBC column.…..-1.3300764

    1. I discussed this the other day.

      It’s sickening. Meanwhile, a ‘coalition’ of assholes threatened schools because of the teacher’s strikes.

      I know people who work for Bombardier. It’s a ward of the state company that should have gone out of business a long time ago.

      This time around I’m pissed about this outrageous decision to waste more money on this dysfunctional company.

  18. Political Correctness has Peaked

    If you’re Social Justice Warrior, you’re a liar. You actively spread absurd falsehoods about the nature of men, women, sex, and culture that can’t withstand even the slightest scrutiny. You change history and conceal facts to fit preferred narratives, even when it costs human lives. You claim the best of intentions yet achieve the worst of outcomes. And through it all, you hate the very nation and political system that have granted you the liberties you so grotesquely abuse.

    1. That’s a very bad paragraph to convince anyone that isn’t already convinced. It does show a change in the winds, though. When people feel comfortable being that broad and don’t feel the need to be perfectly logical every step of the way, it shows that the opinion is held by enough people that the idiots can jump on.

      1. Is it bad? I don’t think so. You can’t reason with these people, but you can throw battery acid at them. That may be best.

      2. The entire article is weaksauce as it just sticks it’s head in the sand to the fact that mainstream culture is rejecting the evangelical christian social conservatism it champions even more than it is rejecting the ideals of social justice warriors.

        Yeah sure Trump and Carson shot to the top of the polls by being anti PC, that is still only giving them the support of about 20% of the 30% of the country who are “likely Republican voters” or around 6% of the country. The fact that somewhere near north of 40% of the country considers both of them to be mentally unstable at best seems to have eluded the author.

        How many conservatives consider Bruce Jenner a Woman? Who cares. Using his definition of a conservative they only make up about 25% of the country at best. Now, how many Americans consider Bruce Jenner a woman or at the very least are willing to treat her as one just because it is what Caitlyn wants and they just don’t care enough abut the issue to be dicks about it.

        We may well be nearing the peak of the SJW movement but we’ll probably see the end of political evangelical Christianity before the progtards go away

    2. I sure that this will convince them by the droves.

      1. Eh, it’s National Review. Trolling the left is what they do now.

        1. And business is good.

          Actually, last week on their anniversary Jim Geraghty jokingly distinguished “the deliberate non-profit arm of National Review,” the foundation, from “the accidental non-profit arm,” the publication.

        2. So we can conclude that Political Correctness hasn’t peaked?

    3. Fuck French for defending that asshole resource cop.

      1. A handy reminder that conservatives are all about authoritah, just as much as liberals.

  19. Forbes can have very stupid movie reviews, so take this with salt, but they stay Spectre is quite terrible.…..-30-years/

    1. “Think Fast & Furious 6 aping the structure of Fast Five to lesser results.”

      Uh… yeah, that helps.

      You’re right – this review is inane and I can’t read any more.

    2. The review may be inane, but I laughed heartily at the top ranked comment:

      Saw the film last night and disagree with the majority of your heavy-handed clickbait disguised as a proper review. And while I don’t mind a negative look at a film I happened to enjoy, you’re also not funny, don’t understand half the big words you use here, and your avatar looks like the profile picture of a date rapist. Please limit your future work to Facebook posts your friends can summarily ignore. Thank you.

      That was an awful review.

  20. Arizona might eliminate income tax.…..reat-news/

    Too bad it’s a ‘papieren bitte’ racist hellhole.

    1. Speaking from experience, are you, Cyto?

      1. No, thank God.

      2. He read it somewhere. Or saw it on TV.

        1. I did read it somewhere. A place called ‘Reason’. Heard of it? Heard of SB1170?

    2. Too bad it’s a ‘papieren bitte’ racist hellhole.

      That’s only if you’re brown…

      1. Pretty sure Arpaio’s boys have given the jackboot to white guys too.

        1. They don’t count. It’s a race problem.


    3. Just because there’s one county run by Sherriff Joe does not make the whole state a “racist hellhole”

      your one-dimensional perception of immigration issues might be slightly more nuanced if you lived near the southern border

      1. It’s not just Joe. Brewer passed the execrable 1070 bill or whatever it was that basically made Arizona a ‘papieren bitte’ state.

        “One dimensional” is such an odd substitute for ‘principled and evidence-based’. Since I am that and only that, my location wouldn’t change much.

  21. HBO decided to add a smugly liberal comedian to its lineup. For diversity.

    HBO is surprisingly proggy.

    As a subscriber, I was going through the list of ON-Demand programming for documentaries, I counted something like 11 documentaries on Obesity. The rest were on poverty, income gap, Vice shows on global warming…

    1. Are you a man or woman? I’m bloody confused.

      1. I’m Unisex. Which means I only have one kind of sex.

      2. That’s a man, Rufus!

        Diane Reynolds was Chelsea Clinton’s nom de guerre on her mother’s super-legal private-public email server. To the best of my knowledge, Paul remains fully intact.

      3. Hello Rufus,
        You can’t ask that type of question anymore. To the gulag with your cisgender shitlord thoughts. /SJW

      4. But strangely aroused?

      1. Yeah, it’s HBO. Isn’t it just supposed to show me movies with uncensored tits?

        1. Movies, no. That’s more up Cinemax’s alley. HBO does show the TV shows with uncensored tits however

    2. Maybe conservatives libertarians should try producing documentaries or something creative that informs the public on a large scale?

      1. That would require ambition and money, two things libertarians don’t have.

        1. I was going to write a scathing rebuke, but I can’t muster the energy.

        2. Paul: in case you missed it, I’m curious for more of your take on goings on in the Emerald City:

          1. Missed that, I’ll respond above.

  22. HBO decided to add a smugly liberal comedian to its lineup. For diversity.

    Thank God. I was getting so sick of hearing that radical libertarian Bill Maher mouth off week after week without so much as a single sycophantic interview with Great Leader.

  23. Do PM links even pretend to cover actual “News” anymore?

    The closest thing here is, “someone is upset that Ben Carson did an ad for a supplement company”. and even that is sort of stretching the definition of News.

    That said…

    Reuters = The Vatican Has Been Money-Laundering

    “Vatican financial investigators suspect a department of the Holy See which oversees real estate and investments was used in the past for possible money laundering, insider trading and market manipulation, according to a report seen by Reuters.

    The information in the confidential document, which covers the period from 2000 to 2011, has been passed on to Italian and Swiss investigators for their checks because some activity tied to the accounts allegedly took place in these countries, a senior Vatican source said.

    1. This actually might make me like the Vatican more.

    2. Then there’s this whole economy thing that’s been shrinking like a penis in a cold pool.

    3. God is the best money launderer, Gilmore.


    1. Look, Gilmore, YOU CAN’T HAVE IT ALL!

      1. As somebody pointed out yesterday, South Park is always right, Chipolte leaves blood stains in your underwear.

    2. Unlike frankenfoods, e. coli is natural and therefore good. Much like tiger rape, mass starvation, and high infant mortality.

      Haven’t you idiots ever read Ehrlich?

    3. Heh. Was reading this earlier today. Couldn’t happen to a more insufferable company.

  24. Syria = Russia Signals Willingness to Compromise w/ West about Assad – Iran not Happy About That

    “Russia does not see keeping Bashar al-Assad in power as a matter of principle, the Foreign Ministry in Moscow said on Tuesday in comments that suggested a divergence of opinion with Iran, the Syrian president’s other main international backer.

    Fuelling speculation of Russian-Iranian differences over Assad, the head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps suggested on Monday that Tehran may be more committed to him than Moscow was.”

    1. Oh geez Russia well better late than never I guess. Of course it would have been nice if you had thought of replacing Assad with an amenable substitute around when the protests were breaking out. Could have avoided this whole ‘civil war’ thing.

  25. I Pray Sheldon Silver Goes to Jail

    I’m open to praying to either God or Satan, and am thinking whichever can deliver the goods deserves the props.

    1. Well sure, the Giving Tree was a little preachy, but I like those pieces he did for Playboy.

      Oh wait, that was Shel Silverstein. Who’s this guy?

      1. Veteran NY-state politician, who i think started as comptroller, became speaker..

        Basically, its been an open secret that he was a corrupt scumbag for 2 decades, and nothing ever happened because the NYS legislature is one big scumbag-scrum

        The fact he got indicted at all is some kind of miracle.

        1. Preet Bharara is paying attention to that case, so everyone make sure you remember not to mention woodchippers.

          I accidentally mentioned woodchippers earlier, but but I think I got away with it all right.

          1. *subpoena’d*

    2. Sheldon Silver, one of New York State’s most influential lawmakers for two decades, abused his position to earn millions of dollars in illegal kickbacks, federal prosecutors told a jury on Tuesday.

      So why is Shel getting all the negative press when the Presidential Heir Apparent has done the exact same thing.

      1. To draw attention away from her?

  26. The GOP should take a lesson from Argentinian opposition =

    When dealing with totalitarian socialists MAKE FUN OF THEIR BULLSHIT

    being defensive never wins rhetorical battles.

    1. Macri might just pull it off. He is no free marketer unfortunately but he is by far the least worst of those candidates.

      Fernandez’s Congressional coalition lost its majority and the opposition won Buenos Aires. Heavy blows.

      The Pan Am Post had a nice article summarizing political developments in Latin America and concluding that much of the region is moving away from idiot populism. This is the opposite of what seems to be happening north of the Rio Grande OH MY GOD ANOTHER WIN FOR MASS IMMIGRATION.

  27. BTC price is continuing to tear upward.

  28. Uber: Taco Bell Executive Fired After Video of Attack on Driver in Costa Mesa, Calif., Surfaces

    The video appears to show Benjamin Golden, 32, repeatedly punching driver Edward Caban on Friday. Golden was arrested and charged with assault and public intoxication.

    1. I told you Uber was associated with violence!

      1. Only if immigrants are driving.

  29. California State University, Fresno: College Football Player Arrested for Social Media Threat, Police Say

    Freshman Christian Malik Pryor posted on social media Monday that he would bring a weapon to campus and “release his frustrations,” police said. He was charged with making a criminal threat.

    President Castro sent this e-mail:

    From the e-mail:

    Faculty and staff who seek counseling may contact David Crabtree our Empathia counselor

    What the fuck?

    1. That could have meant he’d bring a knife and then masturbate on the field.

    2. They’re half Betazoid.

  30. CTR-F “fanboys” No Matches

    So, no one else saw that movie?

    Because “dying fan gets to see Star Wars film early” is literally that films plot (or, rather “Dying fan goes on road trip with buddies to break in and see Star Wars) (in the movie, it’s Phantom Menace). So it’s weird as shit that it is now in real life.

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