25 Years Ago


"The demand on cabs has more than doubled the market value of a medallion in the last 10 years. [Taxi driver Robert] Lynch says he…tried to purchase a medallion from a broker but was unable to meet the price, now $100,000 or more. Those prices have kept a lot of drivers like Lynch out of the market, which has increasingly come under the control of large fleet operators."
—Prabhat Mehta, "To Catch a Cab"

"Now that the Berlin Wall has fallen and communism has retreated, there seem to be very few dragons left for the United States to slay. True, Saddam 'Beast of Baghdad' Hussein has some potential as a villain. But many commentators have decided that, with the Soviets down for the count, the chief threats to America will be economic, not military."
Martin Morse Wooster, "Protection Racket"

—November 1990

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