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How Climate Change Activism Harms Third World Countries: The world can't avert climate catastrophe without climate injustice. By Shikha Dalmia

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Good News Is Unplanned: How culture, economies, technology, and government evolve. By Ronald Bailey

San Francisco Wanted Info on Gun Owners. This Gun Shop Refused.: High Bridge Arms, founded in the mid-1950s by Olympic shooter Bob Chow, shuts down rather than give local police its customer list. By Alex Manning

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  1. RNC cancels NBC debate partnership.

    Oh, snap.

    1. You reallly could have said that about any of these headlines.

      1. What will NBC do for ratings without Trump? And what’s with a Soave PM Links without at least one dedicated to Trump anyway?

    2. Hello.

  2. …President Obama has ordered U.S. troops to invade Syria.

    Anything Putin can do our Nobel Laureate can do better.

    1. Are you fucking kidding me. He just had to go to fucking war. Could not resist the allure of it. Mother fucker.

      1. Note, I’m now reading the article and realizing its only fifty guys. Still fucking seriously. Just let them fight it out.

        1. That’s how our involvement with Vietnam started out, with a few advisors.

        2. It would be one thing if it were part of a well-thought out strategy to bring down ISIS. Is there anyone in the world with a full set of chromosomes who thinks this is the case and it’s not just Obo trying to one-up Putin?

          1. The sad thing about it is that Putin punks his candy ass every time. Over and over. It is pathetic.

            1. Just wait until Ashton Kutcher pops out and Putin starts laughing hysterically.Boy, will Obama’s face turn red then.

          2. How do you plan on bringing down ISIS by bombing or invading Syria, given they exist in both Syria and Iraq, and Iraq has effectively told the U.S. to stay out? Moreover, isn’t Assad’s government still the legitimate government in Syria? Is there any sort of UN Resolution that can be bootstrapped into an excuse to invade, or is this going to be another Libya?

            Me, I’m waiting for Iraq to invite the IRG in more than they have already, and turn it into even more of a Sunni/Shia slugging match. Even better now that both Iran and the Sauds should have nukes in short order…

            1. You make a good point about Iraq, but Kurdistan (KRG) doesn’t have their dislike of a US presence.

              Assad’s government is neither ‘legit’ nor effective.

              I just want ISIS to be turned back into another insurgency. No caliph for you. At least destroy the ISIS armour US taxpayer effective paid for! Also, destroy the oil stuff they use for funding.

              1. And Kurdistan doesn’t suffer much from ISIS. Well, they do, but throwing ISIS out of ‘Kurdistan’ still doesn’t eradicate ISIS. Anymore than throwing the Taliban out of Afghanistan eradicated them.

                Assad isn’t legit? The UN tossed his ass out or said he must go? If no, then despite him being a shitbag, he’s still the legitimate authority for his country, as far as international law goes. In practice, international law goes as the guys with the guns and gold says it goes. And right now, there are Russian guys with guns (backed by other guys with nukes) that says he stays.

                You’re going to have to blow up a lot of the MidEast oil stuff, if you want to eradicate ISIS’s funding, given they’re a proxy for Saudi and GCC interests. A vicious, out of control proxy, but still a lot better for their sponsors than if, say, Iran were to fully move into Iraq and Syria in earnest. ISIS also serves as a nice safety valve for Gulf Salafists who otherwise might question why they don’t get a political say in their home countries.

                1. Think about ISIS’s media campaigns, the increasingly baroque execution methods and films of their captives, what if it’s deliberately designed to inflame the U.S. or the rest of the West enough to have bring back a significant military presence to SW Asia?

                  If the US is back, the Iranians probably won’t be. And while the US does cramp some of the Sunni Gulf leaders’ style—there won’t be another ’73 type embargo—it does keep out Shia who think the Gulf leaders are heretics, and hate them roughly as much as they hate the Jews.

                  1. Your points are a bit hit and miss.

                    I don’t care about ‘International Law’ and neither do the facts on the ground: even if Assad stays, he is never controlling all of Syria again. Syria is done as a cohesive unit. No more menacing your neighbors Mr. Assad.

                    ISIS is not (necessarily) a GCC proxy. Before ISIS stormed Mosul, Iraq special forces raided an ISIS hideout and it was filled with documents. Turns out ISIS is financially self-sufficient, which is pretty scary. There was no indication they had major foreign sponsors nor that they needed them. They sold relics and oil and got other funds from extortion.

                    I think you are vastly over-estimating the cerebral tendencies of ISIS’s command. If that was their plan it sucked. Iran is not getting pushed out by America’s presence. Indeed, they may have motivated the USG’s acquiescence to the (shitty) nuclear deal with Iran.

                    ISIS also serves as a nice safety valve for Gulf Salafists who otherwise might question why they don’t get a political say in their home countries.

                    This is an interesting point. I hope that the current hell on Earth they have over there will suck out a lot of jihadist poison from all over the globe and contain it in a killing field in the ME. I just don’t want a neo-caliphate that indoctrinates its population to hate us for our freedoms like the Afghan Taliban did.

                    1. ISIS’s war chest is estimated at roughly $2 billion. Do the math on just how much oil you need to move to get to $2 billion. Here, I’ll start:

                      Let’s assume that only half their funds came from oil, and that they were getting 75 bucks a barrel. This is probably hilariously high, but w/e. 1 billion USD / 75 bucks a barrel equals 13 and 1/3 million barrels of oil. This doesn’t count how much they had to pump to get to 1 billion profit: this is gross sales. Anyway, each barrel is 42 US gallons. So, if we assume that ISIS had around 2 years to pump all of that oil, sell it, and transport it to a port and refinery, we come to (~6.6 million barrels per year * 42)/365 days, or a bit over 3/4 million gallons per day.

                      750,000 gallons—and this number is probably low—keeping in mind there aren’t many pipelines left, or ports they can sell this to. And IIRC, they were under sanctions, so it’s not like Shell can just charter a tanker and fill up. The reports I’d read implied that ISIS was using tanker trucks and shit like that.

                      The math doesn’t make sense. It never made sense. They’re getting funding from people who don’t have to use jingle trucks to move their product.

                    2. This is from the very article you link to: “Before this, the western officials had been asking us where they had gotten some of their money from, $50,000 here, or $20,000 there. It was peanuts. Now they know and we know. They had done this all themselves. There was no state actor at all behind them, which we had long known. They don’t need one.”

                      The got a shit ton of money from raiding banks. That 2 billion figure also includes stolen military stuffs.

                    3. And I’m saying that you can’t get $2 billion from robbing banks, extortion, and selling oil, if you can only transport the oil via trucks. The lines that they are self-sufficient are bullshit, intended to portray them as some Nazi-esque independant boogie man, and not as the on-again/off-again agent of a collection of states in the region. I am not saying that e.g., Prince Abdullah is cutting them a check personally—from what I’ve read, ISIS is extreme enough to find the Prince an apostate—but I am saying that elements within the 12,000 member Saudi royal family, as well as other Sunni groups in the Gulf seeking a counterbalance to groups like Hezbollah, are.

                      Hell, the Taliban still get assistance from Pakistan, and they get to sell an easier to ship, much more valuable product than oil.

                      Look at the economics of the PIRA in the 70s. This report, cited at freerepublic (sue me) claims a capital amount, if you were to try and sell the PIRA as an economic concern, of around $20M. They tried a homegrown extortion/bank robbing/kidnapping economy too, and found that they couldn’t manage to run an insurgency from it alone. They needed assistance, not from NORAID, but from Moscow. And they weren’t trying to do anything as vigorous as have an organization of between 50 and 200,000 people

                    4. All I’m saying is: if you want to interfere with ISIS and try to make them extinct—and I’m not sure the juice is worth the squeeze for the US—figure out why ISIS does what it does, find their centers of gravity and support, and see who you can rely on in the region.

                      Thinking that you can kill all of them with a company of JTACs, Green Berets and airpower is likely to be a fool’s errand

              2. Good, then strap your fucking boots on, grab a rifle and go fight ISIS. Stop advocating my brothers and sisters do it on your behalf.

                1. Sorry this is the adults table. No anarchists allowed here.

          3. Only people with *more than a full set* of chromosomes thinks that this or any administration in the last 50 years has ever had or was capable of making ‘a well thought-out strategy to bring down ‘ – from the Viet Cong to the WoD/P/T to the multiple wars in the Middle East

            1. Bzzzt wrong. Nixon’s bombing campaign and superior strategy broke the Vietcong.

              1. Nixon essentially created the Cambodian bloodbath through widening the war into that country. He also was responsible for a third of all American casualties in the Vietnam conflict. Ultimately, any temporary success against the Viet Cong led to nothing, since Nixon was already promising to get out of Vietnam even before he was elected president. The highly debatable breaking of the Viet Cong was a Pyrrhic victory at best. He spent four years and an immense amount of human and financial capital for no result. Agammamon is absolutely correct.

        3. 50.

          No where near enough to ever make a difference, but plenty enough to make headlines…

          Nobody in his administration ever saw ‘Blackhawk Down’?

          1. Nobody in his administration ever saw ‘Blackhawk Down’?

            They saw it. But what does the Chicago hockey team have to do with Syria?

          2. Well, they could indeed make a difference as trainers, or trainer-trainers, but it wouldn’t be a dramatic difference.

            My suspicion is that he’s hoping ISIS will go after the advisers, providing the US with a cassus belli, and ISIS with an opportunity to go toe to toe with the US.

            1. We recently spent 500 million dollars trying to train some Iraqis and all but 2 or 3 dropped their weapons and ran at the first battle.

        4. And what will be the reaction when Russian strikes kill one or more of the U.S. forces?

          1. If these guys fight ISIS, they will be well safe from Russian strikes.

            1. Russia just dropped some bombs that landed in Iran? They are using old style dumb bombs because they can’t afford or don’t have enough to waste on ISIS and the anti Assad rebels.

              How the hell are our guys in Syria safe from Russian fuck ups ?

            2. No, they won’t. Russia is bombing Assad’s enemies. The “moderate” rebels we are supporting are being bombed by Russia.

          2. That’s what I’m wondering about. It could be the 1st time American & Russian forces come to blows directly since 1918 AFAIK.

        5. Note, I’m now reading the article and realizing its only fifty guys. Still fucking seriously. Just let them fight it out.

          Those fifty guys I’m sure are there for three things:

          1. Mark targets for guided munitions from aircraft at safe operating altitudes with sensors on max for Russians and anybody else (no longer benign air environment).
          2. Get unfiltered damage and tactic assessments of Russian capabilities in-theater.
          3. Try to discern local goon ‘trustworthy’ enough and willing to play Obama-ball to ship lots of hardware to – up to and including anti-air goodies to deal with said Russians.

          Next crisis-point of this devolving mess will be loss event of one of the interloper’s aircrafts, how it was lost, who/how dealt the losing, and what becomes of the pilot. You read it here first!

    2. I suspect more than fifty have been there for some time. He’s only announcing this deployment to cover the already out fact that a special forces soldier was recently killed there. I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out that there are already hundreds of US “boots on the ground.”

    3. President Obama has ordered U.S. troops to invade Syria.

      Surprisingly, he’s black.

  3. Police have arrested a man suspected of setting a bunch of black churches on fire. Surprisingly, he’s black.

    There’s always something to fuck up the narrative.

  4. “Surprisingly, he’s black.”

    Not sure if serious.

    1. Because he’s light-skinned or because he’s not notionally “white”?

      1. Some of these stories are too good to be true, a la Meg Lanker-Simmons.

      2. Because he got soot on him from the fires.

        1. +1 “See? It’s coming off.”

      3. like Heroic Mulatto?

    2. You jerks know what I meant.

      1. He self-identifies as Aryan. Don’t define his identity for him, shitlord!

    3. Not surprising at all since the vast majority of crimes committed against blacks are committed by blacks

      1. Perhaps if you had no information about the crime other than the race of the victims.

      2. Not counting cultural crimes committed by whites, such as listening to rap or, heaven forbid, actually performing rap.

    4. “Police have arrested a man suspected of setting a bunch of black churches on fire. Surprisingly, he’s black”

      Yes, no one could possibly look at this guy and think, I’d Never Have Guessed This Guy Might Do Crazy Shit

      1. He looks like a fine, upstanding young man. In fact, the reason he was at those churches in the first place was for choir practice. It’s just pure bad luck coincidence that he had to move to new choirs after the old ones burned down. FRAME JOB!

    5. You guys are so fucking mean. The dude has re-vitiligo.

    6. You guys are so fucking mean. The dude has re-vitiligo.

  5. White people have a heroin problem.

    Is it really a “problem,” Robby? So judgy.

    1. Their use of heroin is problematic.

      1. I thought maybe he meant it was getting harder to find.

    2. Also, “white people”?, jesus fucking christ.

      1. The WOD is racist, so now we’ll crack down on everyone.

    3. Some people don’t like injecting themselves.

      1. True.

        And of course, it’s a pain in the ass to find.

        “No OTC heroin, no peace!”

        1. it’s a pain in the ass to find.

          By “it” do you mean heroin? Puh-leez, you live in Chicago. Or do you mean your vein? That I can believe given that you’re a mulatto.

          1. Blue lights in her bathroom sounded like a good idea at the time….

  6. ESPN has killed Grantland.

    Skip Bayless demanded ESPN fire everyone smarter than him. In other news, 2000 people in the Bristol region just filed for unemployment.

    1. Leaves himself and Stephen A. Smith.


    2. As long as they don’t touch Le Batard and Stu Gotz. That irreverent shit is funny.

    3. The writing at Grantland was apparently too good for ESPN’s standards.

      1. I have no idea what this show is, nor why I should care. Haven’t watched that network in….years. Glad to see some people are still keeping the other ESPNers employed. Lord knows we don’t need any more people to get so discouraged they drop out of the workforce altogether…

        1. It’s not a show, it’s a website with actual professional writing longer than 200 words.

          1. It was one of the few things of worth on Now I’ll only go there to set my fantasy football lineups.

          2. longer than 50,000 words a lot of times too…on not particularly interesting topics

            1. If you don’t like sports I get it….other than that a lot of great content on analytics and far superior to anything on ESPN. Perhaps you are too dumb to find it useful…..

              1. If you want to read lengthy articles on JJ Barea’s jump shot, then have fun. I’m going to pass.

          3. Even MOAR glad I don’t know what it is.

            (and don’t visit their website)

  7. Ladies and Gentlemen of H&R, since Robby was too embarrassed to link to it:

    Via ENB’s twitter account, I give you Halloween at the Reason DC offices

    1. To ENB:

      “No, no, leave it on!”

    2. This is a libertarian office, are we entirely positive that’s not how they dress daily?

      1. For example, I am at work right now and all I am wearing are chaps, cowboy boots, and various scabbards for my collection of throwing knives.

        1. But are they Assless Chaps(tm)?

          1. As I’ve been told before, all chaps are assless. If they covered the ass, they’d be pants.

            1. Yeah, I hate “assless chaps.” Ugh.

              1. sometimes you just need to direct people’s minds to the place where an ass would be on normal pants.

            2. Way to ruin the joke, JB. That’s OK, I’ve done that too.

              1. I specifically didn’t say assless chaps because I am a connoisseur of the English language and do not muddy my native tongue with such vulgarities.

                *turns swiftly and ambles away, tailcoats rustling in the breeze*

                1. The proper terminology would be ‘pantless chaps’, or ‘chaps and a goc-pouch’

                2. The tailcoats flutter up as he rapidly turned, bringing attention to what chaps *do not cover* in a brutal manner.

        1. He makes an excellent point.

    3. I dressed up as a spy.

      I wore the same type of clothes I normally do, and told anybody who asked that they didn’t recognize I was dressed as a spy due to the brilliance of the disguise.


    4. Oh, dear me.

    5. I feel like I should know what Robby is supposed to be, but I can’t place it.

      1. Fred Jones from Scooby-Doo

        1. Like, zoinks. How could I not recognize that.

          1. I believe it would be more accurate to say,

            “Fred Jones from Scooby Doo impersonates Robby Soave 364 days out of the year”

        2. I thought it was some other gay dude.

          1. Well, why would Robby need to dress up to be a gay dude?


        3. So [insert name of least favorite staff member] is dressed like Scooby-Do?

          Wait, never mind, my mistake.

      2. Monti Rock III.

      3. Whatever he is he doesn’t look very comfortable.

    6. I think Robby’s costume is an offensive depiction of “White-Face”

    7. So were they required to dress up, or did every one of them do this of their own free will?

      Also, no one dresses up as Nick The Jacketed One?

    8. So, uh, is Quailman single?

      1. Imma go out on a limb and say yes.

        1. Am I the only one here who thinks “adorkable” is attractive?


      2. You beat me to it.

    9. I recognize Daria, Quailman and a cheeseburger?

      1. Is it Daria or a Harry Potter character?
        Also, what’s with the skullcap/stripey legs, some sort of bald bumblebee?

    10. Except for Robby, those people need some sun badly. What is it, hipster dork day? “No I actually do live in my mom’s basement” day?

    11. Were they all dressed as trolls? If not, they should have been.

      Because that’s what almost all of them are: professional concern trolls.

      1. Oh good. I was just getting bored.

        1. I wonder sometimes if Charles and David have even the first clue of just how much damage some of these clowns are doing to the credibility of their product.

          I kind of suspect that they don’t, because if they did, I’d like to think they would have done something about it by now.

          1. Like internet kooks blabbing about Block Insane YoMama? That product?


      2. Yeah! And at least half of them are secret Muslim Democrats!

    12. I’ma go out on a limb nd guess that Soave hooked up with Velma over there.

  8. Welp, I’m done for the week. I have a cold Big Eye from Ballast Point, and there’s 5 more where that came from.

    1. BP is finally coming to Michigan in November. No more shoving it into suitcases on business trips. Just in time for Victory as Sea.

      1. It was on the floor of my car, if that’s what you’re asking.

  9. College president in trouble for sombrero costume.

    A President Trump would have stopped those costumes at the border.

  10. If the Grantland news didn’t already make you want to die, Vox’s take on it surely will. Trigger warning: the old, thoughtful internet that is no more is exemplified by…Gawker.

    1. I can’t even understand what that person is trying to say.

      The only take away is, ‘VanDerWerff ‘ is a great parody last-name for a Progressive Journalist.

      1. They’re saying, “Hell is other people.” And I think they’re accidentally saying, “Diverse internet audiences will turn all content to shit.”

        1. That was my take on it. It seemed like the author drew a direct line between the internet getting less white and male and the inability of websites to survive on long form journalism. Shame Vox doesn’t have comments.

          1. “the inability of websites to survive on long form journalism”

            I note = there haven’t seemed to be a whole lot of clicks/comments on the NYT Salon debunking thing here.

            Which i deplore… while not having read all three yet myself.

            1. I thought the first was great, part two was questionable, and I’ve yet to read part three.
              Reading is like, hard, you know?

        2. Why do they hate diversity?

    2. That’s funny, because I used to regularly read movie and TV reviews on AV Club. While the increasing clutter of the site’s content aggregation was annoying, the real reason I quit reading it is because all the criticism was becoming social justice-focused. Every movie “missed an opportunity to have a strong non-white character” or some such shit.

      1. Yeah, I love the claim that now that scale is so important, you can’t alienate anybody.

        No, you just can’t alienate certain people.

    3. Gawker doesn’t fear becoming Vox because we’re intrinsically evil (at least I hope not); it fears becoming Vox because Vox is one of the more obvious exemplars of whatever the new world is

      The “new world” is ignorant children failing to do their basic research when “explaining” the news?

  11. Rochester NY = Vying for Derp Capitol of America?

    I ate every meal in our house on Obama placemats.

    We bought these at our local supermarket, plastic-coated, plate-sized paper rectangles with an image of his face framed by colors of the flag.

    Barack Obama is the president of the United States. He can change the country. He can do it today. I believe in him.”

    This feast for the mind was accompanied by an unsigned Editorial which actually used as its closing sentence

    It can’t hurt. We have to do something.

    1. Placemats? They’re living high on the hog.

      1. Yeah, that’s kind of a marker for lower-middle middle class.

        1. Keeps you from having to clean the tablecloth all the time.

          Makes more sense if you have toddlers.

          Definitely not for company.

          1. Tablecloth? Look at you, Mr. Fancypants!

    2. He can change the country. He can do it today. I believe in him

      What year is it?

    3. Ugh. I so blew the first link


      1. “Some of his promises to our country did not come true”

        It’s amazing that this fugly woman can even operate a keyboard.

        1. SUNY College Professor.

          This is why Obama wants to make college “Free” for everyone.

          Its “free” money for these people.

          1. I have no problem with people who live in these bubbles. They live a very sad, joyless existence, but I don’t really care. I


            1. I live in New York State, so I am paying for it. Lucky me.

              1. This is why they’re making it hard to own guns.

            2. “‘ people who live in these bubbles””

              Don’t you live in California?

              1. I live in suburbia, where people actually have to earn their money. No 200k a year bullshit professorships in these parts.

                1. 200k a year? She’s an assistant professor at a state school satellite. Think closer to 60 thousand. The only person making 200k there is the athletic director.

          2. Brockport is a satellite town of Rochester – I guarantee you this women has not set foot in Rochester in 30 or 40 years, if ever. The only gun violence she experiences is watching Rochester news from the comfort of her nice suburban home.

        2. No shit, that this delusional bitch is on the public payroll is baffilng.

      2. If anyone wants to skip her insipid screed, you can just check this out.

      3. All you really had to post was this and we could fill in the rest.

        “Barbara LeSavoy is director of Women and Gender Studies at The College at Brockport.”

      4. “Barbara LeSavoy is director of Women and Gender Studies at The College at Brockport.”

        Of course she is.

      5. I think some women are Lesbian just so they don’t have to bother with make up.

        Uh Huh. Yes I do.

    4. I eat all my of meals off my slave girls naked bodies.

      1. Eat a lot of sushi do you?

        1. Not a lot, but I all of the sudden have a craving for some sushi and flowers:)

          1. “It tastes really fishy”

        2. Thank you for that Jesse. Really.

    5. That reads like it was written by a high school freshman, not just in the writing style but in the thought process behind it.

      First paragraph: ” I urge President Obama to ban firearm possession in America. He is the president of the United States. He can change the country. He can do it today. I believe in him.”

      She is a very dangerous idiot.

      1. Idiot, yes. Dangerous, no.

        If she didn’t exist, I’d have to make her up.

      2. It’s sort of amazing how out of touch she is.

        President Obama issuing an executive order banning guns…

        That would not have the effect of “usher[ing] in a culture of peace and civility”. It would probably cause the biggest fucking bloodbath in American history, and I say that knowing how bad the Civil War was.

        1. If the federal government went through with a plan to ban, search for, and confiscate all guns in the US there would be more people killed in the first month than all those killed during the Civil Ear.

          1. “.. Ear…” Fcuking spell check

    6. The mass murder mentioned in your second link took place across the street from where I spent 7th through 12th grade. Sounds about right.

    7. My Rochester residing family are neck deep in the same type of Obama derp. I remember my great uncle approaching me some years back and telling me about how scared he was about GWB pushing him and granny off the cliff and starting WW3. After laughing it off, I realized exactly how uphill of a climb we have to get people to think beyond TEAM derp.

  12. Nicol?s Maduro: Venezuelan President Says He Plans to Sue US During Televised Address

    Maduro made the announcement Thursday saying the lawsuit would be an attempt to lift a March 9 order, which declared Venezuela a threat to U.S. national security.

    1. Well, he’s still on the secret no-fly list.

    2. It will probably work better if he sues them in an actual court proceeding, rather than during a speech. The court of (Venezuelan) public opinion is a metaphor, bro.

  13. Why would a law abiding gun owners have any problems giving their names to the local police department given the fact that they had to register with the state/feds anyway?

    1. Why would any law abiding LGBTQ people have any problems giving their names to the local PD?

      1. At one point, NYC made gays that wanted to go to bath houses register.


          1. Like I said Danger, I think having a list of people that are not going to commit a crime is silly.

            1. Then what is

              “Why would a law abiding gun owners have any problems giving their names to the local police department given the fact that they had to register with the state/feds anyway?”

              supposed to mean? If you think it’s silly, why are you wondering why other find it silly?

            2. “Like I said Danger, I think having a list of people that are not going to commit a crime is silly”

              What ? Are you some kinda nut case or something ?

              But law abiding people who own guns for whatever reason they want shouldn’t mind being on a list.

              AmIright Alice ?

    2. Because the state/fed is not supposed to keep any record of who filled out a background check, you twat.

      1. “Oops…I guess we were supposed to destroy those.”

    3. Why would any law-abiding women who want abortions have any problems giving their name to the local PD?

    4. Why would Jews object to a free train ride?

      1. I think you mean *law-abiding* Jews.

        1. Well, since it was the law to register as a Jew, all “law-abiding” Jews shouldn’t care about a separate sign-up for train rides IMO.

        2. I think you mean *law-abiding* Jews.

          No such thing.

            1. “I have for you 15 commandments.”

              1. #13: On the morning after thy daughter’s wedding, thou shalt provide thine guests with appetizing. Amongst the appetizing shall be lox, whitefish, herring, and sable. If thou neglects to provide thine guests with sable, thou shall be known as “a cheap bastard”. Verily, cheap bastards are an abomination to THE LORD, your God who led you out of Egypt to buy sable.

              2. Stumbles, drops tablet, which shatters.

                “Uh, I mean TEN! Ten commandments!”

    5. Where does “a law abiding gun owners (sic)” have to register with the feds? You may go through a background check, but you don’t register?

      You don’t really understand what you’re talking about do you?

      /If you live in a state that requires any kind of gun registration, move as soon as you can.

      1. I live in NYC. In NY State, gun owners must register.

        In fact, a few years ago, some boob put out a heatmap and list of registered gun owners.
        It’s actually public information in NY State. I can find out if my neighbors are registered gun owners.

        The people that know me here know my opinion on gun control.
        For those that don’t, I feel that all gun laws are ridiculous. The “No guns allowed” sign is completely ineffective.
        You either allow guns and understand that criminals and crazies will get them or not have guns. Any regulation or restriction only blocks the non-criminal/non-crazy.

        1. Then you answered your own question. Gun owners are against registration for many reasons, but the example that you yourself pointed out is that it will chill legitimate gun ownership and not do anything to reduce gun crime.

          1. Stop-and-Frisk reduced gun crime significantly in Bronx/Washington Heights/Harlem/Brooklyn and in the other drug neighborhoods.

            The Stop-and-Frisk program made these guys scared to cross the street with a gun as possession (especially when joined with cocaine) would carry double-digit sentences in NYC.

            1. Stop and Frisk is not anything like gun registration. So, non-sequitur.

              I love that you think Harlem/Brooklyn are 1) neighborhoods and 2) “Drug neighborhoods”.

              1. Well, Harlem is a neighborhood. Brooklyn is a city of 2.5 million people.

            2. Stopping most S&F has not resulted in an increase in crime so no S&F did not reduce crime.

            3. Stop and Frisk was to pad drug arrests. Try again.

        2. Yes, state-I mentioned that, and if you don’t like NY gun laws, move ASAP (as I suggested).

          You don’t register with the feds, as others have quite clearly pointed out.

          You question about why would anyone mind providing the info, if they’re law-abiding, suggests that you think it’s no big deal to do so.

          1. If I wanted to get a gun in NY, I’d need to give my name and register. That wouldn’t stop me from going to a store and buying a gun. All, “law abiding” gun-owners in NY did so.

            1. So, there are people who like being treated like sheep….so, what of it?

              it would seem very few states engage in registration, anyway. Therefore, most “law abiding citizens” don’t have to register, and are probably OK with that/not OK with having to do so at the municipal level (or, else they’d likely live somewhere else).

              What is your point with the original question?

        3. The people that know me here know my opinion on gun control.
          For those that don’t, I feel that all gun laws are ridiculous. The “No guns allowed” sign is completely ineffective.
          You either allow guns and understand that criminals and crazies will get them or not have guns. Any regulation or restriction only blocks the non-criminal/non-crazy.


          No you don’t. You’re one the more consistently crazy ‘increase state control of our lives types here’. You are and have been for outlawing open carry.

          You may be getting confused as to which personality you use to troll which sites.

          1. Stop-and-Frisk reduced gun crime significantly in Bronx/Washington Heights/Harlem/Brooklyn and in the other drug neighborhoods.

            The Stop-and-Frisk program made these guys scared to cross the street with a gun as possession (especially when joined with cocaine) would carry double-digit sentences in NYC.

            I mean, right here, in the very next post, you contradict yourself.

            If you ‘feel all gun laws are ridiculous’ – its only because you don’t think they go far enough or are enforced draconishly enough.

    6. So you admit that gun restrictions are designed to punish law abiding people

      1. Other than a complete ban on guns I agree absolutely that gun restrictions only inconvenience the law abiding people.

        However, stiff prison sentencing for possession along with ‘stop-and-frisk’ worked NYC.

        The only restriction that would work is a draconian nation-wide band on gun manufacturing/distribution/possession. I would love it if we could have this. But I feel that this is completely un-obtainable and would be very disruptive. So I’m happy with the state-to-state solution. Arizona allows anyone to have a gun. New York state, not as much.

        1. ” I would love it if we could have this.”

          Then move to Cuba and fuck off.

        2. So we agree that you suck. Fuck off.

        3. Making a black market in NY that is easily supplied by neighboring states, thus making NY a place where it’s easier for criminals to buy things than it is for the law abiding.
          Logic? How does it work?

    7. 1. I have a big problem with the police knowing anything at all about me. Any smart person will do what they can to stay off their radar.
      2. How many people are truly law abiding? Pretty much everyone does something every day that runs afoul of some law or other.
      3. Registering or identifying gun owners is a necessary step on the road to confiscation. Even if that is not the intent of the requirements today, it is still something that must be resisted by anyone who cares about the right to be armed.

      There are 3 reasons. I could name some more if you want.

      1. I read somewhere that around 2/3 of gun owners don’t register even where it is required. You would think the fields would be covered in blood in places like upstate NY where there is a gun in every pot.

      2. Save it. You’re talking to a troll that favors gun confiscation.

    8. I don’t get the gun thing at all and don’t own any, but that isn’t any of the police department’s god damn business.

      1. You will one day. I didn’t own guns until I did.

        1. A carried a gun when I lived in the desert. In the city, especially in the summer, it’s just a pain in the ass. I do have a spring opened knife in my pocket at all times.

          1. +Five Points

    9. 1. Because we didn’t have to register with the feds. I don’t even get where you get that from. Buying a gun from a FFL dealer requires a *background check* but registration. And a private purchase doesn’t even require that.

      2. Because fuck off slaver. My local PD has no NTK.

    10. Fuck off bitch, you are too stupid to comment on this…’s a new troll, the old old Alice was kinda, sorta dumb. New troll is not the same old troll. Weigel FTW. That’s beyond pathetic…

  14. The Libertarian Moment intensifies and broadens to Brazil: A draft law stripping away current limits has already been approved in committee and is due to go to the lower house of Congress in November.

    Under the law, anyone over 21, including people accused of crimes or convicted of less than serious crimes, would be allowed to purchase up to nine firearms a year and 50 rounds of ammunition a month.

    State employees and public figures, ranging from government inspectors to politicians, would be authorized to carry arms, as would private citizens often in the public eye such as taxi drivers.…..26423.html

      1. Wtf are you, NYC cop? How many bullets do you spray per month?!

      2. Maybe it’s a typo — 50 pounds?

        1. ++

          Seriously, that’s like “Save up for a year to go on a single range trip”.

    1. 50 rounds and 9 guns? That wouldn’t even fill up revolvers.

      Well, unless they are the 5 shot kind.

  15. What’s a Grantland?

    1. Grantland was an ESPN sub-site that had actual journalism that was actually good and thought-provoking. So they killed it.

  16. SXSW Pulls a Wesleyan


    1. “We were accused of suppressing speech. We will show that it was exactly our intent and give some money to a bunch of assholes so they can go on undermining free speech.”

    2. Careful. Zeb’s gonna get mad.

      1. Hey now! Wesleyan is retarded. I only defend them to the extent that I think they have some good academic programs amongst all the ridiculousness.

        But wasn’t it Williams or something that did the dis-inviting? Wesleyan had the idiocy about defunding the school paper because they had the nerve to publish a letter to the editor that mad someone sad or something.

        1. Berkeley is retarded too, but I sort of got used to the retard. It just wouldn’t be the same without it.

        2. You may be right. I was thinking about the debate that the woman was re-invited to and she said, “Stuff it”

  17. Republican National Committee: RNC Suspends Partnership With NBC News Following CNBC Debate

    The committee is backing out of an agreement with the network for a scheduled February debate “pending further discussion,” Chairman Reince Priebus said in a letter to NBC News Chairman Andrew Lack.

    1. Under penalty of perjury, did you read the links?

      1. What links?

      2. Is that the mumbo jumbo they put above the comments?

        1. He’s color blind…

  18. Ryan’s been Speaker for less than a week and he already got a war resolution passed?

    1. Naw, in the interest of “making government work again”, all power has now been invested in the executive.
      Can you feel the government working again? I sure can.

    1. That Hard Rod 17 is really a loose cannon.

      1. What I want to know is why have “hrod17” as your email when you own the fucking server and domain name? It’s not gmail or something where all your first choices are already taken.

        1. Its probably someone’s 1990s idea about “security is about using a Non-Word+ A Number as a username”

          1. Wut. I just thought that was because AOL, Yahoo and Hotmail ran out of simple usernames.

    2. Slickette will say the material was only classified after she sent it

      That, or the people doing the redacting are just classifying random shit because FYTW.

  19. stereotypical Mexican costumes with sombreros, which a university spokesman said some had “considered offensive”

    and others had “considered muy bueno, incluso impresionante”.

  20. But supporters say it captures a truth: that the melding of cultures is often about which group has the power to take symbols, styles or language from another.

    1) That’s a juvenile understanding of how “culture meld together”

    2) But supposing it were, that would be an argument against multiculturalism, not for it. But the multicult members are so profoundly naive that they don’t see any of the internal contradictions of their faith.

    1. I should add this link *woops*.
      On Campus This Halloween, Free to Be You, but Maybe Not Me

      The term “cultural appropriation,” which emerged from academia but has been applied more broadly ? say, to refer to Washington Redskins fans wearing feather headdresses, white people in cornrows or Miley Cyrus twerking ? has drawn ire from opponents of political correctness. But supporters say it captures a truth: that the melding of cultures is often about which group has the power to take symbols, styles or language from another.
      At Duke University, the Center for Multicultural Affairs has filled its Facebook page with images of young people holding up pictures of offensive stereotypes, including white people in blackface and a man dressed as a suicide bomber, with the hashtag #OurCulturesAreNotCostumes.

      So they’re admitting that suicide bombers are the cultural property of Muslims? So progressive.

      1. So they’re admitting that suicide bombers are the cultural property of Muslims?

        Good call, FS.

        But I suspect “hillbilly” is still seen as acceptable.

        1. But I suspect “hillbilly” is still seen as acceptable.

          Have no doubt. If this truly were to cut both ways, blacks, hispanics and asians would be barred from dressing as superman, spiderman, Mario and Luigi et cetera because that would be dressing in whiteface!

          But it doesn’t cut both ways because the multicult isn’t about the peaceful co-existence and co-habitation of culture, they’re about the destruction and debasement of anything associated with whites, particularly white heterosexual males who must be destroyed if they will not walk willingly into the wilderness never to be heard from again.

          1. blacks, hispanics and asians would be barred from dressing as superman, spiderman…

            Depends on which Superman* or Spiderman

            *Actually there are two Black Supermen (Supermani? Supermanuses?), Calvin Ellis of Earth-23, and and Val-Zod of Earth-2.

            1. Not counting John Henry Irons on your list?

              1. Steel is Steel. He subbed for Superman during his “death”, but he never was Superman.

                1. Yeah, but he got his start as an homage to Superman. It makes the whole thing delightfully meta, no?

                  1. What’s meta is that in one canon Steel and Kazaam are the same person.

      2. But supporters say it captures a truth: that the melding of cultures is often about which group has the power to take symbols, styles or language from another.

        I fear the day that a minority will have the power to take symbols or styles from my culture.

        1. They better not be eating cheeseburgers in China or I’m going to flip the fuck out.

          1. Not so much but KFC is very popular.

          2. I can’t wait until they start eating cheeseburgers in India.

      3. “…the power to take symbols, styles or language…”

        Alrighty then. Get that? They took it. Now they won’t give it back.

        Does this mean every person whose ancestry isnt western european must stop driving cars and using antibiotics? Stop wearing western style clothing?

        1. But to be fair, white people must give up peanut butter and hip-hop.

          1. You can take the peanut butter from my cold, dead hands.

          2. But that was G.W. Carver’s GIFT TO HUMANITY.

    2. Lots of cultures are taking words from English.

    3. If it weren’t for cultural appropriation, the Scottish would have never worn kilts.

      1. Not the true scottsman

    4. Anyday now, the various cultures in Canada will erupt in mass bloodshed and fire. Any day now.

    5. Yeah, that’s idiotic. Have they ever heard of “Creole”?

  21. From the listicle linked in the church burning link:

    Hundreds of students walked out of Spring Valley High School in Columbia, South Carolina on Friday morning in support of the deputy sheriff who was fired after violently arresting a black student. Students reportedly chanted “Free Fields” in support of Ben Fields, a school resource officer and football coach who was caught on tape forcibly removing a black student from her desk, allegedly because she was disrupting class.

    I so hope the students were just trolling. But wait, from the full article:

    Temoney also released a statement from the school several hours later and said the students and staff were safe during the protest.

    “At no time, were any students or staff in any danger. School is carrying on in a safe and productive manner today,” the statement said.

    I can’t even fathom the mindst of a person who spends any time bothering to craft something so pointless and stupid. If the students burn the school down, I’ll point to this statement as total justification, and abandon all belief that ‘speech is harmless’.

    1. The principal did tell them to return to class or be suspended. But I suspect that if those kids had walked out to protest the cop’s behavior, then they would have all been suspended without question.

  22. Senate Passes CISA, The Surveillance Bill Masquerading As A Cybersecurity Bill; Here’s Who Sold Out Your Privacy
    Techdirt. / Mike Masnick

    After rejecting all the good privacy amendments to CISA, the Senate has now officially passed the legislation by a 74 to 21 vote. About the only “good” news is that the vote is lower than the 83 Senators who voted for cloture on it last week. Either way, the Senate basically just passed a bill that will almost certainly be used mainly for warrantless domestic surveillance, rather than any actual cybersecurity concern.

    1. Original Article:…..tory01.htm

      1. And here’s the tragically short list of the 21 who voted against this.
        ? Baldwin (D-WI)
        ? Booker (D-NJ)
        ? Brown (D-OH)
        ? Cardin (D-MD)
        ? Coons (D-DE)
        ? Crapo (R-ID)
        ? Daines (R-MT)
        ? Franken (D-MN)
        ? Heller (R-NV)
        ? Leahy (D-VT)
        ? Lee (R-UT)
        ? Markey (D-MA)
        ? Menendez (D-NJ)
        ? Merkley (D-OR)
        ? Risch (R-ID)
        ? Sanders (I-VT)
        ? Sullivan (R-AK)
        ? Tester (D-MT)
        ? Udall (D-NM)
        ? Warren (D-MA)
        ? Wyden (D-OR)

        1. Cardin?! Interesting ….

        2. Also interesting are the GOP senators who neither voted for it or against it, including luminaries like:

          Not Voting – 5
          Cruz (R-TX)
          Graham (R-SC)
          Paul (R-KY)
          Rubio (R-FL)
          Vitter (R-LA)

          Really disappointing to see from Paul and Cruz.

          1. Four of them were too busy running for President. The fifth is running for Governor.

            1. Well, you don’t want to be actually held accountable for your vote, so safest just to abstain. Very, very, very, disappointed in Paul.

        3. Rand Paul voted for the bill?

          1. Oops, should have refreshed

        4. Whither Rand?

    2. Longer, harder and deeper.

        1. Paul.’s kicking the intactivist hornet’s nest.

  23. File Under = Liberals Unsurprisingly See Utility in an All-Controlling God

    Jesus Wouldn’t Join the NRA

    1. I haven’t joined the NRA. Could I be…

      *cue dramatic music and camera zoom*


    2. Jesus wouldnt like liberals either. All they do is advocate theft and violence through the state.

    3. What kind of Mickey Mouse operation is Reuters running?

      1. How dare you accuse Reuters of bias! Why they cover the entire gamut of Op-Ed views, from Extreme Left Wing to Bourgeois Progressive, to Establishment Democrat. And even some Greens. Something for everyone, just like the New York Times.

  24. From the earlier story: The decision by Obama, deeply averse to committing troops to unpopular wars in the Middle East, would mark the first sustained U.S. troop presence in Syria

    It’s like some writer is unable to understand the meaning of “revealed preference”.

  25. Colombian student in Ontario told appropriating his own culture is offensive

    A high school student in Brampton, Ontario was told he could not wear his Halloween costume to school because it allegedly culturally appropriates his own culture.

    Joshua Sewerynek, a ninth grade student at St. Thomas Aquinas Secondary School, planned to dress up as part of a mariachi band with his friends. The school, however, stated the Colombian student’s costume is “very offensive” and would not be allowed because “culture is not a costume.”

    1. Do You Know Who Else Is an Authority on What’s Not Okay?

      1. I’d better not see any blacks dressing up as Vikings or I’ll be so offended!

        1. Shouldn’t those tears be blood?

        2. Huh, my firewall blocked your link as category “illegal drugs”.

          As the Network Administrator and all around Firewall Adonis, I could unblock it or create an exception for myself, because like Hillary Clinton, I’m above the law. But then I thought, “too far”.

          1. Your firewall is Not Okay.

            1. Actually it’s pretty pimpin’. We just made a temp change to the network and I had to turn off WebBlocker temporarily.

              I clicked on your link. Meh.

          2. My old job used to block HuffPo as “pornographic”.

        3. Everybody is offended by Adrian Peterson.

      2. See my cat link below

      3. Wait, I have a better answer: Hugh Akston!

      4. What does that mean? “This is not who I am”? I’m not dressing as you. No one is dressing as you, you stupid little kids.

    2. There’s just so many good ones out there.

      1. That is hands down the winner.

      2. I have larfed multiple times.

        I think a great costume would be to multiply all of these things together = to be a Sombrero-Wearing, Sari-skirted, bomb-vest & bearded, banjo-playing, Human Cultural Appropriation

        1. What’s wrong with a banjo playing redneck costume? The only people that could possibly offend are the white males. And who really gives a fuck if you offend them?

          1. I think what is more offensive is assuming “Every White Man’s “Culture” is a Toothless Hillbilly With a Banjo


          2. I also don’t understand what problem is with the hot middle eastern chick costume. How us people thinking your hawt stigmatizing?

      3. OK, which one of you wags put that together?

    3. It is amusing watching the brainwashed, useful idiots stumble around and tying their shoelaces together.

      It would be funny if it weren’t for the tragedy of it all.

    4. Mariachi music is offensive?

    5. Culture is not a costume?! Is the point supposed to be that you have to imitate more than the dress? What if you talk & act funny too? What is a costume?

  26. Defying parody, President Obama has ordered U.S. troops to invade Syria.

    Is this a proxy war between the U.S. and Russia now? You know who else got us into a proxy war with Russia? You know who else never met a conflict they didn’t like?

    1. This may be his endgame. He and Putin go toe-to-toe in the mid east. Nobody gives a fuck because it isn’t here, and they both can declare emergency powers and demand to remain in power for the foreseeable future. I am not sure this IS the case, but it could be.

      1. I’d pay money to see the Bringer of Light and Putin in a cage match. Because I know who would win.

    2. Who is the one wearing the blue turban?


  27. This fuckin’ douche of a president going to win the hearts and minds of the Syrians? Boy, he went full-fucking Kennedy on us, didn’t he?

  28. Obamacare TRIED to save Everyone!! But the Republicans Stopped Obama From Spreading His Everloving Light. And We Have Pictures to Prove it

    Shorter = Medicaid expansion is teh awesomes, why would states that don’t like gigantic budget deficits ever not want to do that!?

    1. Also =

      Expert points out – Obamacare largely imploding under the flaws of its own design

    2. I just got a letter saying my premiums are going up $550 a month next year. That’s on top of the $330 a month increase this year.

      Evil or stupid? Why not both?

      1. Shrike will be along shortly to explain why this increase is good for you.

        1. Because free market solutions. Duh.

          1. Thank god I still live close to the Mexican border, where I can access free market health care solutions if needed.

      2. My premiums went up about 35% from last year to $1300/mo for wife and me. I just got notice that the insurer is going to quit offering the same plan next year. The only comparable plan is about 15% higher, but it has a significantly higher deductible and higher cap. Oh, yeah … my wife’s ob/gyn and our gp aren’t on the approved list of MDs.

        Thanks, Obama!

  29. Hey, speaking of lies, it turns out we now have proof Hillary was lying when she said she never emailed any info that was marked classified:…..55964.html

    1. I guess people don’t read the comments in addition to not reading the articles. :-p

    2. It won’t make any difference. She has already admitted to at least two felonies. Her supporters put their fingers in their ears and sing la-la-la when you bring that up.

      1. I’m not even sure they put their fingers in their ears. I think they believe that whatever she does is just a-ok.

    1. There’s a woman at my work in here from China wearing cat ears.

      Has anyone done a scientific study on why Asians wearing cat ears are so fucking awesome?

      1. Isn’t there an entire genre of manga based around chicks who are part feline?

        this is the best i could do with insta-google

        “Neko” is cat-ish i think. I used to collect Super Lucky Cats, Maneki Neko

      2. Prolly cause Asian girls are so awesome.

        1. It’s like asking why does bacon make everything better.

          1. Magnificent:)

        2. Yes. It doesn’t really matter what they wear.

      3. My daughter is a cat this year.

        We’re not going to your house.

        1. If your daughter is Deeva Jessica, then that’s probably wise.

          1. No, she has more of a Chrissy Teigen thing going on.

      4. Because they’ve got the eyes to go with them.

  30. The price of BTC sure is on a tear.

  31. About that bacon thing:

    WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) reviews all available scientific evidence on a particular chemical, biological, or physical agent and classifies potential carcinogenic hazards according to the following scheme:

    Group 1: Carcinogenic to humans

    Group 2A: Probably carcinogenic to humans

    Group 2B: Possibly carcinogenic to humans

    Group 3: Not classifiable as to carcinogenicity

    Group 4: Probably not carcinogenic

    Of the nearly 1,000 substances IARC has assessed over the years, only one has been placed in Group 4. Thus, it appears that in practice IARC’s scheme disposes against declaring that an agent is unlikely to be a carcinogenic hazard.…..wrong.html

    1. Being carcinogenic or not carcinogenic has little to do with it.

  32. What would be the best libertarian principle to turn into a costume? It has to be all visual of course as labeling would ruin the effect.

    1. NAP, of course.

      Just be naked.

    2. Wood chipper

    3. Leather jacket. Helmet hair. Questionable affinity for Democratic debates.

    4. It has to be all visual of course as labeling would ruin the effect.

      Not if you’re going as a Friday Funny.

  33. San Francisco Wanted Info on Gun Owners. This Gun Shop Refused.: High Bridge Arms, founded in the mid-1950s by Olympic shooter Bob Chow, shuts down rather than give local police its customer list. By Alex Manning

    The more I think about this, this seems strange. I would have simply refused to comply and let it go to court. That’s a straight up violation of the 4th amendment.

    1. Go read the comments on the Reason article from earlier today on that.

      Apparently the ordinance has not yet passed and it looks like the owner shut down preemptively. There is more to the story than we are getting.

  34. My gift to WarBama and his keyboard commandoes

    Chairborne Ranger Keyboard Commando PVC…..DBNZVN8B8Q

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