A.M. Links: GOP Debate, China Abandons 'One-Child Policy,' Royals Take 2-Game Lead Over Mets in World Series


  • The top GOP candidates debated each other—and clashed repeatedly with CNBC moderators—at last night's Republican presidential debate in Colorado.

  • China is abandoning its "one-child policy" and replacing it with a "two-child policy."
  • The Kansas City Royals beat the New York Mets by a score of 7-1 last night in game two of the World Series. The Royals now lead the Series 2-0.
  • "A record number of Americans have renounced their citizenship so far this year, according to data from the Internal Revenue Service."
  • According to the World Health Organization, tuberculosis now rivals HIV/AIDS as a leading cause of death.

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  1. China is abandoning its “one-child policy” and replacing it with a “two-child policy.”

    Chinese Planned Parenthood is going to lose some business.

    1. Too late China! The Great Crunch is coming!

      1. My aren’t we the pessimist?

      2. Unpossible. Tom Friedman told me China is run by technocratic geniuses. They have managed China’s demographics perfectly to optimize the next seven five-year plans.

        1. Tom Friedman.

          I would love to punch that motherfucker in the throat. Just the mention of his name makes me clench my fist. I have been cutting, splitting and stacking firewood for the last month. My hands are calloused and strong.

          Hey Tom, where are you buddy?

          1. My hands are calloused and strong.

            Go on…

    2. Nah, Chinese parents-to-be will still abort female clumps of cells before male clumps of cells.

      1. No they won’t, they’ll still birth them and throw them down wells.

        When do we invade?

    3. Hello.

    4. Where’s Rufus this morning?

      New Reason web design is underwhelming. And I keep getting all these ads for NC-based local services (ie, dentist, insurance, lawn care) and I’m in a different state.

      1. I kept getting ads for Clamato…in Spanish.

        1. I’d imagine it still tastes like shit no matter the language.

          1. What is wrong with you?

            Let my wife make a Bloody Mary for you using Clamato and you will be yodeling a different tune.

        2. Have you seen those Clamato Bud Light cans yet? I cannot for the life of me believe that product can sustain even one assembly line.

      2. /jumps up and down waving arms.

        1. Oh, there you are. Good morning. Sorry, should have refreshed before posting.

        2. *loses gaze on a frenetic moving target*

  2. The top GOP candidates debated each other?and clashed repeatedly with CNBC moderators?at last night’s Republican presidential debate in Colorado.

    How’s come the Dems seldom seem to rip on their debate moderators?

    1. It’s a mystery.


      1. Your best bud! seems to not be doing so great. Why is this not surprising? Discuss.

        1. Me? I hate the Bushes. I just figured the stupid GOP voter would want another one.

          I didn’t factor in that two idiots like Trump and Carson would dazzle the GOP voter more than another Bush would.

          Lil’ Taco is no lock though.

          1. I didn’t factor in that two idiots like Trump and Carson would dazzle the GOP voter more than another Bush would.

            Yes you didn’t factor that anyone other than Jeb would have this on lockdown. That’s exactly what Scarecrow is saying. Your response is not an excuse or an argument, it’s just a reiteration of what he literally just said.

          2. Stupider politician nickname, Block Insane Yomamma, or Lil’ Taco?

            1. Lil’ Taco doesn’t even hint at being racist. It just is.

              1. He is the Great GOP Latino Hope!

                And stop with your PC bullshit.

                1. Hey PB, next time you’re waiting at the bus stop, ask the latino next to you, “Hey, Lil’ Taco, you got the time”. Put your theory that it’s just PC bullshit to the test.

              2. Don’t forget, AmSoc is our self-proclaimed anti-racist who, just the other day, found it absolutely implausible that those uppity ching-chong Chinamen* could possibly write protest signs in proper English:


                *used sarcastically as a parody of AmSoc’s racist beliefs

            2. Both. They’re both stupider.

          3. I didn’t factor in that two idiots like Trump and Carson would dazzle the GOP voter more than another Bush would.

            Fuckin’ LOL. You were predicting a Bush triumph as recently as this month, despite the fact that Trump’s been kicking his ass by double digits for months and Carson’s rise was entirely predictable in the context of Santorum’s past success with evangelicals. Don’t try and walk that back now.

    3. Because Fox news seldom seems to host their debates.

      What would it cost for Reason to host one of the national debates? Can we start passing the hat around now?

      1. You assume that either of the major parties would let us anywhere near their candidates. I can just see Matt Welch, now: “Ok, governor, a question from the internet. Someone named ‘Episiarch’ asks…”

        1. I would donate to see that!

          1. I’d pay double if Agile Cyborg was allowed to moderate.

            1. Crowdfund that and you would have a campaign on your hands

              1. Crowdfund that and you would have a campaign porno/poetry slam on your hands.


            2. If Agile were moderating I would fund the whole damned thing.

              1. The two minutes hate extended to two hours! Brilliant!

        2. I think it was Episiarch who suggested that every candidate should be asked “Do you masturbate?”

          I think it’s a capital idea.

          1. [narrows gaze]

          2. “Have you ever engaged in auto-erotic asphyxiation?”

            “Yes but I didn’t inhale.”

            1. No, but non-auto asphyxiation is lots of fun. Adds the fear factor to sex.

              1. “And as we remember Gaoxiaen, let us take solace in knowing that he died doing what he loved; jerking off with a belt around his neck and hanging from a door knob.”

              2. YOU’RE NOT MY SUPERVISOR!

    4. The moderators are usually liberal. That’s why.

      See: Crowley.

      Still one of the most remarkable things I ever saw was her ‘correcting’ Romney.

      1. I’d like her to correct me, if you know what I mean.

        1. No, I don’t.

          /gives Crusty a look encouraging him to go on…

          1. /Gives Rufus a look like ‘WTF is wrong with you?’

            Crowley could be Rosie O’s stunt double.

    5. Christie ripped the mods for asking that fantasy football question and Bush muffed it by half-assedly answering the question before saying he didn’t think it was a federal issue but both missed the opportunity to point out the mods were asking them Dem questions – what do the feds need to do about this, that, or the other issue? Huckabee seemed to be the only one with a “this is what’s important and this is what I’m going to talk about” answer – and his answer is getting government to spend a shitload more money on curing old-age diseases. He actually used the term “declaring war” since we know how well the government runs wars on social issues.

      The big “we’re boned” moment for me is when they started asking about the isssue of the campaign, income inequality, and they all answered the question, none them said “income inequality” is some bullshit the Dems made up to run on. And Fiorina (IIRC) being asked about women being paid only 77 cents on the dollar for doing the same job as men and she didn’t tell the mod she was full of shit. But Fiorina did at least bring up the fact that for 40 goddamn years the GOP has run on the “lower taxes, less regulation, smaller government” line and yet taxes are higher, regulation is greater, government is bigger so what the hell use is the GOP? And now the GOP has bought into the whole “income inequality” crap now, too. “Dem Lite” – all the shit, half the sincerity.

      1. You know what Jerryskids? I was in a good mood. The weather is fantastic and a couple of hours ago I gave my wife an earth shaking orgasm. I made breakfast for her with tender, aged steak and over medium eggs, english muffins with butter and homemade Kumquat marmalade. I went down to the bayou and caught a couple of fish( tossed ’em back) . It is also my birthday. It was shaping up to be the best day of the year so far.

        I avoided watching the debate. You just summed it up very nicely and now knowing that pissed me the fuck off.


  3. The Kansas City Royals beat the New York Mets by a score of 7-1 last night in game two of the World Series. The Royals now lead the Series 2-0.

    Who folds first? Jeb! or the Mets?

    1. Jeb! Jeb? Jeb!? Jeb?#$*&

      1. Jerbil? Jerbil!

    2. Fuck the Mets

      1. This. I live in New York and I don’t mind the notion of New Yorkers being happy. The trouble is, to a New Yorker, being happy all too often translates as smug, self-satisfied, and superior. Go Royals.

        1. Better than San Francisco: they riot when “happy”.

    3. I’m not sure, but I am sure that you can find out first by following the governor of Texas on Twitter. Whoever he congratulates first is doomed.

  4. 106) Never mind the policy issues, let me just say Ben Carson would be about ten times more bearable than Trump (or Hillary) simply to watch for the next four years. A sense of decorum and the ability to stay quiet when talking isn’t needed?he’d be a modern-day Silent Cal (our most under-rated president). Didn’t one of the posters here mention last week that if Carson won, maybe we’d get back to the SOTU being delivered by letter to the Congress, rather than the undignified spectacle we get today? I’m not too impressed with his positions, but if Carson were to tone down the imperial presidency it might be worth it in the long run.

    1. It’s not like it would stay that way.

    2. Carson won’t tone down shit. Look for that flash of anger in his eyes when anyone questions him. Look at how he has to stiffen out to keep his temper in check.

      Anyone with the ego to think he should be president will never make for a humble one.

      1. Anyone with the ego to think he should be president will never make for a humble one

        This. I think, however, presenting a aura of humility, however false, can go a long way. I think a lot of people are tired of having a lecturer-in-chief in the White House.

      2. He does give the impression that he could detonate at any moment, doesn’t he. I think that religion of his is just barely keeping him in check.

        1. He did stab a dude, one time.

          1. In the brain?

            1. Because of a lack of common sense scalpel laws.

            2. belt buckle

            3. That too.

    3. That could backfire, JATNAS. After four years of that, people would be demanding a more “presidential” president.

    4. I couldn’t possibly handle all that squinting. Where are his glasses? Won’t somebody please find his glasses?

      1. Rick Perry stole them and isn’t giving them back.

      2. I must rise in defense of the narrowed gaze!

        1. But it is supposed to look glazed-over and out of focus?

          1. Only if I have had one drink too many.

    5. Carson is holding in his ultra-religious nutbaggery.

      He keeps changing his tune on federal health subsidies and taxes but the nutbaggery is the real deal.

      1. So we have a vote for no Muslims in the White House and a vote for no Seventh-day Adventists. Anyone else?

        1. A vote for No for Anyone else.

        2. I don’t vote for theocrats of any stripe.

          1. Not even the ones that worship at the altar of Government?

            1. Yawn. He’s like one of those Jezebel writers, all edgy and stuff. He just needs to throw down some more F-bombs and they’ll hire him on the spot.

          2. I consider Statism a religion (a cult really) – so all the remaining Democrats and most of the Republicans are disqualified.

            1. Statism is the biggest religion in the US, even the world.

              Most “Christians” are actually Statists. Most ‘Atheist” for that matter…

          3. Yes you do.


        1. Jeeeerrrrbs! Jerbils!

        2. Jeeb? Are you channeling Granny Clampett?

  5. Paul Ryan takes over today as speaker of the House of Representatives.

    The boat shall not be rocked.

    1. It’s called ‘Continuity of Government’ (COG) and it is very important to certain types of bedwetter.

      1. “Debt of Honor” by Tom Clancy is going to come true one day, they think.

        1. The Japanese are going to start shit with us again?

        2. I think the Vince Flynn novel Term Limits happening is a possibility.

          1. I find Tom Kratman’s Caliphate more likely. (Too un-pc for Wikipedia to touch)

            Part of the background has a populist President defying the Supreme Court by rounding up Muslims after a nuclear terror attack. The solution – people start killing Justices and are immediately granted Presidential pardons.


    2. The thing is, by Boehner standards Ryan is a radical budget-cutter.

  6. “A record number of Americans have renounced their citizenship so far this year, according to data from the Internal Revenue Service.”

    We’re a team and there’s no I in quitter. Ban leaving.

    1. A nice big wall will keep them in.

      1. They can leave — but only LEGALLY!

        1. Legally=paying a lot of money.

          1. If you don’t like it here, then leave all your stuff here and get out!

            1. It Plank #4 of the Communist Manifesto: ” 4. Confiscation of the property of all emigrants”

  7. California honor student, 12, was told to remove American flag shirt because his school branded the stars ‘gang-related’
    Dustin Cole is a seventh-grader at Yuba Gardens Intermediate School
    He went to school wearing shirt with a red star featuring the number 31
    Officials from Olivehurst school said the star is linked to Norteno gang
    Cole’s mother Lori Carpenter maintained her son is not part of any gang
    She said she bought the $20 shirt because she liked the style and color

    To be fair, the government is a gang, and a dangerous one at that.

    1. ‘That design has been associated with gangs in the past, and we cannot just turn a blind eye to that.’

      You know what other design has been associated with gangs in the past?

      1. The Nike swoosh logo?

        1. I don’t get it.

          1. Not gang-specific, just a status symbol. ‘Bangers like them some portable symbols of wealth.

            1. Swoosh. It went over my head.

      2. Blue shirts? Black shirts? Brown shirts?

        Sorry, guys, you’re going to all have to dress in pink or purple from now on.

        1. So, the Minnesota Vikings in October?

          1. Vikings gear is always appropriate.

            However we’ll kick you fucking stupid ass right out if you try to wear Packer colors to school.

            Fuck. People are just stupid.

        2. Not so fast Nikki. Purple:


          1. Also this is a good reason why purple should probably be banned from schools.

      3. Dead rabbits?

        1. Bell bottoms.

      4. Horizontal black-and-white stripes?

      5. Eight fingers up for the Van Buren Boys?

    2. Ramiro Carreon, the assistant superintendent of Marysville Joint Unified School District, looks like he is wearing one of Nucky Thompson’s suits in that photo. He looks like a gangster. He should be suspended and his suit should be confiscated.

  8. Coffee shop owner ordered to take down ‘offensive’ sign after legal threat replaces it – with a lightly censored version of the same sign
    A coffee shop has replaced ‘offensive’ sign with a lightly censored version
    F***offee came under fire last week when critics took offence to branding
    It received a letter from the landlord of its building threatening legal action
    But the cafe believes it has found solution by replacing ‘u’ with an asterisk

    Clever. I like it. Think I may go get me a cup of fuckoffee.

    1. It certainly reflects my attitude before I’ve had a cup in the morning.

      1. A cup, three cups, whatev.

    2. That’s so edgy!

    3. They should have censored the ‘k’.

  9. “A record number of Americans have renounced their citizenship so far this year, according to data from the Internal Revenue Service.”

    Do they require proof of health insurance before they let you renounce?

  10. The top GOP candidates debated each other?and clashed repeatedly with CNBC moderators?at last night’s Republican presidential debate in Colorado.

    So according to RCP Rand Paul polls higher nationally by a full percentage point than both Kaisch and Christie.

    And yet Rand was last in total speaking time. Why?

    1. Bush was last, but yeah. Christie gets time because for some absurd reason people think he’s relevant. I have no clue about Kasich.

      1. By weight though, Christie didn’t get that much time.

        1. My favorite line of the debate was when Huckabee was ripping the out-of-control government spending and compared it to a 400 pound guy promising to go on a diet tomorrow but first wants to eat this whole bag of Krispy Kreme donuts. I swear to god, I could feel Christie wincing. If somebody doesn’t post a gif of a Christie cut-away shot with Huckabee saying “a whole bag of Kristie Kreme donuts”…..

          1. Huckabee was ripping the out-of-control government spending

            How does one win a War on Diabetes?

    2. Rand? What does he have to say that’s interesting? Now Kasich, that’s where the excitement’s at.

    3. Who wants to think?

  11. Energy Department smashes pumpkins for causing climate change

    but someday, all that squishy, orange squash could become clean, green energy.


    1. Now say it in Vincent Price’s voice.

      1. Or Billy Corgan’s?

        1. “Despite all my rage, the climate is still gonna change….”

    2. Oh my. I’d imagine that one medium sized swamp puts out more methane in a year than all the Halloween pumpkins rotting.

      1. A significant portion of pumpkin meat gets returned to the soil. And since the meat is made up largely of atmospheric carbon to begin with, it would seem that the amount released during decomposition could not exceed the amount bound up in getting the fucking thing in the first place.

        1. And since the [carbon in the] meat pumpkin is made up largely entirely of atmospheric carbon to begin with

          Biology … How does it work?

          1. Magic.

            I was going to say “water”, but then noticed your edit of the original quote.

    3. I cut down on rotting pumpkin emissions by passing used jack-o-lanterns through the digestive systems of the neighborhood raccoon tribe. I discovered this method completely by accident.

    4. The new Temperance Movement demands that you repent your wasteful ways.

      Or else.

  12. According to the World Health Organization, tuberculosis now rivals HIV/AIDS as a leading cause of death.

    FYI, that ribbon is sputum colored.

    1. So, is that a good thing, ie AIDS is under control, or is there a TB outbreak?

      1. TB outbreaks, unfortunately.

    1. He’s the only real libertarian here. And unlike all us fake libertarians, he thinks Obama is a wonderful President. Just fabulous.

      1. I thought PB was the only real libertarian here.

        1. Hopefully they will fight it out for the position of Baldest-Faced Liar and afterwards we can return to having only one true King of the Dipshits.

          1. Shriek is not a liar. Lacking sentience, it cannot comprehend concepts at all. Thus it merely spews out random strings of text selecting them based on its past experience on what strings of text from which source will elicit the most responses.

            It can no more lie than a monkey randomly tapping away at a typewriter.

            1. As long at either get feed, they’ll never go back to whatever blighted lab created them.

          2. The problem with having the two of them go at it while shouting “THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE” is that neither of them can count that high so they tend to get tired and stop beating each other.

        2. As AmSoc will explain, he is the only true libertarian here because libertarianism and socialism is totes the same thing. It’s like, giving unlimited power to the state to regulate every aspect of your life is equivalent to freedom. All of us who think otherwise are really just Republicans or something. He’s made this claim numerous times.

          1. The only thing that matters to me as a libertarian is how we can lower the tax rate for billionaires. All else– military spending, gay rights, access to abortion, the drug war– is secondary. All hail Ayn Rand and her testimony to the HUAC.

            1. The amazing stupidity of most liberals is their ability to convince themselves that Team Blue has always been championing the right causes. Libertarians have been for gay rights since the 1970;s but Barack Obama “evolved” what, 3 years ago? Libertarians have always been against the drug war, meanwhile the last Democratic President instituted some of the most draconian criminal punishments for drug users and now these retards want to vote for his wife.

              Shorter version: derp derp derp derp derp derp derp.

      2. He had to destroy the Non-Aggression Principal to save it.

      3. What was it he said again? ‘Astoundingly good President’?

      4. Hey SF, just tell me which nut bag or asshole that was on stage last night I should vote for. Is it their opinions on immigration, drug legalization, abortion, or military spending that should warm the libertarian heart?

        1. Go suck Hillary’s big spiny dick, troll.

          1. I’m not a Clinton supporter. Maybe you should look to BP. He’ll tell you how great she is.

            1. Oh, please can we have an amsoc vs. shriek War of the Derp? That would be just the best possible outcome of both such entities existing.

              1. Nah… No thanks. A Clinton supporter in our libertarian neighborhood is the least of our worries. She’s basically right on civil liberties issues after all.

                The bigger problem here is the outright right-wing apologia and boilerplate Republican propaganda that gets regurgitated directly from The Rush Limbaugh/Sean Hannity/Glenn Beck human centipede and ends up splattered all over my Ipad when I type in reason.com.

                1. Where’s Bern-o-matic when you need him with the gushy PB responses?

    2. What?! Doesn’t each contribute according to his ability?!

    3. The cemetery’s needs are the abilities in your wallet.

    4. Without reading the article, I’m guessing the cemetery is not actually a for-profit enterprise, but merely collects what is necessary for upkeep, and the commies who want to see Marx’s grave aren’t clever enough to realize the difference.

    5. London cemetary charges fee to see Marx’s grave. Most brilliant troll ever.

      1. But they don’t actually own the ‘means of productions’. It’s a fucking corpse. It doesn’t produce anything.
        Unless it is a religious icon/pilgrimage site. Then they are getting their spiritual jollys off.

        1. It’s intangible, but the value is defined by those willing to pay to experience it.

          1. Marx’s grave should be a commons, so a tragedy could ensue.

      2. Especially nice that it’s London. I get the feeling that New York has ceded the title of Global Hub of Capitalism to London now. Apparently it’s not only easier to incorporate over there now, or get listed, it’s easier to even start small businesses. But, several of you all would know better than me on that one.

  13. China is abandoning its “one-child policy” and replacing it with a “two-child policy.”

    Do you hear that, China? That’s the sound of minivans washing upon your shores.

      1. +1 Luba Lutz.

  14. The Kansas City Royals beat the New York Mets by a score of 7-1 last night in game two of the World Series.

    Most importantly, it was played in under 3 hours.

  15. Anyone catch the Indian tribute to Thriller?


    My wife showed it to me after someone posted it on her Facederp. She couldn’t stop laughing. I couldn’t watch the whole thing. It’s that bad.

    1. Thanks Sarc. Now I’m gonna say ‘Golimar’ all day long.

      1. Catchy, isn’t it?

        1. We’ll find out how my employees react when I answer ‘golimar’ to any of their queries.

    2. I don’t think it’s a tribute do much as a total ripoff.

      1. I believe it was intended to be a tribute, but was done so poorly it came off as a spoof.

    3. Thanks for the laugh, but I will be sticking with Benny Lava for the long term.

  16. Paul Ryan takes over today as speaker of the House of Representatives.

    From nearly Vice President to speaker of the house, oh how the mighty have …. moved laterally.

    1. Speaker is arguably a more influential position.

      1. Far more, I’d say. As much as everyone loves to focus on the current Chief Executive, it’s Congress that runs the show in DC.

        1. I would think not – the bureaucracy does.

          1. No, they run the government, not the show.

            1. Ah, now I see the distinction. Thanks.

              1. The bureaucracy knows that the less the public sees them or thinks about them, the better (for them).

          2. The bureaucracy has far too much power, it is true, but without any money from Congress it would cease to function.

            1. And that is why Congress has put about 70% of spending on autopilot.

        2. Congress could run the show if they had any kind of unity. The current gridlock has been great for the budget deficit, but has also caused a lot of power to be ceded to the executive. Until Congress actually starts challenging executive orders with legislation, the President will run the show.

          1. No, you honestly don’t want a group of several hundred people trying to make day-to-day leadership decisions. That’s what the executive is for. Congress’ job is to constrain the executive by passing laws and controlling the budget.

        3. Agreed. Speaker is one of the most powerful jobs in Washington. It’s also probably the second shittiest, behind only the presidency itself.

    2. Anybody who has been paying attention realizes that the VP is nothing but an insurance policy for the president. No matter how batshit insane you may be you probably don’t want to see the person sitting in the Vice President’s seat taking over. This has been the case for about 30 years.

      1. Who needs a Secret Service when you’ve got Biden.

      2. Longer than that. It dates back at least to Theodore Roosevelt. McKinley added him to the ticket because he was popular as hell but batshit crazy.

        1. I disagree. Bush I vs. Reagan wasn’t much of a stretch. Carter or Mondale – pretty much a flip of the coin. Ford actually did replace Nixon and probably wasn’t that much of a disappointment for Nixon’s supporters. But Biden, Cheney, Gore, Quayle – Jeez, that crew really made it clear.

  17. Paul Ryan takes over today as speaker of the House of Representatives.

    Saved, we are.

  18. The top GOP candidates clashed repeatedly with CNBC moderators

    This website is dedicated to the beautiful and talented Becky Quick!

    Poll: Would or would not?

    1. I don’t know too many who ‘would not’.

      1. Given a preference I would not.

    2. At least she doesn’t look like she’d skin your dick with her exposed pussy bones like Coulter.

      1. *gags*

        Thanks for that, SF.

      2. Exactly, which is why I would pass.

      3. exposed pussy bones like Coulter.

        I imagine that looking something like this.

    3. Becky is doable but Erin Burnett was hot.

      I like my CNBC. They even let crazy Rick Santelli ask one question about the Fed last night.

      Because you know, the Fed is at the center of everything and they keep debasing our super-strong US Dollar down to near worthless paper and gold-nuts have it all figured out and Warren Buffett just got lucky making his $0 billion without owning gold.

      1. Re: Peter Caca,

        Because you know, the Fed is at the center of everything and they keep debasing our super-strong US Dollar […]

        You’re so sweet when you say things like that!

        Where’s the camera? I want to post this for grandma!

    4. Stalk much?

      1. Sheesh, sarcasmic — All I’m asking is whether you’d click to the website or not!

    5. I’d make that box squawk.

    6. Would, but she’s not allowed to talk and has to bring me a sandwich afterwards. Those are my terms.

  19. “A record number of Americans have renounced their citizenship so far this year, according to data from the Internal Revenue Service.”

    That’s FATCA for you.

  20. New Reason web design is underwhelming.

    What changed? Still sucks.

    I used to think reason was flaky and slow because my old computer was flaky and slow. I have a new computer, and it’s even worse.

  21. “A record number of Americans have renounced their citizenship so far this year, according to data from the Internal Revenue Service.”

    Yeah totally not because of the sheer lumbering stupidity of federal laws and regulations destroying Americans ability to hold assets and earn a living abroad. It’s all because of greedy kulaks and tax avoiding wreckers.

    1. Yeah, it’s clearly greedy billionaires who hate poor people and justice. It’s nothing to do with FATCA.

      1. Assad should pass a FATCA version for Syria. Tossing your passport in the Mediterranean? Sorry, fill out the 7 years of taxes and pay 5Gs and we’ll let you go. You know you country is fucked when it’s easier to leave a dictatorship.

        1. To be fair to dictatorships, they’re governments rarely get to enjoy the punitive injustices, wide discretion and broad powers that our government and it’s agents get to exercise. The key difference being that the US places a stronger emphasis on appearing to be “of the people and by the people blah blah blah.” Which makes us all the worse because naked dictatorships don’t enjoy so much popular support.

        2. Who knew that the communist bloc could have avoided so much bad press in the West if they had simply replaced their guard towers and machine gun nests with overwhelming financial reporting requirements and punitive tax payments?

  22. Ben Carson is crazy, an idiot, and a liar


    1. Wouldn’t your energy be better put to use by scrutinizing how a person who holds actual power lies to you?

      Say. Hillary?

      Right. All fake, fake, fake.

    2. I was gonna say “takes one to…”

      but I suppose that would be above your level of comprehension.

    3. Re: American Stultified

      Ben Carson is crazy, an idiot, and a liar

      Idiots and crazy people don’t lie. Either he’s an idiot, a crazy man or a con artist but he can’t be all at the same time, you contradictory Marxian (sorry for the pleonasm.)

      Make up your mind.

      1. Baloney! A person can be all three.

        My ex does very crazy shit. She also does stupid shit. And she frequently lies – ie saying things to people that she knows are not true.

        A crazy person can be honest or deceptive. A con artist can be unhinged or very sane. And craziness and deceptiveness are utterly independent of intelligence.

        1. Re: tarran,

          My ex does very crazy shit. She also does stupid shit. And she frequently lies

          For the record, I don’t know your ex. Doing ‘crazy shit’ sometimes does not mean you’re crazy, only that at one moment you valued your cathartic release more than equanimity. Doing stupid shit sometimes does not mean you’re an idiot.

          And in order to be a liar, you have to a) be aware of the truth (reality) and b) be smart enough to come up with a deceit. An idiot cannot pull that one off by definition and a crazy person is not aware of reality, by definition.

          A con artist needs to be aware of reality in order to pull a con and he cannot be unintelligent. Ergo, your ex is not a con artist and the Stultified socialist is wrong… and stupid.

  23. I missed this when it was new. Trumpism: The Ideology

    These people are all the same. They purport to be populists, while loathing the decisions people actually make in the marketplace (such as buying Chinese goods or hiring Mexican employees).

    Oh how they love the people, and how they hate the establishment. They defy all civic conventions. Their ideology is somehow organic to the nation, not a wacky import like socialism. They promise a new era based on pride, strength, heroism, triumph. They have an obsession with the problem of trade and mercantilist belligerence at the only solution. They have zero conception of the social order as a complex and extended ordering of individual plans, one that functions through freedom.

    This is a dark history, and I seriously doubt that Trump himself is aware of it. Instead, he just makes it up as he goes along, speaking from his gut, just like Uncle Harry at Thanksgiving dinner, just like two guys at the bar during last call.

    This penchant has always served him well. It cannot serve a whole nation well. Indeed, the very prospect is terrifying, and not just for the immigrant groups and foreign peoples he has chosen to scapegoat for all the country’s problems. It’s a disaster in waiting for everyone.

    1. They have zero conception of the social order as a complex and extended ordering of individual plans, one that functions through freedom.


      For the record, I have no idea (nor do I care) about the feelings of the Trumpeters, but that social order through freedom thing is hilarious.

      1. but that social order through freedom thing is hilarious.


        1. A society built of voluntary interactions between parties that mutually benefit from them is just too hard to believe in, apparently.

          1. May I recommend…

            1. You may, thanks.

            2. Thanks, Restoras. I put it on my Wish List.

          2. A society built of voluntary interactions between parties that mutually benefit from them is just too hard to believe in, apparently.

            When you look at the world around you and see how all the parts of society interact with one another as all the parts of a clock interact with one another, does that not suggest to you the existence of a Creator just as the clock suggests the existence of a clockmaker? It’s absurd to think that somehow all this just sprang into existence from nothingness, there obviouly has to have been some Higher Power, some sort of Intelligent Design behind it.

            Now, the particular problem we have with our society today is that the guys in charge of the clock happen to be the Kochs/Jews/Illuminati/Lizard People, but with the right Top. Men. we can seize the keys to the clock and remake society in our own perfect image. Naturally, the KJILP are going to oppose our wresting power from them so there may be just a teensy bit of egg-breaking involved in the omelet production but not so much that you need concern yourself about it.

            And don’t ask questions about how stupid you have to be to think using a clock to make an omelet is an efficient use of a clock or likely to produce a palatable omelet. Efficiently producing palatable omelets is not the point of breaking eggs or of seizing clocks.

            1. Finally, someone who understands. [backs away slowly]

            2. seized clocks never tick

        2. I saw an inherent contradiction between “ordering of individual plans” (which I interpret as a call for top-down control) and freedom. Just a random bit of snark, and I may have misunderstood the author’s intent.

      2. Re: Tonio,

        but that social order through freedom thing is hilarious.

        Tonio is a Determinist.

        1. “Tonio is a Determinist.”

          Gi’m a break. It’s not like he ever had any choice in the matter.

        2. Um…no. But thanks for playing.

    2. Goddamn Jeffrey Tucker and his stupid bowtie. The prospect of a Trump presidency was merely entertaining to this ancap; now it’s actually looking scary.

      1. If he gets the Republican nomination (which he very well could) I doubt he beats Hillary because the prospect of him in charge would be scary.

        We think we “know” what Hillary would be like; we surely do not know what Trump would be like.

        1. Finding the two worst people in the country and making them slug it out would be an excellent game show, and i’d watch the shit out of it. It’s a motherfucker of a way to do politics, though.

          1. Fuck slugging it out. Light sabers (with the full understanding that lasers don’t block each other the way steel swords do)

            1. No way. Lasers cauterize, and i want to see blood.

        2. I’m not even sure which would be funnier.

          If Trump won, it would be so delicious to watch the progtards cry their sweet tears of dismay that She Who Should Wear the Crown didn’t win.

          But on the other hand, if Clinton won, it would be also delightful to mock Republicans for nominating a dipshit fake-conservative that couldn’t even beat a despised sociopathic shrew.

  24. Because you know, the Fed is at the center of everything

    Based on the amount of news time devoted to the Fed and their arcane ruminations on the “business” channels, yes.

    1. their arcane ruminations

      I “like” how they say they will “consider” raising rates.

      1. Uh-oh… It has disallowed characters. dun-dun-DUN!

        Hmm… Let’s see if this works.

        1. Dude lost me with the “date an Asian person”. If he had said “Asian man”, I’d get it.

      2. It has disallowed characters. Sounds racist.

    1. Admit it: you you’d the link on purpose, right? Because I have trouble crediting that anybody could mangle a url like that accidentally.

      1. Hey, it’s not just a honed skill, it’s an innate gift. Sweet’n’Low mangles urls like a lesser man metabolizes glucose – unconsciously, automatically.

      2. No, I cut and pasted it from a link someone sent. The link worked for me, but it must have angered the linking filters on reason.com.

  25. The hottest first lady? Not sure about that:


    But she does have a better claim to it than Michelle, no?

    1. She’s pretty hot for some idiot’s wife. I dig the spread shot at the bottom.

      1. Yeah, I wouldn’t be ashamed to jizz in her hair.

        1. You certainly show that you know exactly how to scope things…

    2. I can’t think of a hotter first lady (I can’t really imagine the appearance of any others, though). Carla Bruni would have been.

    3. Trudeau is going to Portland, Maine with his wife, and then he’s going to Bangor.

      1. To… to look at the leaves?

    4. Solid Ds with big nips. Cute.

      1. And the crotch shot? Made my day.

  26. The PM of Canada:


    Hey man, I like fine threads and he does pull it off. But still….the sandals.

      1. There is a youtube video of him dancing in that outfit at some Indo-Canuck celebration. I guess he’s popular with some up there.

  27. Mets. Not good. I think we need to win not only the next game, but the next two. I don’t think we have a chance if we are down 3 games to 1.

    We’re getting schooled.

    1. What’s with this “We” business, Kemosabe?

      1. Yeah, fandom. We live and die with our choices. Hi yo.

      2. Jack Ace is Terry Collins. YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST.

    2. You play for the Mets?

      1. Mets, Jets, Islanders…I guess I’m ambi-athletic.

        1. If those are the sports teams you root for that would explain a lot.

          STRONG ISLAND.

          1. Well done. Somehow, I also root for the Razorbacks.

            1. Let your inner redneck flow.

            2. I root for the Ice Hogs.

        2. I read that as anti-athletic.

          (Yankees, Giants…. Islanders)

    3. Fuck the Mets.

  28. China is abandoning its “one-child policy” and replacing it with a “two-child policy.”

    A long time ago, the longtime 60 Minutes news reporter ?and incompetent bubblehead? Leslie Stahl, during a visit to China, interviewed a bunch of Chinese students about the one-child policy imposed by the Chinese government since the seventies. When asked how many kids did American families have on average, Leslie responded to the students “two, sometimes three.” Some of the students felt that having more than one kid was a selfish and irresponsible thing to do, and Leslie kind of agreed with them (in her usual incompetent way.)

    You can bet your sweet patootie that Chinese students will now say that having more than TWO kids is a selfish and irresponsible thing to do and I am sure that Leslie will agree with them this time, too.

    1. I am often surprised at how many people seem to think that regulating reproduction is a good idea.

      1. The millions of Chinese men whom are arithmetically incapable of a finding a wife would agree with you if they knew how.

      2. I am surprised at how many people think the ‘Two-Child Policy’ means that the Chinese government is now going to allow people to have two children. Chinese government policies tend to run to the ‘shall’ side rather more than the ‘may’ side. It’s gonna be hard on Grandmaw and Pawpaw making that second baby. At least it damn well better be hard on Pawpaw – or else.

        1. I don’t know about that. It’s still clearly a population control policy, so I doubt they will start pushing people to have 2 children. I don’t believe anyone was forced to have one child under the old policy. They don’t seem to give too much of a shit what people do as long as it doesn’t challenge their control of things.

  29. “A record number of Americans have renounced their citizenship so far this year, according to data from the Internal Revenue Service.”

    The Bernie… Sanders… ANGRYYYYY!

    1. I guess you can take the country out of the boy.

      1. …but you can’t take the country’s claws and fangs out of the boy?

  30. Boehner is currently crying on the Senate floor.

    1. All he wanted was one more chance to take a bipartisan shit on America.

      1. National politics is two giant butts pooping into each other, back and forth, forever. Us little people can only do our best to dodge the falling spatters.


        1. Two butts, one turd?

          1. Haven’t we given shrike and american socialist enough attention today?

            1. *You* certainly have given them way too much attention.

            2. Yeah. Who is “we,” kemosabe?

      2. And he got it with the underhanded budget deal.

  31. According to the World Health Organization, tuberculosis now rivals HIV/AIDS as a leading cause of death.

    Sempre libera degg?io
    folleggiare di gioia in gioia,
    vo?che scorra il viver mio ?
    pei sentieri del piacer.

    Nasca il giorno, o il giorno muoia,?
    sempre lieta ne? ritrovi,
    a diletti sempre nuovi ?
    dee volare il mio pensier! ?

  32. Choo choo in trouble

    [A] Times analysis of project documents, as well as interviews with scientists, engineers and construction experts, indicates that the deadline and budget targets will almost certainly be missed ? and that the state has underestimated the challenges ahead, particularly completing the tunneling on time.

    “It doesn’t strike me as realistic,” said James Monsees, one of the world’s top tunneling experts and an author of the federal manual on highway tunneling. “Faults are notorious for causing trouble.”

    Nobody could have foreseen this.

    1. Re: The Late P Brooks,

      Times analysis of project documents, as well as interviews with scientists, engineers and construction experts, indicates that the deadline and budget targets will almost certainly be missed[…]

      My understanding of the assessment made by these experts and scientists is that they’re framing their objections of the optimistic timetables around the fact that this is a government project. I can bet the house and future income that if this was a private venture and barring any bureaucratic obstacle, it would be done in time and under budget, with the tunneling becoming an example of an engineering wonder for future generations to learn from.

    2. And from the other coast but definitely related. However less geology and more conducting government business with personal email… And it’s not you know who (or you know who else)


    3. “The 11-mile East Side Access tunnel in New York City, for example, is 14 years behind schedule, and the tab has grown from $4.3 billion to $10.8 billion.”

      The whole point of this tunnel is to shave 10 minutes off the commute for a few thousand, at best, Long Islanders.

      Meanwhile city subways are sliding back into disrepair and more crowded than ever before.

      SLD aside, if we’re going to be throwing billions at this stuff, can’t we stop throwing it at the politically connected?

      1. SLD aside, if we’re going to be throwing billions at this stuff, can’t we stop throwing it at the politically connected?

        That’s a tall order considering that these economic goods are produced and distributed politically.

        1. Yeah, but the USA seems almost supernaturally corrupt in this area. There are places where at least some attempt is made to satisfy a need instead of just blatantly lining pockets.

          1. Sure, when people’s wealth is stolen by local governments, it seems more plausible the local government would fuck up less with that money. Though in my town, I can think of several notable exceptions. Like when our mayor used eminent domain to seize a farmer’s land, which the mayor then bought from the government, for pennies, after about ten years of it sitting idle in government hands. Then by pure coincidence, he sold the land to Walmart for a couple million more than he paid for it, and then retired to Florida before anyone even realized what happened. It can hardly get more blatant than that.

            1. I may have mentioned here before about our city council buying up some land for a sprayfield for the sewer treatment plant and trying to defend the ‘mere’ 70 or 80k they paid some connected company to come in and clear all the trees off the land. Didn’t even blink at the idea that since we’re right smack dab in the middle of pulpwood country it’s not like everybody and their brother doesn’t know that’s now how the whole concept of paying for clearing trees off land works. And nothing else happened.

  33. New plan to give away money, but this time the results will be different!

    “Federal Student Loans Just Got Easier to Repay”
    “The new REPAYE plan caps payments at 10% of your disposable income.”

    Yeah, there’s no perverse incentive here, right?!

    1. I’d like to see more people getting paid under the table.

      1. You misspelled “laid.”

    2. I work at a bank/credit union. The CFO was asking about the new rule prohibiting charging overdraft fees on college students. When I read the link she sent, what caught my eye was that it was the Department of Education making the new Banking regulations. When did they get that authority?


      1. he new rule prohibiting charging overdraft fees on college students

        What in the flying fuck? And you know there’s going to be some sort of “debt amnesty” down the road. We are raising the most spoiled generation in the history of world here.

        1. Yes, why would that apply to some govt subsidized layabout who doesn’t do shit vs. a young guy or gal working a job trying to learn a skill or pay for school down the road. It is a sign of how coddled students are these days along with staying on health plans until they are 26, not to mention all the BS safe space bizzaro worlds they seem to live in.

        2. Soon to be followed, I am sure, by new bank policies prohibiting checking accounts for college students.

      2. This is actually legit. Meant to strike down colleges requiring specific bank debit card to collect financial aid on, along with the ridiculous fees/charges associated. Like, FSU gives you your meal plan/bright futures scholarship on a Chase card that charges $.50/transaction, $2.99/month unused fee, and $20 overdraft. I mean, it’s a debit card … overdraft? No. Deny the charge. Not like the bank isn’t making 3%+$0.30 off of every transaction, it can’t be bothered to check the account limit.

        That being said, even my local credit union, it was nearly a act of congress for me to make the debit card just deny/end transaction if there was no money in the account, rather than give me “free” overdraft protection from savings. I use that card, I put $90 in the account, I make a $88 internet transaction, no more exposure ever. That is how I want it. I tried to explain that it protected against fraud, the lady [employed at the bank! In credit cards] kept saying … oh, you don’t have to worry about it, if someone uses the card for fraud, it’s free. Ugh.

  34. Saw a blurb today that an analyst company says “Americans are holding too much cash.” Well, let’s see, banks are paying negative interest compared to inflation and investing has become a lottery that is only guaranteed to enrich the people who earn commissions on transactions. Why would Americans be holding cash?

    Maybe so that they’ll have some money left when all the bad money on balance sheets finally gets run off? I know I decided when I changed jobs thay I was going to pay all my current debts, buy a new (to me) car that would work for five years and amass at least a year’s worth of expenses in cash on hand before I put another dollar in the market. It’s insane. Either the money I purt there in my 20’s will earn historical returns and I’ll be fine or it will all vanish in a crash. Either way, I’ll be better off holding more cash.

    1. There you go, making rational choices for yourself instead of trusting government officials and their sycophants. What are you, some kind of nut libertarian?

    2. They’re probably just worried about the economy tanking.


    3. Call me crazy but I seem to remember a time when risk had some relation to return. Back then your standard savings account paid 5%+ per year. These days risk is stacked high and woven into any investment plan you can point to while return goes mostly to the bozos who run the fund.

      1. This. “Risk” has become something that needs to be spread among everybody while “return”, we are assured, needs to be used to reward well connected elites for being both well connected and elite.

  35. “The new REPAYE plan caps payments at 10% of your disposable income.”

    “Whaddaya mean, my data plan and teeveee bill are ‘discretionary’ purchases?”

  36. “China is abandoning its “one-child policy” and replacing it with a “two-child policy.”

    Maybe this is all a run up to the the December Paris Climate Change summit in December.

    I doubt Obama will propose a “two-child policy” to combat climate change at the summit, but I’m sure there will be plenty of progressives who will be disappointed if he doesn’t.

  37. an analyst company says “Americans are holding too much cash.”


    Living paycheck to paycheck is the patriotic thing to do.

    1. Americans are not buying my shit. Somehow this is a ‘problem’ created by these same people who won’t buy my shit.

    2. Capital doesn’t grow the economy. Spending does. Duh.

      1. Because of the multiplier, right?

        1. The seen: Aggregate demand. Capital is unseen, so therefore it can be ignored.

      2. It amazes me how many Americans disparage capitalism and income inequality when they don’t even fucking understand the word Capital. Capital, savings, wealth that can be deployed to produce goods and services. Most Americans have never saved a fucking penny so they don’t have any capital, and then they wonder why the wealthy earn more than them. They like stupid internet meme’s like “If working hard made you wealthy then these poor dirtfarmers in Africa would be wealthy!!!11” No, those poor dirt farmers have to work that hard because they don’t HAVE any capital, and working without capital will NEVER make you wealthy.

        1. My leftist father described it to me this way when I was young. He said that capitalism is a system where if you’re a capitalist with a lot of money, then your money grows magically. If you don’t have money, then you work for a capitalist. Of course he, being a leftist, doesn’t understand the difference between money and wealth, and doesn’t understand that being a capitalist is a risky business with no guaranteed reward. If he understood those things, then he wouldn’t be a leftist.

          1. being a capitalist is a risky business with no guaranteed reward

            “The 1%” is a highly transient economic stratum; but people think somehow a group that by definition has to have millions of people in it is composed entirely of clones of Bill Gates. Who is basically just the modern day Rockefeller; he made lots of money, cashed out, and now spends it all on causes lefties supposedly care about. The cognitive dissonance would be stunning if it wasn’t for the fact that they’re really just envious and mendacious at heart.

            1. They should all read http://www.amazon.com/The-Mill…..1589795474

              instead of Barbara Erlich’s retarded Nickeled and Dimed.

  38. Russian aircraft approach USS Ronald Reagan, prompting US fighter jet scramble

    In the latest in a series of incidents involving Russian aircraft, two Tupolev Tu-142 Bear aircraft flew as low as 500 feet Tuesday morning near the Reagan, which has been conducting scheduled maneuvers with South Korean navy ships. Four F/A-18 Super Hornets took off from the Reagan’s flight deck in response to the Russian advance, 7th Fleet spokeswoman Lt. Lauren Cole said Thursday

    ” This business will get out of control. It will get out of control and we’ll be lucky to live through it.”

    1. Tupolev Bear? Isn’t that like the loudest aircraft ever made or something? Maybe the Ruskies were trying to deafen everyone.

    2. I think the Bear was purpose-built to test and piss-off other countries. Other than launching cruise missiles at long-range, it’s worthless as combat aircraft now. But it has the range to annoy people around the globe.

      1. Don’t knock launching missiles at long range.

        If the U.S. Navy ever gets into another tiff with a modern navy, it’s going to be submarine launched torpedoes and standoff missiles that kill the most ships.

        1. This is why Harpoon remains the greatest broad area combat sim ever.

      2. They got their code names wrong. TU-95 (fastest prop plane) is a Bear. Don’t know what the TU-142 is, think it’s their B-1 knockoff.

        1. Same Same. 142 is primarily a maritime version.


          1. Hmm. Learn something new everyday. Thanks.

  39. OOGAH BOOGAH!!!!11!

    Republicans would have a couple of responses to this objection. The first is that if you’re going to cut everyone’s taxes, of course the wealthy will benefit more, because they pay at higher rates and their incomes are higher. As Rubio himself said during the debate, “5 percent of a million is a lot more than 5 percent of a thousand. So yeah, someone who makes more money, numerically, it’s going to be higher.” But there’s no requirement that if you’re going to cut taxes you have to give everyone the same percentage reduction.

    The second response Republicans have is that their tax plans, combined with eliminating regulations, will super-charge the economy to such a degree that people in the poor and middle class will benefit tremendously. There’s a name for that idea: trickle-down economics.

    Scrooge McDuck is out there.

    He’s coming for you, America. He’ll bleed you dry, and use your dessicated husk as bedding for his pack of hounds.

    1. As Rubio himself said during the debate, “5 percent of a million is a lot more than 5 percent of a thousand. So yeah, someone who makes more money, numerically, it’s going to be higher.” But there’s no requirement that if you’re going to cut taxes you have to give everyone the same percentage reduction.

      1% of a million is more than 100% of a thousand. It will always be more, derpshit.

      1. Repubs are stupid and always lose these arguments. Poor people aren’t going to benefit much at all from income tax changes unless we keep shoveling free money at them with EITC.

        They should focus on the convoluted business tax code with the BS double taxation, foreign taxation, and Wall St. freebees.

        1. I think the unbelievably high cost of hiring employees is something that should be addressed. We’ve got FICA, FUTA, PPACA, probably others that I’m forgetting, and all the Democrats want to talk about is adding more taxes for paid extended maternity leave.

          1. FUTA? Isn’t that chicks with dicks?

    2. My opinion is the democrats are the true advocates of trickle down economics thru high taxation and regulation, they essentially will become the gate keepers to distribute how they see fit. To their special interests and cronies.

      1. Of course. They love moving billions through HUD and DOE and other agencies because then they have more gov. employees that contribute and vote for them plus once that vig is taken out, the money goes to “social advocacy” agencies that are poorly disguised lobbying and GOTV organizations (Acorn, etc).

        Though there is a small movement for the stupid guaranteed income. Right side also has suggested this as a way to get the bureaucracy out, just pay low income people 20K per year instead of this or that grant — lefties I think would like to just add this in as an extra benny for poor people.

        Keep them poor and dependent in other words.

        1. Right side also has suggested this as a way to get the bureaucracy out, just pay low income people 20K per year instead of this or that grant

          Yeah, best of luck with that, righties. If you can get x votes by promising people a guaranteed income that replaces their existing special-interest payments, you’ll get x+y by promising them both.

          There’s a reason why the most prominent proponents of the NIT quickly realized they would end up being useful idiots once the politicians got involved and stopped yammering about it. And with the rise of public choice, it’s hard to see a serious economist going down that path again for a while.

  40. And you thought just the haircut was back …

    Sehr gut:


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  42. Climate change fully explains the Mets losses in the World Series.

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