Everything's Coming Up Benghazi, Obama Vetoes Defense Bill, American Soldier Killed in Iraq: P.M. Links


  • "Bored now."

    Hillary Clinton and Congressional Republicans faced off over Benghazi today. The media is, of course, focused on the partisanship of it all. You'd think there's an election coming or something. It turns out Ambassador Chris Stevens, killed in the attack on the consulate in Benghazi, did not have Clinton's personal email address, and therefore hundreds of emails from him never made it to her.

  • President Barack Obama has vetoed the defense authorization bill because it would sidestep limits on military spending and restrict the transfer of detainees from Guantanamo Bay.
  • An American soldier was killed in Iraq, the first since the official end of combat in 2011.
  • Corey Jones' family says they've been told Jones did not fire the gun he was holding (and legally owned) before he was shot and killed by a plainclothes police officer on the side of the road in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. The cop shot six bullets, three of which hit Jones.
  • The controversial Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA), which many tech experts and companies fear does the exact opposite of what its name suggests, survived a cloture vote in the Senate today by a wide margin.
  • Sentencing reform to reduce some federal mandatory minimums passed successfully through the Senate's Judiciary Committee. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) attempted an amendment that would strike some efforts to make the changes retroactive, but it failed.
  • The Federal Communications Commission has voted today to reduce the costs of inmate phone calls.

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  1. The media is, of course, focused on the partisanship of it all.

    Thank you, McCarthy.

    1. Hello.

      Is Reason and its threads the only place on the internet where free speech is taken seriously and consistently and persistently defended?

      1. Uh, they gave up commenter info to the feds, dude. They folded like a cheap card table. AND YOU’RE NEXT.

        1. Way to hate on cheap card tables.

          You’re a DICK.

        2. Haha. Jokes on you.

          I’m CANADIAN.

          For what for CIA need me for?

          1. He’s a DICK, Rufus. Just ignore him, buddy.

          2. For tossing in unnecessary prepositions like you people do superfluous U’s!

            1. LABOUR. COLOUR. EAT IT.

              1. YEAH VELOUR! Oh..wait..

      2. Popehat might be another. Maybe Volokh, too.

        1. Those 3 for blogs. IJ, FIRE and the Student Press Law Center for advocacy organizations.

          1. You can file Mark Randazza under the blogger/lawyer category as well.

            1. I forgot about him.

      3. “Is Reason and its threads the only place on the internet where free speech is taken seriously and consistently and persistently defended?”

        Try Spiked!.


        They are limeys, so take that into account.

    2. The media ARE, of course, focused on the partisanship of it all.

      Did you flunk 6th grade English?

  2. …did not have Clinton’s personal email address, and therefore hundreds of emails from him never made it to her.

    Hopefully no pleas for help.

    1. he needed her personal address to ask for help?

      1. If it was linked to her blackberry then yeah, probably.

      2. Maybe he was on HilDog’s blocked caller list.

      3. The “hundreds of emails from him never made it to her” strongly implies her personal email was the only one she ever read.

        Or she had him filtered. I mean, if I was getting hundreds of emails from some guy in Libya…

        1. My friend! I have a money offer to which you might be interested in hearing of! I need only for to have small retainer of fifty thousand dollars USD wired to an institution of banking to release many millions of my fortune, to which you are most welcome for sharing!

          1. That was the entrepreneurial spirit that she was talking about!


            1. That is astonishing. That alone should have anyone with a brain running away from her. Her mendacity is only surpassed by her incompetence. I guess the cankles make up for it. No, maybe her winning personality? The pantsuits?

              Really, I haven’t heard a single good reason why anyone is supporting her.

              1. Because Hillary will end gender discrimination forever, just like Obama ushered in a post-racial America!

    2. “We cannot get out. We cannot get out. They have taken the bridge and Second Hall. Fr?r and L?ni and N?li fell there bravely while the rest retreated to the Chamber of?Mazarbul. We are still ho{ldin}g…but hope ??in’s party went five days ago but today only four returned. The pool is up to the wall at West-gate. The Watcher in the Water took ?in–we cannot get out. The end comes soon. We hear drums, drums in the deep. They are coming.”

      Too soon?

      1. Dammit, Eddie, I hate it when you say things with which I agree.

  3. Skynet just became sentient, and has a sense of humor. I just got served an ad for Brut brand stick deodorant (several varieties) next to the Bernie/College article.

    1. Well, with a sense of humor like that perhaps the coming Cyborg led apocalypse, while full death, will come with a heaping side of LULZ

      1. Wait, Agile is planning a takeover? More trippy-strange than lulz.

      2. Hadn’t considered Agile’s role in all this. That would not be funny at all. Confusing. But not really funny.

      3. Brut..you too?

        1. No, no. Drakkar Noir.

          1. Axe or GTFO

            1. Hai Karate FTW.

        2. Latin or GTFO.

  4. Between yesterday and today, we’ve had articles proving that every leading Presidential contender on both sides is an unmitigated piece of shit.

    1. You needed proof beyond the mere fact that they’re running?

      1. No. But some people do.

    2. The position draws such people to it.

      1. Almanian for President – 2016
        I Probably Won’t Make It Any W…..

        *looks around furtively – folds up tent – moves along quickly*

        1. “Between yesterday and today, we’ve had articles proving that every leading Presidential contender on both sides is an unmitigated piece of shit.”

          Where was the article on you, Almanian? Beyond your comments, that is.

          1. Apparently, I’m not leading.


    3. True, but what have you done lately?

      What’s your achievedness number??

      1. It’s uuuuuge!

    4. To be fair – Carson was a slightly-mitigated-P.O.S

      his line about preventing “bias” @colleges by restricting funds was much parsed in that thread

  5. “Hillary Clinton and Congressional Republicans faced off over Benghazi today. The media is, of course, focused on the partisanship of it all. You’d think there’s an election coming or something. It turns out Ambassador Chris Stevens, killed in the attack on the consulate in Benghazi, did not have Clinton’s personal email address, and therefore hundreds of emails from him never made it to her.”

    Damn, don’t know enough about state structure to know if all diplomats should have a direct means of contacting the secretary of state or not. Either way, though, this does highlight how her personal email hindered her ability to do her job.

    1. Forget it Illocust, if they can’t make mishandling of classified information stick, and violations of FIPS, then not being in the organizational directory is small potatoes.

      1. No, this could be a good point to hammer on. What happened to the ambassador’s emails? Who read them? Did anyone? Did he think Hillary was reading them, and just not responding?

        Hillary’s entire argument is that her private server was supposed to help her do her job better. This seems like proof that it actually hindered her work.

    2. I don’t know about EVERY ambassador. I doubt the guy sent to sip cocktails in Fiji or chase Norwegian tail around Oslo needs direct access to the SOS. But maybe the guy sent into a country where the State Dept is starting a civil war should have access. Just sayin.

    3. It may have made it harder to do her job, but being able to control the spam filter on her own private server definitely made it easier for her to weed out all the dick pics the ambassadors were always trying to send her.

  6. Obama doesn’t give a fuck about military spending. He vetoed the defense bill because it keeps him from being able to close GUITMO. I have a feeling Congress is going to override his veto. No way do the Democrats want to be stuck being blamed for every bad act of the various miscreants at GUITMO commit in order for Obama to have his legacy.

    1. Obama never wanted to close GITMO. He wanted to have it as a bone to throw to his base, and to be able to say “gee whiz, I wanted to close it, but those mean Republicans won’t let me”.

      1. Then why did he veto the bill? Don’t tell me it is about spending. That doesn’t pass the laugh test. He wants to close GUITMO not say he tried and blame not doing so on the Republicans.

        1. No, he wants to blame. He vetoed because he knows the veto will be overturned.

        2. GUITMO is right next to GITMO. It’s where they keep the dangerous wops.

          1. ALL wops are dangero……OOOOOOooooooooh!

            /Edith Bunker

          2. The ghost of Merle Travis is the commandant of GUITMO.

        3. Where the fuck you been?

    2. What are you talking about? Barry closed Gitmo on his first day in office. His first day!!!

    3. You never answered my question – did the Huckabee campaign fire you or just run out of money to pay you?

      1. Shouldn’t you be out apologizing for your whiteness?

        1. I’m white and proud!

          Now answer the question.

          1. You are a racist piece of shit like we always knew you were.

            1. Stop it! You’re embarrassing me in front of the white power buttplug.

              1. white power buttplug

                A rather popular item among gay supremacists. Or should I say the KKGay?

          2. YEAH11!!1!!1 GOOD POINT WHITE POWER AMIRITE!!!!!



      3. Is your cage equipped with a litterbox, or do you just shit all over your mom’s freshly washed laundry?

        1. I suspect she still changes his diapers.


  7. The Federal Communications Commission has voted today to reduce the costs of inmate phone calls.

    I hope this doesn’t cut into the profits from criminalizing everything.

      1. Revenue, profits, it’s all the same.

        /Feel the Bern!

    1. I’m sure some people are already spinning this as “Look at the heroic FCC protecting us from those evil for-profit prisons!”

    2. Sounds like the phone companies need to hire the pork lobby.

  8. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) attempted an amendment that would strike some efforts to make the changes retroactive, but it failed.

    Because those existing criminals knew what they were getting into at the time of the crime? Or just what’s reasonable now wouldn’t have been reasonable then.

    1. Ted Cruz is a smarmy dickbag who claims to care about liberty but mostly just cares about Ted Cruz and his smarminess.

  9. It turns out Ambassador Chris Stevens, killed in the attack on the consulate in Benghazi, did not have Clinton’s personal email address, and therefore hundreds of emails from him never made it to her.

    It also turns out she was telling people the attack had nothing to do with the video on September 12.

  10. It turns out Ambassador Chris Stevens, killed in the attack on the consulate in Benghazi, did not have Clinton’s personal email address, and therefore hundreds of emails from him never made it to her.

    I don’t understand this, and the linked article doesn’t seem to explain it clearly, does this suggest that Clinton was only using her personal email for State Department Business? Or that she simply didn’t check it very often?

    1. Hillary did not have a state department email. She only had the personal email she set up. So all State Department Business was conducted over her personal email.

      1. Wait, what? How did I miss this detail? It was my understanding that she maintained both, which is where the controversy stems from. That she could plausibly claim that she didn’t conduct super-secret state dept business on her personal email– and I presumed her argument stemmed from the fact that she maintained an “official” email account.

        1. No, she did not maintain an official email account.

          1. Holy jesus fuck… In my mind, I’ve been comparing this to what we used to deal with at the Hospital. Some Doctor finds it too inconvenient to use his Hospital email, so he uses personal email to conduct business, violating HIPAA rules, but he still ‘technically’ has an official email address.

            Hillary has somehow managed to drain even the incredibly tiny amount of reasonable doubt I had left in the corner of my (very small, apparently) brain.

            Fucking convict this bitch and make her to the Game of Thrones walk of shame already!

            1. “Holy jesus fuck” is the correct response.

              The situation you describe, incidentally, is also what several past Secretaries of State have done. Hillary keeps citing them to say what she did was no different, but it was.

              1. Again, I thought it was all the ‘convenience’ factor a-la Doctors and their generally haughty attitude towards policy.

                Convict them too!

          2. That is shocking. How did no one notice this?

            1. I with you and Paul. I thought I was cynical enough, but apparently I have a lot of work to do. It took this long to discover the fact that security-related emails could not reach her?

            2. It was noticed. That just disappeared into the background noise. This is perhaps the last election where we’ll have a sizeable number of people who don’t understand the implications of all that.

              1. Or the people who noticed were scared to say anything.

                1. But Bernie says everyone should stop talking about Hillary’s emails!

          3. At most places you get one assigned to you whether you want it or not. Did she have one that she just never used? Stevens emails could be in that dead letter box if it exists.

            I wonder what else could be there?

            1. No, apparently she didn’t have one. Folks like you or me would not be allowed to opt out, but Madame Secretary was exempt from the rules.

              1. Probably didn’t even fill out the Internet Access Request Form.

              2. “Madame Secretary”- something tells me that show really sucks. And I like Tea Leoni.

                1. Dude, I’ve turned on the TV and had it be on that show and have seen a few minutes or so of it.

                  It is more insipid, derivative, sycophantic, and tone-deaf than you can possibly imagine. It comes off like a parody. I couldn’t believe how bad it was.

        2. Oh Paul. Did you really think it was that simple and not much more fuck-you-that’s-why?

    2. She was, indeed, only using her personal email for State Dept business.

      Did you…did you wake up recently after a long sleep, Paul?

      1. No, Nikki, I understood (wrongly I’m now discovering) that she maintained both (see my comment above) hence that WAS her legal wiggle room– to claim that she didn’t use her personal email for State Department business.

        Why is this even an investigation, then? Why the fuck isn’t she in an Orange jumpsuit, crying in front of cameras claiming that she has a substance abuse problem?

        1. She does keep saying that “the state dept has another system for classified information,” but whatever that system is, it doesn’t seem to be “email” because she definitely did not use any email other than the personal account.

          But yeah that’s a great question.

          1. OK, this woman isn’t tech-savvy enough to understand the “wipe the server” question, but understands that there’s some type of classified communications system on top of regular email. Doesn’t add up.

            1. Who hasn’t worked in IT for more than ten minutes and doesn’t get asked to give access/hang on to/protect the email account of a high ranking manager that leaves? That Hillary thought it was ok to literally ‘turn off’ the one account she was using for State business and walk away?

              1. Well yeah, she already TOLD us there was nothing classified in it. At least it wasn’t when SHE saw it. And, she’s already gone above and beyond by turning over what she has.. I mean WHAT IS WITH U PPL AND YOR FAKE SKANDULLZZZ!!!???!/1//

            2. OK, this woman isn’t tech-savvy enough to understand the “wipe the server” question,

              She understood the question, she just answered “Go fuck yourself,” in a different language than normal.

            3. She probably doesn’t understand that deleting an email in Exchange doesn’t delete it?

        2. Because politics. The same people who brayed for Roger Clemens to be prosecuted will be raising holy hell if anybody tries to prosecute Hillary for lying to Congress.

      2. I’m curious what email addy Stevens was trying to use, and why they weren’t getting bounced back to him.

        1. this was exactly my thought

          1. hclinton@state exists but no one ever checked it? I am sure that is possible, but is that even possible?

            1. Harold Clinton the night janitor didn’t have internet access

        2. My guess is that cabinet level officials don’t communicate through a “Hillary.Clinton@State.gov” address.

          He was probably sending requests through some official email address that is presumed to have a dozen people (including assistants and other secured personnel) who also have access to it. That’d be my guess.

          So yeah, he was probably sending to Hillary.Duff@HillaryDuff.com

          1. I believe the issue is that he wasn’t emailing her at all. He was going through whatever the “proper channels” at State were — some underling.

          2. Hey, I rang up Hilary Duff at my register yesterday, which was cool..she seemed nice. And a couple of weeks ago I rang up Patrick Stewart…and got into a 5 minute conversation about Bulgakov, which led to Stalin. So retail work is neat…sometimes.

            1. Patrick Stewart is a Master & Margarita fan?

              1. It’s one of my favorite books. He was buying 3 or 4 differnt translations of it…said he was “working” on something with it, “Can’t tell you what it is”. I mentioned a great and maybe the only way to do it as a film would be animated.

            2. Patrick Stewart seems like a cool guy, I’m jealous.The most famous person I ever assisted when I was in customer service was Andrew Zimmern, and he seemed like a jerk

        3. That’s a good question, Fist. It’s possible she was in the organizational directory (without having an actual state.gov email account) and the DOS servers were set to forward email to her private servers. If so, that presumably puts a DOS employee in jeopardy for prosecution.

          1. If so, that presumably puts a DOS employee in jeopardy for prosecution.

            Instant scapegoat; she walks.

  11. The controversial Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA), which many tech experts and companies fear does the exact opposite of what its name suggests, survived a cloture vote in the Senate today by a wide margin.

    The tech experts are just now figuring this out?

    1. The tech experts are just now figuring this out?

      No, they’ve been complaining about it for a long time.

  12. Well, at least the family of that poor soldier killed in Iraq can be comforted knowing that he died for a goo….

    Not even I can type that out. Fuck. The. Government. RIP, soldier

    1. The war in Iraq is over, Almanian. Barry ended it because he’s like Lincoln and Jesus and FDR and MLK all rolled into our super-awesome person. Just ignore that there are still troops over there fighting. The war is OVER.

      1. I’m just glad my poor, dead brother made it back from Iraq (he died after he got back)….I cannot imagine what my reaction would be if he were killed over there NOW (Iraq, Afghanistan, anywhere like that), in this clusterfuck of “WHAT THE FUCK ARE WE DOING??!!!”

        It’s truly shameful. If American government types are capable of such any more.

        1. When were they ever capable of shame?

        2. Yeah, I can’t even imagine the grief that family must be going through, especially with the self-congratulatory rhetoric coming from the government about how “hostilities are over” while people are still very much putting their lives on the line everyday.

          Sorry to hear about your brother.

          1. Thanks. Little fucker came back, got teh cancer a year later, gone in a month. Last time in my life I cried like a baby was at his funeral…

            1. Listen, I know you think your heart-wrenching story is going to get you votes, but I find it to be distasteful.

              1. but he probably won’t make it any worse….it says so right on his hat

                1. I find his slogan to be overly verbose.

              2. I’m no longer voting for you Almanian. At a bare minimum you should have been able to link your brother’s tragic death to some policy championed by your opponents.

                Seriously, my condolences about your brother. That really sucks.

            2. Almanian, my condolences.

    2. They were rescuing prisoners who were soon to be executed by ISIS/Daesh. The only catch is, many of them were actual *members* of ISIS accused of spying.

      So that soldier died saving members of ISIS from death. Hopefully there were at least a few captured Peshmerga or someone remotely worthwhile among those released.

      1. The hostages — including more than 20 members of the Iraqi Security Forces, local residents and several ISIS fighters accused of spying — were liberated in the helicopter assault, which involved U.S. special operations troops as well as Kurdish and Iraqi forces, U.S. officials said.

        I can’t find the news report I read earlier. It only mentioned the accused ISIS spies and didn’t specify about others. I assumed there were Kurds among them since they helped with the rescue.

      2. Jesus F. Christ

    3. If it’s the Special Forces guy that died, he died trying to save ~70 or so Kurds and 20 or so Iraqi Army prisoners from starring in another ISIS’s Greatest Deaths video. Which he and his fellow soldiers succeeded in doing. Along with killing about 10 ISIS members and capturing who knows how many others.

      There are worse reasons to die.

      1. I’m sorry about your brother, Almanian. A month after being diagnosed…damn. Fuck cancer.

      2. Damn straight. Good for him.

  13. Trump RT insults Iowans

    Donald Trump’s reaction to a new poll showing him in second place in Iowa behind retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson by retweeting a supporter Thursday who suggested this was due to Iowans’ heavy consumption of genetically-modified corn.

    #BenCarson is now leading in the #polls in #Iowa… Too much #Monsanto in the #corn creates issues in the brain? @realDonaldTrump #GOP

    1. Are we *sure* it’s not possible to reach peak derp?

      1. Every time I think we’ve reached peak derp, something happens to demonstrate that we’re nowhere close

        1. I get the feeling Trump is still just warming up. If he starts to tank the implosion will be rapid and epic. And if he starts to pull away from everyone else it’ll be even worse.

      2. We’ll know for sure in about a 13 months.

    2. His crash and burn is going to be spectacular.

      1. And fueled by ethanol.

    3. They eat Roundup Ready corn flakes. If you use Roundup instead of milk they stay crunchy.

      1. They’re great with a glass of Agent Orange juice.

  14. Ugh – everything is shitty, and no one is happy.



  15. It turns out Ambassador Chris Stevens, killed in the attack on the consulate in Benghazi, did not have Clinton’s personal email address, and therefore hundreds of emails from him never made it to her.

    I thought she only had one email address.

    1. Other lawmakers, including Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-Kan.), highlighted that Clinton’s staff and other associates had her personal email account, but pointed out that the diplomatic team’s emails ?including more than 600 security requests ? never made their way to her.

      Holy shit.

      1. That is Hillary saying “All of you are a stupid as shreek and will believe anything I say.”

      2. That is Hillary saying “All of you are a stupid as shreek and will believe anything I say.”

      3. 50 years in a supermax is what she deserves.

      4. Excuses will be made. Smug responses, like “what, with a cloth,” will be given. Nothing will happen.

      5. Dude, as appalling as it all is, if she hasn’t been indicted yet, it ain’t happening.

        1. Oh I know that, but I am still taken aback by how egregious all of it is.

          1. I swear, at this point, I don’t think any level of utter incompetence or egregious negligence or anything can really surprise me now. Because I already expect it to be worse than anything any of us imagined.

            1. You are right about that. I would never have believed you could come up with a President that would be worse than Obama. But damned if Hillary wouldn’t be that and be that by a mile. If she gets in, however, short of just pulling someone out of a mental institution, I don’t see how whoever comes after could top her.

              1. I’d thought that about the last few presidents. And I was wrong every time.

        2. If it ever becomes apparent that she will not become President, I bet she gets indicted. The only reason she hasn’t been indicted is because of the threat of her some day being President. Take that away and I bet she gets indicted. A lot of people hate her guts and I am not talking about Republicans. If it ever becomes certain she won’t be President, she will have nothing to threaten her enemies with and the knives will come out.

          1. It’s a disgusting thought that fear of backstabbing by someone entitled to a throne could happen in a constitutional republic. I need something optimistic.

      6. the diplomatic team’s emails ?including more than 600 security requests ? never made their way to her

        There’s an item for one of next year’s attack ads.

  16. Mississippi, Washington cities sued over charges they maintain “debtors’ prisons”

    The city of Biloxi, Mississippi is the latest municipality accused of running a “modern day debtors’ prison,” in which poor people are forced to languish behind bars because they cannot pay court imposed fees and fines.

    The American Civil Liberties Union is suing the city because it says Biloxi violated the constitutional rights of three individuals who were arrested without probable cause over unpaid fees and fines.

    Earlier this month, the ACLU filed a similar lawsuit against Benton County, Washington, over its practice of jailing indigent people and making them toil on work crews to pay off their debts without taking into consideration their ability to pay them in the first place.

    “We’ve been exposing the rise in debtors’ prisons across the country since 2010,” said ACLU staff attorney Nusrat Chadoury, referring to the jails that once flourished in the U.S. and Western Europe during the 19th century, but have since been deemed inhumane, and, according to U.S. Supreme Court rulings in 1970, 1971, and 1983, unconstitutional.


    1. Hoping they prevail.

    2. Well debtors prison was abolished for private debts. Debts to the state are holy and inviolable because the state is morally superior to everyone else or something.

      1. Without these ludicrous fees, those judges might have to start wiping their ass with toilet paper again instead of the silk they’ve been buying with stolen money. Oh, HORROR!

      2. Are alimony and child support considered private debts?

        1. Often times those “debts” are not desired or requested by either party in a divorce proceeding, the court will force the issue so that more of the divorced couple’s money get’s pilfered filtered through the court system. So are they private? Maybe in the right circumstances, when arising from contractual obligations and agreements made through arbitration.

        2. Not as long as government controls relationships.

    3. Serious question, what is the libertarian answer to low level offenders that don’t pay fines?

      This is putting the aside the question of which/how much/whether certain things should be offenses.

      I’m presuming that every society will have low-level offenses on their books, so once committed, how do you keep a system where the poorest members can exist consequence free?

      Asking for a friend.

      1. Well, since the way law enforcement (“justice”) works is that punishments escalate until compliance is achieved, even if that means death, the right answer is to only make crimes of really bad acts that have victims.

        I mean, you can have some system where the escalation is cut off at some point, but anyone would just ignore orders to pay a fine or report to jail until the cutoff is reached. And then continue to ignore the orders.

        1. “… the right answer is to only make crimes of really bad acts that have victims.”

          Unfortunately most people in the CJ system have no interest in such things. They are there to take your money.

          If you don’t believe me have your house robbed. Call the cops. See how it turns out.

      2. Pay it before the State takes a greater interest in you.

  17. New Jersey = Doing Something About Gun Control

    It appears to be something added to a previous something which prior somethings had been insufficiently something about.

    I’m sure it will provide “a model for other states” or something like that. Because that’s how this “do something” legislation works = one person makes spaghetti stick, and everyone else rushes to Mee Tooo the thing, no matter how useless or counter-purposive.

    1. Aren’t guns already virtually illegal in New Jersey? Did they just remove the “virtually” part?

      1. Its something to do with how medical records of people getting background checks can’t be “expunged”… don’t even make me try and make sense of it. Its SOMETHING. Don’t you get it? SOMETHING. Which is being done. Which is a thing.

    2. The bill goes further than previous state legislation by requiring notification of local law enforcement prior to expunging the mental health records of people who want to purchase firearms.

      HIPAA violation. Straight up.

      1. yeah, i didn’t bother getting into the weeds of it, but the whole thing strikes me (as christie put it) a tangled mess of overlapping regulations and that this particular “something” is just some kind of pretend-fix which State representatives wanted to put their votes on so they could tell voters “I DID SOMETHING” and let it get thrown out by courts down the road when people realize it violates federal law.

        1. According to Cytotoxic, Christie’s veto = Libertarian Moment.

          1. Citation needed, liar.

  18. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/new…..-shot.html

    How long before the world wakes up to the Jedi menace? Jedi is not a religion of peace. There is no assimilating a Jedi.

    1. I’m sure they’ll find a way to blame American-influenced gun culture.

    2. Religious freaks upended the beautiful peace the Empire had given us.

      1. All of that death and destruction just so Lea could have her tiara back.

    3. They have Halloween in Sweden?

      1. It’s not like Cinco de Mayo.

    4. Hokey religions and ancient religions are no match for a good blaster at your side.

      1. ancient weapons, that is.

  19. “An American soldier was killed in Iraq, the first since the official end of combat”

    Also the first since Obama said the strategy was to ensure no No Ground Troops

    “More than 20 Islamic State militants were killed and six detained, the security council said.

    “Dozens” of U.S. troops were involved in the mission, a U.S. defense official said, declining to be more specific about the number.’

    Five U.S. helicopters launched from Erbil were involved in the mission, and the United States was providing helicopter lift, intelligence support, air strike support, and advisory support to the peshmerga, the U.S. defense official said.

    Air strikes were launched before and after the mission to block approaches to the prison and destroy it afterward, the U.S. defense official said.

    This is obviously all just a loosely-defined “advising”, and not actual “combat” by “troops”

    1. They were leading a kinetic action from behind Gimore. What is all of this racist talk about war and boots on the ground?

    2. There were no “boots on the ground”, as all troops used Hoverboards? during the mission

      1. Hoverboards are expensive. In this era of sequestration the troops had to settle for loafers.

        1. Tassel or penny?

    3. Our obliviousness is Obama’s greatest weapon.

  20. It turns out Ambassador Chris Stevens, killed in the attack on the consulate in Benghazi, did not have Clinton’s personal email address, and therefore hundreds of emails from him never made it to her.

    The “issue” here is not simply that Stevens did not have her personal email. It’s that he was allegedly a personal friend and didn’t have it, but this other fuckface who had business interests in Libya was sending Hillary personal email nonstop.

    1. well, there are personal friends and personal friends.

    2. Two things. No way in hell is that true. Second, even if it were true, it makes Hillary look even worse. She and her staff are so fucking incompetent they lose contract with the Ambassador to Libya and have no idea he was asking for additional Security?

      Hillary is so stupid and incompetent that is actually believable though almost certainly not true.

      1. Which part not true?

        1. That he didn’t have her personal email address and those requests didn’t get to her. Bull fucking shit. No way was she not in daily contact with him.

          1. Well, that’s what she just told the committee.

            1. I don’t believe a word of it. She just committed perjury. And perjury that can be verified.

              1. Ah, well, that is entirely possible.

            2. And if she wasn’t getting Stevens’ emails, how was she so sure it was a protest over a video that caused the assault?

              1. In fact, she knew and was telling people in September 12 that it had nothing to do with the video.

                That IMO may be the worst part.

                1. I agree with you Nikki. And remember she told the family of one of the SEALS killed defending the compound that she was going to get the guy who made the video that got their son killed. What the hell kind of a moral degenerate do you have to be to bald face lie like that to the family of someone your incompetence just got killed? Hideous is too weak of a word for her. She makes Obama seem like a nice, pleasant and upstanding guy.

                  1. Considering there’s a good chance that she’s done even worse things than what we know about, lying about the video was probably a walk in the park for her.

                2. I keep trying to write her worse than she really is and she keeps making a fool out of me.

          2. the woman is pure evil. There is no other word for her.

    3. Joe Biden isn’t running for president. This whole PHAIK SKANDULL will be down the memory hole soon enough.

  21. http://www.realclearpolitics.c….._died.html

    She’s some kind of special cunt I’ll grant her that.

  22. I’m sure this will accomplish a lot:

    Scientist says researchers in immigrant-friendly nations can’t use his software

    A German scientist is revoking the license to his bioinformatics software for researchers working in eight European countries because he believes those countries allow too many immigrants to cross their borders. From 1 October, scientists in Germany, Austria, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Sweden, and Denmark?”the countries that together host most of the non-European immigrants”?won’t be allowed to use a program called Treefinder…

    And a nice twist (emphasis mine):

    “Immigration to my country harms me, it harms my family, it harms my people. Whoever invites or welcomes immigrants to Europe and Germany is my enemy,” Jobb’s statement reads. “Immigration unnecessarily defers the collapse of capitalism, its final crisis,” the statement also reads.

    Jobb had already excluded researchers in the United States from using the software in February. “I want to stress that this license change is not against my colleagues in the USA,” he wrote at the time, “but against a small rich elite there that misuses the country’s power to rule the world. The USA is our worst enemy.”

    1. A German helping to ensure national purity.


    2. Ooh, the progs are going to tie themselves in knots over whether to support or oppose him.

    3. Fuck off, pinko.

      1. His property, his right to sell or license as he sees fit.

        1. Absolutely. And it’s entirely my right to chastise him for being a cock-sucking, shit-eating piece of pinko shit.

        2. But that’s so…capitalist.

    4. The guy is an idiot because mass immigration of the poor into broke welfare states actually hastens the collapse of capitalism.

  23. Wow, Google, Amazon, AT&T, and Microsoft all crushed earnings after the bell.



    2. that free money is easier to borrow and invest. Nice to be connected.

    3. Is the market finally back up to January levels?

  24. Pakistan insists future use of tactical nukes are its prerogative

    And I’m sure after PM Sharif meets Obama they’ll end up with a ‘groundbreaking’ Global Warming agreement, or something.

    re: “Interventionism” and Nukes –

    I’d argue that multilateral diplomacy which aims to dissuade nuclear weapons ever actually being used… has generally been a *good thing*. And that those sorts of policies are probably ultimately more important than who actually “has” nukes, or gets them sooner or later.

    1. You are never going to get nations that have nukes to unequivocally pledge not to use them. Doing that takes away their deterrent effect which is the entire point of having nukes. I don’t think Pakistan saying that is a bad thing at all. It is just them telling India and Iran that they will go Truman on their asses if they ever get any ideas. That kind of thing has generally prevented wars.

      1. “I promise – I will never die.”

        /Team America

      2. “You are never going to get nations that have nukes to unequivocally pledge not to use them. ‘

        That’s not quite how it works.

        Its a way of changing “how” you threaten to use nukes. Because the most effective use of Nukes is to *deter any war at all*.

        By scaling nukes down for more-practical utilitarian purposes, they no longer become a means of ‘deterring’ war, but rather ‘how to better fight’ a war.

        1. True but I don’t think there is any stopping that. Countries are going to continue to develop smaller and more tactically useful nukes and someone will use them. In fact, my bet is on Israel using them to destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities before Iran can go nuclear.

          If Israel did that, there would not be mass casualties since the Iranian nuke facilities are in the middle of nowhere and largely underground. And without nuclear capability, what would Iran do about it? Nothing.

          1. True for the Qom facility, and I think Natanz, but Bushehr is right in the open. Nuking an operating reactor is going to leave a hell of a mess for someone, which is why the Israelis didn’t wait for Saddam to turn on Osirak, or for Assad to turn on whatever the hell that big blue building was in E. Syria a few years ago.

            I think the Iranians could make things unpleasant for Israel, now they’ve, what, 100 billion USD freed from sanctions?

            Never mind that isn’t the U.S. obligated under this newest agreement to prevent a strike on Iran? Did Obama actually tell Bibi that if the IAF tried to strike across Iraq, that the U.S. would try to shoot them down?

            1. If you destroy their centrifuges and kill their scientists, which a strike on Qom would do, you don’t have to destroy their reactor.

              And yes Iran could make life miserable but they are doing that anyway. And yeah the US is on the hook to attack its ally. But the Iran deal dies the moment dumb ass leaves office. It is utterly meaningless beyond the $150 billion gift.

          2. The core of the point here is that as far as international diplomacy goes… one of the few valuable things it can do is reduce the liklihood of adversarial nations turning each other into radioactive glass.

            My point was that rather than deal with that particular angle, Obama tends to bluster about completely unrelated shit (a la Global Warming) because its cheap and easy and will get him some warm-fuzzy headlines.

            I doubt your “Israel first-strike” theory. but whatever. The most likely people to use nukes are the crazy south asians IMHO.

            1. If the Indians and Pakistanis were going to nuke each other, they would have done it by now. Neither of them are lunatics or really have any interests beyond the emotional ones of their people in going to war. I don’t see it happening.

              I do, however, see Israel viewing tactical nukes as its last chance to stop iran. No way could Israel pull off a conventional strike to stop a Iran, but a nuclear one would do it. That is a hell of a lot more likely than India and Pakistan going at it.

        2. +1 Davy Crockett (M-388)

    2. Just so long as those smaller tactical weapons don’t ever end up going missing. At a certain point in a state’s nuclear weapons’ development, I wonder if the U.S. shows up and offers to trade PAL technology or other control measures with the state?

      After all, it’s in everyone’s interest that nukes are never in unauthorized hands, and if they ever end up there, that the devices can’t be used.

      Nasty first actor problems in the India/Pakistan conflict, given the tiny arsenal sizes, with corresponding poor survivability, poor C3I, and poor early warning. Wonder if they have a Dead Hand/Perimeter equivalent in either Delhi or Islamabad?

  25. http://onlygunsandmoney.blogsp…..-four.html

    Every Picture Tells A Story, Part Four

    I published Every Picture Tells A Story, Part Three last Wednesday. It was an update of the 2011 post that tracked the spread of firearms freedom as evidenced by the growth in shall-issue and constitutional carry. It was released on October 15th to commemorate the effective date of constitutional carry in the state of Maine.

    Also published in 2011 was another collaboration with Rob Vance called Every Picture Tells A Story, Part Two which plotted annual FBI violent crime rates against the growth of shall-issue concealed carry. We explicitly stated back then that there wasn’t a positive correlation between violent crime rates and liberalized carry laws. We also said that proving a negative correlation would take more a more rigorous statistical approach. However, we took note of Linoge’s work regarding the negative correlation between crime involving firearms and gun ownership. I would note that Linoge has updated his work and the negative correlation is even stronger in 2015 (-0.8016) than in 2011.

  26. Judge Rules That New York City Seizing Thousands Of Cars Without Warrants Is Unconstitutional

    [Taxi and Limousine Commission] inspectors “fall somewhere between meter maids and cops,” as the New York Daily News once put it. While barred from carrying guns, the Commission’s 170 inspectors carry badges, are authorized to make arrests, and may carry pepper spray and batons, and wear bulletproof vests while performing their duties. City law allows TLC inspectors to seize cars suspected of being unlicensed vehicles for hire. The Commission does not release cars it seizes until a hearing that is supposed to occur no later than two weeks after the seizure.

    However, owners can retrieve their cars beforehand if they either plead guilty and pay a fine (ranging from $600 to $1,150) or post a bond of $2,000, equal to the maximum penalty under the for-hire vehicle law. If an owner opts for the latter, the bond will only be released if he or she prevails at the hearing. One TLC inspector even blasted the Commission’s enforcement division as “more or less just a corrupt money-making scam for the city.” Clearly, there is a strong incentive for the owner to plead guilty, even if he or she has done nothing wrong.

  27. (repost)

    File Under = Beginning of the Endgame

    Putin says Syria’s Assad is open to working with some rebels

    The strategy here was never for Russia to wage a full extended campaign against anyone, and achieve any real substantial lasting ‘peace’ on the ground…

    …but rather to simply change the political dynamics such that the West is presented with options of how to save-face and snatch some kind of rhetorical victory from the mess as it stands.

    I don’t think many of the so-called Rebels will do any deal, but I do think Europeans and the US will come to accept the “narrative” of reconciliation as an excuse to cut ties and stop trying to force Assad’s ouster.

    1. Probably so. But I really can’t see why Assaad’s ouster is that important anymore. Even if he clings to power, his days of being a menace to his neighbors are long gone.

      1. The days of Syria being a coherent whole are gone.

        1. That too. If Assad manages to stay alive and hold onto a part of it, that is good for him but I can’t see how it means much.

          1. It might mean Latakia might become a non-terrible place after Assad stabilized it and is eventually replaced. This is where the KOCHTOPUS swoops in for the Libertarian Moment.

  28. Today, Obama was better than Cruz. Ugh.

  29. Jay-Z Goes to Trial For Big Pimpin’

    Its basically a matter of how international law treats sample-clearance and how an Egyptian thinks that the loop from his song, while properly licensed, allows him to object to his music being used in the context of some rap tune celebrating bitch-slapping and ass-slangin

    1. The only thing Jay-Z deserves to be sued for with respect to Big Pimpin is FRAUD

      You know I, thug em, fuck em, love em, leave em
      Cause I don’t fucking need em
      Take em out the hood, keep em looking good
      But I don’t fucking feed em

      Many chicks wanna put Jigga’s fists in cuffs
      Divorce him and split his bucks
      Just because you got good head, I’mma break bread
      So you can be living it up
      Shit I, part with nothing, y’all be fronting
      Me give my heart to a woman
      Not for nothing, never happen
      I’ll be forever macking

      1. Are you saying Beyonce took the pimp off the streets, but couldn’t take the streets out of the pimp?… and now she’s goin to split his bucks like Ray Allen?

  30. Is Mullah Mansour the Boehner of the Afghan Taliban?

    Weeks after the Afghan Taliban’s biggest battlefield success since 2001, dissident commanders unhappy with their new leader Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Mansour are meeting to choose a rival, they told Reuters on Tuesday.


  31. http://www.thedailybeast.com/a…..ntrol.html

    Pistol-Packing Preacher Shows Changing Black Attitudes on Gun Control

    After nine black churchgoers were killed in Charleston, preachers and rappers alike have advocated for the cause of an armed house of worship.
    “I wish those folks in that church had been armed.”

    Those were the controversial words of rapper Killer Mike, on the night that white supremacist Dylann Roof killed nine black churchgoers during a June prayer service at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston.

    It appears as though some pastors have taken the emcee’s words to heart.

  32. Ambassador Chris Stevens, killed in the attack on the consulate in Benghazi, did not have Clinton’s personal email address, and therefore hundreds of emails from him never made it to her.




  33. China loosens yuan convertibility in Shanghai FTZ.


    ‘Plans’ to abolish all capital controls by 2020.


    1. Hey, not bad.

  34. I just don’t understand how people can support Hillary for anything, least of all the highest office in the country. Her defense has been that she is computer illiterate and her team at the state department was incompetent. So either she’s a liar and a criminal or she’s an incompetent leader. Without a doubt it is astounding that the electorate will accept this and vote for her. Maybe I’m too young to know better but don’t we expect some kind of exceptional strength of character and intelligence from the president. These are our top men (and women). What colossal failure.

    1. People support her because she is a female Democrat. That’s enough.

    2. They’ll vote for her because they believe their own strawman arguments about conservatives and libertarians and they think the alternative is a president who makes rape legal and kills orphans for fun. So they think she’s the lesser of two evils, but they’re not excited about it

    3. Hillary went so far as to say that her Libya intervention was her idea of “smart power at its best”.

  35. European court rules that BTC is a currency; you don’t have to pay VAT when purchasing it.


    Libertarian Moment.

    1. Price in dollars will be going up then?

      1. The price has been going up steadily as of late, though that’s largely a reversal of a downturn caused by the whole XT client fork thing.

      2. This is already priced in an 8-10% rise over the past few days. Related, I wonder how many early bitcoin folks actually pay the capital gains tax when they cash out?

    2. I’m trying to foresee how the EU will use this to their taxing/regulatory advantage.

      1. Let it spread in popularity and then revisit the issue and decide to start taxing it.

  36. President Barack Obama has vetoed the defense authorization bill because it would sidestep limits on military spending and restrict the transfer of detainees from Guantanamo Bay.

    Obama does something right every once and a while.

  37. Was Mike Pompeo the guy who kept talking to administration about “skin in the game” to a deer-in-the-headlights crowd when discussing financing of risky business ventures such as Solyndra?

  38. Evil empire Fox News give Suzanne Venker a safe space to spew the message of hatred she may have loosed on Williams college.

    I’m sure it’s just because I’m an over-privileged white cis-hetero shitlord who hates black trans femmes, but this doesn’t seem too unreasonable. Though I can see why people like Tony would think she’s a hateful troll with gems like this:

    A study in the Journal of Economic Literature reports that while women perform roughly 17 more hours of work inside the home, men perform roughly 22 more hours outside the home. When comparing the total amount of work men and women each do inside and outside the home, women average 56 hours and men average 61 hours.

    That I even have to give you those statistics makes me sad, but that is what feminism has come to. It has made marriage, or just relationships in general, a virtual battleground. Love has become a game of oneupmanship. Except no one wins.

    1. Dude, we’ve known Love is a Battlefield since 1983.

      1. +1 Patricia Mae Andrzejewski

  39. In the “why didn’t WE think of that dept”:

    Hearing Protection Act: US House Introduces Bill to Remove Regulation of Gun Silencers and Suppressors

    The bill, sponsored by Rep. Matt Salmon, R-Ariz., will remove silencers and suppressors from the National Firearms Act, which has regulated the devices since 1934.

    1. Team Red hits one out of the park today.

  40. “The cop shot six bullets, three of which hit Jones.”

    A normal person is trained to identify his target before shooting. A cop is trained to shoot first and ask questions later.

    1. Three out of six?? Whoa…must be all that training they get in order to become those holy sword-bearers!

  41. Norwegian Pearl: ‘Star Trek’ Themed Cruise Offers Contest for Free Tickets

    Norwegian Cruise Line’s trip, which will be held in Jan. 2017, was organized in honor of Star Trek’s 50th anniversary. The contest was announced after the cruise sold out in two months.


    Terry Farrell who played Jadzia Dax in Deep Space Nine has joined the 50th anniversary cruise. Terry will participate in a variety of activities and we are excited that she has agreed to lead yoga classes throughout the voyage.

    I’ll be in my bunk.

    1. Only interested in JJ Abrams is captaining the voyage.

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