Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan Will Run for Speaker

Secured support of supermajority of Freedom Caucus.



Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.), who was Mitt Romney's running mate in 2012, will be running for Speaker of the House of Representatives, according to reporting by Politico and sourced to someone "close" to Ryan.

Earlier tonight, Ryan secured the support of a supermajority of the 40-member House Freedom Caucus, who helped sink John Boehner's speakership and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy's bid to replace him. As a condition of running for Speaker, Ryan wanted an endorsement from the House Freedom Caucus.

His demands also included the House change the process surrounding the "motion to vacate," which can be used by discontented members of the majority, like many of the members of the House Freedom Caucus are, to threaten to remove the Speaker.

The demands are an evolution of his previous position, which has been, since Boehner announced his resignation earlier this month, that he did not want the job, and signal his desire, as Peter Suderman noted earlier today, to evolve the position of Speaker.

No previous candidate for president or vice president has served as Speaker of the House before, though a number of Speakers of the House (5) later ran for president or vice president, including James Polk, the 11th president, and John Nance Garner, who was Franklin Roosevelt's first vice president and said the position wasn't worth a "bucket of warm piss."

John Boehner has set October 28 as the date for the election of his successor.

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  1. So he’s a trivia answer now, eh?

  2. Good work if you can get it, I guess.

    1. To me, Speaker sounds like one of the worst jobs you can have. Bottom 5% at best.

  3. Earlier tonight, Ryan secured the support of a supermajority of the 40-member

    “House Freedom Caucus” Lol. Maybe the freedom to slave the way they want to.

  4. The issue and the guy have been featured now several times. I’m still at a loss as to why I should give a rat’s ass regarding who is “Speaker of the House”.
    I know Pelosi used the position to ram O-care through, but she’s a slimy excuse for a human being and could probably have done so from the position of janitor, given her abrasive personality.
    And I can’t see any R proposals I’d like to see ‘rammed through’, given that most of the Rs seem to be concerned with gays and abortion and other sky-daddy stuff.
    Can we just leave the position empty and tie up congress for months?

    1. Thing is the Republicans aren’t be able to “ram through” anything since Obama will veto it and hope to cause another “shutdown”.

    2. Third in line for the presidency.

      If nothing else, I’m confused as to why he was willing to work his ass off for a shot at VP but required begging to take the next spot over.

      1. Speaker is totally different than VP. Third in line for presidency means nothing because the odds are infinitesimal that you’ll be called up. VP is a cushy job with no responsibilities. You just spend 4-8 years making political connection and preparing yourself to run for the top spot. Speaker is a thankless job akin to herding hundreds of cats with nothing but a vacuum cleaner.

        1. Speaker is a thankless job akin to herding hundreds of cats with nothing but a vacuum cleaner.

          except, that sounds fun.

          1. *arches eyebrow*


            1. I’m picturing a small high school gym with 434 cats in it and a vacuum cleaner. It actually does sound like it would be fun for a half hour or so.

          2. The entire time you are herding the cats everyone in America is criticizing your attempts and when you ultimately fail to do it you are publicly humiliated.

      2. Ryan is currently the chair of the House Ways & Means Committee, which gives him a huge amount of power over things he cares about, including the budget and appropriations. Budgeting and House procedure are dull dull dull, so chair of W&M has the added benefit of little media coverage.

        Speaker is a thankless and high-profile job that requires keeping members of your party in line and dealing with the warring factions of your own party. Anything that goes wrong or an idiocy by the Tea Party, the war hawks, etc., will be blamed on him, at least in part.

        VP is about as cush a job in government as they go. You vote on the incredibly rare occasions when the Senate is split 50-50, and you gear up for a presidential run. That’s it.

    3. Can we just leave the position empty and tie up congress for months?

      That’s inevitable, given the current President. I don’t expect any big changes in Congress’s behavior until Jan. 2017, and then only if the white house switches parties.

  5. James Polk, the 11th president,

    Perhaps the best, certainly in the top 5.

    1. Well he certainly Got Things Done of a very nation-building variety in a single term.

        1. “Panama: Where you’re going, you don’t need ROADZ”

          -Panamanian Bureau of Tourism

  6. “…John Nance Garner, who was Franklin Roosevelt’s first vice president and said the position wasn’t worth a “bucket of warm piss.””

    Deserves mention that Garner may have been displeased less by the office than by the imperial piece of crap who was then president and presumed he was king.
    FDR, knowing full well he was involved in the execution of a world war, in the full knowledge of the promise of nuclear weapons, knowing (or presuming to know) he was involved in negotiations which would affect world powers for the next half-century, and knowing full well he was at death’s door, refused to include Truman in any of the discussions regarding any of those issues.
    The man’s remains should have been tossed in a local drainage ditch, rather than wast resources to move them back to NY.

    1. FDR lived only about three months past inauguration. He might not have known he had so little time to go, but he surely knew he hadn’t long. It’s beyond my imagination what an ego he must have had to charge ahead anyway. Maybe he wanted to be in charge when Hitler lost, maybe he thought he could last long enough to see the Japanese beaten and continue reshaping the US after peace returned, but whatever the excuse, it was pretty sorry.

      Abe Lincoln, on the other hand, whatever his other failings, at least would have avoided the worst of reconstruction, although I have no idea what he would have thought of the 14th amendment, KKK, and general treatment of the freed slaves.

      1. Regardless of any FDR presumptions regarding his health, it was criminally negligent NOT to have included Truman in the discussions for at least the last 6 months of his life; he and everyone who encountered him knew he wasn’t gonna make it through his 4th term. Truman WAS going to be prez.
        Even that ego-maniac Churchill was decent enough to take Attlee to the Potsdam conference; FDR couldn’t be quite so concerned, even if he represented the most powerful nation on earth at the time.
        It says something that Churchill was more modest than that piece of shit.

        1. Ooops.
          Churchill brought Attlee to Potsdam; FDR did not bring Truman to Yalta.
          Does not affect my point; FDR should have been held criminally negligent and AFAIK, only Miscamble has made that point so far.
          And apologetically, as the misplaced hero-worship remains.

    2. I wonder how history would have changed if that idiot Zangara had shot FDR instead of Cermak (and a bunch of other people).

  7. I’ve posted this before is anyone talking about the fact that Portugal might soon be ruled by a Socialist-Communist anti-austerity coalition?…..cency.html

    1. Typical: The Communist/Green coalition in Greece is called the United Democratic Coalition.

    2. So they’ll be even more broke than before.

      Good for them.

  8. but does he still do p90-x

    1. I’m sure he’s moved on to P90X3 what with the busy schedule.

  9. Meet the new boss!

    Actually, probably not the same as the old boss!


  10. Coulter doesn’t like him so he’s got that going for him…..#read_more

    1. That article is horribly written. It’s like she isn’t even trying.

  11. WE’RE SAVED!!!!!!!!

    *wipes brow in relief*

  12. He can go fuck himself.

    We’d be better off with an empty chair than a pro-obama republican

    1. And yes, I know he was on the milquetoast slate last election, but his actions in office have differed greatly from what would be expected of someone ‘in opposition’.

      1. Opposition is just another word for racist.

  13. I applaud Paul Ryan for finally realizing he’s never going to be President. As Clint Eastwood says, a man’s got to know his limitations.

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