Jim Webb Out, Joe Biden In (Probably?), Paul Ryan Still a Maybe: P.M. Links


  • Star Wars

    Jim Webb has dropped out of the Democratic presidential race. He plans to do some soul-searching before deciding whether to run as an independent.

  • Joe Biden certainly sounds like he's running.
  • Paul Ryan has yet to declare his candidacy for speaker.
  • He has Harry Reid's endorsement, though.
  • Here's what Justin Trudeau has in store for Canada.
  • New York Magazine is all about campus sex this month.
  • Speaker dropped from college's "Uncomfortable Learning" series because students were uncomfortable with her. (Note: The student group cancelled her, not the college.)
  • Wasn't the Star Wars trailer amazing?

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How Should Libertarians Think About Intellectual Property? By Nick Gillespie, Joshua Swain, & Todd Krainin

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  1. Jimm Webb has dropped out of the Democratic presidential race.

    You’re not going to have whatshisname to kick around anymore!

    1. Hello.

      “Mr. Trudeau has promised some major policy changes, among them legalizing marijuana, dropping out of the American-led bombing campaign against the Islamic State and deficit spending to pump up the economy and rebuild infrastructure.

      But the most noticeable difference will probably be in tone. Mr. Trudeau has been promising since he took over his floundering party in 2013 that he would put an end to Mr. Harper’s often belligerent style of politics and diplomacy.

      “Sunny ways” are Mr. Trudeau’s ways, he said in his victory speech early on Tuesday, borrowing the phrase from Wilfrid Laurier, a Liberal prime minister of about a century ago.”

      The economy’s problem is related to exterior factors not related to Harper’s policies. In fact, Canada’s economy was stable and Trudeau will go in looking for problems through spending. His stance on ISIS is not surprising given his views on the Middle-East; that is, not much at all.

      And yes. The vapid ‘feel good unicornery’ will be on full display. After all, he’s a drama teacher. Honestly, if that’s all he does and little else I’ll take it.

      1. dropping out of the American-led bombing campaign against the Islamic State and deficit spending to pump up the economy and rebuild infrastructure

        I didn’t realize that last part was American-led but it’s a win no matter what excuse he uses to drop out of the deficit spending.

      2. And he wants Syrian Muslim refugees….

        1. It is definitely not all bad. But there’s some serious bad.

      3. So, from an American point of view… more abundant and cheap BC chronic?

        Honestly, it is interesting to see weed slowly get legalized. What really needs to happen is a state in the Northeast needs to do it. It would quickly become abundant in bordering states.

        1. DC isn’t a state but possession is legal (up to a certain amount).

        2. Its on the OH ballot next month. Should be a tax windfall until a nearby state joins.

  2. He has Harry Reid’s endorsement, though.


    1. Harry Reid has to be one of the greatest senatorial trolls of all time.

    2. That’s a bit of a black eye, amirite?

  3. The Democratic ticket is going to be Biden/Warren. Calling it now.

    1. I don’t know whether to be relieved Hillary will lose the nom to Biden or terrified that Uncle Joe will be our next president.

      1. The lulz will be better with Uncle Joe

        1. The Syrians are gonna be surprised as fuck when he nukes them just to show everyone he’s not a pussy. Or because he thought that was the Easy button.

        2. Let’s go out in the Rose Garden and play catch with the “football”.

        3. 10000% agree. Joe Biden is a dream come true of ridiculousness. I would feel bad for his PR people on the upcoming campaign trail but….no.

          1. If Warren becomes VP get ready, as Uncle Joe will likely be too old to make it through the whole term. And then we will no doubt have Stalin-style central planning from the VP-turned-POTUS.

        4. At least Uncle Joe’s too stupid to set up a secret email server.

      2. Heads they win, tales you lose.

      3. Biden will not be our next President. TL;DR version: Obama fatigue, gaffes, plagiarism, age, went nowhere in previous attempts.

        1. I’ll take that bet. If Biden gets the nomination he wins the election. $20 to the Reason foundation if he doesn’t.

          1. But Biden won’t get the nom. Last time he tried he was in 4th behind John Edwards and he had zero delegates.

            1. He might get the nom, but I just don’t see how he can win. The mood of the country is not: “The last eight years have been great, so let’s promote the Vice President!”

              1. If the GOP offers up a fascist/retard like Trump then yeah he could win.

                1. If?

                  1. I now think Trump could beat Biden.

                    1. All the more evidence he won’t.

                    2. You just can’t help yourself, can you? Are you this rude in person, or just online?

                    3. I’m actively making an effort to be more of a caustic prick IRL in select circumstances.

                    4. Why? It won’t help you, and it won’t help anybody else. It’s just self-sabotage, dude.

          2. Hillary’s getting the nomination, based on her exemplary record as a holder of a uterus. CNN’s probably already broadcasting her victory speech.

    2. Someone get Biden on a juice cleanse, stat! He needs to be in tip-top shape for another 4 years.

  4. What’s next, slavers? Are you going to make dancing illegal? Is this the tiny town from Footloose?

    1. never trust a state that sells 3.2 beer in the supermarket and regular beer at the liqueur store.

      1. You have stores just for liqueurs?

        1. my phones auto-correct is the enemy.

          1. How many phones do you have?

            /Ted S.

            1. How many phones do you need?


            2. It’s not as irritating as apostrophe abuse.

  5. Yes, the Star Wars trailer wasn’t amazing.




      1. George Clooney was a better Jedi.

    2. I would love to eat a daisy.

    3. YOu’re off my christmas card list. And what is your address so I can shit in your lawn?

    4. It was like, “Let’s make a video of ‘vaguebooking’.” I guess Lucasfilm/Disney figured out that they could have just had Harrison Ford sitting on a space toilet taking a dump while reading the paper, and fans would still have wet themselves with joy.

  6. Here’s what Justin Trudeau has in store for Canada.

    More French-Canadian accents in Doonesbury cartoons?

    1. Just a French major from the Bronx.

  7. Wasn’t the Star Wars trailer amazing?

    I’m not sure which I’m dreading more: the hype leading up to the primaries or fanboys nutting themselves during the run up to the new star wars movies?

    1. It is so silly really, but the hype for Suicide Squad is completely rational and justified.

    2. The movie will be over faster at least. Another year of this election shit.

    3. Its a too apt comparison that makes me a little ashamed for a couple of friends in both camps who are going to be surprised to find out that Lucy isn’t going to let them kick the football.

      1. We don’t talk about *redacted*.

    4. At least with Star Wars you’ll get to see a bunch of fans cry in disappointment.

      With the election, morons will continue to defend their horrid candidates long after they prove their shittiness.

      1. It’s been 15 years of people keening about how terrible Phantom Menace was. 15 years, Mr. Green.

        1. Right, and whenever you hear that, find some video of fans freaking the fuck out as they wait for the midnight screening. It’s hilarious.

          1. There’s a picture of me somewhere dressed as a Jedi for the premier of Attack of the Clones.

            Short version: I was helping the girlfriends of some of my friends get them ready in time for the nerd-fest and they made a spare one for me as a very unnecessary thank you gift.

              1. Look, that’s his story and he’s sticking with it. OK?

          1. For having hope in the first place?


            1. This time the franchise is in the able and excellent hands of JJ Abrams.

              1. Star Trekking To Darkness
                Mission Impossible 3

                1. Mission Impossible 3
                  It’s amazing how much Brad Bird improved the Mission Impossible franchise. I might be excited to see the Star Wars reboot if he was directing it and not Abrams

                  1. or a host of other directors, particularly in the action genre. Abrams is just meh

                    1. Abrams made ST watchable. His second installment was a bit of a botch admittedly.

                    2. “I like you, you’re First Officer! I need to take a shit, so now you’re Captain! This is fun!”

                    3. I am pretty sure his getting promoted to captain was for a better reason. Yes I know you’re joking, but that movie is fun.

                    4. In spite of the (completely avoidable and lazy) fuck ups the movie is fun because of the dialogue and the character chemistry. Then, because Abrams is a 10 second guy, the second movie lacked any redeeming qualities except for a couple of nice shots of the Enterprise.

                    5. That’s overly harsh. Cumberpatch was great in his role. The Klingons were cool.

                    6. He sucked. Khan is a megalomaniac not a grown up brooding goth.

                      “THIS is Ceta Alpha V!!”

                      His blood isn’t the Holy Grail, although the movie clearly needed a Deus ex machina to save itself. For a guy who professes to be a geek and steeped in the culture and who must have seen Wrath of Khan in the theaters to put out this posing pablum is an insult to the finest Corinthian leather everywhere.

                  2. Brad Bird was my choice the second the new films were announced. He was already firmly entrenched in the Disney family, too. But he had to make Tomorrowland instead.

                    A Brad Bird Star Wars would be glorious. At least they got Rian Johnson for 8, that should be very interesting.

  8. “Speaker dropped from college’s “Uncomfortable Learning” series because students were uncomfortable with her. (Note: the student group cancelled her, not the college.)”

    Wow that’s golden. It doesn’t matter if the guy is an out an out Nazi and plans on dedicating his lecture to the inferiority of Jews. If you call your series uncomfortable learning you don’t drop his ass.

    1. They wanted to keep the speaker on, but they couldn’t raise the money to get enough puppies in the safe space.

      1. They should have just brought the teddy bears from the Planned Parenthood clinic.

  9. Libertarian Party of Canada 37,399 votes. This makes it the most popular party outside of Lib, NDP, Con, Bloc, Green and Independent.

    1. They may have even beat the Pirate and Rhinoceros parties!

    2. “We’re #7! We’re #7!”

      1. So we try even harder. We’re the Avis + 5 of political parties.

      2. As long as it’s on the board.

    3. They only ran in some ridings. I don’t they even ran in most of them.

      1. Only 70 or so candidates, I would have voted had there been one in my riding.

        1. Ridings? Is that what you call your districts? That’s even weirder than I would have guessed. O Canada!

          If one neighborhood in your district votes Communist, is that a red riding ‘hood?

          1. Federal electoral districts = ridings

  10. Speaker dropped from college’s “Uncomfortable Learning” series because students were uncomfortable with her.

    Was it the uncomfortable part or the learning part that got them?

  11. Joe Biden…

    Until he announces, I don’t care.

    1. When he announces I won’t care.

  12. New York Magazine is all about campus sex this month.

    Old Man With Candy is all about campus sex every month. If by campus you mean middle school playground.

    1. Elementary, dear Jesse, elementary.

  13. Asher working on War Factory.

    I haz excite.

    Cover art is possibly of Penny Royal arriving at room 101.

    1. I’ve convinced at least 20 people to read Asher so far and no one has been disappointed.

      1. He’s on my wish-list along with about 40 other SF authors but I can’t quite remember why.

    2. Sweet. Who’s it going to turn into a hooder this time?

      1. Your mom.

  14. “He plans to do some soul-searching before deciding whether to run as an Independent.”

    Will this study involve sounding out possible donors?

    1. I think there’s some concern that he might still have some vestiges of a soul. Nobody wants that.

    2. He has not already sold it?

  15. Schei?e!

    And really? One ? and the squirrels have a fit?

    1. I’ve yet to figure out how this site tabulates how much foreign text it’ll take a shit over. Sometimes I can get a few words in, sometimes a few characters cause a problem.

      1. It doesn’t work at all with Chinese, so grass dirt horse.

    2. This is the American internet. Deal with it.

  16. He has Harry Reid’s endorsement, though.

    The kiss of death.

    1. or analingus.

      1. Don’t put a hairy reed in your anus! Ouch!

  17. There was a Star Wars trailer?


    1. I think this is part 4?

  18. Haha, of course you had to include the Star Wars trailer, Rico. I silently applauded Root for giving us AM links without a mention of it, but you had to bring it in now, almost a day after its premiere.

    I only wish you could have posted Trump’s reaction to the trailer.

    1. Shackford’s trolling yesterday was better.

  19. Wasn’t the Star Wars trailer amazing?

    I haven’t cared enough to view it.

    1. ^This. Maybe I’ll catch the movie on WOR at 4am or something. Maybe not.

  20. Trudeau’s shtick:


    And it works.

    There’s one thing he’s good for though. He pisses off the old, xenophobic Quebecois nationalists.

    1. He might also be food for legalizing MJ (and prostitution?) and increasing immigration and cancelling the F-35. I hope he re-writes C-51. Other than that he dumb.

  21. Where the fuck is Luke Skywalker in that trailer?


    Will he, Han Solo and Princess Leia ever perform a threesome?

    1. His hand was in the trailer, and Star Wars needs no more incest.

      1. You know Carrie Fisher thinks it’s all sorts of dirty hot.

      2. I would have also created a character. Greedo’s semi-retarded progressive brother.

        1. Sjweedo?

      3. If he uses his robot hand, is it really incest?

        1. No. It’s like the Dutch rudder. It’s not gay.

          1. It’s like the Dutch rudder.

            Had to look that up, but really? Like a fucking self driving car. What fun is that?

    2. Didn’t all three swap spit already? Doesn’t that count?

    3. Did they actually get Carrie Fisher to lose weight or did someone finally invent MEGACOCAINE!


        So they dried Epi out and ground him into a fine powder?

        1. It also comes in chunky.

          1. I thought it only came in clumpy (with or without gristly bits).

      2. I assume “MEGACOCAINE” should be read in the voice of Colonel Sanders.

        1. Why, sirrah… I cannot imagine what you might possibly mean.

      3. She looks pretty fucking old in the trailer. Yay. a fat old jedi.

    4. I think he’ll be saved up for the climax, so they don’t want to show more than the hint of his robo-hand. He’s not even on the poster.

    5. “Where the fuck is Luke Skywalker in that trailer?”

      He was the robed figure that put his robot hand on R2

  22. So, vital question: I’ve always done Elder Scrolls games as PC, but for Fallout 3 and NV i did them on Xbox 360. Now Fallout 4 is coming out. The crafting system tempts me towards PC, but I’ve saved up for a PS4 for my birthday and that seems like a good game for that system as well.

    Any advice? Like, how is the Fallout mod community?

    Also, part of me feels that I never get to all the stuff in the game anyway, so why buy based on mods?

    1. New Vegas Nexus – go check it out.

      OK, FO4 will be . . . a disappointing RPG but the console are (at some point) getting mod access.

      But they won’t have the HP to do shit with them and they’re locked to 30 FPS anyway.

      Mods are there so you can fix the stupid shit the developers did to appeal to the mass market, in addition to bringing in new stuff. That settlement thing in FO4 – yeah, they included that because its a big-time mod for FO3 and FNV.

      Check the specs – they’re finally posted – and if you can muster up a computer that’s in the ballpark of ‘recommended’ then I’d say get it on PC. If you’re running a potato – then the PS4 might be a better bet.

  23. What a treasure trove of links for SoCons to exploit!

    The *New York* magazine article – aside from the photo – is dull, but before I passed out reading it, I got that they are groping (so to speak) for a politically-correct way for feminists to address “bad sex ? joyless, exploitative encounters that reflect a persistently sexist culture and can be hard to acknowledge without sounding prudish.”

    As an example, the article opens up with an account of a bisexual coed who got plastered and had sex and woke up feeling uncomfortable about it. Fortunately, instead of “remembering” being raped, she began having second thoughts about the whole get-drunk-and-screw thing.

    But the magazine struggles to address the problem without relying on the age-old insights of people who *also* realized the exploitative and sexist nature of these kinds of hookups. Because those people are icky and patriarchal.

    Have fun re-inventing the wheel – be sure to banish all previous generations of wheelmakers so you don’t look prudish!

    1. Wait, maybe it’s worse than I thought:

      “Dusenbery imagines a world in which feminists stop using the language of combat ? as in combating rape culture ? and instead set out to promote a specific vision of what sexual equality could entail. “It would include so much more: from the orgasm gap to the truly criminal sexual miseducation of our youth to abortion rights to the sexual double standard. Broadening the scope would not only push us to provide the same kind of deep analysis that’s been developed around rape culture in recent years but also help us better see the connections between all the inequities in the sexual culture.””

      Who knew that fornication could be so f_____g *boring*?

      1. Who knew that fornication could be so f_____g *boring*?

        The ones who are out having fun aren’t wasting their time to lament it.

        I think you are quite right that these people are reinventing the wheel vis-a-vis sexual mores. A lot of their complaints could be addressed by having them simply conform to the social norms promoted by traditionalists.

        Where I think you and other “SoCons” overplay your hand is in extrapolating from these delicate snowflakes to everyone else not like you. There is a sizable number of people who can handle their fornication and sodomy just fine.

        The role of traditions is to set people who don’t know better on a path that has been proven to work, not to constrain everyone to the “one true path”, their own desires be damned.

        1. The role of traditions is to set people who don’t know better on a path that has been proven to work, not to constrain everyone to the “one true path”, their own desires be damned.

          *thunderous applause*

      2. Yes, we definitely need to do something about the ‘orgasm gap’. Its horribly unfair that women get to be multi-orgasmic while I’m expected to hold back until she’s done.

        1. I have to admit, that is the first time I have heard of that term. My wife tells me multiple orgasms are the trade-off for going through childbirth.

          1. Hey, I’ve been in Alabama the past two days. I now know the way you introduce yourself to someone around here is to say, “Who are you for?”

            I’ve really enjoyed Birmingham. Definitely an underrated city.

    2. “exploitive and sexist”

      Spoken like a leftist.

  24. Wow, check out the “uncomfortable learning” article.

    Who would have guessed Reason would link, in a non-ironic way, to an article which includes this:

    “What today’s feminists want is a new world order, one in which men and women become interchangeable. In other words, whatever men do women must do in equal numbers?and vice versa. As Facebook COO and new feminist activist Sheryl Sandberg told a group of college graduates in 2011, “A world where men ran half our homes and women ran half our institutions would be just a much better world.”

    “To achieve this sexual utopia, feminists use fear. Everything they preach is predicated on the notion that some great calamity will befall women if they don’t insist that society change to accommodate the injustices American women face. And at the nucleus of this fear is men. It is man?specifically: husbands, employers and the government?that holds women back.

    “To be sure, that is one interpretation of the world. And it will bring women nothing but misery.”

    1. “A world where men ran half our homes and women ran half our institutions would be just a much better world.”

      Hmm… It’s funny… I don’t see feminists rushing out to work in mines, factories, and logging camps. Get out there, womyn! Don’t you care about equality??

  25. Wait…



    (love the second-to-last pic)

    1. Someone didn’t use anchor screws.

    2. The empty pint of gelato is a nice touch.

      1. Yeah, I thought that was funny, too. It’s suspiciously clean, though — I wonder if he’s using it as a pencil cup or something.

        1. Possibly?.

          I wash my Talenti containers and reuse them like Poles used their mustard jars.

    3. The pictures of the computer hanging and the ones of it on the ground – are not the same computer (or house).

      The one on the ceiling was taken out of the case – the one on the ground is still in the case.

      There’s no molding around the ceiling in the first set, there is in the second.

      1. Yeah, I know; that’s not the interesting part, though.

  26. Star Wars: Trigger Warning: Force Awakens.


  27. “Wasn’t the Star Wars trailer amazing?”


    I play video games sooooo….


    I did want more Oscar Isaac if only because of his performance in Ex Machina.

    1. I did want more Oscar Isaac if only because of his performance in Ex Machina.

      I saw Ex Machina over the weekend. I’m glad I did; it was very good.

      I am not glad I read a couple feminist reviews of it, though. My goodness, these people…

      1. feminist reviews of it

        Got links?

        1. Took me a sec to find them, but:

          Bitch Flicks: ‘Ex Machina’s Failure to Be Radical: Or How Ava Is the Anti-thesis of a Feminist Cyborg

          If you search, it turns out that they have three other pieces on the movie. Because of course they do.

          Bitch Media: How “Ex Machina” Toys With Its Female Characters

          1. From the first:

            I am going to admit: Ex Machina profoundly disturbed me ? so much so that at one point I had to leave the theatre and catch my breath. It is very rare for me to walk out of a film. Rarer still for me to walk out not because the film is horrible, but because it is so disturbing that it makes me physically nauseaous and emotionally weary.

            Instead, the film delivers the same message so many movies with female robots/replicants have ? namely: wouldn’t it be so much easier for the real humans (meaning male humans) if their lowly female counterparts could just be sexy in all the ways they desire, obedient, and easily modified, then upgraded or tossed away without fuss when they no longer “work.”

            Yes, that’s the message of the movie.

          2. Nathan (Oscar Isaac), as the lead scientist, is your garden variety, bearded intellectual. He is an alcoholic, mega-maniacal ego, with dark skin and hair, subtly cluing the audience to the fact he is a “bad guy” (yes, the film has problematic racial depictions too ? not only is the “dark dude” the bad one, Kyoko, the sex slave, is Asian, while Ava is coded as normatively porn-star white).

            What an incredibly facile reading of the movie. It’s like they didn’t even watch it. Morons.

  28. Hipsters in Africa

    The author seems to have found at least 4 or 5 and has photographed them repeatedly.

    Pay no attention to the child-sex-slavery still rampant out in the bush; Primitive Cultures are awesome when they affirm our self image!

    1. I’m not sure what the one has to do with the other.

      Also: there are vain and self-interested people everywhere in the world, news at 11.

      1. “what the one has to do with the other.”

        … well, nothing except a comment on how the media always likes to portray Africa as “cute” and/or victims of the West

        1. Ok, yeah, I see where you’re coming from. I read what you wrote as a criticism of the “hipsters in Africa” themselves as though by not being sufficiently something they were enabling the “child-sex slavery”. Rather, you were criticizing the media for building a narrative.

          Fear not, they can report on the slavery and child abuse, and still blame those things on the West. The narrative doesn’t bow to contradiction.

    2. Read the first article, got to Sena Ahadji and thought ‘hubba hubba’.

      Read the second. ugh. Very sad.

  29. Not to interrupt Robby’s entirely news-free linkages…

    Sort of amusing =

    US & Russia Call “Dibbs” on Which Parts of Syria To Bomb

  30. The Long Island Lebensraum = Suburban Nazis’ Pro-German Housing Rules Come Under Fire

  31. How Do We Fuck You? Let Us Count the Ways” = Green-Subsidies In California Inflates Tax-Value of Property, Scares Off Buyers

    1. Unintended consequences…..who knew.

  32. #BoycottStarWarsVII: Social Media Movement Claims New ‘Star Wars’ Film Is ‘Anti-White’

    The hashtag appeared Sunday, telling viewers to avoid seeing “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” due to its “anti-white propaganda.” Some have used the hashtag to push back against that claim.

    1. Well they seem to be getting a head-start on the Retarded Over-Reaction

      My initial comment on the film was =

      Prediction = Gay Robots (possibly also tranny aliens or some kind of Cishet monster)

      1. some kind of Cishet monster

        SugarFree, Dark Lord of the CisHet?

      2. R2 and 3PO are already the Bert and Ernie of sci-fi fantasy.

    2. Much more accurate take on the hashtag:


  33. John O. Brennan: FBI Investigating After Teen Says He Hacked CIA Director’s Personal Email Account

    The FBI said they’re investigating after an unidentified teen told The New York Post that he found private files, including an application for top-secret security clearance, in Brennan’s AOL account.

    1. “AOL account”

      ah. Top Men.

      1. So was Brennan doing personal business with an AOL account? You know who else… aww fuck it.

        1. He’s terrified that the hackers have broken his Napster password now

    2. Yeah – I bet the ‘application for a Top Secret security account’ was just an SF-86.

      So the opposition will find out where he lived 7 years ago.

  34. For all you Star Wars haters, when you die, I hope you end up as a supporting cast member in a forever looping Steven Seagal movie.

    1. I don’t give a fuck about Star Wars or Steven Seagal…that you do makes me think you are a whiny little bitch that I’d laugh at if I ever met you.

  35. This is a curiously written article by the New York Times.

    I don’t follow Canadian politics particularly closely, but this article keeps suggesting that Trudeau’s win was “real” while the Harper wins of the past election campaigns were manufactured and not based on any legitimate support from voters. To wit:

    And gone, too, will be the Conservative habit of pushing policies at home that were popular with Mr. Harper’s right wing but divisive to the larger electorate
    What electorate kept electing Harper… three times in a row?

    Also this:

    Canadian law bans corporations and labor unions from making political donations, and imposes fairly low limits on personal donations. So the Conservatives used sophisticated software to develop and promote political issues that would draw large numbers of small donations from supporters, even if found little support in the rest of the population.

    Many, many small donations from supporters, even if no one else supported him.

    So the Liberals nor the New Democrats could get large numbers of small donations, even though under Canadian law, those are the only ones allowed?

    They also keep talking about how Trudeau and his Liberals “swept into power”… with the same fractured vote totals that put the conservatives into power.

  36. John, if you’re out there, welcome back! I saw you posting in the AM links but since it was a busy work day I saw those posts after the thread died.

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  38. New York Magazine is all about campus sex this month.

    And Reason’s jealous.

    1. “Donald Trump is circumcised and has Mexican ancestry, says coed ex-lover of her dope-and-deep-dish-fueled orgy with the tycoon.”

      1. I’d read that

      2. Needs moar transgender.

  39. OT: here is a nice article about how Taiwan, Hong-Kong, and Shenzhen are competing to be hotbeds of start-ups. Would have been better with mention of Vietnam’s efforts.


    This is (partly) how competitive governance will deliver a better, freer world.

    1. Perhaps that’s possible because they aren’t blanketly accepting to rest of the worlds dregs and won’t anytime soon….something to ponder, boy.

  40. An endorsement from Harry Reid that has to be the worse thing any human being could get. Would b e better to catch a STD.

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