Reason Happy Hour in Chicago Thursday!

Join us for a celebration of free minds and free markets (and free booze!) in Chicago on October 22.



Please join Reason and fellow friends of liberty for libations, good conversation, and a celebration of Free Minds and Free Markets at a happy hour this Thursday (October 22) at  Emporium in Wicker Park, Chicago. To thank you for your support of Reason, we'll have complimentary appetizers and drinks. We'll also have the Cubs game on multiple big screens.

Who: You! Me (Reason Staff Editor Elizabeth Nolan Brown)! All sorts of liberty-minded Chicagoans! 

What: Reason's Free Minds and Free Markets Free Happy Hour 

When: Thursday, October 22, 6:00—8:30 pm

Where: Emporium, 1366 N Milwaukee Ave. Chicago, Illinois 60622

RSVP: Here, or by email to

Questions? Contact Preston Cornish at or (240) 406-9023.

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  1. Howdy there, Reasonites!

    Has your doctor told you that your blood pressure is way too low? Then you’ll want to read this from the Chicago Tribune:

    “I’m a responsible gun owner, so I destroyed my gun…

    “Although I’d like to believe I’m not party to the gun violence that stains the United States, I can’t. My grandmother shot and killed herself with a gun, and a few years ago my father shot and didn’t quite kill himself with one. A family friend lost a teenage son in an accidental shooting while he and his friends were playing with a gun. My stepbrother died in a murder-suicide with a gun, and the husband of one of my sister’s co-workers was killed in a mass shooting by a guy carrying three of them.

    “None of that happened with my gun, of course, but after every new mass shooting, I’m reminded that I, as a responsible gun owner, bear a portion of the responsibility for our nation’s gun violence.

    “And now it’s time for responsible gun owners to help end it.”

    1. Sounds like it’s dangerous to be associated with that guy even without his gun. Wonder if he realized that’s not typical.

      1. More likely he’s not a gun owner and he made all that up

        1. Watch for his “Thank God I’m Not a Libertarian Anymore” entry at Salon next week.

          1. Right:) “I never realized how selfish I was until I met that paraplegic blind homeless man”

            1. “And then I turned to collecting money at gun point from those who had earned and and became an altruist!”

    2. The first comment I read there absolutely rules:

      Steve Elliott, I’m a hardened criminal with several illegal guns and in need of cash. Can you tell the address where you and your family live?

  2. I thought OMWC and The Worst already held this event…

    1. This is the version with blackjack. And hookers!

      1. In fact, forget the meetup!

    2. This one is happening somewhat closer to me, so that’s a plus. I might finally get a glimpse of the other weirdos that read reason and still live in this city for who the fuck knows why.

      And it’s at Emporium? The fuck? This has ENB hipsterism scrawled all over it.

      1. You’re the one who lives near Wicker Park though.

  3. OT: CTV, CBC, and Radio-Canada project a Liberal victory. D?sol

    1. Who knew? The Canucks are suppressing the vote!

      Elizabeth May is predicting that the Green Party will wield more power in Ottawa after Canada’s 42nd election, but the party almost lost its leader’s vote on Monday when she forgot to bring her proper identification to her Sidney, B.C., polling station.

      The Green Party Leader said she took a green leather purse to the polls to match her party’s political colour, but her correct identification was in another purse she left in her campaign van.

      She said she ran back to the van and rummaged through her second purse to find the identification that matched her current address with her election registration address.

      “Oh dear, I was so embarrassed,” May said. “I held up the whole line.”

      May was then able to vote in the Saanich-Gulf Islands riding she won in the 2011 election and is expected to win again.

      1. Oh dear, I was so embarrassed,” May said. “I held up the whole line.”

        How did she hold up the line? After she got her ID, she went to the end of the line like other ordinary people do when they forget their ID, right?

    2. It looks like it will be a big one. At least the Jays are winning though.

    3. Stupid question: what’s the difference between the Liberals and the NDP?

      1. The NDP does socialism a little harder than the Liberals.

      2. NDP’s the far left in Canada (outside of the two communist parties), the product of a perverse merger of farmer socialists, Marxist weirdos and socialist Christians (mostly United Church). They’ve never won an election, and only became the opposition last time ’round. The Liberals are seen as the ‘center’ in Canada but in American terms they used to be more like slightly pragmatic Democrats.

        1. That’s a pretty good summary.

        2. Two communist parties? Jesus.

          1. To be fair, one communist, one socialist. Yes, they hate each other at least as much as they hate the Conservatives.

          2. Well, one’s a Stalinist (Communist Party) and the other’s a weird Marxist-Leninist-Trotskyte thing (the Marxist-Leninist Party). So yeah, if the extreme left in Canada wants to split itself in half that’s fine by me.

            Also they poll about as well as the libertarians.

            1. “The first thing we must do is seize the means of production, eh?”

              “Take off, hoser, first we have to instill class consciousness in the proletariat.”


          3. C’mon – they’re lucky if they *only* have two.

            *We’ve* got

            Freedom Socialist
            National Socialist
            Party For Socialism and Liberation
            Peace and Freedom
            Socialist Action
            Socialist Alternative
            Socialist Equality
            Socialist Worker’s
            worker’s World

            You know, if those fuckers could *actually pull together* – like they say we all should – then they might be able to combine all those socialist parties into one block that would be as effective as the Libertarian Party.

            But no – they’ve all gotta be run by their own little CoP heads.

            1. Splitters!

      3. Liberals adopt crazy left-wing rhetoric to a lesser or greater degree, as necessary. NDP live it.

        This is a bad result, but much better than having a Liberal minority supported by Commie lunatics.

        1. As a native of the north coast of America and mild Canadiophile, I was just sailing thru Wikipedia and am amused that there is at least one recent PM I’ve never heard of.

          Paul Martin?!

          1. Yeah, he actually wasn’t that bad, for a Liberal. Pity he didn’t stick around because the Liberal leadership has really gone all over the place after him.

            1. He did stick around as PM, and he sucked as PM. Program spending started to head right back up around 2000. Electing Harper made 0 difference to this rate of increase.

              1. Yeah, he actually wasn’t that bad, for a Liberal

                Reading comprehension fail?

                And he’s still better than Dion, Ignatieff and Trudeau. which was my point, which you completely missed.

                1. No need to be pissy. I thought you meant after his time as FM ended. And no, I didn’t miss your point. You should try being less pissy and angry all the time.

          2. Great Finance Minister ever. He CUT government spending in real terms.

            1. Nice to see Turdeau jr. following his legacy…Oh shit.

    4. Holy cow a wipeout. Alberta will learn what pain is over the next few years. Thanks Harper. Great idea calling an extra-long campaign. Great move not resigning for a replacement 2 years ago, like a non-moron would have done.

      I remember CPC partisan drones telling me that Great Leader Harper was only betraying all of his principles on the surface so he could gradually move Canada to the right, which he totally was in an invisible way that only they could see. Fuck those people and their delusions.

      1. Conservatives and Republican never learn that no about of “pragmatism” will prevent you from being attacked as a heartless puppy-killer that wants poor people to starve to death in the streets.

        1. Conservatives are stupid.

    5. On the bright side this might mean a more open immigration policy and legal weed. I don’t know if that can make up for turning Alberta into a smoldering wreck.

  4. I lived in wicker park for 12 years. Now you show up. Feh.

    1. So, maybe they’re telling you something?

      1. *sulks away*

        1. Sorry, just couldn’t pass it up; sometimes the jokes write themselves…

  5. Oh goddammit, don’t tell me Trudeaumania is going to end up like bloody separatism in this country (pops up randomly every twenty years). I really, really hope we don’t keep the Idiot Prince for as long as his dad.

    1. Trudeau Jr. isn’t like his Dad. He’s like one of his Dad’s fans. Just keep that in mind.

      Separatism is dead. I think Trudeaumania 2.0 will be a pale version of the original. But yeah, much of this country is retarded. I can’t wait for the next economic cycle to happen.

      1. You really know nothing about Eastern Canada if you think separatism is dead. Four years ago referendum polls were still fairly high. They’re still willing to give them a shot provincially, we’re just lucky Marois was so incompetent the PQ collapsed (and that the youth of Quebec are starting to like the equalization meal ticket more).

        1. Pffftt you know nothing if you think there is any sincerity in those numbers. It’s all huffing and puffing and please give us pogey.

          1. Ah yes, Cytotoxic’s classic ‘anything that doesn’t support my pre-determined conclusion doesn’t exist or doesn’t count’ debate tactic. I’m sure your insight into the minds of Quebeckers is substantial.

            1. Right. That’s why there hasn’t been a referendum since 1995 and there’s no appetite for one currently. Just because all the evidence supports me (as usual) is no reason not to get pissy!

              1. “All the evidence supports me because I ignore any evidence that doesn’t! 2011 is an imaginary year that did not exist! Polls only count if I say so! Look at me be an arrogant dipshit!”

                Brilliant as always.

                1. Please tell us what happened in 2011 aside from the BQ getting nearly wiped out.

                  I love it when you project your own arrogance and dipshittery onto me. You really are in love with me. It’s getting into The Danger Zone.

                  1. I love when Canadians eat their own.

                    1. This….it’s funny. I may have to buy an issue of Macleans to seperate the wheat from the chaff.

    2. Electing empty-headed privileged scion of a former ruler is always bad, if his last name is Bush. Otherwise, all fine.

      1. Yeah, a Kennedy or Clinton will do just fine…

        1. Mark Steyn of course has the bon mot

          On balance I would have preferred Mr Mulcair to dethrone Mr Harper, if only because, vis-?-vis Clinton vs Bush south of the border, with Justin at 24 Sussex Drive I will no longer be able to use my line that say what you want about constitutional monarchy but at least you get a non-hereditary political class.

          1. One less thing you guys can try to use to lord it over us.

            1. At least we didn’t elect a leader based on vapid calls for change and Eat the Rich rather than a sensible look at the issues. Oh wait…

              1. As I said, all shitty ideas originate in US, then get taken up and biblethumped up here by socialists who hate the US. Our New Obama is just the latest iteration.

                1. biblethumped

                  I’m going to steal that.

                2. THIS. MJ prohibition, Medicare, central banking all went from US – Canada

                3. Yes, I’ve and other have noticed how the Canadian left is quite similar to the American Left. Same shitty ideas, same attitude toward the USG.

  6. Please join Reason and fellow friends of liberty for libations, good conversation, and a celebration of Free Minds and Free Markets at a happy hour this Thursday (October 22) at Emporium in Wicker Park, Chicago.

    It could be a trap, people. Be careful.

    1. Though I’d dearly like to meet Reasonoids in the flesh, aint no way I’m going to a city where the criminals are armed and I’m not. So I’ll just wave at you all from Indiana.

    2. I’d spend airline miles to hang with ENB if I had had those miles…oh wait.

  7. Anyone ready for another 16 years of Turdeau?

    What are the chances he reneges on his Eat The Rich, Free Shit and Stimulus platforms?

    1. None in the first three years, then the reality will set in, and he’ll have to start tacking right while doubling down on leftist rhetoric.
      Climate change, sadly, is probably where he will nail his colours to the mast.

      1. Justin’s legitimately stupid enough that I can see him doubling down on some truly idiotic climate change policies. But at least the party isn’t totally made up of idiots so he might end up having to slow down.

        But hey, at least we’ll probably be able to buy pot at an LCBO for twice the market price.

      2. He’ll try to ‘Ontario-fy’ Canada, which is frightening. WE NEED HIGH INTEREST RATES.

        I almost think Justin is too dumb to be that dangerous. It’s the people around him that you got to watch.

      3. I’m very scared that he’ll try to bring back the Wheat Board monopsony. Countering that evil will require a large public disobedience campaign. Trudeau is also going to bring back the few retarded gun regulations that Harper got rid of.

        1. Wait… you guys actually managed to get rid of a retarded agricultural subsidy program?

          1. Subsidy? HA!

            This was way beyond subsidy, this was some real FDR New Deal-style shit. Read it up:

            Canadian Wheat Board

            You want to sell grain? You fucking go through government, kulak, and you’ll get the best price that government decides. If you don’t want to, you don’t get to sell.

          2. It wasn’t a subsidy, it was worse. And yeah, one of Harper’s few achievements was to get rid of it.

  8. Isn’t Turdeau jr. planning another national energy policy? Worked out so well when his dad did it.

    1. Not that I’m aware of.

      1. Well it’ll be some Green Energy this time no doubt.

  9. Libertarian’s polling around 16,000. Fuck it, that’s enough for a city-state, let’s invade some third-rate Manitoba riding and make it into a micro-state.

    1. We can bring back the Land of Rape and Honey! Woo!

      1. By rope youe mean weed and by honey you mean mead right?

        1. We can be flexible about what kinds of rape, seed or otherwise, are involved…

    2. Once you get so far north you don’t have to invade. It’s not really worth anyones time to bother you.

  10. First the Democrats, then Labour and now the Liberals have totally disowned the Nineties.

    1. The Liberals have not disowned the ’90s nearly as bad as those two others. They are still on board with the TPP (for better or worse).

      1. I love that was the first (only?) thing that came to mind.

  11. As I was trying to say before recessions bring out the worst of the left since one of the few things they believe is the New Deal ended the Great Depression. Since the 2010s, unlike the 1990s, is an era of recession and WOT malaise as supposed to the 1990s era of growth and the post-Cold war optimism they have turned back to shit.

    I’ve also seen people on Reason speculate that the fall of the USSR means that the left no longer has to differentiate themselves from the commies.

  12. Ugh. If it were two weeks later, I’d be there for sure. Have fun Chicago, reasonites.

  13. The only good things to come out of Chicago are those vegetable-laden hot dogs on poppyseed buns, electrified Mississippi music, Nelson Algren and Big Black. Maybe something else but if so it escapes me.

    1. I heard they made some sort of lasagna type creation with bread on the bottom instead of pasta layers. Weird.

      1. Ah, Chicago Casserole. I’ve heard tell of such a thing.

    2. Blues Brothers were from Chicago, weren’t they?

      1. Kinda.
        Belushi was a part of the Second City comedy group who sort of hooked up with National Lampoon and then SNL.
        It was a comedy invasion from the bottom, but the bottom seemed entirely too taken by drugs.

        1. Oh, and O’Rourke is a survivor out of the lot.

    3. Let’s not forget Hound Dog Taylor (though he was not a native), he should have a memorial in Chitown.

  14. To all you Canukistans, I can only offer the sympathy of someone who has voted for candidates who have *never* won and against bond issues that seem to win with depressing regularity.
    It ain’t easy being a non-watermelon. Especially in the PR of SF…

    1. My riding got taken up by Liberals at over 50% of the vote – ugh, the horrible ghastly creature that was MP since the riding was created 30 years ago gets another mandate.
      But, Libertarian Moment may be upon us – it looks like it’s 1% of the vote here!

      Definitely worst news of the night – the most horrible MP by a margin was re-elected. I dare you to watch that whole video.

      1. I dare you to watch that whole video.

        I couldn’t do it but I did laff. That schtick would never fly in the US.

      2. But, Libertarian Moment may be upon us – it looks like it’s 1% of the vote here!

        Bullshit. Harper sucks, Pot, Euthanasia and Hookers!!!!! /Cytotoxic.

        1. Well, yeah.

          The LM will be delayed in Canada. Has to happen in America first.

      3. Fuck that scientifically illiterate cunt.

        What was turnout in this election?

    2. As a New Yorker, I hear ya.

      I just don’t vote.

      1. It’s all a sham anyway! Just a method to control us and give the illusion of consent.

        Oh well.

  15. For the Canadians.

    Now quit yer bitchin’. It’s not like Donald Trump was on the ballot.

    1. The uploader has not made this video available in your country.

      Sometimes, the fundamentally chance-driven universe gives us moments of pure perfection. I shall savor this one.

      1. Hahahah hosers. I watched, and laffed.

  16. Is anybody in the Chicagoland area willing to take payment to UPS (not USPS) me a bottle of Mall?rt and lie about the contents to UPS? I am a huge fan of B?ska Droppar and can’t really find sources to import this lacquer thinner spirited delight from Sweden. It’d like to compare it side-by-side with my remaining b?ska stash.

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