Troops Staying in Afghanistan, Troops Going to Cameroon, Secret Drone Documents Leaked: A.M. Links


  • Ron Paul
    Gage Skidmore

    President Obama has a bold new plan: leave troops in Afghanistan for much longer. Certainly, this is just what the troubled region needs.

  • The president is also deploying 300 troops to fight Boko Haram in Cameroon.
  • The Intercept published a bunch of leaked papers relating to U.S. drone policy.
  • The Jeb Bush campaign is making some cutbacks.
  • Remember that aunt suing her nephew for an overly exuberant hug? We have an explanation: she was required to file the suit in order for the insurance company to pay out.
  • Most people agree that Hillary Clinton has been dishonest about Benghazi.
  • Ron Paul testified in the Jesse Benton trial on Wednesday. He accused federal authorities of trying to damage Rand Paul's campaign.

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