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Alisha Sands knew her son Zayde, 4, is left-handed, so when she saw he was writing with his right hand she asked why. He said his teacher told him his left hand was bad. So she wrote the teacher asking her to clarify what she said. The teacher sent back an article saying that in many cultures the left-handedness is considered "unlucky, inauspicious and frankly evil." The school district in Okemah, Oklahoma, says it is investigating. 

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  1. NewsChannel 4 called the school and were told the superintendent was out Monday, so they transferred us to the principal at Oakes Elementary.

    She said she’s aware of the situation and the district is investigating. She hung up before we could ask any questions.

    A half decent journalist would take this as a challenge to be met. And the principal would be met in the parking lot with a camera in her face.

    The nuns forced my old man into writing right-handed. It’s good to know the practice is still going strong.

    1. My father-in-law had the Christ beaten out of him by nuns. Wonderful folks, those sequestered ladies…

    2. The TV station with the original report now says the teacher has resigned.

  2. don’t they chop off a hand for stealing in certain cultures? lucky kid

  3. Lets not forget that the left (or more properly “sinister”) hand is also the one used for exclusively for wiping your ass in some cultures. So there are plenty of places in the 3rd world where offering your left hand to shake is a huge faux pas.

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