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Did You Ever Hang Around a Gymnasium?


Credit: istolethetv / photo on flickr

Natasha Devon, the British government's mental health champion, has called for a "strict and rigorously enforced age limit of 16 to be placed on gym memberships." She says it's to protect boys younger than 16 from developing distorted body images or being talked into consuming protein supplements or energy drinks.


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  1. It looks like in a generation America is going to have to bail the Limeys out again, as they’re allowing a significant totally ripped gap which is inviting other nations to bully them.

  2. I’d say 15, that’s when body dismorphic syndrome first manifests at least in british girls (or boys though there’s little difference in britan these days)

  3. gladiator movies?

  4. No fitness for you. This is so messed up. There are a lot of ways you can train in a gym like stretching, core strength, balance, cycling, rowing, body blades, etc, that probably lead to higher cardio fitness, less obesity, more stamina, etc, but they should ban that because someone somewhere might say or do something Natasha Devon doesn’t like.

  5. Light the Warty signal!

  6. Is the ‘proper’ body the same in Britain as in the US, the BMI-chart-appropriate sickly/scrawny/vegan/Mick Jagger?

    1. Mick Jagger – The Vegan Walking Dead.

  7. Vegan…vegetarian: You young males out there, don’t ever date nor marry any female that exhibits overly picky eating habits as those in he double v bunch.

    Too easily, these habits can turn into anorexia/orthorexia and you DO NOT want to be anywhere near this. You have no idea the misery and destruction to your own life that ano/ortho folks can bring about. It is easily just as bad or worse than obesity.


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