Donald Trump Slumping, Putin to Meet Obama at UN, Singapore Schools Closed Due to Haze: A.M. Links


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    Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton now trails Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire in polls that do and do not include Joe Biden, and Republican frontrunner Donald Trump is starting to look like he might be dropping in the polls. Meanwhile, presidential candidates for the Libertarian and Green parties are planning to sue the Commission on Presidential Debates on anti-trust grounds. They're seeking to be allowed to participate in the debates.

  • Republican leaders in Congress say they're working to prevent a government shutdown.
  • Pope Francis is in New York City for the third leg of his trip to the United States.
  • Vladimir Putin will appear at the United Nations General Assembly for the first time in 10 years. He asked to meet with President Obama on the sidelines to discuss Syria and Ukraine.
  • Schools in Singapore were closed today due to haze.
  • Rapper Puff Daddy says there's no such thing as a "child prostitute."
  • The New York Mets will no longer feature players from the opposing team on their Kiss Cam as a gag, after some fans complained the joke was homophobic.

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  1. Friday morning fun. Rowdy Roddy Piper, Billy Squier, Danny DeVito, and Mean Gene all in one short video.

    1. Hello.

      1. What do you mean by that Rufus?

        1. Shhh. I’m trying to be less Canadian for waffles!

          1. She’s not going to fall for that

            1. waffles is a she?

              /spits on fingers. runs through hair.

    2. Danny Devito looks pissed, It’s also weird that he appears sober.

      1. He will always be Louie De Palma to me.


    3. What the fuck is on DeVito’s neck?

      1. His head?

  2. Republican leaders in Congress say they’re working to prevent a government shutdown.

    I’m sure they are.

    1. Code for Surrendering.

  3. 95) Hillary growing in stature:

    “I used to be the only person writing about this. But lately several publications, perhaps influenced by my work, have begun to seek the same data. You can find their height reports all over the Internet. They all say that Clinton is 5 feet 7 inches tall?. [But] when the then-senator first ran for president in 2008, she was only 5-foot-5.”

    She must have finally pulled the ruby red slippers from Joe Biden’s feet.

    1. Well now she’s really dead to me.

    2. There’s some old study that the taller the candidate, the more likely voters are to vote for him (or I suppose her).

      1. Didn’t seem to work for Bill Bradley

      2. More info here

        1. Thank you for that.

        2. Your link is wrong, I have it on good authority that Washington was a lot taller than that.

            1. +12 stories high, made of radiation

      1. That looks an awful lot like your last link.

        1. Fuck it:

 style/is-hillary-clinton-getting-taller- or-is-the-internet-getting-dumber/ 2015/09/24/ 58af4dfa-5e33-11e5-9757-e49273f05f65_story.html

          1. Paging SugarFree…..

    3. cankle implants?

      1. *vomits in own mouth a little*

    4. Well, to be fair, if she’s talking, the length of her nose can vary so much that it actually affects her height.

  4. Newly identified remains of WWII Marine heading home

    The recently identified remains of a Marine hailed for his bravery in battle are heading home 72 years after he was killed on a remote Pacific atoll during World War II.

    First Lt. Alexander “Sandy” Bonnyman died at age 33 while leading Marines against entrenched Japanese forces during a three-day fight for the strategically important island of Tarawa in 1943. He was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor in 1947, but his remains weren’t found until earlier this year by a nonprofit organization called History Flight that has been searching for missing servicemen.

    A bugler played taps and a color guard rendered honors for Bonnyman during a departure ceremony on Thursday in Honolulu. Bonnyman’s family plans to lay him to rest Sunday at the same Knoxville, Tennessee, cemetery where his parents were buried.

    1. Bloody fucking Tarawa

      1. Some higher officers should have at least paid a little for that mess. Whadaya mean, ‘the tides were a surprise’?

        1. It was a neap tide, so kind of a curveball.

          First big amphibious operation of the war, so Mr. Murphy was calling all the shots that day.

    1. Say what you will about Scientology, at least it’s an ethos.

      1. “Give all your money to the church and hide away from people who tell you the organization is abusing you”?

        1. Who am I to judge?

        2. At least they believe in something. If they didn’t believe in anything, there’s no telling what mayhem they’d be doing.

          1. It’s the commitment that counts.

    2. Call me nuts but I actually enjoy her show.

      Also. IFH, not sure if I ever mentioned this but I have relatives in Melbourne.

      They’re crazy.

      1. Were they transported because they were crazy, or did the antipodes drive them insane?

        1. A little of this and a little of that.

          I think.

          We used to call them the Australian Hatrocks.

          Or Gruesomes.

          I forget. It was the 80s. I was high on Galaga.

      2. No, you didn’t. Are they first-generation transplanted Canucks struggling to understand football, or real Melburnians?

        I love Melbourne.

        1. Worse. Southern I-talians.

      3. You’re nuts, Rufus!


          My mother gave me a look like I just raped, say, Alamanian, last night after I told someone to go fuck a crippled goat with Sugar Free’s dildo while Warty filmed and Nikki directed.

          1. I get it. I want to tap dat ass too, Ruf.

            1. Whether I refer to Remini or Almanian, I leave for the dear reader to decide.

              1. Both, at the same time?

                1. Sounds like a spit roast to me.

              2. But what about the donkey?

              3. Too late. Already went with Alamanian.

                You’re tagged.

  5. I think this means they didn’t like Morrissey’s first novel:

    It is an unpolished turd of a book, the stale excrement of Morrissey’s imagination.

    1. You shut your mouth
      How can you say
      he goes about things the wrong way?

      1. I am human and I need to be loved.
        Just like anybody else does.

    2. Now he knows how Joan of Arc felt.

    3. “his bulbous salutation extenuating his excitement”

      I think I just lost my breakfast

  6. Satire Warning:

    We’re Sorry For Producing Our Cisgendered Son
    I, a patriarchal oppressor, have created more patriarchy. Read, and weep.

    Watching this raw display of feminine personhood on that stage, however, began to awaken dangerous desires within me. I began to have the problematic feeling of ownership one has in sexually active relationships. I felt ashamed. Here Gwen was, educating future world citizens about a very prominent and real example of a systematic oppression of women, and here I was perpetuating rape culture by being sexually turned on by my partner.

    It didn’t subside, either. Once we got home that night, I couldn’t help myself, and I approached her as respectfully as I was able in my weakened state. “May I kiss you?” I asked her. She looked at me in silence for moment, considering whether to give me permission. “Yes,” she finally said, and awaited me to approach her. Our lips met, and I could tell the night was going to be one to remember.

    I’ll spare you the details, but that night there seemed to be no limits. I was overcome with a tidal wave of uninfluenced consent that celebrated and revered Gwen’s independent sexuality.

    1. Pitch perfect.

    2. Had to verify that this was satire. That’s how bad its gotten.

      1. It’s pretty obviously satire because it doesn’t read like a halfwit wrote it.

        Maybe it’s just the difficulty of dredging up anecdotes from memory and attempting to capture them in prose, or maybe it’s because they spend as much time writing as they do checking their thesauri and their problematic language astrology charts, or maybe it’s because they’re generally terrible writers who nonetheless want to force their social justice shtick, but authors parodying their rancid ideology are much more fluent and readable.

    3. In that moment, Gwen and I watched as all our work began to slip away. “No!” I said, as I yanked the hammer out of his little hand. Pat looked at me, very confused, both of us unable to articulate just how awful what he did was. “Look!” I said, handing him an African-American doctor Barbie doll. He took it eagerly, and we all breathed with a sigh of relief. I walked away, confident that I had averted a crisis?until Gwen and our friend gave a terrified squeal.

      I heard it before I saw it. The banging sound had returned, only when I spun around to look I saw with horror Pat using the African-American doctor Barbie as a hammer. Gwen did not allow me a second chance at fixing this. She tipped over the chair as she ran toward Pat. Yanking the doll out of his hand, she screamed “No!” repeatedly. We left quickly, not willing to risk any more male toxicity creeping into our child.


    4. It would have been more believable if he’d used “cisgender” instead of “cisgendered.”

      1. Nikki. You should write a bad ass, non-PC, rude book on grammar or writing rules. Grammar Bitch or something.

        It would be awesome.

        I’m serious.

        I’d buy the book.

        1. Hmm, that is an interesting idea.

        2. I’d buy it to.

            1. Ide by it too

        3. Hit me with your grammar stick!

          Strunk and White was written by a couple of old white dudes back in the prehistoric age, and therefore has no relevance in the modern age.

          1. Hm.

            Maybe I should get into publishing.

            How about a book on Reason comments with Agile as editor?

            /looks into future. Half star rating on Amazon. Top comment with millions of thumbs up: ‘Who are these idiots and why did Penguin publish them?

              1. You’re giving me waaayyyy too many ideas.

        4. Grammar Bitch or something.


          1. (Chortles at computer)

            /Looks around nervously for Swiss

    5. and here I was perpetuating rape culture by being sexually turned on by my partner.

      This monster lives within us all.

    6. Usually shit like this isn’t that funny, but this one is fucking genius. I literally LoLd at:

      We couldn’t believe it. Not only had Pat exhibited masculine traits despite our best efforts, he had done so by using a woman as a tool, and an African-American woman no less.

  7. Nearly naked ‘grumpy old woman’ glues bum to Croydon department store in bizarre protest

    A NEARLY naked ‘grumpy old woman’ glued herself to a department store window in a bizarre protest in Croydon town centre this afternoon.

    The protest has been staged by the self-styled ‘world’s grumpiest old woman 2015’ outside Debenhams in North End.

    The woman, who the Advertiser understands is called Kay Bishop, told our photographer she was staging the protest because she was “fed up with everything”.

    1. If you lived in Croydon, you’d be fed up with everything too.

      I can speak with authority, having escaped the place some years ago.

    2. I would never glue my bum to anything. Just in case anyone wonders.

      1. Didn’t go so well the last time?

      2. Semen is sticky but it isn’t glue.

    3. Paging Crusty Juggler…. Crusty Juggler to the grumpy old woman please…

  8. America’s IMAGINARY great past?..…..1732840807

    Doesn’t get much worse than gawker and ALL of her minions ? deadspin, gizmodo, IBT, engadget. I truly wish every one of those organizations would be consumed in a sulphurous fire ? with all the employees inside.

    America is truly one of the few countries in the world where our sheer, outright success (obese poor people!) has resulted in the bizarre self-hatred of the left. Hard to figure..

    I love how “segregation” is one reason why America NEVER had a great past. Wonder if he will elaborate who was responsible for that?..

    My favorite comment:
    “Nearly every negative socioeconomic trend in the U.S. can be traced back to Reagan’s election. It’s kind of astonishing how much havoc that man has wreaked.”

    Jesus, people?

    1. Stupid is as stupid does

    2. But I thought global warming started in 1978? Or maybe he’s counting Reagan’s stint as California’s governor.

      1. It started 10000 BC.

    3. Nearly every negative socioeconomic trend in the U.S. can be traced back to Reagan’s election. It’s kind of astonishing how much havoc that man has wreaked.

      I was born in 1984, so I don’t remember it personally, but I have heard that the economy the the Carter Administration was AWESOME. 0% unemployment, everyone made $15/hr living wage! Free health care! Unions for all! HUZZAH!

    4. “Nearly every negative socioeconomic trend in the U.S. can be traced back to Reagan’s election. It’s kind of astonishing how much havoc that man has wreaked.”

      Someone clearly doesn’t understand the basic fact of social evolution, since logically speaking every positive socioeconomic trend can be traced back to that as well.

    1. You know what other organization resembled I.S.I.S?…

        1. Ha ha. I wonder if they’re regretting that choice of acronym?

          1. “NO! NO! We’re the OTHER ISIS!”

          2. “Why should we have to change? They’re the ones that suck!”

  9. Bay City Rollers announce reunion

    Former 70s boy band Bay City Rollers have announced a reunion, nearly 30 years after splitting up.

    During their heyday, the Scottish group sold 120 million records and had a huge teenage fanbase.

    Famed for their tartan outfits, the band had several line-ups over the years.

    The reunion features three of the “classic five” – Les McKeown, Alan Longmuir and Stuart Wood – who had hits such as Bye Bye Baby and Shang-a-Lang.

    1. And you know what Hell is, folks? It’s Andy Gibb singing “Shadow Dancing” for eons and eons. And you have to wear orange plaid bellbottoms and sit next to the Bay City Rollers.

    2. Saturday’s just weren’t the same without them.

      1. I actually just heard a remake of that somewhere? Like within the last month.

    3. My sister had their album. I have no idea where it is. I keep looking for it.

      1. It’s time to let go, Rufus…

        1. I know.

          /slowly lowers head.

    4. Well it’s been a tough few years for the boys. According to Popbitch:

      * Drummer Derek Longmuir (Alan’s brother) was done for child porn.
      * Flautist Billy Lyall died from AIDS.
      * Manager Tam Paton served jail time for gross indecency with teenage boys.
      * Lead singer Les McKeown killed someone owing to reckless driving; arrested (but acquitted) of cocaine dealing; and only managed to come in 5th in the UK heats for Eurovision 1990.

      1. Has to be because of climate change.

      2. Flautist Billy Lyall

        You cannot imagine my crushing disappointment when I googled and learned that that’s just Limey for flutist. I was really hoping the word came from flatus.

        1. +1 Fartophone

        2. He plays the Flemish Fart Flute!

      3. Lead singer Les McKeown killed someone owing to reckless driving

        Should have gotten a sex change. He’d be a hero now.

    5. I’ve got a ticket for the Bay City Rollers, and everything will be out of sight. . .

      1. You’re carrying it in your anus?

  10. Hillary Clinton trails Sanders in New Hampshire, even without Joe Biden in the race

    Sanders has the backing of nearly half of those who say they plan to vote in the first-in-the-nation Democratic primary next year — 46% support him — while just 30% say they back Clinton. Another 14% say they would support Biden, 2% former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, 1% former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb, and less than half of 1% back former Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee or Harvard professor Lawrence Lessig.

    Clinton trails Sanders across most demographic groups, with broad gender and ideology divides bolstering Sanders’ run. He holds 56% of male Democratic voters compared with just 20% who back her, while the two are much closer among women, 39% back Sanders, 37% Clinton. Likewise, Sanders holds a 56% to 30% lead among liberals, versus a 37% to 31% race among moderates.

    1. Well, I guess we are going to see how many American still dislike Socialism in a national election.

    2. Meh, I think Biden would destroy him in a two-way primary.

    3. Ah, the “Live Free Stuff or Die” State.

      1. Put Bernie’s face over the “Live” part of that motto.

      2. “Love Free Stuff of Die” seems more appropriate

      3. They’re only talking about Democrats in NH. Taking the party-affiliated together with independents, Republicans still hold a plurality in the population. But yes, NH Democrats have become absolutely batshit insane in the past decade. Kuster? Hassan? Porter? Fuck you!

        I blame immigration from VT and MA.

        1. Everyone wants to move to NH because it’s nicer, then vote for all of the policies that made their home states so shitty.

          This has been happening for a long time, but the Democrats really have lost it lately.
          Have you ever seen a book called North of Monadnock by Newt Tolman? It’s an amusing read about rural NH life, and he writes about the same phenomenon of people moving to NH for a rustic, rural life, but then demanding all of the government services they are used to, but from the perspective of 40 years ago.

          1. Have you ever seen a book called North of Monadnock by Newt Tolman?

            No, but I’m going to check it out!

      4. I blame all the Masshole transplants. And it doesn’t help that all of the candidates are terrible.

        1. If Ayotte wasn’t so blood-thirsty, she would be tolerable.

  11. Marines Trained That Rape in Afghanistan Is a ‘Cultural’ Issue

    The Daily Beast obtained a copy of the script for the training session, which includes a set of PowerPoint slides and instructions about what those leading the session are supposed to say on sexual abuse in other countries.

    The training guide supports allegations by Marines and Army soldiers in recent days that they’ve been told not to intervene to prevent sexual assault in Afghanistan, including the rape and sexual enslavement of children on U.S. bases. Senior military officials, including the general in charge of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, have been forced to respond to what critics say is a policy of remaining silent in the face of crimes committed by Afghan officials trained and supported by the U.S., crimes that would send American service members to prison.

    1. I had no idea the USMC is such a progressive institution.

    2. I’m very disappointed that this took so long to break into public view.

      This would be an excellent topic for Congressional hearings, with subpoenas and shit. But, $20 says we get hearings on concussions in football and the Proper Naming of Sports Teams instead.

      1. Same thing came to light in Iraq and…. nothing else happened.

    3. But, but, but Obama was for peace and shit. There isn’t anyone dying in Afghanistan anymore since that warmonger Bush left. Right?
      Oh you mean more Americans have died in Aghanistan under Obama than died in Iraq??

      Seriously, we gave it a good effort to try to civilize those goat fuckers. Now let’s leave them to rape each other.

    4. I am interested in a newsletter by Afghan student/rapists about their cultural integration at American Liberal Arts Institutions.

      Warty- Can I get a referral?

  12. “he might be dropping in thge polls.”

    Are those like push polls?

    1. *narrows gthpze*

    2. Those polls are TERRIBLE. NOBODY likes them. The have ZERO chance of being right.

  13. Facebook ‘unfriending’ can constitute workplace bullying, Australian tribunal finds

    The incident occurred after Ms Roberts, a property agent, complained to the agency principal that her properties were not being adequately displayed in the store window.

    Mrs Bird, the wife of the principal, then accused Ms Roberts of being a “naughty little school girl running to the teacher.”

    Ms Roberts left the office crying and then checked to see if Mrs Bird had commented on the incident on Facebook friend, only to discover that Mrs Bird had instead unfriended her.

    1. So refusing to let someone into your personal life is workplace bullying even if you don’t actually work with them?

      1. Ah whoops, thought the woman was just the wife of the principal. Turns out she works there too. Still, you shouldn’t be required to allow coworkers to gather blackmail material on you. Facebook is a gold mine for pulling up info that makes someone look bad.

      2. That description is unclear. Ms Bird wasn’t just the boss’s wife; she worked there too. There was more to it than the unfriending – refusing to talk to her, and generally being a bitch.

        1. As I have said many times “If the workplace wasn’t hostile, we wouldn’t have to pay people to come here every day.”

  14. IRS agent accused of sexual battery appears in court

    This began as a legitimate audit of the Stop and Shop in Fairview by the IRS. Garza was assigned to the case by a supervisor.

    The victim said Garza choked and sexually assaulted her. She claimed he told her if she cooperated, the audit would go smoother.

    The victim testified Garza asked her to wear a dress and nice shoes the next time he returned. She contacted Williamson County Sheriff’s Office and detectives set up cameras and a wire.

    Detectives said once caught, Garza admitted guilt and signed a written statement.

    1. These are the folks Tony finds superior to the rest of us…

      1. She was being uncharitable. Garza taught her humility and deference to her fellow man.

        1. “Hump or die!….it’s good to be the King!”

          1. Humperdink?

          2. Hump or death. Hump, death, hump, death, you’re running out of time…

      2. There is no higher calling than working for the government.

    2. Even local enforcer class have a certain disdain for your agents of monetary collection.

      I am amused.

    3. I guess no one explained to him that raping the taxpayer was a metaphor.

    4. If an audit is inevitable, sit back and enjoy it.

      1. Close your eyes and think of England the American administrative state.

        1. Mmmmm MMmmmm MMMMMmmmmmm!

  15. Police: Woman disrupted pig chase at Ephrata Fair

    A Lancaster woman is facing charges for disrupting an event at the Ephrata Fair.

    Kelly A. Lehman, 29, jumped a fence and disrupted the pig chase Tuesday night, borough police said.

    Lehman was protesting the pig chase before it began, and police said she was warned not to interfere with the event.

    She was arrested and removed from the fair. Police said she will be charged with disorderly conduct.

      1. Talk about the tables turning: woman interrupts pig chase, gets chased by pigs?

    1. “Woman” disrupted pig chase at Ephrata Fair

      Fixed the headline for them.

        /Chip Chipperson

    2. I have always wondered what Olive Oyl has been up to these days (see pic in the link)

      1. That’s… quite a masculine chin on her.

    3. “Lookin’ for love in all the wrong places…”

  16. Syrian war spurs first withdrawal from doomsday Arctic seed vault

    Syria’s civil war has prompted the first withdrawal of seeds from a “doomsday” vault built in an Arctic mountainside to safeguard global food supplies, officials said on Monday.

    The seeds, including samples of wheat, barley and grasses suited to dry regions, have been requested by researchers elsewhere in the Middle East to replace seeds in a gene bank near the Syrian city of Aleppo that has been damaged by the war.

    “Protecting the world’s biodiversity in this manner is precisely the purpose of the Svalbard Global Seed Vault,” said Brian Lainoff, a spokesman for the Crop Trust, which runs the underground storage on a Norwegian island 1,300 km (800 miles) from the North Pole.

    1. You would think they might move that particular gene bank.

      1. Or at least wait until the war is over to restock.

    2. – You, Ghitan of Aleppo.

      – Sherif?

      – Where do we ride?

      – Damascus, sherif.

      – Aye, but for what?

      – Sherif, for seeds.

      1. But does Sherif like it?

        1. *narrows gaze, strums guitar*

    3. Interestingly, I heard this mentioned on Elementary.

  17. Pope backs nuns protesting ObamaCare’s birth control mandate

    Pope Francis on his historic visit to the U.S. made a “brief but symbolic” visit to a convent of nuns that has led the legal fight against ObamaCare’s birth control mandate, according to a Vatican spokesman.

    “This is a sign, obviously, of support for them,” Father Federico Lombardi told reporters Wednesday night.

    The pope’s support for Little Sisters of the Poor marks a major split from the Obama administration, which has for years fought off legal challenges to its signature healthcare law. Its birth control mandate has been one of the most divisive, and a challenge from Little Sisters of the Poor could land in the Supreme Court.

    1. Good on him, as the leader of his organization supporting the people lower down is part of his job.

    2. Meh. This is only because he vehemently opposes effective Birth Control. The Pope has no problem making people pay the medical bills of others at the point of a gun.

      1. The most effective birth control is to not have sexual intercourse. I would guess he supports that.

        1. Did you forget that he recently came out and excoriated his followers for not having enough sex and producing enough children? The Catholic church doesn’t want married couples to practice abstinence because then there’s no chance of them producing a bunch more baby Catholics. Non-married people aren’t allowed to have sex, but if they do then they better not use any birth control or their sin is compounded.

  18. Larry Wilmore demolishes Ayn Rand capitalism: “The more we leave things to unfettered markets, the more we have to clean up their sh*t”

    Thursday evening’s “Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore” took a lead from Pope Francis’s comment that unbridled capitalism is the “dung of the devil,” and pointed out this weeks three worst examples of satanic dung capitalism.

    First, the story of Martin Shkreli, the pharmaceutical guy who price-gouged the lifesaving anti-parasite medication Daraprim from $13.50 a pill to $750. He said he needed to turn a profit because people only needed one hundred pills to cure themselves, so for around $1,000 they could live. “Did he just admit to extorting people to save their lives?” Wilmore asked. “I mean yes, people will pay more than a thousand dollars to save their lives, douchebag. I’ll pay more than a thousand dollars to punch you in the face!”

    The second example of the Beelzebowels was the peanut butter CEO who continued to sell his product even after he found out it was laced with poison.

    His final example of crappy capitalism was the new that car manufacturer Volkswagen retrofitted 11 million diesel vehicles worldwide with software to help them avoid detection of high carbon emissions.

    1. Scary part?

      It will work to pull people to his side.

    2. 1) The FDA created that scarcity
      2) Regulations sure didn’t help there (and there’s no shortage of them)
      3) Perverse incentives create perverse outcomes

    3. That final example doesn’t even make sense – VW made a product that people wanted for a price they wanted then fiddled around so that it could be sold without the anti-market forces killing it. And this is supposed to be a condemnation of capitalism?

    4. Drugs, food, and cars. Much unfettered.

      1. Quiet, stupid woman. Did you not see the DEMOLISHES? He DEMOLISHED capitalism. Oh no he di-int. *gif from Clueless* *sassy kitten gif* *baby dancing gif*

        1. Detroyed, owned, PWN’D. It was an epic takedown.

          1. *big fat woman displaying sass gif*

            1. Warty, would you actually include links to these gifs?! I really want to see them and it would enhance my whole day!

        2. It’s yet another moronically bombastic clickbait title so that people can share it to be circlejerked over on social media. Put “John Stewart demolishes” into Google and the very first result I get is, shocker, Salon, with various Gawker tripe and fucking Alternet right after.

      2. Nikki, can I have Warty when you’re done with him? He’d come to love his new box, I’m sure.

        1. That breed can turn on you.

          1. Oh, I’m an experienced handler.

            1. Jesse has dibs. Better fight it out with him.

              1. I’m sure we’ll be able to work something out. I think he’ll appreciate you being made a bit more…accessible.

              2. Okay Warty. It’s up to you now. Ready to achieve your potential?

            2. You’re an experienced Warty Wrangler?

              I doff my cap to you in breathless admiration.

              ( I misread SF’s comment as “turn you on” rather than “turn on you“, which initially triggered a massive gag reflex)

              1. Ha! Yeah, turn you on wouldn’t work for me. But based on what I’ve read here, Warty is in great shape, has a dungeon, so he’ll be familiar with some of my equipment and techniques, (although I am an engineer, so I like to think I’ve made some improvements over the traditional methods.), so I think he’ll be a quick learner.

                And the improvement in his value! I think I can double his value on the open market within six to eight months, as he won’t have to go through the entire Academy, I would just consider it a “finishing school”.

                So, what do you think Jesse? I don’t train ponies anymore, (the amount of tack required got to be ridiculous!), but I could throw in a specialty if you have a preference.

                1. It’s weird getting name-checked in the AM Links. I’m pretty fine with whatever. I was just going to Cosby him anyway.

                  Let me know when he’s ready for pickup.

                  1. Oh I supply the training crate and everything to get him home. No worries.

                    1. Well, in for a penny, in for a pound, I guess.

                    2. Aww, don’t sound so unsure! You’ll come to love your new life. I promise.

                    3. Sounds good to me. Just make sure he keeps up on leg day during training. I dislike chicken legs.

                    4. Absolutely! Producing sub optimal stock could ruin a girl’s reputation as a reputable dom.

        2. this is one of the scariest things I’ve ever read on H&R

          1. I have a problem with you, LH. I can’t read anything you submit without hearing your Kjell Nielson voice.

            The resulting laughter wakes all my coworkers from their blissful, bureaucratic slumbers.

    5. “I mean yes, people will pay more than a thousand dollars to save their lives, douchebag. I’ll pay more than a thousand dollars to punch you in the face!”

      All I get from this is Wilmore is: not too bright, a coward and an asshole.

    6. The second example of the Beelzebowels was the peanut butter CEO who continued to sell his product even after he found out it was laced with poison.

      And even without the FDA, under the principles of capitalism, libertarianism, or common law (take your pick), this CEO would have been sued into bankruptcy and probably jailed.

      1. That CEO would have gone to jail in the Randyist Randroid world imaginable. He poisoned people without their knowledge. Literally no one thinks you should be able to get away with that.

        1. “Literally no one thinks you should be able to get away with that.”

          Clearly, you never stood trial at Nuremburg….

    7. Larry Wilmore somehow manages to take all the worst of parts of Jon Stewart (smug, self-righteous) without having the redeeming quality of being, you know, actually funny.

      1. You should watch his video after Pamela Geller was almost shot to death. He basically blamed Geller entirely, didn’t even seem to care that she was actually the victim of an attempted murder, and actually blamed her for the security guard who got shot in the foot.

        Got that? If you have a totally peaceful meeting and know you might be attacked, it’s your fault if the people you know might attack you shoot a security guard. Wilmore has spoken.

        1. Ugh.

          Pretty much the first time I ever watched him he was on some garbage rant heavily mischaracterizing Citizen’s United and “OMG Kochtopus!” so I’ve been paying zero attention since then.

        2. If you have a totally peaceful meeting and know you might be attacked, it’s your fault

          Then we should ban Gay Pride parades because they might provoke a SoCon to commit violence. And if an extremist did attack a Gay Pride parade, then it’s pretty much on them, right? Why are Progressives incapable of applying the standards they impose on us onto themselves?

          1. To ask the question is to know the answer.

        3. C’mon Irish, you know that’s not the conclusion. You know what Wilmore is really saying: Muslims can’t be responsible for their actions. If you provoke them, it’s like provoking a bear, and it’s your own fault for thinking they won’t try to kill you.

      2. Entirely unearned smug self-righteousness. Stewart at least knew how to punch down.

      3. He’s a funny actor and writer, but seems totally wrong for the Stewart/Colbert kind of show. Or maybe it’s that he and his team think the key is to be political and “informative,” rather than making fun of what’s going on in the world.

    8. Re: The first one – If that drug is from the 1950’s, shouldn’t any other company be able to make a generic version and sell it for, I don’t know, $20 a pill?

        1. Yes, Vox will always answer all your questions in good faith and accurately.

    9. I wasn’t aware what a nasty person Larry Wilmore is. I mean, from that face alone there was no way I was ever going to watch the show but wow.

    10. Skreli does seem like a big asshole, but it is exactly the fettering of the markets that allows him to do that.

    11. I take it there was no mention of the EPA spill turning that river orange, or that prison torturing and watching that guy die, or the OPM losing millions of people’s fingerprints to hackers.

      No, the government does not make mistakes or allow bad things to happen, unlike that damn market.

  19. Rapper Puff Daddy says there’s no such thing as a “child prostitute.”

    Donald Trump is slumping, on to the next important story!

    1. I wonder if anyone will be pissed at him for ruining the narrative that all prostitution is involuntary sex trafficking?

  20. GOP thumbs its nose at Pope Francis immediately after congressional speech with attack on climate science
    The pontiff’s exhortations to solve climate change haven’t prompted Republicans to rethink their denialism

    National Journal’s Ben Geman first flagged a tucked away provision in the so-called Rapid Act, a bill ostensibly meant to streamline the regulatory process, that explicitly bars considering the cost of carbon emissions when making environmental decisions.

    The House was slated to begin the legislation just hours after Pope Francis, who has called on global leaders to tackle climate change, addressed a joint session of Congress.

    On page 27 of a 32 page bill, the Rapid Act prohibits the consideration of the “so?cial cost of car?bon” during any environmental review by a federal agency.

    1. the Rapid Act prohibits the consideration of the “so?cial cost of car?bon” during any environmental review by a federal agency.

      Well, the consitution does forbid the establishment of religion by the government. Enshrining Warmist articles of faith into law would be no different from establishing them as the state religeon.

    2. “Democrats thumb their noses at Pope Francis immediately before congressional speech by voting to continue funding abortion facilities.”

      Or maybe in a secular society we could just not give a shit what the Pope says and ignore his opinions because he is totally irrelevant and has no actual power or experience that should cause us to care what his opinions are.

      1. Well, I think, in fact, we don’t.

        The media is just pretending we do for a week or so.

        1. I just love fucking Salon telling us we should obey some dumbass religious leader as if he has any authority in this country when in all other instances they criticize religion.

          1. But he says so many nice things about causes we believe in! I. Love. This. Pope!

            /facebook derp

          2. He said something they agree with. So, we should listen to themhim.

      2. How many SJWs does the Pope have?

        1. A division of them?


          1. I believe they are counted by flocks.

            1. A “shrill” of SJWs.

          2. I think it’s a trick question. Is this measured in congregations or constituents?

  21. He asked to meet with President Obama on the sidelines to discuss Syria and Ukraine.

    Sideline interviews are always so awkward.

    1. Yeah, see my first post.

  22. Republican leaders in Congress say they’re working to prevent a government shutdown.

    Can’t wait to be reminded by the Left how much Republicans hate government over the next year.

  23. Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton now trails Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire in polls that do and do not include Joe Biden

    With or without you! With or with-out you oh-ohhh! I can’t win… with or without you!

    1. *narrows gaze, puts on Bono style shades over said narrowed gaze*

  24. Schools in Singapore were closed today due to haze.

    Excuse me, while I kiss this guy.

    1. While I puke and die.

  25. Little girl spontaneously gives Pope Francis a letter and by spontaneously I mean she did this in a staged, planned stunt that took months of planning from an LA based immigration organization.

    You know, when you see things like this, you begin to see why there are suspicions about Ahmed Mohammad’s story being a purposeful hoax by his activist dad. Activists seem to lie and manipulate to get what they want with absolutely no conscience, and I can definitely imagine a father using his son as a political pawn.

    1. Enough of your anti-fatherist microaggressions!

    2. Irish, can you for once just go with the narrative?

      1. What’s funny is that I saw people on Twitter calling this immediately, but of course the media ate it up.

        “Oh, immigration is currently a hot button issue? This little illegal immigrant girl just happened to somehow get right next to Pope Francis and give him a cute letter about immigration reform! That sure is a weirdly coincidental occurrence!”

        1. I read about the Pope letter and my immediate reaction was eye-rolling. But let’s be honest, clock-trutherism has more to do with Spencer’s past history with Ahmed’s dad than anything of real substance. And I say this as someone who remembers when Hugh Fitzgerald wrote for Jihad Watch.

          1. Most of the evidence brought up by clock truthers comes from non-Spencer sources though. I don’t think Spencer’s been the leader of this.

            1. Don’t get me wrong, I am glad that Ahmed’s story met with a healthy skepticism from some wings of the media. (Though the authorities’ story should also be met with the same skepticism.) And I do realize that clock-trutherism didn’t originate from Spencer, but as a regular reader of his blog, I have to admit that he picked up that ball and ran with it like the Gipper. I haven’t seen him this cranky since his feud with Cathy Young.

    3. Yeah, there’s been a lot of that going around recently. I got linked to this a while ago:…

      Two Nine-Year-Olds’ Magnificent Open Letter to Disney About Racial and Gender Stereotypes

      Dexter and Sybilla go to The Cathedral School of St. John the Divine in Harlem ? one of those New York City schools proactive about teaching kids about white privilege and its consequences ? and their teacher, Ms. Elena Jaime, had instilled in them a deep concern with social justice around identity. But beyond that foundation, out of which their disappointment with Disney sprang, there was no adult hand in the letter ? the kids dreamt it up, drafted it, revised it, and mailed it all by themselves.

      Go ahead and read it and tell me just how likely it is that that vigorous proclamation of it being entirely the work of the kids is true.

      It’s so transparently bullshit that only an utter idiot would think for the slightest moment that it could be the case… but, hey, I can’t fault them for knowing their audience.

      1. Why to ruin a kids childhood with indoctrination into your cult. They will be forever ruined as human beings if they are unable to deprogram themselves before they become adults .

      2. But beyond that foundation, out of which their disappointment with Disney sprang, there was no adult hand in the letter ? the kids dreamt it up, drafted it, revised it, and mailed it all by themselves.

        Oh fuck off. Like nine year-olds can deeply understand “social justice around identity.” All they would do is parrot back what their teacher said was right or wrong.

    4. I didn’t buy the “innocent 14-year-old builds a clock” narrative for a second, because unless the kid is mentally challenged there is no way he could not have expected the shitstorm it caused.

      And may I just say that using an actually innocent 5-year-old child for your propaganda ploy is really sickening. She’s lucky she didn’t wind up pumped full of bullets.

      1. Whenever I see footage like that, it reminds me of this scene from Guns of Navarone.

      2. Richard Dawkins linked to somebody pointing out that the clock was not “invented” as per the claim but was merely a commercial alarm clock stripped from its housing.

        Unfortunately he got assailed for his skepticism towards the almighty narrative and backpedaled so as to not endanger his future cocktail party invitations.

  26. NYT reporting Boehner resigning next month

      1. more detail at RedState:…..resigning/

        In the past few months, conservatives have had more and more substantive talks with House Majority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) who, though he hasn’t blessed a coup, has largely turned a blind eye. Increasingly, Boehner alienated the hawks, the fiscal conservatives, and the social conservatives over not just his deals, but his failures of leadership.

        Conservatives determined they could no longer do business with Boehner and Congressman Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) dropped a Motion to Vacate the Chair. Prior to the August recess it looked like Boehner could survive it. But plotting over the recess made it clear it was less and less likely that Boehner had the votes.

        A clear warning sign was a few weeks ago when his friend and loyal ally, Rep. Lynn Westmoreland (R-GA) of Georgia, signaled that he thought Boehner was at the end of the line.

        1. This should have happened after the 06 midterms.

        2. *a single orange tear runs down, Iron Eyes Cody-style*

          1. Oh, who am I kidding?


        3. 90% of me is happy Boner is on the way out.

          The other 10% of me is still rejoicing he is on the way out, just will miss referring to that useless fuckhead as a useless fuckhead.

          1. It’s the GOP. They hold so many seats. There’s a huge backbench of useless fuckheads from whom to draw.

    1. !!!

    2. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. I’d break out the champagne if his replacement as Speaker were Justin Amash, Dave Schweikert, or Tim Huelskamp. That said, I’d certainly be delighted to see Raul Labrador take the gavel.

    1. A Danish man was arrested in his Bloemfontein, South Africa home after his estranged wife tipped police with this grisly fact: he had 21 pieces of female genitalia stored in his freezer.

      The man, who owns gun shops in South Africa and neighboring Lesotho, is blaming her … despite the fact that one of the specimens is hers.

      This case doesn’t appear to be of the Ed Gein, hoarding-body-parts-for-the- sake-of-hoarding-body-parts variety, though it is not yet known if all of the women were alive or acting of their own volition when they were relieved of their genitalia. The man, identified as 63-year-old Peter Frederiksen, is suspected of performing off-the-books female circumcisions and keeping the excised tissue as “trophies.”

      1. “Off-the-books female circumcision?”

        Is on the books female circumcision common in South Africa?

      2. Jesus, Sweet’n’Low. I didn’t realize you were collaborating with Eli Roth these days.

      3. To be fair, many European men were relieved of their genitalia years ago.

      4. The man, who owns gun shops in South Africa and neighboring Lesotho, is blaming her … despite the fact that one of the specimens is hers.

        Well whose fault was it that she had genitalia to be circumcised?

      5. No wonder he’s a psycho. The guns warped his mind.

      6. This is it what happens when you come from a welfare state that offers one type of toy.

      7. This case doesn’t appear to be of the Ed Gein, hoarding-body-parts-for-the- sake-of-hoarding-body-parts variety

        Is that so?

        Police also found photographs of mutilated genitalia as well as a collection child pornography images.

        1. hoarding-body-parts-for-the- sake-of-hoarding-body-parts

          This isn’t even accurate. Gein didn’t collect them for no reason. He kept a small bowl of salted vulvas by his bed for late night snacking.

    2. That’s what you get when you don’t have common-sense gun control!!!


    1. Under the same logic applied to abortion clinic closures, this is denying people of their Constitutional rights….

  27. Breaking news: John Boehner is leaving Congress at the end of October. I’m sure he will cry, go lay down in the tanning bed for a half hour, then have a good long smoke. See ya, Johnny Boy.

    1. Well hell, I’m late of course. See Slammer’s post above

  28. WASHINGTON ? Speaker John A. Boehner will resign from Congress and give up his House seat at the end of October, according to aides in his office.…..mid=tw-bna

    1. You know I heard…

    2. Finally, a good reason to have orange links.

    3. I want to believe it, but the source is the New York Times. That rag is full of fail.

    4. Is Lou Reed available for comment?

    5. Well, that’s why he’s resigning. He has AIDS!

  29. New Yorker: Why aren’t we inspired by Hillary Clinton.

    There are myriad reasons, and Clinton, of course, is not remotely as inspiring a speaker or campaigner as Obama. But another obvious explanation is the persistent problem of gender bias in American culture. Perhaps the sexism?in both overtly hostile and less visible but still insidious ways?has helped stoke the fires of animosity towards Clinton while, at the same time, creating an almost impossible standard for her. Unlike her male opponents, Clinton has to be far more careful and measured in what she says and does. To be free from a strict choreography of words and actions is a form of male privilege that Hillary Clinton cannot access.

    Or maybe she just fucking sucks.

    1. I was going to suggest it’s that she’s a corrupt liar whose tenure in the Senate was negligible and tenure at State was an utter disaster, and who used her position of power to destroy her political enemies and enrich her self.

      But then I realized that, yeah, it’s because she’s a woman and voters are SEXIST!!!!

    2. Interesting. I thought I disliked her because she’s a lying, incompetent crook. It turns out I’m sexist.

      Everything is Sexist!

    3. I really want Fiona to win so I can watch the democrats implode. I think it would break a lot of progs to find out that people disliked Hillary because of who she was not because she’s a woman.

      1. If Fiorina ran against Hillary it would be a slaughter. I think the Republicans would win every swing state. Fiorina doesn’t make the dumbass errors people like Carson make, she’s a great debater, and she trumps Hillary’s “FIRST FEMALE PRESIDENT” card.

        I actually saw polls that had Hillary losing to basically every viable Republican other than Donald Trump in the general election while Bernie Sanders polled much better with a general electorate.

        In other words, the two worst candidates when it comes to winning a general election are Hillary and Trump, so of course they’re the ones leading the primaries.

        1. This has been the greatest political cycle I’ve ever seen, and we aren’t even through our first primary yet.

        2. Hill’s been in a slow motion train wreck all month. I won’t completely write her off because ‘Clinton’, but even if she doesn’t get prosecuted, the party faithful are starting to call her untrustworthy and corrupt. The young vote is nearly all Bernie.

          Trump is still to early to tell. He’s got all the potential for early flash in the pan candidate. If his harsh nature rubs off on the other guys running he’s going to begin to lose his appeal.

        3. In other words, the two worst candidates when it comes to winning a general election are Hillary and Trump, so of course they’re the ones leading the primaries

          Hillary has the backing of her party’s power elite and Trump doesn’t, and that makes a huge difference. Bernie, at this point, is basically Howard Dean; he’s there to pull Hillary left. If he was really in it to win it, I don’t think he’d be soft-pedaling on her like he’s done so far.

      2. What makes you think the typical prog is capable of realizing that? More likely, they’d just attack Fiorina as a gender traitor, using the most misogynistic language possible.

        1. Fiorina is not really a woman. /progderp

        2. Oh they will absolutely attack Fiorina as a gender traitor. They’ve already begun that, but Hill losing to another woman would have to fuck with their heads no matter how deep they are buried in the sand.

      3. Fiorina doesn’t have the money or the campaign apparatus to compete in the primary. It’s going to be Rubio or Trump.

        1. My dream scenario is Trump winning the primary in total votes only to have the delegates pick Jeb at the convention. That would be the most Republican thing to ever Republican.

          1. “Winning in total votes” = progtards don’t understand how representative democracy works under the U.S. Constitution

        2. She’s already moved from a second tier candidate to a first tier on performance alone. Her ability to handle Trump in the debates is going to make her very popular with party officials that can’t stand the man. Plus, republicans like being seen as progressive just as much as democrats do. It gives the repubs the warm and fuzzies to run a woman.

          1. Money is the most important thing in a political campaign and she doesn’t have it.

            1. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor approves of this statement.

            2. She doesn’t have it yet. She’s in a great position to suck up the big donors as people drop out of the primaries.

        3. The more ‘Narco’ Rubio talks the more people will realize he’s an imbecile. I used to have a positive opinion of him–not any more.

      4. Even if they understood that about themselves, they would never realize it applies to other people as well. We talking about people that are a wee bit short on wisdom and perspective.

        1. I guess. I just really want some of the moderate cases to wake up. It seems like right now once you’ve disappeared down that hole, you never come back.

    4. Funny that the same disability did not hurt Margaret Thatcher, who is still quoted today and whose speeches get plenty of views on Youtube.

  30. Yesterday, a guy called Thom Hartmann’s show to complain about taxes being used to pay for the Pope’s visit because church-state separation, etc. Hartmann just rolled his eyes and said it costs less than a penny to each taxpayer. That’s most likely true, but that isn’t the issue. That 10 Commandments monument didn’t cost anything to the tax payers but the left still went nuts about it.

    Hartmann and the other progs like the pope because he makes the right noises on climate change and economics.

    1. Paying taxes for security at these events is part of the states job. People have the right to congregate, even if their reasons are religious in nature. If the state is going to require that congregation over X amount require security then it is up the state to pay for its requirements, not the people exercising their rights.

      1. Paying taxes for security at these events is part of the states job.

        The state routinely charges private parties for providing security, you know.

    2. Ahmed should rush up to the Pope unannounced and give him his clock.

    3. I think the government is receiving the Pope as the head of state of the Vatican City.

  31. Has anyone heard about John Boehner? He’s stepping down in October!!!

    1. Congress is like the Cleveland Browns

      1. Because orange?

      2. They do that douchey Johnny Manziel touchdown dance after passing a bill?

  32. US immigration law is fair and wise

    Upon arrival at the Philadelphia airport, she admitted to government agents that she might occasionally babysit for her cousin in Vermilion or her cousin’s co-workers at Oberlin College. That was enough, apparently, for them to determine that she should be traveling with a visa for childcare workers, not tourists. (That and the fact that she was headed to Cleveland. “Who vacations in Cleveland?” one of the agents asked Schneider.)

    1. Cedar Point is pretty cool. R&R Hall of Fame is nice way to kill about 3 hours. Then there are the skankiest ho’s that ever came from skankville hanging around the casino.

      1. skankiest ho’s that ever came from skankville

        go on…

    2. “Who vacations in Cleveland?”

      That is what I said!

      /Joakim Noah

  33. I have a racist question that may have appeared previously and I just don’t recall the “discussion”.

    Is Africa proof that blacks are resistant to civilization? I say resistant because I know a good number who are not “gun toting thugs”.

    1. Define civilization.

      1. Something other than widespread poverty, starvation, and dirt huts.

        My suspicion is that warlords terrorizing the populace is the real problem, but you just don’t see that much outside of Africa.

        1. You used to see that kind of thing in other parts of the world. Unlike Africa there were no outside forces subsidizing the continued survival of the people. Eventually the warlords had nothing more to plunder and had to move on, reform, or be overthrown. Things will eventually get better, but it’s just going to last a lot more generations than it had to.

        2. My suspicion is that warlords terrorizing the populace is the real problem, but you just don’t see that much outside of Africa.


          1. Chechnya probably qualifies and probably the Wa State of Burma

            1. I’d expand that to pretty much all of Burma.

          2. I did say ‘much’. I acknowledge that it can happen elsewhere, especially Burma.

    2. The empires of Mali, Songhai, Ghana, Benin, Kongo, Abyssinia, and Great Zimbabwe would like to have words with you.

      1. Perhaps allergic to “Western” civilization?

        1. The Kingdom of Kongo did pretty well for a while even after adopting Portuguese as its official language and Catholicism as its state religion.

      2. I was going to say that many of denizens of Mali were scholars, physicians, and wealth gold merchants living in cities with functioning aqueducts when many Europeans were rolling around in pig shit and living in mud hovels. So much so that in medieval Europe Timbuktu became synonymous with gold.

        Of course, the empires of that region could only last so long against the depredations of almost 600 years of jihad imitated against them by the Moroccan Almoravids, Almohads, etc. A cautionary tale, no?

        1. So mainly because of the proximity to the Middle Eastern shitshow?

          1. Indeed. Smack dab on the southern bloody-border of early and middle-period Islam. While Mali and Songhai did convert (and a fat load of good it did them in the end!) Similarly, Ghana while one of the most technologically and militarily advanced countries in the region during that time, had to devote almost all of its energy in defending her southern border from the converted Malians and Mansa trying to get their jihad on. This is still reflected in Ghana’s demographics with are like 70 percent Christian, and 20 percent Muslim (I’m guessing the remainder are Animist?), with those Muslims occupying the southern region of the country.

            1. Do me a sold and cross out “while”.

            2. Makes sense, thanks.

              I guess that raises the question of why is that region so prone to instability? Is it just the sheer number of religious factions that absolutely cannot coexist? Are there more Islamic factions than there are Christian?

              1. Well, I do think that is part of the answer. For the past 1000 years that region pretty much lies in the center of the line that divides Muslim Africa from Christian Africa. That having been said, Ghana is one of the few success stories of Africa: an economy that doesn’t suck, 20 plus years of political stability under a multi-party presidential republic, relatively low rates of violent crime and corruption, etc.

        2. Some guys recently adjusted Mansa Musa I’s net worth for inflation since his death in 1337, and he’s still the richest person who has ever lived.

          1. And that’s after his predecessor Abubakari II spent the entire Malian treasury on an enormous fleet of ships, abdicated the throne, and sailed off into the Atlantic in search of new lands on the other side, never to be heard from again.

  34. The other day on the radio, I heard that a coup by Sovereign Citizens to seize power in WV had been foiled. The coup plotters had been using conference calls and social media to organize.

    Here is the transcript of the call. Authentic Frontier Gibberish.

    1. What I am going to tell you is happening on an international level. The entire world is under a threat of conquest right now ? so there are no rules, there are no laws. Everyone is vying for territory and control of custody of the Cestui que Vie Accounts. accounts. That is why you see refugees going to other places. They are being transferred to other territories. This is what’s happening. When the Pope leaves the UN it’s done. After that you will have a very hard time getting your country back.

      So we are on a very limited time-span here. Documents are being drawn for the entire nation. The soil needs to be maintained and controlled. That is the only way to do it ? through the Doctrine of Conquest. It can be done on paper, but if they can test us on the soil you have to be able to maintain it. I think that is why a lot of you are here right now ? is so we can control the soil of this country ? and that is every state.

      I didn’t know Eric Dondero was a sovereign citizen.

      1. We need this guy on HNR. Somebody has to sub for Pirate Truther.

      2. So… we must preserve our precious soil?

        Did someone watch Dr. Strangelove while reading the Lord of the Rings?

    2. What I am going to tell you is happening on an international level. The entire world is under a threat of conquest right now ? so there are no rules, there are no laws. Everyone is vying for territory and control of custody of the Cestui que Vie Accounts. accounts. That is why you see refugees going to other places. They are being transferred to other territories. This is what’s happening. When the Pope leaves the UN it’s done. After that you will have a very hard time getting your country back.

      So we are on a very limited time-span here. Documents are being drawn for the entire nation. The soil needs to be maintained and controlled. That is the only way to do it ? through the Doctrine of Conquest. It can be done on paper, but if they can test us on the soil you have to be able to maintain it. I think that is why a lot of you are here right now ? is so we can control the soil of this country ? and that is every state.

      I didn’t know Eric Dondero was a sovereign citizen.

    3. My image of these dudes is Grizzly Adams after being trapped in a cabin with Ted Kaczynski for a couple years in rural Idaho.

  35. Global warming models debunked.

    “There are dozens of climate models. They have been run many times. The great majority of model runs, from the high-profile UK Met Office’s Barbecue Summer to Roy Spencer’s Epic Fail analysis of the tropical troposphere, have produced global temperature forecasts that later turned out to be too high. Why?

    When you get a discrepancy between a model and reality, you obviously can’t change the model’s known factors ? they are what they are known to be. If you want to fiddle the model to match reality then you have to fiddle the unknowns. If your model started off a long way from reality then inevitably the end result is that a large part of your model’s findings come from unknowns, ie, from factors that are not understood. To put it simply, you are guessing, and therefore your model is unreliable.”…..te-models/

    1. Well, it doesn’t matter. According to Tony and Jack in yesterday’s pope-talk thread, it’s now a ‘moral duty’ to, uh, do something about global warming. And I think the “something” has to do with letting Tony and Jack tell the rest of us what to do.
      Now both these guys claim to represent the ‘science’ behind the issue but I didn’t get an answer to the question of which experiment showed it was a ‘moral duty’.

    2. When you get a discrepancy between a model and reality, you obviously can’t change the model’s known factors

      So naive.

  36. Shocked!:

    “Hey waiter, this fish tastes like plastic!”
    “About a quarter of the 64 fish purchased at fish markets in Half Moon Bay and Princeton and analyzed for the study turned out to have bits of synthetic clothing in their guts, said lead researcher Chelsea Rochman, of the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine.”…..527514.php

    And if they look a bit farther down the GI tract, I’m guessing they’ll find guts filled with fish-shit!

    1. So those trout shirts were popular, but not in the way we expected…

  37. Sepp Blatter being questioned by Swiss Attorney-Generals office.

    1. Now officially being described as “defendant.”

  38. From the Singapore story:

    “Smoke from Indonesian forest fires has shrouded the city-state with a layer of haze in the past few weeks. Data compiled by Global Forest Watch showed a concentration of fires in parts of Indonesia’s Sumatra and Kalimantan, driving the air quality of cities located in the areas to hazardous levels.

    “The minister identified four Indonesian companies that may be linked to the fires on a Facebook post on Friday. The environment agency has also served Asia Pulp & Paper Co. in Singapore with a notice seeking information on its units, as well as measures taken by its suppliers to put out fires in their Indonesian concessions.”

    Meanwhile, the commie-Pope keeps babbling about a so-called environmental crisis.

    1. there should be ellipses between the quoted paragraphs

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