Temperature Trends

Global Temperature Trend Update: August 2015 Hottest Ever in the Tropics

Global climate trend since Nov. 16, 1978: +0.11 C per decade


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Every month University of Alabama in Huntsville climatologists John Christy and Roy Spencer publish the latest global temperature trend data obtained from NOAA satellites. For the month of August 2015 they report:

Global Temperature Report: August 2015

In the tropics, warmest August in the satellite temperature record

Global climate trend since Nov. 16, 1978: +0.11 C per decade

August temperatures (preliminary)

Global composite temp.: +0.28 C (about 0.50 degrees Fahrenheit) above 30-year average for August.

Northern Hemisphere: +0.25 C (about 0.45 degrees Fahrenheit) above 30-year average for August.

Southern Hemisphere: +0.31 C (about 0.56 degrees Fahrenheit) above 30-year average for August.

Roy Spencer

Notes on data released Sept. 8, 2015:

Driven by a growing El Niño Pacific Ocean warming event, temperatures around the globe continued to rise through August, setting a new August record in the tropics for the satellite record, said Dr. John Christy, director of the Earth System Science Center at The University of Alabama in Huntsville. Temperatures in the tropics averaged 0.52 C (about 0.94° F) warmer than seasonal norms in August, surpassing the previous record of +0.46 C set in August 1998.

Globally it was the third warmest August in the satellite record, trailing only August 1998 and 2010. It was also the third warmest August in the Southern Hemisphere, behind August 1998 and August 2002.

Compared to global temperature anomalies from all months, August 2015 tied as the 32nd warmest month since the satellite record began in December 1978. It was tied with five other months, all since October 2005. In the tropics, August 2015 tied with September 2009 as the 17th warmest month, when compared to seasonal norms for all months.

Go here to see the monthly data for temperature trends.

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  1. *ignores – leave Mustang and Jeep running in driveway, sprays remaining old-school freon canisters into the air*

  2. “Compared to global temperature anomalies from all months, August 2015 tied as the 32nd warmest month since the satellite record began in December 1978.”


    1. Obviously, weather satellites cause an increase in global temperatures. Duh!

  3. YO SOY EL NI?O!

      1. Florida Boy!

    1. We are ALL El Nino.

      1. ALL El Ninos matter.

    2. Hey, how do we know The Child identifies as masculine? Huh? Did you think of that?

      Goddam Spanish and their gendered nouns.

  4. I’m still seeing a step function on that chart, with the big El Nino as the inflection point.

    What do the models have to say about that? Nothing? Then what good are they?

    1. Phhhpt. That’s just weather.

    2. The models were always worthless. I thought the science was settled on that.

  5. “”””satellite temperature record”””

    So we need to stop using rockets to get satellites into space. This will reduce our carbon footprint.

  6. It’s hot as fuck in Long Beach right now. I got a serious batwing going on here.

    1. Humid too, I’m hearing. Never thought I’d be happier in Phoenix’s 105 degree dry heat but it is better than 93 and humid.

      1. It’s pretty humid. Nothing some vodka and fresh squeezed citrus juice can’t fix. I’ll survive.

    2. Seriously. I expect it to be bad up in Glendale. But the coast is one giant swampass.

    3. I have an 8″ Honeywell fan on high. IT DOES NOTHING, and I’m 3 feet away.

    4. The heat/humidity has been absolutely brutal this past week here in Montreal.

    5. I think we’re on our 5th or 6th heat wave this summer in NYC*. Really over it already.

      *defined as “3 or more days over 90” – average is 1 per summer

    6. It’s pretty hot where I am today, but it has been a very cool summer and year overall.

  7. Cue Tony in 5…4…3…

  8. Semi OT: In an attempt to get as many cars idling in Seattle, DOT decides to make it only legal to turn right when pedestrians are in the crosswalk. In an attempt to reduce car-pedestrian collisions.

    I’m not making it up.


    1. Of course they are. Paul, if you haven’t noticed that there seems to be an active, conscious attempt to make driving in this city worse, you haven’t paid attention. Because every single thing they do is so obviously going to make things worse that I can no longer believe it’s just stupidity. It’s not just bad ideas; it’s basically some of the worst things they could do. It’s no longer in the realm of misguided. Because no one can be doing the diametric opposite of what they say they want for this long by chance.

      1. LA is proposing the same thing. Ripping out traffic lanes for bikes and buses.

        1. Nashville’s big Mayoral run-off election is hinging around what the candidates are going to do about mass transit.

          The liberal is proposing all kinds of new mass transit systems to get people off the roads. The conservative wants more studies to determine what the best answer is.

          Meanwhile every bus around the city is 1/10th full at best on any given day, even rush hour.

          I fucking hate people.

        2. They moved the curb parking off the curb to create a bike lane next to the curb, protected by the parked cars. This of course removed 1.5 lanes from the street. This was done, for example, on 2nd Ave. On Dexter. On Broadway. 2nd Ave is one of the biggest routes for going south in downtown/Belltown. And they did this on an avenue that is one of the major arteries to I-5. And when I get stuck in the traffic that is massively worse because of it, you know how many bikers I see in that new, protected bike lane? Basically zero.

          1. Epi,

            I was driving along Broadway earlier this summer which is now a single lane road after 70% of is is now bike lane. Anyhoo, I have to give the locals credit… when the largely empty bus stops and holds up the entire grid, the locals are now just heading into the oncoming traffic lane to get around the bus.

            Luckily, the bike lanes are as empty as the picture in the link.

            1. One of the other things I’ve noticed is that every rule they put into place actually reduces safety. They create conditions conducive to accidents. Even though they claim the opposite, everything they do causes more dangerous driving. It’s incredible.

              1. In West Seattle, after the DOT released a pack of semi-retarded rhesus monkeys with a can of traffic paint in service to bike lanes and bus lanes, I’ve personally witnessed a large increase in near fatal car/bike collisions as cars in the ‘car’ lanes have to streak across the Bus and bike lanes at the last second to make their legal right turn– because you can’t get in those lanes beforehand, as that would be illegal. Fun, isn’t it?

                1. Can’t believe Detroit is doing something right. They paint a cutover from the right lane that crosses over the bike lane about ten yards before the intersection, along with a sign saying ‘watch for bikes’.

        3. LA is proposing the same thing. Ripping out traffic lanes for bikes and buses.

          LA ain’t got shit on Seattle until you start replacing all the street infrastructure with Parklets, or just closing them off altogether.

          1. Dude, the first street they did this to was Bell. It makes no fucking sense. It fucked businesses along that street for months. I know the owner of Acquabar and he said it completely tanked his customer stream.

            I want to believe it’s just stupidity, except that every single result of it is malicious and destructive. And they just keep doing more.

          2. There is an upside to it all. The city of LA is relatively small compared to the rest of the county and the metropolitan area as a whole. They can fuck it up as badly as they want, I just won’t go there.

            Team (D) has a death grip on the city, and it’s fairly obvious that they’re running it into the ground as fast as they can.

          3. “Personally I think we’re going to be heroes because there’s a lot of people not getting parking tickets right here,” Stoneburner said.(City council)

            Is there something in y’all’s water? Radioactivity or heavy metals from volcanos? WTF people?

        4. Same thing in Newmarket (For buses). They splitting up the road more so as to place a bus lane straight down the middle.

      2. Maybe they’re just making up for the previous 75 years of deliberately making everything worse for people not in a car. Widening streets, tearing out sidewalks, demolishing “useless” buildings for parking lots, etc.

        1. Seattle (the central core) has largely the same street infrastructure it’s had for the last 100+ years. The only difference is that instead of Hansoms, we have cars. The street cars that made sense (carrying people UP and DOWN steep hills) were of course ripped out, but have been replaced with buses.

          All of this has been responding to people’s driving, living and commuting habits. Seattle is as pedestrian friendly as its ever been. What’s changing is that in an attempt to make it “bike” friendly, they’re simply slowing EVERYTHING down, congesting EVERYTHING in an attempt to ‘nudge’ people in the ‘correct’ mode of transportation.

        2. Rhywun, Paul is correct. Seattle actually did ok the way it was set up (considering that Seattle drivers are some of the absolute worst drivers I have ever seen in any place I have been); they run way too many buses that are mostly empty and cause traffic, but it was something you could deal with. This is an active, extensive, expensive push to prioritize bikes over cars. Except there are so vastly many more cars than bikers.

          To give a simple example, they used to paint a logo into car lanes that indicated they were also for bikes and to give way to them. Annoying as hell, but at least you had open road if there were no bikes. They have now gone out of their way to explicitly dedicate these lanes to bikes and not enable cars to drive on them.

          Imagine if 1st Ave in Manhattan had one of its lanes turned into a “bike-only” lane. Just imagine it. That’s what we’re talking about.

          1. Example, new bike lanes on Pike St. When I sit, idling on Pike St., I’m in a long line of cars (took me .002 seconds to google this image, which is VERY representative). In the MINUTES waiting for the lights to change, I count over a dozen people in cars. Sitting idle. Over that several minutes, I see one (1) bike. The percentage of people being carried in the bike lanes is statistically insignificant when compared to the number of people being carried in the car lanes. It’s a red letter example of choosing the inefficient over the efficient.

            Over 50% of that street is now dedicated to bikes. they pay 0% of the road taxes.

            1. they pay 0% of the road taxes.

              I’m pretty sure local streets are funded from the general revenue?

              1. DMV registration fees and state gas tax.

              2. I’m pretty sure local streets are funded from the general revenue?

                Unfortunately without extensive research, I can’t give you the percentage breakdown. But 100% of the gas tax is used for highway and ‘roadway’ funding with those percentages divvied up between the state, counties and municipalities. If that falls short, I do presume that some comes from the general fund.

                1. 20% of the Fed gas tax goes to non-auto municipal traffic concerns.

          2. The Manhattan avenues are like 6 lanes of traffic. I think it could handle it fine. Anyway we have bus-only lanes already – people bitch and moan about it as expected but here it’s completely justified.

            True, I don’t know Seattle but here in NYC some of the sidewalks are so narrow due to street widenings that you have to walk in the street. I have seen the effects of the mass conversion of infrastructure to automobile movement and storage in city after city around the country. Maybe Seattle is different.

            1. It’s fucking insane to do in DTLA. Nobody lives there. Nobody bikes there.

            2. If you google street images of Seattle, Circa 1900, the streets are almost indistinguishable from what they are today– regarding width, sidewalks. If you go too far back, it’s all horses stuck in 14″ of mud with boards for sidewalks as Seattle, compared to NYC is a a relatively new, frontier town.

              For instance, NYC has an excellent subway system… because it can. Seattle doesn’t, because it can’t.

    2. SEATTLE – All schools closed Wednesday due a strike by the Seattle Education Association.


      1. And the state SC just ruled charter schools unconstitutional. WHERE WILL THE KIDZ GO?!1eleventy

        1. Somehow, everybody has a right to an education, but the government is not actually obligated to provide, or even allow others to provide, that service.

    3. DOT decides to make it only legal to turn right when pedestrians are in the crosswalk

      So what are you saying? If you want to turn right you need to wait for a pedestrian to be in the crosswalk and only then can you turn? Doesn’t seem like a very good way to avoid collisions with pedestrians.

    4. Yes, but on the plus side jaywalkers are now fair game.

  9. 97 degrees in Jersey today. For the love of God.

    1. 43 degrees and partly cloudy, just like it should be.

      You can keep the heat.

    2. Blaccuweather says we’re in the high 80s right now. Feels like Hawaii.

  10. August 2015 Hottest EVER SINCE 1978 in the Tropics

    Why is this a big deal?

    1. You’re the most beautiful girl on the street, depending on the street.

        1. Too bad it’s a dead end.

        2. You could probably be a part-time model, but you’d probably still have to keep your normal job.

          1. Like a, tree. Or a high-class prostitute?

  11. I see no downside in this

  12. ‘Shocking’ similarity between this year’s looming El Ni?o and monster weather system of 1997

    Conditions bear a resemblance to the huge El Ni?o event of 1997-98
    Experts say they are ‘shocked’ by how similar the two years are
    Forecast says El Nino conditions are likely to last until January
    In previous El Ni?o events, California had 150 to 200% increase in rainfall
    Can trigger heavy rains and floods in South America and scorching weather in Asia and as far away as east Africa


    It’s the end of the world!

    1. Yeah, with such major drought relief what on Earth will CA politicians and local media freak out about next year?

      1. The environmentalists get 50%, the farmers get 80% of the remaining half, and we get dick.

        They’re gonna let it all run into the ocean unused. Because fuck you.

        1. That doesn’t surprise me. Is anyone making sure the bridges on the 10 in the desert are secure after that last one washed out in July?

          Because I am not making that drive for Christmas if I’m going to end up having to go around again.

          1. I think they have a local detour in place now.

          2. If the San Joaquin River were properly impounded during the next big storm system, we’d have enough water to last decades. But it’s all going to flow out through the delta, where the pumps are turned off under federal court order.

        2. It sure is nice to live in a place with abundant ground water.

          1. The stuff that’s frozen on top of the ground?

            1. Well, for part of the year I guess. But I’m thinking of the stuff where you can dig a 10′ deep hole and pump all the water you want out of it.
              This year’s a little dry, but most years I have water come out the top of my well.

    2. Well, California could certainly use the rain.

      1. Most of the MWD (my water district) doesn’t come from CA. That’s how fucked up we are. My water comes from Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming by way of the Colorado River.

        1. Well, sure, because they have to make sure the water that is actually in California just washes out to the sea. Because snail darters or something.

          1. I think I saw a baby snail today. It was a tiny little slug with a pair of eyestalks up front. No shell. Not sure what the hell else it might have been.

      2. Too bad California has to let that rain it can certainly use run into the ocean.

    3. Experts say they are ‘shocked’ by how similar the two years are

      Did we say ‘shocked’? We meant ‘psyched’. We were totally ‘psyched’ that these two forecasts were so similar, because we predicted it! Why would we be shocked? That only makes sense if we couldn’t actually predict weather, climate, or anything in between… which we can totally do.

      Phbbbt… shocked, that’s absurd!

    4. 8 Reasons the Looming El Nino is a Monster. Number 4 Will SHOCK You!

      1. 8 Reasons the Looming El Nino is a Monster. Number 4 Will SHOCK You!

        With all the ‘it will be worse in the future’ and ‘could kill millions!’, I actually think much of the AGW media could teach BuzzFeed a thing or two.

    5. On the bright side those Cali reservoirs will be filling up.

      I was working in Humboldt County that winter. It didn’t stop raining for 4 months. A town down toward the Bay Area, Cazadero I believe, got 13 inches in 24 hours, IIRC.

  13. Girl charged with involuntary manslaughter for being a bitch. Patriarchy.


    1. She is an evil bitch, but I really don’t see the manslaughter charge sticking.

      1. I don’t see it either. I’m sure some new law named after the boy will get peopsed though. Cause “something must be done”.

        1. Proposed

      2. It’ll stick. No jury is going to let her walk. Her lawyer is going to force her into a plea.

        1. That jury is going to be bored to death hearing about the intricacies of “intent.”

  14. Hottest ever, really?

    1. Yes hotter than when the earth was a molten rock.

  15. I can’t wait until the La Nina rebound next year for record cold breaks.

    1. That will just be weather, though.

  16. We had a hot end of year here on the west coast of Michigan. But I’ve gone through hotter. We never quite hit the continuous day after day of the 90s or a peak of a 100, which used to be fairly common in the 1990s.

    1. And now highs in the 60s. I’ll take it. Almost time for stout season.

  17. Damn it’s getting so hot, the world is going to turn into a giant ball of snot. But many can bunk with me, cause there’s plenty of room on my double king size cot. This goreball warming is full of holes and rot, but these douchebag politicians must have a new tax and control scheme to trot.

  18. August 2015 Hottest Ever in the Tropics

    “Hottest ever” only means something if you believe the earth was created back in the 1970s, Ron. You gone all young earth creationist on us?

    1. The hottest ever time in what is now the tropics was back when the earth was still in a molten state.

  19. The water here is almost 75, which is the warmest I remember it being.

    QED Global Warming

    1. The water at Seal Beach pier was 75 yesterday. The wife and i were swimming in the morning. Going back for a full day at the beach tomorrow.

      1. Is that inside the break water? Shit got gnarly on south facing beaches this weekend.

        1. Outside the breakwater. Surfable waves. Nothing as gnarly as Newport, though.

  20. These fuckers lie every time they release a report. Our temperature data doesn’t even go back that far. We’ll just ignore their ‘adjustments’ to the data to correct for its reliability in the past. So every time they say hottest ever without ‘on record’ thrown in the fine print somewhere, they are blatantly lying. Almost always trying to mislead people.

    Now we have them releasing news stories ranking the months historically even when alls they have is shit like 17th warmest or 39th or whatever.

    When are these fuckers going to stop trying to make global warming happen? It’s been a generation now and people, at least in America, still aren’t buying this bullshit.

    1. “When are these fuckers going to stop trying to make global warming happen?”

      When the gravy train starts drying up?

      1. “these fuckers’ i.e. Roy Spencer and John Christy are two of the few establishment scientists who don’t buy into the AGW myth. They just publish the records, you dumb fucker.

  21. Should read “After we reduced a bunch of historical temperature reports to look like they were cooler, this is the hottest month ever!!!”

  22. It is fucking GLORIOUS in Chicago today. Low 70s, breezy, dry. So fuck all you California assholes, enjoy the sweat.

      1. Southern CA has it all over the rest of the country in this regard. I try to tell friends: “…but you don’t understand!” They don’t get it. You can’t believe it unless you’re there.

  23. Remember- weather is not climate. Unless the weather suggests climate change- then it is climate. A cold snap doesn’t disprove AGW, but a heat wave proves it. This is science and is totally logically consistent.

    1. When you go around quoting skeptic podcasts, you should probably provide a link or at least a hat tip .

      1. That was on a podcast? I honestly didn’t know. Shit, I thought I was being original there.

  24. Well, these are getting a little repetitive. It’s been hot somewhere, so let’s all discuss the weather.

    1. Nothing wrong with a little weather chit chat among friends. I can feel it in my bones.

      1. Indeed. I’m a willing participant.

        I can feel it in my bones.

        Me too. My foot was aching all day yesterday where I broke it many years ago.

        1. I remember when I was young and summers were really hot! Not like the lukewarm crap the chinese make today, no sir! And the winters! Snow up to yer eyeballs! and Cold?!! Freeze the balls off a brass monkey!

  25. “Global climate trend since Nov. 16, 1978: +0.11 C per decade”

    It’s almost what you would expect if the ice age were ending.

    1. Also, I don’t really trust any of the data. We have no way of knowing if some or all of it is true or not. The warmistas have been caught lying over and over. They are liars and you never take a liar at his word. What these fuckers are doing is not science to begin with, and they are liars. Frankly I have more confidence in a used car salesman or a guy who shows up out of the blue and promises to pave my driveway extra cheap.

      Science requires the most scrupulous honesty. The damage they have done and continue to do to scientific credibility is a far greater crime than the theft they are scheming to commit.

      1. I like the one where they adjusted the scientific weather bouys up because they weren’t matching what was shown by ship thermometers at fucking intakes. Oh yes, it’s the calibrated isolated sensors that are wrong, yes indeedy.


  27. Meh. Hottest it got this summer was 95, and really, only a few days of that.

    1. Only a few days of that!!?? Tell that to your dehydrated cat, your melted door mat, and all of the crisco and butter fat that drizzled from your aunt Pat.

      It was so hot the sun burned your baseball bat, along with your favorite cowboy hat, which made you run the AC and yell at your thermostat.

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