Donald Trump Hopes Kanye Runs, Hillary Vows Billions to Fight Heroin Abuse, Obama Secures Iran Deal Votes: P.M. Links


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  1. Hillary Clinton has a $10 billion plan to stamp out heroin abuse.

    All of it going to the Foundation.

    1. Oxycodon subsidies?

    2. “Everything done will be justified by my foundation.”

      1. And the money kept rolling in…

    3. Hello.

    4. In addition to media stories, Amy got the first extensive interview with Chelsea Clinton and traveled to Africa with Bill Clinton to write the front-page curtain raiser to Mr. Clinton’s speech at the Democratic National Convention.

      Amy is married to Rober Ennis, a veep @goldman sachs

      In other words, the perfect journalist to cover a kleptocrat’s campaign.

      1. I so hope that Rober Ennis has a middle initial and it’s “P”.

    5. Hillary is addicted to the war on drugs.


      1. “I remember landing under junkie fire…”

    6. How much heroin can her foundation actually use?

      $10B buys a shit-load of smack.

      1. Maybe corner the market?

  2. …but did allow her kids to download pornography and “racially offensive materials” on, according to The Washington Post.

    Hopefully they paid for that porn or she’s not doing much for commerce.

    1. Pssh. Nobody’s paid for porn since like 1997, man.

    2. At least those kids didn’t use the internet to threaten any federal officials with with any heavy equipment used in clearing trees and shrubs!

  3. As far as I’m concerned, Gillespie already posted the PM links.

    1. What happened in there? I missed whatever it was.

        1. Please tell me someone took a screen pic!

          1. The page is still up on my other screen, if that makes you feel any better.

            1. Well, do some of that voodoo shit you libertarians are always doing and make it come back!

              1. You’re all invited to come visit it whenever you want.

                1. Fist of Etiquette|9.2.15 @ 4:42PM|#

                  You’re all invited to come visit it whenever you want.

                  This is how Warty started his dungeon.

              2. voodoo shit



    2. And then he ruined it.

  4. Trump commenting on Kanye – surely we have reached peak stupid, and it can only get better? At any rate, Accomplished Female Athletes of Eastern and Central Europe steadily skis towards its finale, shooting targets along the way. Just like today’s entry, Darya Domracheva, a biathloner from Belarus.
    Three Olympic gold medals, one Bronze, plus two World Championships (and three Silvers to boot), it’s no wonder she was named Hero of Belarus in 2014!

    1. Anybody who’s spent time around this place knows there’s no such thing as peak stupid. It just gets worse and worse.

      President Kanye Mountain Dew West will be here in 2020. It is known.

      1. Look, I had to scramble for intro, because ENB ruined a perfect streak of non-Trump posts, including very, very clear Robby alt-text on AM Links. I chose to err on the side of optimism, because I’m trying to raise morale with this feature!

      2. Anybody who’s spent time around this place knows there’s no such thing as peak stupid.

        Not until Tulpa/PB die, at least.

    2. towards its finale

      This makes me sad, but thankfully Darya Domracheva makes me happy.

  5. In Russia, polar bears observe you!

    And then they tear down your tent in the dead of night and consume you, raw and wriggling.

    1. Get used to that sensation earthlings

    2. But they’re so cute!

    3. I thought they only eat ice? That’s why they are disappearing because their food is melting?

      It seems I have been misinformed.

      1. Ice with Slush Puppy lime! THEY’RE SO CUTE!

    4. Bear Gaze!

    5. “Researchers from the U.S. Geological Survey have estimated that two-thirds of polar bears will be gone by 2050.”

      If I’m one of the researchers, that seems like an awfully long wait.

  6. Kanye West is “a nice guy,” says Donald Trump.

    Real class act.

    1. Clean and Well spoken…

      /Joe Biden

  7. Millennials have terrible credit.

    No kidding. It’s kind of tough paying off the credit card bills when you’re a 30 year old unemployed loser still living in mommy’s basement.

    1. You’re 30?

      I would have bet 16-22.

      1. How long have you been working on your shitty rock and roll book anyway? I’m amazed that the publishers haven’t just cut their losses on your sorry ass by now.

          1. I don’t think we’re allowed to call them cripples anymore.

            1. Seems like a celebration, complete with cake.

              They always want cake.

    2. it’s not much better if you have a job, live on your own, and carry a six-figure student loan debt.

    3. Living in mommy’s basement should make it easier. Cause and effect are getting swapped here.

      1. I feel like I’ve heard the “…in mommy’s basement.” line before.

  8. If there was a national referendum tomorrow on whether or not we should keep the first amendment, how badly would it lose? I’m guessing at least 65-35.

    1. er, the side that says we should get rid of it would be 65% of the vote. I’m too tired to make sense.

    2. I doubt it. Too scary. The electorate likes stasis and in this case that would favor our side.

      1. “I doubt it. Too scary. The electorate likes stasis and in this case that would favor our side.”

        That was the old rules. Under the new rules, unless there’s 67% against the President gets to do what he wants.

    3. Good question. I would like to think it wouldn’t be abolished outright but most people don’t have an absolutist view of free speech. The current interpretation might be voted down.

  9. Obama now has enough votes in the Senate to preserve the nuclear deal with Iran.

    Take that, Bibi.

    1. You know who else cut a deal to ensure peace in our time?…


      2. Bibi’s back for good?

    2. I love a system where 34 votes out 535 means victory.

      1. It’s amazing what you can do when you rewrite the dictionary definition of “treaty.”

      2. Well, only the Senate is involved in ratifying treaties.

    3. Take that, Bibi.

      Bibi is just not the world class liar that Cheney is.

      1. I never understood why pinkos hate Israel so much and cheer for the totalitarian savages….Oh.

        I was going to ask you to explain it to me but I answered my own question.

        1. Anti Semititism is socialism for stupid people. Needless to say, Shreek hates.him some Jews.

        2. Funny thing is, pinkos used to be very pro-Israel. This had a lot to do with the USSR being anti-British and wanting influence in the region. But it started to shift in the ’70s, and by the ’80s the leftists were leaning pro-Palestinian, and it became undeniable in the ’90s. I’d have thought that 9/11 etc. would have changed things, but it hasn’t. The number of leftist Jews in the US who hate Israel is now amazingly high.

          1. It started to shift after the student rebellions of 1968, I think.

            1. Yes, but even as late as the ’90’s there was overwhelming bi-partisan support for Israel in Congress. And pretty staunch support from the Clinton White House.

  10. An Oklahoma City Councilman wants the city to acknowledge that prostitution is “always going to happen” and “stop criminalizing sexual behavior.”

    Sounds like someone’s wife is getting fat.

  11. Kanye West is “a nice guy,” says Donald Trump. “I hope to run against him someday.”

    Ok. NOW he’s just trolling us.

    1. He just lost my vote. Dumbest thing Trump has said yet…

      1. Double trolling, Antilles?

      2. Dumbest thing Trump has said yet…

        Can’t tell if joking.

        1. Kinda joking. I just despise Kanye so anyone who compliments him is suspect in my eyes. But a Trump presidency doesn’t bother me nearly as much as a Hillary one (or most of the other Republicans) would.

          1. Trump is pandering to the black vote.

            And flattering Kanye is sadly a more effective means of doing so than criminal justice and sentencing reform, police demilitarization, and speaking engagements at HBCU. Sorry Rand.

  12. A high-ranking official at the Commerce Department took at least seven government computers home,

    If it’s OK for Hillary….

  13. Devil to pay: Taiwan to launch softer than soft porn-star metro cards

    Taiwan will roll out “angel” and “devil” metro cards featuring a Japanese porn star next week, despite a public outcry and a previous decision to scrap the project.

    Japanese adult film actress Yui Hatano will appear on a limited-edition charity series of Taiwan EasyCards, which users swipe to enter metro stations and buy goods at convenience stores.

    “We will issue the ‘devil’ edition Yui Hatano cards beginning September 1 as originally planned,” EasyCard Corp said in a statement, referring to the sexier of the two cards. The softer “angel” cards will be released after a change in theme after hearing “input from various parties”, it said.

    Online images of the “angel” card shows Yui smiling, dressed in white. The “devil” version shows her dressed in black and shooting a sultry gaze at the camera. Pornography is conspicuous by its absence.

    Taiwan is one of Asia’s most liberal societies, though conservative attitudes persist among the older generation and in religious communities.

    Hatano, 27, was recently ranked the No.9 porn star in Asia, according to erotic video website

    1. EasyCards



      There are no pictures of the cards in that post.

      /Carl sucks!

    1. “But Alien investigators are already convinced it is of extra terrestrial origins.”

      No shit. All it takes is a little bit of grainy footage.

  14. I’ve got a question. I’ve never actually fired a handgun in my life. I’ve fired a rifle, and a shotgun or two, but never a handgun.

    If I wanted to go to a range and learn to shoot, where and how would be the best way to start?

    1. Backyard + old refrigerator… Oh wait you said at a range? Nevermind then.

      1. I’m not sure who’d punish me harder there. The city or the HOA.

      2. “Backyard + old refrigerator…”

        Once, from about 30 feet, I shot into the freezer section of an old refrigerator with a 38 special, lead bullets. I wasn’t straight on so the bullet struck the sidewall at a sharp angle and shattered into small bits.

        I bet everyone knows what happens when you throw a ball into a 90 degree corner.

        It was like being struck in the face by a shotgun. Fortunately the lead had lost enough energy that it didn’t penetrate. Much. Except for the sizable chunk that stuck in my cornea. I was afraid to remove it because I didn’t know how far in it was so I drove myself half an hour to the hospital like that.

        Fun fact: It is impossible to open your eye when you see a guy approaching your eyeball with hemostats. It is nearly impossible for nurses to hold it open. You have to manually do it yourself with two hands.

        1. You shot your eye out!

    2. Find an NRA “basic pistol” course instructor in your area

      1. Do you even need to do that? Can’t you rent something at a lot of ranges and just get a quick tutorial from the range officer?

        I live in NY where you need a licence to just shoot a pistol so I don’t know, just guessing what a sensible place would be like.

        Also, .45ACP isn’t tough to shoot. .357 Sig is a different story.

        1. I’m also in NY, and my own pistol experience has involved plinking at a friend’s farm upstate a few times

          I’ve just been told by many that the NRA basic-pistol thing is a good deal, where a guy will escort you to a range and give you a lot of good tips on basic handling protocols, as well as prep you for getting a CCW , carry permit, depending on where you live.

          1. This is true. Good advice.

    3. Depends on where you live. Were do you live?

      1. Southern Florida.

        1. God damn handle changes. Andrew?

          1. I’m not sure how far out in the boonies you are, but it seems to me that there are hundreds of places in Florida where you can go out and target shoot without going to the range.

            Just buy a 9mm Saturday Night special to practice on….

            1. Markham park is really good for rifles, shotguns and handguns. Plenty of room for outdoor practice. There are indoor ranges every 5 miles or so scattered about south Florida, which might sound a little strange to folks from the middle of the country, but down here air conditioning can be a very good thing.

              When I was in Birmingham we used to go to a makeshift dump outside of town that was surrounded by railroad berms. Nice and safe and private, and you didn’t need to bring any targets with you. Probably not strictly legal, but all of the local police departments used the area to shoot too, so it would be tough for anyone to say anything. Plus we were poor grad students, so we couldn’t afford the range anyway. We’d get one box of real ammo and then get a bucket of .22’s for plinking cans. Making 100 yard shots across the pond was loads of fun. I don’t know anywhere close by where you could do that these days. Maybe out in Miccosukee country….

          2. Yeah.

            Nowhere around here that I could go out in the boonies and shoot. Unless I went into the Everglades. But that’s probably not a good idea.

            1. Unless I went into the Everglades.

              Just take an airboat if you go into the Everglades; that is what Gator McCluskey would do.

        2. In Florida, you can go plinking in your backyard, fuck the city and the HOA.

          I can’t find anything saying otherwise …

    4. Obviously, it would be ideal to learn from an experienced friend or, as others here have mentioned, from a certified NRA instructor. Many shooting ranges offer “basic handgun” courses.

      As far as choosing your gun, I’d say you should try out a pistol in .22 LR. It will be very easy to shoot, so you’re not likely to develop a flinch. It will also allow you to master the basics of marksmanship without having to worry about recoil management. Most popular handgun manufacturers make at least one .22 LR pistol. Also, there are conversion kits for Glocks and, if I remember right, most 1911s. One of those guns with a kit would be a good option, since you could start with the .22 LR conversion kit and then switch the gun back to its regular caliber when you’re ready. Personally, I like the Ruger MK-III 22/45.

      After you’ve gotten accurate with the .22 LR, you’ve got plenty of options. I’d suggest that you “graduate” to a full-size 9mm semi-auto or a .38 revolver whenever you’re ready. Just be aware that the lighter the handgun, the more “snappy” the recoil. In other words, a full-size, 100% steel semi-auto like a CZ-75 is going to be much more manageable than a sub-compact, polymer “pocket pistol” like the Ruger LC9.

      Good luck with everything, and be safe.

      1. Seconded on everything Akira said. Plus, .22 is cheap, cheap, cheap – which is no small thing when you want to practice a lot.

    5. Do you have a pistol?

      A lot of ranges that also sell guns have rentals/loaners to test/learn on, depending on where you live.

    6. “If I wanted to go to a range and learn to shoot, where and how would be the best way to start?”

      I’d look for a semi-rural range, call and ask them. They might well just tell you to come down at a convenient time and show you the basics.

  15. Welcome to ‘Quantitative Tightening’: Central banks all around the world are dumping assets and reducing their reserves and have been for a year, especially China’s. Trigger warning: autoplay video…..erves-fall

    1. Weigel already posted that one in the morning links.

  16. This Map Shows China’s Hilarious Stereotypes of Europe

    What’s with the British habit of wearing wigs? And why are they so fond of talking about the weather? These are just some of the common queries that Chinese web users have about the United Kingdom, at least as reflected in autocomplete results on Baidu, whose 80 percent market share makes it China’s biggest search engine.

    The ghosts of the past haunt Chinese queries for many countries. Chinese netizens ask why France and Poland can’t beat Germany ? though vague phrasing and the Chinese language’s lack of verb tenses admittedly mean these might just be soccer questions, which also appear frequently in search results about World War II. (Those Belgian red devils? That has been the colloquial name for Belgian soccer players since 1906.) There is no ambiguity about Italy: Netizens ask why that nation was not subjected to the same postwar criticism as Japan and Germany. Britain’s role in the Opium Wars, the successive 19th-century conflicts that forced China to grant territorial concessions to European nations, comes up. And for Germany, references to killing and hating Jews topped the search suggestions, though another top query, “Why do Germans still hate Hitler?” indicates a modicum of balance.

    1. Netizens also ask why German-speaking Austria does not unite with Germany, and why Italy and Spain do not respectively annex the Vatican City and Portugal.

      *speculates wildly about implications*

      The top suggested search for Poland asks why it hates China, with most results linking to an essay cataloging a range of slights extending from the 1919 Paris Peace Conference to the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

      Baidu has no suggestions at all for most Balkan nations…

      So why do the people of Britain don hairpieces and savor meteorological chitchat? As luck would have it, Baidu’s autocomplete suggestions for that country are so prolific as to suggest their own answers: Maybe it’s because so many British are “bald” and are trying to “hide from talking about the Opium War.”

      1. Yang gui zi mei you yi ge shi hao dong xi!

      2. Linky brokey. How come? You no pay?

        1. This.

          I want to see this too.

  17. Planned Parenthood chapters among those receiving new Obamacare grants.

    Planned Parenthood chapters in Iowa, Missouri and Montana received just over $1 million in federal grant funding Wednesday to help Obamacare customers sign up for coverage, even as Republicans in Congress battle to strip the women’s health provider of any federal funding at all amid raging controversy over its abortion practice.

    The chapters were among 100 recipients of $67 million in so-called “navigator” grants doled out by the Obama administration Wednesday to nonprofits in 34 states that help people get covered under the Affordable Care Act.

    Elizabeth Nolan Brown will be furiously stirring the soup when she sees this news.

    1. I’m sure she won’t after noticing you’ve already jizzed all over it.

      1. John must have gifted to Mike M. his power to see into a person’s heart of hearts and know that their principles are just a cover for their secret desire to impress all of their liberal progressive friends, or something.

        1. Elizabeth has three names…we need a Mike-ism for her, like Block Insane Yomomma.

            1. Exciting Nefarious Bullshitter

              or, to be more on the juvenile, Mike M-esque side

              Earwax Nincompoop Boogers

            2. Oooo…that’s good…too good.

              1. The N is definitely Nincompoop. Very juvenile.

                1. Elderberry Nincompoop Bumpaddle

          1. Enormous Naughty Boner?

            1. Damn, why didn’t I think of that.

          2. Eliesbitch Noclass Brownoser?

            1. I hate you because yours is better than mine, Misery Drool-Gutters.

              1. Miser Letch Suckers’ was pretty good.

              2. Name call is beneath you, Irish

          3. Elizabeth Moron Clown

            1. This probably wins. Good job, ant1

            2. Elizabarf. Dammit autocorrect.

          4. Every Nut Blisters.

    2. stirring the soup

      Is that a euphemism?

  18. For example, a millennial who doesn’t drive should not apply for a gas card.

    Well, I wasn’t counting on my Social Security to be there but this clinches it.

  19. I need some help. Baby SFC B is due in about a month. My wife and I have discussed circumcision and she is leaving the choice to me. Years ago I’d have thought nothing of it and simply went with having it done; afterall, it’s what I had done as an infant. However years of being here has made me question the wisdom of unilaterally lopping off a part of my son. Even a part as, seemingly, inconsquential as the foreskin. While discussing this with some friends though it was very surprising to them that I was considering not doing it. That only fed the indecision I’m feeling. He will clearly have a difference from his father, and likely a difference from his peers. My wife’s only input on the subject was that she’s never seen an uncut penis in person and thought it would be kinda weird. But, again, I’m having a tough time justifying to myself agreeing to have him circumcised because it might look weird to someone at some time.

    So, yeah, looking for some thoughts on this.

    1. Hold on! I need to make popcorn and grab a beer!

      1. Are you suggesting he should make sure his mohel gets tested for STIs first?

        1. That’s always a first step.

    2. Think this through: you’re seriously considering maiming your son’s genitals before he can give any kind of consent so he can “fit in“. I am going to refrain from being a total asshole because you are trying hard to be reasonable, but this really shouldn’t be difficult. The answer is FUCKING NO DON’T CUT OFF PART OF YOUR SON’S BODY. I am grateful that my parents left me un-maimed, even with a bit of (easily fixed) phimosis many years ago.

    3. “My wife’s only input on the subject was that she’s never seen an uncut penis in person and thought it would be kinda weird.’

      They get over it real quick.

      I recommend watching lots of Gay “Uncut Dicks” Porn to get familiar with the basic functionality.

      1. Stop rifling through browser history, GILMORE.

      2. They look the same as normal dicks as soon as they emerge from their disgusting skin sheathe, if only covered in copious amounts of dick cheese.

        /cut privilege

        1. covered in copious amounts of dick cheese.

          Boys and men generally have no problem keeping that particular part of their body well-scrubbed.

    4. My opinion, genital mutilation is bad.

    5. Either way is okay. Please don’t agonize over it. Opting to not circumcise is more and more common in my region of the world, so it’s unlikely your son will be considered “weird” by his peers if he’s not cut. Go with your gut. He’ll still be male and still piss in your face when you change his diaper – boys do that. They’re like firehoses, really.

    6. I think it’s ultimately a small choice. There are some purported benefits to either option although on both sides they seem to be largely over-inflated or taken out of context. I would lean toward leaving your kid uncircumcised. It’s becoming more common in the US (although more slowly than the Commonwealth countries) and I don’t think your kid will be particularly singled out by peers, future lovers or whatever because of it.

      I’ll leave the philosophical bits to other commenters.

    7. I was circumcised against my will and have experienced some level of sexual dysfunction as a result of having so many nerve endings removed. I’ve known guys who had their foreskin removed later because it caused problems. That’s a decision that should be left to the individual, just like any medical procedure.

    8. I was circumcised against my will and have experienced some level of sexual dysfunction as a result of having so many nerve endings removed. I’ve known guys who had their foreskin removed later because it caused problems. That’s a decision that should be left to the individual, just like any medical procedure.

    9. As a general rule, don’t do things that you don’t need to do and you might not want to do and you can’t undo.

    10. Circumcised dicks look weird to people in other parts of the world. I know people who prefer one or the other, but in no instance has either cut or uncut ever been a deal-breaker in a relationship.

    11. i left both of mine intact. The OB my wife had for the eldest was not a true believer. His guidance was, “unless you expect him to be an inner city IV drug abuser, there is probably no medical benefit to circumcision.” I decided that my sons will probably NOT be different from most of their peers, and I can handle explaining the difference from me.

    12. The decision whether he want to lob off a piece of his body should be his choice. The opinion of a woman’s penile preference should be the least of your priorities.

    13. It is his foreskin, not yours. Its not your call.

      I am not accusing you of anything, just pointing it out.

    14. I would have the docs lop it off. But you do what you want. I don’t think its maiming him.

  20. “A transgender woman’s parents are asking the state of Pennsylvania to stop their 48-year-old daughter’s gender reassignment surgery.”

    Is “gender reassignment surgery” the medical procedure formerly known as a “sex change operation?”

    1. Yes. Formerly known as cockecktomy.

      1. I’ve heard some gals call it a lobotomy.

      2. No no; the woman-to-man operation is an addadictomy.

        1. You win the interwebtubez today!

    2. OK, so no idea, is there something being added or taken away?

      M2F or F2M?

  21. A Sampling of the Chinese Blog Posts That Led to Hundreds of Arrests

    After the Tianjin accident, there were people praying everywhere. But could the dead come back to life? Thousands have died but the media reported only a dozen deaths. Why couldn’t [the authorities] go after those who were accountable immediately after the accident, but instead were praying? Those poor relief workers, so many of them were killed.

    The crash of the stock market must be related a political force that is not known to everyone. Would corrupt elite tigers, who had greatly been affected by the anti-corruption campaign, just sit back and wait until they are taken out? By selling short the stocks, they would like to see how the anti-corruption campaign could continue once the economy had collapsed. Average citizens have become the victims of political infighting. One must be cautious not to become a shield [that bears the brunt of the stock loss] while investing in stocks.

    1. The rise of the stock market is a political mission on the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the resistance against Japan. In the remaining four months of the year, the stock will never surpass the 4,200 mark. The stocks that will do well include companies in the alcoholic beverage industry, banking, e-business and military industry. The key is to look for stocks that are related to holographic 3D smartphones.

      Many powerful people both inside and outside of China have decided to sell short Chinese stocks, a dangerous act that could push back the Chinese economy 10 years. The scale this time is even more serious compared to what happened last time in Hong Kong. These powerful people used political power to obtain much information. They took one step at a time, and after they make enough money, they’ll force China to open up its market further ahead of its planned time frame. They’ll use legitimate channels to hijack and send the wealth from the past 10 years [overseas].

    2. Ha, ha, such a large explosion, people at the front line said that there were dead bodies and body parts everywhere. A friend of my older sister, who works at Tianjin Hospital, said there were more [dead bodies] that what the hospital could take in. An entire neighborhood was gone after the explosion and there were at least a few thousand people there. Chinese news are actually trying to suppress the impact of this incident by refusing to report the the actual death toll. If you want to know real casualty number, you should watch foreign media reports. Chinese news reports are simply nonsense.

      1. Where is Friedman to tell us we need to be more like China? Where is Obumbles to pine for ‘ruling’ a country like China because it would be so much easier?

  22. The fact that millennials have lower credit scores because they aren’t getting credit cards sounds like more of a problem with how we measure credit scores than what they are doing.

    1. I used to think that way too.

      The score is trying to communicate how responsible you are with credit. Unpaid debts are easy to interpret as bad, paying bills on time as good, but nothing… well nothing. Basically just as risky as a proven deadbeat. Until they get some credit and prove otherwise, and voila, up goes the score. Seems like a fairly straightforward way to determine if you want to lend to someone and under what conditions.

      1. FICO scores are woefully incomplete metrics of a person’s creditworthiness; things that can show you’re responsible with money — like paying utilities, rent, tuition, insurance, etc., on time regularly — are not even considered. They can be a negative mark if they ever go to collections but never a positive.

        Obsessively paying your rent exactly on the 1st every month for your entire life means nothing but accidentally missing one $50 credit card payment will be on your report for 7 years.

    1. About time she addressed this. I hate to pull the gender card, but has there ever been a male presidential candidate who everyone assumed was only running to be VP? No ‘real’ man would shoot for second place, and neither would a strong woman like Fiorina.

      1. has there ever been a male presidential candidate who everyone assumed was only running to be VP?

        Marco Rubio?

        1. Marco Rubio?

          So, you think he’s acting that lame on purpose?

  23. That Gillespie article is hilarious.

    [S]he referred to herself an anarchist. Typically, when the term “anarchist” appears in the media, the discussion usually revolves around protests or acts of violence. The perpetrators are grungy looking guys, bearded and unkempt. She didn’t fit the usual stereotype. She seemed put-together and well-spoken, with nary a wild gleam in her eye….

    She said she thought “people do better on their own” and that externally imposed rules, whether from government or elsewhere, limit people’s attempts to live life to the fullest, or something to that effect. She was no anarchist, at least not in the old sense. She was a young reader of Reason Magazine.

    In case you haven’t guessed, this was just me in a wig. I really pulled the wool over this guy’s eye, convincing him there might be a female libertarian out there.

    1. Also:

      original anarchists wanted to tear down the government in order to free the downtrodden; the new ones want to do so to free themselves. The lesser orders have nothing to do with it.

      Goddamn, why can’t anarchists be running around shooting mine owners and accidentally blowing themselves up in Greenwich park like they did in the good old days! I like my anarchists a bit more Joseph Conrad novels and a bit less Friederich Hayek tracts, ya know?

  24. I see the folks in the Reason newsroom rolled “tranny” today. If we’re lucky, they’ll roll a one for tomorrow and get back to Trump.

    1. One Tranny story a day does not a Trump-Trumping make

      1. But if they’re adding trannies they have to take out MOAR TRUMP!!1! Don’t you see? Don’t you get it, man?!

  25. Trigger warning: haven’t and won’t read original study

    Shocking results:

    After analyzing the survey results, psychologists split the difference, showing that females, on average, were about twice as likely to associate cash flow with love and emotion, whereas men were about twice as likely to see money as a sign of power and freedom, though the feelings were not mutually exclusive.

      1. the stuff they call “rap” these days. geezus. someone bury that body

        1. Are you denying the genius of such lyrics as:

          Just got rich
          Took a broke nigga bitch
          I can make a broke bitch rich
          But I don’t fuck with broke bitches

          King Sun has nothing on that shit!

        2. I was just lamenting the state of rap with some friends this weekend. There doesn’t seem to be any popular music similar to Black Star/Tribe, which is a shame.

          That being said, this is a better Hoes-themed song than the one shared by Homo Milkshake

          1. I think Riff Raff, Action Bronson, Joell Ortiz all have some good tracks

            but mostly because it sounds like something from 15 years ago when rappers still rapped.

            1. Problem is, as I see it, is overspecialization. All of the best lyricists are in the rap battle circuit, which, without the musicality, can sound like a fucking poetry slam. Vice versa, the ones with the best musicality have basically become R&B singers who don’t sing.

              1. That was an insult poetry slam! My goodness.

              2. “all of the best lyricists are in the rap battle circuit”

                meh. I like rap music.

                Not the “battle-lyrics” backpacker hiphop thing.

                In the late 90s/early 2000s there seemed to be a schizm between these ‘lyrical purists’ and the people who listened to rap before it was cool, and just liked it as “music”.

                Elpee and Co Flow/Rawkus seemed to be the first label catering to the purely-snotty-backpack-rap types. Fans of those people would deride stuff like Jay-Z as “sellouts” and call anything that sold more than a 100 records “mainstream”

                I still hate them. (*although i like the Run the Jewels incarnation w/ Elpee)

                There’s a happy medium between having “no lyrics at all”, and being a “polysyllabic SAT-word spitting Ezra Pound with an attitude”. It involves having a voice that sounds interesting, and saying 2-3 clever things in a track that make it worth paying attention to what the fucker is saying.

            2. Yes. A friend has tried to get me into Action Bronson, but my old man side refuses. I do like too much Childish Gambino, though.

  26. After my wonderfully witty comment about turtle soup was deleted in the earlier thread, I just cannot find any enthusiasm for comments tonight.

    I blame Gillespie.

    1. It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.

      1. *uncorks Castello di Farnetella Chianti, drums fingers on tabletop, and sighs heavily*

  27. Hey I know that councilman advocating for legalizing prostitution. He helped out on our float for the OKC gay pride parade one year. Nice guy. His proposal will go nowhere.

    1. …there’s a gay pride parade in OKC?

  28. This is the beer of the night. It is damn good.

    1. Looks tasty. I’m drinking Pilsner Urquell right now. I’m usually an IPA guy but I’ve been craving those saaz hops lately.

    2. “13.00% ABV”

      That would do it.

      1. 2014 Vintage is 14% ABV. Amazing it still gets to be considered beer.

  29. Goddamn, I love thigh biscuits in my meat hooks!

    1. Tell me more about these thigh biscuits…

      1. Flesh. Smooth. Tinged with lace. Echoing the waning sun. Roundacious. Plumpaglee. Smooshagasmo. The vectors of erections. Giant killing.

      2. For some reason, now I can’t unimagine AC as a psycho from Borderlands.

  30. A recent study by Experian found that millennials are making student loan debt more of a priority. That’s in contrast to the previous generation, Gen X, which prioritized getting credit cards.

    Okay… that may have something to do with the fact that college is considerably more expensive for Millennials than Gen Xers. Which has something to do with how retardedly easy it is to qualify for a student loan.

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