Suspect in Murder of Texas Deputy in Court, Vice Crew Arrested in Turkey, DNC's Love of Black Lives Matter Not Mutual: P.M. Links


  • The prequel to "Unfriended"?
    "We Are Your Friends"

    The suspect accused of walking up behind a Texas deputy at a gas station and shooting him to death for no apparent reason appeared in court today.

  • A news crew working for Vice has been imprisoned in Turkey and accused of assisting ISIS, a charge the media company called "baseless."
  • In advance of an expected release this evening of more of Hillary Clinton's emails from her stint as secretary of state, the State Deparment has found 150 more emails containing classified information.
  • Texas Gov. Rick Perry continues to lose campaign staff for his presidential run due to money problems.
  • The Democratic National Committee has passed a resolution supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, prompting the network to make it clear that this is not some mutual love-in, stating in a response, "Resolutions without concrete change are just business as usual."
  • A massive natural gas field has been found off the coast of Egypt, which could ease the country's need for oil imports and potentially serve half of the country's gas needs.
  • Did you see We Are Your Friends at the theater this weekend? No you did not. Nobody did. It ranks as one of the worst opening weekends for a widely released movie in box office history, bringing in just $1.8 million. It did worse than The Adventures of Pluto Nash, people!

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  1. “Resolutions without concrete change are just business as usual.”

    But you’re voting D anyway, right?

    1. Oh, they will extract concessions.

      1. Like the official t-shirt concession (and that’s the sweetest plum!)

    2. Hello.

      A massive natural gas field has been found off the coast of Egypt, which could ease the country’s need for oil imports and potentially serve half of the country’s gas needs.

      I bet they’ll make a mess of it and then blame the Jews.

      1. You’re discounting Israel’s demonstrated capacity to sabotage those who are her allies.

        1. Paging Los Doyers and a penis joke for To.

          1. I come when called.


        2. Stop lying.

          1. USS Liberty

            Now fuck the hell off.

            But perhaps “sabotage” was the wrong word. Act of betrayal that for anyone else would have been an act of war with consequences.

            1. A single admittedly bizarre and outrageous incident does not a pattern make. Sorry, your neurotic obsession on Israel is yours alone.

              Love it when you spaz out and tell others to ‘fuck the hell off’ by the way. Your PB is showing.

              1. Didn’t Israel steal nuclear secrets and material from the US?

                1. Pay no attention to Pollard!

                2. Meh. Everyone spies on everyone.

      2. Eh, with the rise of idiots, Egypt and Israel have the best relations since Joseph was Pharaoh’s advisor. It’s as likely they’ll get some Israeli and Saudi help, at the very least with hooking them up with the right people.
        If al-Sisi manages to not fuck it up, he’ll instantly rise to Great Statesman status equal to Sadat’s. Hell, Ataturk himself was not able to let the economy go without fucking it up.

        1. Yes, this is true. But do not under estimate the value of blaming Jews when things go wrong.

          On a serious note, I’ve attended many Arab/Jewish functions. They get along just fine. Even in their political discourse it’s interesting to note there’s little hostility.

          1. do not under estimate the value of blaming Jews when things go wrong.

            Look, we as a human race have some 2,500 years of experience doing it – if it didn’t work, why would we keep it up for so long?

            1. Look, we as a human race have some 2,500 years of experience doing it – if it didn’t work, why would we keep it up for so long?

              Keeping it up for 2500 years? Viagra hasn’t been around that long.

            2. Perhaps, but you can’t deny Jews have been convenient scapegoats throughout European history and into 20th century Mid-East politics.

              On a side note, see Trudeau’s campaign ad rebutting the notion he’s not ready by the Conservatives? He actually flat out said he will tax the rich because… I forget his exact vapid words.

              Canada has a progressive tax system. That is, the more you make, the more you’re taxed. The rich already pay.

              He’s not ready.

              1. I know, I was being sarcastic, because hatred of Jews is what unites Christians, Muslims and pagans all over history. Reading a book about 1915 on Eastern Front right now, and surprise, surprise, Jews don’t make it good out of that one. Nothing compared to 25 years later, and it’s really sad seeing how Germans were considered least bad by far of the three Powers fighting in Jew-populated areas.

                He’s not ready.

                I disagree – he’s ready to take the country back to his Dad’s Days. Which is why Liberals elected him. His job is to be a vapid talky-face, get the nostalgia votes and anti-Harper votes and then let the Big Boys (Top Men) tell him what the country needs. It’s backfiring now that Liberals are in third, so any ABC votes go NDP.

                1. I did not detect the sarc.

                  Yeah, that’s why I went from not caring about the Liberals to loathing them for such a cynical move.

                  They took me for an idiot.

              2. Except that there are idiots who eat up the “tax the rich” garbage.

                1. Yup, but you have NDP for “tax the rich.” It’s their version of Reset Button – whatever the topic is, first thing is to tax the rich more, then come up with other stuff.

                2. Well, I wouldn’t vote for the New Dictators either.

    3. Really, no one’s gonna make a penis joke? You people.

      1. In the end, they just want the D.

      2. Sexual assault with a concrete dildo?

      3. Really, no one’s gonna make a penis joke?

        Los Doyers’ penis.

        Did you all laugh?

        1. The WhiteSnake is displeased with your tone. Watch your…back.

          1. I think you mean I should watch my ass.

            1. Sure, whatever makes you feel safer.

      4. Really, no one’s gonna make a penis joke? You people.

        Waddayoumean ‘you people’?

    4. I’m starting to wonder if this might be a historical turning point, where being black stops being an indicator of which way you vote.

      1. *spits coffee*

      2. I think as long as voting anything but (D) will continue to make you ridiculed as a ‘traitor to your race’, a watershed moment seems decades away at best.

        1. That’s where secret ballots come in. The election after the one in which a significant plurality of blacks vote other-than-(D) will be the one that matters. After that the white liberal punditocracy will STFU because they will not criticize black people as a group, only black individuals who are deemed race-traitors by people like Sharpton, Jackson, Coates and Harris-Perry.

          The last two presidential elections the (R) candidates took less than 10%, the 2004 election, where there was no black major-party candidate, the (R) candidate took 11%.

          1. Is this an opening for (L)?

  2. Texas Gov. Rick Perry continues to lose campaign staff for his presidential run due to money problems.

    Sounds like as president he’ll already be used to reducing government!

  3. …the State Deparment has found 150 more emails containing classified information.

    Was this national security classified or was it administration embarrassment classified?

    1. Classified-classified or just “classified?” Laws are for the little people.

    2. What difference, at this point, does it make?

  4. On Friday we didn’t have Trumpicle. Today we didn’t have one. That is excellent news, and allows me to make this the final week of Accomplished Female Athletes of Eastern and Central Europe series. Our long, website-wide nightmare may be over!
    Remember the Russian female curling team? We already had two members, Captain Anna Sidorova and second Alexandra Saitova. But why not look at the whole team, with Ekaterina Galkina and Margarita Fomina?
    Gallery of images, both in competition and on the glamor shoots. Includes shots from Women of Sochi calendar which Russian Olympic Federation put out just before the Olympics.
    Yes, I’m hoping the final week gets to go out with a bang.

    1. Our long, website-wide nightmare may be over!

      Trump is the nightmare referred to right?. Accomplished Female Athletes of Eastern and Central Europe is not a nightmare.

      1. Yes, Trump and specifically 3-4 or more Trump articles per day.

        1. Good, I was a little worried there for a moment.

          1. I am considering wrapping up the feature after Labour Day, though. It’s getting harder (hur hur) to find the good balance of looks and accomplishment. I guess I should wait for Gilmore’s verdict of fashionability of column vs Labour Day.

            1. I guess all good things must come to end.

            2. Labor Day. Labour Day is May 1.

              1. Not in Canada, because Fuck Commies!

            3. No more whites after Labor Day, I think that is the rule.

              1. Racist!

    2. I’m at home now.

      The Daily Faily did not fail.


    1. *cups hands around mouth to shout*

      Go back to where you came from!

      *ignores the surfacing memory of moving to Texas 4 years ago*

      1. “Stay in Ausinfornia!”

      2. You know who else moved from CA to TX?

        1. The Joads, if you read The Grapes of Wrath backwards?

            1. .ereht did uoy tahw ees I

          1. The Joads were from Oklahoma.

            1. Remember, for people who haven’t read Steinbeck, “joad” is just icky slang for ejaculate.

        2. It was a shoutout to Sloopy and Banjos.

          1. I was just about to guess Hitler.

          2. Lol, considering i crashed at their place during my 5 week road trip this summer, I should’ve guessed that.

    2. I have full confidence that Californians will not fuck Texas up and make it more like California!

      1. Whatever. The SoCal Reason drinking meet-ups are the envy of the NATION.

        1. …no they’re not.

          1. Social secretary jesse is saddened by this, Nikki.

          2. You’re right. I’m actually the only one everyone here envies.

            1. I envy the fact that your team got no-hit twice in nine days!

        2. This is true. Though I bet having libertarian meetings in Canada is way more hilarious.

      2. The inability of people to connect those dots never ceases to amaze me. But if you think that’s bad, come to the wretched hive of scum and villiany (MD/DC/NoVA). People here are blissfully insulated from the consequences of their horrible policies. It’s easy* to build a progressive utopia when you have a hundred million or so productive people elsewhere in the country to leech off of.

        * = In the sense that it’s “easy” to believe there are no problems when you have a cushy govt job and you can’t see any of those “unintended consequences” from your gated community

      3. Yankees and Californians are like hemorrhoids. If they come down and go back up, they’re not so bad. But when they come down and stay in Texas, they’re a source of constant irritation.

  5. Shameless self-promotion: I’m selling things on zazzle. Randomly updated with new things from time to time.

    1. What does it say on the t-shirt? I can’t make it out.

      1. If you scroll down to the “About this design” part of the page, I give the quote used on the T-shirt. Also if you click on the “view larger” next to the image of the shirt, the image of the words as they appear on the shirt is more legible.

    2. Anon-obot has ‘Shameless Self-Awareness’ down. Expect Judgement Day in 3… 2…

  6. It did worse than The Adventures of Pluto Nash, people!

    But was it actually worse? Because that’s a pretty low bar to limbo under.

    1. Nobody expected Pluto Nash to be soooooooooo (breaths in) oooooooooo horrid until people actually saw it.

      Anybody who saw the preview of this movie and said “I know what I’m doing this week-end!” is a candidate for shock-therapy.

    2. I have been curious about Pluto Nash for years. You’d think that a bomb like that would be free on cable all the time, but it never is.

    3. This one has Emily Ratajkowski, so it can’t be that terrible.

  7. imprisoned in Turkey and accused of assisting ISIS

    They should have stayed in the US where this kind of arrest and prosecution never happens.

    1. Good one, Aunty.

  8. “shooting him to death for no apparent reason”


    1. Its true. Whoever shot that deputy had no cause anyone can determine.

    2. We must not connect a large, well publicized anti-police movement with anti-police violence. just like the fact that before the suspect was captured, media reports on his description painfully avoided mentioning his race. Of course we will not know anything for sure until the facts are all in, but pretending to be utterly mystified at violence against the police, when the top film this week prominently includes the song “Fu** tha Police”

      1. “We must not connect a large, well publicized anti-police movement with anti-police violence. ”

        The media and other cop suckers would like to conflate the two. We must loudly condemn unprovoked violence in all its forms. Like Muslims condemning suicide bombings.

  9. No, failing to breastfeed your child will not make it stupid. Or fat. Or whatever.

    1. Infants in the treatment group ? who, remember, were more likely to be breastfed ? had fewer gastrointestinal infections (read: less diarrhea) and were less likely to experience eczema and other rashes. However, there were no significant differences in any of the other outcomes considered. These include: respiratory infections, ear infections, croup, wheezing and infant mortality.

      Sounds like there are benefits, even if a lot of them are exaggerated.

      1. Yeah, those are literally the only two.

        1. You’re just jealous of us Breast-Feed Ubermensch.

          1. Way to throw in the ironic misspelling.

            1. There’s a ‘John’ in my name for a reason.

        2. Hey, less diarrhea sounds like a good enough reason.

          1. You’re just a shill for Big Breast.

            1. I…won’t deny that.

          2. A good enough reason to…spend hours every day expressing milk? Torture yourself if you can’t or don’t have time to? Torture other women who can’t, don’t have time, or don’t want to?

            I mean, that’s what all the stats in favor of how great it is are used for, after all.

            1. I’m a little confused, if breastfeeding is that bad after 9 months of labor, why even have children?

              1. 9 MONTHS OF LABOR.

                1. 9 MONTHS OF LABOR.

                  does that still count as vivipary?

            2. ‘that’s what all the stats in favor of how great it is are used for, after all.”

              actually global breastfeeding advocates mostly focus on developing-world issues where over-promotion of formula tends to have far higher health risks due to lack of clean water and reduced immunity to infection, etc.

              Do any search for nestle’s role in the developing world back in the 1970s-1990s- they were Monsanto before it was cool.

              Also, there are more than those few health issues connected w/ Breastfeeding… but neither here nor there. I fail to see what the issue is if its just a personal choice.

              1. It’s not a problem if it’s a personal choice. But I’m sure you know middle-class white women have been beating each other up over it for years now.

                1. Many of us have probably been assaulted by representatives of La Leche League while still on the obstetrics unit. When our son was born 13 years ago, one of these ladies actually came in while my wife was in labor to indoctrinate the two of us on the joys of nursing. My wife was about to tell her to go to hell on principle alone (as she did breast-feed exclusively for the first six weeks anyway) but I managed to convince her it would be much easier just to agree to whatever the lady asked and then she would go away.

                  It did seem kind of scary, though, to imagine what would have happened if she didn’t go along with it. This was the Bay Area, after all. I could have just imagined a bunch of lactating women in SWAT gear threatening to take us out unless we complied.

                  1. Why was that woman allowed to waltz through an obstetrics unit harassing the patients? Would I, as an anti genital-mutilation activist, get the same treatment?

                    For the record: Not that I actually would do that, of course. Dick move and all that. And ineffective.

                    1. anti genital-mutilation activist
                      Dick move


                2. ” I’m sure you know middle-class white women have been beating each other up over it for years now.”

                  Meh. I know a few who’ve resorted to Wet Nurses. Its a serious expense, but still, if the babysitter can also provide adjunct-titty, they can charge more. Others go full breast-pump and self-abuse because they’re the types that think anything else is corporate poison. Others I’ve known gone formula only after X weeks(?) and don’t make any apologies. When the subject comes up I tend to turn to the men in the room and go = “Beer?” and proceed to tune everything else out.

                  I did some projects for formula companies on the DHA-fortification thing, which is how i happen to have a little epidemiological background info.

                  Aside from the Global Activists who are trying to prevent formula use by po-folk, there’s also some people in the US who want to prevent it being over-used as part of the WIC program. Long term health problems of the poor, they say… tho the data is sort of all over the place.

              2. actually global breastfeeding advocates mostly focus on

                In what universe? Every breastfeeding advocate I’ve met in the process of my wife having kids said nothing about the third world and everything about how evil doctors and crass consumerism are causing us to emotionally abandon our kids by denying them mother’s milk.

                The breastfeeding social clique was all I needed to realize that nosey mothers are the biggest threat to new parents and their ability to raise children without the constant fear that their every action was dooming their kids to some disorder of some sort.

                1. “‘Every breastfeeding advocate I’ve met …:”

                  Which was kind of my point. The breastfeeding-as-social-cause has been around for 30+ years, and the emphasis they originally placed on Developing World stuff has *more legitimacy* than most of what your local First World do-gooding busybody moans about.

                  I wasn’t saying the latter don’t exist… just that the former, who really pioneered the issue, had a point which has largely been lost by the aforementioned, ‘middle-class white wimmins’

            3. I was a staunch advocate of breast feeding for all three of our kids. No way I was going to allow my kids to be poisoned by Big Formula.

              Of course, the main benefit I saw in breast feeding was that I didn’t have to do any feeding.

      2. Are there any psychological benefits? Some suggest those who weren’t breastfed have trouble with intimacy later in life. At least that’s the excuse I’ve always used…

      3. Sounds like there are benefits, even if a lot of them are exaggerated.

        Causation was established?

        1. The best benefit is passing along the maternal immune system to the baby. But this mostly occurs during the first four weeks of nursing after birth.

    2. Vegan friends of mine breastfeed their baby, and the kid is gigantic. So, breastfeeding can make your baby huge, too.

      1. Gestational diabetes can make your kid gigantic too.

        1. It is like slightly smaller stay puft marshmallow man.

          1. Look at the size of that boy’s heed! I’m not kidding, it’s like an orange on a toothpick.

            1. Its a virtual planetoid! Its got its own weather system.

      2. Maybe they shouldn’t breastfeed 3 year olds.

      3. I sincerely hope they don’t raise that child vegan.

        1. Me too, but I doubt they will.

    3. The picture was a disappointment.

    4. My mom was weird and refused to breastfeed me or my brother. I guess I turned out fine even though I’ve always had a not-so-great relationship with her.

      1. So, Juice, are you a breast man or a leg man?

  10. A news crew working for Vice has been imprisoned in Turkey and accused of assisting ISIS, a charge the media company called “baseless.”

    Ironic given that Turkey was financing ISIS at one point.

    1. That’s how you can tell it’s a fake charge. If they were assisting ISIS, Turks would at worst give them a blind eye, and more likely help them get into Syria.

    1. I love watching the social justice movement eat itself. LOVE it.



        1. Spread some wiener love.

          (actual ad. WTF)

      2. Soy-beef does not feel like lamb….nor Epi’s mom.

        1. nor Epi’s mom.

          Something something yeast rolls.

          1. But after Epi’s Mom, you can brew your own beer?

            1. Bobarian Reserve: Doppledick

              “Take a big, long swallow!”

        2. Crap

          “Soy-beef does not feel as good as lambskin…nor Epi’s mom”

          Would have been so much better

      3. So problematic.

      4. I have a theory that all McDonalds ad campaign meetings are begun with a “Bring On The Stupid!” chant.

    2. B?/Bae is also the Danish word for poop. So who’s appropriating who here?

    3. People actually use the word “bae” unironically?


      If by “wack” one means “great and gets you really high

  11. Did you see We Are Your Friends at the theater this weekend? No you did not. Nobody did. It ranks as one of the worst opening weekends for a widely released movie in box office history, bringing in just $1.8 million.

    Good. Emily Ratjakowski will have no choice but to go back to being naked. Operation Jiggletits was a complete success.

    1. She is stunning. Especially when she is not wearing clothes, which should happen more often.

      1. She’s OK. But I still think the Black model in the Blurred Lines video was hotter. Apparently, I’m the only one…

    2. We are your friends,
      We are the children
      We are the ones to make a better day
      So let’s start giving….

  12. Shit progressives say.

    Uber drivers like the fact that they make their own hours and Grubhub workers like the tips they get. While they don’t have the protections of a typical labor force, they get advantages as well. When I ask people how they like driving for Uber, by far the most popular reply is “it’s great”, or “love it”.

    So Long Verge So Long Verge
    I suspect there’s a corporate manual that says ? “Hey contract worker, when the customer asks if you like it here, acceptable responses are “it’s great” or you “love it. Ad lib if you must, but it’s all good.”

    Yes, don’t believe the Uber drivers when they say they like the job. They’re all being forced to say that by the nefarious Uber corporate manuals.

    1. Obviously if I don’t like it, nobody could possibly ever like it!

      /Empathy-laden Progressive

      Seriously, the entire Progressive movement revolves around ego, envy, greed, and projection. Progressives (including the Republican ones) are either woefully ignorant or just plain evil.

    2. It’s the same way they feel about sex workers. Or people making minimum wage. Anybody who doesn’t agree with them must be forced to disagree. Because they clearly otherwise never would.

      1. Sometimes they’re not being forced, sometimes they just don’t know any better!

        This is why we need to make their decisions for them.

        /4 da CHILDZRENZ!

    3. It’s a variation on women/blacks who are conservative/libertarian aren’t real women/blacks.

    4. God, I ran into some progderp about Uber earlier today. Some of them are really turning hard on it. Fucking corporation!!!1

      It gives a clear example that many people simply cannot think like an economist as Sowell describes it. They never ask, “compared to what?” Uber doesn’t always serve handicapped customers! Grrr! But we all know our local taxifolk are eager to pick up the guy in a wheelchair. Uber drivers have to use their own car and pay for their own gas, not like those cab drivers who… lease a cab and may have to pay for their own gas.

      It’s pathetic.

    5. Yes, don’t believe the Uber drivers when they say they like the job. They’re all being forced to say that by the nefarious Uber corporate manuals.

      Exactly. Even if it was in a “manual” somewhere, so what? Uber isn’t actually their employer. Uber just provides referrals. Of course, the more these people insist that Uber actually is the drivers’ employer, the more you’ll see actual policies with teeth. Foreseeable consequences are a bitch. I also like how these are the same sorts of people who will sue a company for any action by one of its employees, even when there’s no plausible way the company was responsible, then turn around and bitch that there’s a policy manual for every little fucking thing. Did I mention foreseeable consequences already?

  13. Cultural Libertarians

    Brietbart has an article trying to carve out a new term for people who oppose the SJW tactics that define our current political discourse. I’m not sure that they make a great case anything other than there being people who are not SJWs, but it’s an interesting read regardless and seems to be generating some buzz.

    something something cultural libertarian moment something something.

    1. Lauren Southern has a reply to the article that is pretty good:

      1. I love Lauren Southern, but I personally don’t think she’s really a good fit for this “stand in one place and talk for 5 minutes” Rebel Media videos.

        Her Slutwalk videos are amazing though.

        1. She’s 19. She’ll get better.

          1. She’s 19

            Really? I thought she’d be older than that.

            Whatever, she’s only like 6 years younger than I am, so I can still make this happen if I play my cards right. The first step is to actually meet her and I’m debating whether or not the best way to do this is to jump out of bushes as she walks to class or leap from the back of a nondescript van with a bundle of roses.

            Thoughts? Restraining orders?

            1. Thoughts?

              She’s only 3 years younger than I am. You stay away.

            2. Nevermind, I recalled reading that somewhere, but according to interviews she’s vague about her age and just says ‘around 20’.

              You keep away from our quality Canadian stock Irish. I won’t have your American uncouthness ruining our eugenics program.

              1. Quality? Canadian? Does not compute, EH.

              2. I can teach her things that would broaden her horizons far beyond that of a mere Canadian.

                I have been to the great State Fairs of Iowa and have witnessed the ritual frying of sticks of butter; I have glimpsed the sun rising grandly over vast seas of ugly strip malls; I have wandered the ancient hills of Wisconsin with the obese inhabitants of that wondrous fairy kingdom.

                I’ve seen things you couldn’t even believe.

                1. So what you’re saying is that you’ve never been able to pick up American chicks with Blade Runner quotes?

                2. [Music symbol that I’m too lazy to look up the utf code for] our state fair is a great state fair, don’t miss it or even be late!

                3. No love for the Minnesoda State Fair? We make the rest of them look like health freaks.

                  No Snickers Salad for you Irish!


        2. “Rebel Media”

          Please tell me you’re not loading up on that crap. It’s doomed to be yet another failure like everything else Ezra Levant gets involved with.

          Theo Caldwell had an insightful article up on that sight about what a shitshow Sun News was and how hey didn’t get paid. It was taken down, I presume because Ezra is a sensitive spiteful asshole.

          1. Please tell me you’re not loading up on that crap. It’s doomed to be yet another failure like everything else Ezra Levant gets involved with.

            I watch some of their videos because I like Lauren Southern and Gavin McInnes is sometimes funny. I don’t know what you mean by ‘loading up on that crap’ since if the website fails I don’t really give a shit.

            1. McInnes is an asshole who seriously told some career woman feminist that she’d be happier if she stayed in the home. “The Rebel” is for people to dumb to figure out what they believe beyond not liking Liberals and political correctness.

              1. As we all know, Cytotoxic’s insight into people’s motivations is substantial.

                Oh wait, he’s incapable of understanding other people’s motivations because he’s a vapid narcissist.

                1. What’s with your fixation on me lately? Why would being a narcissist prevent me from understanding other’s motivations? I get that your butthurt over me pwning you at some point or something. Just let it go.

                  1. Why would being a narcissist prevent me from understanding other’s motivations?

                    Because that’s relevant to the actual clinical definition of narcissism and you have repeatably shown that you are completely unable to empathize with anyone?

                    You consistently act like a spoiled, self-obsessed brat. Your brilliant insight into Rebel Media viewers is to insult them because that’s the only thing you’re capable of. You have zero understanding of anything outside of your extremely narrow mindset. You’re fundamentally incapable of understanding other people’s motivations because you are so profoundly immature.

                    I get that your butthurt over me pwning you at some point or something.

                    The fact that you have to constantly tell yourself how great you are really just reveals how utterly pathetic you are.

                    1. Cool story bro. Armchair Shrink sure is a popular position in these parts, and you stink at it as much as the rest. I am CONSTANTLY empathizing with others IRL. I can’t make it stop!

              2. Yeah, he is an asshole. It’s also hilarious to watch him be a blatantly obvious douchebag troll to everyone.

                I don’t know why you’re taking the fact that I watch 5 minute Youtube videos from an organization you don’t like so personally.

                1. I’m not taking it ‘personally’. I don’t know where you get these weird ideas from at times.

                  1. I’m not taking it ‘personally’.

                    Says the person who immediately went on a rant about how horrible Levant and Rebel Media is (not to mention the motivations of people you, again, are incapable of understanding) because someone said something positive about one commentator on one video by Rebel Media. Sure, you didn’t take it personally.

                    Self-awareness really isn’t your thing, is it?

                    1. I have given an example of the shittiness of The Rebel and Ezra Levant because I think it is relevant and important to make sure people don’t have confidence in those they shouldn’t. Jesus go obsess over someone else.

              3. McInnes is an asshole who seriously …

                How can you tell he’s serious? He strikes me as a performance-artist/professional troll.

                “How to Be a Man” was pleasantly amusing though (

                1. Okay then he’s not serious and I still don’t like him.

            2. I only discovered this channel last week and have mostly enjoyed McInnes’s pieces. He’s a fun asshole. I think he’s really wrongheaded on immigration, but otherwise his rants are a nice, loud antidote to some of the nonsense being said out there.

      2. “Can you jump up and down?”

        1. Dammit, I can’t find the Married With Children clip that that’s from. Fucking youtube.

          1. Youtube kind of sucks for finding specific scenes from older tv shows. Or non spanish dubbed simpsons clips.

      3. Definitely thoughtful and well spoken. She makes some good points.

        1. She is always thoughtful and well spoken. That’s why I couldn’t believe she was 19, either.

        2. I totally would.

          Oh yes, good points and all that.

    2. Fact over feelings. Hand in hand with their commitment to free speech goes a loathing for narrative-led journalism. Cultural libertarians are highly critical of “feelings over facts” in general, but particularly where it gives rise to failures in reporting such as the Duke Lacrosse case, the Rolling Stone debacle, “Mattress Girl” Emma Sulkowicz and GamerGate.

      Emphasis added. LOLing hard.

      1. Especially laughable from Breitbart given their continual pumping of St. Donald the Thwarter of the Immigrant Horde.

        1. The whole point of that story was to create a narrative! ahhh

          1. Look, Nikki, if we don’t give people a narrative framework for resisting a narrative framework we’ll be unable to complain about narrative frameworks at all.

            1. I’ve thought about it, and I’m okay with that.

        2. “St. Donald the Thwarter of the Immigrant Horde”

          Ha! Good one, Irish.

      2. Center for a Stateless Society rolled out a thoughtful critique of the concept.

        1. You mean a bullshit critique right? Because this is as far as I got:

          Moreover, cultural libertarians are generally blind to structural oppression. They tend to view oppression as a phenomenon occurring on an individual or small group level, ignoring its systemic manifestations. Racism, sexism, and other cultural ills can’t be eradicated without an examination of the power structures within the world’s governments, media, criminal justice systems and other institutions.

          1. I’m assuming you missed this bit, which is below where you’re quoting then:

            Overall, there is value in cultural libertarianism just as there is value in social justice activism. Both sides are guilty of hyperbole and fail to acknowledge their own camp’s malicious elements. Instead, they tar the entirety of the other side as the problem. The shared attitude amongst both movements is, to paraphrase Scott Alexander, that they can tolerate anything except the outgroup.

            1. The value in social justice activism is, as far as a libertarian ought be concerned, purely negative.

            2. Forget it. He’s rolling.

    3. Were Breitbart’s writers always this stupid? When Andrew Breitbart was alive, it seemed that they were decent, but since he died they’ve gone full retard.

      1. was never good. I remember, from before Andrew died, they seriously had a (horribly written) article about how Bronies were the end of America, or something.

        1. Well, it’s certainly a sign of the ongoing wussification of Western culture, where you have adult men watching a cartoon meant for pre-pubescent girls

  14. Why is Reason retiring the Nanny of the month lady?

    1. B/c that’s what libertarians do: throw old people out on to the (virtual) street.

  15. Is this the dumbest immigration tu quoque ever?

    Here’s the irony: Berkeley, Philadelphia, and Washington DC are “sanctuary cities,” where local law enforcement or other government bodies have openly declared they won’t enforce illegal immigration laws?at least, not against foreign citizens. The University of California-Berkeley is a national leader in openly enrolling and providing tax-sponsored tuition writeoffs and other supports to illegal immigrants. So while these city governments welcome illegal foreign immigrants to, among other things, enroll their kids in local schools (the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 1982 that public schools must educate illegal immigrants), those same local schools are prosecuting U.S. citizens for doing the same thing.

    Has no one at The Federalist heard of property taxes? Or do they just think illegal immigrants magically don’t pay them?

    1. Fact over feelings. Hand in hand with their commitment to free speech goes a loathing for narrative-led journalism. Cultural libertarians are highly critical of “feelings over facts” in general, but particularly where it gives rise to failures in reporting such as the Duke Lacrosse case, the Rolling Stone debacle, “Mattress Girl” Emma Sulkowicz and GamerGate.

      Emphasis added. LOLing hard.

      1. Ugh, should have gone under jesse’s link.

    2. So I am really not trying to be dense here, but how is it that illegals are paying property taxes? How did they buy their house? In cash? And even if they did pay cash, what taxpayer ID number are they using? And if they got a loan, what kind of ID did these folks use when they applied for the loan?
      I am not trying to argue with you, but I am just having a hard time with this.

      1. I assume most of them rent. Property taxes are priced into rents for everyone.

        1. Property taxes are priced into rents for everyone.

          Econ fail.

          Supply and demand is the determinant of rent.

          If supply/demand rent doesn’t cover the property tax, the landlord will likely still rent the place out because recovering 90% of property tax via rent is better than covering 0% of property tax via rent, so the renter is indirectly paying some property taxes. Property upkeep won’t be so good though.

          1. And if the property is chronically unprofitable and ends up abandoned? People may be willing to take a loss for a period of time for various reasons, but if the property is a chronic money suck they’re going to try to get rid of it.

          2. I imagine the *taxes* will get paid, or the tenant will have a new landlord (either on that property or another one, after the sale!).

      2. If you’re renting, you’re paying property taxes indirectly – unless your landlord/lady just covers that out of his/her own pocket. Now, do illegals pay for property taxes at the same per child rate as natives? Maybe not…but maybe, given that property taxes don’t stop when your kids aren’t in school any more (or, if you’re like me, live with their mother in a different district…).

      3. Even renters are paying property taxes as part of the cost of their rental. It’s just being mediated by the property owner.

        1. Yes. I remember sitting in on the debate over a zoning ordinance change for the municipality which surrounded the school were I got my undergrad from. The locals were trying to restrict student rentals, but couldn’t come right out and do that.

          One of the locals’ arguments for the ordinance change was a concern over subsidizing students that have kids and who send their kids to the local public school. The argument went something like, “The students are renters, not owners, so they don’t pay property tax!” Several landlords got up and said a) none of their student tenants have kids, b) none of them knew of student tenants with kids in the area the zoning ordinance change would effect, and c) no landlord pays property tax because their tenants pay property tax through rental payments. One of those landlords added, “So who’s subsidizing whom?”

          Everything the landlords said went over the locals’ heads.

      4. Even when you rent you end up paying property taxes.

      5. Fair enough. I didn’t think about rent. And yes, as we all know, taxes on corporations are passed on to their customers. Property taxes as well.

  16. The suspect accused of walking up behind a Texas deputy at a gas station and shooting him to death for no apparent reason appeared

    If “Fuck you, that’s why” works for the police, why not for the non-cops?

    1. This story is…quite annoying for me, living in the area. Non-stop talking about it, and if I see the word “hero” or “brother” (from every other LEO in the state!) one more time, I may just barf. Yes, the individual who did this is a murderer and deserves the full penalty of the law. No, police officers shouldn’t be shot on sight (well, not all of them – I think there’s a case for more than a few that have made headlines here). But this guy didn’t actually “die in the line of duty”, I’ve seen zero evidence that he’s a hero of any sort, nor have I seen any evidence that there’s an “all out war” on cops.

      *Steps off soapbox*

      Thanks. Had to get that out of my head, and did it here to avoid the backlash I’d get for posting it anywhere else.

      1. Oh, I wouldn’t worry about it. My guess is that this one will go down the memory hole almost as quickly as the one where the reporter got shot on live TV. My money says you’ll have heard the last of this one by the end of the week.

        Just a hunch I’ve got…

  17. Seinfeld has expressed doing comedy on campuses is hard work because of the idiots that lurk in the halls of academia and has now been shut down for operating a lemonade stand.

    I wonder if he was/is a progressive. Because if he is, what do they call this again?

    1. Fair-weather moderate Democrat maybe? Wiki says he donated to both George W. Bush and Al Gore, as well as a much of Democratic candidates in the primaries in 2000 and 2004. Also he cancelled an event for Donald Trump when Trump was obsessing over Obama’s birth certificate (which really just goes to show that he’s sane).

      1. Heard Trump call Anthony Weiner a perv today.

  18. It did worse than The Adventures of Pluto Nash, people!

    It’s been a rough month for movies, what with this and the apparently godawful Fantastic Four -reimagined-remake-remake.

    1. If we combine it, maybe it’s time for Pluto Nash remake?

      Seriously, Holywood, how about you remake bad or mediocre movies that had something good about them instead of stuff we like? Worked for the Maltese Falcon!

      1. Are you calling for a remake of ‘Hudson Hawke’?

        1. Let’s start with Last Action Hero. I thought it was pretty good, just needed a little more. But Hudson Hawke might work, too.

          1. Probably would work even better without the superfluous “e”

            1. Not a Dragon Age 2 fan? Don’t blame you…

    2. Yeah, what happened there with the F4?

      1. Far as I can tell, the director was a massive ass who showed up drunk or stoned to work everyday, but had a specific, weird ‘Cronenberg-esque'(as he called it in interviews) interpretation of the Fantastic Four. The studio didn’t like his cut of the movie so they spent a couple million dollars more on reshoots, which are apparently really easy to notice in the movie because Sue wears an awful wig.

        Red Letter Media’s review covered a lot of it.

    1. breading dangerous diseases in private homes.

      Isn’t this a good thing? Everything is better when it’s been ‘breaded.’ Yum!

      1. I’ll take the MRSA hush puppies and the deep fried E. Coli, please!

  19. The suspect accused of walking up behind a Texas deputy at a gas station and shooting him to death for no apparent reason appeared in court today.

    No apparent reason other than being consistently told by media that every cop in the country is simply murdering black people for kicks.

    1. If the arrested guy actually did it, his police record reflects several “failure to comply” and oppositional incidents with cops going back a decade. Again, IF the suspect did it, he was thoroughly primed before the last year’s media terror stories.

      1. Because of course those failure to comply and oppositional incidents were in no way related to his actual failure to comply or antagonistic behaviours but rather some nefarious plot by the evil white Klansmen of the local constabulary to oppress an entirely genteel and upstanding citizen because of his color.

        1. Or it could have been statist goons acting like statist goons.

          1. Yeah, HCSO isn’t exactly a saintly group. The roadside body cavity searches, the Ibarra brothers’ treatment for photography…Did this guy deserve what happened? No. Could someone from Houston/Harris County – a minority from a less-than-stellar area, if the ZIP code in the CNN story is correct – have been treated poorly on many occasions by LEOs? Oh yeah.

        2. Yeah, that’s it. Any opposition to the police state and constant arrests (especially of African-Americans) for “failure to comply” means that one believes in some nefarious plot by KKK white people or whatever the fuck you’re saying. You’re a fucking moron, Tulpae.

          1. I’m gonna call you neutron star going forward to reflect your massive density.

            The point isn’t that there aren’t significant concerns with the heavy-handedness and abusiveness of law enforcement. And fortunately sites like reason have been exposing that shit for years.

            But starting with Michael Brown (among the worst possible cases to highlight police abuse since it was far less cut and dry than sundry others like Tamir Rice or SC etc), a narrative began to get pushed that this kinda thing happens exclusively to black people and happens because of some insidious plot of white power structures. The results are more animosity on both sides, leading to killings like this and the NYPD officers in December, as well as an overall more antagonistic climate in inner city policing that puts the lives of both citizens and cops in greater danger.

            1. When you say “neutron star” for something dense, you really mean a white dwarf. AND RACISM!!

              See, you’re part of the conspiracy too.

              1. When you say “neutron star” for something dense, you really mean a white dwarf.

                but, neutron degenerate matter is denser than electron degenerate matter…

      2. At least he never got charged with making eye contact with a cop:…..index.html

        Keep your head down and know your place…

  20. Spot the Not: jihadi song lyrics

    1. fear no danger, shun no labor

    2. the Islamic state has risen by the blood of the righteous

    3. the Islamic state has risen by the jihad of the pious

    4. don’t despair, victory is near

    5. victory will not return except by the blood of the martyrs

    6. [sound of gunshots] the sun of steadfastness has risen

      1. So this is how evil music sounds like, huh.

    1. 1 is the Not. That is from a Confederate battle song:


  21. Spot the Not: intimidation

    1. these warriors trained elephants to bang gongs

    2. this warplane had a siren that made a terrifying scream

    3. these warriors would make buzzing noises to sound like a swarm of bees

    4. these ancient warriors would bang their swords on their shields in unison

    5. these horsemen wore wooden wings that banged on their armor made a terrifying sound when they charged

    6. these warriors wore bear or wolf skins to intimidate their enemies

    1. 3 – the Wu Tang clan were not technically warriors

    2. The elephants from 1 have retired to painting with watercolors

      2 was a Nazi divebomber, IIRC.

      4 sounds Spartan
      6 sounds Apache

      I’ll go with 3

      1. 2 was the Ju-87 “Stuka”, specifically.

      2. 6 are Norse berserkers (bear skins) or ulfhednar (wolf skins).

        1. ‘Olaf, “Berserker!”‘

          1. “What am I, his fuckin’ biographer?”

    3. 2 is Stuka, 5 are Winged Hussars (FUCK YEAH! Awesomest-Looking Cavalry Ever!), 4 and 6 seems plausible. I’ll go with 1, there are better uses for elephants on the battlefield, up to and including rampaging through your own troops.

      1. Given ancient metallurgy (remember the Viking sword video Wart linked to?), 4 is the not.

        1. I assume they’re striking using their pommels, not blades.

    4. 1 is the Not. The rest in order are the Ju-87 Stuka, Zulus, Roman legionnaires, Polish winged hussars, and Viking berserkers.

      Prize for winners: During the Vietnam war, the US used a sound machine that played spooky ghost noises. The idea was to exploit the Vietnamese belief that unburied dead would wander the earth as hungry ghosts. It was called Operation Wandering Soul.

  22. OH NOES,

    Sexual Assault Survey Yields “1 in 20” Instead of 1-in-5

    Ah, but one in a million would still be *too many*, and therefore problematic

    1. You need to be moar rapey, people.

      1. That’s the Larry Graham album I DONT have. 🙂

        Or rather, i think i have all the Graham Central Station records, and maybe one of his subsequent disco/soul things.

        Of that era, my favorite “ex member of great funk band” soul-singer-who-does-disco/soul-crossover is Lenny White (former ToP singer)

        1. (whoops – lenny williams… lenny white being the great jazz/funk drummer)

        2. double-footnote =

          I honestly had no idea that lenny williams song included a montage of naked hairy-chested men. I mean seriously, wtf. Thanks a lot, youtube. all my favorite disco has 70s gay-porn mixed in now.

    2. “1 in 5” usually refers to women being assaulted over the course of their entire college experience; this 1 in 20 result refers is for any student over only the past year. Depending on how long they remain in college and how many are “assaulted” multiple times, that could quite plausibly morph into 1 in 5.

      The fluffy, undetailed “preliminary results” are here. What stands out but is not surprising is that “sexual assaults” includes “unwanted sexual experiences… that occurred because… they were able to consent due to voluntary drinking or taking drugs”. It does not specify whether they must have been incapacitated or if intoxication was sufficient, but I would assume the latter; also, when it says that it includes instances where “someone attempted to force them to have sex, but were able to escape”, it doesn’t specify whether that applies only to assaults where “they were physically forced”, or to everything it classifies as an assault, even if it did not use the word “force” (i.e., if it includes “a guy tried to have sex with me when I was drunk but I said no” — I suspect not, but it’s possible).

      One thing I found intriguing, but don’t have any particular explanation for, is that 62.5% of reported assaults occurred in an off-campus location not affiliated with the university. Maybe everyone there lives in apartments?

      1. If it follows the pattern of previous similar surveys, they never actually *ask* anyone if they were “assaulted”, and instead dance around it asking lots of behavioral history questions than post-facto decide on behalf of the ‘victims’ who qualifies.

        Of course they’ll come up within the right “range”. I suspect if anything they’re trying to make their headline-# sound more plausible while selling the same stats a different way.

    3. So, what you’re saying, Gilmore, is:

      Their statistics just went

      :puts on sunglasses:

      down the Tubes…?

      /Uhg…I actually did that.

      1. (Slow sarcastic clap)

        1. Thank you. It’s more than I deserve. 🙂

  23. I read a funny police report the other day about a man who was arrested for running around naked in a parking lot. The report said “suspect is incoherent; only says he loves cocaine and needs more cocaine”.

    1. If running around naked expressing your love for drugs is wrong then I don’t want to be right.

    2. I think he made his point.

    3. Look it was all a misunderstanding, and it was very hot out.

    4. Yeah, I think that’s very coherent statement. But damn you, cops, Pamela Poovey is all woman who just needs some love, not a man!

      1. who just needs some love

        of course by “love” we mean cocaine.

        1. Fat Pam Coked out Season 5 Pam.

    1. OK, fuck them already. Declare them equivalent of pirates, call them Hostis Humani Generis, and apply the same rules that were applied to pirates and slavers. There, international law and US constitution both satisfied.

      1. ” Declare them equivalent of pirates'”


        You know, this never actually occurred to me before? but its actually the perfect legal framework by which states should be engaging terrorist groups.

        I’m sure someone has probably written something at FP/Foreign Affairs along those lines….

        Boom. 10 years ago. I bet there’s a ton more.

        “Until 1856, international law recognized only two legal entities: people and states. People were subject to the laws of their own governments; states were subject to the laws made amongst themselves. The Declaration of Paris created a third entity: people who lacked both the individual rights and protections of law for citizens and the legitimacy and sovereignty of states. This understanding of pirates as a legally distinct category of international criminals persists to the present day, and was echoed in the 1958 and 1982 U.N. Conventions on the Law of the Sea. The latter defines the crime of piracy as “any illegal acts of violence or detention, or any act of depredation, committed for private ends.” This definition of piracy as private war for private ends may hold the crux of a new legal definition of international terrorists. ‘”

        1. In fact people made the Piracy comparison as early as 2001, shortly after 9/11 (albeit not fleshed out in legal form)

          1. It’s as stupid as making all kinds of “assisting terror groups” bullshit crimes for things that are straight up treason, like going to join a group of assholes shooting troops from your country. You can blather “terrorist/freedom fighter” and “founding fathers” all day, but it’s like, dictionary definition.

        2. Is this different than Ron Paul’s position? He called for using letters of marque and reprisal for bin Laden. I think he even submitted a bill proposing it.

          1. Thank you. I couldn’t think of the specific proposal for tagging them pirates previously and it was driving me nuts.

          2. Yes. Based on recognized international law (1856 Paris Declaration and 1907 Hague convention), privateering is not something that states are allowed to do, though US reserved the right to do so. As Gilmore’s link above states, privateering is what led to piracy getting out of hand and Paris Declaration was drafted to stop it.
            More importantly, Letters of Marque and Reprisal are issued to private citizens to capture ships of opposing state during the state of war. Pirate hunting comissions were a different matter, and fell out of favor in 18th century, compared to using real navies to supress them. So no, Ron Paul “let’s not fight anywhere” approach does not work if you declare them pirates. Just takes care of “how do we treat them?” legal question.

          3. … I don’t know Ron Paul’s position, but i could infer he’d be using it as an “alternative” to actual war against the fuckers, rather than a writ-large open ended policy of “killing these fuckers on sight” being the status quo of any allied nations.

            Meaning, he’d likely fixate only on the ‘privateering’ part of pirate-killing, rather than the quasi-war status that declaring them as such would entail.

      2. If the Romans were still around every member of ISIS would probably be crucified along the Via Maris by now.

        1. Given how much trouble the Romans had once you got past the coast of the middle east, this isn’t a given.

          1. Trajan or Pompey would probably be able to handle it. Or Belisarius.

  24. A massive natural gas field has been found off the coast of Egypt, which could ease the country’s need for oil imports and potentially serve half of the country’s gas needs.

    And despite the rumors, it is NOT made of all the president’s speeches.

    The Democratic National Committee has passed a resolution supporting the Black Lives Matter movement

    …. even if their economic policies would suggest to any person of reason that their thinking could be labeled “Black Lives Matter Except Not That Much.”

    Texas Gov. Rick Perry continues to lose campaign staff for his presidential run due to money problems.

    “Just when I finally trained my horse not to eat, the Goddamned nag dies on me.”

    1. See – pirates!

      1. Ha! it gets even better

        1. I think we have something here! And though they would never dress like Western pirates, maybe we can convince them to style up with some Barbary Corsairs kit.

    1. I identify as a robotic unicorn with fire breath.

    2. “A furry will terrify children in a costume they’ve made that looks like something birthed from a nightmare into the real world; an otherkin will growl at ground beef in the supermarket, because they think that’s what hunting is.”

  25. Obama = Now Seriously Thinking About Shit He Promised in 2008

    “Now that this will be someone else’s problem” he offered, “I’m more open to dumping it on them”

    1. Seems like Progressives are more interested in others sharing their views than actual solutions. Actually fixing one of their perceived problems is secondary to acknowledging it exists.

    2. I’m waiting for someone to point out that everything that Obama says he wants to “fix” is something that got much worse during his presidency. Let’s start with income inequality and racial strife, and go from there.

      Many years ago there was a great ‘vote-R’ TV commercial with a presumptive Democrat politician (who looked just like Tip O’Neill) blathering on nonsensically in a car as it stalled. The tag-line was something like “the Democrats are out of gas, time to vote Republican.”

      If the R’s had any brains (a big if), they would do ads that highlight that everything that the Democrats say they will improve is a problem they either created or worsened.

  26. China = Opening High-Speed Rail Link to North Korea

    – Will transfer to donkey and slave-cart traffic at border.

      1. Your recovery must be going well.

        1. I am getting there. It didn’t hurt to laugh.

  27. I was at the house of a friend of a friend’s the other day. He’s a lot older than me. Married to a woman that didn’t care that she was wearing pajamas’s in the middle of the day while talking to us and was otherwise unconcerned about her appearance. They cussed openly in front of their daughter, who was disobedient. Their house is ugly. There was a wasp nest in the front yard and another in the backyard. Although it wasn’t dirty inside (but it wasn’t clean), there was stuff everywhere. It made me want to take a jerry can of gasoline and just burn everything.

      1. I was just sharing my thoughts and insights into everyday life. This is a blog post site isn’t it?

        1. That’s what Tumblr is for, get with the fucking program.

          1. I thought Tumblr was for self-shooters and women with self-esteem issues? (but I repeat myself).

              1. Hey! I am not a self-shooter!

    1. and people say you’re misanthropic. i don’t know where they get it.

    2. This is missing maymay arrows and a pepe.

  28. How the fuck is Clinton not indicted by now?

    Bill got impeached mostly on some bullshit, but no one can get it together to charge her with some actual, significant crimes?

    1. We will get right on that!

      /Obama’s DoJ

      1. Another lie to add to the list.

        “The check is in the mail.”
        “I’m from the government, I’m here to help.”
        “I won’t cum in your mouth.”

    2. How the fuck is Clinton not indicted by now?

      Because it’s not her turn?

    3. Paul krugman says today it is a fake scandal. Blames republicans on having cult like worshippers.

  29. Tail Dragger Imperial Stout is a good beer. What are you drinking?

    1. I’m still at work you EDT/CDT shitlord.

      1. Life’s a bitch.


          1. Yes, sauerkraut is good. Have some.

    2. Had Breckenridge Oatmeal Stout and Vanilla Porter earlier. Also a Traveler Lemon Shandy.

      1. Breckenridge makes some good stuff. I like their Vanilla Porter. I can’t remember if I’ve had their Oatmeal Stout.

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