Walmart to Ditch Semiautomatic Gun Sales, WDBJ7 Shooting Suspect Dead, U.K. Officials Suggest Sex-Segregated Train Cars: P.M. Links



  • Before he died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound this afternoon, Vester Lee Flanagan, the man suspected of shooting three WDBJ7 news employees in Virginia this morning, sent a 23-page manifesto to ABC News citing the Charleston church shooting as a motive for his attack.
  • Walmart says it will stop selling AR-15s and similar semiautomatic rifles. 
  • Ladies-only train cars could be coming to the U.K., a move which proponents say will help combat sexual harassment and assault on public transport. 
  • James Holmes, found guilty in July of 165 charges related to his 2012 shooting spree at a Colorado movie theater, was sentenced today to life in prison without parole.
  • "Sources" told the Huffington Post that Donald Trump has sworn off the possibility of running for president as an independent candidate.

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  1. …sent a 23-page manifesto to ABC News citing the Charleston church shooting as a motive for his attack.

    Manifestos never lead to good things.

    1. “But when I leave this Earth, the only emotion I want to feel is peace….”

      Tough shit.

      1. Buy a shotgun.

    2. The message is clear: no one will read your manifesto unless you commit a horrible crime first. And then people will clamor for it. Even crazy people understand this.

      1. I generally don’t read this POS “manifestos”. Do the news media use the term or do these psychos actually put a title on these calling them “My Manifesto”?

        1. I don’t know. I read the Unibomber’s. But none since because they’re usually just incoherent babbling and I know they want people to read them–so I don’t.

          1. “So, whatcha been doin’ Ted?”

            “Well, I’ve been doing some writing…”

            /SNL Unibomber at Class Reunion Sketch

            1. At least the Unibomber’s manifesto led to his capture and prosecution. For that reason alone it was a good decision to publish it. These other kooks, not so much.

          2. I read the “manifesto” of the guy who crashed his plane into the Austin IRS building because the MSM said he was a tea party guy. Turns out he an addled collectivist nut who praised Marxism.

            1. Until he crashed his plane into a Federal building, then he automatically became a Teabagger. /derp

    3. Hello.

      There are some serious sad sickos out there.


        *slaps Rufus on the back like a typical American fucktard*

        1. YOU BASTARD!

        2. Someone told him our secret, Rufus. I’ll hold him, you get the switchblade out!

          1. I heard you keep sharpened bottle caps in your toques.

  2. Uh oh, did Donald’s bid for the news cycle get trumped?

    1. Only for about a day.

    2. Uh oh, did Donald’s bid for the news cycle get trumped?

      Jorge Ramos suddenly realizes that he should have been a lot more insistent at the press conference last night, given that he’s got no competition for “overreacting newsman of the day” any longer…

  3. Trump has warehouse full of Bibles, loves church:

    Trump, who is starting to eye a connection to the evangelicals who make up a key swath of GOP primary voters, said he goes to church “as much as I can. Always on Christmas. Always on Easter. Always when there’s a major occasion. And during the Sundays. I’m a Sunday church person. I’ll go when I can.”

    1. …..well isn’t that SPECIAL…..

      /Church Lady

    2. “And during the Sundays.” That is gold!

      1. I love that man.

    3. I just can’t help but laugh when I read that.

      Put “The Sundays” on a hat and someone will believe it.

      1. I’m sold!

      2. It’s on his HAT, LynchPin. HIS HAT!!!!

        1. I believe everything I see on hats. Hats are very official.

          1. George Carlin on hats

            1. Funny guy… I didn’t remember this monologue.

      3. I tell ya, that’s the kind of thing that’ll Make America Great Again!

    4. So he gors to church beyween two and 53 days a year.

      1. He’s a YUGE Christian!

        1. When The Donald goes to church, the statue of the Virgin Mary bleeds from her eyes, or from her…whatever….

          1. GOOD ONE

            *slaps Almanian on the back like a typical American fucktard*

            1. *smiles broadly*

          2. [genuflects]

        1. It’s really difficult for your average multi-billionaire to get around.

        2. Yuck it up Cosmo,

          You think it’s easy for the spawn of Satan to enter a church?

      2. We were comparing Trump to Russian oligarchs yesterday, and fuck if that isn’t another similarity. He really needs to go over there for a visit. I’m sure they’d like “I’m a fucking American asshole, right in your face” more than Kerry’s or Clinton’s “new diplomacy, honest.”

      3. Well, that’s more than me!

    5. Here’s where the story ends.

  4. Ladies-only train cars could be coming to the U.K., a move which proponents say will help combat sexual harassment and assault on public transport.

    I thought getting felt up was a perk for straphangers.

    1. 1 in 5 women who ride on trains are sexually assaulted! So don’t tell us girls to ride in our own cars, teach your boys not to hold on to straps!

      1. Lionel supports teh war on wimminz!!111!

        1. And dancing on the ceiling!

          1. All night long?

            1. Hello? Is it me you’re looking for?

    2. Way to spin Sharia-based sexual segregation.

      1. This. Good catch.

      2. Yeah, that was my first thought – that it was some sort of PC nonsense.

    3. I keep hearing an Austin Powers monologue while reading this.

    4. #BringBackVictorianism

    5. “We imported hot women and good food from India, and by Jove it worked well. So, let’s try some other things!”

    6. We should have individual train cars

    7. So when they introduce the burqas, will they claim the intent is to combat sexual harassment?

      1. I think that’s basically what they mean by “protecting a woman’s modesty” already.

      2. Preventing male gaze.

    8. Ladies-only train cars could be coming to the U.K….

      Controversy involving transsexuals in 5…4…3…2…

  5. More on the evil appropriation of food, or, will you go to hell for a fish taco?

    Unfortunately, it’s often the case that “ethnic” food restaurants started by Americans (even first-generation ones) don’t aim to serve the population from whom they’ve taken culinary inspiration. Ralph Rubio himself didn’t even taste a fish taco until his was an adult, and the recipes are not his family’s. He says he goes to Tijuana to taste street food and “draws inspiration” (takes recipes?) from vendors there to develop his menu (he’s not a chef himself). The story of the former congressman who hates immigrants but loves their cuisine or the businessman whose immigrant father fronted the money for his taco company that doesn’t aim to serve uneducated poor people are dishearteningly typical in the U.S.

    1. taco company that doesn’t aim to serve uneducated poor people

      Are expensive tacos actually a thing?

      1. Expensive _______ (insert any usually crappy, usually cheap food item) is a thing in DC

        1. You also have to love that there is no admiration for starting a successful business. No no. Fuck them for serving tacos to the WRONG PEOPLE.

          Once again, I would like to find a place to run away to. I will bring all the immigrants with me so I can still enjoy their delicious, delicious cultures.

          1. They didn’t build that! Someone else made that happen! They’re exploiting the downtrodden without adequate compensation! Blah, blah, blah!

          2. Mmmmm…..culture…..

          3. Yeah, puppies and crayons…

      2. Have you ever been to ‘Rubio’s’?

        Though, I’m not sure the author of that article understands how this shit works.

        There’s no reason whatsoever for Rubio’s to cater to poor Mexicans. There are a bajillion restaurants and vendors that do that already. He’s *not* going to undercut those guys and sell for less than they do. Competition is already too stiff.

        What he can do (and did) is introduce that food to a population that has both a desire for something different in casual cuisine and the money to pay for it.

        If Rubio’s sold to the people who originally bought fish tacos, he’d be pushing a cart in Baja.

        1. If Rubio’s sold to the people who originally bought fish tacos, he’d be pushing a cart in Baja.

          Apparently, that’s the only thing that would be acceptable.

      3. Are expensive tacos actually a thing?


        Hi class Tacos cost up to $10,000 a night.

    2. You better stay the hell away from my Swedish meatballs, you evil appropriator, you!

      1. You’re not even Scandinavian you monster.

    3. He says he goes to Tijuana to taste street food and “draws inspiration” (takes recipes?) from vendors there to develop his menu (he’s not a chef himself).

      Those recipes should stay in Tijuana where I can’t enjoy them. That will make for a better world.

      1. So the new leftist chant is “Culinary segregation now, culinary segregation tomorrow, culinary segregation forever!”

    4. Whose culture is being appropriated? Fish tacos seem to be a mash up of Tex-Mex and the friday fish fry. Should northeastern catholics be offended?

      1. I think they’re a California thing. Cali-Mex is different than Tex-Mex.

          1. Well, technically that peninsula is called Baja California, even though it’s in MX.

            1. The US state of California was appropriated from the Mexican state of Alta California?

        1. We’ve had fish tacos here for at least 25 years.

          1. I never heard of such a thing until I started watching some “food” shows recently. Wish I hadn’t.

        2. And inferior!

          *Throws can of Pearl beer from pickup truck at hippie.*

          1. Pearl beer? I thought y’all only drank Alamo beer down there?

            1. -1 giant armadillo

            2. All jokes aside, Texas Big Beer has some near barley wine ABV beers that drink like much lighter beers. Not sure how widely they are distributed.

    5. I wish I was immortal, so that when the world ends I could laugh at all the fucktarded leftists and scream, “What about your dumbfuck minority culture now, bitch!!!!”

      *Sigh* Some say I’m a dreamer

    6. Ralph Rubio himself didn’t even taste a fish taco until his was an adult.

      No comment.

  6. Ladies-only train cars could be coming to the U.K., a move which proponents say will help combat sexual harassment and assault on public transport.

    Finally a way to stem the tide of manspreading.

    1. Excellent point I had not considered, jesse. Excellent.

    2. Yeah but I thought you LIKED manspreading?

      1. jesse’s not a GIRL, so this doesn’t affect HIM. He can get all the manspreading he wants on the Man Train! More now that teh wimminz are segregated!

        Win, win, WIN!

      2. Am I getting it about right, jesse?

      3. Yes, but I’m not a woman, so it’s totally different.

        1. How do you feel about being groped on a train?

          Or do you prefer to be the groper?

          1. I’m rarely groped. The last time it happened I didn’t really care at first, which emboldened the groper (this was all in line for a bar). By the time we got inside he was trying to unzip my pants while I was telling him to fuck off, which didn’t deter him.

            Basically it was flattering until he started trying to get into my clothes.

            I’m too timid to be the groper unless I’m really rum drunk.

    3. Will it have double the seats to accommodate the ladies’ giant purses? That’s a bigger crime than ‘manspreading.’

      1. She-bagging happens only because of patriarchy. Or something. Anyway, I’ve been told that it’s completely different.

        1. She-bagging is a much more polite version than the one I’ve heard.

        2. Man-bagging is just as common.

    4. It’s time for me to brush off the ol’ lady disguise, so my morning commute can be one that is bathed in the scent of the over-perfumed and lavender body lotioned.

      1. You don’t need the disguise – you can’t hide all that hair anyway – but you do need to stop dousing yourself in perfume and lavender.

        1. Someday I will find someone who is into me for my body hair!

          1. Jesse would probably like some pics.

          2. Gay bears, CJ, srsly. But probably not your thing.

            However, during a discussion of things bear, one of my women friends did say she liked shoulder hair. So they are out there, just closeted and shamed by teh Justin Bieber fans. [Glares at Rufus, just because]

            1. I believe a few of the lady-commenters here have mentioned liking hairy men.

              1. I personally have no problem with male body hair- in reasonable proportions.

                1. I’m fine with or without moderate amounts as long as it’s natural.

                  1. Are you encountering a lot of these?

                    1. Well, I did date a guy once with like 6-inch chest hair. It was… a bit of a turn-off.

            2. What is with you all being supportive? I don’t trust it.

    5. Are transgenders allowed on the ladies-only car?

      1. That will, of course, have to be determined.

      2. Is it segregated by sex or gender?

      3. Will ladies-only cars still have separate bathrooms?

        1. What the hell kind of trains are you riding?

          1. I’m just trying to follow along, I am very confused on everything gender these days.

        2. Will ladies-only cars still have separate bathrooms?

          Those aren’t piss-pots, they’re purses ? THIS is why the ladies are demanding their own cars!

  7. James Holmes, found guilty in July of 165 charges related to his 2012 shooting spree at a Colorado movie theater, was sentenced today to life in prison without parole.

    When are they going to sentence his guns?

      1. I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will defend to the death your right to say Vox are idiots for not publishing it!

        1. SHUT UP AND BREED

          1. SHUT UP AND BREED


            Just in case…

      2. FFS, this guy tries to argue against antinatalists on their own grounds?

        1. No…the repugnant conclusion is considered repugnant to more than just antinatalists.

          1. The duty to people I’m not born shit is annoying. I bred to inflict more mes on the world.

          2. Sure, but his thesis seems to ask the same (IMO nonsense) question that antinatalists ask, and he just answers that people on net live good lives rather than bad. It seems to me a losing position, assuming it is even worth addressing. It’s much easier to defend the reasons he dismisses at the top.

            1. Are you saying, you believe in actualism?

              1. Right now, I think that asking about the morality of breeding is like asking the morality of using your eyes or squatting. I don’t yet see why morality or philosophy should enter into it. Following that, I guess I would be an actualist by default, because talking about moral duties to the non-existent strikes me as even more absurd. Ethical non-cogntivist and rule utilitarian are some of the best labels I’ve found for my thinking so far; I generally think morality should be viewed as the set of practices that best allow us to live together.

      3. And because I think we have a moral duty to maximize the amount of happiness in the world

        Wow. I don’t suppose he’s going to offer a *proof* for any of those axioms?

        1. Well, I mean, first principles are just something you have to kind of decide on.

          1. Yeah. People here don’t like when you say that though.

        2. Uh. No. I don’t have that duty at all. Even Millsian Utilitarians don’t have that moral duty.

    1. I ran the piece by some other editors and they weren’t comfortable running it; I think the concern is that people will misinterpret it as implying opposition to abortion rights and birth control, which, while I know it’s not your intent, is a real concern.

      AHAHAHAHA. That’s what you get working with Vox.

      I wonder if the editors will reach out for any radical libertarian philosophy.

    2. we’re trying to start a new series where philosophers and other thinkers argue for provocative and/or counterintuitive propositions that our readers might find intriguing.

      I ran the piece by some other editors and they weren’t comfortable running it

      Yup, that sums Vox in the nutshell. “When I said provocative and counterintuitive, I meant something our readers will hoot and holler in agreement, then link on Facebook.”

    3. “Dylan Matthews, a philosophically-minded editor at,”

      (Chokes on cracker)

    4. Vox was valued at a $Billion by NBCUniversal. Again, I say NBCUniversal has failed in its fiduciary duty to its shareholders.

      1. My impression, perhaps wrong, was that vox media has several valuable properties like SBNation, and the craptastic vox news, which barely moves the needle, gets kind of a free ride.

        1. The SBNation blogs are awful these days. Several years ago they instituted some new editorial policies and most of the really good bloggers just said fuck it and gave up. See Conquest Chronicles and Shakin the Southland.

  8. I feel very un-trolled by these links, ENB. This microagression will not stand.

    1. Not enough Trump

  9. “Sources” told the Huffington Post that Donald Trump has sworn off the possibility of running for president as an independent candidate.

    I won’t believe it until it’s ON HIS HAT.

  10. …Donald Trump has sworn off the possibility of running for president as an independent candidate.

    It looks like the other GOP candidates need to reaffirm that at this point. The Donald is looking like he won’t need to.

    1. Looks like The Donald

      [dons Fist’s sunglasses]

      has all the Trump cards…

  11. Wal Mart’s not gonna sell semi auto rifles? Wow….who was buying their rifles at Wal Mart, again?

    /I can guess

  12. Walmart (WMT) spokesman Kory Lundberg said the move is in response to slumping demand.


    1. This I would actually believe. Again, who’s buying their armaments from Wal Mart? Obviously someone, but….??

      Wal Mart doing it for ANY reason other than “we’re not making enough money on it” just doesn’t ring true.

      1. They’re saying that only about 1/3 of their stores sold them. Not mentioned is how many Walmarts sell firearms at all which makes me think it’s more that just sales. Just my anecdotal observation, but newer Walmarts don’t have guns in their sporting goods department. They used to have a gun catalog online that you could pick out stuff and order in store but that disappeared several years ago.

    2. The market for ARs is terribly depressed right now. Prices have dropped ro rock bottom levels due to the oversupply from the post sandy hook manufacturing blitz and the fact that most people who wanted one already have one now.

    3. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anyone buying a gun at Wal-Mart. Lots of ammo, but not guns.
      Could be a selection bias though since the people I know are enthusiasts.

      Perhaps I ought to truck down to the Wal-Mart next town over. They actually did have an AR-15 variant in the case last time I was there. Wonder what the chances of it being on clearance are.

      1. I don’t know – maybe in those places where access to guns is tightly restricted *and* there’s a limited number of gun specific stores.

        But I’d think you’d need both those conditions – here (Yuma) there’s basically one gun store (Spragues) but ownership is widespread and its easy to find private (non-FFL) sellers for a wide range of firearms.

        1. I kinda doubt that.

          The only places I’ve seen firearms in a Wal-Mart are in places where firearm ownership is considered more accepted.

          I lived in the Chicagoland area for quite a few years and I don’t recall ever seeing a firearms display in a Wal-Mart. Only ammo, but a few didn’t even have that.

          Now that I’m back to living in a rural area, 2 of the 3 closest Wal-Marts sell firearms, and all have an ammo display. Although not a single one of them has any 22s except shotshells.

    4. Bitch at Walmart here.

      No, I don’t buy guns a Wally World, but I sent them a nastygram out of principle.

      Hopefully there will be a redneck backlash against this.

  13. Philly cops pull over driver for unregistered car and tells them to buy tickets to a police benefit event or he’ll “take [their] shit.

    He then berates the guy for having “faggot ass” pink windshield wipers. Driver points out that it’s for breast cancer awareness (which his grandmother had recently had) but cop is insistent that he find less fruitcake ways to support breast cancer.

    Stay classy, Philly.

    The cop has been put on desk duty…

    1. That’ll teach Gramma for getting a ‘faggot-ass’ disease like breast cancer.

      1. I like that the driver gave him a perfectly good excuse to drop the wiper thing and the cop doubled down on it.

    2. So extortion under the color of the law and all this cocksucker gets is desk duty?

      Oh yeah, that libertarian moment.

  14. There are no female libertarians Ashley Madison Users:

    What I discovered was that the world of Ashley Madison was a far more dystopian place than anyone had realized. This isn’t a debauched wonderland of men cheating on their wives. It isn’t even a sadscape of 31 million men competing to attract those 5.5 million women in the database. Instead, it’s like a science fictional future where every woman on Earth is dead, and some Dilbert-like engineer has replaced them with badly-designed robots.

    1. Isn’t this true of every dating website? It was certainly my experience with matchdotcom.

      1. The easiest way to impress a woman on a dating website is to spell well (and keep the rhyming to a minimum).

        1. A friend of mine told me that he wished he had tried dating websites before he was looking to get married, because it was a spectacularly easy way to lay some pipe. I dunno. Maybe being a recent MIT PhD got the OKCupid panties moist for him.

          1. I dated a woman from an online site who was very out of my league, and my fine spelling and decent grammatical skills were cited as reasons why she first agreed to meet me.

          2. Yep, I have a buddy with the same experience. He was looking for a relationship, but got all the no-strings-attached sex he wanted.

            1. He must be young. Women on Match over 30 (and especially over 40) are done with sex but still want to be treated like a princess. No, thanks.

      2. I hated match. I’ve had some luck on okcupid.

        1. That’s because you guys are using ‘dating’ websites.

          Zoosk, Tinder, are real popular with the ladies.

          1. I use Tinder as well – no luck on it.

        2. Perhaps it’s because I’m older, but the women I saw on Match were literally the worst. They all demanded a guy to be better educated and made more money than they did, and the only ones open to dating outside their race were the white women (and who wants them?) But worst of all, virtually all of them said they just wanted a generous ‘friend’ to wine and dine them and provide the romance they’ve always wanted, but never received. What self-respecting guy would ever settle for that?

          1. What self-respecting guy would ever settle for that?

            If you remove the “self-respecting” section, then many guys. You see, some of (if not all) women have vaginas, and some men will do anything just to be around a woman with a vagina, even if that means wining and dining them to give them what they want, even though they probably never deserved it.

            1. I’d rather invest my money and time on someone who deserves it–like an escort.

              1. You really sure you can get the escort to put out?

                1. Yes, and for the same reason that I know an electrician will repair my wiring and an auto mechanic will fix my car: they’re professionals and it’s their job.

          2. That’s exactly what I found about the women on match. Holy shit what a bunch of entitled See You Next Tuesdays.

            1. Exactly. Imagine if most guys said they just wanted to get laid but weren’t willing do anything in return? They’d be rightfully condemned as selfish jerks. Yet that’s exactly how these women are; they expect to get everything they want without providing the one thing we men want. I don’t like doing all that ‘romantic’ stuff, but I will so long as there’s a chance she might reciprocate. Otherwise, it’s a waste of time and money.

              1. “Single professional woman tired of the games, looking for a man that will treat me right” appears to be their mantra.

          3. fatties with lists of demands. you go (eat) girl

    2. I will repeat the question I asked about Rentaboy and apply it here: What woman would need to pay to do something like this? All she has to do is go to any bar and say “fuck me”. Lets be honest, women have to be pretty heinous for that not to work!

      1. Rentboy, not rent-a-boy. It’s brit slang.

        I believe the customer base for that site is ugly, fatter, older men who can only get the hot young men by paying.

        1. I assumed the target clientele for Rentboy was closeted men with a wife, 2.5 kids, and a middle-management job.

          1. You and Tonio seem to be talking about the same men.

      2. A professional woman who probably has ads up on other sites.

  15. Reporter actually does his job; calls VA governor on his kneejerk anti-gun bullshit:

    “There are individuals in this country who should not be allowed to own a firearm,” he said. “And it’s just to me common sense and tragic, that this kind of legislation cannot be passed and signed into law.”

    But one reporter quizzed McAuliffe on the specifics of the murder. “Governor, do we know that he is not a permit holder?” asked a reporter. “Do we know that he has a criminal background where he would not be allowed to have a gun?”

    “I don’t know anything,” McAuliffe admitted. “I don’t. At this stage, I don’t.”

    1. “I don’t know anything”

      And THERE you have it…

      1. The first honest thing that has ever come out of his corrupt mouth.

      2. He’s Jon Snow? He should watch his back.

      3. He’s Jon Snow? He should watch his back.

        1. NO SPOILERS.

          1. Someone hasn’t caught up yet?

      4. Did anyone ecpect McAuliffe to know anything, ever?

    2. “The reported followed up with, ‘Then kindly SFTU.'”

      1. *** gets coffee for himself and John ***


    2. Good riddance.

    3. Can’t we just fucking let nature take its course and let the fucking pandas die out? They aren’t even really fucking bears. I am sure the black, brown and polar bear communities are embarrassed by these wussie, bamboo eating, asexual fucktards.

      1. BearOdinson knows his bears.

      2. #NotAllPandas

        1. #PandaLivesMatter

      3. Fuck no! We are Homo Sapiens, and we shall twist nature to our designs as we see fit. And if it’s for a stupid-ass reason, like, people think it’s cute, so much the better!

      4. A cosmic joke. A creature wih a carnivore’s teeth and digestive tract that fussily eats only a certain type of plant.

        1. Actually, their digestive system still hasn’t evolved to really handle their diet. It is one of the reasons why, if they have two cubs in the wild, one usually dies. Because as it turns out, a carnivore that eats nothing but grass can’t produce milk that is nutritious enough to support two cubs.

          Pandas are the worst. They are an evolutionary dead end.

      5. I could replace you use of ‘bear’ with ‘Japanese’ in your post and it would still be true. And I would do this if I were a racist, but I’m not so I won’t.

      6. Meh, even though they went full veg sometime in their evolutionary past, I believe they are indeed descended from proper bears.

        1. It’s so hard to find proper bears in East Asia.

          1. For the record, that is NOT what my handle refers to (even though I am big and hairy!)

            1. Sure it’s not… This is a safe space, Bear, nobody will judge you here.

              *smiles magnanimously*

            2. Whatever it takes for you to be able to sleep at night, Bear….

              *nods knowingly*

          2. *opera clap*

      7. *Something something majestic creature something something evil speciest something something reasons.

        *Typical “animal lover” PETA supporting retard argument.

    4. Pandas are really something that I agree with.

      1. *aren’t.

        Damn it, I fucked up the joke.

        Oh well, I watch a lot of movies so I’ll just entertain myself.

        1. Ah, say…ah say ah like your handle, boy.

    5. I love meat and most animals can go to hell. But pandas are adorable.

  16. The city “leaders” of San Francisco have apparently decided that bums defecating in the streets is a bad look for Super Bowl weekend, and is planning to temporarily move them out of sight.

    I presume that after everyone goes home, the bums will be once again free to defecate away.

    1. planning to temporarily move them out of sight

      Behind a giant screen labeled “Homeless Defecate Here”.

    2. Can


      piss and shit on the streets of San Francisco, or do you actually have to be homeless? And how would they prove you weren’t?

    3. I thought the Super Bowl was being played in Santa Clara.

      1. It is. But they’re only an hour apart, and it’s reasonable to assume that most of the tourists going there for the weekend will still be spending a lot of time in San Francisco.

      2. One thing I never could stomach…

    4. It occurs to me that SF did this for some event in the recent past, also. I just can’t remember for what.

    5. Good grief, this is like reading about a third world city.

      1. *looks up thread*

        Oh! I thought it was about Detroit. Again.

    6. Pics or GTF- oh god no.

  17. “Sources” told the Huffington Post that Donald Trump has sworn off the possibility of running for president as an independent candidate.

    Post-campaign idea for Trump- open a line of French restaurants called “Make America Crepes Again”.

    1. That is actually pretty fucking brilliant.

    2. “You think you’re a better man than me?”

    1. “Oh, for CUTE!!”

    2. Now that’s a nice palate cleanser for a shit day.

    3. Cat: “Darn kids, I’m trying to sleep! Get on my lawn.”

    4. If you could breed miniature versions of baby goats you could sell them to NYC apartment dwellers for a sit ton of money.

        1. That is actually pretty fucking brilliant.

        2. Baby goat on trampoline is just weaponized cuteness.

        3. Ugh too jumpy for me.

    5. Snaaaake! Ohhh, it’s a snake!

      1. /Things you can do with your penis to make your one-night-stand get the hell out of your apartment?

        1. I know a guy who reportedly used a “robot voice” after sex.. . . as if she wasn’t creeped out already!

  18. Yay for shitty news day 🙁 At least Trump hasn’t spoken yet. In the meantime, Accomplished Female Athletes of Eastern and Central Europe visits Romania for the first time. Wasn’t easy – the female sports they excel in are gymnastics and tennis, two sports barred by the feature rules*.
    However, here is the swimmer Camelia Potec, winner of Olympic gold in 2004 for 200m freestyle, as well as four European championships, plus many silvers and bronzes.
    *I’m tempted to allow artistic gymnastics, since balance beam, uneven bars and vault look more like sport than rhythmic gymnastics.

  19. Hungary border fence proving futile in slowing migrant flow

    Papp said six police units of 2,106 “border hunters” would be deployed from Sept. 15, with helicopters, police dogs and patrols on horseback taking part in the security efforts along the border.

    “The organization, equipment and great mobility of the border guard units … will decrease the security risks caused by the massive illegal migration,” Papp said, adding that water cannons would also be sent to Szeged, the largest city in the Hungarian-Serbian border zone.

    I bet Trump can call up Serbia and have them build a a wall covering the entire shared border. Razor-wire fences are for liberal European sissies.

    In all seriousness, click through for some well-shot photos of what’s going on.

    1. Hell, no, Serbia is pissed about the fence on the grounds that these people don’t want to go to Serbia, nor does Serbia want them, so it’s unsporting of Hungary to make it harder to pass them on.

    1. Not death metal. Most definitely not death metal. 😉

      1. Nice hotpants. Give me more.

  20. So, as awful as it is that there was a senseless mass shooting, we finally have one perpetrated by a black man against white people. This is going to be tough for the SJW narrative.

    1. Fortunately, he was gay.

      1. That’s going to fuck with their narrative even more.

        1. Not at all.gays are sacred. That just means the stupid inferior straights had it coming.

          1. ? Ev’ry gay is saaaa-cred… ?

    2. Nah. He was persecuted and this was just a regrettable instance of righteous anger spilling over. Narrative preserved.

      1. Yes. Please. I want to see SJWs publicly justifying this psycho’s actions, just so people realize what dangerous shitbags they are.

    3. A gay black man against a straight white woman.

    4. Finally?

      What about

      The Navy Yard Shooter
      Omar Thorton
      That Ferguson guy on the LIRR

      1. Don’t forget VT.

        Oh, he was Asian, nevermind.

      2. +1 DC sniper

    5. Someone once posted that mass shootings are only carried out by white men and that they’re more common that you think. They then posted a link to a site listing mass murders.

      I looked up the articles for each murder and found that mass murders statistics match the general murder statistics.

      1. Here are the numbers:
        47.5% white
        27.5% black
        17.5% Latino
        2.5% Middle Eastern
        5% Asian

    6. +1 wtf

    1. “You know, that queer everyone liked, that guy, Steve something…”

      1. Stevedave? I think he told them.

    2. I’m wondering if Michael Bey’s Benghazi movie is any good and if it’ll do harm to Hillary. I guessing no on both counts but am hopeful regardless.

      1. It will have a lot of explosions, and it will bring attention to the heroic actions of not only the two dead former SEALs, but other personnel on the ground.

        However, Hillary has already won that narrative. I saw the trailer with a friend of mine who scoffed at the very idea of a Benghazi movie being made. I decided not to beat the Slate out of him, but I did explain that the political bullshit should be separated from the story that happened on the ground.

      2. Oliver Stone’s 9/11 movie managed to completely omit the Islamic terrorism angle. Hard to imagine, but he did.

      3. If it follows Michael Bay standard “govt officials are weasels fucking over the brave men of military,” that will be glorious!

        1. Honestly, Benghazi might accidentally be oddly-perfect for Michael Bay to depict ?and that is being released two weeks before the Iowa caucuses should be fun for Hillary Clinton if she hasn’t been indicted yet…

    3. Didn’t she claim it was a ‘close’ friend of hers?

      She didn’t give a shit. That’s my impression.

    4. Clinton winning over the press corp.

      “She also offered to buy a campaign pool reporter an ice cream.
      ‘It’s on me if you want anything,’ Clinton offered, but there were no takers.

      The pool reporter wrote that she told Clinton ‘she would like some questions answered or an interview in place of an ice cream.”

  21. [U.S. Marine Joseph Scott] Pemberton claimed in front of a Philippine Court that when he went to a motel after leaving a nightclub with Jennifer Laude, who he believed was a cisgender woman, he discovered she was trans, and violently strangled Laude to death in the motel’s bathroom fearing that Laude would rape him.

    Uh-huh, so a small-framed Filipina transwoman was going to “rape” a Marine? Are we using the college campus “I might drunkenly have sex I’d later regret” definition of rape here? Because I find this defense…unlikely.

    News of Laude’s death ? and the subsequent arrest of U.S. service member Pemberton ? brought renewed scrutiny to the Obama administration’s Visiting Forces Agreement between the U.S. and the Philippines, as Pemberton was stationed near Manila for joint training exercises with the U.S. Marines and Filipino forces.

    I’m assuming this is going to be a headache for the US projecting power in China’s zone of influence?


    1. Sticking your dick in something and then feeling bad about it later is being raped, dummy.

      1. Pemberton was in the hotel room for 30 minutes…

        1. He absolutely got blown and then lost his mind when he realized that he’d just been given the gay. No question.

          1. +1 Cheese Touch

      2. Philippine trannies are famously realistic. Many a sailor and Marine has wanted to marry a Philippine twink.

    2. who he believed was a cisgender woman, he discovered she was trans

      Just saying “he discovered Laude was a man instead of a woman” would be a lot easier to understand and involve less Orwellian abuse of the English language.

      1. Considering she had tits that might not paint the most accurate picture of what happened.

      2. They are all trannies. Any other name is an Orwellian rape of the language.

        1. “There’s no such thing as chicks with dicks! There’s only guys with tits!”

          1. I keep telling people Ted is a documentary.

        2. Actually the correct term would be bakl? in the Philippines and trannies would just be your imposition of western concepts on a different culture, but potato/potahtoh and whatnot.

          1. While I probably wouldn’t seek one out, I really don’t understand why when faced with this situation, a guy doesn’t just finish taking care of his business and then just not tell anyone. Why lose your shit over it??

            For me, there are very few things I wouldn’t try, if put in the right situation with the right person. There are lots of things I probably wouldn’t try AGAIN, but what the hell.

            1. I would go gay before I went tranny. Pick a fucking team for God’s sake.

              1. How can you top that comment?

          2. The phillipiines love their boys.

    3. Back in the day, when a ship anchored in Subic bay a group of sailors would take the new guy out for a night on the town in Olongapo. It was somewhat of a tradition to hook him up with the best looking ladyboy they could find and encourage him to take “her” upstairs. Then they would wait for the reaction to see what the new guy was or wasn’t into.

    1. I love Ghost. I am glad they dropped the whole B.C. thing. But I am not sure why PEIII is trying to make his face look less skull like.

      1. I think they still have it, and I think it was to make Googling them easier.

        1. Check out this new Spectral Lore premix, Warty. It’s tasty.

          Scroll down to the soundcloud embedded.

          1. Excellent.

  22. Oh good, there’s a new Pentagram album.

    The documentary about the singer is excellent. Highly recommended.

    1. It all sounds like a cat garfing up a hairball through a fuzz box. I just don’t get it. I am all for things that rock but Jesus you can’t just spit and gag.

      1. Pentagram! You equate pentagram with a cat barfing?!?

        You, sir, are even deader to me than when you dissed Lysander Spooner. That is Nicole levels of depravity.

      2. Rotting Christ I’ll give you, but you didn’t listen to my Ghost or Pentagram links if you think those are cookie monster vocals.

        Pentagram is pretty much contemporary with the Stones, for what it’s worth. Bobby Leibling started the band in 1971, I think, and then spent a lot of decades in his parents’ basement doing drugs and not making much music.

        1. And a new Horrendous track. Carcass-like.

          You’re welcome.

    2. How does any of that stuff rock any more than this?

      1. The Stones, of course.

          1. It’s another cat barfing up a hairball. Jesus you can’t just scream.

            1. When ever I hear cookie monster rock I can’t stop laughing long enough to judge the music.

  23. I didn’t realize Wal-Mart still carried guns. The ones here don’t.

    1. In Boston we don’t even have Walmarts. Take that.

  24. Ladies-only train cars could be coming to the U.K., a move which proponents say will help combat sexual harassment and assault on public transport

    Caitlin cheers; Bruce jeers.

    1. Or appease fucking Muslims. Next up, beheading homos in the name of tolerance.

      1. Screw you, John, Christianity is religion of war.

        Spoiler: Satire.

        1. It used to be and is about to be again. I wish those Islamic animals luck with that.

  25. Spot the Not: how many angels can dance on the head of a pin? part 2

    1. prevenient grace: the idea that people can use free will to accept or reject salvation

    2. irrestible grace: the idea that god chooses people to save and they become saved whether they want to or not

    3. limited atonement: the idea that while Christ’s atonement was enough for everyone, only god’s chosen will actually be saved through it

    4. mid-umbilicism: the idea that Adam did not have a belly button until god removed a rib from him to make Eve

    5. infralapsarianism: the idea that god chose who would be saved after the creation but before providing salvation

    6. semipelagianism: the idea that one’s works are exactly half of what count towards salvation

    1. 4

    2. Yeah 4

    3. Don’t forget pre-emptive absolution, or whatever it was in the Philip Pullman novels

    4. Been reading a lot about Calvinism lately, Derpy?

      6 is interesting because it appears to be derived from the Catholic Treasury of Merit/partial depravity paradigm. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was some middle age heresy.

      5 seems like a really archaic/semi-Gnostic idea. I wouldn’t be shocked if it was a Manichean belief. Most modern beliefs have God existing outside of time.

      4 seems fake. Adam wouldn’t have a belly button in the first place.

      3 is a basic tenet of Calvinism.

      2 is another basic tenet of Calvinism

      1 is the Arminian counter to Calvin’s irresistible grace.

      1. *closes Google and glares at Derpetologist because all 6 exist (misspelling of #2 noted)*

        1. They all exist, but one definition is wrong.

          ir re sist ible

          me spells good!

    5. I’ve actually heard 4 before…

      Imma say 6, but who knows.

      Remember one theory that the new testament god was actually born thru Jesus and killed the old testament god. They do seem like two different gods?

      The new god lives on the moon, though, so your mileage may vary.

    6. 6 is the Not. Although it is a real idea, the description is fake. The real meaning is that the beginning of faith is an act of free will, but the growth of faith is through god alone.

      To that I say: go help someone already, you morons!

      Yes, I read a bunch of wiki articles about Calvinism.

      There are 3 schools of thought on Adam and Eve’s belly button: pre, mid, and post umbilicism. The first says they were both created with one, the 2nd I described above, and the 3rd says they got them after getting kicked out of the Garden of Sweden Eden.

      1. The winners are awarded plenary indulgence by the Space Pope.

        1. So I got that going for me.

  26. Everyday, the progressives become closer to puritanism.

    Are the transgendered allowed on the female-only cars?

    1. Depends on if the car has Muslims or not. If not, absolutely they are. If so, then no on penalty of death. Allah ain’t down with trannies.

      1. Completely incorrect, John. The “mukhannathun”, as they’re known in Classical Arabic, are men who identify as women. There are no orders of death upon their heads in the Koran, and several Islamic countries will actually pay for their sex change surgery if they fit the aforementioned description. I normally don’t give a shit about Islam or its crazed morals, but I gotta call BS when I see it.

        1. Bullshit. No way in hell are the radicals with al quada or Isis or in Europe rolling with that.

          1. I have no idea what the fuck the Al Qaeda and ISIS are rolling with, but if they follow current fatwas and stick to strict interpretations of the Koran, they aren’t “rolling with that.” If you have any citations to show that they’re not “rolling with that,” do share. All I’m seeing is the jarhead who murderchoked the Filipino trans woman.

      2. John hasn’t watched “The Kite Runner” or some of Heroic Mulatto’s links yet.

    2. Some state is trying to ban pray-the-gay-away counselling. If it’s OK to get treatment to change your gender, why is it not OK to get treatment change your sexual orientation?

      1. Because gender is made up but the sacred homo is genetic.

      2. John nailed it, principals before principles.

        On another note, I think gay conversion therapy is the best way to attack the “bake me cake” rulings. If certain events are equal to identity (see the recent Colorado opinion), then you can’t discriminate against a straight person who is celebrating their straightness with a “prayed the gay away” cake.

  27. Today in, Who Freaks The Style Best ?

    We have

    #1 – Salva Kiir, President of South Sudan….


    #2 – The Gap Band

    Vote below

    1. #1 – it’s the gold ring that puts it right with just a subtle hint of contrast, while proclaiming his blingness.

    2. Number one all the way.

      1. Kadafi. The rapper looks like a 12 year old prep school brat pretending to be cool. Gadafi rocks it effortlessly.

  28. Second Round, Who Freaks The Style Best ?

    #1 – Mummar Gaddafi, Pan-African Leader

    #2 – Kool Moe Dee, Kickin’ it in The Bronx

    1. #1 – it just says “I murdered more people by 50 than you met in your life”

      1. I think you meant “by 12:50″…

  29. Totally OT: I’m starting a side-line of petitions for removal from the Sex Offender Registry. And I love it (so far).

  30. I got a serious discount at Walmart. They marked them down 75% in some cases.

    1. I got to the end of the thread and first thought, “What in the hell is this guy talking about?”

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