Stocks Somewhat Recover from Terrible Morning, Violence Prevented at Pokemon Tournament, Trooper Killed in Louisiana: P.M. Links


  • Maybe they were offended by the liberties taken in some of the cosplay outfits?
    Credit: Stilogeno / photo on flickr

    After a disastrous opening this morning, U.S. stocks have rallied partly back up, recovering from a plunge of 1,000 points to end down 585.80, about a 4 percent loss.

  • In today's horrible abuse of the word "literally," Rep. Gwen More (D-Mich.) said Gov. Scott Walker's policies are "tightening the noose, literally, around African Americans."
  • Two men are being held without bail for allegedly planning violence at the World Pokemon Championships in Boston.
  • North and South Korea have reached a new peace accord after a couple of tense days and North Korea's declaration of a "quasi state of war."
  • Louisiana State Trooper Steven Vincent was killed by a shotgun blast from a man Vincent had stopped to assist on the side of the road. Gov. Bobby Jindal has ordered all flags to be flown at half-mast until Friday.
  • Oklahoma's labor commissioner, Mark Costello, has been stabbed to death. Costello's adult son was arrested and charged with his murder.

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  1. North and South Korea have reached a new peace accord…

    No more land mines?

    1. Hello.

    2. Can the USA military finally leave South Korea!!!!!!

      Can we stop wasting money on defending South Korea which has twice the population and far more then ten times the economy and tech of North Korea!!!!

      Or would that be evil isolationism since every day is another Munich and every enemy is another Hitler

      1. Or at least tell the Koreans, “here’s how much keeping US tripwire troops in the country will cost you.” Like old Delian League – provide ships, or provide money for ships, your call.

        1. For USA to get out of shithole, South Korea would need their own nuclear deterrent…something like Pershing II/W80 type solution.

          In light of such a development, Chinese would probably re-evaluate if their stooge is still valuable enough to keep the lights on in Pyongyang – as kind of a bonus.

  2. …Gov. Scott Walker’s policies are “tightening the noose, literally, around African Americans.”

    It’s not even happening figuratively.

    1. Gov. Scott Walker’s policies are “tightening the noose, literally, around African Americans

      What, like, all of them? Big noose

    2. Knew there was something suspicious about the ‘Negro Noose Act of 2015’.

      1. I remember when the tragedy in South Carolina occurred, many thought that the unfortunate incident would be grotesquely satisfying for a number of people on the Left, who could finally point to the dangerous far-right white supremacist mass-murderer that they’ve been warning about — who’ve they’ve been saying all along are the real biggest threat to America, much more so than jihadists or anyone else. And of course, we’ve since seen plenty of examples of progressive authors doing just that.

        But it’s gone farther than anyone could have imagined! Here’s a couple of mind-boggling examples of this mindset, which has even trickled into the world of clinical psychiatry:

        Is extreme racism a mental illness?
        The author argues that racism should be considered a mental disease, perhaps even needing forced involuntary treatment (hello, gulag!). This disease is only possible in white males, all others seem to be immune.

        Does mental health influence entry into violent extremism and domestic hate groups?
        If you are a mentally ill white male, perhaps you’ll be attracted to violent extreme white-supremacy hate groups. These are the only people we should worry about, especially not jihadis, or any other person with mental illness.

        1. Is extreme racism a mental illness?

          Does mental health influence entry into violent extremism and domestic hate groups?

          And this is why I think Psycho Pass is part prophecy. Clinical psychology for the ‘greater good’ is simply too easy a way to demonize your opponents and demand we ‘do something’ about them.

        2. Am I the only one who is getting a blank page in the first link?

          1. damn, I didn’t realize it was a registration site. Our hospital computers had an auto log-in.

            Let me see if I can cut and paste a few choice quotes

            1. Is extreme racism a mental illness article:

              The American Psychiatric Association contests extreme racism (as opposed to ordinary prejudice) as a mental health problem. The psychodynamics of extreme racism were all but ignored until the 1960s. After multiple racist killings in the civil rights era, a group of black psychiatrists sought to have extreme bigotry ? not ordinary bigotry ? defined as a mental disorder. The association’s officials rebuffed the recommendation, arguing that so many Americans are racist that even extreme racism is normative and better thought of as a social aberration than an indication of individual psychopathology.

              Some felt that a mental illness diagnosis would serve as an excuse and absolve perpetrators of personal responsibility for their gruesome acts. Others believed a psychiatric diagnosis would open doors to an insanity defense plea that might lead to exoneration. However, such fears do not hinder diagnosing mental disorders in other capital murder defendants. Raising these extraneous issues evades the point.

              Similar questions have arisen with regard to genocide. Whether individual Nazis exterminating Jews were insane or merely acting out the extremes of a pathologic society is an ongoing debate. Describing these killers as evil falls far short of a psychological evaluation. Reports document that Hitler suffered from diagnosable paranoia. Were his followers ill as well? (cont.)

              1. There is a point at which the cultural norms with regard to racism clearly separate from extreme racism, a manifestation of serious individual psychopathology. Societal racism facilitates incorporating bigotry into a person’s racist psychotic and antisocial dysfunction. Many murderous paranoid schizophrenics have had racial targets at the core of their psychotic delusions. The criminal justice system (perhaps a step ahead of psychiatry) now refers to such violence as hate crimes ? but that tells us little about the offender’s psychological state.

                To continue perceiving extreme racism as normative and not pathologic is to lend it legitimacy.

                The psychiatric profession’s primary index for diagnosing psychiatric symptoms, the DSM-5, does not include racism, prejudice, or bigotry in its text or index. There is no support for including racism (affecting perpetrators or victims) under any diagnostic category. Unfortunately, too many psychiatrists believe that extreme racism cannot and should not be recognized as a potentially treatable symptom of mental dysfunction.

          2. from the ‘extremism’ article:

            ……it seems premature to completely discount the role mental health may play in the world of domestic radicalization and violent extremism.

            We are engaged in a research collaboration with Life After Hate (LAH), a nongovernmental organization founded by former members of domestic radical groups, and the Anti-Defamation League, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, and the Southern Poverty Law Center. This partnership will result in a comprehensive study of the disengagement and deradicalization processes among members of domestic radical groups. As part of the project, we are conducting 50 in-depth life history interviews with former members of such extremist groups as the KKK, neo-Nazis, and racist skinheads. The findings will inform our efforts to build a robust prevention and intervention program aimed specifically at domestic radical groups.

            (emphasis mine)

            1. Thanks.

        3. “Is extreme racism a mental illness?”

          They did a Law & Order on this, but the person using this defense was black. This was before the show went full prog retard, so the guy didn’t get off.

        4. The first link was a blank page at the Quack site. However, I did fill out an online survey, so there’s that. Let’s all answer the question and screw up the results. (Select Never, mmkay?)

        5. Since racism involves a social power structure (apparently, though it seems to be a rationalization for why blacks can’t be racist and women can’t be sexist), then it isn’t purely a product of an individual’s mindset, and therefore can’t be a mental illness.

    3. Is it racist to want to choke people who use literally when they mean figuratively?

      1. Well, not literally. But virtually.

      2. Not if you’re black. They can’t be racist.

  3. Two men are being held without bail for allegedly planning violence at the World Pokemon Championships in Boston.

    Are we sure the authorities caught them all?

    1. Paging LTC…

    2. well played

    3. What, no “Blasting off again” comment about the girl in the picture?

      1. I’m just one man, SJ.

      2. My ears are up here.

    4. My son watched some Pokemon on his summer break and loved it. I love some manga and anime, but found Pokemon completely incoherent. I wonder if there is an age cutoff before which it makes sense and after which it does not.

      1. I suspect you would enjoy the Chinpokomon episode of South Park, then.

  4. After a disastrous opening this morning, U.S. stocks have rallied partly back up…

    You’re not getting more stimulus that way, America!

    1. About 1500 down over the course of three days trading. With the dip of 1000 this morning we had hit the 10% decline threshold that bull markets typically test. But I’d be willing to wager that there is more room to slip here. Should be interesting what it looks like as the markets open tomorrow.

      1. I don’t know. Oil down under $40 for WTI. I’d aim for Dow 12000.

      2. The Fed should just lower interest rates a bit to prime the market a little.

        Oh, wait…

  5. Two men are being held without bail for allegedly planning violence at the World Pokemon Championships in Boston.

    Said ‘planned violence’ included throwing plastic balls at cosplayers while playing this on their iPod.

    1. They were just trying to thwart the company’s attempt to brainwash the kids into bombing Pearl Harbor

  6. I haz a sad over all the nonexistent wealth I lost on my fake investments today!

  7. Two Trump articles and a (literally) retarded abortions thread. And they wonder why I keep Accomplished Female Athletes of Central and Eastern Europe going! But, as the summer winds down, an arbitrary Sept 1 deadline approaches, and feature may be retired.

    And if you want it retired earlier, Reason, you know what to do! Less Trump, if you remember how.

    Todays athlete is Snezana Rodic, a Slovenian triple jumper, whose best result so far was a silver in Mediterranean games in 2013, but she generally ranks high in European and World Championships.

    Photostream of her in various competitions.
    A little more candid gallery.

    1. Yeah, that last pic in the candid gallery is…special.

      1. Is it ever. God bless Slovenia.

  8. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker called on President Obama to cancel Chinese President Xi Jinping’s state visit to the U.S. next month after a tough day for global markets.

    In a statement released late Monday, the Republican presidential candidate said Obama should “focus on holding China accountable” for its attempts to “actively manipulate their economy,” rather than feting the world leader.

    The President last hosted Xi for an informal meeting in Palm Springs, Calif. in 2013.…

  9. In today’s horrible abuse of the word “literally,” Rep. Gwen More (D-Mich.) said Gov. Scott Walker’s policies are “tightening the noose, literally, around African Americans.”

    He should support the policies of liberal democrat-run Milwaukee, which have worked out so well for the African-American community here.

    1. How are there not people out calling for his blood? For crying out loud, if it were an R after his name he would have already been forced into early an retirement/grave.

      1. It’s only RACEIST TeathugliKKKans whose policies hurt minorities. It’s okay for Dem mayors because they has the right feelz, no matter how destructive they are in reality. See also, Chicago, Baltimore, Washington DC, et. al.

    2. I hope Sheriff Clarke runs for governor eventually.

      We need more sane democrats in this country. Especially sane African-African democrats who are fed up with the trite race-hustling bullcrap.

  10. It’s not like Greece needs the jobs, right?

    Eldorado Gold suspends all mining work in northern Greece

    Eldorado Gold has decided to suspend all mining and development work in northern Greece starting next week after the leftist government on Wednesday revoked approval of technical studies for the project.

    The work suspension means 2,000 people employed by Eldorado and its contractors at Halkidiki will be at least temporarily out of work, the company said.

    1. Socialists.


      1. Good thing we don’t have to worry about Socialists stopping resource extraction during lean economic times, eh, Rufus?

  11. “Maybe they were offended by the cosplay”

    They must not have seen the banned Pokemon episode.


      For some reason James of team rocket has huge tits.

    2. The one that causes seizures or the one that has man-tits?

      1. There are three. One that causes seizures, one with man-tits, and one with a scary gun.

      2. The one that caused seizures was the Porygon episode, not the beach one.

      3. “Man tits” probably is most Germain considering the alt-text and cos-play

    3. I have no idea what you nerds are on about. I am going back to the abortio-enb thread, where at least I know I am safe.

  12. Thanks for the real picker uppers in the last two links, Robby. Can someone post some cat pictures or GIFs to cheer me up?

    1. Fuck GIFs substituting for video.

  13. Fort Frances-area Gingrich Woodcraft cites faith for closure after workers vote to join union

    A furniture manufacturer in Devlin, near Fort Frances, Ont., has closed its doors for what it calls religious reasons after workers voted in favour of joining a union.

    Gingrich Woodcraft said in a statement that, as Christian business owners, their personal beliefs do not allow them freedom to work with a labour union.

    The company stated, “We are required by scripture to ‘live peaceably with all men,’ and not to use force to gain what we want or for what is required to succeed.”

    1. I haz a confuse. Is there a law that requires someone stay in business?

      1. Law? No. Executive Order? Yes.

      2. Not that I’m aware of, I just thought it was a unique justification (not that he had to provide any).

        At least, *I* never heard of it before.

        1. K. ‘Cause I was all wondering why they needed to cite religious reasons… like they needed some sort of special exemption.

          1. Sometimes when you’re making a stand, you need to make it clear you’re making a stand.

          2. Without the religious cover story, the owner would come off as a capitalist villain. We’ve all seen many accounts of people getting bashed for the audacity of exercising their right to do what they want with their own business.

    2. Jesus Shrugged.

  14. Two men are being held without bail for allegedly planning violence at the World Pokemon Championships in Boston.

    More ‘liberty-taking’ cosplay!

    1. “I choose you AR-15!!”

        1. Vkongmon uses Dense Foliage!

    2. +1 busty Pikachu

  15. North and South Korea have reached a new peace accord after a couple of tense days and North Korea’s declaration of a “quasi state of war.”

    An army marches on its stomach. Given that North Korea has no food, it was a given that they’d settle down after a couple days.

    1. They will just take the food of the South Koreans, much like the Germans just allied fuel during the bulge.

      Or, maybe North Koreans, who have learned to subside on very little, need even less.

      1. And they will probably have the same success as the Germans.

    2. There is no way that the NORK army could maintain discipline after crossing the 38th parallel. The wealth of South Korea would be so astonishing. They might loot a bunch of stores, but they’d never make to Seoul before chaos set in, and mutiny ensued.

  16. Disappointment.

    Molly Huddle, this year’s U.S. champion at 10,000 meters, falsely assumed she had secured the bronze medal during the 10,000 at the IAAF World Championships on Monday, easing her pace and raising her arms in triumph just before the finish. Fellow American Emily Infeld used the opportunity to surge ahead and edge out Huddle for third place.

    1. You know who else lost an Olympic medal by celebrating right before the finish line?

      1. Leon Lett?

        1. I think I referenced myself into a corner. There are really only two answers here:

          Leon Lett and Lindsey Jacobellis, who gets compared to Leon Lett.

          1. I was unfamiliar with her because I could not possibly give any less fucks about Olympics.

      2. I know it wasn’t Ben Johnson.

        Still the best!

        1. I always rooted for Ben Johnson over Carl Lewis.

          1. I say give him back the gold since they were all juiced.

      3. (I would just pull the “an Olympic Medal” part

        Thomas Dewey?.

  17. Well stacked Pikachu and wonderful alt text. I vote yes on more of these articles.

  18. Two men are being held without bail for allegedly planning violence at the World Pokemon Championships in Boston.

    They were inspired by the banned Safari Zone episode.

  19. After a disastrous opening this morning, U.S. stocks have rallied partly back up, recovering from a plunge of 1,000 points to end down 585.80, about a 4 percent loss.

    So this morning it was down… around 8%?

    1. That happens more than you realize. mostly high-volume trading occurs in the first few seconds of the day, then real trades follow it. So you often see whiplashes the morning after particularly excessive moves on prior trading day.

    2. So this morning it was down… around 8%?

      “The economy is great, I am making buckets of cash you god bug jesus fuckers need to shut up…i am not up set. Shut up. Just shut up already”

      – Shrike

      1. I did love that he wanted to talk about Rand Paul’s poll numbers at first, and it was only when things started to settle down an hour later that he came back and said everything will be fine. Could the poor creature have been panicking for a bit? Can it experience such an emotion?

        1. I still would like to talk about Rand Paul but no one here wants to.

          RP is at 2.8% and Trump is dominating the dimmer bulbs in the race. Do you Peanuts still think you can convert conservatives into libertarians?

        2. Sounds like I missed something in the Mourning Lynx thread.

  20. Alt-Text = “Would”

  21. “killed by a shotgun blast from a man Vincent had stopped to assist on the side of the road.”

    This is why cops should always approach anyone with their gun drawn and ready to shoot them.

    1. Or, being approached by a cop on a hair trigger may induce somebody to shoot first. For safety.

    1. It’s one thing to say he intended a robbery and not a massacre. It’s another to claim he found an AK47 and several magazines by chance. It’s another thing to claim that a young Muslim immigrant is “dumbfounded” that he’s mistaken for a terrorist when he opens fire with an AK on a passenger train. The lawyers are really going for broke.

      1. Actually, that’s an awesomely brazen defense. Because if you try to say “look, what the hell?” they can counter-screech “RACIST!” at you.
        To coin a phrase, awful, therefore perfect.

    2. Belgium is well known for its “AK-47-bushes”

      1. To be fair, they’ve had their share of guns of August in the area. But I don’t think you can still find automatic weapons littering the grounds of Ypres these days.

    3. In the socialist utopia of France AK-47s grow on trees.

      1. Fell off a truck, sellin ’em for a buck

        1. Where is this truck?

          /asking for a friend

    4. He’s just holding it for a friend…

    5. A French soldier dropped it and ran away. This poor fellow just picked it up and went looking to return it.

    6. Look, we know there are no assault weapons in Europe, due to their enlightened gun laws.
      So where did it come from? I draw your attention that there were three agressive, American males on the scene. Men from the country where assault weapons freely roam the streets, shooting innocents. Is it so far fetch to posit… THAT THESE MEN LEFT THE GUN TO ENTRAP MY CLIENT?

      The defense rests, your honour. Bwaaak!

    1. How many people for “less government” are against firefighters? Are there any?

      1. Here in Washington it has become fairly obvious that the Okanagan Complex fire is intentionally being handled horribly because it means more emergency state and federal money for the bureaucrats in charge.

        Most of the firefighters are kids hire temporarily and give under the table kickbacks to the fire chiefs for being hired and overtime.

        1. What we’ve seen for decades is fire suppression leading to ecosystem alteration and fuel build-up, which leads to bigger badder fires later.

      2. The only way to put out a fire is through government. A group of private citizens living in a community could never and would never freely volunteer to fight fires and/or donate money to fund the activities of these volunteer fighters of fires.

        1. If you want to wretch, look into regulations for volunteer fire departments in Oregon – so much for supporting off-the-grid living…

      3. I like firefighters. I’m against them being financed with taxes just as I’m against any producer of goods and services being able to sell their services at gun point. Logical consistency really bothers some people, even minarchists.

      4. “How many people for “less government” are against firefighters? Are there any?”

        Yes. Count me.
        And I’m a retired firefighter.

    2. Warning: Slate, and many strawmen.

      But you repeat yourself

    3. I like how Obama is credited with saving his house by issuing a proclamation. If it burned down could he sue the government for not maintaining their forest which caught fire?

      1. Or how about we consider the role that the “forestry service” plays in making these wild fires burn hotter and spread further than would happen naturally.

    4. Anti-Government Man Crippled by Police Thanks Government for Crutches

  22. Calm down everyone, the world’s most accurate, respected economic authorities have spoken:

    Merkollande brush off Black Monday
    French and German leaders have shrugged off today’s rout in world markets with French President Francois Hollande saying that the global economy was “strong enough” to withstand a downturn.

    “The world economy is strong enough to also have prospects for growth which are not simply linked to the situation in China,” Mr Hollande told reporters on the sidelines of a meeting in Berlin with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko.

    “China … has the capacity to ensure its stability and growth. As for stock market movements, we know them and (we) cannot determine our position just based on stock indices,” he added.

    1. Because we know what a paragon of economic health France is.

  23. Evangelicals for Trump!

    Folks, we are to share Jesus with people so they have the opportunity to be saved and go to Heaven. Should we do this timidly? Should we do this fearfully? No! We need to be bold (like Donald Trump). We need to not hold back (like Donald Trump). We need to not care so much about political correctness (like Donald Trump) and instead care more about the good news of the gospel. We need to not worry so much about offending people (like Donald Trump). Does it mean we shove the gospel in people’s faces in a rude, mean way? Of course not. That wouldn’t be very Christian of us. However, just like Trump, we need to proclaim the truth and not be shy about it!…..trump.aspx

    1. Evangelicals for Trump!


      But, then again, you knew this already.

  24. So would this get Sudden off of the hot seat?

    Has one meeting between two pols this far out from an election ever produced more presidential speculation than Biden’s, er, powwow with Elizabeth Warren this weekend

    1. Good for Elizabeth Warren. She’s had a rocket paced political career and all she had to do was appear passionate and repeatedly state some astoundingly stupid shit in front of cameras.

    2. I still think Lizzie jumps full in for the nomination when it becomes clear that Hillary is imploding.

      1. I think until mid/late october, anything is possible

        1. That would be about the latest you could get troops on the ground in the early primary states?

          1. more or less. It would depend on whether Hillary’s people are openly jumping ship to other candidates.

            I’m still pretty sure she’s do-or-die shooting to take the democratic nomination. If her people lose confidence in her, it will be more significant than any further accusations made by FBI re: her violations of intelligence handing, etc.

            1. I think they’ve already lost confidence in her but everyone is afraid to cross her. Once the first big fish jumps ship, expect the rest of the rats to mutiny in short order.

              1. It’s worth noting that her numbers are awful in swing states. She has ridiculously high disapproval, even the core constituency that should be enthusiastic about her feels a palpable disgust with the idea of giving her their vote.

                At this stage, her name recognition relative to the field should be giving her near double digit leads. But she’s trailing almost every GOP candidate in the states that will decide the election. And that’s precisely why people like Biden and Warren are taking a second look at jumping in this thing.

  25. Two men are being held without bail for allegedly planning violence at the World Pokemon Championships in Boston.[…]Police seized their car, which they believed they had guns and ammunition, but they released the men as they waited for a search warrant, Evans said. Norton and Stumbo were arrested Saturday morning at a hotel in Saugus, just north of Boston.

    I’m surprised that the cops didn’t feel that they had probable cause. OR that they didn’t smell something probable causey.

  26. I’d wager I’m the only H&R commenter who’s ever been to Bell City where the LA Trooper was murdered.

  27. Two men are being held without bail for allegedly planning violence at the World Pokemon Championships in Boston.

    Thank goodness those hero Marines were there to restrain them.

  28. It’s everyone’s favorite again: Question and Comment Time with Cytotoxic.

    Today’s issue: water. It flows. California is pumping so much of it out of the ground that the state is sinking in some places. Seems to me like this is more relevant to their drought than global warming, which was supposed to make Cali wetter but I digress. My actual point: who should own that water? How should it be privatized?

    A while ago I visited a home by the ocean. The trees next to the ocean and a little in from it were dead. Apparently, people and their wells were drawing so much water from the aquifer that flowed into the ocean from underground that salt water was intruding. What is to be done? Who should own that aquifer? Is it even practical? DISCUSS

    1. tl;dr

      1. FFS it’s shorter and more pointed than the Reason articles!

    2. The reason we have a massive drought here isn’t global warming, it’s the failure to construct a damn dam since the 1970s because of obscure fish protections.

      1. Damns make it rain?

        1. No, but they help to collect the occasional rainfall so it doesn’t all run off into the ocean.

      2. Bingo. CA has a fine water system for a state with half its population, and hasn’t added to it in decades.

        Foreseeable results . . . .

  29. Obama = I will calm the markets by reiterating my goal to make US electricity the most expensive in the world

    1. Why make stuff up?

      This is what the article actually says:

      The steps, taken as executive actions, include increased loan guarantees for renewable energy developers and help for homeowners with solar power installations.

      If successful, those two actions would lower the cost of electricity. Granted, the cost is probably not worth it.

      1. They will never be successful.

      2. The key part of your sentence is “If successful”.

        And you prove yet again that you are nothing more than a demfag, not a “free market, classical liberal” with your support of retarded ass subsidies for not really all that renewable energy.

        1. Who said I supported subsidies? I am for getting rid of the oil subsidies.

          1. I notice you didn’t say anything about getting rid of the renewable energy subsidies. But that’s par for the course with you.

          2. What oil subsidies?

            You mean, depreciation? Good luck with that.

      3. “‘Palin’s Buttplug|2015/08/24 17:12:16|#5537003

        Why make stuff up?”

        Buttplug, that article said his proposal “Includes” things like what you mention.

        The core of his proposal is to make coal fired electricity go out of business. Every state, regardless of the source of the electricity generation, would have to meet arbitrary targets.

        it will crush poor people in states like PA, WV, etc

        1. But it’s for the greater good! And a few poor people freezing to death in the Midwest is a small price to pay in exchange for smug Progressives on the coast to feel good about themselves. That’s all that really matters.

      4. No, they would lower the cost of energy to the specific people helped while raising the cost to society.

  30. Because Before, We Were Just Fucking Around =

    Turkey & US Join Forces in ‘Comprehensive’ Effort to Destroy ISIS

    “Not even calling them ISIL anymore”, says US General, “You can tell *Shit is *ON* this time…we’re even going to use the Drones with the Bigger Bombs… and maybe even drop some leaflets, you know, fuck with their heads… worked wonders in Vietnam…”

  31. Trigger warning: transcribed interview

    How Did This Get Made? Theodore Rex (An Oral History)

    With a budget of $35 million, Theodore Rex holds the distinct honor of being the most expensive film ever to be released directly to video. Not to mention the fact that the film made major headlines when Whoopi Goldberg allegedly broke contract to escape from this film, only to be sued and, essentially, forced to do the film against her will. How could so much notoriety come from a movie that began with the noblest of intentions?

    Here’s what happened, as told by those who made it happen?

    RedLetterMedia has some clips and commentary, BTW.

    1. I’ve always wanted to go to the alternative universe where all the terrible movies ended up amazing timeless classics.

    2. Oh God it’s almost like the Food Fight of its time.

    3. Thank you for posting this, good sir. +1 Internet karma to you.

  32. File Under = More Special than You

    Look at Me… I’m *Mostly*-Hetero

    Every snowflake is unique

    1. I don’t get why that is news, even for the low bar of entertainment news. Do people really care about the self identity of some actor’s spoiled kid.

      1. I don’t remember who, but someone once said to interpret everything that is published about anyone in Hollywood as a pr stunt. This probably qualifies.

  33. Ben Carson talks about redirecting the BlackLivesMatter movement; offends those who cannot do

    Let’s head down to the board of education. Teaching is a tough job and thank God that there was a teacher who convinced me that I was not dumb, but our schools are failing and we have no power to abandon them. The actions of rogue police officers take black lives one at a time. Our public school system has destroyed black lives not in the ones and twos, but in whole generations.
    The schools don’t teach and our children don’t learn. Too many public schools are controlled by teachers unions focused more on the convenience and compensation of adults rather than the education of children who started out far behind.

    1. Carson is right on this, the system has failed inner city kids. His other positions are shaky, but if kids can somehow better themselves I’m ok with it. I hope these kids will seize the day and get ahead. I have no doubt they can.

  34. Louisiana State Trooper Steven Vincent was killed by a shotgun blast from a man Vincent had stopped to assist on the side of the road. Gov. Bobby Jindal has ordered all flags to be flown at half-mast until Friday.

    Since when the hell is Louisiana on a ship?

  35. I would chu her pika.

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